A Solution To The Montauk Project, Project Phoenix, Haarp Phase Conjugate Time Travel, and Extraterrestrial Time Control

1. Introduction

2. Time Gates: An Overview Earth changing results.

3. Time Gate 2000, what and when you can do it.

4. TIME WAVE AND TIME GATE HISTORY A Tribute To The McKena Brothers & The ET Factor Guiding Beyond: the Omegians, the Extra Temporals.


You can change the future in JULY 2000. By alligning the time and space then, with "free will" to the Unity of Unity's. To be accessable by those in 2009 and 2006 with the same intentions.

Sound incredible! Let your coherence prevail, and take a look beyond the veil.

Some astounding breakthroughs in the genetic code and the DNA have recently been unfolded. Time is a modulation by the DNA, of the available waves of creation. Of these waves, we see less then 0.5% of all wave emanations, at present. The mathematical Time Wave Zero graph, found to be an accurate graph that maps atomic time, by Los Alamos National Laboritories, shows that time is a fractal, based on 64, the same 64 codon sequence as the DNA and the I-Ching.

Time Gates are resonances in the graph of this Time Wave, where two points, int he fractal of Time, in two different times, have the SAME resonance, and can henceforth be linked to, Deja Vu style.

Another Time Gate? Yes, indeed, one within the TIME GATE 96-2010. This one is Time Gate 2000, and goes from July 2000-2009, briefly touching 2006. Details following.

Permutations of the I-Ching and 64 DNA codons, into a 384 base, renders a graph of fractal time,, 64 levels of time, accurate on the atomic level, as analysed by Dr.. Sheliak of Los Alamos National Laboritories. Ananda doubled the graph for anti-mater fractal time, in 1995, and then traced it into a 3D extrusion. The result is the shape of the mandelbrot fractal, and the Stupa the Buddha Body of Dharma. It is also the King Peice of the game of Chess which comes from China, just as the King Wen, I Ching sequence comes from ancient China. Time Wave Zero Into another dimension.


In 1996 several thousand persons joined together in unison and meditated in 8 hz brain waves in Operation Future Wave, the Time Gate 96-2010. Several hundred did whole body Phase-Conjugation ecstasis (Vortexijah Star Ship Propulsion: a practicle induction technique).

This was nothing new. 5 million had done the same in August 1987 - what was different, was that this was an experiment in INTERNAL TIME TRAVEL.

The time and space was dedicated to the Unity of Unity's (All Is God), so that the snake of time and space was peirced open, to the Perfection of Unity. 1996 resonated precisely to 2010 (see Time Gate links http://www.akasha.de/~aton/TGMN.html).

During the Time Gate period some world changing events took place:

Numerous individuals, including the persistent Unity Units of the Christ Grail Ring in Europe, underwent Deja Vu contact with their Future Selves, communicating back from 2010. New solutions were made from the future, which have enabled the Sons and Daughers of All-Oneness (Extra Temporals [ET], from the Omega Point), to affect the covert secret government time travelling distortions and massage events that aid all humanity.


The galactic backgroun noise (microwave mandala or carpet), was changed on the Omega Time Gate January 1996. See text for remarkable details.

The Unity Units of the Europian Grail Ring, utilised whole body phase-conjugation, to log onto the electrogravity Light Body Star Ship Field Propulsion techniques of the Vortexijah Lens Star Ship, of induction, ecstasis, and field unification. Together with the Soma superconducting resonating crystals taken as an alchemically prepared Elixir or Sacrement, and induced to superconduct with Sound Harmonics of the Word.


(VISIT: Vortexijah Star Ship Propulsion: a practicle induction technique, and Somagenics sections).

In December 1998, another such Time Gate and resonance link in time was at hearts hands. Also touching 2010, but not being able to penetrate the Time Gate loop, through Unity, already made, since its resonance parallel, did not descend as much into Novelty.

In this Time Gate within the Time Gate, the Grail Unity Units dedicated time and space to the Absolute Unity of Unity's, with full heart-will emotion. So that any individual in the future, who is in the same intention of Unity, can download the solutions which are required to change the future to be into Earth, through that parallel resonance temporal point, made Open-Ended, selflessly, by the Grail Unity Units, and other Unity Intentioned individuals, in 1996. Who, whilst being receptive, could translate the Deja Vu Wave, into practickle Unity Thinking, or Integrated thought procedures, and otherwise within the collective unconscious or Ameboid Superinteigence, called "everyone". A crystallisation vector matrix, within the morphogramme, of the morphogenetic field of Man.

Unbeknownst to the Grail, hundreds of thousands of people were linked up on the 21st of December 1998, due to another Andromedian contactee (Alex Collier) being prodded to instigate an invitation day for the Sovereign extraterrestrial brothers and sisters, precisely the same protocol as the Grail, instigated by the Omegian: Andromedian Ptah.


Ananda has been a contactee with these Omega Point Andromedian ET's (Extra-Temporals) since the Mid 1980's. Photo's and films of their vehicles have been procurred.

The WINTER SOLSTICE 98 Time Gate, was joined to The MAJOR TIME GATE TOUCHING THE RESONANCE FABRIC OF 2010, on CHRISTMAS EVE, DECEMBER 24, 1998. Here, some of the Grail were on the ancient Thailand complex Sukethai, built by the KaMer(u)/K'Mer: the builders of Ankor, KAMbodia, one of the 7 wonders of the world.

Now in Time Gate 2000, once again the Grail Ring of Europe and Internationally will be linking for the Compassionate Unity of Mankind, beyond the time of the dream of creation...


Already now, July 1st, as the temporal tidal wave of billions of years has been descending to novelty, so has the Time Gate 1996 public findings been mirrored. Instead of life on Mars, water on Mars has been announced as strange tubes were found on its surface. The water appeared in places thought impossible, near the poles and in the shadow, it should be too cold. The human genome has been completely mapped, it was announced. The sun is blasting away some massive Coronal Mass Ejections which is effecting our weather in major way, anomolous objects appear next to the sun in this process.

Here is a clear Time Gate within the TIME GATE 96-2010, which is now of greater importance with the Dr. Sheliak nuclear corrected graph. This one is Time Gate 2000, and goes from July 2000 to 2009, briefly touching 2006.

It is a unique opportunity to link the Time Resonance of 9 years, within our quantum atoms. To be receptive to our Deja Vu signal from ourselves in the future, when we will once again sit down and attune, and transmit backwards in time, connecting with our past selves, open their Unity Selves, and receptive to us as their future selves. Let us make this a momentous triumph of internal time travel.

Cross indexing 9 years through Unity Space, through consciousness Thoton's, by which the effects of all fields of time and space will follow, means that the future integration and realisation of Mankind is ever more present in realisation. 9 years opened to Unity, before the zero-point Omega Gate of galactic centre conjunction in 2012.



Every meditation, prayer session, and ecstatic process you are presently undergoing, during this Time Gate period, give that time and space to your Unity Self, alone, with friends and colleagues, and in groups.

Welcome your future self and all in the future who allign to the "One Body of Christ" of All-Oneness, the Darmakaya Buddha, the Unity of Unity's Body of all of us together and beyond, to be able to come back into this time and spac.

Especially giving full focus and dedication to the All-Oneness during the peak Novelty periods of July 10th, 11th, 12th, 2000, which are kissing the time resonance of 2010, in the deja vu embrace of love.

Perhaps the following suggested words can be of assistence, or something similar as the Unity Self guides you:



Christ Self of All-Oneness, (or Unity Self of All-Oneness),

I surrender this time and this space, NOW, to You,

In Unity with the One Body of Christ of All-Oness, (or the One Unity Body),

May my future self and all compassionate future man,

through the One Body of Christ of All-Oneness,

be welcome to come and Be here NOW,

in this space and time,

In the Will of the One Creator of All-Oneness (the Unity of Unity's of Love),

All Is God, so be it, All Is God,



In the Will of the One Creator of All-Oneness (or Unity of Unitys)

We surrender this time and this space,

To the One Body of Christ of All-Oneness (or Our Unity Body of All-Oneness)

As All Is God


These words are only a suggestion (brackets "()" are extended or alternative words of useage), please use them as a sign post of meaning and intention - may your unique words of compassionate unified intent guide and be you, in this collective effort for anchoring our collective Unity and perfection through an open-ended time loop of 9 years: open-ended as a Time Gate to the perfection that is our One collective Unity Self.

That way as we arrive at 2009 and the world requires changing, so through our united coherent love to the Christ Self can we insert a new 14 years of greater love back through ourselves in 2000 in Deja Vu waves, where in 2000 we are being receptive to our future Unity Self effort, and so loop on infinitely, until everyone is reached with the opportunity of joining in the awakening of the dream to the conscious realisation of All Is God of All-Oneness.

Feel free to write your own articles on the subject from http://www.akasha.de/~aton/TGMN.html and to start your own groups during these key times. Groups that go to the power places on the planet and breathe themselves into ecstatic unity to their Unity Selves, beyond the 7 bodies, beyond higher and lower self, beyond any quantum parallel universal spin off, but the Unity of all our bodies, levels, possibilities and localised expressions in time and space.

FAX the relevent pages to all who you know, get them to FAX it on. Distribute these articles to all computer bulletin boards with metaphysical sections, and circulate it through the Internet and all means available. Translate into different languages. You are called to love in action, to bridge to the sleepers who want to wake up. So that it reaches our brothers and sisters, like you and I, who truely sincerly are dedicated to alligning as much of our fellow man through the maximum oportunity of Unity facing us in the next 12 years - of waking up into a global Superconsciousness, as and in the One Body of Christ of All-Oneness, the Darmakaja BuddhaShip, [the Thoton of all Thoton's] the Unity of Unity's.

The future is in y-our hands, through y-our actions in co-particpation with y-our Unity Self. All Is God Be U-s.

We at the ATON Institute, along with dedicated Shamana's of the Grail Ring, will hold a dedicated Somanetics camp time adventure on the ATON premesses from July 4 to July 14, is the Time Gate. See you in the NOW G-ATE.




A Tribute To The McKena Brothers

& The ET Factor Guiding Beyond


The Time Wave Zero graph was rediscovered by Terrence McKena, in the early 1970s, whilst amidst an Amazon Shamanistic experiment, in an attempt to hypercarbolate the DNA into a superconductive matrix. It was his brother's, Dr. Dennis McKena who had formulated the formula.

Whilst Dennis appeared to dissapear into the domains of the ineffible, Terrence, was in a super placid clear mind state, whereby he no longer required to sleep for 12 days, and yet was energised.

Here, he rediscovered the Time Wave graph, whilst playing with the 64 hexagrammes of the I-Ching, through all of their permutations. He called this his only originally idea.


Since the I-Ching have been demonstrated to be the same sequence as th DNA 64 codons, and it was claimed to be passed down to the ancient Chinese by an elder race, from the land of Kham-Mu, the immortals, the Shiens, the builders of the Chinese pyramids, in the land of Kham, as Mt. Meru's -- we see in evidence the remnence of an ancient science.

Emmanuel had been quite precise in my education on the date of 2011, as being the opening of the Eye-Lids of the dreamer of the universe, and one of Emmanuel called themselves Taki, from the ancient Chinese golden age.

I remained alert as to that date. I only found reference to it from other ET contactee's, but started to hear rumours of a mathematical system that would actually demonsrate 2012, as the End-Time. The scattered references I could find to it, in the late 1980s and beginning 1990's, were very remorse for data, only firing intrigue.

Having other ET contactee's receive the same message was interesting, for confirmation, but what I needed was something that was going to be intellectually awestriking, so it could be bridged.

Yes, indeed, I came accorss Jose Arguelle's Mayan Factor, but at the time I could not find it convincing enough, except to fire further personal confirmation.

I started to play with computer star catalogues, and found that on December 21st, our sun and ecliptic would conjuct the galactic centre, which, it turns out, Terrence McKena, was the first to suggest in written form in the 1970s (to which I had not been privy at the time).

This was naturally encoprorated into my seminars, as pointing to something significant.


It was in December 1992, that the Dutch researcher Jan Van Toorn, put me onto the archaic Takeuti documents of ancient China. Here was confirmation for Taki, of Emmanuel. The Takeuti's had been a group of immortals, called Shiens, by the ancient Chinese, who also were time travelers, and extraterrestrial. These ancient emporer texts, gives the legacy and the lineages of man, as star born, and once having had life-spans of hundreds of millions of years, according to the texts.

Having a genetic science, and musical perfection, the Taki's, also passed on the I-Ching, and chess, which were all 64 bassed. I knew that something significant would emerge that would validate this further.

Appart from the clear cut evidence produced in the 1970s on the I-Ching and DNA sequence, which is undeniable, there had to be more. After all these were the builders of the great Chinese pyramids, which before were in the land known as Kam, and Mu.

These were the cultures, whose mummies were found in the Taklan Makan desert, of both Nordic and Mongolian race types, hundreds of them. Salvana's people were being traced here, for their great Christ, it turned out, was Sylvian the Salvan, whom, in the Emmanuel contacts, had presented himself as Salvana of Emmanuel, who had an Oasis city in the midst of the deseart. As these research facts come together, something bigger had to come into the picture as a clincher.

But it was not until I actually received the Time Wave Zero papers in 1993, that I could handle on a significant data base of mathematics, which was absolutely convincing.

Terrence McKena, had gleaned onto the Takeuti DNA science data base, by an shamanic DNA hypercarbolation resonance experiment, deviced by his brother, which had somehow opened the genetic mind to him to speak. There were also claims on an extraterrestrial presence. And on the 12th day, Terrence glimpsed a bell shaped UFO, identical to George Adamski's, and Dr. Vega's Lema photographs, which I had also seen. But due to his ulteration of consciousness some 12 days before, he was never sure if this was the smoking gun (for which I felt sympathy). I had seen these vehciles many years before consciousness alteration work with alchemy.

I feel certain that the McKena brothers homed in on the same resonance vehicles as those associated with Salvana and the Takeuti's. The Takeuti's who were highly pineal gland active, due to the lengthy periods of light issolation, and hence were probably in a similar mind set as Terrence with his beta carbolation. The DNA mind logged onto by both the developers of the I-Ching, the Takeuti's, and by Terrence McKena.

One year later, May 1994, in Amsterdam, I was introduced to Terrence McKena arranged by my organiser Wil Van Gemert and Ego Soft's Luxala.

Although I mainly discussed my research with Dark Room light issolation, for endogenous Pineal gland DMT production, we did come to discuss the changes of the sun, and the galactic centre (although amidst the gangster-like thrill drive of Ego-2000's Luxala, it was rather difficult to discuss this properly. I had done some major solar research, the majority of which I was unable to share with Terrence). He, did state that it remained for someone to put all of these anomolies together. Unbeknowest to him, I was already engaged in precisely such a project, which now is the book The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel.

Time Wave Zero, is without doubt a genious rediscovery, and as I perused over the Novelty content of our age, the contact info, that the intelligence Ptah had bestowed to me, of consciousness Time Travel, suddenly juxtasupposed ontop of the Time Wave major novelty descent graph of April 29th, 1996. The most novel and compressed time sequence in all of history, only to be met at the same resonance at 2010.

Here, was two points of the same resonance, which could be looped to each other. Here was a mathemtical basis for consciousness Time Travel. So by ET (Extra-Temporal) instigation, and integration, the Time Gate was born.

We used the Tibetan harmonics for levitation, for our collective Star Ship circle, that would link with beta carbolation, via Soma Alchemy, to the future. The circle diametre was 16.944 metres in diametre, just as the Chinese Meru pyramids of Kam, left by the Takeuti's, are 16,944 minutes of arc from the MR pyramid of Kham Egypt, and just as 69.444 nautical miles is the light matrix to mass, we engaged in our work. Star Ships appeared at the beggining, middle, and end of this April 29th Time Gate. And one reappeared there in Time Gate 1998, to be photographed, it was precisely over the Time Gate circle.

At that time the sun was changed. An object by the North pole of the sun aided in this process precisely. And many Grail Time Gates were engaged the summer of 1996, with a mass of adventures, and Soma Star Ship Alchemy dataloguing. I also induced 14 days of beta carbolation in May 1996.

Then came the Watson Objection to the Time Wave graph, spotting an error. But it was too late to damage the concept, Los Alamos's laboritories, had Dr. Sheliak, who had been exposed to the mathematics, and who decided to analyse time in the nucleus of the atom. His findings were devestating to Watsons Objective. He found that with the correction of the graph, which only altered it slightly, TIME ACTUALLY WAS A 64 LEVEL FRACTAL AT THE ATOMIC NUCLEUS.

It was confirmed to be the underpinnings of the time of the Universe. The correction still validated the 1996-2010 Time Gate, but has made the Time Gate 2000 more significant than it was before.

In January 1996, I discovered that when the Time Wave graph wave of 7 billion years was mirrored, an astonishing shape emerged: A King peice from the Game of Chess, which also originated in China. Not only that it looked like the Mandlebrot fractal outline.

I decided to confirm this, by tracing the outline of the graph in the 3D animation programme, Aldus Super 3D, and then modelled it into 3D. Now not only was it all of the above, it was also the Buddhistic body of Darma, the Stupa, the Darmakaja Buddha.

I was these Stupa's that are shown ontop of Mt Meru's (Pyramids), at Sukhethai, and at Burbora's. Where 72 stupa's make the top of the Mt Meru pyramid, with the Buddha in the midst.

Since, Dr.. Lawrence Blair had shown that the sound AUM on a tonagrapher, resonated the sand into the mandalla of Mt. Meru, the Shri Yantra, this was very interesting. It was said to be the world mountain, and the personal vehicle, the Merusheba.

Here the Buddha's personal vehicle, has the geometry of 7 billion years of time, through 64 levels (the readout of the DNA), on it. Is this a notion of the ancient time machine technologies of the Takeuti's, who built the Mt Meru's of Kam, now Xien, Shensi, China. The remnents of the Shiens.

Time Wave Zero, appears to be much much more than it first appeared to be. And now with Time Gate 2000, we can make this an ever greater completion of the BuddhissatvaSHIP.

--Ananda, May 13th, 2000 (end of planetary alignment)


In tribute to Terrence McKena, who passed away April 3, 2000, despite our differences on certain area's, his pioneering endevours and adventures unearthed a major peice of the final Omega jig saw puzzle emerging as a Diamond Disciphered. That is a contribution to mankind, and our emergence into the Interuniversal kind, by our collective and individual Soveriegn Diamond Vehcile and Body. Let us make the Stone of the Stars Be the doorway Haum/H-Ome.

An in-depth article by Ananda on Galactic Crossing, with Egypt and astrophysical changes being explored. See the Interview with graphics: www.akasha.de/~aton/X.html