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Greetings. Dear brothers and sisters of Unity. THE CHRIST GRAIL, has been instigated as a connector for each of the Light Body Star Ship Field Propulsion initiates. Whereby we pass on developments, and collective projects. As you have been initiated in the processes of ecstatic communion with the Unity Body, and have taken some driving lessons on awakening the Holy Grail Star Ship of Christ. Here follows some meditation simplifications [as taught in Light Body Star Ship Field Propulsion].


Remember that your Christ breath utilises the squeezing out the air at the top of the throat like air coming out of a car tire valve, slowly, and at the peak of the in-breath pressing on the thymus gland to awaken the tickle there. Let your skin, body, blood, and BONES breathe the electrogravity Vortexijah Units.

The following steps can be done also each with 3 breaths, and as it reawakens to become like a reflex, then even each step can be done with one complete whole in/out breathe for every progression. Breathing the Christ of perfection through the crown, base and heart concurrently is the key to finding the Holy Grail, so that the Christ the Word can transform our blood into the Song Grail whereby we become the true Meruvingians, the true bloodline of Christ.



Connect with your Christ Self of infinite perfection and Unity,

Breathe-in the Christ Self of Unity through into the heart, tickling with love the heart of all cells to laugh and release the fumes of the past, and the clouds of diversity, which we breath out in surrender back to the Christ Self. Letting the heart cells smile and glow with the love of Christ. 7 in and out breaths in this phase.


Let the Christ Love in he heart be the magnet or wedding ring for heaven and Earth - breathing in through the crown the pyramid of the dove, and in through the base, the pyramid of the phoenix, magnetically be drawn by the love-of Christ in the heart, letting the capstone or dove and phoenix beaks kiss in the love of Christ. This in one in-breath (if this is too complicate, just breathe in the heavely white light down like an inverted pyramid, and the life energies, of electric blue, through the base, like a pyramid or cone into the heart, by the love of Christ you breath there). In the out-breath, the union of the two creates the orgasm of focus in the heart, where through the heart both tetrahedrons spin, one to the right and one to the left (if this is too complicated to begin with, see and fell the love of the heart spin two counterotating golden wheels on their sides, with the tips of the axil axis' at the crown and at the base, it is the love joins their spin of golden love light). With each succeeding breath the wheels of love continue to spin, but increase in speed, until one reaches the seventh breath, where they reach the speed of love, as to appear to be standing still by their speed spin. 7 times.



Next breath in the Christ equally through the heart as well as equally through the pyramid of the dove and pyramid of the phoenix to the heart, so that they are drawn into oneanother, kissing and locking into each others hearts (at this point this is around the mid-brain and crown and the hara and base). As their orgasmic love pulses to the heart, heart of the head, and heart of the base, so in the out breath the two spinning wheels at the speed of love, or appear to be still, spin around each other, around the central axis of the heart of heart, head, and base, spinning anti-clockwise, as the diamond vehicle spin. Each time accelerating more, until by the 7th they reach the critical mass spin speed of 10,000 RPM (revolutions per minute). 7 times.



Breath in the Christ even more through the heart and in through the heart of the Dove and heart of the Phoenix, so that they interlock, where the Dove kisses the feet, and the Phoenix kisses the gravity ELF maximum focus point 3 feet above the head, tickling in love, and as you breathe out the diamond vehicle reproduces itself, so that two diamond vehicle are counter-rotating, one to the left, one to the right. In each progression breath, the speed of each of the diamond vehicles increase from 10,000 rpm, to 16,000 rpm, to 32,000 rpm, to 64,000 rpm, the transformative speed of love, where the full Star Ship Grail Vehicle is born. Then let the last three breaths in completion be where you breath Christ into the heart Dove and Phoenix, to the two ELF focus tips feet and 3 feet above head, and let the full love be around the body in the ecstasis of the still ness of Christ Being you. 7 times.


Then establish the complete process in one breath - breathing the Christ through heart, crown and base, letting both pyramids kiss interpenetrate each other and interlock, tips kissing Christ in the in-breath. And as one breathes out going through the whole Star Ship spin dynamics - starting with counter-rotating of the two tetrahedron vortex's; followed by the diamond, the diamond double, and the Grail Star Ship, in the out breath - it may sound complicated, but at this point, when you have done the whole process it becomes the most natural and beautifully ecstatic process that is just there. Do this 8 times or more, letting each time the still ecstasis of Christ as the Star Ship increase. This will become so simple that you can then repeat this same exercise 20 seconds after the meditation, then a few minutes later, and then as you are in the middle of beginning daily activities, every few minutes, every ten minutes, and then as you walk in town, just one or two breaths to remind you of the balance of the Star Ship.


One can further continue filling in the star ship, by continuing the same breathe sequence as the above, but instead of building the star ship, maintaining the star ship by the out breaths of heaven and earth meeting in the heart, thus the star ship growing in its glow of warm love around the body, as a field, and through the body, as a stillness made focussed on the Christ.