During April 29th 1996, a group of Christ Grail brothers and sisters, in joined unity, worked on opening up a doorway in time - or rather receiving a backwash time-reverse wave from 2010, whose mathematical graphics are explained in Vortexijah #7.

The collective star ship made then in harmonics of the speed of light to mass, and each participant spinning their star ship's, and singing their DNA sound, with the Soma Tea towards superconductivity, worked to some degree. A good percentage of the group witnessed the star ship balls in the sky, in different colours according to different parts of the process. April 29th was the Alpha Time Gate with the time reverse splash down. September the 4th was the Omega Time Gate, with the time forward wave union with TimE reverse wave (TR). Inbetween these two waves were their children, the mini time gates, in their heart was the 13:13 event.


January 15th 1997, Time Gate Omega

(better quality video grabs will be released in January)

During all of the numerous mini time gates, brothers and sisters over Europe united into the small hours of the morning, dedicating the time and the space to the One Body of Christ of All-Oneness, so that our future selves could transmit back the solutions they would have us enact in order to change the future through the One Body of Unity.

We joined into the Unity Pulse Breath, enacting the Star Ship Grail Vehicle, the Soma enabling us to hear the DNA Sound, and using the note A-440 as the foundation for the superconducting effect, of the first attempts at the Internal Net, where our neuro-cybernetics were converted through the Somajetic affect of our Tea's Somagenic contents, into Somanetics and Christ Vision, to replace Tella-Vision.

We did have have some affect on the future and on the Earth grid, for we certainly were targeted this summer by the CIA's "Stay Behind" planes, with their frequency specific ELF/VLF, and microwave ranges, wiping us out. But we come through stronger and stronger with every collective star ship and the Soma superconduction with our DNA Sound. A small group in August, implemented Operation Mountain Light in Nissedal, building stone circles at harmonics of light, in key mountain ranges of the Christ Dome. And establishing mandalla's on the crown centre of northern Europe, the highest mountains and some of the oldest this planet has still exposed, the Jotunheimen - where we inaugurated the reclaiming of Thor's hammer from the Giants the Jotun. After the Omega Time Gate, many UFOs appeared over our area, including what appeared to be military triangles.


Numerous Christ Grail brothers and sisters have undergone significant changes, in receiving a deja vu wave from the future, as an upgrade, unpacking into new modes of being, expression, and solutions.

The last brim time gate was on January the 14th 1997. This time gate had the sun release a solar flare so fast and big, that it knocked one of AT & T's satellites out of orbit. AT & T are the mind control operatives through global telecommunications. Background noise has subliminals - you probably noticed how the telephone calls seem different these days, ear ache, head ache, and all kinds of other strange phenomenon. We certainly have had an overwhelming amount. But that should not be surprising, we have been alerting you to these procedure for years. It was beautiful to see, however, that one of the satellites in such operations, was affected by the sun, during our last time gate effort, like a message from our future selves blasting through the hyperspatial piano playing of the solar wind tetradynamics.

We ourselves felt propelled into the non-locallised star ship collective, and had an excellent TG Omega Rim session. Soma aligned us to the Somanetics of the internal net, and we all found ourselves in a 4D simulation interface ship of our collective Somasynthesis. We were all shown how the computer programming of the present script of reality occurs, concurrently and telepathically, thus in Somanetics. Our bio-cybernetics were propelled by the Somagenic superconductive DNA sound, into Somajetic Somanetic synthesis. This was quite shocking for one of our group here in the North, to see the reality of the gameboard computers. Paul and I spoke in unity language protocols at means to access the hardware code and reprogramme the scripts etc. The results of the event showed up the next day.

Star ship phenomenon engaged itself over our house. I also filmed one of the vehicles as it passed over the Strange church, on the opposite hill. The electricity was cut off, in the valley upto the little place called Strange, and the valley opposite on the other side of our house. When the electricity went off and on three times, then we looked out the window and viewed the first of the crafts. The power went off when we were talking about making a Christ Grail family member sure to get better, then the light went on again, and when we said the same thing again, then it went off, and stayed off for an hour or more - only switching on three times, when the UFO was outside and opposite us, from the kitchen window.

It stayed there for 10 minutes, flashing alternatively etc. Paul and Antje witnessed one become almost as big as the moon, and flash, and switch off at tremendous speed. Later, I filmed the object another object, giving the appearence of those star sip in Mexico But then the military triangular craft came and the energies again became difficult here. Wipping out our strength, after three days having been vortexijah energised and protected in the mountains, with different symptoms.


In early 1995, we received reports from research associate scientists, who detected the first full scale WWIII, mind control signals, inaugerated, starting March 21st 1995. In reality the HAARP transmitter was turned on at the last hours of the 12:12 event (so much for the elohim computers which were said to follow the event) - changing the weather, and our nervous systems.

Here, as a result of the Time Gates (we have now actually measured gravity anomolies in our house, where one person becomes smaller, and the other bigger), those who attempt to control reality and time electronically, inaugurated intense psychotronics, microwave harassment, scalar and other monitoring. Attempt not to speak anything of too great importance through this phone (or your own, if you care for your privacy (all is recorded for one weak, and computer analised), it is most heavily monitored (this includes FAX's, evidence in the Swedish State Report SOU: 1990, on Surveilance State Technology now implemented, we have this report), there are other means to communicate, remember TG's, here are other lines, a realistic clue (no more can be said).

We have discovered that the CIA, who has been running Europe through P-2, GLADIO etc, and who are now being heavily exposed in Norway, called 'Stay Behind Groups', have their training base a few km from us (at the time this was Vale, Norway, training base near to Tonsberg). It is their airport that fly's the private planes which bombarded us during the Time Gate Somanetics time traveling work, this summer. We have US indulgence of our freedoms, not NATO or native military. This is probably an advanced branch-off from operation Pandora, Monarch, and Psi-Corps. Use a speaker phone, and at minimum, and only with a pulsor to your ear, and heart coherence BREATHE.

For this reason some of our work gets very delayed here. I normally stay in a permanent Vortexijah field, and naked, otherwise these mathematical codes would not have become pixels for the eyes to behold. We have grown tremendously through this experience, it strengthens our spiritual immune system, and love for All Is God. The choice is ever more present at hand. The Vortexijah Star Ship is not an experiement to play with in sleep, it is part of the choice to awakening in the realisation of y-our own uniqueness of All Is God.

[ON RETROSPECT, The Summer 1996 and early 1997 times were very challenging, and we have some video evidence of the harassment. Never-the-less a good sense of humour, knowing that all is a Joke of All Is God, is certainly a most heartily recommended suit to where, should you encounter similar waves to surf.]

The Andromedian Time Reverse Wave Athena (who should not be mistaken with the Athena of the new age reptoid light implant cover-up lineage, but of the ORiginal Freya-Athena sister in the line of Manu), has given the following message, during one contact, for Christ Grail brothers and sisters who choose to maintain the Vortexijah pathway to conscious unification physically with the Christ Self

[Their Ka-Ba-La codes are maintained, for it requires a Unity Holographic Mind to continue to deciphere the lines]:




February 5th, 1997

Greetings, I am Athena, in service of the One Infinite Creator. You are aware that you are presently in the motion of a new regime which will27 allow the surfacing of the 32 old blocks and programmes in the Grail family.


We foresee that there are many46 who will attempt49 to drop out due to programming. I am Athena.




I am Athena, in service of the One Creator. We fear that you are being targeted by the reticulan NET for the purpose to dissuade the future and to sway away the Vortexijah understanding. We may intervene when the process overrides a persons strong commitment to the Light Body Star Ship awakening to the One Body Of Christ. When this choice and dedication is made, this automatically allows us to come in and sway away the parasitical entities that do not want such progress, for it takes away their gene stock.

This allows the successful translation of man into the interdimensional Christed form. When the ages are overflowing such as now, they maintain a stock unto themselves which they distribute to other cultures as commodity items for sale measures within the game, in that sense their is human trade in game pieces. We are not allowed to suppress this, for it is there, in order that those who do not make the choice of The Mid-Way Christing into the One Unity Body, are thus enabled into other game situations. So it is the Star Ship Field of Christ which must be in dedication with the Will and Heart to the One Creator, with full committed sincerity, in engineering another future than the standard game set.

This will be the challenge for all the Christ Grail brothers and sisters who participated in the time gates especially, as well as those that did not, but who never-the-less are in alignment with the others through the Christ, and unity pulse breath, as you have come to term it.

We send our regards from on-high to both [persons]. And also to the others who will come to hear this angle through other means. We say, the choice is at hand, the longer you wait with making the full commitment, the more one is choosing another way, unconsciously ruled, by fear of not daring to meet the Self face on. Indeed this is required, full consciousness, or going to full unconsciousness, see the difference here in the fools and f00ls. The conscious as one with the Superconsciousness, with Christ Self, must with heart will make the unconscious conscious. This is what is ruled. For the unconscious is the computer programme source code localised to the individual, the computer codes of sleep. This is what keeps you asleep.

The computer source codes, are neurocybernetic genetic architypal light images, that both appear as internal beings, as well as attracting computer source code maintainers, from the watcher mother craft. These have been termed IgGi Gi in ancient times. We therefore, heartily recommend those who obtain these words that they make the conscious heart will choice to Be as One With the Christ Self, hear on Earth as it is in the All-Oneness of the Heavens.

Thus the All-Oneness God's prayer is part of this. Conscious prayer twice to three times a day, and also regular prayer throughout the day, for several minutes are required to be seen as signs of commitment to break the default seducing codes that the unconsciousness or events in automatic modes of daily life.

You can remember, dear brother, that in the early years, from 1986-87 you underwent such a process, and this was your conscious signal of recognition that you wanted to follow what you had signaled with your own heart will to the Christ Self awakening physically, as the Earth Self. This was indeed absolutely maintained over the span of time of educational remembrance of your assignment here in Emmanuel's Operation Unity of the One Body of Christ of All-Oneness.

For you this was clear, now these experiences, take you one step further, teaching this to the others, that they may know this consciously and act on this by their heart will adherence to the Christ of All-Oneness activation now. And maintained by continuos prayer. This is the way. There is no turning away once the choice has been made, the consciousness will bring to mind the unconscious into Christed transmutation and surrendered rewriting, to anchor the One Unity Body extension which is ones personal Christ Unity Self.

Do you now se why this occurred, and what you must pass on by duty and privilege, this summer? You64 have been given this opportunity for this very reason. now fulfill the Ananda Manu Budha-hood49 of the Christ46 process. We signal this as the time to inaugurate and implement these and other32 steps. Preparation for the dissemination of the Unity wisdom this summer time. I am Athena of All-Oneness. In the Unity of the One Infinite Creator of All-Oneness. All is God. Aton.


HISTORICS ON ANANDA'S Contacts with these Omega Future Andromedians will be provided in January February under the section ANDROMEDA CALL. Some 9 years of contact notes are to gradually be made available.