(Updated June 5th 1999)

Hyperdimensional Science and Creativity.

An Introduction and Overview of theInstitute and laboritories for the Ortho-dimensional Internal Navigation, or Inner Space Intro-physics.

an introduction to the new electrogravity intergoemetrical N-space models of man, and Virtual Field mapping of the body. This is a more tecnical language orientation of "Light Body Star Ship Field Propulsion" article, with links and references.

Vortexijah Intergeometrical Extrapolationshyperdimensional intergeometryThis file is still in construction phases, as you can see, also it has Quicktime movies of Vortexijah embedded, so these will take time. New update will have a stuffit version for you to view offline.

Here are some beautifully simple steps to learn the Golden Mean, the language of compassion.

The Golden Section simplicity to consciously remember how to create Gold, forever.

Golden Lessens from the Universes University of co-creatorship. The Golden Mean Universal Navigation Geometry.

Ananda explores the simple steps that comprise the Golden quanum gravity model geometries, of Oxford's professor Roger Penrose. This tiling geometries are embedded in the golden mean. A foundation step to understanding hyperdimensional intergeometry: Vortexijah.

The Neuro-Elixer of Immortality, Soma, DMT, Superconductivity and the Pineal Gland. Whilst waiting this article see an earlier version at Somanetics home page.


Time Travel