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The Last Personally guided by ANANDA Summer 2001

Over 30 Meditations & many excercise


A UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY: Ananda is for the last time passing on these essential Light Body protocol practices (part I), with additional enhancements. Now entitled THE DIAMOND BODY. It will be the last opportunity to have this level passed on personally by Ananda, as the foundation Vortexijah Protocol.

Experience this rare opportunity for a personal transmission of the Diamond Body technique. Ananda will a last time be presenting the in-depth Trinitization and Star Ship propulsion techniques, integrated with some aspects of the Diamond Body Unitegrity excercises, using the Egyptian Meru-Aton Vehicle, the Mayan Ku Vehicle, in synergy with the Tibetan Chakra Vajra and Meru-Sheba vehicles, along with the Gnostic Grail Ship.

The Diamond Body training is 10 extensive, intensive days.

This 4th wave of the Grail Vehicle, is the Diamond Body Part 1, but in a new density of evidence, techniques, animations, in combination with some of the further enhanced spins shared in Somanetics, which includes some of the Unitegrity movements.

Here, a version of the secret Tibetan Buddhist Vajra techniques, and the ancient Taoist Pakua vehicle are passed on. In this age "the secret is to give away the secret," and these powerful techniques are there for you to integrate the implications.

Utilising the illustrations of the Hallway Of Records from ancient Egypt that depict the secret places of the Aton Star Ship, left behind by Akenaton and Tutankaton, for this time NOW, and the proto-Mayan's Ku Vehicle left by the Extra-Temporal (ET) Votan, as well as other ancient records. Along with profound new verifications that demonstrate the viability of this Essential Solution, beyond any electromagnetic or geometrical model.

This intensive will have multiple camera work recording, so that it can be shared with the world, by those who are selected as Unity Units to pass on the MeruVinGian Grail, coherence, consciously.

A professional series of television quality videos of The Diamond Body are also in production during the first half of 2001, to enhance and expand the Diamond Body knowledge and techniques to all who seek it, and to enhance the practice of those already engaged in Internal Alchemy. See more here.


This training will be held over 10 days in English, (there MAY be a German version (that is simulatenous translation), in addition to the purely English version). Country still in planning (in sight are Hawaii or Australia).

Including Vortexijah Unitegrity Spin Prana Dance Mudra parties.


From this training, will emerge further ones who may be passing on these ancient and new "secret" Star Ship techniques.


This is a rare opportunity, where Ananda will personally pass on the DIAMOND BODY Vortexijah Protocles, a last time. Be there only as your Unity Christ Self Guides, as All Is God.


This 4th wave, is not phase 2 of the Star Ship Trainings which are (Dr Inner Light, or the Dark Room Retreat of 14 days, the Launch pad, and Phase 2b, Somanetics), As the ATON Institute has come into formation, so the Dark Room retreats have begun for Diamond Body Wavers.

HUNDREDS OF ANIMATIONS, Over 30 Meditations and many excercise. This is an intensive in the Unity Self technology...

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All who have been through a Diamond Body training are entitled to Ananda's up and growing Grail Media publications on the internet.

Grail News Now or GNN, instead of CNN, offers the latest news, that you should have heard about, but which is not getting into the main news.

Grail Zine, is the internet magazine of Ananda and ATON Institute, where the latest research, thoughts, communications, and breakthroughs are shared to the Grail Ring.

Grail Vine, are the messages sent to Ananda which should be shared immediately, with commentary, from around the world.

Grail Site: will be an extensive private internet site, for the Grail Ring, those who have taken the Diamond Body trianing. Herein will be offered free books with additional techniques, and alchemy.


All who have taken the Diamond Body training, are entitled to the Dark Room Inner Light Alchemy retreats of Ananda, to commence, this Winter 2000 and 2001, by the ATON/ODIN Institute.

These 14 days of light issolation enable the pineal gland to awaken its own DMT and Pinoline production. This is the Diamond Body Star Ship Launch Pad, where it is excercised. This has been one of th emost secret initiation systems of the major traditions, and is powerful.

Furthermore, one will be entitled to the Somanetic Alchemy trainings, Phase 2b, of the trainings, on making the Alchemical Elixir of Immortality and transmutation.

Also one will be entitled to the Acivation Projects of many sacred sites such as Egypt, Cambodia, and the Christ Gnostic Shamanism sessions called THE SOMANET, that Ananda and fellow Grailers have instigated, for regular practice.

The Grail Ring, will have a series of beneficial documents released to Diamond Body practictioners, which can give added benefits in society and business life. Alternates to present jobs and business.

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Since the Diamond Body training will engage in extensive breath induction techniques, and lengthy meditation, visualisation, and brain entrainment excercises, it is highly recommended that you prepare with the following:


DAILY MEDITATIONS OF 20 MINUTES TO 1 HOUR, perhaps several meditations.

HOLOTROPIC, REBIRTHING, OR RELATED PRANA YAMA, OR KRIYA YOGA, breath work, so you are prepared for the oxygenation.

PHYSICALY EXCERCISES, LIKE TRAMPOLINE (LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE), SWIMMING, CYCLING, YOGA, TAI CHI, KARATI, Arobics, Chi Gong, so that the physical body is attuned, and is a strong foundation, which can compact, and integrate the Powerful Diamond Body energy surges, and make them practical. One or several of the above, are considered extremely important.

DIETARY WATCH, perahps taking several fasting sessions, and looking to reduce sugar intake, replace table salts with bio-salts and decrease salt intake, increase fruit and grain intake, take blue green algaes AND SEA WEED (i.e. with Miso Soup), and perhaps at least 5 gms of vitamin C per 24 hours (can be recemmended).

SMART NUTRIENTS: since we will be engaging in active oxygenation work, we would recommend brain "protecters" for over oxygenation, and for mind efficiency, such as Ginko Biloba, the amino acid DMAE (dimethyl-amino-ethynol) and Piraglutamic acid, are excellent natural amino acids for increasing the brain's telepathic receptive neuroransmitter acetyl-choline, which is long term and short term memory as well (hence increased akashic coherence). They also aid to remove old cellular rubbish from the cells, and increase information flow through both brain hemispheres, so that alpa-8 Hz brain rhythms, are easier to maintain for longer periods.

Take these along with ample amounts of Lecithin. Sources for these are, pharmacies, or Source Natural's Sante Fe, and Vitamin Research Products. Acetly L-Carnithin can be a great preparation herein as well.

BRING A TAPE RECORDER AND PLENTY OF NOTE PADS, so that you can integrate these transmissions and experiences.

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