Golden Mean Triangle's

& The Golden Mean Spiral

by Ananda, © copyright June 1999


The Golden Mean Spiral, the seven toroid cascade from the heart's cardio-rythm at coherent moments, known as Compassionate Love, which establishes the recursive fractal or mirror-into-mirror cascade, that we call the Pyramid Vortex of the Phoenix and Dove, can be made by the simplest Universal Keys of Trinity, that comprises this Universe's university for co-creatorship.

The angles are exceptionally significant, for 72 years is 1 degree in the zodiac for our planets recursion through the 12 houses of HOR (Horus). Multiples and divisions of this harmonic number, are used by ALL the major indegenous cultures, from the Myth's of the Egyptians, Vedic Philosophers, to the Edda Runic Bards of Scandinavia, to the Mayan's, the Greeks, and the K'mer's of Cambodia, one universal geometry and number system unites them, as we will show in articles to be.

But this sequence also enables us to make the Unified Field Cartography system, for navigation in Earths magnetic field Icosahedron, as you will find at the Geodyseum of Earths Biosphere (GEB) site, and to turn time into a Dodecahedron. This establihses an extraterrestrial Unified Field Universal Navigation system.

Here are the Universe's simple university degree steps, for co-creation, in conscious coherent self-awareness, heartened by the recall of compassionate love:

Continuing the fractality of Triangle bisection into 72° relationships to the 36° base,

fractal to fractal. until at the seventh turn...

The Golden 8th can Spiral into the cascades...

To then generate the Golden Mean Spiral, conscious coherence, from heart to mind, Love as the Ultimate Logic, then place your point on the left hand base, and marker on the top, and draw an arc stretching from the top vertice of the obtuse angle to the bottom right of the isoceles triangles. Then place the compass point upon the top tip of the triangle, and marker on the right base point and draw an arc to the left base line. Then place the compass point on the right base line, and marker on the left base line, and draw and arc until it touches the bisection. Then place the point upon the left base line, and marker on the left base line of the 2nd triangle, and draw an arc until one touches the bisection. Continue along the obtuse angles. 10 of these maps a tope down view of the DNA, and the Pyramid Vortex' of the Dove and Phoenix in the Vortexijah Protocol, generated and instigated by heart cardio-rhythmic coherence.

...Geometrical Mysteries DeMysted Totally:

The arcane members of the Pythagorean Secret Society were all deeply involved with the studies of numerous polyhedra. Of special interest (and rightfully so, it is the Gold of Gold in locality) was the dodecahedron, which they gave awed respect. They would extend the face's five sides of the dodecahedron inwards, and thereby they formed a pentagramme (five-pointed star). There secret symbol of identification was the Pnetagramme inscribed in a circle, which was known to them as the "pentagram star", variations with a point in the middle and an infinity sign. They utilised this symbol, since it was an icon on a universe of deep meaning, the pentagon pentagramme is inhabited with Golden Sections and Golden Triangles.There are many to find:

Seven large Golden Triangles (how many small?), and how many Golden Sections?