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The Interuniversal Perspective For The Unity Of Diversity

­By Ananda & Emmanuel­



THE SOLUTION IS HERE. The book that is about the shake the forefront of the spiritual, new age, conspiracy, extraterrestrial, sacred geometry, light body science and post-quantum mechanics, movements. Are you ready to read this major transformation to the nervous system, and take the responsibility, to implement its super-holographic implications, into personal expansion?

If you have been amazed by the Urantia Book, The Keys of Enoch, Two Thirds, or the Oaspe Book, this book is ready to shake some major paradigms, of its predecessors, you will be more than amazed:



This book goes way beyond the universe, or superuniverse: covering millions of dimensions, and universes, as well as bringing all conceivable pan-ultimates into its Sphere.

With millennium fever justifiably brewing to a boil: This book is set to shake this cup to overflow into further Grail Cups of clarification. In 1999, you will be hearing about this book at the forefront of demonstrating what is now actually going on.

If you have read "Earth Under Fire" by Dr. Paul La Violette, this book is not only complementary to this evidence, with no repeat of data or details, but brushes it into an enormously larger paradigm, with enormous evidential details that will have you amazed. Ananda wrote much of these revelations years before "Earth Under Fire," and has been presenting them to audiences of hundreds of people in Europe since 1992. Now amassed into concise data evidence, referencing hundreds of scientific and astrophysical sources, that is astonishing.


This book goes way beyond history. A new approach to how humanity came here, surpassing the "Project Aquarius" paradigm of the Maji "wise men" of the secret government (Jason without the Golden Fleece), whose paradigm has it that we were created. See the evidence how this is mathematically not possible, and integrate the implications of the precise evidence that is presented. What this means to who you really are is enormous.

· See the geometry of interdimensional holographic architecture of our solar system.

· Go way beyond the Merkabba implants of light, into true freeing paradigms as the Bodhisatva's taught it.

° Be amazed by the INTERGEOMETRICAL Vehicle, the Vortexijah, that is there for everyone, and does not need to be created. For it is there already for everyone, equally, as the Holy Grail, and allows complete interuniversal empowerment, rather than light technology hierarchy.

Giving not only intedimensionality, for the physical body, but allowing interuniversal access, with ones own universe, as the DNA ARKives exteriorize through the Word, into the Star Ship Sphere Lotus, Spirit Virtual Reality, Self God Computer.

· The exact mathematics to absolutely transform this planet before it is to late, and the precise tools by which it can become accomplished, not in "airy fairy notions", but in precise protickles.

Surpass the time travelling paradigms of Montauk, or any other time travelling project from the future. Be amazed by this new and ancient simple solution.


"Probably one of the most amazing books to be released this century."

With unique insights into what is happening to our world; solar system and galaxy; extraterrestrial contacts; New World Order; mans secret history; the Light Body Codes encoded in mans DNA resonance; and the ultimate codes of creation and how to get through, and past them, into the larger Unity Creations.



· THE UNIVERSAL SHIFT, including the base frequency transformation of the planet, galactic background noise, Andromeda Milky Way collision etc. Through hyperspatial holographic computer grid engineering, and the solution, way beyond the black and white brotherhoods. See at last, in the west a Midway solution to the binary managements of the black and white military hierarchies. As it once was known, and now is a third choice, beyond the harvest, into All Is God Ship.

· THE EXACT planetary, heliocosmic, and galactic mechanisms involved in the 2013, INTERUNIVERSAL PASSAGE, from astronomy, archeology, geology, post quantum mechanics, post sacred geometry, to higher precise hyper-dimensional hologram generation, for the holographic reality rewrite of our universe.

· THE HOLOGRAPHY OF THE 7 DIMENSIONS of the universal body, showing not only the 3D gameboard of the god computers, nor the interdimensional gameboard mechanisms of the White and Black brotherhoods, as enzymatic/electrolytic gods now caught in free radical hierarchy ­ but the interuniversal gameboard, and how to step beyond - the ultimate White and Black hierarchical test, via the Midway Path beyond the gods.

· MANS SECRET HISTORY in and out of the Vortexijah field Star Ship - the universal fall, the galactic fall, solar and planetary falls ­ billions, and millions of years ago. With unique archeological and extraterrestrial archeological perspectives, and astrophysics, not available anywhere else, in coordinated, synthesised form. SOME COMPLETELY NEW REVELATIONS, available no where in print.

· Oversoul management and the Elohim and Nephilim gameboard Hyperspatial computers, of Oversoul & DNA attachments from 6 D + & -, and way beyond, you will not believe what you are reading.

· BIOCHEMICAL SPATIALISATION - the precise biomechanisms by which the Unity Self generated the human body, from vorticular grid dynamics of music, to protein page writing, through specific sound harmonics, that goes into intricate details, with precise and simple keys as the outcome, for personal implication integrations.

· THE PRECISE HOLOGRAPHIC GEOMETRICS, and intergeometrics, reflected in the creation and the generation of all life by the Office of Creation, and beyond.

· THE SUPERUNIVERSE AND THE 64 different states of spectrumed body universes & Unityverses, in relation to the 64 layers of time. Giving the exact coordinates, in time and space, of the Gateway shift points, in our 3D planet grid echo of the Superuniverse.

This paradigm takes Mckenna's time wave graph into a new universe of perspectives, as 3D rendering of the DNA readout gives the gameboard of matter and anti-matter shape, as well as the anti-universe. Absolutely amazing perspectives for our uniqueness NOW, and practical applications on how to utilise these.

· THE PRECISE NEUROLOGICAL & NEUROCHEMICAL alchemical changes that occur in the brain transducer, which is the stairway to Unity Self consciousness - for the awakening of the Christ Seed and harnessing our own superconductivity = exteriorising the Spirit Chakra Vajra.

This is the Alchemical Lapis Opus revealed, the Stone of immortality, and the real practicle actual activation of the Pineal Gland, or third eye. Not in "mystical" terms, but in actual down-to-earth details, that when used, will transform you forever. This paradigm is set to transform humanity practically into a new Humanity. As the global dark room retreat approaches.

· Go beyond the internet, and learn of the Internal net, where the brain's cybernetics goes into the superconducting living Arkana Akashia, of the Boddhistva's Somanetics.

° SEE THE BEYOND AMAZING NEW PHYSICS, that established not only the unified field, but the creational units, in our very Virtual Hands.

The practical solution for the Green Lion, and even Red Lion. The Taoist Golden Pill of immortality, by endogenous and exogenous production. The balance is both within and without in equal fractalled mirroring. The development and fusion of the 7 brain chakra's: Soma.

· The precise mechanisms for Light Body Star Ship Field Propulsion, as the steps to interdimensionality, and MOST IMPORTANTLY Interuniversality, as never released before.

THIS IS NOT THE MERKABBA, but is based on the real actual translation, which Emmanuel inaugurated in Ananda in 1989. It is the secret of the Chakra Vajra, the 8 fold spin Sphere of the film "Contact" and "Sphere" - it is the Buddhist secret teaching inherited from Brahma-Manu (Em-MANU-El, the first Lotus Born father of Man(U)kind); the ancient Egyptian Atum, and Sumerian Mu, secret teachings - beyond geometry, into Intergeometry, hence beyond the hierarchy, by the Midway Path.

Stepping beyond the crystallization of 3-D or 4D cubic, and dodecahedral dynamics, back into the Unity Body of Christ the Darmakaja BoddhisatvaSHIP of collective compassion.


This is a paradigm that has not been presented, or represented, in print, so far. An actual solution, which surpasses any electromagnetic or light overtone geometrical model.

This is the Gate, which deals with the fact that Einstein's "causality" has now failed: karma is an illusion, karma and "cause and effect" has failed as a law, in objective experiments. This Vortexijah paradigm thus surpasses the universal computer shape of the octahedron. And deals with the superconductive pathway, which is Spirit technology, not soul technology.

Go beyond the soul merkabba implants of the light computers, and Be the Ku Spirit of the Unity Self, through superconductive exteriorisation. Intergeometrically.


· The Sacred Geometry, and intergeometry alphabet grids of creation - and the universal pathway of the heart, and creating ones own universe, in the approaching New Universe of Aloness/All-Oneness, through All Is God.

· A paradigm that presents the Absolute Unity of Unity's - unifying the Creator, the Tao, and endless paradigms for infinite and zero Absolute's, as One with Us, and beyond.

· HUNDREDS OF GRAPHICS, drawings, graphs. Photographs, including the "Sons and Daughters of All-Oneness" in interdimensional light body's; unpublished photographs of Pyramids on Moon and Earth, and visual material, so unique, so as to never have been present in public compilation before.

This book is set to make one ask some absolute questions, that will shake the 'mysticisms' of the new world religion, and its light and dark implants, which utilises polarity management. This goes way beyond the alien conspiracy (by the author of the documentary book The Alien Presence: The Evidence For Government Contact With Alien Life Forms.).

· And infinite varieties of other consciousness expanding areas of living understanding in Living Images: Superconscious Unityvision (beyond tell-a-vision).

This book shows you how to think, yourself, in hyperdimensional Unity Integrations. An absolute exercise in awakening the greater brain potential, for Self Unity Light Image realisation.

This book puts you in power with All Is God.

This may all sound sensational, but we want this information to have a chance to reach you, so you know that you have a choice, beyond choosing just black and white, in the harvest (harvests become food), and thus beyond. But of your own BoddhisatvaSHIP. For compassionate Unity encorporates ALL.

It sounds fantastic: the principles passed on are practicle, and if utilised with your own Unity Integration, can alchemicalise one into ones true potential, actually. Not in plane visualisation, but in active absolute experience through the 49 Bardo of the Tibetan and Egyptian books of the dead, beyond: where life and death are in marriage, and the ineffable is the outcome in the realisation of the Unity of Unity's.


COMPLETELY NEW INFORMATION, OF A REVOLUTIONARY NATURE, WITH PRACTICLE IMPLICATIONS. This was not only seeded by extraterrestrial contact alone, but by the InterUniversal (beyond universes, not Et's, or Ut's, but "I.U.'s) contacts of Emmanuel, beyond the Black and White Brotherhoods of creational maintenance. These contacts have included physical materialisations.

This book after 14 years of contact. Including the "Time Reverse Wave" Andromedians, as "Sons and Daughter of All-Oneness" coming from millions of years into the future, to bridge and splash down to us NOW, into the New Universe.

This is not only a dimensional shift into another dimension of the universal dream - this is a UNIVERSAL SHIFT, ARE YOU READY TO WAKE UP TO WHO YOU REALLY ARE?

Now at last, after 6 years of demand and waiting, the first pre-edition is available, from October 15th in Berlin.

Be a part of the solution, this limited pre-edition is interactive, you can be part of making it a diamond of perfection.

Probably the most ingenious book released in many years - the Unity Keys out and beyond the gameboard of creation.

OVER 640 A4 PAGES. First Pre-Edition October 15 1999 (sold out). IT IS COMPLETED. Edition one is at the horizon.


Sign here to be placed on the limited edition list of the first pre-edition, and be alerted when this information and Unity Keys, can be yours, your reality from Virtuality. Be prepared, before the major release, and revolution that this book will inspire.



In BERLIN, Germany: ELRAANIS magazine


The Pre-edition at the October 1999, Berlin seminar was sold out within 30 minutes, all pre-editions are now SOLD OUT, and are collectors items for Ka-Ba-La.

The first edition has gone through a major punctuation and error re-editing, and new chapters have been added, as well as vast expansions on some exisiting chapters have been done, since before several of the 52 chapters were almost like Alchemical cipher. The pre-edition was missing 50 pages, and another 30 pages are added to the professional First Edition.

1st Edition is to be printed in 2-3000 copies in a high quality format. One 14 day 12-14 hour solid workshift session, so far, has braught it closer to the horizon. With one more smaller work shift ahead, this book will at last reach the Conscious Mind in late August 2000.

Advanced orders from Jeremiah Unlimited

The Book will have a reduction on site at Ananda's seminars. With Dan Winter in SION, Switzerland, 1st September 2000, Schweibenalp, Swtizerland, (The Universal Code: Evidence for All Is God) 13-17th September 2000, and many more onwards. See dates section.

Be a part of the Living Essential Solution. You will be more than amazed by who and what you are.

All Is God Be You, as we face the emergency of the emergence of the Global BoddhisatvaShip of Manukind.

Surpass the Apocalypse and the Book of Revelation, without showing it wrong, but exceeding the perfection that are the implications.

Do you dare to see the living Truths of Unity, as you. Do you dare to wake up form this dream of creation?

We challenge you to the 2013 Interuniversal Olympics.