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An Introduction To Light Body

Star Ship Field Propulsion
By Ananda

The speculative New Age description. A technical report will be forthcoming

In December 1989 Emmanuel helped to translate my physical body into an extra-dimensional body for a period of around 20 minutes, where I was invisible to others who came into the room.
This has been an experience which clearly showed me that all Emmanuel had stated concerning our potential was true, and that this was not only our potential but was partially how we, in all-likelihood, came upon this planet (see
The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel ).
A series of spins took place in the field of my body affecting my sense of gravity, as I was suggested to be surrendering to everypart of my body and myself as the LOVE of the All Is God, whose Face of Unity was shining through everypart of myself.
Over the years the experience has been brought down into a system which makes the principles teachable to others and is now being taught in the
Light Body: Star Ship Field Propulsion, one week long intensives, the first of which is entitled: "Trinitization". Building a solution, or graduation pathway into the body of LOVE of All-Oneness.

It would be impossible to even scratch the surface of evidence in this short article, to show the intricate horizon of the beautiful geometrical mathematical alphabets that are involved in the light body vehicle: the Vortexijah.

But I hope to at least give a flavoured outline menu, to trigger your own remembrance of it, and to illustrate that solutions are very much being seeded here, in this case by Emmanuel who I firstly re-consciously observed out of my body in a bicycle accident in 1985, and then observed, with my physical vision, materialised in Unity Light Body, in November 1986, before we engaged in a major transmission phase of Living Unity Light Image understanding.

Our body is a pentagram, and is maintained by an electromagnetic field and gravity bubble of electro-gravity scalar vortecular templates. This field is not only a vortex of attraction, but is a vortex with many smaller vortex' within it, this is called Vortexijah. Vortex's within vortex's.


This field is constantly spinning in relation to the speed:

The electromagnetic spectrum is the river mirror between the lower octaves, as a doorway transportation communication field, it maintains the personified echoes of the faster-than-light higher octaves, in animation to this dimension, by the Virtual Electro Gravity Vortexijah vehicle, a Morphogenetic Grail Nest of Superconductive Coherence.


The tetrahedron has been found to be the geometry of planetary magnetic fields, when circumscribed on all the planets of the solar system. Where geological or other anomalous upwellings of energy occur at the 19.5° North and South Lat. tetrahderon vertex: from the giant red spot of Jupiter, blue spot of Neptune, to the volcanoes of Mars, Venus, and constantly active volcanoes of Hawaii on Earth (see
Vortexijah issue #1, 1992).

The tetrahedron is shown to be the geometry affecting the weather, tectonic plates, and the intricate biological processes of our biology, whose essential subcomponents are largely built in this geometry (this is extensively covered in The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel).

1994 superpaint, hexfold frozen creation fractal of 3D incubed. A model of what to defrost.

We have been conducting experiments to measure the electro-gravity field around the body. Every person we have tested so far, has all of the spin dynamics occurring around their bodies, including the Star Ship, although faint for many, it stands like a statue, as an echo of the internal technology that was once fully awakened in interdimensional Christed man. These experiments are ongoing at the Institute for Alternative Technology Orthogeometrics & Neurocybernetics (A°T°O°N).

The electro-gravity Star Ship field is 180° out of phase to all electromagnetic fields, and is of zero-charge and zero-mass, as it is the generator of all photons and electrons which are mass and charge, as gravitationally entrapped light, light waves biting their tails.

This cubic crystallisation process is due to the primal sound of the vacuum hyperspatial Vortexijah, who arranges gravity alphabets into cubes, which allow the vortices's of primal sound to birth light and electrons, so matter is born.
The positive and negative electro and magneto-gravity Vortexijah waves has a range from zero frequency, to electron frequencies, and the speed of light and adjascent harmonics, all the way to the superluminal frequencies, to the infinite frequency of pure Thot (thought). It is the wave guide orchestra conductor of the Unity Self for all of the seven bodies.
When observing the spin rate of our field, let us bear in mind that the perception of milli and microseconds is created by "psychoactive" neurotransmitters such as Serotonin and Tryptophan in our brains, which is an echo of a process that causes us to dissect the unity perspective of all waveforms into time.

When we photograph our Vortexijah field, in one static nano-moment, we observe that it is an outline of a hexagram making one full 360° rotation, which maintains our pentagram (this is the secret of alchemy).

This is the cubic alphabetic map that all magnetic and electromagnetic fields, as photons, abide by, through all six platonic solids, which without exception are veritably interactives of the cube.
The hexagram outline is a two dimensional representation of two interlocking tetrahedrons (stellated cube), tilted at 90°. This is also the image of the 6th dimensional fingerprint in the cloud formation of the north pole of Saturn (see Vortexijah issue #1).


The pure Vortexijah, as the electro-gravity vehicle, is not caught in cubic crystallisation, and its counter-rotating vortecular UV vacuum hyperspatial sound field, is a constant pre-cube free from the limitations of length-width and height alone. This is the intergeometrics of creation and beyond.

It is the Grail Cup TRUMPet of the Unity Christ Self, for the creation and maintenance of all of the 7 bodies, from the Middle out. Just as the emerald green, in the rainbow, equally draws the light to the singular harmonic sunlight, and distributes the coherent sun light to each of the 6 other colours, equally - the elevator from diversity to unity, and unity to diversity. The balancer, the Midway path of Compassionate All Perspective Embracing Love: equal distribution in the Unity of knowing all are one, and beyond All Is God.

One of the two electro-gravity pre-cubic tetrahedrons, is the tri-prism of the spectrum of "physical" waveforms of our body, personified by the levo-rotary bias of light in the biology (L-Amino Acids), maintained by the seven different spin intensities, of the seven major nervous energy plexi, which feed the seven major endocrine glands.

It gives birth to an infinite cubic cascade grid of sound and light, cubic hexagonal mirrors inside cubic hexagonal mirrors. This is simply accomplished from vacuum hyperspatial DNA ultraviolet sound, as when a tetrahedron is spun at 10,000 Revolutions Per Minute, it duplicates itself into a diamond wheel.
This tri-prism diversifies our Unity Body of the Unity Self, as a Unity Light Body, into the holographic third dimension of coloured maintenance, just as a prism turns the photons (light particles) in a sun beam into seven tilt angles, which we observe as the colour of the spectrum which is called the rainbow.

So this is accomplished for the first three bodies: matter, plasma and ions, and photons. This is the Virtual tetrahedron of the mother side of the spectrum ­ all colour is an interplay between light and the Void. The Unity Self is Thoton Infinite Speed Father Light, and the Unity Mother zero speed Void/Tao/Ku.

The Unity Self is also their child: Unity Light/Tao-Void, which is the animator through the "emerald green" Vortexijah. Perhaps NOW one gains a glimmer of why the Vortexijah has the map of all speed spin geometries and sound dynamics possible for all of the seven bodies. This is a Unity Key to the Unity Christ Body.

The Virtual tetrahedron for the first 3 bodies, or tri-pyramid prism, is levo-rotary with the amino acids: spinning plane polarised light to the left, anti-clockwise.

All of the building blocks of our body are levo-rotary, from the four letters of life C, O, H, N, which have a proton bias to the left, and which build up the 20 letter alphabet of the amino acids, which in turn write thousands upon thousands of protein pages in the book of our living cells.

All of these are built up spinning plane-polarised light anti-clockwise, just as the visible octaves of the galaxy spin anti-clockwise, and the planets around the sun, and the electrons around the nucleus of the atom. It thus further maps as the Virtual Cyrstal of the electron's left spin.
This tetrahedron prism, in part, is spinning in accord to the speed of electron maintenance, rotating around the heart, with a virtical axis of the spine and chakra's.

Lawrence Edwards in "The Vortex of Life" analysis the left ventricle of the heart's 7 layers of heart muscle. Here we have animated 7 toroidal fields as a laser, based on our colleague Dan Winter's pioneering work.

The greater the love harmonic sine waves (EKG cardio rhythm coherence) emitted from the heart's electricity, the greater the Virtual Spin Speed transduction of the tetra-pyramids, and the less stuck one's own synoptical brain firing hologrammes are, in the stickiness of the gravity modulation of this planet ­ as greater increased micro-magnetic field thought forms are spontaneously brought into creation, from vacuum hyperspace, through 8hz ELF harmonic pathways of stillness, in the mid-brain.
The second micro-momentary cubed, interlocked tetrahedron mirror, relates to being the prism of the spectrum of the faster- than light-bodies, beyond the bio-plasmic-like astral zones of the 3rd colour spectrum dimension ­ but represented in anti-mater.

Being the gravity map of the superluminal octaves and bodies, but Virtually translated within our antimater mirror, and holographicall in all our mater crystals of a dexto-relation.

Hence, this tetra-prism is dexo-rotary: spinning clockwise, in counter-rotation to the Virtual "physical" tetra-pyramid prism, where the axis of both is from crown to base (see diagram).

This in the body maps the positron's (anti-matter) right spin, and the electron hole's apparent right counter-rotation, which is the space hole for the unified field Thoton consciousness particles or Thotickles.


This right spin is refered to as the Father-Unity Light tetra-prism. But remember that the Vortexijah is the Star Ship vehicle which is the union of both. That is the uniqueness of the 4th plane and body of the heart: it is the ingather of all frequencies to the unity spere of the Unity Self and beyond.
When we trinitize ourselves and bring our awareness equally into:

Then we are taking the spectrum of our body and aligning it to these prism's (triangular law dynamics, as the doors to and from unity coherent consciousness Light).

As we breathe in our Unity Selve's of pure Love, through these 3 points equally: from the crown to the heart, and from the base to the heart ­ the heart becomes the focus point, and the capstone of love is awakened.

Hence, the harmonics, the laser focus coherence, of the singular Eye/I of Christ begins. This allows us conscious access to our gravity Star Ship field, and allows the translating Vortexijah to spin faster.

As one then surrenders to the Compassionate Love of the Creator in and as every cell of the body, with the Unity Pulse Breath (breathing the Soma Light of the mid-brain, and the Manna ultraviolet/infra red life force Ki of the base/hara), then the speed of love is attained in the phaze conjigation of our 'real time' fields. As the first transformation of this dimensional planetary field harmonic threshold.

Here the Vortexijah spin sound in the head, and the Vortexijah spin base note in the base, are brought to the heart, and united to the silence of love.
The two tetrahedrons are spinning at such a rate that they are simultaneously in all horizontal directions on their axis ­ as wheels.

Love surrounds the circumference of the heart simultaneously, stabilised in both left and right polarities, and the gravity field Vortexijah anchored to the cell's sound, begins to free the gravity flux-lines of biology to be independent from the magnetic moments of the Earth grid modulations.

This is when both brain lobes are ecstatically merged in constant love-making superconnection. Where the ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) metabolism in reaction to ADP, has a constant microwave dance across the brain lobes, utilising the rainbow bridge of the corpus callosum, in communion with the microwaves of the Earth and cosmos.

So the micro-magnetic, Einstein-Rosenbridge, "wormhole", as "the universe in the head", is constantly maintained, within the acoustical sonic chambre or cathedral of the six central brain organs: Pineal, Pituitry, Hypothalamus, Thalamus, Hippocampus, and Amygdala, which forms the Cave of Brahma.

Here, the Vortexijah Star Ship is the harmonic pathway into locality, that allows the vacuum hyperspatial infinite energy to be harnessed into creation, from non-locality.

Remember, one cubic cm of vacuum hyperspace is as much energy as the mass of the entire known universe. So we are co-creators as One with Christ the Word, utilising the ultraviolet DNA Word language, made audible by the Soma's released from our 3rd eye Pineal gland, and superconducting Heavenly Amrita.

"Where two gather in My Name there I AM," Christ said. Here the two polarities interacting, create such a speed, that in the place where they overlap (the body), stillness awakens, so that the presence of the I AM Christ becomes awakened.

To better understand the implications of this, Canadian scientist Dr. John Hutchingson demonstrated, that when two Tesla coil electromagnetic waves compete with each other (in practice the counter-rotation through trinitization and laser forces of love), they created a zero point in their midst.

Here two scalar standing waves are emitted, or realised as already present, 180° out of phase to the two EM waves. Having found a harmonic pathway into this cubic crystal field we call matter.


Placing a spoon in this zero point, turned the spoon to floppy rubber, as the cubic crystal grids of the metals were released. 64 kilo objects levitated straight up into the air.

Imagine the implication on biological reprogramming and defrosting of all light waves back into Primordial limitless Sound, in the vacuum hyperspatial "Emerald Green" Unity Gaze of Christ.

The imagination can extrapolate infinitely as to the possibilities and implications: but bi-location, levitation, dematerialisation, walking through walls, has already been demonstrated and filmed, with the UV sound harmonics and Soma's active in the brains of psychics, by the Soviet Military.

The Vortexijah Light Body Star Ship thus, is the internal technological pathway of Christ to Christ, inspired by Christ, as Emmanuel (see The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel, for greater details).
Just as when the planet reverses magnetic poles (or if you run with a dish of water and suddenly stop, the poles shift back a forth a couple of times, just as the water sways back and forth), so the Vortexijah field, when it reaches the "speed of love", becomes independent and unlocked from the stickiness of gravity and the electromagnetic field flow of the Earth. The Vortexijah pole shifts the cohered fields it massaged into remembrence of superconductive Unity ­ as one simultaneous body, first anti-clockwise 360°.

When Gyroscopes in Japan were spun anti-clockwise at accelerating speeds, they became lighter and lighter with no explanation in physics ­ this in the body field, is bringing the light of biology towards the Midway wedding ring of the gravity body Star Ship, towards the marriage of the superluminal bodies.
This phase is called the Diamond Vehicle Spin, as it looks like two interlocked diamonds, whose anti-clockwise spin builds to the equivalent of 10,000 revolutions per minute (RPM), giving birth to a 360° clockwise counterpart. Counter-rotating together into the key transformative speeds of 16,000 RPM, 32,000 RPM, 64,000 RPM, into the Unity Self guided threshold speed transformation, creating the simplified Star Ship shape seen in diagram, and more accurate computer animation models seen in later diagrammes.

Thus in the process of independence, and in phase locked pole shift, the Diamond Vehicle replicates an exact duplicate of itself: one spins clockwise, the other anti-clockwise. Until they reach the next threshold of the speed of love, where they are One.

Hence, these two counter-rotating polarities are unified into the stillness stability of the Star Ship Grail Vehicle shape. The Vortexijah field thus, in the process of unifying through the prism doorway to the 4D, like Fourier transformations, has thus far undergone 4 transformations.

At this point, as the Star Ship is one with the cells, there is almost infinite possibility to what one can do, in union with the Christ Self, on the borderline to the 3D world.

But as we are exploring the unity pathway to the Unity Self (as the 8th, or zero octave, generator of the seven bodies, being absolutely non-localised in any form of time and space, and being the Unity of absolutely all diversified expressions such as music or light), it is the marriage of the seven bodies that are required.

As the physical body is maintained in a natural capacitor, from around 3 feet above the head (this is where our specially prepared oscilloscope gives maximum ELF individual sine wave finger print signatures ­ thanks to Dr. Callahan), and the other being at the feet.

This capacitor is maintained, in part, by the Unity Self, through the Pyramid-Vortex of the Dove, the descending Thoton/Takyon Consciousness Light of the 7th body, coming from the Unity Father Light end of the Unity Self. Interlocked with the Pyramid-Vortex of the Phoenix, as the electric blue manifesting Vortex-Pyramid from the Tao-end of the Unity Self.

In the superconductive Sonic ampliPHIcation by the Vortexijah, into this natural gravity capacitor, at the final stages of transduction, the tip of the Doves beak, or capstone, pierces the worm of time and space, by the roots of our tree of light, love, and life.

In order that the Phoenix, as the transmuted and burned time and space life force, rises as a pyamid, in its metamorphosis ascension, to embrace the Dove, and be married through the heart. The capstone of the Dove piercing through to Christ and the phoenix piercing through to Christ 3 feet above the head.

This marriage is accomplished in equal distribution through the unification of the seven bodies. The Light Body Star Ship has a Grail Cup at the top, and a Grail Cup at the bottom, with the Eye of Christ in the middle.

When one spins a flat disk anti-clockwise, the way that the electromagnetic forces flow around the disk is in the shape of a torus doughnut. But if the disk has a lens affect, as the Star Ship does, then the electromagnetic forces are focused up into a singular gravity focus point a means similarly accomplished by the American Indian rain dancers, who dance anti-clockwise, and create a gravity focus point above in the sky, which draws condensation, and precipitation, so that cloud formations and rain results.

As the Vortexijah, has a lens affect at both the top and bottom, were it to spin, it would create two gravity focus points, by the feet, and 3-feet above the head.
The Star Ship propulsion, as we have seen is all based on the unity pulse breath in trinitization. This is the key to unity ignition. The Grail cup at the top, holds the Christos Soma the Unity Light Sustenance of Christ, differing from the Soma's of crystallised biology and zero, in that this is the Conscious Christ Light.

The Grail cup at the base holds the Christos Manna, the pure Life of Christ. As we breath these together into the heart, they merge as Christos Somanna opening the singular Eye/I of Christ, where the gaze of love, which is singular transforms all things into Itself.

This spins the stabilised Grail Star Ship anti-clockwise. The greater the trinity unity pulse breath propulsion, the more the Somanna opens the Eye/I of God, and the faster the Star Ship spins, and the more the two gravity focus points come into Divine awakening, freeing the capacitor of the body from the ELF spectrums of this planetary event horizon.

The faster the spin, the greater the stillness of the realisation that God Is Us, as every cell, occurs. The greater the stillness and the spin, the closer the opposite end Star Ship, spinning clockwise, descends down from the faster-than-light threshold of the gravity fourth body, representing the superluminal unified field consciousness bodies.

As they unite, they ignite the fusion of the seven into the Rainbow Body. Here the Vortexijah is the wedding ring that marries heaven and earth, the superluminal with the luminal and sub-luminal.

As these two Star Ship ends of the fourth plane meet, they create the inbetween to the speed of love the fusion of the final left, right, front, back direction of polarities, being united into the silence of love. And the two gravity focus points have become the beak of the dove bursting into Christ, and the beak of the phoenix bursting into Christ.

At this point six transformations have been accomplished, and the Eye/I of Christ has transformed every cell into Itself. This absolute stillness, and absolute Love front, back and to either side, is cannot go any other way, except to meet the Christ in Earth by the Dove, and the Christ in heaven by the Phoenix.


Surrendering to every direction as nothing else but the Compassionate Love of All Is God, surrendering to Itself surrendering, to Itself, as All Is God ­ the Vortexijah Star Ship of superluminal energy, and Vortexijah Star Ship of physical energy (in the absolute unison of the silence of love), can only spin in one way: where the circumference of love spins head over heels 360·, as the seventh spin.

As this accelerates, by the surrender of every direction of the self as the full love of the Creator, the Unity of Unity's of All-Oneness; at the critical spin, the compression of the silence of love expanding to eat up all music into unity, a duplicate Overtone counter rotating vehicle comes to balance the polarity. The result is that the entire body is surrounding in a bubble of pure love in every direction at the same time and love is the language between all dimensions. Born in the image of love, the lotus vehicle is not bound by the stickiness of the judgment of separation as Emmanuel says: "Time is judgement in action." The passport is love, the means of obtaining it is Emmanuel: God With Us "The Creator and I are One", surrendering to the Unity of Love of the Creator as every cell of our body and being. We are never separate from the love of the Creator. The lords of judgement only create that illusion. The Oversoul has been reached, by the 8th spin converging with the 7th to the speed of love, for relocation into the 4th colour spectrum dimension, the dimension of love as the heart chakra of the body of the universe, with the emerald green holographic relationship to the universal Christ who generates the universal body (I am sure you will be able to carry it on from there). The fourth dimension is where the left side is touching the right side, the front touching the back, and the top touching the bottom the Vortexijah Light Body Star Ship shows exactly how this is done through the trintization, and unity of love, surrendering to every part of self as the Christ. Here then is a Unity Key to the All-Oneness.
The Vortexijah is fully explained and supportive evidence provided in the boarder breaking book
The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel: The Interuniversal Perspective For The Unity Of Diversity (after 4 years at last available October 1995). Here the entire history of man is portrayed going back millions of years, with archeological evidence thus undoing the Black/White Hierarchies programme that wants us to believe they created us. It explores how the Vortexijah was used by the Oversoul to create the human body, which is explored step-by-step even into the writing of the DNA, protein pages, and all of the tetrahedral geometry of the body. The book explores the various falls of man from being able to manifest into any planet regardless of condition through the Vortexijah, and the interdimensional fall. All the dimensions are fully explored, and how they were created and way beyond etc etc.

Ananda is teaching the Vortexijah Light Body solution in 10 day trainings called
The Diamond Body, which includes Unity Christ Pulse Breath, which had been some of the secret breathing induction techniques of the initiates. Phase Two of the Vortexijah Training is the Dark Room Retreat Launch Pad. Here the universal/dimensional shift is simulated in the brain, as explained with evidence in The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel, by the changing cycles of the sun, the change in the base resonant frequency of the planet, amongst a massive list of changes, including in our very neurology. The Dark Room Retreat is only available to some of the Phase One Trinitization initiates this process of 4D brain simulation is catalysed by complete isolation from external light for 14 days (as with the Egyptians). This causes the brain to release its own light: Phosphene, and to alchemicalise the neurotransmitters of superconsciousness such as the beta-carbolines and Serotonin derivatives from the pineal gland (as explained, step-by-step in The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel, which is exactly what is caused in the planetary shift, and opening of the dimensional windows documented in the book). In this launch pad we take the trinitization techniques and light breath techniques of ecstasy to lift our Vortexijah spins towards the unity of the light body. These are trainings, for those who seriously want to transform themselves, and prepare by exercising their gravity muscles and higher neurology in Light Body Communication through the Vortexijah Star Ship of Love, and dedication to the All-Oneness the Unity of Unity's.

THE VORTEXIJAH 1995 VIDEO Including the Star Ship animations, and the geometry of the solar system and other dimensions, 3 hours worth of graphics, is still available on PAL VHS. 200 KR NORWEGIAN KRONER INCL. POST IN EUROPE. FROM: ATON Institute, M-Arken, Bagn, Norway. However, due to quality, a entirely new series of videos with over 200 animations are forthcoming.