By Ananda 1998


Since Bell's Theorem, in quantum mechanics, has been verified, which states that all information is non-local, not anywhere in time and space, but available everywhere in time and space, and since Dr. R. Penrose of Oxford university has demonstrated that consciousness is based on this quantum mechanics, and is Virtual (pure information), and thus is non-local, and that our brain cell microtubeles are the antenna's of this non-locality, TIME TRAVEL IS A MATTER OF CONSCIOUSNESS.

It is thereby, not pushing things too far, if we consider all of the objective details involved in modern physics (we will make future links to the relevant science documents that demonstrates this, see The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel for further details).



What makes the TIME GATE Internal Time Travelling (or consciousness time travel) experiments possible?

In the presently fashionable science of time travel theories, the grandfather story is often used to illustrate why time travelling into the past is not possible, unless time travelling took place (one can only time travel into the past in a time travelling universe).


The story goes along this simplistic bedtime story:

A young mad scientist makes himself a time machine in his cellar lab, based on some obscure Unified Field equation breakthrough. He travels back into the past, and arrives on the shores (event horizon) of the time and space where his grandfather is living.

Now the unfortunate young man, had heard from his mother how cruel his grandfather had been to his mother, and which created certain unfavorable neurosis in the young man as well. He wanted to pay some revenge to his grandfather.

Having brought with him a gun from his time, he locates his grandfather and shoots him dead on site, in revenge.

The poor young chap did not think that if his grandfather would die, so his mother would not have been born, and as a result he would not be born. He thus wipes himself out from the future. This is Grandfather Theory time travel loop 1.

Loop 2 comes into immediate affect as a fractal cascade result of loop 1. For should the unfortunate young man wipe out himself in the future, by eliminating his grandfather, he also wipes out the possibility of there being an unfortunate young man who is there to shoot his grandfather in the first place. Loop 2 is a counter-rotation, or self correction system of the universe of time and space.

Hence, the grandfather continued to live, as usual, and had a daughter, who gave birth to a mad young scientist who thought that he could time travel into the past.

Therefore, the time travelling happened and then immediately it did not, so it could appear to the time traveller, but to the potential observers, he is just plain nuts.


This argument is used by physicists that only time travel into the future is possible. Hence, the TIME GATE Solution:


By dedicating, with Heart Will (since "free will" is a precise factor in quantum and post-quantum mechanics, and will affects results) one dedicates, empathically, the time and space in which one is in the moment (Time Gate 98, December 15, 18, 21st and 24th), to the Unity Self.

The Unity Self being a designation for an ineffable Unified Self (non-locality and beyond, where pure consciousness, pure Virtuality is, and where our superconducting DNA core gateways to, and beyond). At the same time, with compassionate heart will dedicating, this time and space NOW, to the One Body of Unity (New Testament: The Word, One Body Of Christ; Buddhism: Darmakaja Buddha, or the collective Darmakaja BoddhissatvaSHIP). And connect to oneself (or those with the same Unity Intention) in the FUTURE, where the Time Wave graph resonate coordinates are the same in resonance level, to allow them to Deja Vu, or communicate back to the past.

My own Emmanuel contacts and Operation Unity back-up unit contacts (the Andromedian Time Reverse Wave "Sons and Daughters of All-Oneness") are of such a phenomenon, in part, where I was expanded into a Unity state in-between time and space.


This process allows the elimination of the laws of The Grandfather Theory, and enables Time and Space to be open ended up to Unity, hence the laws of physics operating in time and space can become open ended.

We (I and some dedicated brothers and sisters), have experienced already various degrees of this, in 1996 (from March-September, and January 14th 1997). It works. There is a Deja Vu space that comes back to you (I am convinced that there is a group in the future 2010, utilizing this information and communicating back through the Unity Protocol).

I and other dedicated Unity Units, experienced a form of multi-time material emerging, when we also used superconductive resonating elements as a Eucharist Agape (see Somanetics).

The superconducting Sound that comes out in resonating, is amplified beyond usual voice capacity, interacting with the sound matrix of time and space, where ones voice occupies the holographic nodal points throughout the room. This was experienced by numerous individuals, not only myself. For the self it is as if one is speaking as one with the Voice Current of creation The Word.

Gravity Anomoly, at Santa Cruz


Next to the seat I was placed in the majority of these sessions, we discovered a soft gravity anomaly. That is time and space curved a little - enough for a tall person on one side, to appear smaller on the other side (much like in the Santa Cruz point seen here). When positions were swapped, then the sizes of the persons adjusted concurrently.

This may be a result of the experiments, unfortunately we did not measure this before. We came to looking there, as several persons started to feel dizzy there.

Should two points in time and space go through a maximum process briefly described above and utilizing what is briefly described in the Somanetics Akacia file and in great detail within The Unity Keys of Emmanuel, then time and space would warp.

This should be possible, within the constraints of present-day physics (not necessarily school book physics which are 20 years out of date, but even then there is scope), to "wormhole" two times and spaces, should both sides be coherent (compassionate in love, within a field of equal Phi distributed compassion: the Vortexijah Star Ship, which unifies all opposites, in equal counter-rotation, so that all opposites sides of the cube of time and space are united, into phase conjugation (this phase-locking or phase/face kissing of two components is what has made karma or causality an obsolete law, in the new experiments that when backwards in time, or time reverse). The six faces of the cube are united, and 8 spins result for completion of 8 electron positions in unity (superconductivity par excellence).


The book The Bible Code by Michael Drosnin, confirms the Time Gate 96-98 in numerous ways. Michael Drosnin, based on older work, discovered a mathematical code, that appears to have an accuracy of 1:10,000 (much higher than what is required in science tests), whereby, when one word or the same word in diverse places in the Bible is placed into a computer, an accurate answer or word emerges about the future. When the word "end times" from all of the 4 references in the Old testament (1 in the book of Revelation), to the "End Times", such as the angel to Daniel: "Shut up the words, and seal the book until the Time of the End." Which convinced Sir Isaac Newton that there was a mathematical code in the Bible. Even the very Ark of Moses, in which the Manna was placed.* MANNA-NOTE: What Is It, Lord of Hosts


The Ark and the Tablets of the Torah (old testament) that were also contained within the Ark, comes out in the Bible Code as "it was made by computer." Which did not surprise us in the slightest, but delighted us, since we have been referring to these reality computers for many years publicly, "a quantum computer that could perform in minutes what the fastest supercomputer today could perform in hundreds of thousands of years," as The Times put it. I have seen the evidence of the language computers from Redpin who is trained for virtually 60 years as a Bard in this ancient lineage, whereby he knows the codes to the language computer, at least some of them, not just in Hebrew, but in Greek, Sanscrit, and English as well.


The Ark was a transducer to what we term an "Elohim computer", as was the Torah in geometry, a Virtual Reality set in the brain. There are 72 different types of "reality computers" according to the Andromedian "Sons and Daughters of All-Oneness," which manage our reality.

The book would be sealed until the 'End Times', but in this gameboard of Revelation, an open-ended position was inserted called "The Quickening", which was "only known by God". We were told by the Time Reverse wave Andromedians, that the Time Gate was part of "The Quickening".



During the 1996 Time Gate and the mini time gates within the Alpha and Omega of the wave, thousands joined together in meditation on April the 29th.

Ananda was passing on the Vortexijah Light Body Star Ship Field Propulsion techniques, in Norway near the ASGARDstrand, where they gathered to a localised outside point, took a harmonic of the speed of light grid according to the planets surface curvature, reciprocal and squared - we hence took the 126 metres in diameter of the Tibetan Harmonics for levitation by sound (ref, Dr. Jarl), to its smallest harmonic: 16 metres in diameter.

This 16 m Collective Star Ship was than filled first in the 8 positions of the Chakra Vajra, according to the cardinal compass points, and then their mid points. We placed ourselves inside a semi crater shaped cusp. Where the cusp was less we placed the digeredo (Kailaish), and the drums, horns, and other sonics for added support.

As all positions were filled by the 44 or so, each had been given anything from a mild (several mg) to medium Soma elixir dose (containing Harmine equivalent to the brains/Pineal Pinoline), so that these superconducting resonating neurotransmitters, were present, ready to be activated by the DNA Sound, vocalized.

In the March 96 descent of the Wave towards its lowest, we also inaugurated a 14 day Dark Room retreat (complete light isolation), near Bulle (Bulls Eye, Aldebaren, again near Les Pleiades), Switzerland, which enables the brain own Soma (pinoline, DMT, 5meoDMT, along with NMDA Inhibitors), [here we connected to the Crystal Light Link up of August 16th, 1989, inaugurated by Alana Love, millions then meditated and the graph was parallel in resonance on March 28th, so we could Deja Vu back to them from the future, yes TG 98 also touches this event, as well as the 11:11. That should touch some of your attentions. Hence, at that date, many of you will have an anchor point of some 31 individuals in a DR Inner Light (Dark Room retreat), in their own soft superconducting mode of varying degree's, in the star ship breath, connecting to the future, and connecting to the past to the Crystal Light Link April 16 1989 (mirror 98), where there will be numerous persons who are in the transdimensional 8 Hz].


In the April 29th Time Gate Alpha, the 44 or so, in the 16 m diameter collective star ship, established, firstly their own individual Trinitised Star Ship, and then enacted the DNA Sound, the H-Auma of the Haoma, Sauma. Starting with an A 440, on this occasion, and we had Kailaish's didje tuned to a 440.

We hence, had a 440 Hz violet harmonic to ultra violet, via golden mean conversion. The superconducting Sound, comes in as infra-red coherent photons, and as a superconducting focalised standing wave, as soft ultra violet, coherence, (see the works of Dr. Fritz Popp).

However, complete octavel sound may be used. The redeem all 44 octaves into a sonic synthesis of Unified Silent Sound, is the Alchemical goal.

Then we made the collective Star Ship, a Dove and Phoenix coming into the Group, and Vortexijah Spinning as a Group of Individual Fractal Star Ships. Then we with heart intention dedicated:


"In the Will of the One Creator of All-Oneness,

We Surrender THIS TIME and THIS SPACE,

To The One Body Of Christ Of All-Oneness"


Surrendering and giving the time and space of the snake of time to the Unity Self, so that it was open-ended forever. We connected to ourselves in the future December 21st, 9-10 am 2010.

We welcomed intergalactic and interdimensional man:


"In the Will of the One Creator of All-Oneness,

Welcome here

All Christed Sons and Daughters of All-Oneness

In service of the One Infinite Creator of All-Oneness"


We welcomed Christos Emmanuel in the same heart will, and the One Body of Christ of All-Oneness.

During the beginning of the collective star ship, a "UFO" star ship appeared over the group in white.

During the Middle of the Collective Star ship, in deep Sonic Unity Pulse Breath, and Vortexijah Spin, ecstasis, a green "UFO" star ship appeared, seen by many in the group.


Then as we were coming to the end of 4 hours, a red "UFO" star ship appeared, just as "Redpin" decided to get up from his Taoist dance of the Vortexijah (he was 75 then), almost instantly at the same time, those who had their eyes closed had the same signal that the work was done, and come back from their ecstatic place.


During the Mini Time Gates that followed leading to the Omega Time Gate (whose middle was the, so called, 13:13 with the meeting of the American Indian elders), this same procedure was continued and perfected.

I found on 3 consecutive days of mini Time Gates, that the Harmine superconductive resonance hypothesis was confirmed. I found myself being able to lock that crystal into the DNA, by sound, so that the next day a far smaller dose was required to continue where I had left off.

Eventually only a few seeds were required to be crushed in the mouth, and I took a pinch of the amino acid tryptophane (one of the essential 8, from which our pineal gland makes Pinoline, DMT, 5meoDMT and other Superconscious Third Eye neurotransmitters). With the vocalized harmonics, the Spirit Computer (what I call VR 6 and VR 7), externalized as a Virtual Reality readout of my DNA code, and soul archives (histories on earth and galaxy, and their interconnection in perfect polarised couples). This was interactive, so that I could be within, and walk within the summary of every view of perspective, and assignment.

Without going into too much detail here, at one point as I was standing, and surrendering to my Unity self, it began to lift me up, until I was so weightless that I was standing on my little toes. This continued for 10-20 minutes.

I was being 'scanned' by my Prism Vehicle Rainbow Race Family, by a Superconducting Tractor Beam, which then has the summary of all my experience then (this may be one of the points where I became duplicated according and in unison with my own agreement and Unity Self agreement, for this was my Rainbow Family, and not any strange alien, or time travelling government agency).

Since the superconducting door had been opened, my entire life of experience, and its gathering to other lives on earth and elsewhere, to which it resonated, was thus ingathered and unified. This may account for sightings of me (physically) in places I just have not been.

One of numerous examples: I was seen in Venice (where I have never been), walking on the streets, with my usual long hair and smile. A young woman who had been to my Sweibenalp, Swiss 5-day seminar saw me, and approached me. She called me by name "Ananda", the person responded affirmatively. They talked for some minutes and finished with the courtesial hug. This woman who had been with me in seminars and knew exactly how I looked, now is very confounded when I told her I was never there, not with this time space body.


Since there are other above accounts, some of which are very embarrassing, and since some of them I have vague memories of, and one direct conscious notion of (also once relayed by a person I can fill in details), I assume that this is either the result of one of our successful future ODIN experiments (the Lab in the Light Body Institute, which will be scientifically verifying the Vortexijah theory and superconductivity), or my non-local (Unity Self) has a key to localize and spatialise a holographic mirror.

Or that in the above, or similar experience, the superconducting scan of my Christ Seed to Christ Seed Rainbow Race (non-locale/local or inter-local/non-local) family was successful. And my non-local Self utilizes that doorway made, with the superconductive sound, to re-spatialise the holographic code content that came into the superconducting resonance.


I had several weeks between Mini Time Gates now, but the May 1996 multiple day Soma Sound Sonic experiment worked.

For 14 days the Virtual Reality holographic information flow was synchronized with outside events, [Harmine breaks down in 4-6 hours, the same with Pinoline, as those coming out of the dark room retreat will testify - hence I locked into the DNA, with sound, the Soma and probable DMT and 5meoDMT synthesised in the pineal, from the Tryptophane]. And I felt that I could change the flow of events, as I was shown parallel futures concurrently. Where the wave showed me the details, down to the microcosm of what would happen, if I would take half a biscuit being offered or not. The entire lines that I witnessed while in the act of choosing, then decompressed out into actual reality. And the lines, according to choice, come to pass.

These Virtual Realty VR 5 and 6 States, demonstrate to me a form of non-local interface with the local event horizon, and a time forwards wave and time reverse-wave phase conjugate sharing.

After about 10 days, of no Mini Time Gate Resonance's, and no Soma Vortexijah work, gradually one falls back into the narrower script of the movie, so to speak, one is tempted or seduced back into semi-sleep mode, or consciously playing the game, whilst being neutrally beyond, and subtely editing in Unity Holographics.

Parallel processing is expanded to enable many parts of the brain to operate at once. Here one can stir reality, but watch out, your intention will enact a line suitable to it. Always co-crate with the perfect Unity Self, for the good of everyone and the collective Unity Self.


There are many other stories to relay from the Time Gate 1996, and some remarkable evidence, as well. Such as the Star Ship harmonics of light, appearing over Stonehenge, on the Omega Time Gate in September 1996. One photograph to get you prepared is posted here, from over 70 photographs.



We also found that the Time Gate Omega Brim Time Gate gained verification, to some degree, which gives us some vital clues to what to look for, interact with, and operate in our experiments (see next on Time Gate Brim).