A New Universe Of Omni-Temporal Manufestations

Part 1 (of 4)


By Ananda M. Bosman


Copyright ©2004 by ANANDA¨ and ATON VASE DA, all rights reserved




Major universal change is in our midst (novelty engression). Presently in this Time Gate the following three major novel news implications have been ushered upon us:

Earth's changing glow

Time Gate 2004, is the 7th time gate within the major Time Gate; as a holographic-ripple (heterdyne holon) child of the major Alpha-Time-Gate 1996 and Omega-Gate 2010. And is the 5th major time gate in this series (we recommend a basic reading of the Time Gate Theory, and eventually of Novelty theory, so that this page does not sound like cipher-Greek or some Arkane cryptological Kantonese).


Time Gate 2004, is the coherent phase-conjugation (phase-kissing, all-encompassing compassionate sharing), of two and more scalar (Tesla Longitudal) time waves* into harmonic (virtual flux) node knots of the 14 year Time Gate, the temporal fractal resonance between two equivalent time nodes of unsurpassed universal novelty — Time Gate as an open-ended time loop omni-navigator, founded on the Novelty Engression theory of the temporal fractal Time Wave (based on the I-Ching and all DNA codon permutations).


It was Time Gate 2003 that renderred the most objectively observable results to our local space and time backyard...

February 2003 heralded the unanamous examplifications of the largest peace demonstrations ever to have been engaged globally in our recorded history, which also prevented the War in Iraq, ancient Sumeria, to occur on the MIDWAY TIME GATE, on the announced time of February 25th 2003...


lotus pattern on the sun
Lotus patterns on the sun. See Time Gate 2003


During this entire Time Gate 2003, the Sun exhibited a unique phase-conjugate pattern of 8 spheres in Visica Piscis convergence, making a Lotus pattern. In fact making the fundamnetal patterns that resounding the mantra AUM comprises, and which is the template for all life (see TIMEGATE ORION).

In the meantime, the galactic network of ETI (Extra-Temporal Intelligence) gamma-ray networks, has increased the complexity of its geometric arrangement...






Time Gate 2004, is the first major gate after the MIDWAY Point... As the graph wave above shows, this Time Gate links in rsonance to Time Gate 1998, the time of ideal galactic center conjunction, the witness of a possible ETI signal from the constellation of Cygnus, in the golden proportion, and the appearance of a global PHI signal resulting from the gamma ray burst beams, and which appears to be changing our DNA and cells...



It links to Time Gate 1996 during the equinox period, preceeding the maximum novelty Gate of April 29th, 1996 to December 21st, 2010. Which left the torch of our solar system, the living furnace of our local 3D horizon, amidst an ambient shift...



As the Sun was undergoing the emergence of a hyperdimensional N-space 5D signature on its North pole, along with the emergence of "something else," (see: Sungate Conspiracy for details)



The future Time Gate 2006 has a temporal resonance overlap between circa September 11th until Ocotber 20th, 2006; and to Time Gate 2009, from February the 2nd until circa February 22nd (2-22nd, 2, 2009).

Therefore, this is a major Time Gate within the TIME GATE Main Nodes... Use the coherent Omni-Temporal protocols suggested on these Time Gate pages in the compassionate and sovereign manner, on behalf of the human race and the maximum realisation of our Irreversible Macro MaNuminous Immacult Self...



TIME GATE 2004 has been in a long novelty descent statusÉ In July 2004, the parallel novelty plane to that of Time Gate 2003 was reached. As once can see from the Time Wave One graph (Dr. Sheliac, Los Alamos labs), the beginning date of this view of the descent of the wave starts on the 5th May 2004. The end date of stability ascent is the 27th of December 2004. Major novelty descent increases through AugustÉ

The most major descent then is on September 16th leading to TIME GATE maximum novelty on September 26 2004.






*NOTE (Complex, Pass if Need Be): Hypertemporal Flow (Time Travel): In the new cosmos shaking Santilli Hadron Physics, with its novel hyperrelativity and hypertemporality — temporality is founded on an invarient hyperelationship that includes the equal directional romance of the backwards and forwards flow of time. Thus, the Time Gate coherent Node Knot Holons like Time Gate 1998, are the synergy of the coherent temporal phase-conjugation of positive temporal forward geno-time units and negative temporal backward geno-time units, arking into an overarching self-embedded hyper-Sphere braiding of self-similarity, attributing the Invarient Virtual Neuron. The Overall Orb as the ontological Telos-Sphere that is the summation of the entire string of moment pearls knitted between the Time Gate Alpha-Omega Node Doors of equipotential Novelty Temporal equivalence, as the newfangled needlework stiched via their numen progeny of Neophiliac Nodule Orb Knots (time gates), born as the oneiric oners gestating from the invaginated insemination of the matrimony between "Deja Vu" and "greetings" of the Omni-Temporal Oneiromancy as their nutational Neotypal neophytes.

Which we have nudged as the nomothetic nominee of the Numinous Nutriceutical Nostrum imbibing its Nous Nuance as the net filtered Nub golden Nugget through our noetic noddel nomenclature and nominated these Holon-Noumenon into the notion and name of ÒTime GatesÓ.

Golden braiding as the coherent phase-cancellation needles of Time Gates through the Via Media of Time Gate children Holon-Nodes, angles through the Time Gate Omni–Angled Neotype Unending.


**NOTE 2: Time Wave Novelty Graph. The science is a rediscovery of time as the metabolism of amino acids within the DNA nucleotide code bottons, of the DNA 64 codons through all permutations of its 3 amino acids coded per 4 nucleotides into a 6 x 64 = 384 cycle manifold... In fact the Rg Veda we appear to have discovered, is the root source for this code, which became encorporated as the I-Ching, and chess-board game.



The resulting geometry of these permutations when I rotated its traced form into 3 dimensional renderring software, resulted in a shape that shares great similarity with aspects of the Mandlebrot fractal; the Buddhist stupas; the shape of the body of Dharma; some Pagoda temple geometries; and some "king" pieces of the chess board (amidst other exciting things)...


Dr. J. Sheliak of Los Alamos National laboritories, analysed the Time Wave One temporal fractality graph in comparing the temporal fractal symmetries registered with atomic clocks, and found a high level of self-similarity. Here, Dr. Sheliak shares some basic Time Wave fundamentals:





A Glimpse Of The Manufesting NEW UNIVERSE & The NUMINOUS In Our Midst


"...In the living moment, a living moment that exists now but you see as the future, you will be so-called looking back and sharing with other beings throughout this Omniverse and cosmos those times that you were able to share on this Earth planet — times where you learnt your Divine Love."

—EMMANUEL, February 18, 1988. The Living Word Of God



A vast network of organised and synchronised gamma ray bursts has switeched on over the galaxy, with properties of ultra high order and synchronized beams in a geometrical array. Leading some astrophysicists to boldly raise the question of this being an "Internet" for "Communication of Extraterrestrial Intelligence" (CETI).

This network appears to be beaming in a rance that is effecting planetary worlds, using suns as gravitational lenses (like parabolic dishes), and retuning the worlds within their holographic phase-conjugate network (also sharing traits that betray signs of superconductivity).

In an OTI [Omni-Temporal] contact with Emmanuel, June 1988, when I was still a teenager and oblivious to the research field, the Manu؛s of Emmanuel predicted the galactic beam activation, stating that there is a:


"Vast flow going into Earth through the poles. And this flow is speeding up and is beginning to affect all of Earth. ~In the centre Earth heartÉ the cosmic Sun is intensifying, is growing.

"We are from the galactic realms. We have beamed this information through an Aetheric beam. This information has blended and has been incarnated through the energy of the sun, using it as a body to flow through. But this energy comes from the galactic centre."



The Aetheric in fact is the Santilli Hadron physics novel 5th force, that is now a reality changing fact... As we document in the book THE MANU, the precise superconducting-like beams have been recorded to use our sun as a lense, and are highly tuned "beams" that exhibit intelligent coordination, coherence, and information, which is effecting the planet (along with the many science papers that heavily evidence this alarming fact), and the biological genesis emerging in result, is fully documented.


[NOTE: other findings on the Aether beams transposed to the Vortexijah rotation and torsion, in transparency with Time Gate fractal temporal golden morphology, see the article: AETHERIC OTI GALACTIC BEAMS & TIME GATE, at the end of this page]


Since, the human race is in the midst of an pantropeia of saturation of a source signal that is effecting the foundations of our world and our biological structure, and is behaving with Intelligence, ANY communication from aledged sources displaying clear foreknowledge of these events and the purpose of them MUST be examined...

In our OTI contacts, it was some 8 years at least preceeding the major science observations... Not only that but the ETI/OTI, renderred names that also happen to be the same names attributed to ETI/OTI in the earliest manuscript of the human race (uncovered 14 years following these contacts, through research). In this manuscript, is time coded the VERY SAME message for our time, and the events that are now transpiring. These are strong statements, which we are laboreously documentingÉ For mankind is in the crux of an emergencey or emergence of something utterly Novel, a Macro Attractor Field of sorts, a galactic (even indications of a universal) Unified Field Object (UFO).


From Ananda's 1994 animation video Vortexijah: Hyperdimensional Geometrical Gravitational Alphabets Of Creation


Not only did these unprecidented gamma ray networks starting in the early 1990s, initially appear synchronised over the entire galaxy, at the same pulse rate, but their geometricaly distribution followed that of a hyper tetrahedron arrangement. Here are several excerpts from the indepth assemblage gathered for THE MANU book [at least giving an apetiser of the vast material layed out in the book], starting in the early 1990s:


"The most intense flash of gamma radiation produced 10 times more energy than any previous observed... More than 100 times brighter than the brighter gamma rays in the Milky Way galaxy, more than 1,000 times brighter than any other known extra-galactic source... did not fit the thermal type... radiation in the most most energetic bursts... emitted in highly focused beams, like spotlights."

—New York Times, 23 March, 1993. Intense Burst of Gamma Rays Adds To Puzzle About Origin



"Gamma-ray bursts: the mystery deepens...  The greatest fireworks show never seen... Disapearing, usually within seconds... Last February [1994], however... a gamma-ray burst that appeared to last 90 minutes... the burst contained delayed gamma rays with many times the energy of those previously detected... add to the continuing mystery about the sources of the gamma-ray bursts."

—Science, December 1994


There are a vast array of articles dealing with the geometrical distribution of these ultra high order gamma ray bursts, some of which reveal surprising cluesÉ The bursts having a distribution to their pulseed beamings, as, for example, this article describes:


"The morphology of gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) show that these bursts are very different from the rest of the GRB events. The short bursts appear to be nearly identical,É the short bursts have a Euclidean space-time."

Los Alamos National Laboritories. THEP-93-4, LaTex, pp 1-5.




The extraordinary nature of these geometrical bursts and their distribution, is carefully shrouded in such words as "artificial threshold":


"Time dilation measured... A time-dilation effect of order a factor of two between bright and the dim burst groups... with respect to trigger criteria, this artificial threshold should affect each group in the same way... origin of the GRBs remains an enigma... Isotropic distribution of bursts detected... the brighter bursts are being beamed toward us at a significantly higher Lorentz factor."

—J. P. Norris, Bonnell, Wickramasinghe, Kouveliotou, Paciesas, Fisherman, Meegan, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD 20771




"Gamma ray burst sources are isotropically distributed. GRB signals have many narrow peaks that are unresolved at the millisecond time resolution of existing observations."

—J. Katz, ÒHigh Energy AstrophysicsÓ



Whilst other articles are less withdrawn in their analysis and exploration:


"CETI [Communicating ETI] could use stars as gravitational lenses for interstellar gammaray laser beam communication.

"...Observations from the Compton Observatory made GRBs even more enigmatic, because they were found to be isotropically distributed about the earth."

—B. Schwarzchild, Compton Observatory Data Deepen the Gamma Ray Burster Mystery, Physics Today, February 1992


We more specifically show that the geometrical distribution of these synchronised galactic wide gamma ray "internet" follows the iso-geometry of a Hyperdiamond lattice of some 24 tetrahedrons at least, that is iso-symmetries and their isodualÕs of a 4D hypertetrahedron geometry (our book THE MANU: An Omnidimensional Artifact At The Genesis Of History, which we are presently writing, is thoroughly documenting this entire emergence of the ET [Extra-Temporal] and OT [Omni-Temporal] Intelligence within our galactic community).


Stills from multi-media animations by ANANDA, presentations on THE MANU Emmanuel Omni-Temporal intelligences [Ananda has been a contactee for the last 19 years]


These entirely new beamed signals exhibit "weird gamma radiation" aimed at our solar system and sun and is transfiguring our solar system, planet, and our biology... All of which have objective components (observable under the microscope, telescope, the unaided eye, and other scientific paraphernalia).


Furthermore, these phenomenon were predicted and described by ET/OT Intelligences (the Manu Emmanuel's) at least 6 years before they were recorded in the science literature.

The very individual name icons these ETI/OTI's used to reference themselves, are the very names of similar if not identical ETI/OTI within the oldest Manu-Script of mankind (Rg Veda), which describes and predicts the VERY SAME phenomenon intricately mathematically recorded and catalogued for our present time (altough personally we had to discover this 17 years after our first initial contacts with these ETI/OTI's. The details are forthcoming, and are essential to be presented in their detail, depth and documentation that has taken so far the 2.5 years to engage, with some span still before us).


Stills from multi-media animations by ANANDA, presentations on THE MANU Emmanuel Omni-Temporal intelligences [Ananda has been a contactee for the last 19 years]



Today these extraordinaty complex ETI gamma "Light Body" Galactic Nodes have increased their complexity, have changed the temporal gyroscopic alphabetic tunings of our solar system, with new spin times for our planet and the planet Saturn, which is intricately musically tuned and positioned to our planet, following a musical cascade of the tuning C 256 [itself part of a geometrical relationship called the Meru Prastara, AUM Yantra, and known in science as Dr. Wolfram's universal equation "Rule 90", AKA the Sierpinski Triangle.


Rule 90 of Dr. S. Wolfram, inventor of the software mathematica, another genius madman, who used his income to buy a remote Swiss Alpine castle, and a room of 40 computers to calculate the formula's of the universe, as chronocled in his book A NEW KIND OF SCIENCE. The Manu ETI/OTI of the Rg Veda's Meru Prastara and Mangala Yantra, related as machinary of th universe in the most archaic times, has simply been rediscovered and vindicated... Only with the Hadron Science with the 7 NEW mathematics of Dr. R. Santilli, is the Manu's OMNI-SCIENCE just aout now, beginning to dawn — Dr. Wolfram's Rule 90, takes on a whole new light with Santilli math and the Manu's Rg Veda OmnIconography.


Since there has been an enormous dividing gap between the contents presented within our web pages and that of the detailed multimedia shared in our dedicated public seminars and intensives (the web pages largely being a distilment of some rudimentary correspondance), the overall New Universe evidence has been rather scarse, if not on vacation from our web site, there was also no competition during the 1990s and the millenium that came anywhere close to the contents of the New Universe information....

However, for the genuine seeker this information was available on video and within The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel (but it was a quest for some to obtain it).

Now, however, several researchers and investigators have approached the area, thereby in honour of the species immune enhancing art of competition, a little more of the mid 1990s material must be shared on the world wide web embryonic A.I. (Artificial Intelligence)...




Some of the main evidence that instigates the gamma ray burst CETI, are the new ultra high order cosmic rays, which are as mysterious as the GRB's (although the gamma ray bursts soluminessence also displays evidence of the "weird" radiations that are associated with Meisner Fields and superconductivity "the most mysterious phenomenon in the universe"...

As the highest source of energy, and these having more energy than accounted for in the universe (with the energy of millions of universes), these novel "ultra high order" cosmic rays are so bizare that scientists like Dr. Cronin catagorically utter exclaimations such as, "These things don't correlate with any darned thing we know," or Dr. Wolfendale, "there is no good reason why they should exhist up there, and Dr. Sigl and Dr. Shramm to profess,


"The highest energy cosmic rays may have come from the collapse of hypothetical Ôtopological defects' in the fabric of space-time."

(see THE UNITY KEYS OF EMMANUEL, pp 546-549 for documentation and acadmeic sources)


Further creamed by:


"The researchers find an odd Ôgap' in the data: at progressively higher energies, the number of cosmic rays seems to trail off but then abruptly increases again. No known process could produce such a gap... The highest energy cosmic rays are the product of an entirely new, still hypothetical physical mechanism... could herald the start of a whole new way of looking at the Universe."


Yet stronger cosmic ray bursts followed and from one moment to the next, went from being mythological characters, not even betraying a ghost of themselves in a universe previously vacant of any notion of their existence, to becoming a regularity during the 1990s.


Scientific American article on the ultra high order cosmic rays, as a form of UFO or UCP (unidentified celestial phenomenon).


"It had an amazing amount of energy. In theory, such a particle should not even exist... High energy cosmic rays like the one that arrived in Utah are in a completely different league... They're unbelievably powerful and they seem to come from nowhere."

(see THE UNITY KEYS OF EMMANUEL, pp 546-549 for documentation and acadmeic sources)



According to the Emmanuel OTI "New Universe" (NU) paradigm, these are the "ingathering" attractor holon's of our universe with the "New Universe" (NU), following the Omniscalar strings of the OTI's organising coherence of self-similarity.

These NU cosmic rays being transduced by the coherent GRB galactic networks, in order for the highest energy octaves of our universe and beyond to be translated into the localised islands of galaxies. One New Scientist article covering these Ôunbelievably powerful' cosmic rays that appeared Ôto come from nowhere,' gives a little explanitory background for this NU cosmic ray to GRB translation:


"Waxman adds that the total energy of all the cosmic rays in the Universe above about 10^19 electron volts seems to closely match estimates for the total energy of gamma ray bursts in the Universe, which is what one would expect if both were caused by the same events."

(see THE UNITY KEYS OF EMMANUEL, pp 546-549 for documentation and acadmeic sources)


Pointing to a Dr. David Bohm physics model of both ray phenomena being one unfoldment from the deep multidimensional implicate order sea, which we have coined the Omniplicate Order.


However, some of these NU cosmic rays exhibit forty orders of energy greater (4 x 10^19), than all of the cosmic rays in the Universe (10^19 electron volts) that Dr. Waxman discusses above. And just several years further into the late 1990s, this magnitude went up a shocking .... Electron volts, when already the highest energy sources in the universe were 10^19 electron volts... Thus the energy a many universes coming into our own, as if being multiverse Unidentified Fluxing Orchestrations (UFO), as another article in the Scientific American exclaimed:


"Look for nearby sources in the directions from which high-energy cosmic rays appeared, and there's often nothing there — not even a faint galaxy, never mind some exotic energetic source."

(see THE UNITY KEYS OF EMMANUEL, pp 546-549 for documentation and acadmeic sources)



The GRB's translation of the NU cosmic rays being in turn transduced to the spectral radiation ranges of more local solar systems by transducing their transforms through the solar gravitational geometrical lense of local star systems like our own sun...

In our case signals from Cygnus, the "Swan", beamed in the golden propotion during 1998, together with other similar coherent signals (like those from Ursor Major in Time Gate 2000), are local examples of these transforms — their effects have been registered by scientific devices, some of these were audial and the new sound appearing on the sun recorded; the solar coronal mass ejections instilled by this "galactic trumpet" or "clarion call" in turn changed our planet, with a measureable sub-audial signal recorded.

And eventually, in Time Gate 1998, appearing globally as a golden ratio signal of 1.618033 hz, and stabilising into an almost daily manifestation by Time Gate 1999, precisely (when we were in the midst of our Tome of Osiris expedition in Egypt)...

These signals furthermore, in the lowest range of the radiation spectrum (the opposite end to that of the cosmic rays), have been actively bioactive, transmuting a host of observable changes within our life code anatomy.




The New Universe series of seminars, since 1995, has been presenting the solar system rewrite now in process (inspired by Emmanuel contacts in March 1990, that attested to this New Universe phenomenon, some 4 years before they commenced more overtly).
The entire code, and tuning of our solar system is undergoing a rewrite, as Emmanuel related:


"Now, it is these patterns that govern the way creation is frozen — that we are to lift, that we are to rewrite, reprogramme, just as you would write a computer programme. We are now rewriting the coding for it, the structures that are holding this pattern of creation. And at the moment much data is being deleted. Thus the way you perceive reality is changing very fast. And the way you perceive time, which again is a certain pattern, is also changing very fast, until it is dissolved. Until the way you perceive creation is dissolved, and the planet, as a whole."

—EMMANUEL& SALVANA, Explorations into Oneness, From a Finite Perspective into the One True Viewpoint of Being God. February, 1989


Saturn's time has shifted by a massive 6 minutes in just the last 9 months according to NASA's comparisons over that time span... Some 6 minutes in 9 months is a phenomenal amount of time change. (http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/cassini/media/cassini-062804.html). Something enormous is presently going on. Space physicist Dr. Gurnett is utterly bewildered and out of his place with this startling phenomenon, trying to place a bit of space between the voyager space mission 24 years prior to the present sighting, and out of his wits to account for the process that could have such a drastic change of time on the planet of time:


"Saturn's radio rotation period has clearly shifted by a substantial amount over the 24 years since the Voyager measurements, I don't think any of us could conceive of any process that would cause the rotation of the entire planet to actually slow down."

   University of Iowa Space Physicist Don Gurnett (below), head of the team that is analyzing these radio emissions, June 28th 2004


Emmanuel give a very precise conotations to the planet Saturn, as they related in 1989, the present magnetic shift of Saturn, and biological changeds being observed in mankind, now brings the following information into a possible more probable position [especially since its superconductivity has been documented, and thereby enables a past, present, future, geno-maping of solar system magnetic moments, as a hyperrelativity macro transducer:


"[Saturn] is a planet that is operating in multiple modes of expression. It is that which is the recorder and keeper of the magnetic and universal laws of this solar system. It is the record keeper of all that has passed, will pass, and is happening in the One Infinite Moment of God, which is Stillness. It has within it the many different layers, octaves and colour dimensions within this solar system. Its influence on Earth is on many different levels. It, obviously, influences the most basics of physical structure; to the highest of spiritual consciousness within your awareness.

"Its chief is in the outline, in the structure, in the energy magnetic grids, and the casts from which ideas, concepts, realities are formed. It is the foundation stone and the code. It could be considered the computer of codes; of the different code patterns that exist in all the different densities and layers of this solar system. Including the physical molecules and the atoms, DNA, the RNA; all molecules, light forms, wavepatterns, the colour manifestations and emanations. It is the record keeper of all these patterns that have ever existed.

"It has, in the higher state of its pre-manifestation, all possible mathematical combinations and structures and codes, that could manifest in physical manifestation in this solar system. So, its logos is of this function and service in this solar system."



saturn tetra
Saturn's white spot August 12th 1994

The Sierpinski octave geometry from Earth to Saturn we have meticulously written about elsewhere, which by itself evidences a great profound fundamental fractal interelationship between Saturn and our daily life practicles (included in THE MANU, and with lesser linear extrapolation and lavish hyper-linear articulation, have also been artifacted into THE UNITY KEYS OF EMMANUEL book in a manner unsurpassed — especially into the areas of Saturn as a Node of the Virtual Neuron Oversoul Sun (not being aware then of the Santilli Invarient Virtual Neurons)...
In fact the extraordinary details on Saturn in The Unity Keys
, has never been published in any other book that we are aware of, and explains precisely the process of what is now transpiring... It is such a work of art, that it is impossible to replicate or iconograph, it must be read and studied for it is coded in a 7 layered hyper-holographic logic that will remain valid for many generations, and will surprise many, just as it surprises my since developed linear mind.

The North Pole Hexagon of Saturn by the Voyager 198, and the HST in July 1991

Without giving too much of the treasure away for spoils, this little excerpt within THE UNITY KEYS OF EMMANUEL detailed paradigm on the Solar system metamorphology and "gameboard" dynamic layout [we write this on August 12th to 13th 2004, in synch with some of what the Unity Keys describes for those dates], describes Saturn to be:


"The acceptor principle for the solar system gameboard of crystallisation from the 6th dimensional holographics of life broadcastations, several of its moons have been specifically engineered and musically tuned in their geometrical coding of gravitational enfolded light...

"The interchange between the Saturnian and Jovian satellite stations are very significant in their solar system phase-conjugate regulatory schematic assortments, to enable hyper-holographics to download into the interface ripples of these sphere's resonance relationship within the solar system mandalic hologramme. For this reason there is a hypergate set-up and superconductive tractor beam relay transmission maintenance, through multiple time geometries, between these cities, as ordered quantum coherence, between two distinct membranes, sharing another angle of the same non-local gate.

saturn hypersphere north pole
Saturn's north pole has N 6D hyperdimensional symmetry signatures. Here the hypersphere is indicated. One still of Ananda's 1998 New Universe animation.

"August the 11th, 12th and 13th are the Isis days that are very important to us on Earth. Isis sings in our blood at a high point in those days. That is why Sirius and those days have been so much used by the ancient Egyptian Wassirs and the "time travellers".

"This illustrates the Order of the Oversoul dynamics. Which on local regions such as planets uses the brush stroke levers of tetrahedrons from N-space 4, to induce the holographic ripples into time-space mandalic events. Such as the 11.5 year Saturn-Jupiter opposition (mentioned above), which synchronises to the 11.5 year sun spot maximum, and all 3 elements effect certain radiowaves. Hence, the gravity compression for 4D of Jupiter, with the 6D record keeper of Saturn, instigating the 11.5 year cycle that switches on our hormones' and biology's software programmes and genetic sequences from the 9 months of gestation exposure to the solar magnetic field variety mandala's, influencing the Pituitry and Pineal glands of the mother, which instigates the other hormones, and together switch and shuffle the genes into the coherent mandala of the unique individual. These are large scale coherencies, instigated through hyperspatial geometrical gravitational alphabetic brush strokes.

"We are starting to observe the geometrical nature in which the Vortexijah was shaped in locality interface, by the Oversoul — the tetrahedron. The Oversoul being in another N-space and formulating the Vortexijah into geometry as the window of our dimension, as a shadow of itself, mapped in the language mathematics of geometry of the colour coding of music of our dimensional broadcastation. All of this specifically relates to the planet Saturn...

"...The rings of Saturn not only look like phonogramme records, but release Saturn's Electrostatic Charges in the entire radio range. The rings of Saturn broadcast radio programmes from 20,4 Khz to 40,2 Mhz, for some 10 hour periods. This is virtually the entire radio range, and it is induced by superconductivity... The rings also are the greatest and the best radar section trackors of the entire solar system objects.

Saturn North pole hex of N space
Saturn's north pole hyperdimensional N 6D symmetry signature hexcube. One still of Ananda's 1998 New Universe animation.

"Thereby, fulfilling their role in positioning, to extend Saturn's 6D holographic dynamics into the holographic input of this virtual reality hologramme or life programme. The music of the rings of Saturn reflects the hyperdimensional sphere, that Saturn is, as a stone that splashes in the waters of time and space, to maintain the essential 6-spin holographic fabric ripples, of this local holographic plate, within the plenum of the galactic fractal morphographic holographic maintainance.

"These ultrathin rings, once thought to be comprised of metal due to their high reflectivity, are actually superconducting water prisms formed by temperatures under -22¡C, and hence in an ultra-coherent condensed ordered form. Much like the coherent order of water in the microtubeles of our neurons, whereby a form of superconductivity takes place, and enables the Virtual domains of the Unity Self to engress into locality — by Saturn a large scale recorder matrix of collective Unity Self membranes, is evident.

Saturns north pole pent signature

Saturn's north pole hyperdimensional N 6D symmetry signature pentagonal nest. One still of Ananda's 1998 New Universe animation.

"These superconducting prisms are oriented perpendicular to the magnetic toroidal field lines of Saturn's sphere. The high order superconductive water prisms reflect all radiation under 1011 hz, but above the longest infra-red wavelengths they begin their absorption of radiation. There is thus zero electrical resistance upto the 108 Mhz range, and hence the radio transmissions are within the superconducting atmosphere of their functionalities.

"As the onset of rapid quantum effects begins to take place, at the higher radiations there is then a rapid increase in the resistance of the electrons in the ordered water ice prism, at around 108 Ghz.


The superconducting spokes of the rings of Saturn, clear in accros the different spin rate rings, in superconductive resonance, clearly apparent in the 1980 NASA Voyager mission

"The spokes that were found in the rings of Saturn, are 103 km along the orbit of the ring, and 104 km along the radius. These spokes extend through several rings, and rotate in synchronicity. Yet the outer rings rotate slower, according to Kepler's laws, since they are further out from Saturn and must rotate slower than those which are in place nearer to the planet. Yet the spokes in the rings, which themselves are composed of sub-micron particles in a superconductive state, rotate in synchronisation, rather than the required distortion that takes place every dozen or so minutes in a normal spinning spoked wheel phenomenon.

"Furthermore, the superconductive nature of these sub-micron particles, in maintaining their synchronised order of 104 km, are reflecting the magnetosphere of Saturn perfectly in its rotation of -640 min, and the rings in harmonics at 640 min.

"Recalling that the 6D hexagon formation on Saturn's north pole and the 5D circle formation surrounding that hexagon, also rotate with the core of the planet and the magnetosphere."


The hyperdimensional N-space mathematical predictions that relate a spinning sphere connected to a N-6 hyperdimensional space would exhibit the characteristics of a hexagon geometry on either of its poles, has remained a constant feature of Saturn rooted to its mysterious, superconducting Vortexijah core (Santilli isosymmetry and its adjascent superconductivity is now the standard of the novel science emerging):


"Polar map projections of Voyager 1 and 2 images of Saturn's northern hemisphere revealed the existence of a feature with a remarkable hexagonal shape surrounding the pole at planetographic latitude 78.5 deg... The hexagon was embedded within an eastward jet of 100 m s-1 but was itself stationary with respect to Saturn's internal rotation period (Desch and Kaiser 1981). Related to it was a large oval (the North Polar Spot (NPS))...

"Both features (hexagon and NPS) were reobserved 10-15 years later in the 1990s from the ground (Sanchez-Lavega et al. 1993) and from the Hubble Space Telescope (Caldwell et al. 1993), suggesting that they are long-lived features apparently insensitive to the strong seasonal forcing in Saturn's polar regions Fig 1B. Because of its slow drift, the hexagon was conjectured to be deeply rooted in Saturn's interior (Gierasch 1989, Godfrey 1990)."

—Sanchez-Lavega, A. and Perez-Hoyos, S, et al. NOTE: No Hexagonal Wave around Saturn's Southern Pole. Icarus 160, 216-219 (2002). URL: http://www.ajax.ehu.es/grupo/2002b.pdf

Several other small excerpts from THE UNITY KEYS OF EMMANUEL, here should suffice to clarify further the significance of what is presently unfolding in our planetary backyard... As our colleague, at GRINS (Grail Ring Internaitonal News Network http://samspadeGRINS.blogspot.com) commented upon reading a early draft of this web page August 16th 2004

 “Saturn is the HARD DISK of our localized reality dimensions, and it is being RE-FORMATTED. The system will reboot in 2012.”
GRINS: Grail Ring Internaitonal News Network http://samspadeGRINS.blogspot.com

The European audiences were being drenched by the New Universe and Unity Keys paradigms in the mid 1990's, thorough public recording, on video, tape, and news media has covered this for the record, of significance for what is now unfolding evidently, clearly:


"Hence, the rings of Saturn, in their spokes reflect a coherent 6D magnetic translated geometrical order, which is maintained over 104 km, in microcosmic order, synchronised over a large span. Only the superconducting nature of the rings can shadow this hyperspatial affect, like a Time Gate, or Grail Cup, for dimensional warping.

"As the spokes communicate like rays extensions of the magnetic field body of Saturn, with its many large scale hyperdimensional magnetic anomalies, at the hyperspatial gravity alphabetic geometrical linguistic localities. The spokes are part of the push-out effect of the superconducting particles that create such magnetic anomalies, reflecting the planet's grander superconductive brush strokes on the music of the hologramme of our solar system.

"The very radio broadcastations are induced by the superconductor prisms of the rings coming into synchronised contact by 10-10m, whereby the superconducting electrons are tunnelled through a superconductive transition Ôweak-force-link' between the ring spoke components. And it is the difference in phase of these superconductors, when exposed to Saturn's anomalous magnetic field and electric field geometry, being perpendicular to the toroids, that generate the electromagnetic radiation of the radio waves of 483 Mhz/mV, according to Dr. M.L. Kaiser and Dr. V.D. Desch, in Saturn's kilometric beam geometry.


"Since the importance of the rings of Saturn in their resonance to life has been established, the solar system gameboard dynamics can be further understood when we look at the research data of Dr. Raymound Bergrun, the NASA Voyager I and II, photographic chief analyst. In over 70 photographs he demonstrates that a vehicle one and a half Earths is generating and producing the rings of Saturn, from their Linga design. Like the Amen-Ra Prism scrambler vehicle, here we may be evidencing the remnant technology that is creating our 3D virtual reality gameboard of life.

"Is it any wonder, therefore, when in 1994 a galactic wide gamma-ray "internet" appeared to switch on, with a holographic phase-conjugate array, that at the same time the White Spot of Saturn moved to 19.5¡ and at that Sirius mid-date, August 13th, Titan began to glow in geometrical positions, with an unexplained phenomenon. Now there is a hyperdimensional holographical link between the solar micro-hologramme and the galactic macro-hologramme."

—THE UNIITY KEYS OF EMMANUEL: The Interuniversal Viewpoint For The Unity Of Diversity, Ananda, October 1994, updated July 1999


This paradigm, naturally, was inspired by the OTI Emmanuel contacts hyper-Image Iconography. Here is one OTI contact glimpse on the nature of planet Saturn from 1989:

EMMANUEL: "The planet Saturn is holding in crystallised form, or as a musical note within this solar system, the key or the structure to the frozen illusion which you call time and also timelessness. In that sense the planet Saturn is seen as one of many gateways into the realisation of All-Oneness.

"Each planet within this solar system is holding a unique note. But as you expand and except your Oneness first of all with this planet and with all things around you, you also become each of those other planets. You no longer see this planets as individual orbs, but experience those planets as yourself.

"Saturn does hold the vibration of a multidimensional frequency. Within the illusion of time, the Oneness is separated into coloured spectrums, into coloured light, each being a different octave. This solar system has many different octaves within it, in which are now many different consciousnesses exploring itself, ready to make that choice. The planet Saturn holds all of those octaves, or is able to potentialise itself as a place where all those octaves are orchestrated as one, and, therefore, a meeting point is appropriate at that particular point in this solar system, from the perspective of separation. But from the perspective of Oneness, you are Saturn. It is you."

–EMMANUEL ANSWERS, September 1989. Public Communication, Amsterdam, Holland


Should this relationship of Saturn to solar magnetism (as indicated by radioastronomy), and thereby to our embryonic gene unfoldment (as par the astrogenetic research of scientist Jeff Mayo and Dr. Ross Aidy) — thus be the key recorder and maintainer of our holographic crystalised apparent form, then for Saturn to undergo such a rapid change in its spin dynamics, and magnetic field, over such a short span of duration (just 9 months for 6 minutes), is another major indicator of the Omni-Temporal absorption of our universal laws by an Omniversal Agency, as suggested by Emmanuel, and is bound to affect us all, deeply, to our genes.

The holographic ANUverse gene engineering through the Saturn-Jupiter 3,600 year cycle manifold, is covered in detial within The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel, and there is some additional information we are providing in relation to our recent Rg Veda investigations in regards to the OTI, which we have published in our 2002 book THE SOMA CONSPIRACY, (further extensions and sub-branches of wisdom in this regard are presented at the end of this article series).

sun effected by short wave planets
The shortwave radio signals interference registered by the planets on the Sun

sun by saturn jupiter radio signals
Saturn and Jupiters affect on sunspot activity. Nelson's rediscovery of the ANUverse gene clockworks

"When Jupiter and Saturn were spaced by 120 degrees, and solar activity was at a maximum, radio signals averaged of far higher quality for the year than... with Jupiter and Saturn at 180 degrees and a considerable decline in solar activity. In other words, the average quality curve of radio signals followed the cycle curve between Jupiter and Saturn rather than the sunspot curve ..."
—J.H. Nelson, "Planetary Position Effect on Short-Wave Signal Quality" (Electrical Engineering, May 1952)



Furthermore, this slowing of rotation has caused the superconducting patterns on the rings of Saturn [Dr. Bergrun's "ringmakers"] to no longer be evident, but rather a new wave-like arrangement has come into manifestation, as announced by NASA's JPL:


Rings Full of Waves July 1, 2004 http://saturn.jpl.nasa.gov/cgi-bin/gs2.cgi?path=../multimedia/images/rings/images/PIA06096.jpg&type=image


"In the early 1980s, NASA's two Voyager spacecraft revealed that Saturn's rings are made mostly of water ice, and they found "braided" rings, ringlets, and "spokes" – dark features in the rings that seem to circle the planet at a different rate from that of the surrounding ring material."

—NASA Solar System Exploration. Overview: Saturn. NASA SSE website: http://solarsystem.nasa.gov/planets/profile.cfm?Object=Saturn&Display=OverviewLong


The Ring Makers that NASA voyager photo Chief Dr. N. Bergrun revealed in 80 photographs as an apparent ETI (ref book Ringmakers Of Saturn) are now vacant


"Cassini's approach to Saturn has begun... new details in the atmosphere and rings are becoming visible, and scientists are already puzzling over the noticeable absence of the ghostly spoke-like dark markings in the rings first seen by Voyager on its approach to the planet 23 years ago. One thing is manifestly clear: there will be many more puzzles in store for us as the mission progresses."

—Porco, Carolyn. Cassini Imaging Central Laboratory for Observations (CICLOPS), Latest Release, Feb. 27, 2004: http://ciclops.lpl.arizona.edu


In light of THE UNITY KEYS OF EMMANUEL paradigm, such a major shift in these 6D superconducting ringkeepers, follows the Emmanuel paradigm that predicts the transformation of Saturn (as written in THE UNITY KEYS) — meaning a likely unanamous distribution of this Saturn superconducting ANU-Gate, by the galactic Light Body Nadi's that switched on in 1994 with ETI/OTI intelligence in their synchronised and iso-geometrical [4D hypercube, like Salvador Dali's Christus Hypercubus] pulsations; exhibiting the gamma "weird radiation" which behaves identical to the same weird radiation in the gamma range (for minutes to hours only) within those Light Body elements contained in the salt water of the DNA molecule. Ergo those M-state Vortexijah Nucleus platinum group elements in a high spin state (pseudo superconductivity, or Light Body ANUverse), under certain conditions — that is the SAME gamma scalar or Tesla Time Waves that have now been noted to HEAL DNA, rather than mutate it like normal gamma radiation...


But that is not the end of Saturn's mysteries... Its key role within our solar system, as portrayed in our book THE UNITY KEYS OF EMMANUEL: The Interuniversal Perspective For The Unity Of Diversity, has new findings this year that yield further evidence on Emmanuel's "New Universe" paradigm...

In 1990, Saturn received a white spot of about 3 Earth's in size, moving in geometrical positions. On August 12, 1994, it settled at the geometric vertice point of a tetrahedron circumscribed in its sphere, that is 19.5¡ lattitude, like the red spot of Jupiter (see page 550 of The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel, for documentation source).

This N-space 4D vertex, locked into node as the gamma ray bursts light up like a Milky Way Christmass Tree, and its Moon Titan began to glow eirally at the same time... Positioned at this equatorial hypertetrahedron position for 4th dimensional transitions, a series of new phenomenon lite its lights on the north and south poles of Saturn — glowing circles appeared at the dawn of the Time Gate, then only faintly solely in the infrared range, but during Time Gate 1998 [animations of which we have been presenting since that time], it lite up like advent...


<>"The Hubble telescope has taken the first picture of bright aurorae at Saturn's northern and southern poles... Hubble's far-ultraviolet-light image resolves a luminous, circular band centered on the north pole, where an enormous curtain of light rises as far as 1,200 miles (2,000 kilometers) above the cloud tops. This curtain changed rapidly in brightness and extent..."

—Trauger, J.T. et al. Hubble Provides the First Images of Saturn's Aurorae. HubbleSite NewsCenter, 1995, no. 39. http://hubblesite.org/newscenter/newsdesk/archive/releases/1995/39/ - and http://hubblesite.org/newscenter/newsdesk/archive/releases/1998/05/


But it is the present phenomenon that is giving away some of the larger galeries of significance, some of which are surprising...

Firstly, during Time Gate 2003, Saturn's tetrahedron vertice equatorial winds suddenly began to decrease (Mary Ann. Hill Saturn's Equatorial Winds Decreasing: Spanish-American Team's Findings Raise Question About Planet's Atmosphere. NASA / Wellesley College News Release, June 4, 2003. URL: http://www.wellesley.edu/PublicAffairs/Releases/2003/060403.html )


Now, in this major Time Gate 2004, something else, something remarkable has been observed by Saturn... She is releasing microwaves of the same strength and order as those of the Sun, as if the Vivasvan Sun, that is the ANU-4D Virtual Neuron Oversoul Sun paradigmed in THE UNITY KEYS OF EMMANUEL, is now broadcasting through — a superconductive expansion grid iso-, geno-, and hyper- geometrical dynamic manifold, where Saturn, with the Soma-Sun Vivasvan, transmutes the lead base materia of the solar system into Meisnir field gold (superconductive Prima Materia), and beyond to the ANUverse?


"The first clear detection of X-rays from the giant, gaseous planet Saturn has been made with NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory. Chandra's image shows that the X-rays are concentrated near Saturn's equator — a surprising result since Jupiter's X-ray emission is mainly concentrated near the poles.

"Existing theories cannot easily explain the intensity or distribution of Saturn's X-rays... Jan-Uwe Ness, of the University of Hamburg in Germany and lead author of a paper discussing the Saturn results in an upcoming issue of Astronomy & Astrophysics... "It's a puzzle."

—Roy, Steve and Watzke, Megan. X-rays from Saturn pose puzzles. NASA/Marshall Space Flight Center News Release #04-031, March 8, 2004. URL: http://www1.msfc.nasa.gov/NEWSROOM/news/releases/2004/04-031.html


saturn tetrahedron white spot
Saturn's white spot at 19.5° latitude, vertex following the N-space equation of a circumscribed tetrahedron in a sphere. Still from Ananda's 1998 New Universe animations

X-ray source at 19.5° latitude by Saturn's equator

As announced by NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center press release, these X-rays are at Saturn's tetrahedral equator (following the hypertetrahedron geometry that nestled there on August 12, 1994, in concert with the 24 hypertetrahedral isotopic galactic gamma-ray net distribution.

white spot of saturn tetrahedron
Saturn's white spot at 19.5° N-space 4D equation of tetrahedron vertice in a sphere. Still from Ananda's 1998 New Universe animations

The rings appear, however, to have exhibited some microwave range activity when the "ringmakers" were there, now they are apparently oddly silent. But not the planet itself... Microwaves are aslo the cellular telephonics of the cell's mitochondria incidently, from ATP metabolism. As we have been stating publically since 1998, the Aurora's are now confirmed to be a puzzle in their mechanism:

X-Rays from Saturn Pose Puzzles

"The first clear detection of X-rays from the giant, gaseous planet Saturn has been made with NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory. Chandra's image shows that the X-rays are concentrated near Saturn's equator, a surprising result since Jupiter's X-ray emission is mainly concentrated near the poles. Theories cannot easily explain the intensity or distribution of Saturn's X-rays. The spectrum, or distribution with energy of the X-rays, was found to be very similar to that of X-rays from the Sun.

"Jan-Uwe Ness, University of Hamburg in Germany... "It's a puzzle, since the intensity of Saturn's X-rays requires that Saturn reflects X-rays fifty times more efficiently than the Moon." 90 megawatts of X-ray power from Saturn's equatorial region.

"The weak X-radiation from Saturn's south-polar region presents another puzzle. Saturn's magnetic field, like that of Jupiter, is strongest near the poles. X-radiation from Jupiter is brightest at the poles because of auroral activity due to the enhanced interaction of high-energy particles from the Sun with its magnetic field. Since spectacular ultraviolet polar auroras have been observed to occur on Saturn, Ness and colleagues expected that Saturn's south pole might be bright in X-rays.

"Another interesting result of the observation is that Saturn's rings were not detected in X-rays," noted Scott Wolk of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge... "This requires Saturn's rings to be less efficient at scattering X-rays than the planet itself."

—NASA Marshall Space Flight Center PRESS RELEASE, Monday, March 08, 2004. Additional information and images are available at: http://chandra.harvard.edu and http://chandra.nasa.gov

The Saturnian aurora activity itself being a novel mystery... First appearing, faintly, in the hubble telescope infrared images of 1995, during the Time Gate dawn, just following the appearence of the Great White Spot of Saturn, at 19.5° lattitude (circumscribed tetrahedron in sphere vertex), during August 13th 1994... And then subsequently becoming immensely clear and active by the 1998 Time Gate, with 1000% increase in Saturn's plasma toroid field, as the images below clearly reveal:

Saturn's Aurora just was beginning to switch on in 1995, but then only visible in the ultra violet range... Such immense changes in such a short time

Saturn's Aurora, Time Gate 1998, is utterly new, with 1000% increase in its plasma torus field

In our late 1990's analysis of the Saturnian aurora activation, we suggested in our presentation's animations, that the N-space 5D circular ring (according to hyperdimensional physic's notion of a spinning sphere linked to a 5th topological dimension, signified by a circle fingerprint on that spheres poles) — as the tracings of the iso-octahedron. Which we then called the "inter-octahedron" (not knowing the Santilli Hadron physics iso-symmetries then), as the core center of the Vortexijah iso-symmetrical tetrahedron wheels. In fact the iso-octahedron, as it is angled within the Vortexijah iso-tetrahedron wheel disk (Vortexijah Star Ship lense). Thus, not only the 6D n-space hexagonal signature, but an illumined 5D N-space illumination was being inaugurated, by a hyper-diamond geometry (iso-octahedron), activating a 1000% toroidal plasma field for Saturn.

 iso-octahedon of Saturns aurora

Saturns aurora as an iso-octahedron. Still from Ananda's 1999 New Universe animations

Saturn octahedron
Saturns aurora from a rotational octahedron diamond comprising an iso-octahedron. Still from Ananda's 1999 New Universe animations

octahedron of Saturns aurora
Saturns aurora from a hyperdimensional "Vortexijah" engine, whose core is comprised of a rotational octahedron diamond composing an iso-octahedron. Still from Ananda's 1999 New Universe animations


Titan's oval N-space 5D shadowgram appearing on its North pole

Furthermore, the August 12-13th, 1994 Saturnian activation, in concert with the gamma ray network, with hyper-tetrahedral iso-topic hyperdiamond iso-symmetry and extra-temporal syncrhoneous distribution, appears to be in synch with the changes that occured concurrently on Saturn's giant moon, Titan, the biggest moon in the solar system (3/4 the size of Mars and bigger than the planet Mercury)... Titan exhibits a N-space 5d signature on its north pole (as we printed in The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel, 1999. And presented in seminars throughout Europe, in our animations) — as well as something else.
See also Vortexijah Scalar

octahedron 5d signature on titan
Titan's oval N-space 5D shadowgram as composed from an iso-octahedron diamond, traced by the octahedron in the midst of the Vortexijah core engine iso-geometry