Atheneum of Sovereign Guided Associations for Restorative Developments


Welcome to the Info Bank of the ATON and ODIN Institute. This is the Virtual Nation and Virtual Landscape canvus for New Essential World Solutions.

ASGARD, is to become an international journalistic Wisdom intelligence gathering network, with local holographic Aton Team Unity Units who gather intelligence, in the form of local and global news, new science, interviews, and all that contributes to the Wisdom Archives of the Atheneum of Human Wisdom preservation.

These materials will be regulary presented and made available through the NEWS New Essentional World Solutions department of GRAIL Media, as well as on CD-roms of information data bases, and a Knowledge Bank for universal Sovereign use by individual parties, and being sold to corporate parties, in essence an actula Knowledge bank for practicle solutions.

Members of the Atheneum are called Solons (Athenian wise law givers as 'virtual statepersons'), who operate on Solidarity, having an unanimity of attitude and purpose, who are solinoids that attract and enact solutions (solvation).

Following the 'Golden Rule', "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" (Random House Websters Collage Dictionary, pp 573)

The Asgard team is to gather internet intelligence. Library intelligence, publication intelligence from periodacles that are subscribed to or exchanged with (ATON TEHUTI Publishing's magazine production or Grail Media's Vortexijah Video Magazine, per example); and literature intelligence.

Whereby most forefront publishing houses are written to offering review space in the Aton Publishing's Journals (such as those above), and thereby receiving shipments of the latest books from the international publishing houses (this also strengthens the ASGARD library, which is available to access on site, for most visiters et al).


Also a team effort should be made to gain older literature through the second hand bookshops, including those of Denmark and England.

ASGARD is also to gather Virtual Electronic books from the Internet, and to scan in those which are considered essential, and make such virtual libraries available on CD, and web links (the US Library of congress, per example, is going online with hundreds of thousands of books. This is an essential information reseource, and numerous others are springing up, and should be tracked, and linked to.


Furthermore, there is the requirement of a data assortment daa base, which can scan the online libraries and data banks of ASGARD for contents, and cross correlate, similar to Alta Vista and the new Sherlock System for apple macintosh.

with extensions on data analysis and comparison embedden functions. Such data bases are essential, and require researchi n tracking down, if necessary.

Furthermore, library research intelligence, should reproduce copies of books and publications from public libraries, information not available elsewhere.

A knowledge Bank can be the heart of Wisdom, and can overflow Wisdom to the Sovereign Intented Individual, this is the aim of ASGARD, on the universal scale.

It renders immediate benefits to all of the ATON VASE departments, enabling the assortment of actual practical and cheapest and most efficient solutions, to quickly be assorted by ASGARD consultion. This maximises efficency, minimalising resources, and time efforts, and hence increase overall productivity.

It also requires the ASGARD Solon brain Storming of Information, via Information Technology, both internal technology, such as photoreading, and data asortment, cross correlation, investigation, and journalistic efforts, to make the information into packet icons of availablity in practicle useful domains, cd-rom, online, and in printed mater, as well as video media and multi-media presentation; and utlising external information technology.