By Ananda, May 14, 1999, For Dr. Martin Huebner

Firstly know that I am not making solely any electromagnetic models, but scalar electrogravity and magneto-gravity models. This word electrogravity is not in many peoples vocabulary, although it is now faintly recognised as gravity force 2.

On the ODIN site, and ASGARD INFO BANK, I post along some articles by Dr. Thomas Bearden, and I can recommend you visit all of his sites, including the Virtual Times. But by far the best explanation on electrogravity, and absolutely essential in showing how everything we know about Maxwellian physics and EM theory is upside down is his appendix article in the book Pulsor by Dr. George Yao, which you can obtain from Urs Thonnon, the translater for Jans von Helsings books, and the Montauk books, he has also translated me, and is an ATON adviser

We are modelling the difficult forefront domain of intergeometry, the Virtual Lens for infinite non-locality to locality. This intergeometry is orthorotative, and is not embedded or locked in platonic causality bound platonic solids, but is open on all axis', but takes specific pathways into locality as a virtual lens.

Since Dr. Raymond Chiao has demonstrated that Causality has now failed with superluminal speeds (faster-than-light), quanutm tunnelling, and hence actual time travel, whereby the solid objective reality floor, has now fallen from under our feet (numerous articles to be posted on the ODIN site), superluminal intergeometries are required to be mapped. And Since Dr. Roger Penrose of Oxford has also demonstrated that our consciousness is Virtual = no-thing, at the microtubele level, coming in through a superconductive phenomnenon moment-by-moment, into the soft infra red range, or the bio photons that Dr. Fritz Popp discoverd so long ago (1978), which fluctuate out of no-thingness, the superconducting microtubele core (a whole pile of papers on room temperature superconduction within the microtubeles are to be posted at ODIN = Organisation for the Development of Inner Neuroscience).

Dr. Roger Penrose tilings are also attempts at higher dimensional geometry, which you will enjoy, as they are based on Phi triangles of 72°, this also maps the dodecahedron skeleton of precession 1° every 72 years, and the planet 12 hours (43,200 seconds = 6 x 72; and the 66,600 miles an hour rate of spin around the sun, 6 + 6 + 6 = 18 x 2 = 36 x 2 = 72 etc ET-c, and a plethora of other areas).

In order to further appreciate what is to follow, and the Vortexijah Protocol before, we invite you into a journey of the quantum gravity geometry of Dr. Penrose, in graphic simple steps. Click HERE for the ontourage, and then click on your browsers "back" arrow to continue this article.

To appreciate Penrose Tilings, we would also recommend that you go through the following 3 Universes' University courses of Simplicity creation laws FIRST. 1. Here are some beautifully simple steps to learn the Golden Mean. 2. The Golden Section simplicity to consciously remember how to create Gold, forever. 3. Golden Lessens from the Universes University of co-creatorship

As we continue to explore the interface between quantum non-locality, and our local reality, let us look at the superconductive affects, in grid patterning. The Scientific American published an article in which metal magnetic ores (not HOR's = Horus) were exposed to a superconductor, and the grid that came out was triangulated.

A prism network emerged, illustrating the poetry of nature in the principle of 7 through 3 makes 1, or from the Rainbow, through the Prism, to the Sun (also 7 + 3 = 10 = 1, for metaphor and numerical actuality, double holographic meaning at play, or holographic punery).

So as non-locality, or virtuality, becomes localised into phonon, photon, electron, it formulates acording to the law of triangles. Gravity is one axis (gravitons zero mass and charge, spin of 2, see Websters Dictionary), magnetic fields are another axis (also mapped by 3 cubes, as are the graviton cubes), and electrons have a third axis of spin.

Although one doctor in Hungry managed to obtain magnetic fields 90° out of phase, when exposed to a SUPERCONDUCTOR (self created magnetic fields). Vortexijah is a Virtual Lens of magneto gravity and electrogravity, whose union, or marriage creates the incubated graviton cube, of zero mass and zero charge.

Greater than causality Virtual objects (N-space dimensions), cannot be platonic solids, as 4d has another spin axis on all densities etc.

The reason, of course, that the magnetic field ores triangulate is that they are locked to the electrons in the metal that do not superconduct, and these electrons do not cooper-pair, so all that can be done is to make the smmetry shape of maximum conservation of energy, minimum surface space, the simplest pathway in 3D to beyond, the Trinity of trinary mathematics, duality plus a Mid Point - they make the door.

Now, when both brain halves phase conjigate at 8 hz, they equally counterotate to establish the maximum dendrite holographic focus at 10 to the 12th power bits of information flow per second. Phase conjigation cannot occur without equal counter-rotation. That is when both rbain halves are equal in speed and share each others domains. EEG and ECG as well as ELF coil at base of spin, shows that 8 hz is carried throuhout the body.

Now, 8 cycles is the only hertz that Dr. Puharich demonstated could pass through the tripple vacuum and tripple faraday cage. The only way that could occur was if it orthorotated through non-locality - everywhere and everywhen, which was only being understood in implications after Dr. Alan Aspects experiment. Puharich like Popp did this work in the late 1970s and early 1980s, outside of his MK-Ultra work for Operation Pandora (channelling at a distance with microwaves, elf's and the uri geller superkids he introduced into the project, let alone his pschedelic, council of 9 (Schlemmer), and Hurak work).

In other words 8hz is a mercury messenger bridger for locality with non-locality, superconduction with conduction, virtuality with actuality.

Equal 8 hz counter rotation, or phase conjigation, entrain throughout the body

Now we show ask what 8 hz would look like around the body, by bridging the Virtual lens. When the 8hz is saturating the spin and field of the entire organism. Recalling that 8 hz gathers alll waves into coherent order, it shapes all into itself (dodecahedron thus can map the local geometry for this best in gravity, and icosahedron for magnetism, another story which I am making the new Unified Field Cartography and Navigation system for at present, along with founding the Institute, that is why you are getting this article, which will be cleaned and expanded before posted, so that your questions pushed greater universal value into place).

The shape of the 8 hz, should not surprise us, actually alpha when seen in its entirety is in fact the Vortexijah star ship ship:

This is simply the Virtual Lens for infinitey (All Intergeometry's), to focus into all localised geometries. It does this first as the Sphere, in the Alpha of our biology the principle is the same as the Ova Egg at mitosis, whose superconducting signal, from the superconducting 9 microtubeles in the sperm, instigates the bio photonic infra red dove and phoenix cascade (see the Meru organisation for a graphic renderring of this). Hence, Vortexijah is Chakra Vajra first, as the complete intergometrical Sphere, which contains all geometries in opened form, the marraige of the male and the female, symmetry with assymmetry.

A solid model, the Phi Spirals that are the Dove and Phoenix kiss at the Heart at Coherence, 8 hz crown and base are instigated by such cardio-rhythms of compassion.

Since 8 hz bridged superconduction with conduction, actually being able to penetrate a superconductor, and come back out again (astonishing as it is, yet "objectivly" demonstratable), the law of triangles forming when exposed to a superonductor, make a lot of sense in the form of Vortexijah.

Here, is where the Pinoline, Harmine, Tryptoline, and related beta carbolines come into play, since they can slide into the nucleotide sequence of the DNA, as they are flat enough to fit. Pinoline from the pineal along with tryptoline and even the 7 methoxylated harmine and harmaline, fit in so snuggly into the Serotonin site, that they momentarily loose their electrical resistence, as they are exposed to the DNA superconducting in-vivo core et al.

Ruthenium was shown in the Scientific American, may 1995, to also be able to turn the DNA double helix, in its entirety into a superconductor. That is why a mono-atomic form of Ruthenium 44, or any other platinuum ellement in mono atomic form (in our skulls and bones since the PT ellements cannot escape in the brain through the blood capilaries, and are processed into the skull, and thigh bones as well, Chi Kung initially Shien Ku, is a key here), fused with Pinoline or harmine is the Lapis Philosophicum, even if it takes 6 months to make as the Agape Eucharist, that is why at Petra the metalurgists showed the Harmala plant being mixed with the gold and platinuum elements for rejuvinating alchemy.

The New Scientist September 7th, 1997, also goes into the fact that gold can do the same, to perfect DNA. But what this has to do with our equation is as follows. Sonically transduced superconducting sound currents from the in-vivo DNA, via intercalated pinoline, tryptoline, or harmine (the best anti-oxidents so far discovered in the body, better than Melatonin), in an extensive ecstatic 8 hz phase conjigation (Vortexijah), when externalised by sound) - what happens to the magnetic fields in the surounding domain?

An above view of the Daimond Spin, at ultra slow RPM, in the Finish superconducting experiments it was 5,000 rpm that created anti gravity, or gravity force 2, made of no-thing (see Scientific American jan 1999, the New Universe is Now A Fact).

How do the magnetic field ores react? The Diamond spin, thus is the continued unification of the fields into their intergoemtrical parents. Whereby the Still Point, in the midst of the Phase Conjigation reaching superconductivity, is the axis, by which one is extracting the star ship shape at the critical speed on the y-axis.

Whilst coherent magnetic field doughnuts are cascading in Phi, on the x-axis, from the base-of-spine and the crown-of-head, up and down into the macrocosm, and the microcosm holographic assembly of the cells Phi arrangement (holographic in fractality since all nucleotides in all cells are the same in sequence etc) - as the Phoenix and Dove. Which can also be mapped geometrically, rather than assymetrically, by cascading dodecahedrons into icosahedrons, to dodecahdrons, as they stellate to each other, right:

Take the five pentagon points of each of the 12 pentagon faces of the dodecahedron, and make a five sided pyramid on each face, join up the pyramid capstones, and there you have the icosahedron 12 triangles.

Place 20 tetrahdrons on each of the icosahedron faces, and their capstones are dodecahedrons, the localised universe's infinite recursion. All of this is only possible due to the perfect Prima Sphere of all geometries and all intergeometries, the scalar template of our entire Self, Spirit, Soul, and Body.

The Diamond Spin with some perspective, so that one can see the clear middle axis, the Still Point between both opened Virtual tetrahdrons

TO ANSWER VERY BRIEFLY YOUR OTHER QUESTIONS: The Dove and Phoenix are 10 golden mean spirals in 3D, algorhythmically programmed in excel (these by Daniel Winter , who gave them to me in 1994, which I embedded into my own animation programmin in December 1994). As to the tetrahedral axis, which are simply the doughnut maps remember:

Light doughnuts nesting in the simplest paths, as nature always chooses. Here finely illustred by the excellent work of Lawrence Edwards, The Vortex Of Life

Are y-axis rotary, whilst the stationary sides are x-axis stabl. They are inter-cubes (a stellated cube, remember, in standard geometrical nomenclutre, is an interlocked tetrahedron), open between geometrical localities.

They map electrogravity and magneto-gravity, infinite speed marrying to zero speed non-locality, and zero speed non-locality marrying infinite speed non-locality. Their child is the graviton cube (and when lotus born on Earth the magnetic fields also have the same 90° angle, as when exposed to a superconducer. These 10,000 rpm plus spinning tetrahedrons are 8 Hz ICONs, so to speak.

Appart from the Unified Field Cartography, for mapping our planet, I am also working at bringing these mathematics down to the microcosmic scale of our biology. Here are some early scetches at this effort, mapping the local with the non-local, an intergeometrical Alchemical Wedding.


Taking the hip bone geometry, since the Calcium carbonate is octahedral, the heart of an interlocked tetrahedron, and since the bones are the foundation stone, the base resonance tunner to our biology, here we have a perfect microcosmic lever to begin PHI and Ortho-Vortexijah fractality into the macrocosm.

When placing the tetrahedrons upon tetrahedrons, in fact, as in the octave, we map all of the 7 nervous energy plexi for the endocrine glands.

By Cascading through 8 hz Orthorotations through Hyperspatial non-locality, the progression also gives the Vortexijah Star Ship that the alpha arrangement gives. This is thus another angle, far to detailed to go into here, to the Vortexijah Protocol Technology.


The Taoist teacher mantak Chia, spent some time in my Vortexijah training at his centre in Thailand. He was delighted with the Vortexijah. As was I with what he presented. After we spoke for numerous hours together, about our mutual love for Light Body technology and Dark Room retreats, he chose to pleasently surprise me by showing me the secret Taoist teachings, not yet released. There the Vortexijah spins are shown in geometrical detail, step-for-step.

This was an exceptional delight for me, to see the ancient texts unpublished, confirm what I had experienced and been taught by Emmanuel. It is called the Pa Kua. Upon research I realized that this was related to the first being in the Chinese cosmology: Pa Ku.

Chia also related how the Taoist texts and his teacher taught about the first extraterrestrials who came to Earth as man 60,000 million years ago (in The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel, we show 600 million years, but that was another phase).

Pa Ku was the first man who passed on the wisdom of the Heavenly Vehicle, the Pa Kuah, named after him. The Pa Kua's passed on all of the departments of this technology, even to mortal man, as the ancesters became entraped in this planet. Some practised the alchemy of the Pa Kuah, and became Shiens, immortals. They also practised Shien Ku, the root for what is now known as Chi Kung. Bone breathing free's the superconducting elements, and Dark Rooms release the Pineal gland superconducting resonating neurotransmitters, that can bridge the superconducting parts with the conducting.

Vortexijah = Pa Kuah = Chakra Vajra = Atum vehcile.

Here, is the NeferAtum vehicle as the Hallway Of Records encodes it, graphically in every phase imaginable. This is a very large story, some 17 days long, along the Nile, with a lot of temple decoding in store (it has been video taped, and our GRAIL Media department of the ATON Institute soon will be in the process of editing these into presentable multiple editions, some exceptionally unique material to look forward to).


Between the poles of the crown of Upper and Lower Egypt, the Spine of the Nile, the Djed backbone of Ausir or Osiris, the Djedi Force; between the outretched wings of the Spirit of the Winged Snake and the Winged Vulture, "Make the Two Into One".

It is the Ark HOR, it is the Arkanum, it is the Arckaic Arkana rendered accessible through the Ak eye beyond the Architecture of the Arcane, from an Andromedian non-local domain:

There are to be many expansions and clarifications to the Vortexijah to come. This is only the beginning...

This article will also be updated and corrected, and simplified where can be. Come back soon...

For more VORTEXIJAH see the Vortexijah Protocol as it stands at present, an updated and more technical version will be emerging soon.