A Simple Leason In The Golden Laws That Create Universes

-By Ananda, © Copyright June 1999


Intergeometry and coherent symmetry are actual simplicities. The universe utilises the simplest path possible, so that her children have a chance to learn how creation works.

Here let us see her Golden beauty, from squares to rectangles, where the Golden Mean's meaning comes out as the Golden Rectangle, this, of course, is a rectangle composed of sides which measure 1 and 1.618... And from here one will always know how to construct the Golden Mean Spiral above, to map the ratio's of the heart at love, and hence, give birth to our Phoenix and Dove, of the Vortexijah Propulsion, our Grail Vehicle of Alchmeical Gold Perfection. Some simple steps:


My sacred geometrical studies began in Steiner School, but I was especially exposed to some of their significance in field work, by "non local" intelligence, and the super species of this planet, the Oversoul called everyone, in coherence. Also in my field work with the Schools and Universities Network, England and the Pythagorian branch, there was further inspiration given. Also Jeff Sedgewick's own research (with silver Wing) in the mid and late 1980's with Octahedrons and tetrahedrons. But I would like to thank, the resurgence of their utilisation in reviving there languadge by giving credit to Richard Hoarland (1992), Laurence Edwards, Daniel Winters, Stan Tenen (93), Rashmon, Dr. Roger Penrose, and the Hermetic Grand Order of Falconelli.