© By Ananda®, August 1996

1996 housed a unique period of time in mans recorded history so far - the opening of the snake body of time and space linearity.

During April 29th 1996, brothers and sisters from around the world, and a Christ Grail group in Norway, and Europe, gathered from different countries, attempted to connect with their future selves in 2010, dedicating the time and space of NOW to the Unityverse beyond - acting as receiving points for a time reverse wave resonances from ourselves and Rainbow Race families from 2010 and beyond, to include the interdimensional extraterrestrial presence (non-localised quantum selves in some paradigms).

From April-September many dozens of dedicated Unity Units dedicated to establish the Mini-Time Gates that were comprised as children made up from the interference patterns of their parents: time reverse wave father Alpha (April 29th), and time forward wave mother Omega (Sept 4-7th) doorways, of the 1996 Time Gate to 2010.

This being co-ordinated by the Prism Vehicle Star Families to coincide with the most major Native American gathering of Chief Shamans, Chiefs, and representatives, for the first time in centuries, and for the majority for the first time in rcorded history ­ representing the majority of the ancient's core knowledge, revealing their tribes primal and ongoing contacts with extraterrestrials - the Star Families, and the prophecies of this fifth race for the first time to western man, as well as amoungst themselves. This fulfilling the prophecies of the Lakota and Hopi Indians.

The gathering incorporated:

and from the South-west:

And from the east:

These were joined by a representatives:


This marks a monumental moment in history ­ for the first time a gathering, in peace, of the major tribes, and gathered together to reveal their revelled secrets to the public ­ the ancient heritage of extraterrestrial contact. This included long standing revelations of their tribes physical interactions with ET's. Some were good, some were bad, some they didn't know, and some were our Star Ancestors. Unprecedented. One month later President Clinton announces life on Mars.

During the Time Gate, one of the first conscious and public attempts at Christ-Vision grid-working was inaugurated, this Somagenesis conversion from from the Cybernetic brain protocles into a Somanetics Internalnet, alternative to the Internet, for future communication with our Rainbow Races, localised here or in Prism Vehicle Star Ships, from other planets, or the non-localised interdimensional and Unityversal realms.

Somanetics "Christ Vision" utilises the already existing language scripts and Unity Holographics communication systems of the intergalactic and interdimensional Rainbow Races, to which we are all intrinsincly merged, via the in vivo superconducting core of our DNA languadge systems. This Christ Vision prism communication system, is linked directly to our own personal star ship Vortexijah's (electro-gravitation intergeometric mandalla vehicles that maintain our body), interlinked to the Rainbow Race family Prism Vehicles or Star Ships, that are at times amoungst the UFO sightings and contacts.

This being instigated, with the guidance of Emmanuel's Operation Unity back-up Units, comprised of the Sons and Daughters of All-Oneness, travelling time revearse wave (time travelleing from future Omega point of linear time) with their Unity Prism vehicle, which themselves are the Vortexijah star ships from which we are an holographic laser, arrayed from them like a spectrum - star ships which are interface simulations between the Unityverse of infinity and zero uniting all speeds in Oneness, and the diversityverse of the spectrum in which we now presently operate. During the most major point in the Time Gate, these Operation Unity back-up units communed with the our own attempt at generating a collective star ship with the DNA sound. The prism vehicles appeared in different configuarations, according to the phase of the project, such as green prism light emanations during peak experience and intergration, and red pulses during end of phase. internal time travelling projects to 2010, by whole groups of dedicated brothers and sisters, during the Time Gate, phase locked brilliantly with the convergence the I-Ching/DNA codon compression wave, extracted by combining all 64 hexagrammes of the I-Ching King Wens sequence (a system predating China, and rooting to the cultures that emanated from the star gods, the interdimensional Boddhisatva's, of which Manu was a founder), as revealed to Terrence McKenna by an extraterrestrial superconsciousness (utilisng a cmbination of the Mayan medicine and South American medicine which they used for virtual reality contact with the star gods, as was given to them by same), this system


DURING THIS SUMMER we and a small group of Christ Grail brothers and sisters continued to fill in the children of the Time Gate time reverse wave father and time wave mother - the mini Time Gates.

Having now become thoroughly versed in the Soma infusions we are approaching the way to the Christ Shamans. During each mini time gate we linked up by surrendering that time and space to the One Body of Christ of All-Oneness, and utilised the Vortexijah star ship techniques, unity pulse breath, and group star ship efforts, together with the DNA sound of the Word, being vocalised into the Vortexijah. We inaugerated Operation Mountain Light, Stone Light, and Tree Light, in the Norweigian mountains, with collective star ship efforts, and building of paramagnetic stone circles to maintain the colective star ship on the mountain tops. Taking the crystals from the meredian mountains and placing them on the highest mountain of the North, in the Jotunheimen (Land of the Giants), some of the oldest and most paramagnetic mountains on Earth (a landscape similar to Tibet), where the god Thor (Thorsday, Mercury Day, Hermes Day, Tehuti), lost his hammer to the giants. The mountains in satelite photographs appear to look like a magnet and Thors hammer. Thor's hammer conducted lightning (the love making of heaven and Earth, which 1000 times a minute, rings the planet like a bell, producing the essential ELF harmonic magnetic fields essential for all life processes - which correlates to the Vedic Vajra, which is also the central I AM pillar of the Vortexijah Star Ship, as part of the Vajra Body of the Boddhisatva vehicle to interdimensionality. It is this mountain which is an antenna pyramid to the north pole electron jet and other cosmic ray influences, and is a transducer preparing to broadcast the Christ Streams into the Grail Ley Lines of Europe, so they are freed from their stgnation and centralised misuse by the secret societies, who may have the pyramid, but will never get the missing Word or capstone, for that can only be given to those who are share in the image of love - we the people of the Midway Path to Unity, inbetween and way beyond the Black/White Brotherhood akashic computer holographics, to the One Body of Christ of incomprehensible love and Unity.

We placed the sacred mandala's, which utilise the language alphabets of the Golden Mean doughnut flame in unique combination etc. Thus, no without challenges, we reclaimed a portion of Thors hammer to the Unity of Christ, and that is to say the paramagnetic pyramidal streams of the North, in preparation for the Time Opening.

Thus in the mini Time Gates we connected to 2010, to our Future Selves, through the One Body of Christ, and anchored this into physicality. Now to prepare the global collective star ships in DNA Sound Word mode, in all of the 12 pentagone face points of gravity resonance, so that a critical mass of people are then ready to transmit back to 1996 then (as we explored in detail in previous issues of Vortexijah, and in our workshops).


There is one last point at which you can connect to early 2010 in this time reverse wave way, and that will be in January 1997 (see next issue [this resulted in amazing outcomes of verification]). The next major Time Gates within the TIME GATE 1996-2010, will begin at the end of November 1998, and 2003, 2009, even 2010 etc. Arthur C. Clark did not anticipate this one, as Jupiter can change, with the new zero space model of the sun which accounts for lack of neutrinos (see Unity Keys Of Emmanuel, for details).

These are the multi-time paths within the Time Gate, the planks and door knobs within the Door so to speak. We wish to greatly honour all those who dedicated their time and space, and the time and space of the mini time gates to the One Body of Christ.