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First released in English in the Grail Zine March 2000. Interview by Elraanis magazine December 1998. PART I

ELRAANIS MAGAZINE (Editor, Herbert Reinig): Can You explain a little bit what a LBT (Light Body Training) is?
ANANDA: What is a Light Body, first of all. Our whole body contains micro light, soft light, ultraviolet. And the more infrared we have, the more healthy we are.

If we were to have an optimum quantity of infrared we could potentially be immortal. We are not referring to the light body the common way, which is to convert your electrons, electricity, the physicallity, to photons, which are particles of light, thus into laser. We are talking about bringing the electrons and the photons, the electricity and the light, to a superconducting state, which we are sure will be the new word for enlightenment in the modern age, where the East and the West, science and Spirit come back together.

We are focussing on bringing the body to non-locality, into a actual other spatial dimension. Not another density or another vibration (because anything that is vibration is still electron flow, and frequency is a wave flow between two poles. And that is within this dimension, no matter how high, it is always part of the 3rd dimension, although it may be invisible) but rather a whole other spatial dimension: a "forth spatial dimension".

In order to go there one has to go in what is called non-locality in science, or the Tao to the Taoists, or the Ku to the Mayans, the Void, the grand nothing and everythingness. And the only way to pass in such a vacuum without being "vacuum cleaned" is to make the fields of one's body completely unified. We call this Unity Light Body. Every light is unified. It is not flowing, it is not moving.

Ananda with his Dark Room student Taoist teacher Mantak Chia discus Dark Rooms and the Diamond Body


Does the light have a direction?
ANANDA: It has collapsed to zerO and infinity. So it is touching everything at the same time at infinite speed, at the same time having touched zerO. So it makes its own zerO, its own ball, its own Sphere.

This Sphere is shown in the Egyptian cultures as the vehicle of immortality, the Atum vehicle and in the Bodhisattva tradition as the Chakra Vajra, the imperishable Diamond Body. It is all dimensions, all universes, but cannot be caught. In poetic terms you could say it is an interdimensional passport.

Can one learn it?
ANANDA: It can be reminded. It is this that we all came from, the foundation of all life, of all the universe. We are constantly created from it inside our life code. In the DNA constantly new infra-red is being created from nothing. But that nothing is not the nothing as it is commonly understood.

If we think of nothing we think of blackness, of darkness, but this is again something! We are rather talking about zerO, with no movement at all. It is absolutely still. That is what Laotze, the great Taoist, called "the sound of silence".

In the LBT (Light Body Training) we are teaching, or reminding, how to connect the energy centers of the body. The body has seven nervous energy plexi, vortexes that feed seven endocrine glands, now commonly known as the Chakra's from the East. But they are seven glands with seven measurable vortexes, and they are produced from what we call the Vortexijah.

A Vortexijah field is not light and it is not electricity. The middle of it is gravity, it is gravitational flux lines. It is created from what is now been discovered in science as gravity force II (Scientific American, January 1999), and this has been called electrogravity (Dr. C. Whittaker).

It has no mass at all, nothing to hold onto. No charge, so there is no vibration at all.

It can levitate 64 kilo objects (Dr. John Hutchingson longitudal electrogravidic waves 180° to the phase-conjugated electromagnetic waves). It can turn metals to be like plastics. So it effects everything.

Vortexijah creates gravity (graviton cube); gravity creates light (magnetic cube, x, y, z); and light creates electricity (6 electron stability hexagon).

When light bites its tale one has an electron. So we learn to "Trinitise", which is to awaken the prism of the body to its unity.

Our body is a rainbow of seven. Seven colours, seven vortexes. A rainbow comes from one. How does one sunlight beam become seven? Through 1 : 3 = 7. The prism is the 3, "from the rainbow to the sun," through the prism. That is the principle we use in the Trinitisation (see The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel).

We use three vacuum doorways: one in the head, one in the heart, and one in the Chi-center, or the hara. These become the ends of our rainbow with the middle -- our prism, which is our inter-gravitational and open inter-cube: the Vortexijah.

The Vortexijah looks like a Star Ship, in its bioelectronic centre relationship with our biology. It can be used as a Star Ship, that is an extrapolation from it. Of course, it rolls into a Sphere if you go interdimensionally... but that is quite complicated to explain. Maybe we stay more simple at this point.

In the training we go through a multitude of different exercises, which enable us not to focus just on the high chakras, or just on the low chakras. In the modern spirituality of the West the focus is on the high chakras, "bringing down the light", or in Gnostic Christianity bringing down the Holy Spirit.

The far East traditions speak about taking in the Chi and going to the Hara (below the navel, the martial arts Ki point). And from the near East, the Sufis speak about going to the heart.

We are saying: don't go just to the light above, the life below, or just to the heart in the mid, but to all three at the same time. Then you are not caught in polarity -- because for every high you take in the higher chakras, you have to have an equal amount of time in the lower chakras. So you swing like a Yoyo, or like an elastic band ­ the higher you go, the lower you plunge. That is rather depressing for some people. They find themselves for a year, or for years, very high and then they are stretching their elastic band to its maximum pole and are sprung in the opposite direction.

We are suggesting: to counteract the elasticity of this reality, stretch both sides of the elastic band at the same time with the middle, so it becomes a circle. When you take an elastic band and put the pressure in every direction you can have maximum expansion in every direction, it is the most stable, and it can roll along. It can start to move around reality. That is one way of metaphoring the Trinitization principles and protocols.

We use the tetrahedron cascade geometrical pathway for the foundation of our Tree Of Life, our Djedi Spine and bones, which we have broken down and delineated to the non-linear ortho-rotations of the intergeometrical Vortexijah virtual vehicle.

The geometry of our bones are perfectly indexed by tetrahedrons. In the Diamond Body LBT we utilise tetrahedrons for our life centers, we use tetrahedrons for our head centers, and for our heart centers: to unify each of these respective points' links to the nervous system, bones, muscles, glands, and bioenergetic plexi.

So that we are focussing the points of two interlocked tetrahedrons (a stellated cube) as mini chakras, mini-vortexes, to be in at the same time, in order to learn to be focused and to be still there.

Essentially it is about the light of awareness in the head, the love of the heart, and the life force. Light, love, life, and the fusion of the 3 into an 8 Hz synthesis, or 888.

The tetrahedron prism,the simplist pathway of light, as mapped by Lawrence Edwards in "The Vortex Of Life"
Why do you use the tetrahedron?
ANANDA: Light curves according to the most simplest pathway possible, with the least amount of energy required. The tetrahedron is the simplest platonic solid, all faces equal to each other. Nature always uses the simplest pathway and so other spatial dimensions utilise, in order to use this dimension, the simplest platonic solid, as a Prism to focus. From a PSI particle, or Thoton thought particle condensation, virtual tetrahedron, into a virtual particle fluctuated localised tetrahedron.

The Vortexijah itself is a much larger macro set of tetrahedrons that incubate, or kiss, into an intercube, or an open cube -- a scalar vector that is both virtual and actual, local and non local, Spirit and matter (for animated technicals read Intergeometry).

One can fractal the Vortexijah, mirror-into-mirror. Fractallity simplified means that if one places a mirror at a certain angle one gets a mirror into a mirror, into a mirror -- that is fractal recursion, and that is precisely mapped by the Golden Ratio, or PHI (1.618). Our body is comprised from out of it. Take the end of a finger section, to the next middle of the finger section, then onto the base of the finger, and they are in their relation to each other like a Golden Spiral, the same ratio as a mirror into a mirror, into a mirror -- holographic fractal recursion, cross-indexed within the profane and arcane of the anatomy of the self.

In the same way, amidst the Diamond Body, we have tetrahedrons in cascades, each cascade mapped through an 8 Hz orthorotation through the Virtuality of Hyperspace.

The three tetrahedron sets that we use can also be shown simply in the physical heart. The heart has seven layers of muscle, and each layer is tilted at a different angle, identical to the seven colours of the rainbow.

A particle of light which looks like a torus doughnut, tilted at seven phase angles gives seven colours. And the way doughnuts are tilted for the seven colours, is according to the tetrahedron. Because the tetrahedron has seven axis of spin: the four vertece points, plus three mid-points, according to the central axis.

Those seven spin angles are the seven colours of the rainbow. At the same time the seven heart muscles are tilted at those seven angles, literally 7 arc angels/angles.

The tetrahedron is mapping the heart physically and perfectly. It is from the middle of those seven layers of heart muscle that you have absolute zerO. As the heart contracts, it contracts magnetic waves, from infinity to zerO. Science does not conclusively know how the heartbeat emerges. Even in the fetus, where the heart has not grown yet, science has detected a heart beat pulse.

There remains a mystery where it comes from. There appears to be a vacuum, or a non local access transduction meridian (scalar vector implosion vortex) there, which is harmonically transducing vacuum energy fluctuations through coherence. The vacuum, where you have infinite energy coming every moment. One cubic centimeter of the vacuum being equal to the whole mass of the universe in a moment. And it just comes and goes, unless it finds a coherent pathway to stabilise and localise.

The heart, especially in compassion, is actually capable of accessing that energy and giving a Golden Mean pathway into creation, a log-in to the fabric of locality. Through the heart beat in compassionate love, what happens is that every level of the left ventricle heart muscle produces a magnetic field in the beat.

In August 1994, whilst giving a seminar with my colleague Daniel Winter, we did some field work in measuring heart coherency, creating large level amperage coherent waves when focussing on All Is God. Dan has pioneered this field of heart coherency biofeedback, now available as the Earth Heart Link.

So there are 7 magnetic fields, and magnetic fields are doughnuts. But these magnetic toroidal doughnuts are usually scattered. When we look at a light bulb, light is scattered in every direction. This light does not travel so far: the further you go, the weaker it becomes, because the waves don't carry each other. Carrying each other in a spectrum is compassionate coherence.

However, starlight we can see perfectly, very far away. The reason is that seven waves travel as one, they carry each other, harmoniously. From the rainbow to the sun, they are traveling as the sun, as one.

When our heart is in compassionate love, the seven doughnuts line up and carry each other. That is just like a laser. When we are in compassionate love our heart is producing laser doughnuts, magnetic field lasers, which cascade according to the Golden Ratio. That is the Golden Stairway through which non-locality, almost infinite energy, can find a way into creation. The heart is what we start with initially in the training.

So you are exercising with the heart?
A: Yes. Within the heart we work with 4 points essentially. The heart muscle is one point. Another is the thymus gland, which is the immune system. (If one measures the heart with a ECG, the thymus gland rings when the heart is in compassionate love, or laser coherence. The thymus is like a satellite-dish for coherent left ventrical magnetics of the cario-rythma's. The immune system is tuned by coherent love in that sense). Then there are the T6 and T5 nerve points in the spine. Those connect the brain with the heart through the nervous system, so that we are aware of compassionate love there.

We learn to feel the coherent intension tickle of the compassionate atension at the heart, as an instigator or ignition key for our Vortexijah Diamond Body.

For the heart in coherent love produces two vortex pyramids, the coherent heart laser cascades that fractal into in-PHI-nite recursion, "as above, so below". these Vortex Pyramid laser cascades from the hearts sacred seven synthesis we call "the pyramids of the Dove and Phoenix".

These vortex pyramids are the compassionate induction breath wave-guides for our Virtual Self, in the Vortexijah protocol. As we progress through the 10 days intensive, we unify our fields, through a series of phase-conjugate spins, through ever greater coherent stillness.

It is a matter of unifying the illusion of spin to the conscious perspective of the infinite speed of love to create zerO. Two vortexes interpenetrate each other and in the middle is the zerO. We know that there is the eye in the vortex, which is the stillness in the midst of the hurricane.

Within the Vortexijah protocol we have TWO vortexes, and the two eyes of stillness overlap. Our body becomes still, whereby the fields around the body go faster and faster. By the consciousness agent of 8 Hz phase-conjugation, we unify the magnetic fields of our body which are invisible to our eyes but not invisible to devices. These magnetic fields are made out of toroidal light -- that is a form of light body too.

We use consciousness as the Unified Field. The secret equation of Einstein is that consciousness unifies all fields: the unified field equation is consciousness. We begin with consciousness and we unify our field coherently, and that becomes a Star Ship field as we anchor it.

We use induction breathing techniques which appear to be from many secret traditions, which in synthesis we call Unity Pulse Breath. These techniques include going from very long breaths and then mirror-to-mirror cascading the breaths to shorter breath cascades, to zero. These awaken mass oxygenation in manner that it can be absorbed, and results in changes of cellular polarities and such as well.

Is the goal of this training to be in this condition of compassionate love?
ANANDA: To anchor our virtual body, our Virtual Star Ship. Virtual means pure information, our Thoton-self, particles of thought, which is made out of pure thoughts, from which our body is created. It is made from what the alchemists call Prima Materia, incorruptible, original matter, or Aqua Vita. It is to bring that Aqua Vita, to remind the fields of our body of unity, of superconductivity, conductivity.

This is essential in relationship to the changes that are to come, and in relationship to creating biological physical immortality. although through Dark Room retreats, light isolation, which is the next level that we practice (for more on Dark Rooms see The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel).

In the transformation process within the final Dark Room personal alchemy, one uses the Star Ship techniques to translate the body into the Prima Materia body. So that there is no body left. Although that might sound incredible in the West, in the East it is a common thing. In the last 100 years there have been at least 8 cases of people who locked themselves in darkness. The techniques we teach turn out to be almost identical to the very ancient Tibetan Buddhistic techniques. Now called Chakra Vajra Buddhism, or Vajrayana.

Dove and Phoenic coherent magnetic doughnut cascade in PHI from the compassionate heart, here seen in solid and as a revolved double helix vortex.

The Buddhists use darkrooms?
ANANDA: The Tibetan Buddhist. The very old Dzogchen Buddhists. Some of the Bon Po Buddhists, which come from a very old tradition of immortals, even shien extraterrestrials. The Tibetan texts speak of extraterrestrial Bodhisattvas, that come down in their own wheels or Spheres, spinning self generated Star Ship wheels, or even cities generated from their thoughts into real physical vehicles, who than descended on Earth, were self born and then passed on these techniques to sages, to Lamas, who than themselves would implement this. Lower Buddhism was a means by which people could learn laws first, and then, when they would come to the secret Tibetan Buddhism they would be told: there is no law. All is the perfection, all is the Divine!

But they found usually it was necessary to have these levels, so that people would appreciate the pathway and not misunderstand it. Many people who don't understand "All Is God", don't actually really think about it and then just apply sleep to it. So they only have a slight glimpse of it. But if you really think about "All Is God", that is an incredible realisation. It is absolutely profound. And this is actually what happens: we are uniting and fusing every possible polarity, and are not saying one is better than the other. Because love unites all polarities. In that sense compassionate love cancels karma. Because karma is a cause and effect. Compassionate love encompasses equally both poles and shows that they are compassionate love. Compassionate love transforms all things into itself. It encompasses every view. So you are canceling karma. The speed of light is karma in action. Recently scientific tests have shown that the law of causality, as a limit, has failed, which means karma as a fundamental law has failed. That is coherent news for man.


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