TIME GATE: Operation Future Wave


Highly Applient to TIME GATE 98, Dec 21st - Dec 5th 2010

This paper is Unity Right 1996, by Ananda, it is an essential right that you share this with those whose heart is set on absolute unity for all. This paper is Copyright© 1996 by Ananda®, to all military institutions, secret societies, and any centralised body that does not share unity for everyman, reproduction by any means what-so-ever, to you is prohibited by law.


Since a bicycle accident in 1985 which catapulted Ananda into an altered state, and 10 years of contacts with non-localised quantum intelligences called Emmanuel (who appeared visibly), as well as other contacts with space Sons and Daughters of All-Oneness in visible star ship form with 35 witnesses, and after a bio-physical transformation of his body by Emmanuel in 1989, Ananda has emerged in Europe as a major transmitter for self transformation; the new interdimensional science (working with scientists for world solutions); and planetary transformation in grid engineering. He is the author of 5 books, made several video's, edits a magazine and newsletter, has given over 52 workshops, seminars, to include 14 day dark room retreats that awaken the internal Soma's, and especially has focussed on teaching the gravity muscle weight lifting techniques for building and awakening one's own Light Body Star Ship Field Propulsion, utilising the engine of trinitizing the body, with the centre of the motor being the heart, and the unity pulse breath of Christ as well as the DNA sound dynamics of the Word.


The sun was changed by millions of persons whogathered together during August 16-17th 1987, at the sacred holographic nodal point sites of the planet, from the Great pyramid at Gizeh, to Lake TiTiKaKa in Bolivia, to Teotihuacan Mexico, to Glastonbury Tor in England - the regular sunspot activity was frozen in its regular activity, as it bathed in the light of conscious focussed unity, and de-lighted in the ecstatic hum of love of awakening man.

Whilst being interviewed on video on the Glastonbury Tor during this convergence, and relating how the space Sons and Daughters of All-Oneness will emerge in the sky's, a star ship appeared on the sun rise horizon, in response - as a rainbow vortex eye, its gaze acting as the timeless unity piercing this rainbow crystal dream of time and space, a glimmer of what is to come, as the gate of time is opened athunder.

In that and following events, million of persons gathered in sacred ritual, shamanic dance and trance, prayer, meditation, and sang the beat of the earth with a low hum, often as Om (in accordance with the sound of the earth resonance, which was distributed on tape). Today we are facing technological time travel, but not in a society managed by technological discoveries for all the people, but instead behind closed doors by military elite and black budget projects beyond the general public notion of possibilities.



We are in a unique opportunity in history. It is called the Time Gate. When we observe the constant tripling changes occurring to every aspect of our society, planet, galaxy, and even reality itself. The emergence of this transformation, of which the Time Gate is mans co-created effort, can be witnessed all around us, including the science journals of the modern day religion. Witness the following points:


Time Wave from 1996-2012, showing the time-forwards and time-reverse wave phase-conjigate resonance.



Within the last 16 years of this time wave there are the greatest transformations following each other in exceptionally short spans of time. But also there are resonance points which link through time, via time wave and time reverse wave collisions creating mini zer0-point resonances.

If we see 2012 as the point where a hyperdimensional rosette stone is dropped into the alchemical waters of time and space, the ripples from this stone backwards, are time reverse waves, and the ripples forwards are time waves, which flow over into anti-history - that is the same I-Ching graph but mirrored for another 7 billion years. And the ripples to the sides, are the parallel quantum potential universes for all possibilities available for every collective and individual moment.

If we imagine the 7 billion year history to be mapped by one tetrahedron-like prism rotating to the left, and anti-history, to be a prism tetrahedron rotating to the right, overlapping the graph and mirror graph - 2012 then is the mid-point where both left and right are united into a common still unity zero point.

This could be likened to the emerald green in the rainbow, where the laser dance of harmonically spaced light waves in sunlight passing through a prism or tetrahedron, are split by it into seven particle of light tilt angles of the rainbow, and the emerald green is the elevator for all of the colours to pass back through the trinity doorway of the prism, to the harmonic uni-directional light. So 2012 is an opportunity for man to transduce his own space time coordinates through such an elevator in 2012, to the Oversoul, as the non-localised superconscious sun self that diversifies the rainbow of the crystals of our body, via the field dynamics of gravity tetrahedron prisms - our Star Ship Vortexijah field of biological maintenance, and transduction etc.

But from the drop which begins February the 2nd 1996, the graph not only reaches the lowest point so far in 7 billion years, but by the end of April is on such a low resonance point, that this degree of closeness to the zero point (the emerald green) will not be again repeated until 2010.

We will therefore utilise this opportunity, for the following points:


* Note: the Unity Self here refers to our non-localized quantum superconscious selves, beyond time and space, for the quasi-rationalist, or our Christ Selves for our western spiritual tradition parallel of our Original Image mentioned by Christ, in the One Body of "Christ is in all, and is all," Collosians 3:11, and that created all, John 1:1), or the Atum or Sun Self of the Egyptians - the Self that generates the hologramme spectrum of our body, as a crystallised rainbow, like sunlight generates our 7 colours.

Monks Levitate A Stone By Sonic Instruments, 250 metres up into a cave

Making A Complete Circle of 128 metres, of Sound, a levitationable Star Ship Emerges (ref. Dr. Jarl, Sweden)


The critical time is from April 19th- 29th, this is the actual resonance doorway to 2010. Go to sacred ground, hear your inner sound, breath your heart into love, sing the DNA language from the centre of your Head, Heart and Hara (HHH = 888), spin your Vortexijah Star 'Ship around your body with the wings of love from the heart ecstatics, so that your body of 7 nervous energy plexi is in the stillness of the eye of the vortex.

Work with the trees, the sacred stones (paramagnetic like granite and hard white calcite), work with the mountains the natural pyramids, and the ancient time machines of interdimensional man the pyramids of Egypt, China, South America, England, Central America, North America, in the Bermuda's etc, etc.

· Copy, FAX, send, these pages and other pages to all who serve in Unity. Send to all spiritual, shamanic, sacred, holistic, new age, new Christian, Buddhistic, Sufic, metaphysical, centres and groups you know. Place in bookshops, centres, workshops, lectures, health food stores, e-mail references, web sites etc.

The Future is in y-our hands, and by our collective future co-generation through y-our Unity Self-s. We see you there already. This is you speaking from the future. Into the One Body of Christ of All-Oneness. In-Lak-Ech (another yourself) - God Be You.

-Ananda, January 1996 (Applies for Time Gate 98 and 99)

For much more detailed explorations of the Time Gate see:

VORTEXIJAH: New Essential World Solutions (Magazine), issue #6 TIME GATE, article 1, with time wave graphs, November 1995; VORTEXIJAH issue 7, TIME GATE, article 2, the Egyptian Time Gate Machine, and some of the detailed holographic nodal points in the grid - the exact latitudes and longitudes of where to be. But also for details of the Operation Tree Light evidence for the heart changing trees, magnetic fields etc, and the work of the Unity Units in changing harmonising the planet and opening up the non-localised doorways through time and space, see VORTEXIJAH double issue 4 & 5 - this also includes an excellent article by Ananda on the Light Body Star Ship Field Propulsion techniques, with illustrations, and crystal cities on the Moon. All 4 issues Kr. 130 (postage and packing 70 kr), DM 33, (postage DM 18.50). 108 A-4 pages with illustrations/photographs.

TIME GATE: OPERATION FUTURE WAVE (Video), by Ananda. Explores the Time Wave Grave on computer, the changes with the sun and planetary time, see the science reports. Government time control, galactic transformations and dimensional shifts. 1 hr 30 minutes. Kr. 130 (postage 70 kr.).

VORTEXIJAH: Hyperdimensional Geometrical Gravitational Alphabets (Video), an amazing video packed full which explores the geometries by which the universe is created from the non-localised intelligence. Explores how our Unity Self creates our body. Evidence for 7 dimensions in the planets and the interdimensional grids of creation. This video is over two hours packed full with Ananda's computer animation on the geometrical description of how to build and reawaken your bodies own star ship, based on his experience in 1989, where Emmanuel translated him into the non-localised state a "4th dimensional light body". Weeks of computer programming went into this video. It is packed only with animated graphics, illustrations, photographs of the light body in the cells, levitation of objects etc. 150 kr (70 kr postage).

THE UNITY KEYS OF EMMANUEL: The Interuniversal Perspective For The Unity Of Diversity, this millennium breaking book, is certain to bring the future home to you, breaking through an immense quantity of the linear paradigms of today towards the unlimited Unity of all Unity's, from ancient archeology, to the fall of man, to the local galactic gameboard utilising the pyramids of the Moon, Mars, and other structures on the moons of the larger planets, 7 dimensions, extensive body transformation, precise DNA sound dynamics, solar transformations, new science with precise details (beyond short space description). Due out soon from Vortexijah).

THE LIGHT OF EMMANUEL: Explorations Into Oneness, by Emmanuel with Ananda, 1992 Aton Publishing. Available from Vortexijah.

THE INVISIBLE LANDSCAPE, By Terrence and Dennis McKenna (for details on the time wave zero graphs, the second half of the book is dedicated to this). Harper, NY.


ATON/ODIN Light Body Institute, Reklens Marken, Sor Aurdal, Norway.