(from GRAIL ZINE 8)




Some more than astounding realities have now emerged in reoncilling the various branches of quantum physics, mathematics, the antrophic principle, super string symmetry, so astonishing as to surpass the wildest imagination of any previous branch of thought in man, whether that be science fiction, religeous, Buddhistic, Taoist, Gnostic, Vedic, Occult, Christian, Poetic, or science of the 1940's. Some of this illuminates the Emmanuel paradigm. The following quotes highlight just a pinch of these almost ineffible conclussions.

-Ananda, May 1999.


Sir Fred "Hoyle attributes choice to a superintelligence in the future. This

superintelligence could be what we mean by God. Or it could just be some new

technology in the future that has perfected the means for sending messages back in

time from their universe to ours."

- Professor Sir Fred Allen Wolf, Nobel Prize winner, in Parallel Universes


From the co-evolutionary point of view, past and present seem to exist together in a

higher-dimensional reality we call the future."

- Dr's Briggs and Peat, The Looking Glass Universe


".... It became apparent that an enormous intelligence must be abroad in the


- Professor Sir Fred Hoyle, The Universe: Past and Present Reflections


"If life evolves in all of the many universes in a quantum cosmology, and if life

continue to exist in all of these universes, then all of these universe, which include

all possible histories among them, will approach the Omega Point. At the instant the

Omega Point is reached, life will have gained control of all matter and forces not

only in a single universe, but in all universes whose existence is logically possible;

life will have spread into all spatial regions in all universes which could locally exist,

and will have stored an infinite amount of information, including all bits of

knowledge which it is logically possible to know. And this is the end."

- Dr's Barrow and Tipler, The Anthropic Cosmological Principle


"...The meaning-creating community of observer-participants., past, present, and

future, is brought into being by the machinery of the world. However... this very

world of past, present, and future, and of space, time, and fields, to be (despite all its

apparent continuity, immensity, and independence from us) a construction of

imagination and theory troweled and plastered in over countably many elementary

quantum phenomena, surfaced over the iron posts of discrete acts of

observer-participancy, the ant-like but magnificent labor of a community stretching

from far in the past to even farther in the future."

- Professor John Archibald Wheeler , Wheeler Quantum Mechanics


Insofar as two physical entities have a pattern

in common which is specified at the microscopic or quantum level, they are to that

extent the same entity. Consequently, they interact automatically even though we

normally consider them separated in space or in time."

- Dr. Ted Bastin, "A Clash of Paradigms in Physics", Encyclopedia of Ignorance

the patterns of information will be the same, and so will we, because the structure of our world depends on pattern, not on the pattern's substrate; a carbon atom, according to [Ed]

Fredkin, is a certain configuration of bits, not a certain kind of bits....We can never

know what the information is made of or what kind of machine is processing it."

This idea - that sentient beings could be constitutionally numb to the texture of

reality means "that any universal computer can simulate another universal

computer, and the simulated computer can, because it is universal, do the same

thing. So it is possible to conceive of a theoretically endless series of computers

contained, like Russian dolls, in larger version of themselves and yet oblivious of

those containers."

- Robert Wright, The Atlantic Monthly, April '88


Why does this giant computer of a universe exist? "The reason is, there is no way to

know the answer to some question any faster than what's going on....There is no way

to know what the future is any faster than running this [the universe] to get to that

[the future]. Therefore, what I'm assuming is that there is a question and there is an

answer, okay? I don't make any assumption about who has the question, who wants

the answer, anything."

- Dr. Ed Fredkin


"There may be no such thing as 'the glittering central mechanism of the

universe.'...Not machinery but magic may be the better description of the treasure

that is waiting."

- Dr. John A. Wheeler


Since the 1960s, "the Jesuit order, founded in 1540 as a kind of papal shock troop

against the Protestant Reformation, ceased to be a stronghold of obedience and

conservatism." Pierre de Chardin (1881-1955), a Jesuit, "was hailed as the man who

was supposedly translating Catholic doctrine into modern thought, and particularly

into the evolutionary frame of reference of modern biological science. In Teilhard's

view, Christ became the Omega Point of all evolution, he was persuaded that he had

overcome the evolutionary challenge to Christian faith by seeing evolution not as

directing itself toward an ever-increasing, planless diversity, but as being directed by

God in an ascent toward an ever-increasing concentration in Christ, its final point, so

that ultimately 'God may be all in all'....He did not of course deny the historical Jesus

and the incarnation, but his historical work and work of atonement became

incidental to his cosmic role as the ultimate point of evolutionary progress."

- Harold O.J. Brown, Heresies


"The end of the world: the wholesale internal introversion upon itself

of the noosphere, which has simultaneously reached the uttermost

limit of its complexity and centrality. "The end of the world: the

overthrow of equilibrium [read, 'Heat Death'], detaching the mind,

fulfilled at last, from it material matrix, so that it will henceforth rest

with all its weight on God-Omega."

- Teilhard de Chardin


"By its structure Omega, in its ultimate principle, can only be a distinct

Center radiating at the core of a system of centers; a grouping in which

the personalization of the All and personalizations of the elements

reach their maximum, simultaneously and without merging, under

the influence of a supremely autonomous focus of union."

- Teilhard de Chardin


"But all timelike and lightlike curves converge upon the Omega Point. In particular,

all the light rays from all the people who died a thousand years ago, from all the

people now living, and from all the people who will be living a thousand years from

now, will intersect there. The light rays from those people who died a thousand years

ago are not lost forever; rather, these rays will be intercepted by the Omega Point. To

put it another way, these rays will be intercepted and intercepted again by the living

beings who have engulfed the physical universe near the Omega Point. All the

information which can be extracted from these rays will be extracted at the instant of

the Omega Point, who will therefore experience the whole of time simultaneously

just as we experience simultaneously the Andromeda Galaxy and a person in the

room with us."


"I should emphasize that this simulation of people that have lived in the past need

not be limited to just repeating the past. Once a simulation of a person and his or her

world has been formed in a computer of sufficient capacity, the simulated person can

be allowed to develop further - to think and feel things that the long-dead original

person being simulated never felt and thought. It is not even necessary for any of the

past to be repeated. The Omega Point could simply begin the simulation with the

brain memory of the dead person as it was at the instant of death (or, say, ten years

before or twenty minutes before) implanted in the simulated body of the dead

person, the body being as it was at age twenty (or any other age). This body and

memory collection could be set in any simulated background environment the

Omega Point wished: a simulated world indistinguishable from the long-extinct

society and physical universe of the revived dead person; or even a world that never

existed, but one as close as logical possible to the ideal fantasy world of the

resurrected dead person. Furthermore, all possible combinations of resurrected dead

can be placed in the same simulation and allowed to interact."

- Dr. Frank Tipler, "The Omega Point as Eschaton", Zygon (vol. 24, June 1989)


"It would be possible for the Omega Point to simulate an entire visible universe. for

the personal use of each and every resurrected human! ('In my father's house are

many mansions...') . The required computer capacity is not measurably greater than

that required to simulate all possible visible universes (1010123). Each private visible

universe could also be simulated to contain 1010 separate planet Earths, each a copy

of the present Earth, or the Earth as it was at a different time n the past. (There are

about 1020 stars in the visible universe, so replacing a mere 1010solar systems in a

visible universe would be a minor modification.) This is more Earths than a single

human could explore before exhausting his/her memory storage capacity of 1015 bits,

to say nothing of the memories stored while visiting other humans in their private


- Dr. Frank Tipler, "Physics Near the Final State: God and the Resurrection of the Dead to Eternal Life"