A Call To Awakening The Internal Time Travellers To Open The Time Gate


Two Universes Kissing: A Gameboard End Montage by Ananda January 1996

(Vortexijah EDITORIAL January 1996, NOW Applying to TIME GATE 98)



A Call To Awakening The Internal Time Travellers

To Open The Time Gate To Unity

Greetings. Happy NOW Time Gate.

Over the last years our planet has been beseiged by world changes in environment, politics, and consciousness. Today the future 'appears' set in linear agendas for world catastrophies, and pseudo-political mind control, 'appearing' beyond humanitie's control etc.

Yet man, acting together in unity, has changed the sun, appearing to change sunspot activity, and the weather, as well as documented altering Earthquake prone zones (see Vortexijah 4 & 5 double issue, for detials. [Artickles soon to be posted on this site]).

In the linear horizen it appears that we are almost out of time to actaully make some form of global solution to the disasters which face man, and to affect the ignorance of sleep and selfishness that is today rampent as the social "norm" of collective western man.

As time is almost yearly being adjusted by the standard atomic clocks [now twice yearly], thus time is accelerating, with a change in base resonance frequency of the planet. The next 16 years are even shorter than our memory of what 16 years were.

If we are to have any hope to make valid essential living solutions to this, then it is, in part, through changing time and space itself, so that it is open-ended to Unity, for there to be a solution.

The military have been engaged for years in time travelling research and other time experiements, proceeding after the famous Philadelphia Experiment in time, during World War II. This is where the TIME GATE: OPERATION FUTURE WAVE, is of such an immense importance to changing our future. As it is our solution of internal technological time travel, where consciousness (the very ebb and fibre of creation itself, as documented in Takyon research) is the fuel and the vehicle, and to enable us to change our past and wed it to our future, through the living NOW.

Let us utilise a technology that surpasses any existing technology. A technology from which all conceptionalised mechanical designs emerged. A technology that is unlimited in what it can imagine and then manifest, not hampered by any speed, or law, except the Unity of the whole.

Let us use the greatest power of the universe that we have, pure unity consciousness guided into actualised creation, through the harmonic pathways out of the vacuum hyperspace potential, through the coherence of love in the heart, and alpha in the brain.

A golden mean pathway that allows the infinite energy of consciousness, through the vacuum hyperspace, to have an actual transduction - 1 cubic cm of vacuum potential is equivelent to the energy of the mass of the universe.

Only coherent magnetic fields from the heart electrical rhythma's instilled by love (see documentation in Vortexijah 4 & 5) produces such harmonics in the brain, the DNA, and even the very nucleus of the atom.

Now that is a technology of co-creation, when awakened in man in union with the Unity Christ Self of All-Oneness. With the technology of Love in Unity Consciousness, opening up the veil of time and space and future-history to the Christory beyond comprhension.


Thus these Time Gate [and Time Gate 98] articles presented here, need to reach as many unity intentioned persons as possible. Please distribute them, they are not copy righted, providing their authorship is not changed, and their meaning is not changed.

Please FAX [and e-mail] them to your fellow friends who serve in unity; send them to the spiritual centres, new age book shops and libraries; send them, to the rainbow groups; the Shamanistic sacred entoegenic groups; the yoga groups; the Buddhist and Tibetan mediation groups; the Christian prayer groups, the medition networks; send them to all who serve the All-Oneness.

This future enginerring project is of such importance that only, if we act together, and through the Unity of the Love of our One Unity Body, can we succeed in opening this time loop doorway of 14 years, wider and wider to the All-Oneness, and even joining it into a larger time loop to include the 11:11 event of 1992 (see article) [Time Gate 96 succeeded, let us make the Time Loops within it ever bigger to Unity: Time Gate 98 is of almost equal importance, and already hundreds are preparing, ARE YOU, in Unity].



Every meditation, prayer session, and ecstatic process you are presently undergoing, during this period, give that time and space to your Unity Self. And welcome your future self, and all in the future who allign to the One Body of Christ of All-Oneness, the Unity of Unity's Body of all of us together and beyond, to be able to come back into this time and space - especially during [December, 21st, and 24 st], with full focus and dedication to the All-Oneness, during December 16th. December 21st and 24th is kissing August and Septmeber 2010, in the deja vu embrace of love.

As you dedicate "this time and space", alligning your intention in the One Unity Self of perfection, in/as All Is God; in/as the One Body of Christ of All-Oneness; the One Collective Darmakaja BoddhisatvaSHIP; perhaps the following words can be of assistence [or something similar as the Unity Self guides] saying forinstance:


Christ Self of All-Oneness, (My Infinitely Perfect Self),

I surrender this time and this space, NOW, to you,

in Unity with the One Body of Christ of All-Oness, (of our collective Unity),

May my future self and all future man,

through the One Body of Christ of All-Oneness,

be welcome to come and Be here NOW,

in this space and time,

In the Will of the One Creator of All-Oneness (the Unity of Unity's of Love),

All Is God, so be it, All Is God,


These words are only a suggestion (brackets "()" are extended or alternative words of useage), please use them as a sign post of meaning and intention - may your unique words of the One Creator within and as you be free to be in your dedication, in this effort for anchoring our collective Unity and perfection through an open-ended time loop of 14 years: open-ended as a Time Gate to the perfection that is our one collective Unity Creator Self.

That way as we arrive at 2010 and the world requires changing, so through our united love to the Christ Self can we insert a new 14 years of greater love back through ourselves in 1996 [& 98], and so on infinitely, until everyone is reached with the opportunity of joining in the awakening of the dream to the One Body of Christ.

Please refer to the article enclosed for much greater explanations, and to Vortexijah #6, for some of the astrophical signs arround us of the Time Gate, and for the basics.

Feel free to write your own articles on the subject, and to start your own groups during these key times. Groups that go to the power places on the planet and breathe themselves into ecstatic unity to their Unity Selves, beyond the 7 bodies, beyond higher and lower self, beyond any quantum parallel universal spin off, but the Unity of all our bodies levels, possibilities and localised expressions in time and space.

FAX the relevent pages to all who you know, get them to FAX it on. Distribute these articles to all computer bulletin boards with metaphysical sections, and circulate it through the Internet and all means available. Translate into different languages. You are called to love in action, to bridge to the sleepers who want to wake up. So that it reaches our brothers and sisters, like you and I, who truely sincerly are dedicated to alligning as much of our fellow man through the maximum oportunity of Unity facing us in the next 16 years, of waking up into a global Superconsciousness, as and in the One Body of Christ of All-Oneness, the Darmakaja Boddhissatva, [the Thoton of all Thoton's] the Unity of Unity's.

The future is in your hands, through your actions in co-particpation with your Unity Self. In the One Body of Christ of All-Oneness - God Be You.


January 1996 [applies equally to Time Gate 1998]