In Global Unity Events

The Marriage Of The Past With The Future

Through The Wedding Ring Of Us Now

By Ananda, January 1996 (applies to Time Gate 1998 and 1999


The 1960s heralded mass gatherings of people in prayer, ritual for global love and peace. But it was not until the 1980s that millions joined together in a global link, unprecedented in history - the world's 8hz nervous system hummed as one with the ecstatic 8 hz brain waves of humans across her colossal meridians.

As we observe the time-wave I-Ching/DNA gameboard graph in light of the past events of unity among mankind, in global gatherings such as Harmonic Convergence and Crystal Light Link - events where we could feel the profound unity and warps in time and space, by our collective focus and unification to our collective Unity Self Body, we find almost all of these global gatherings of significance occurring on major down curves of the graph, in resonance with the time reverse waves from 2012 colliding with the time waves, creating zero point dynamics in the holographic nodal points of the planetary energy grid.

Beginning with Randolph Price and The Planetary Commission's World Healing Day, December 31st 1986, where half a billion joined in meditation.

Soon followed by the immense Harmonic Convergence of August 15-17th 1987, where millions more than the previous event, not only meditated together, but emerged to the sacred holographic sites of the planet - where each hour, all participants of the other sites would focus in meditation and prayer on one site, where receptors would transduce and utilise their ecstasis to act like grounding rods of love's heart beat communication, through the dancing fairy ring of the magnetic ELF telecommunications network of the planet; and where the location of each site would change, hour after hour, from Peru to Glastonbury, England, Giza to Mt. Fuji, China etc.

To Earth Link 88, the activation of the Aires Rock Earth chakra, millions again participated.

Or to the powerful Crystal Light Link of April 16th 1989, which was sensed as immensely strong by ourselves, and all who we interviewed at that time, instilled by non-localised extraterrestrial intelligences.

Or to the 11:11 event of January 11th 1992, at an absolutely major point of significance on the graph, connecting all the way to 2009 - we clearly witness how the future and our future selves have truly deja vu guided our modern gatherings for global spiritual unity.

I participated in each of these. And on the Harmonic Convergence, in Glastonbury, as I was being filmed and asked the reason for this gathering, where I responded that we were to join our galactic family - a Star Ship appeared as a golden rainbow pearl on the 17th Dawn Horizon, to confirm, this was also filmed.




During the March 27th period of the Time Gate drop, apart from connecting to the smaller Time Gate's in the larger Time Gate pathway to 2010, we are in direct resonance to April 16th, 1989, where millions in Crystal Light Link united and focussed on their Christ Self's for infusions of the Spirit [this touched the beginning of November 1998].

This gives us a unique opportunity now, as we breathe ourselves into ecstasis union with our Christ Selves and future selves, through the One Body of Christ (our collective One Unity Self), to transmit the Christ back into the past, back into ourselves, and all receptacle individuals in attunement on April 16th 1989. So that the years between then and now can be upgraded to ever greater infusions of the perfections of Christ.

[the following is maintained as an example of WHAT YOU CAN DO, NOW]

As we connect April 1989 to ourselves in the Time Gate drop during March 27th, at 1:50-3:50 am (European time, to exactly phase-lock the graph to that time and space), let us wed the past with the future. For if we were to extend a line of the Crystal Light Link resonance point in the time wave, forwards in time, it falls on major sub-time gates that compose our 14 year Time Gate. This sub-time gates are major points of future resonance ripples in the waters of time and space to come.

Therefore, as we dedicate the space and time of March 27th to our Unity Christ Self and our One Cosmic Christ body of incomprehensible perfection - so let us give full permission and surrender that time and space (including our selves and our bodies), to the One Body of Christ, and transmit to ourselves, and all in unity with Christ then (back in 1989), our Unity Self impulses. And as we welcome our selves in the future, in Christed ecstasis, to come to March the 22nd through the One Body of Unity, to furthermore connect them (through the Unity Love we have transmitted with our Christ Selves) to 1989 where millions were in active unified communion with the One - where this acts as a highway connector in space-time for our future selves, via the Christ Self, to also broadcast even greater perfection back into the past, right to the heavens gate door knockers, with hands of love, on April 16th 1989.

But this entirely depends upon us to make the resonance link as the wedding ring in-between. For April 16th 1989, through us on March 22nd, connects as a Time Gate to:


Let us open this present time of linearity, and connect the present to the past, where a window was opened at a critical resonance point, by the guidance of the non-localised intelligence giving the form of space intelligences to Alana Love and others, as the Crystal Light Link activation event. And let us concurrently connect to ourselves in the future, where we will be consciously sending back into this time window, the love and unity that the future will need then, NOW. No wonder the Crystal Light Link, event, too almost everyone who participated, took one by surprise, with the curiosity of wondering why, beyond the words given by the non-localised extraterrestrial intelligences then. Now this horizon is clearing, as the veil of linearity is melting by the coming of Christ the Word.


During this day (March 27th), 32 of the Christ Grail unity units - those who have immersed themselves into the Light Body Star Ship propulsives, will join us into the Light Body Star Ship launch pad: 14 days in complete external darkness to awaken the internal light, and the Pinoline Soma's, for superconduction by the Word and ultra violet DNA sound dynamics.

These Dark Room retreats we term DR Inner Light.. As we are in the midst of the endogenous induced Soma's. And with the breath of Christ are rehearsing the Grail Cup Star Ship (the electro-gravity vehicle of our body, as the unifier for all seven bodies to the Oversoul and Christ Selves).

This will be a unique environment for inducing the above operation, and we invite you, in whatever ecstatic ritual of service to the One Unity of Unity's of us all, to join us, or wherever you may be, to be the wedders of the past with the future - to open an even larger Time-Gate - 1989-1996-1998-1999--2009-2010.



There is no doubt about it, the 11:11 event was also enacted during a maximum harmonic time, although January 11th was only approximately around the maximum, its placement in the graph resonance connects all the way to 2010.

Thus allowing again for another time gate to be opened even further during April 4th 1996 [NOVEMBER 27-28 1998], when our graph is equal to that event, as millions of persons again participated in meditation and sacred rituals, primarily at the ancient time machine of the Giza pyramids, and focussed to the ending of time in 2011 - thus in its own sense 11:11 was a form of time gate, inspired by the non-localised intelligence, anticipating its completion through the Time Gate to be perfected by the One Body of Christ of All-Oneness.

Utilising the same multi-time procedure through Christ of All-Oneness, let us also resonate the 11:11 doorway into multi-time, by taking the Christed components of that event, and linking them to their resonance brothers and sisters in the Time Gate pathway leading to 2011. After the April 4 1996 connected effort, 11:11 connects in resonance to:

8/8/98-9/8/98; November 27-28th, followed by December 3rd 1998, at 12:30-16:30; dancing into November 20th 1999, at 00:11-4:12 (approaching the millennium shift); followed by August 20th 2002, at 6:00-10:00 am; and then September 16th 2004, at 12:41-16:30 pm; followed by January 16th 2006, at 1:30-2:11 am; followed by December 10th 2008, at 1:44, as the last major down curve it touches; and completing during September 28 2010, at 5:40, at the brim of one of the last stabilities in history, as it approaches 2011, to be followed by the end of the Time Gate, shortly afterwards.

Utilising the same means described with the Crystal Light Link interconnectivity into open ended Christory, let us apply this for linking 1992, the year when atomic clocks were recalibrated two times, fulfilling Emmanuel's predictions as to the changing of time, which would accelerate, until by around 2011 it would "appear to collapse".

These time travelling enactions, through the Unity Christ Self can fulfil this prophecy in the most profound way. Not just by the Earth and solar systems electromagnetic field nullification (by the solar transformations), but by the greater-than-light cosmic ray bombardments. As the overlap of the higher octaves that are faster-than-light, from the 7th octave of our 3rd colour spectrum dimension (the 7th octave of the speed of pure consciousness, or Thoton's/Takyons), where we experience the marriage of the decending Pyramid of the Dove, the Soma, interlocked in marriage with the ascending Pyramid of the Phoenix, the Manna, to allow the Vortexijah Grail Cup Star Ship of Our Christ Self to trumpet through as Christos Somanna - the immortal food of the One Body of Christ.

Alert all who participated in the 11:11, so that they can meet themselves back then, and connect themselves to the future to fulfill the vision which was grounded by them, as a glimpse of the infinite paradigm of perfection of our One United Body, the One Body of Christ of All-Oneness. The ascension of this universe through marriage of the polarities, to the pathway of the in-between - the heart in love.

Despite these darkest hours before the dawn, the future and the past is more than ever in our hands, as priests of marriage, let us wed the duality of time and space into the Church of our comm-union, to the living Unityverse, by the wedding ring of trinitised Love, the Soma of the crown, the Manna of the base of life, and the Somanna of the heart, into a single Eye/I, the Ring of Unity Now. God Be You: Emmanuel.



For the other time gates to be opened in the years to come, see: The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel. The Interuniversal Perspective For The Unity Of Diversity.