Transcript of Dr. Burisch's "Last" Interview of Sept. 18, 2002

{With extensive notes by Ananda and elaborate Emmanuel material}


AS TIME GATE 2004 APPROACHES [now unfolding], THIS TESTIMONY SHOULD REKINDLE SOME INTEREST IN THE IMPORTANCE OF A CIVILIAN SOVEREIGN BASED TIME GATE. Dr. Dan Burisch, formally employed by the MAJI, herein confirms a whole series of levels of information that were predicted by Emmanuel. We have taken the time to add some of our own commentaries in this text and to add several excerpts of Emmanuel communications from upto 17 years ago, that are being confirmed herein...


The most important thing is the empowering nature it implies on a Civilian based Time Gate on behalf of the Sovereignty of mankind... Much of the Time Gate 1998 and 2003 signals have been documented by civilian scientists (as we have publically presented since 1998), and are being utilized by the MAJI as some of the most important national security domains, for those of the MAJI who want a harmonious transition through 2012, and beyond...


These are the galactic signals of the MANU, which are affecting the DNA "Light Body", which is increasing its 100 UPS coherent light signal output at present, as a result of the PHI signal from this Manu Gayatri network, effecting our Sun and Earth.


Most importantly, the work we have been doing for the last 2 years (with Manu Emmanuel guidance), on the Sri Yantra/hyper Sierpinski triangle, the Rg Veda DNA Omni-dimensional code, is also the highest prime directive of the seeding of Life research in MAJI (their work with billions of black budget dollars — so this area is one of the most advanced topics on the planet at present)...


Their, so called, Ganesh particle, more properly the Maruta particle (the Maruta's outdate "ganese" by 50,000 years in archeological finds), actually is nothing new at all. The Sanskrit and proto-Vedic paradigms of the Manu accounts for it in vivid description, and many other similar families of particles (we have already presented the different particle clases in SION MANU III, and a PDF Manu-Script already sent, lists some of them), the "Ganese particle" is of the "Manu Anu" class of atom's, primarily...


This essential testimony of prime importance, gives added substantiation to the Vortexijah LOTUS vehicle... As you can see when comparing the Manu-Script III DNA Helix & Omni-D, with the enclosed pdf Manu-Script on the Rg Veda Lotus DNA and the Sierpinski Triangle. These stills from our animated slide shows will give you small idea of the significance of these findings of the last 8 months... In other words, this testimony, like Dr. R. Santilli's hadron physics, is another amplifier and verifier of the prime importance of the Vortexijah Diamond Body, and its activation at present, as the Vatarata vehicle of the Manu, to the Vehicle of Vehicles, the Manurata (Ati-Purusarata).


We first presented the STAAR Lotus documents of Dr. Burisch, in our Austrian seminar November 8, 2002, and linked the global PHI signals and some of our "New Universe" material to its contents... The signals from the galactic ETI, as gamma rays of 24 tetrahedron pulsed geometry, we presented already in TIME GATE 1998, in our Diamond Body Training in Thailand, when perfect conjunction with the Galactic Center was at hand, and the global PHI signals begun to become majorly apparent.


Our CD MANU & THE ALIEN PRESENCE, covers several 1000 pages on Dr. Burisch, as well as hundreds of other pages on relative testimony from others, and radio interview with former MAJI scientist Major Michael Wolf Kruvant — and with a copy of our book THE ALIEN PRESENCE: The Evidence For Government Contact With Alien Life Forms, some 108 covert and declassified government memorandum on the alien presence accompanies the text, together with short film interviews with military officers... Alain-Yan Mohr created a ingenious and humourous CD cover, very appropriate from "Bear technology".


Several more pieces shall be coming way of the Grailvine, to inspire the Time Gate Sovereignty.


At present microbiologist Dr Burisch, is willing to disclose his above top secret work in congressional or public briefings, if he is granted complete immunity, since he has been forced to recombine human and time traveling human/ET DNA into new DNA viruses used in the MAJI"s "Raindancer" chemtrail projects (an early variant of which some of us were subject to during the Time Gate 1996, at Vale, Norway... The CIA "stay behind" planes, from their local training center nearby Tonsberg, flew over our then southern Norway house, repeatedly, at low altitude, expressely during the Time Gate time portals we were active in, and on several occasions, 7 of us had to vacate the entire premises due to intolerance of chemicles sprayed on the surrounding land, and the nerve-toxin reactions we all were experiencing as symptoms... That various star ships came in the process of some of these Time Gate portals, probably did not help our case too much, in terms of the LOW chemtrails, but in terms of the Extratemporality of Coherence that we chose to personify on behalf of Sovereign mankind, the results in the years that followed have been spectacular... Not my idea, but one that was seeded here by Emmanuel, and especially at that time Omni-Temporal PTAH and Athena in Service of the One Creator, as Sons and Daughters of All-Oneness...


One of the most uncanny things to experience, was that after Athena showed her Golden Vehicle of coherence to Antje/Miranda Korth, and I pointed out the other vehicles in the sky that had detected her co-vehicle, that within a week or so, a microwave antenna was placed on the exact spot where she manifested her vehicle, and showed as its gateway nature in the "Tonsberg Zodiac" (a Druidic mirror of the Glastonbury Druidic Zodiac).


The brave testimony, and One Creator loving intention of Dr. Burisch, is one of the shinning lights emerging in the midst of this present world translation process. We are far more deeply in the midst of translation than most people have any idea of, except that "reality is not what it used to be, or what it appears to be" and the amplifications of polarities in just one day, are the equivalent of those that may have occurred in one month 10 years ago... We have often spoken about the converging timelines, since the Time Gate... Dr. Burisch gives testimony for other multi-time line paradigms he had the "need to know" above top secret security clearance for... The Time Gate, coordinated by the MANU, and the OT/ET races that are alirned with these Manu-Emmanuel"s, Manu Devakasa "Sons and Daughters of All-Oneness", has emantated a stabilized variant of the MAJI"s time loop paradox, right in the midst of their program, and it is irreversible, thankfully, for humanity...


 MAY this testimony Inspire you, to further the Compassionate Technology of a Civilian Sovereign TIME GATE, grafted to the NUMINOUS Omni-Temporality of true Immaculate MANUfestation. Towards ever greater coherent realization of Emmanuel's NEW UNIVERSE, in Golden Via Media.

—Ananda, April 7, 2004


REFERENCES: With TIME GATE 2004 rapidly synchronizing us towards it, we highly  recommend that you study, once again, in light of the Burisch testimony, the entire TIME GATE pages:



Some pages also provide further substantiation in the form of radar data and graphs of the Lotus signals appearing over the world, during the time gate.




Emmanuel communicated the following on Time Gates of our time with implications on the MAJI Lotus Staar project testimony and beyond, some 14 years ago in Geneva:


"...As the Earth moves fully into a 4th dimension... in consciousness, in the consciousness time zone of 2000 years, (which is not as you count time, but is a level of consciousness) — it begins to merge with the other planetary systems and the consciousness"s that are exploring the other planetary systems.


"They begin to collapse into a harmonic resonance, where they indeed meet the future, and meet the past: the past and the future converge into the present, and thus turn into Sun/Son Light frequency [{ANU: All-Oneness wavelength}].


"This has an affect with the unification with the particular star systems that are connected to the Oversoul [{ANU Virtual Neuron}] that this sun came out of [{Vivasvan SIONA}], which Sirius came out off, and which the Pleiades came out of.


Therefore, this direct Oversoul is connected to those local star systems, and any transformations that take place within this star system and within this planet, naturally affects those star systems, affects those planets, and therefore, those consciousness"s are naturally aware of the interchange, are bringing in their quality to interchange. Just as many individuals, so called from the Earth planet and plane, are projecting themselves to the Pleiades, so that there is this interchange.


"The Key Note that is being reSounded within this planet and plane and, indeed, within this solar system, is the Key Note that is going to resound the awareness of the total universe to move into one unification [{the Ganese particle is just one glimpse of that Key Note NU tuning (NU = N-ew U-niverse)}].


"That unification comes through the bleeding together of all colour spectrum dimensions [{multi-timeline blending... the MAJI"s DCTP is only one aspect of this}].


"The common denominator to bleed together all colour spectrum dimensions is the consciousness that is being born in Earth, the consciousness of Love, to feel Love [{Love = ¯, the 1.618033 hz signal is the pure gold of Love, PHI}].


"That is why it has such an important influence on all other colour spectrum dimensions, whether they are in past time frames, or future time frames.


"You see there is going to be a converging of all "evolutions", so to speak, in the past present, and future, in other time spectrum dimensions, in other time frames. This is all happening through Earth."

—EMMANUEL April 6th 1990, Geneva Public Audience Transmission


"In some of the high mountain ranges in Scandinavia, the gate way has virtually remained completely open, from other ages, so to speak and to your perception, but in other time frames to our perception in this simultaneous mode... It will help the gate way be opened for the whole planet Earth. Within Norway, particularly, within the mountain ranges, and within Northern Sweden, there is the that pure energy which just needs a little reallignment within the consciousness...


"The 4th dimension is also in the process of ascension, and is relying first on the unification with this dimension. Just as many of the dimensions within the solar system are merging with their counterpart dimensions first.


"There are many dimensions within each of the planets that need unifying, and so move into a greater sense of unification. And so the counterpart of the third dimension is the fourth dimension, they are being united — all counterparts are being united...


However, many of these consciousness"s are not looking at this from the state of time — only if they choose to, now and then. And thus they are in a state more aware of being Sun/Son Light consciousness.


"They are more aware of what you see as the future. But they experience it NOW. They experience it in the Living Moment — because the future, the past and the now are the Living Moment. And, therefore, they are waiting for you to move into the unification with the fourth dimension, so this planet may also be perceived as the past and the future merged with the present."


—EMMANUEL, Exploring The 4th Dimension, Ascending The Universe, March 6th 1990. Sanctuary Meeting at Marina Munks.




Dr. Dan B. Catselas Burisch, (Ph.D., State University of New York, Stoneybrook), as a microbiologists was in covert operations at the lab facilities underneath Papoose Mountain Site-4 (S4), {Nevada Test Site, near Area 51/Dreamland} since the early 1990s. Working on extraterrestrial tissue obtained from a live source. The aspiration samples were gathered and evaluated in his capacity as a microbiologist for the United States Navy.


Dr. Burisch is involved in a new covert project, the details of which bear a striking similarity to his work at Area-51 — his current participation, literally at gunpoint, are attempting to use his skills to alter certain elements of our DNA and RNA codes: reverse engineer and recombine human and non-terrestrial DNA.


The strenuous objections of the microbiologists on the project several years ago helped to slow the research, but now if left unchecked. DNA recombining of the human genome with that of the Extraterrestrial Biological Entities (EBE"s), appears to be one effort of grafting extratemporal time lines... About extraterrestrial biology Dr Burisch indicated that:


 "They use a somewhat combined variety of oxidative phosphorylation and ARF mediated COP-coated vesicles. It's also involved with an analog of clathrin-like coated vesicles (see, http://www.public-1.cryst.bbk.ac.uk/~ubcg16s/research.htm


for mechanism by which clathrin coats mediate receptor-mediated endocytosis). Through their electron transport chain, both ATP and GTP are formed simultaneously. The organ, that corresponds to their lungs, gulps or traps the hydrogen which is then pumped through active transport using 'spiracle'-like tubes into an analog organ, much like our alveoli."


THE EBE"s rather than be ET"s par se, are considered to be a part of the human race in the future that mutated, according the MAJI briefing documents...


Dr. Burisch worked both at the S4 underground base and the Bechtel organisation"s Dulce base, both having 9 main hive levels, and recently popularized in the sci-fi film Resident Evil (the Hulk, also features aspects of the Nevada Test Site, as does Hellboy... Resident Evil, however, is the first fiction film that has emerged with such uncanny accuracy of these clandestine underground bases. Dulce is the biggest in the USA, and we have detailed it since 1990 — some of the most outrageous projects have occurred there, include the Matrix/Walkin technology, human animal hybridization, and human cloning, but that is just the surface of the thing...


In this interview Dr. Burisch deals with the many timelines that are interacting with the covert government, MAJI, and our timeline, and its effects on our future and 2012...


WILLIAM HAMILTON: You were taken to the Dulce facility?


DR. DAN BURISCH: This was the first time I was taken to the facility at LANL, yes... {ANANDA: LANL = Los Alamos National Labs. Archuleta Mesa, Dulce, is tube shuttle vehicle connected to Los Alamos National Labs}


WILLIAM HAMILTON: Go ahead and just describe as you would...


DR. DAN BURISCH: Initially I was not told why I was being taken up... first to Watertown, then over to the Sector 4 facility.*1


I was asked to view certain slides from the Sector 4 facility which showed the papilloma [sp?] virus, and these slides were set up under a transmission electron microscope.


There were maps [virus maps] there... I was asked what my knowledge was of the papilloma virus, I told them it was limited, and then they told me they needed to take me to another location.


We boarded an aircraft, a very small Lear jet, and we flew east – we HAD to have gone east, for the geography was east....after landing, I boarded a chopper, I think it was a Blackhawk chopper to the best of my knowledge, as I"m not an expert in military aviation.



*1 Note: the infamous S4, outside of Area 51, at the ultra secret Nevada Test Site.


The Blackhawk was "blacked out", no pun intended, and we flew from the airstrip to what I was told was part of LANL.


From there I was loaded into a white van and taken up a road which was very bumpy. They finally, after about 15 minutes, allowed us to raise the blinds on the van. I saw a couple of road signs, one of which was a square white sign with black lettering that said "R4" {ANANDA: Major Dr. Michael Wolf Kruvant, may have provided info that could indicate R4 to stand for RET-4, that is RETiculum-4, the name of one group of EBE"s}.


 I was then told we would be taken to (myself and 2 other gentlemen) a facility code-named "Sweetness". They asked me if I had ever heard of the "Dulce Facility" or the alleged "Section D", as you mentioned [here Dan smiles as he leans towards Bill Hamilton]. I believe that"s what you"re referring to the other day. I told them I"d heard of it briefly, that it allegedly existed, that there was a lot of unique tinkering that went on in the biological field in that facility.


The van rounded to the left and stopped in front of a large door, where we were met by 2 gentlemen, one of which was wearing a US Marine Corps uniform [{ANANDA: MAJI interface through the Office of Navel Intelligence, and CINPACT}] and the other who wore a grey polo shirt, with black collar, and a red patch, very prominent red patch with a black triangle — something written in the triangle....you had asked me about the orientation of the triangle, and it was an equilateral triangle, with the center point facing down.... flat on top.... it bothers me when I can"t remember a pattern, but as God is my witness I can"t remember what was inside the triangle.


 {ANANDA: from security guard Thomas Castillo we know that there is a Greek Tau-T inside the black triangle of the NRO/Navy Delta Troops at Archuleta Mesa, Dulce, New Mexico. Variants of this "Trilaterial Insignia" have been seen on security guards in underground mountain bases in Arolla, Switzerland, and Holmekollen, old norse "hollow mountain" base, Oslo, Norway. Telenore (Norwegian telecom), being the stooge front of the clandestine operation center at the massively deep and extensive underground, and under ocean base. Spanning from the telecommunications tower at the Holmekollen pinnacle into several dozen subterranean storey levels, extending beneath the palace to the Oslo Akerhus ocean, and under fjord, to the Nesodden peninsula, using the extensive underground base utilised by the NAZI"s during WWII, as  well as having tube tunnels extending to the former NATO underground base, at Kolsos}.


 So.... we went inside, to the left, where a guard greeted us and provided us with an orange badge. We went within a series of roll-up doors, to a small foyer, with an elevator to the right, which took us down to the first level down....while we were going through the foyer I noticed there was an "FM1" sprayed on the door.


The FM1, I don"t know what that meant, I have not been told. If it"s anything like the 4-1, for Sector Four Level One at Papoose Lake, I would make the assumption that the "1" stood for "Level 1". The "FM" I don"t know. After travelling down one floor, we exited....this turned into a crazy bit of funny business [here Dan smiles wryly]...we exited the elevator, and they changed our badge for a blue badge.


We re-signed in and were fingerprinted at that point, brought into a small room, and were told that they had some business that they needed to attend to with regards to the papilloma virus, and asked if we had been briefed on the papilloma virus.


At that point, myself and the 2 other gentlemen kind of looked at each other and went "UMMMM?!?!?" [Dan makes a weird sound and chuckles], just what we had been asked a few hours ago. They basically looked disturbed, like someone had dropped the ball.


We then went with our blue badges in hand to a second set of elevators, went down one more floor, exited, where they gave us our orange badges back (or what looked like our orange badges). Following our orange badges, we entered into a –well I"ve never been to the New York subway, but it looked like a small monorail system, like something out of Disneyland....this business "it"s a small world" monorail. We travelled about several hundred yards on the monorail, exited, were greeted by a staff scientist, who then told us he would escort us down the hallway to show us our areas of responsibility.


At this point they had a near civil rebellion on their hands because we didn"t know what the hell they wanted us for. I was starting to get worried at this point, because they were basically taking us further and further into the facility and gradually doors were going to lock. But given the number of guards they had in the facility, and I should"ve said all along the way, there were people with what looked like AR-15s, clearly not a place to fight. So we went down the hallway and into the briefing room, at which point we were requested to perform an analysis of plasmic recombination involving restricted enzymes on a variety of tissue to remove segments of...of...a retrovirus fragment and to...if possible, associate that retrovirus with the genome of a papilloma virus.


WILLIAM HAMILTON: What was the source of this tissue?


DR. DAN BURISCH: The source of the tissue was listed with a J number and a K number. The 2 scientists that were with me did not immediately know what that meant. Given my experience at Sector 4, I knew fairly quickly that I was dealing with a J-Rod sample.


WILLIAM HAMILTON: An extraterrestrial biological source?


DR. DAN BURISCH: Yes. The J-Rods are still defined, despite what we know concerning the issue of the Paradox, as "Extraterrestrial Biological Entities", given the dissociation of time between Earth and where they end up.




DR. DAN BURISCH: I don"t do things without reason. The 2 scientists that were with me I didn"t know from Adam previous to the meeting, but I kinda spilled the beans and I let them know about the K-24 samples.


The K-24 samples from Sector 4 specifically involved the research project having to do with Project Aquarius for which I was one of the Working Group leaders. Ummm.... pardon me, but these are very difficult things to say with a camera staring at me [Dan is nervously toying with his glasses as he speaks.]


WILLIAM HAMILTON: Proceed at your own pace.


DR. DAN BURISCH: [smiles darkly] I have no choice! BUT. [laughter from the hallway; Dan stops and stares darkly at the doorway for a moment].


 Following my spilling the beans, now proceeded the interrogation; they wanted to know why I told them about the K-24 samples, and it"s the old axiom if you"re asked why? you ask Why Not?


The interrogation was ceased fairly quickly at that point, and we were brought into a Clean Sphere environment, external capsule Clean Sphere, where we were told what the real purpose of the project was. [long pause....] ummmm.....now I have to be VERY careful [smiles grimacingly]


WILLIAM HAMILTON: Is this something that...


DR. DAN BURISCH: [interrupting, in a rehearsed, anunciated monotone:] Having had no previous experience with biological warfare [looks around] (and I don"t have a polygraph hooked up to me here)...[repeating] Having had no previous experience with biological warfare materials, it came as quite the surprise to me that they could possibly be considering the usage of an alien retrovirus recombined with a terrestrial viral genome for possible use in BCW or at least possible activities that could move toward biological warfare as applied terrestrially. [long pause]


WILLIAM HAMILTON: Hunh! [long pause]


DR. DAN BURISCH: The potential for its use in that kind of environment was inconsistent with my ethical boundaries. It would have exited the ethical boundaries I place upon myself as a scientist, and that I believe society places on me as a scientist, it would also far divert from moral boundaries I believe my Creator has placed upon me as a human being.


Therefore my answer was No. [pause] And I thought that was it, and I don"t mean my participation ... I thought that would"ve been "all she wrote". They agreed to house me in the facility, where I went with my cute little orange badge to a residential unit a little further down the tram line and one level below that (they did not change my orange badge when I went the level below). My experience during the time I stayed there was horrifying. You know when you hear human beings screaming in pain?




DR. DAN BURISCH: [long pause; he grimaces, sighs in anguish with eyes closed, obviously in pain at remembering] I think I"ve said all I need to say about that.


WILLIAM HAMILTON: So, have you seen any similar activity at the Papoose Lake site, S4?


DR. DAN BURISCH: (nodding his head yes) Yes, S4, Level 3... which is basically considered the "housing unit"...its been called different things; the "Museum", the "Housing Unit", the "Hall of Tortures"... the "Animal Retention Facility".


One of the horrifying things about the S4 facility is travelling in the elevator system and there is enough of a sound conduit in the elevator system where you can hear the sounds of the "test subjects" from the 3rd floor while you are in the elevator system on various other floors, and the sounds are akin to what I heard at the Dulce facility.


{ANANDA: Level 6 at Sector-D, Dulce, is akin to the Hallway sector in the film Resident Evil, where animal human gene combinations through biowarfar technology were housed... In Dulce, this section Ultra C above top secret security clearance, as testified by the now assassinated Thomas Castillo, is way beyond what Resident Evil described, dubbed "Nightmare Hall," here animal-human combinations of all varieties have been seen. In our MANU III series of seminars we describe the MATRIX reality engineering projects that these are part of... The editer of the Swedish X-Files magazine (formally "Hard Times"), told us in Dalena, Sweden, April 1994, that he has interviewed military personal and other agents, who have testified their observation of similar animal human mutation research in underground bases in Sweden, including the "Twin Peaks" base near Stockholm. There are less reliable rumours of similar bases throughout Europe}.


 Every once in awhile you could hear the sounds of other vertabrates... dogs, cats, monkeys, screaming....some of which are just natural behaviors due to how they"re being kept, in sterile –when I say sterile I mean not conducive to a [?] environment, more like a housing facility such as a kennel, and occasionally you can hear the sounds of [here he chokes up] your brothers and sisters....


WILLIAM HAMILTON: Now the J-Rod was kept on the fifth level, the bottom-most level, in a clean environment?


DR. DAN BURISCH: [nods] A pressurized hydrogen Clean Sphere, yes.


WILLIAM HAMILTON: Part of what the J-Rod breathed; was that different from our own nitrogen/oxygen atmosphere; that was different from our own in what respect?


DR. DAN BURISCH: In the respect that the larger partial pressure was hydrogen, and in so doing we have a pressure differentiation and a temperature difference. It was an extremely cold facility, in the Clean Sphere. There was insufficient oxygen in the gaseous mixture to support human life, human as we understand it presently.


In other words, if I had been introduced into the Clean Sphere, not wearing the TES [suit] I would have died... rapidly, from asphyxiation and from cold.


WILLIAM HAMILTON: Was the mixture flammable?


DR. DAN BURISCH: [nods vigorously] Yes! Well, not flammable at the temperature it was being maintained at. Yes, it was extremely cold....I don"t remember the exact number [degrees]...it"s been a long time since I was in there.


WILLIAM HAMILTON: So when was the last time you were in there? "94, was it?


DR. DAN BURISCH: ummm...




DR. DAN BURISCH: [smiles knowingly] Oh, you"re probably referring back to the Q94 document... that is, in fact, a date...[murmuring as BJ comes in to the room]... the infamous "109a", and b, c, d, & e....unfortunately, the rest of the document didn"t....didn"t leak....


WILLIAM HAMILTON: Now this latest [here Dan interrupts, finishing his thought, obviously experiencing painful memories, saying "I"m sorry...I just thought about how it got out, and what happened to my friends....."]


WILLIAM HAMILTON: Now this request, which you turned down at Dulce, and they weren"t too happy about....


DR. DAN BURISCH: I re-turned the request down the following morning, at which point I was threatened to be maintained as a permanent resident [smiles sardonically] and I asked whether or not I would be taken to the "kennel", would that be the result of my residency, and they kinda laughed it off almost scurrilously, and I was transported later that afternoon back to the Air Force base here at Nellis, from where I was taken back to Watertown [insider slang for Area 51] and released [chuckles darkly] to my own recognizance....


WILLIAM HAMILTON: Did you feel like you gained further insight into what the Program was about, and what Majestic was doing.....


DR. DAN BURISCH: [interjecting] Well I know full well what Majestic is doing on a few different levels; I don"t know all the activities, I wouldn"t be privy to them, but I know full well about the activities involving the association of the J-Rods, I know full well about the "work" that they have undergone involving Raindancer, which is a compartmentalized project within the chemtrail project, [Duncan Kunz should fall on his sword now], and I know full well what their involvement is regarding BCW work (Biological and chemical warfare) involving the retroviruses.....


A: I agree with trying to help, but moving cautiously... B: The second of the two, I am in disagreement with the philosophy, because it was the employment of a heli-case restriction virus, and C: I am in total disagreement with due to moral and ethical reasons.


WILLIAM HAMILTON: Now, was there any indication to you that we"re still caught on a timeline that is probably headed for future catastrophe?


DR. DAN BURISCH: [long pause.....he mulls the question over] You"re talking about the Doctrine of Convergent Timeline Paradox?


WILLIAM HAMILTON: You might want to talk about that a little bit...


DR. DAN BURISCH: Well, as I understand it, as I understand... I"ve got no personal, how can I have personal experience with a time paradox? [shrugs shoulders, gestures pleadingly, smiles almost incredulously] aside from living in the reality within which we exist... but from what I understand from what I"ve read, and from the conversations to which I"ve been privy, we are in fact living in a chimera....a reality chimera, which hodge-podges together the reality time-line that we would normally associate with moving from A to B, cause to effect, with the nexus being the passage of clock-time... and a hodge-podging together superimposed onto that in our reality of errors that we made in our future, to attempt to go back into our past to correct the problems of our future.


Those results have hodge-podged a ... rather than splitting a time-stream as maybe such people as Michio Kaku would posit. Now I"m no theoretical physicist... I"m just a lowly biologist that looks at patterns.... but it hodge-podges together, in a real sense to us, those things which happened... are to happen in the future with our present timeline due to a...a...an interruption of the time-stream.


Instead of splitting into two time-streams, what happened is as soon as we mucked around with something, we overlaid a second time-stream into the present reality. And the problem with that is, as I understand we did it more than once, so what we have is a snowball effect. A time-stream, upon time-stream, upon time-stream......[loops his hand continuously in the air]


WILLIAM HAMILTON: Okay, I understand what you"re saying....a loop within a loop....


DR. DAN BURISCH: Yes, more of a ... well, from my framework, moving from A to B [here loops his hands again, and points to where the loop returns to rejoin the string] looping like this, and each of those nodes would be an overlay of a time-stream. So the more we muck with it, the worse we get.


WILLIAM HAMILTON: And the critical period of time is coming up within about ten years?


DR. DAN BURISCH: [starts to half-nod diagonally] The critical period, according to the history [here face breaks into incredulous smile] of... which has not technically been written yet... if you walk outside and say this [gestures grandly towards the door] they will charge you with incoherency! [laughs, then whispers "I had to say that!"].


The history has not been written yet, if you walk outside here. [now he is extremely serious]. But according to the history books that I read, there is a "difficulty", unless they further overlaid something in the time-stream that either corrects it or gets us out of the paradox in which we live, which I don"t know how the hell that would happen.


I don"t pretend to understand that kind of stuff. Put a slide in front of me and I"ll do a micro on it, okay? [here he is smiling and addressing his response to BJ]....[returning to Bill and the camera] but yeah, around 2012.


We"re talking about the famous Dec 21, 2012, the Mayan issues... the Catastrophe is alleged to have and to occur around yeah, that date.... and what we can do about it I have no clue.


WILLIAM HAMILTON: But we have a split, so to speak, in the human...?


DR. DAN BURISCH: [nodding] Following the Catastrophe, there is a split between those individuals that take a more spiritual path and will move forward to places such as the Moon and Mars and then onward from there to Orion, and those folks who take a more rudimentary path because it"s the alleged "spiritual" nature of humankind, from their philosophy at that time, which led us to not deal with the pressing problems of the day because we were too busy fighting our petty religious battles, that then go off into a more "logical", "mathematical", "numerological" philosophy.


Those folks who then progress SLOWER because of the lack of ambition –spiritual ambition – then gradually moving off to the Reticulum area, who then become the J-Rods.


{ANANDA: We gave extensive information on Alternative 2 and 3 in our 1992 Radio Nye Tider and Radio Unicorn broadcasts. The ultra secret Moon Base ADAM, and Mars explorational base EVE. We cited from the "M" project documents of president Rosevelt, by the Manhatten project scientists, after WWII, that started these secret space program initiatives, including extensive lunar minning operations (hiding the actual nature of mars and Venus was central to this planning the documents allude... Only now is the public being told that they were lied to by NASA on Mars, with water announced, and now just recently Methane in the air, indicating that vegatation is growing there — something we stated in our press conference on the Alien Presence, January 1991, Copenhagen, Denmark). We cited from the testimony of astronaut and physicist Brain O Leary, on his knowledge of the secret space program, as well as reviewing a former architect who desgined the Lunar subterranean buildings, under covert contractorial conditions, during the early 1960s. When on air, we received a phone call, from a person who gave inside information on a secret manned Moon landing, before Apollo 11, and other material of similar ilk... In the 12 years since then, the case of Alternative 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 has strengthened, and the projects and operating Operations are highly elaborated and extended therein... A great deal of these projects central Nexus is temporal fidelling...}


WILLIAM HAMILTON: Now, by what process do they become (J-rods); is it some kind of radiational mutation that takes place in their cell structure?


DR. DAN BURISCH: Well the adaptive radiation occurs time past the Catastrophe... now this is according to what I"ve read. Now the only thing I can say for sure, say for damned sure, is the interaction with the being that I had at Sector 4  [S4].


Now I can say nothing authoritatively about the peculiar adaptive radiation that occurred toward Orion, the spiritual half of the species, following the Catastrophe... aside from the few things I"ve read about it and petty chat going on at, uh, Jehovah"s [Jehovah"s?!? Did we hear that right?!? –ed. {ANANDA: There is Project Jehova, under MJ44, AKA MJ12, ergo the MAJI. There is the JeHOOVA computer intelligences from the future — see THE ELOHIM COMPUTER series of Grail Vine"s and Grail Zines for details}], but the J-rods undergo adaptive radiation to the form that we see presently... uh, the word "presently" is kind of relative when it comes to these issues now but, "presently" due to time and exposure after they"ve moved off to Reticulum.


The height began to decrease as a function of microevolutionary changes. The eye size, the same; the eyes started getting larger...which by the way is an interesting thing, because as the eyes were getting larger, and this was before the true darkening occurred, via the cover lenses, and the double lensing, the double lid system that they have [here Dr B toggles his fingers to describe the double eyelids of the J-rods] which is a very beautiful architecture, but the... something happened, with their travelling back into time... it"s part of the problem...where they actually landed in the Land of Enchantment [tag line for the State of New Mexico] before the structures changed for their eyes.


WILLIAM HAMILTON: [slowly, amazed] The land of enchantment...


DR. DAN BURISCH: [knowing nod] Um-hm. 1947.


WILLIAM HAMILTON: Okay. New Mexico, right?


DR. DAN BURISCH: Yes, and I"m not so certain how close the young lady was and how this all fits in even in my own life. Miss June Crain. [remember that Dr B"s given surname was Crain, which he changed in "95 at his own request; June Crain is mentioned in much of the lore surrounding Roswell]


But the little folks which were obtained there were not fully, what I would say, fully "greys" at the time, and could not be considered fully J-rods at the time because they had not moved later on to the Gliese system to gradually hopefully try to correct the problem that they"re making worse for us but......[here Dan heaves a huge sigh] paradoxes....


{ANANDA: We presented extensive information and paradigms of Gliese, in our April 10, 1997 Berlin seminar... Showing several slides of the unique anomalies that are occurring in that star region, as part of the galactic unification process to the N.U. of MANU.


Emmanuel"s ATON-RA communication series, such as The Andromeda Call, The Universal Harvest, The Universal Game, and Maintainers Of The Dream, share paradigms that surpass the present MAJI Alternative 3 and 4 projects, at the security clearance level that Dr. Burisch has his need to know clearance on. There are higher levels of MAJI that go further. Actually the changes occurring at Gliese are a signal that these projects and future time lines are in the process of phase-conjugation and thereby phase-cancellation, through Omni-D Coherence.}


WILLIAM HAMILTON: So this may....


DR. DAN BURISCH: I can sound incoherent! [laughs out loud toward BJ, she laughs too]


WILLIAM HAMILTON: So this may have been at some point where they had developed space and time travel, but not at the later stages, maybe the earlier?


DR. DAN BURISCH: Well their evolution hadn"t even been completed at that point. Completed to the point where I had had experience of meeting the "gentleman" that I met at Sector 4. [pause] It"s difficult... we were trained to call them "specimens" and they"re just frankly not specimens. People are people. But they had not developed the darkening system yet.


In fact that was a microevolutionary change which occurred because of the particular solar issues which were going on on the planet that we – meaning the shorter folks – moved off to, and these changes were just beginning to take place at the time that they were working the time travel issues and landed in "47, so their eyes actually contained a structure which while larger were very similar to ours. Which they don"t have now.


But that may account for the varying opinions between the darkened eyes and the structure of the eyes that the eyewitnesses provided from I guess it was the Brazel ranch or something like that... I understand there was some sort of differential between the two descriptions. I have not seen any of the bodies or anything like that from the Roswell issue, so I can"t speak for certain,... you asked me to free-wheel in this situation, so I [here Dan leads forward and gestures apologetically toward Bill and the camera]


WILLIAM HAMILTON: Right. And you didn"t get briefed specifically on what happened at Roswell then?


DR. DAN BURISCH: In the briefing books there were mentions...okay? And there was probably a very heavy specific briefing in there, but when I was first brought up to the Groom area [part of the Area 51 complex –ed.], when we were provided with the briefing books, frankly I didn"t care.


I thought I was up there, to be very honest with you, to work some sort of ... bio-remediation project? uh, more leaning to what ended up in reality as the Raindancer program.


You know, the Raindancer and the chemtrail program...because I was extremely interested at the time not only in the histology and the histopathology but I was also extremely interested in biospherics, which is what got me interested in, what forwarded me in with the NASA folks, and the AVL project, the biological laboratory project, etc etc... so I wasn"t particularly interested, and in fact, before I experienced the "gentleman" in the Clean Sphere, I frankly thought, honestly thought, that people who believed in aliens were tin-foil heads. [Here Dan shrugs his shoulders and shakes his head, then chuckles wryly saying "egg on my face!"]


WILLIAM HAMILTON: Were there not any other aliens at the Dulce facility, or were you not made aware of any?


DR. DAN BURISCH: I was, in fact, made aware in a conversation that there are processes underway where they are, in fact, producing hybrids. [pause...] And it is just, inconceivable; we"re in the middle of a paradox as it is; we"ve got our own progeny making our paradox worse... [pause]...and we"re ADDING to it!


God only knows where this is going to lead to, simply because we"re proDUCING these, these, I don"t want to say monsters because I don"t know WHAT it is, to be very honest with you. I do know that we"ve taken the process of natural selection and thrown it out the window! [Dan is getting passionate now]. And not only have we done that, we"ve done so willfully and with negligence toward our own future! It"s extremely angering to me because I"m watching us.... (boy, I"m gonna hafta watch my language here!) I"m watching us muck our world up worse, with indifference....


BJ Wolf: and also with arrogance....


DR. DAN BURISCH: Or almost! As soon as you add 2 things together which are not meant to be together [here he turns to Bill and gestures with his forearm] It"s the old thing, if you want to go into the popular movies of dinosaurs and men being seperated by 65 million years of history, in that...that...Jurassic Park movie or whatever, the rape of the natural world, well by God he got it right! We"re raping her! [Dan is really impassioned now; you can tell this is what has gotten him so angry].....and damn us for it! Damn us for it!


WILLIAM HAMILTON: So, what do they hope to accomplish by producing these hybrids?


DR. DAN BURISCH: That they didn«t tell me!


WILLIAM HAMILTON: And what do they hope to accomplish by producing hybrids?


DR. DAN BURISCH: That they didn"t tell me. Not specifically....{ANANDA: grafting timelines through DNA intercalation, preventing the EBE/J-rod from vanishing in their timeline} I can theorize that what they"re doing is taking the Aquarius project and they"re taking it to the next step... the next level, if you will. Kinda like taking the atom bomb and turning it into the hydrogen bomb, no matter what evil comes out of it.


BJ Wolf: At the end of the Q94 document, you make some rather strong statements against doing exactly this....


DR. DAN BURISCH: Wild types [at this point Dan"s demeanor becomes grim and passionately determined...] See the problem is this: we have viruses which are resident within our genome.


When you begin combining , cloning if you will, for lack of a better term, the retroviruses which are present in our genome – what we would say naturally – and god only knows what"s REALLY in there because of the reality with which we"re dealing... and those things which we know are NON-resident....what are we possibly going to release?


 {ANANDA: this is using the "ANU" Virtual Neuron Invarient Vehicle of our D4 DNA, to enroute the MANU Omni-D Life Semantics and Numinous Syntaxis, as a star gate. Or reality synthesizer portal junction. Floating "junk DNA" and triple helices are aspects of this culmination... The TIME GATE, is the public version of correcting the covert time traveling garbage, instigated by our Omni-Temporal and Extra-Temporal gender... AKA Ptah and co. From the Andromedian OT Eschaton. If Dr Burisch ever gets to read THESE notes, he just MAY have the right security clearance and "need to know" to read the MAJI files on our  "contacts", which will go back to at least 1986, from the Rudloe manor research team files, in England}



Can anybody tell us what the origin of viruses are? They tell us they are evolutionary archives; throwbacks from time immemorial in the evolutionary history of life on earth. "Really?" [Dan asks rhetorically]


I was asked about inconsistencies a little while ago about USN vs. USMC. I brought out a consistency having to do with my own birthdate... 1960 vs. 1964.....and I said "gosh gee whillikers, I was awful young then".


Well how young were we when life evolved on this planet? [at this point Dan is as animated as Bruce Willis at his most vehement] Or in fact was seeded? How young were we then? How do we know? We don"t. Thus is also... causes the resident danger within the project within which I am currently working.


WILLIAM HAMILTON: Which is the Staarflower project...


DR. DAN BURISCH: It"s a subset of the Staarflower project. I originally.... it"s named the Lotus. Staarflower was the umbrella project above it.


WILLIAM HAMILTON: Now I see that spelled two ways...Starflower and Staarflower.


DR. DAN BURISCH: The way I originally envisioned it was Star, and then you see it the way that "They" applied it, within the actual classification system which was Staar.


{ANANDA: Dan did not understand the etymological logic behind using "staar" instead of "star"... I can answer this plainly, in Sanskrit, star is also written staar. So this is the most ancient form of our word for the stars, emerging from the OT and ET components of the MANU (the Vesvedevas of the Manuvah: OT"s, and space gods of the Manu Devakasa: ET"s), and ANU-Nabi races, in holographic omnitemporal textile symbiosis with our life and cogniscent fabric, or scalar vector matrix}


WILLIAM HAMILTON: Does that refer to a group?


DR. DAN BURISCH: Well that in fact does, well... it"s a "beanbox". We refer to them as "beanboxes". I"m in a particular beanbox which is called Aquarius. There"s a Staar beanbox, and that group specifically deals with time issues, issues involving the larger millieu of extraterrestrial interactions, and with the historical issues involving the imprints of the extraterrestrials on civilizations past, and how those imprints affect us today. That"s as I understand it, but see that"s not my beanbox.


BJ Wolf: I"ve gotta go back to something before you started talking about STAAR....


DR. DAN BURISCH: (rooting around in his chair) We each get our own little funky....funky Aquarius uh....


BJ Wolf: I"ve gotta go back to something you said: "Terrestrial viruses are an archive". However, previously you had said that they had asked you to "manipulate non-terrestrial source material and.... lock it up with something that was terrestrial" so if we"re trying to tap a source material that is extraterrestrial and viral in nature are we going back into the extraterrestrial history to try to find an extraterrestrial ancient virus that we don"t know anything about the extraterrestrials now?


DR. DAN BURISCH: Well first of all I didn"t say that. First of all I have to correct you that viruses were evolutionary archives, I said that "it is currently thought that viruses are evolutionary archives".


Secondly, are we dipping into the primordial soup of the human genome and possibly going to capture other encoded retroviruses and activate them as a result of the present time-dipping of our ladle. [Here Dan is the deadly serious scholar with the forefinger punched into the temple of the ponderer].


Yes, possibly we are. Thirdly. [here he takes off his glasses, shuts his eyes in a dark grimace, resting his temple against his fingers...] Do we know for certain WHEN the certain percentage of the human genome, which we know as  virally and at some uh....uh.....other fragments Viroid fragments.... Do we know the percentage that came via natural selection ----micro-evolutionary change... I"m not going to have myself classified as a monkey"s uncle... [here both Bill and BJ are laughing] although I could accept it, if that is the ultimate reality, why not! If I can accept what I"ve seen already in my life I"d have to be able to accept that... Will we be able to discern between the two, I think is the question...


BJ Wolf: That is my question...


DR. DAN BURISCH: The answer is "NO", unless we are receiving more information from the Orion folks, (whoever the hell they are, truly)... we, the "spiritual" ascended beings or whatever... I don"t know, I don"t have any direct experience with them... or are receiving more information from the J-rods than to which I am privy, then the answer is, (if we"re not), the answer is "No, we don"t".


If we are, "possibly". I don"t know what the nature of the information would be that"s coming from them, because they"re not providing me with that information.


BJ Wolf:  What you get is compartmentalized... just exactly what it is they think you need to know [here Dan"s body language is saying "Duh!" "Of course!"]


DR. DAN BURISCH: Look. If it comes out that we are in the fix that we are in.... what is that going to do??? how is it going to help or hinder? Hell, I don"t know!!!


Would the collective mind of present humanity bring us toward a positive answer? Look at the state of the world! [here BJ is pacing back and forth behind the camera, and Dan follows her with his line of sight]


BJ Wolf: It couldn"t get much worse!


DR. DAN BURISCH: What are we going to do? Are we going to hand this to Kofi Annan and the United Nations??!!?? Hah hah!!!!! And I"m not meaning to belittle the man!, he"s an intelligent, wonderful man! [here Dan looks and sounds like Bruce Willis at his most earnest]... but what in the hell"s HE going to do with it??  What is the collective mind of humanity, given our present mentality, DO?!???


This may bring us to a faster demise by increasing more... fractionation of the human populace!!!


We haven"t even figured out yet that THIS god [points to the left] and THAT god [points to the right] and THIS god {again] and THAT god [again] ARE ALL PART OF THE SAME GOD!!!


So how in the hell are we going to figure out that problem?? No matter what you want to call Him, It, Her, whatever.... the beautiful thing from which we come!!! People want to own everything, EXCEPT the solutions. The thing which will free us, is if we own the solution, but "They" want to own the process of getting to it.


(Transcription note: There is a break here.)


DR. DAN BURISCH: The clean sphere would raise up through a diaphragm iris from the floor. They kept him (J-Rod) in a separate location – I don"t know what they were doing while he was being staged there before we came in. They never told me that, OK?


However, the 4-5 designation was given specifically to make him comfortable because of the addition of the two numbers, which is in fact why they built a 9-level base. And there have been a number of people in the past – Robert Lazar, I believe mentioned nine.


{ANANDA: scientist Robert Lazar came forwards on the 1989 Nevada Prime Time News with his testimony on Alien Reproduction Vehicle (ARV) involvement at the S4, Groom Lake base, at the Nevada Test site, ergo Area 51. ARV"s are part of project REDLIGHT, and this project was extensively detailed in our 1991-92 Danish radio broadcasts. The 9 level base, follows the bee hive cone system of the Knight Templars and Free Mason"s, it is also featured in the film Resident Evil — where the Insignia of the base, is the Templar cross, and it is a 9-levelled beehive system run by an A.I. computer "Queen Bee". The Bechtel"s Dulce base, also was reported to have 9 main underground levels, by ultra C secuirity clearance officer, Thomas Castillo. However, both Dulce and the S4 base, have another 23 levels, in addition to the hive-9...


Major Robert O Dean, formally with the NATO SHAPE study called "The Assessment," on the alien presence, and serving 15 years in the Intelligence "black world" of FEMA, relayed to me personally, in September 1995, when we were scheduled to speak together at the same congress, Milan, Italy, that he was aware of the 29th level of S4, underground, which has the exotic "tunneling" transportation system. See our 1993 book THE ALIEN PRESENCE: The Evidence For Government Contact With Alien Life Forms}


But going in, there would be an entry team, usually a team of one when we would go into the clean sphere. We would be given a medical and suited while catheterized and plugged...


... (first words about degeneration of something are not clear) which was associated with a heat loss problem due to the peripheral nerves.


LINDA MOULTEN HOWE {EMMY AWARD DOCUMENTARY FILM MAKER}: Then how could J-Rod be in a very COLD hydrogen atmosphere?)


DR. DAN BURISCH: I was asked specifically to find out the origin of that problem having no idea at the time about this time paradox business and all of that. No clue whatsoever about it.


I was basically just trying to help a fellow being. Finally, it was determined that the only way would be a cloning effort, or clone therapy, genetic therapy.


The only way to proceed with that therapy would be to produce hybrid associations between present genomes, human genomes - (very hard to hear) - a present human genome with their (J-Rod) present genomes. We tinkered a little bit with (says something here not understandable) fresh human medium - (I"m not going to get into the origin of that fresh human medium.) – so that we could by associating genetically the fresh human media with his medium, a partial alleviation of the peripheral neuropathy.


This then lead to the next level - that we were chatting about earlier - and it also lead to the end of the Q-94 document referenced earlier.




DR. DAN BURISCH: Sure. That"s not a problem at all. We speak in America freely. In 1986, I was told to "Be All You Can Be." (military slogan?) I was not told there would be a circumventing of the United States Constitution for me to be all I could be. I was not told there was a certain ???? of the United States Constitution in the group for which I worked. I feel a pressing need for freedom and having grown up in a reasonably free environment, having signed myself into the slavery that I now find myself within, it"s pretty easy for me to say, "Enough is enough."


Now, on to the higher values that people would probably want to say the real reason why I want out – (I just gave that"s a personal reason I want the hell out.




DR. DAN BURISCH: They probably know I"m seated her today (room in Las Vegas, Nevada library). I"m sure they do. I"m sure they do. Now, whether or not they want this information evolved and are aware that I am sitting here, or they are just aware that I"m sitting here, I don"t know. I don"t know. That"s the big question: is what I heard was a project called PATCHWORK, which would be a spoon feeding of the people of the information, because I only know a certain amount. I don"t know everything.


Who is running the show? You asked who is running the show?




I"ve come to know a group – I shouldn"t say I"ve come to know the group. I"ve come to know of the group called the Committee of the Majority {MAJI}. This committee is built of thirty-three men. They are Masonic-based and they are people who set in the highest positions of privilege and power within the U. S. government and other governments.




DR. DAN BURISCH: As I understand, yes. It would be difficult for me to name names of people and I don"t know for sure are seated there. It would also be dangerous to the very cause that I set here for freedom (for myself.)




DR. DAN BURISCH: Majestic 12 is a group of scientists and scientific advisors who work for the Committee of the Majority. Now, I have had occasion when I was involved with Project Aquarius to have to send to the, so—called Majestic 12, the documents which you are privy, the leaked material from my deceased friends. And I had association with them on that level. One of the Majestic 12 – or I should say was alleged to be a member of Majestic 12 – was present at the clean sphere when I was in the clean sphere.


{ANANDA: From my research perspective, the above statements add credibility to Dr Burisch, since MAJESTIC-12 appears to harbour disinformation components, and are by and large another series of projects — they are not MJ12, MAJI-12 or MAJORITY-12, also known as MAJESTY-12, who give Majestic clearance... Dr. Burisch, thereby is not spoon feeding the disinformation project, par se, but is implying the deeper compartmentalisations involved... See our THE MAJESTY REPORT, 1992, and THE ALIEN PRESENCE, book, 1993}


I"ve mentioned his name before. This might be risking again my freedom because of the very problems we face now as a society. So, I"ve got to be careful about that whether or not that sacrifices my freedom.




DR. DAN BURISCH:  His first name is Zbigniew. That"s as far as I will go.


{ANANDA: Since our 1990-1992 radio broadcasts on the Alien Presence and global shadow government, in Denmark, we have repeatedly named and listed Zbigniew Breszinszki, together with Dr. Kissinger, Dr. Teller, and George Bush senior, as members of MAJI. Based on our elaborative and exhaustive research efforts of the early 1990"s, including military testimony... Burisch adds additional testimony here. Dr Henry Kissinger, briefed the Oslo Free Masonic mother lodge, on the alien presence, in 1989, a direct source informed me, whilst I  was giving a seminar in Oslo, August 1994}


I had personal experience with that man Zbigniew. He was in fact present at Sector 4 when I was involved with the J-Rod. Going out from Project Aquarius, I had come to a closer association by means of up and down the line, the conduit, with the Committee of the Majority.


I believe that the Majestic 12 group only associated with particular extraterrestrial projects that are going on that are going on within the community and not associated with the entirety of the scientific projects which are going on within the community.


The project we are currently working with, for instance, is not per se an extraterrestrial subject-based project. So, the fact that I"ve been told not to route things to the Majestic Committee of 12  concerning the documents that I"ve been producing is kind of indicative to me that they are only dealing within a certain subset of the scientific projects. More than that, I don"t know or can"t say. I would just be stabbing in the dark.




DR. DAN BURISCH):  Yes, is the umbrella group. Again, as I understand, they are Scottish rite Masonic based. I think they might be a little lenient with me because my grandfather was a (high ranking) Mason. Maybe that"s why the leniency. But I don"t see the leniency, I see the fuse running short, starting to run short with me and I - you know, you can hear the clarion call in the distance.








DR. DAN BURISCH: The only thing I know for sure is that their relationship with us is treaty-based.




DR. DAN BURISCH: As in the alleged Orion visitors and confirmed Reticulan visitors. It"s a treaty-based relationship. That treaty and negotiations for further cooperative work is due for re-upping and that re-upping is due in 2003.


Now, I"ve been kind of hurried up in the project in which I am currently assigned. I"ve been told to have a working model of this theory presentable by March 15 next year (2003)


{ANANDA: Iraq war, which Bechtel org, is now restoring... Like letting loose resident evil in Iraq, genetic research, new species emerging, whilst their Delta troops are in the Sumerian underground crystal computer portals — another story related elsewhere, with interesting testimony. TIME GATE 2003, was the MIDWAY of the entire 14 year Omni-Loop. The Lotus-AUM signature then appearing on our local star the Sun, was the perfect Phase-Conjugate signal to dePHIne such a Midway Congruencey}.


There might be coincidence having to do with those two dates, or it might be entirely coincidental. I"m not sure.


Why are they letting this happen? I don"t know. I have not been able to move right or left without getting watched, that I know.




DR. DAN BURISCH: I don"t think they are doing it out of their good graces!




BJ Wolf: They had the classic look, the feel. They didn"t feel right. They were wearing black, they were wearing like a fedora (hat). It was terrifying. Instead of meeting Dan, I was met and I don"t know what these people were.




BJ Wolf:  No expression in their faces. It was terrifying. They spoke and it was like they had rehearsed what they were saying because they couldn"t speak naturally. It was wrong. The whole thing was wrong. It felt wrong. They walked wrong. They moved wrong. They were pale. I finally broke and ran. I was scared to death! I haven"t been able to go back to that park since. I can"t do it.


DR. DAN BURISCH: My experience – your description is consistent with gentlemen with whom I"ve had previous encounters. They would come in and observe what was going on. A few of them attempted to interact with me and frankly, I don"t care to interact with them. Like I said, it might look like a duck and it might quack like a duck, but if it ain"t a duck it ain"t a duck!


BJ Wolf: I was made to feel threatened. I was definitely made to feel threatened.


DR. DAN BURISCH: Their presence is threatening and the reason why it is threatening is because you can – have you had the experience of being in the presence of a dead body?


BJ Wolf: Oh, yes, I have.


DR. DAN BURISCH: An animated dead body, isn"t that approximately the same – an animated dead body?


{ANANDA: Also the theme of the film Resident Evil, the Matrix projects of Dulce having engaged biological warfare agents with DNA engineering, and IBM cray Matrix/soul algerythms, of Tesla longitudal scalar vector matrix co-efficients, that are NMR summations of several organisms... The "zombie" animation follows similar lines, that uses exotic ELF and Tesla-L Maxwell corrected physics, together with bio-superconductivity, hyper-fractal octonian 8D equations and technological access, and cohorts... For this reason Santilli Hadron physics are black listed in the USA, since it is the covert above top secret science on that continent. Actually just simply the real Omniscience of the universe from the Manuvah Manufestation Manufactory}


BJ Wolf: Oh, my God, that is so close it is unbelievable.


DR. DAN BURISCH: It"s not – this is going to sound like something out of an idiotic horror movie, but it gives – to not overuse the word, it gives an "alien feeling." They sang me Happy Birthday one year, two of them.


WILLIAM HAMILTON: They are like ghouls.


BJ Wolf: That"s it!


DR. DAN BURISCH: I don"t know what the hell they are, to be very honest with you.


WILLIAM HAMILTON: That (ghoul) is what we would think of.


BJ Wolf: Yes, it felt ghoulish. When they walked towards me, it felt ghoulish, it felt like they were thinking about each step they took. They weren"t moving normally.


DR. DAN BURISCH: They seemed out of place. Or maybe it is that we feel out of place being around them. I don"t know. But they seem out of place.


WILLIAM HAMILTON: Dan, we should start wrapping this up. Is there anything you would like to make a statement or something as if you were talking to like the large audience I was talking to up in the Bay area. What would you like to say to the people?

Besides the fact that I don"t believe the Queen of England is a reptilian?!

Yes! (laughter) Is there some kind of statement you would like to make?


DR. DAN BURISCH): I could sit here and be self-serving with a statement. But there are things which are much more important than my selfish nature. We are walking toward, at the moment, a time of human destiny. The decisions that we are making at present are enhancing the potential for the ill-fated decisions that we are supposed to make in our future to occur.


I hope and I pray that we make the right decisions. However, I have no idea what those right decisions are. The only thing that I can hold to personally, taking off the guise of the biologist, is being a human being. the only thing I can hope is that whoever He or She or IT is – we wish to call it Creator – that protective force that is surrounding humanity since its inception – I pray that He is listening to our weeping and pulls us back from a precipice made of our own designs.


WILLIAM HAMILTON: I appreciate very much your giving this interview tonight and I"m not sure that you will be decorated or promoted for it. But ...


DR. DAN BURISCH: I"d like to know in whose armies?


WILLIAM HAMILTON: But I think we all appreciate it and whoever in the future listens to this and watches this tape, I think they will be given much food for thought.





°STAAR: Reportedly formed in 1958 at the height of the Cold War, the creation of STAAR was a direct response to the threat of armed alien invasion.


In the years after World War II, as US and USSR pilots continuously set new high altitude and performance records, an increasing number of strange aircraft sightings were reported near the boundary of Earth's stratosphere. After the infamous Roswell, NM crash in 1947, the Pentagon took these reports more seriously than ever before. Although the records are sealed, and most of the evidence and witnesses having disappeared, the Roswell incident is the first documented crash of an aircraft of extraterrestrial origin. The remnants of the craft, and the pilots (one of which was reported to have been alive at the time, EBE-1) were taken to a nearby Air Force base. Eventually, the wreckage and bodies were transported to Wright-Patterson AFB and EBE-1 to Los Alamos Labs, see our book THE ALIEN PRESENCE, for details and documentation.


As an Elite Strike Force and citing the need for extreme secrecy, President Eisenhower established the STAAR task force so that it would quickly respond to and counter alien threats. The strike force specialized in quick mobility and was trained to handle situations beyond the control of the conventional military. This was deemed vital to national security, since if it was ever learned there were extraterrestrials on Earth, the result would be widespread panic and open vulnerability to nuclear attack. Hence, tapping resources from the CIA, the National Science Foundation, and the conventional armed services, STAAR was born.


Standing for Strategic Tactical Advanced Alien Response, STAAR is composed of, at any one time, only a few dozen individuals who have been recruited from their own disciplines to form the nucleus of the team. Consisting of top experts in advanced computing, astrophysics, biology, cryptography, communications, diplomacy, explosives, hazardous materials, and intelligence. The team is also rigorously cross-trained in military combat skills (including hand-to-hand combat and small and heavy weapons usage) and survival. As technology has evolved and progressed, the level of sophistication of equipment allocated to the STAAR Team has remained a step ahead. Tied in to the massive quantities of data available from satellite networks, radio telescopes, and other monitoring sources, the STAAR Team stands ready to detect, respond to, and counter any signs of alien threat to Earth. While this much is known about the Team's charter, the locations and whereabouts of Team headquarters remain undiscovered.



alphabet: insider slang for a government agent, from the use of acronyms as titles of government departments


aDNA: ancient DNA


Area 51: Facility at Papoose Lake


BCW: Biological & chemical warfare


bird: insider slang for alien


 crossbridge: A group of 32 cells (8 tetrads) formed from A GP which extends from the target cell to a secondary cell. The crossbridge is associated with a shiva linga


 CotM: Committee of the Majority. A Scottish rite Masonic based committee of 33 men operating with U.S. and other governments


 DCTP: Doctrine of Convergent Timeline Paradox. In this doctrine consequences of time travel are stacked in reality like a stack of cards


DMT: a hallucenogen. {ANANDA: HAL = holon/whole; Luce = light; gen = gender... AKA DNA-light holography reception = DMT + Pinoline/harmine. Molecules whose precise NMR resonance architecture are antenna"s for the DNA 100 UPS 200 – 900 coherent light signals and language: the "viSION" is DNA tell-a-vision par excellance, and is a quantum many world superspace switchboard, when in a cybernetic unit relationship, with bio superconductivity/M-field, and precise sound harmonics.


Since DNA and RNA fluorescence studies bear out that these two Pineal gland molecules are superior DNA and RNA intercalators, for Pinoline/Loturin/Harmine and DMT/5-MeO-DMT respectfully. The DNA exhibiting binomial co-efficient double Klein bottle symmetry and asymmetry (4D +); and RNA plane D4 Klein bottle morphology... The harmonic molecular frequency tuning of these molecules also plays a key role... However, scanning through the entire chat forums and thousands of pages on Dr. Burisch, none have as yet caught up with the science and advancement for detail in several chapters of our book THE SOMA CONSPIRACY... NMR 8hz = Ganese particle Laiason intercalatories}.


 Dulce facility: Facility at LANL east of Area 51. "My experience during the time I stayed there was horrifying. You know, when you hear human beings screaming in pain?" - DrB


EBE: Extraterrestrial Biological Entity


GP: Ganesh Particle; emerges from an activated quatrz crystal and travels down an electromagnetic river to the target cell. Once attached, one end of GP opens up like a flower and the shiva linga


J-Rod: A class of EBE from the Reticulum area. Chi' iielah -- the particular J-Rod associated with DrB --was housed in a pressurized hydrogen Clean Sphere at Level 5 of S4, and had a degenerative neurological condition. The appearance of the J-Rods is similar to that of the "grey" aliens recovered from Roswell.


Land of Enchantment: insider slang for the state of New Mexico


 LANL: Los Alamos National Labs


Lotus Protocol: A genesis mechanism associated with the Tree of Life


Lotus Project: a subset of the Starflower project


Maj12: A group of scientists and scientific advisors who work for the CotM


MJ: {ANANDA: Maj12. Majesty, MAJI, MAJI-C — Majority Agency for Joint Intelligence Control, as par the testimony of Navel Inteligence officer Wayne Terpstra. See our 1993 book THE ALIEN PRESENCE: The Evidence For Government Contact With Alien Life Forms}


Patchwork: The controlled release of information to the public.


Pearls of Brahma: a group of viruses emitted from the GP on the side offosite the shiva linga


Rancher: George W Bush


Raindancer: a compartmentalized project within the chemtrail project


S4: Sector 4 facility outside of Area 51


Section D: biological tinkering facility


Shiva linga: The tube that emerges from the opened GP to penetrate another cell


Starflower Project: A project which deals the effects of extraterrestrial interactions throughout history and today


Sweetness: insider slang for the Dulce facility


T9 treaty: the reknewed alien/covert government treaty.


Vishnu Schist: Source of quartz crystal in the Frenchman Mountains, Nevada


 Voynich Manuscript: An encoded document written by Francis Bacon {ANANDA: the evidence linking it to Roger Bacon is better, in terms of logistics... The Andromeda nebulai shown in the text also features in other Roger Bacon "contact" tales... Friar Bacon catalogues numerous UFO flyovers passing his Friary... He also sought to burry into secrecy the clear sign posts of SOMA "the herb of grace", as the 7th Initiation, as being "to powerful" for the majority of mankind, and initiated the obscuring of the 7th level into Occultation... This is an involved story. Dr. John Dee, father of the Royal Society of Science, and Agent 007 for Queen Elisabeth, as well as being Sir Francis Bacon"s Cabalistic and Cryptographic tutor on the art of cipher and cryptographaeia par cryptologaia — was desparately trying to open the "star gate" portal to the sources his predicessors had access to, including, Roger Bacon, to a limited degree; the SION AOM order, like the Flammel"s and Blanchforts; and, to a limited degree, Monk Udolphus of Achen. Dr. Dee was aiming to the Pegassus Square, which includes one of the stars of Andromeda... In 1998 one of the TIME GATE PHI signals of the Gamma Ray post-Euclidian galactic net, emerged from Pegassus. Dr. Dee wa an inheritor of the legacy, who failed to gain full access to the Omni-Science and Omni-Cogniscent Numinal"s — OT and ET"s. MANUminal Omni-Temporal"s and ANUminal Extra-Temporal"s}


Watertown: insider slang for Area 51


Yellow Book: A book showing possible futures {ANANDA: started by the EBE"s from AV crash retrieval"s of the 1940"s — Krll, AFFA, and Alomaar continuing it, from the late 1950"s, and under Project Plato, physically from the 1960s. Numerous EBE offshoots, have contributed to the various Yellow Books, which are complemented by the Blue Book Report #13 and Operation Majority Report}






{ANANDA: Let us now very briefly skim retrace this ancient genealogy, starting from the Manuvah creator god Manu Brata Vakaspati/Brahmanaspati. One of Manu Brahmanaspati"s son was called Marichi, who had a son called Kashyapa.


Kashyapa is also known as Manu Prajapati, "Lord of Creatures"—a very important character and root of the Christ Mythos. Kashyapa married thirteen daughters of Manu Daksha, another of Manu Vakaspati"s sons. Out of this marriage came most living forms:  man, demons, gods, animals, and all living beings. From one daughter in particular, Manu Savarna, came Manu Vivasvan the Oversoul Logos Sun god, who according to different accounts or calculation appeared in a span of 120 billion years, past, present, and future, as Manu Savarna is the anthromorph of Manu Salhvana (in Sarasvati Numi-jargon), only now coming into Manufestation 1998-2012.


In the Bhagavad Gita chapter 4, Verse 1, the whole history of the introduction and transmission of Kriya Yoga is explained, the embodied godhead relates "I proclaimed this imperishable Yoga to Vivashvan, the sun god... I was before creation came, and have countless incarnations in this universe."


Then further explains that this technique of Kriya Yoga was first given to Vivasvan, then Vivasvan gave it to the son of the Sun, Manu Vaisvata. Manu, just like Noah, survived a great flood, and also became the progenitor of the human race, in this Bhumi Loka dimensional loka-lity. The first three letters of Manu are man, which is a Sanskrit root meaning "to think". This is the same Sanskrit root that gave birth to the English word "man".


This Manu was the seventh Manu of a succession of 14 world progenitors, which marks the lifespan of one universe (i.e. one day of Manu Vakaspati ergo Brahmanaspati).


Manu in Soma sacrifice Manufested as a female animation, Ila, the "daughter" who is his "mother." (Anthromorph). Manu Vaivasvata and Manu Ila had nine sons. One of them was Ikshvaku, founder of the solar dynasty. One of the representatives of the lunar dynasty was Pururavas.


Pururavas married an apsara, which is a form nymph race. Together they had three sons: Ayu, Amavasu, and Nahusha. Through Nahusha, he had one son Yayati. It is with Yayati that starts the lineage of the clans that will be fighting in the Mahabharata war, as an extension of the dimensional, time, and star wars.


Yayati had two wives: Devayani and Sharmishtha. With Sharmishtha he had a son called Puru. Puru had a son called King Bharata. Through this lineage of King Bharata came King Hastin. King Hastin later founded a city called Hastinapura. Hastinapura is very important in the Mahabharata war. It is where the Kauravas and Pandavas princes grew up together. This city is actually one of the main reason of the future war.


 Then through this same lineage came Samvarana who married Tapati. Tapati was a daughter in a long descent from the Vivasvan ANU sun god. Together they had a son called Kuru. With Kuru comes the famous lineage of the Kauravas.


 Yayati and his other wife Devayani had a son called Yadu, from which came the lineage of the Yadavas. The two main lines of characters: the Kauravas on the one side, and the Yadavas on the other side — it is the Via Media, the golden middle way of these two lines, that gives as the alchemical marriage of the Sun and the Moon: that time is now upon us, and emerging within our midmost depths.}




MAJI, ET DNA & THE Doctrine of the Convergent Timeline Paradox



{Additional Emmanuel material}


This message was a response by Dan to another member of the "Projects" and contains plain language about his work, his thoughts, his contact with J-ROD, the extraordinary Doctrine of the Convergent Timeline Paradox, and his beliefs as a person and a scientist.



"Within your physical form, your DNA and genetics, is the store-housing of the collective unconscious of the universe. You contain all of the universe"s experiences. It is a complicated explanation, but your word format gives us no choice within the perception of duality. Therefore, in your genes, you have the entire universe, if that makes sense.


"Those individuals, therefore, who experience the transition into the astral or collective unconscious ocean, which has many densities and layers, will wake up to the living neurological systems of this planet, which is interconnected to all other planets and dimensions within this universe. Within those collective unconscious dream format one has the potential to create infinitely more dream realities...


"The [Kala-Ran] Empire is used in the sense to gain more of the riches of the illusion, more of the dream, playing more of the game... They are playing a game and are enjoying that game, on physical planes, interphysical planes and spiritual planes."

—Emmanuel, Salvana, Sylvia, The Universal Harvest, January 1991 


This is recorded for posterity for it will be those who inherit the future who will discover the truth or falsity of these statements. 

The first information will be Dan's 'non-technical' statement about his work.





Quoted as dictated by Dr. Dan Burisch


"Dear Politically Prepared:


This question stirs memories of my best buddy (we will call him "Mike") and myself when strolling near the Old Chem Building, it seems not so long ago.  He met with me, between my having to attend a lecture and going to another session with a seasoned professor trying to straighten up my youthful "problems" at that time with my "melting point unit" technique--but that would be another story. :)  [I still hold that it was that particular damned machine's fault! ... :()...] Mike told me, between my over-eager questions about the blackops community I was preparing to enter, that a man of science, in our community, was only as good as his ability to explain himself: to his God, other scientists, and the non-science members.


Thus far, I pray I have at least fulfilled the first two in the list.  I feel comfortable with the first (God), and given the support of the various National Laboratories and their quiet assisting scientists, okay with second. The third seems to be the greatest challenge.


If you have college preparation in political science, I am hoping that you have had at least some basic undergraduate preparation in biology.  If not, I fear that I will not have the time necessary to explain myself, before I am due to return to the Shady Rest. If I fail, I apologize in advance.


For so long I accepted the classical mechanisms that Darwinian and Neo-Darwinian Theory provide (together with other genetic/population dynamics data), and extended my science into their accepted belief system: the one that leaps from microevolutionary changes that result in speciation, to the dogma of the common ancestor which links the evolutionary path (albeit dated) of the earliest bacteria to the human. 


I laughed with my fellow theorists at the Creationist's "misinterpretation" that inanimate rock gradually yields life. I relegated the Creationist belief system to fanaticism and the Darwinian belief system as science and truth.


Frankly, my experience in "training" for Project Aquarius and the J-Rod extraterrestrial biological entity (EBE) did nothing but enhance those beliefs.


As our future plays itself out (within the conditions I have read), the genetic divergence which caused the difference between we (now) and us (the J-Rod species, later) fit well within the same mechanism posited for our gradual development from a prehominid to the modern humans we see today. 


The interrelations with the Neanderthals, and our current body shape also promoted me along the trail of Darwinism.  This, together with the psychological nature of the J-Rod (a future, evolved, logical, and mathematical/scientific

kind), made an easy fit with the dogma of modern evolutionary biology.  It was all good, and all my training seemed to match.  Then I became his friend.


 My experience with the J-Rod and his willingness to suffer for his (and our) kind entranced me.  Was his willingness based on logic and/or the preservation of favorable characteristics?  Well, it could have been, and that was my supposition before friendship.


  His current state may have had sequences that drove him to the notions of altruism. Once the bond was made, I found that while he was aware that his nerve degeneration disorder could have a future treatment, that was not his major concern.  Rather, this logical being seemed, by virtue of constant statements, to long to help set straight a series of errors in judgment and events that culminated in our being separated from our spiritual nature. He was searching for something lost, not being driven by something gained (a mutation). 


I had only really heard about the so called "Orion Beings".  He only inferred their existence and called (I presume them) as the "Brothers", but spoke to me of the catastrophe that led to his peoples existence, and his "logical" processing of the need for rejoining because of "something" missing from his and the "Brother's" DNA; something not based in the sequences of the biomolecule...something he called the "joined resonance". 



EMMANUEL 1990 CONTACT: "There was such a group of civilizations that evolved within Orion, that were also becoming extremely enthusiastic with the exploration of physical mass and the using of technology. They became very enthused with utilizing the energy, or power, of the universe that was based on the chaos principal. This chaos principal gave them a drive in their mentality... that which we term the Empire. These are individuals who are God also. They are exploring unique aspects of mind and are very much wanting to gain power over many universes....


The contact with the civilization of Orion, who became based upon the planet Mars... occurred in the form of... wars, that took place deep into space utilizing light, laser and psychic technology and which involved some of the other bases on the other planets of the solar system of the Empire.


"And the brothers of the other dimensions, in the other planets, began overlighting the physical bases of the Empire, in order to try to transmute other individuals in them into a higher understanding...


Some of these bases were established upon the planet Mars; one of the moons of Jupiter known as Io, and one of the moons of Saturn known as Titan. There was a very large base upon the 13th planet which no longer exists but is an asteroid belt now, as a result of the wars... We are only offering suggestions here, but in the future, there will be points that will verify further [EMMANUEL here predict Dr. Burisch and others like Dr Michael Wolf].


"As the Intergalactic Empire had been given permission by some individuals and scientists... to have vast bases inside the Earth [archaic times]. These also had become multi-dimensional, because of the genetic research the Empire had done upon individuals of the solar system. For you carry physically within your genes the blueprints to multi-dimensionality. And, indeed, with some of the genetic experiments that were done within Atlantis, they had gained some of these keys, but had not gained the keys to the Paradise Universes, which were also higher dimensional forms very close to the Source."

—Unit Emmanuel, ATON RA 3, August 1990


EMMANUEL ON PLURALITY OF TIME & PLANETARY TIME ILLUSION: "Each of the planets are made, are projections, are frozen sunlight into unique vibratory frequencies that are held in time, in motion, by time. And time is the movement of a diversifying force. That which forces things to move in mathematics, and thus be calculated, divided, added unto, minused, timesed.


"Each planet and each dimension, has different time cycles. Each solar system has different time perceptions. These are codes of motion and are a very grand illusion... the beginning and the end, and all the bits in between, are happening at the same time. All dimensions are happening within the same point of light. All spaces are in One Point {¡}, and that is Love.


"Love is silence, is all vibrations united, and beyond that there is the sound of everything united, which is the everythingness, and there is the silence of nothingness. Love is the two united. In love there can be no polarity, none at all."




"Some individuals within the government, are being surprised. Even though those Alternatives have been put into action, they are discovering the great change and willingness of humanity to want to change and integrate into a Unified Whole.

They are discovering the illusions that they have gained in their own understanding. And, perhaps, in the years to come, will be forced to reconsider some of the Alternatives.




The blendings of the universal whole are vast with this planet. The universe, as a whole, wishes to succeed in unification. Therefore, at this time, the plan is very much willing to succeed upon this planet.




There are consciousness"s that are not willing to change yet. Much of this is based on fear. And that which creates fear is [the] "unknown. They have gone away from love, into mind. They have gone into a mind that is different than yours, into a kind of collective thinking, yet with individuals involved... Their very act of interacting with this planet and the consciousness, in fact is changing them, is causing them to feel. Although they do not understand some of the laws of this planet, and very much disregard the laws of free will, unlike the majority of those which you call extraterrestrials.


"In that process of disrupting the free will of this planet, of respecting the individual process here, they are being forced, in a sense, into the vacuum of learning to feel. For this planet represents of point of feeling, of love. And they are intrigued by that. In a very great sense they would like to overtake it, and be able to give this to their entire civilisation.


"But even as there is a few represented here on this planet, within their bases, it is simultaneously affecting all of their civilisation. For their genes, their DNA memory — which is part of the foundation of their consciousness — as that is changing, by the vibration, and molecular structures, and the electromagnetic field of planet Earth, is simultaneously connected, unified, wedded together with the DNA particle memory of all the rest of their civilisation and group, and those within the universe with a similar vibratory frequency.


{ANANDA "DNA particles" are mediating through the DNA hydrogen bound protons, whose 8 hz NMR is in resonance with 90% of the universe which is the same element H, with a phase velocity diference of 8hz between the hydrogen proton and electron, ergo a universal proto-brain. Omegon hadron sub-atomic particles comprising the proton, are vacaum fluctational aspects of what Emmanuel correctly, and astonishingly for me at that point, called "DNA particle memory"}


"So, in the very act, where they think that they are fighting against... they are changing themselves. They think they have the upper hand with their superior technology, with their superior understanding of technology and mind. But they know very little about emotion. And because of that, are actually changing themselves. The [shadow] governments have been greatly fooled. But there is confusion now within that. There are mixed feelings with those individuals involved. Even though there may be a foundation group, much of them will change in the years to come.


"Perhaps, as much of this information leaks to the public, their lives will be endangered. Their ideas will be outrageous to those [the public] and will cause many people, perhaps, to react violently and emotionally. And thus to act against them.


 {ANANDA: Emmanuel accurately predicts insiders who will be releasing the secret ET science. Milton William Cooper and Thomas Castillo were assisinated, numerous whistle blowers have had some of the hardest psychological attacks imaginable because of their testaments}.



"However, realise that the unification of the light of awakening through the feeling of Love, is simultaneously affecting all individuals everywhere. Thus, you are seeing the transmutation of structure, based on mindless thought, or emotionless thought, on old structures, when they no longer pertain to your time frame.


"There are so many individuals on the Earth who are dissolving their own barriers, are unifying their barriers. That, in itself, is unifying the collective unconscious. And as the collective that is the blueprint, the filter through which, light diversifies and creates this reality, and is broadcast onto this screen of life.


"So, therefore, the outside realities of structures, are breaking down, are being forced to unify. Even if the thought of your unification is to gain control over the world — which, indeed, could be taken advantage off — all peoples are being empowered by coming together, and having the opportunity to, indeed, be together, work together, learn to integrate the different social consciousness. That, in its sense, is a great power. Is the transmutation of collective darkness, collective unconscious, transmutation: the integration of all coloured modes. Which dissolves the cloud that is known as the collective unconscious, it dissolves some of the laws within DNA particle formats that allow the particles of light to be emitted, allow the particles of light within the physical body, the photons, to be realized  {biophotons increasing from 100 UPS in the 200-900ngstrom range}. That allows the Sunlight {ANU} of physical matter to come about through unifying, through unification.


"When barriers are unified, consciousness are unified. And that is represented inside as well as outside, naturally. It affects the whole...

"This planet is going through a transformation that is inevitable. It is inevitably going into that of a light particle structure. Which is to say a unified particle structure. A particle structure that is working in vibrational wave-lengths that have one unified field.

"This point of this planet is a marvel. For it signifies the complete combination and culmination of all universal explorations and experiences, within one point. And as this is represented here, and unified here, so it affects and transforms the entire universe.

"That is the beauty that each of you individually are part of and responsible for, in your actions, in your acceptance of your Self.



DR BURISCH: I soon put 2-and-2 together and looked to him as one of two future species, in present time called 'Homo sapiens sapiens', and found humanity to be greater than the sum of its base pairs.  Could adaptive radiation and new speciation account for the future "true" dichotomy, those same natures that we (now) as humans understand to be both parts of us as a single species?  Didn't the base pairs and the preservation of favorable characteristics through fortuitous gene mutations answer to the differences between the J-Rods and the "Brothers"?  I asked him.


He replied (paraphrased as best as I can remember):


'We are here in your present presence asking for help.' 


This statement struck me dumb and made me numb.  If the answer was completely found in the material (handled through logical process and with technology) or completely spiritual (handled by the so called "higher human self") why not deal with it, my dear J-Rods or my dear "Brothers", yourselves?  I reasoned, and he confirmed, that we now possess something unique together with the necessary technological achievement level, expressing itself from the spiritual through the material, and allowing us to contact a root genesis from whence springs life on earth.  He confirmed that this "contact" is allowed only while we are a fused being, with both material and spiritual natures acting in both complementary and internally (and intensely I may add) disagreeing ways, through the "joined resonance".  In an effort to assist him with his particular neuropathy (as no cure or treatment then existed) and to possibly gain insight into the larger scale problem of the fracturing of humanity, I requested to know what he knew of the genesis time.


The J-Rod rapidly approached me and grabbed me, knocking me to the grated flooring of the clean sphere.  For the next 20-30 minutes (until my fellow scientists could drag me from the clean sphere--they didn't have secondary suits ready to immediately enter...and we are all told before entering of the possible things that can go wrong!), he flooded my mind with moving images (like a 3D movie), thoughts and dulled emotions.  Some of the thoughts appeared more as metaphors than concretized reality.  He showed me the process of genesis from the perspective of his interaction with the "Brothers" {ANANDA: The Manu Deva Akasa civilizations}. [So, I guess you could say that it is some kind of extraterrestrial hearsay? :) ] 


The images, I later found, were close to the ancient mandala of creation, the Sri Yantra.  

I saw a pearlescent lotus flower emerge from a near spherical crystal matrix, in which resided an object that looked like the Sri Yantra


Stills from multi-media animations by ANANDA, presentations on THE MANU Emmanuel Omni-Temporal intelligences [Ananda has been a contactee for the last 19 years]


{ANANDA: This is the Manu Purusa MANUCLEOSIS we are presently documenting as the Manu-Script DNA Omnidimensional Code of the Rg Veda

The Sri Yantra Rg Veda code, through multidimensions and as biolife genesis, we already extrapolated in the last third of THE SOMA CONSPIRACY, Summer 2002 edition. The Meru Sheba, ergo the Sri Yantra Vehicle, as Vortexijah behind biogenesis, we have been presenting publically since 1995}. 


Stills from multi-media animations by ANANDA, presentations on THE MANU Emmanuel Omni-Temporal intelligences [Ananda has been a contactee for the last 19 years]



The Sri Yantra collapsed into itself through successive stages that looked like the platonic solids, and was carried along like a seed in a river of light to an oscillating drop of water.  It entered the drop of water.




Stills from multi-media animations by ANANDA, presentations on THE MANU Emmanuel Omni-Temporal intelligences [Ananda has been a contactee for the last 19 years]


The drop of water divided into 12 parts by pinching itself off into 12 separate locations while each location stayed in contact with the seed.  The seed divided (or 'budding'?) itself into each of the 12 drops. 


I was aware enough to count the parts and see that each parts' substance coalesced into what appeared as fully functioning prokaryote and eukaryote varieties {see THE UNITY KEYS OF EMMANUE}. 


I witnessed one of the drops, with rapidly dividing cells, as it seemed to become covered in a dark red material.  The material pushed itself away and a looked into the face of a man {THE Manu Purusa into Manu Vaisvata}. 


He felt like he was there and I could swear I felt him breathe in. Was this the dawn of humanity?  I struggle with the potential and am torn in my soul, to this day, with the possible reality.  I didn't see the destiny of the other drops, but since that time of experience, my thoughts have been very fertile!


{ANANDA: Emmanuel relates our present New Universe experience is the unification of these 12 universal genesis seed mandalla"s}


For a few years I plodded along with the Serial Endosymbiotic Theory of Eukaryote Origins, (This is a cute way of saying that the so called complex cells are composites of simpler cells that once danced the minuet of "I'll eat you or you'll eat me"; then almost mystically agreed to remain one within another giving a competitive edge in survival.) and then posited a large virus which may have seeded the garden called earth. (Sound familiar?) 


{ANANDA: the Purusa hymn 10.91 Rg Veda, the root of Genesis, in DNA Source code}


The totipotent virus would necessarily possess a unique genetic package sufficient to be the forerunner of all earth life. 


I covered this research, as I was still engaged with the Maji in other pursuits and had not informed them of the content of the message from the J-Rod, within the framework of an endosymbiotic research project that was originally called "Mission Genesis", a staged logical next step from an endosymbiosis project with which I had been involved for a number of years.


(In that early research I was originally looking for ways to extend lengths of time for bacterial and algal samples to remain alive after they had been engulfed as food by protozoa.  I was also conducting research into possible chemical signals being exchanged between the foodstuff and the hungry protozoa.)


During the early stages of Mission Genesis, I began looking into the data points and resultant statistics of that very early research project, which had become known as the FBM Project...or Fresh-Brackish-Marine...as salinity levels were employed as one of the variables (oxygen levels another). 


During that project, I found points at which the hungry protozoa began to behave unusually, that is "predictably", in their retention period of either respiring foodstuffs (for example a variety of bacteria) or phostosynthesizing foodstuffs (for example algae). 


I thought, "My God, have I found some kind of biochemical or behavioral trace to an original engulfment, which according to the endosymbiosis theory ultimately gave rise to mitochondria and plastids like chloroplasts?"  {ANANDA: see The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel, Biochemical Spatialisation and The Office Of Creation chapters, detailing the DNA, prokaryot, eukaryot cell, and enzymatic genesis}


Looking further into the data, my team observed clusters of data points in areas that could be easily mathematically related to the Golden Mean/Phi Ratio (an important number in nature), the age of the earth as currently determined by science, and the incorporation/retention rates of viral strands in prokaryotic and eukaryotic genomes {ANANDA: As we shared with you in The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel}.


Mission Genesis was then moved forward to confirm the original FBM results and to further elucidate the data points.  Further, I determined that it may be good to test these hungry protozoa in the presence of strata of differing ages. I placed this subset of the project in motion just in case variance may be found amongst the behaviors of the hungry little protozoa, when they were in the presence of the minerals from rock of various ages. (Refer the data points relating to the earth's age!)


Frenchman's Mountain was determined a nice setting because of the availability of ages that range from 1.7 Billion years (or so) before present to 20 Million years (or so) before present.  The research was started at the oldest area, the Vishnu Schist, after what amounted to a flip of the coin among my team members.


Soon after research was initiated, and small samples were being harvested, an unusual event was captured on video during a test of the rock's electrical properties.  As electrical current was applied to the rock, thin heat streams, emanating from that area were observed on infrared. {ANANDA: The 8hz AUM flower progresses up the binomial triangle scale to 8hz cubed, at 512 hz, where infrared and biophotonic IR, is a natural "bi-product" of the 8hz ANU/UNA Universal Unity. The 8 hz Lotus star flower to its cubation, engenesis the mandalbrot-like life seed forms. 8hz plus infrared = Manufestation of Life}. 


At that time, a heat target was also observed, nearby.  That area was destined to be the target location for the Staar-Flower Astrophysics Unit...and the so called "Stargate" area that is responsive to electromagnetic thumps from the HAARP unit. 


The infrared streams interested me and I repeated the experiment using a great deal more electricity.  This test (May 31, 2001) resulted in a heat liberation I termed a "flare".


Further tests were conducted using varying electrical pulse levels until the high limit was found that would be detected on infrared, but not visually.  That level was employed during microscopic analysis of the rock's crystals, in the presence of strands of algae.  (This ultimately led to the discovery of the so called "ganesh particle".) 


At that point, the Maji asked me '...just what the hell...' I had in mind with all of this and where did the idea come from?  I seemed too prepared for the results and was the one that had requested the massive infrared study be concurrently conducted during my early tests at the Vishnu Schist. From their viewpoint I seemed to be working a process with one stated framework, but really was engaging in something quite different.  Oops, I was caught! :)


A deal was struck, one that you will readily understand...quid pro quo, anyone?  In exchange for knowledge of the "big" interaction with the J-Rod, the day I saw the images, I would be placed in the need-to-know about the Doctrine of the Convergent Timeline Paradox (DCTP), something I was barely allowed to know about...and only because I had told them about some of his (J-Rod's) responses to my early questions. 


As I saw images, that day, of what looked like Inca City, Mars, but in its heyday...I wanted to know how all this figured together. 


The totality of my knowledge of the DCTP is known information within this community.  I doubt I could add anything of interest (save one aspect to come that could possibly utilize the Lotus to assist the J-Rods and "Brothers"). 


The thought that the gods of Sumer and other places, were the misinterpreted future humanity; viewed as magical instead of technological, strikes me deeply. What could have they been thinking, to tinker with the pulse of time and alter our genome and history?


{ANANDA: Kala-ran Empire, according to Emmanuel. No longer universal Anu-Nabi, but only logged into the dimensional forms of the Naga/Nagi, as the Anu-Nagi (Sumerianologist Christian O Brian, who worked with Sir. Wooley, at Ur, publishes the accurate spelling of ANU.NAKI as ANU-NAGI "shinning ones." The MANU genealogical lists from the Indus valley, list the Sumerians as just one set of families from the descendents of the MANU, which are in an Omni-Temporal arrangement and relationship with our planet... In other words in a "time traveling" relationship, for all the descendents of the 7 sons and daughters of Manu Vaisvatha and Manu Ila, proginitored with Manu Salvana and Manu Savarna, in the future, according to the Manu Veda paradigm... AKA MAJI"s DCTP. Dr. Burisch gives MAJI confirmation of what Emmanuel stated to us publically some 14 years ago:


"There was such a group of civilizations that evolved within Orion, that were also becoming extremely enthusiastic with the exploration of physical mass and the using of technology. They became very enthused with utilizing the energy, or power, of the universe... Some of these bases were established upon the planet Mars... , contacted in secret many groups and many civilizations over the world, which began to form secret societies. They would also pass on some of the technology... those who were known as the Intergalactic Empire had been given permission by some individuals and scientists... to have vast bases inside the Earth.  These also had become multi-dimensional, because of the genetic research the Empire had done upon individuals of the solar system. For you carry physically within your genes the blueprints to multi-dimensionality."

—Unit Emmanuel, ATON-RA III, August 1990}


 I hope that my giving to you the association between what is now called Project Lotus and how I came upon the idea, satisfies that part of your request.

After the deal was struck, the research continued.  I had long felt and related that should a huge virus have been the progenitor of life on earth, that its artifact would be found in the strata as well as within the living cells.


The aforementioned data also leaned me in that direction.  The Ganesh Particle, under the correct electrical impulse levels, were observed being liberated from the crystalline rock.


It is currently believed that the Ganesh Particle is a dense collection of electromagnetism or a collection of electromagnetic waves, containing information, and floating in a river of less dense electromagnetism.


As each particle (dense collection) passes a nearby living object, the image of the shape of that object appears to bend over and onto the particle, giving the false appearance that the particle is actually such a prosaic item. 

When it nears its destination (the method of that target determination not yet known), it hovers above the target cell, then chemically communicates with it by spraying what appears to be chemical substances upon the target cell's surface.

It lands and instantly begins a rapid division process that ultimately results in a bridge of cells that connect the target cell to a nearby cell. 


The cells of the bridge stop their life sequences at particular points, offering some kind of frozen library from whence the target algae cells could be given necessary information to change and help them.

A tube with a needle-like penetrating end, enters the nucleus of the target cell and the cell at the other end of the bridge. 

This tube (for purposes of name assignment called the Shiva Linga) winds all of the way through the bridge between the two cells (the target cell and the one on the other end of the bridge).

The tube can be observed entering the nuclei of all of the bridge cells between the target cell and the cell at the other end of the bridge.  After a few minutes, the bridge detaches and disintegrates. 


Biochemistry of the surrounding medium revealed no traces of the substance that created the bridge.  It is possible that the bridges are composed of some kind of condensed electromagnetism, taking the form of cells. Damaged cells were exposed to the particles.  The actions of the Ganesh Particles resulted in both partial and full restoration of normal cellular function. 


It has been recently determined that Ganesh Particles will attach to normal cells, use the penetrating tube to enter the cell's nucleus, but not form bridges to other cells.  The results of the communication between the Ganesh Particles and normal cells remains unknown.  The cells of the crossbridges are as tenuous and fragile as clouds.



"Scientists are being contacted... and then receive a data disk of this new information, or a bundle of energy that contains this information. A number are simultaneously contacted with the same or similar information. But only one or two of them will actually succeed to create something that will eventually influence the public as a whole. Scientists are beginning to get new developments, new breakthroughs.


"Many, of course, have had to be hush hush about it [top secret], once they have built the adequate machinery and if the time is right, it will go on public display. There is, of course, certain scientific equipment that has been created to full scientific glory, that has been withheld from public interest, and has only remained top secret.


"The space brothers and sisters... are involved in bringing in more physical energies, electric-magnetic energies, as we have said, over the planet, and give you scientific data which you may use. We also give more personal information to those who are open."

Emmanuel, The Key Is Surrender. 16th February, 1989.



"You shall discover that there is another parallel dimensional spectrum... above your spectrum.

"Once you have discovered these dimension"s you shall learn how to change the molecular structures of the vehicles you will be travelling in. So you see that the light shines through molecules in very different ways, and you shall be able to take control of the molecules that will be surrounding you in a form of a shape.

"Via electrical signals you will be able to change their structure, so that they will change in shining the rays, and that way change frequency of vibration. Once you learn how to take control over your body molecules, you may go into that frequency band and colour [MACRO GANESH PARTICLE ASSEMBLEAGE. Hadron physics hyperplane/isodual-hyperplane irreversible hyperscription]...

"You shall discover that in your body, your molecules never end. How ever greatly you advance with material technology, you shall never find an end to substance in the microscopic scale, and indeed in the macrocosmic, you shall never find an end to the Omniverse.

"It is not only these multi-dimensions of colour spectrums and octaves in different scales in those octaves. You shall find, there are many areas which you cannot comprehend of now, so we can not teach you about them — these are only some.

Unit-Emmanuel, Solar Energy, February 1987



"Many of those who have come from other reality dreams known as planets, have come and inflowed inspirational new formats for technological equipment. Preparing you for when you are ready to manifest these things. So that you collectively can participate in the use of them. At the same time, being in greater alignment with your greater true Self...

"There are many other areas of this nature which will be developed; housing systems that will be organically grown. As your consciousness becomes aware of Being the consciousness behind all manifestation, in the sub-atomic level, then you can become aware and able to create technologies that have consciousness within them. So that you live within a house that is a conscious being. That the vehicles in which you travel have consciousness and are conscious beings, and respond to your consciousness.

"As your consciousness, and your awareness, will be aware of being the underlying patterns of consciousness of that technological creation, known as a ship or a house. Therefore, you will not need to operate computers with hands. But you will be moving these [space] ships, and controlling these ships and every aspect of technology, with your consciousness.

"For you will be these ships in your consciousness. You can change and alter their form with your consciousness. Being individualised within them, and at the same time one with them. This is one of many aspects in which you may go... All these creations, again, will be signposts, will be stepping stones to you aligning yourselves, as beings, to that state of reality in which you are not beings, but are BEING. And we will not be seen as separate consciousness from you, but will be seen, experienced, felt and acted as you. We already are aware of being you, completely... And the time has come for that to manifest. As the light of awakening is beginning to infiltrate the depth of the inner dream, of the dream of creation — the very core is beginning to be penetrated by the light of awakening, that is coming through, in one way, or in one concept, as Emmanuel. I am as you, in you, for you. One as you in all, as all, forever. My call is your call."

—Emmanuel, The Art Of Being, 16th April, 1989.


"You can be that One Being which you really are, which the physicists will discover you all are."

—EMMANUEL& SALVANA, Explorations Into Oneness. February, 1989.


The restorative ability, ascribed to these particles, is being investigated as a possible treatment for the J-Rods neuropathy.


To date, the Ganesh Particles have not been used in vivo, in J-Rods.  Theorists are also working on the possible uses of the Lotus (rock emission component + Ganesh Particle + cell interaction component) for everything from ecological remediation to how its use could reset certain aspects within the DCTP.  I remain opposed to any application until much more is known about it.


 The origin point of these particles has been determined.  It's quartz.  That is, the vibrating quartz crystal.  I am under direct order that "I am not at liberty to at this time announce the form of quartz or how the crystal may accomodate the liberation of Ganesh Particles.


{ANANDA: Si2, or elment-14 has an OCTAHDERON nucleus filled, thus the Octonian, 8 dimensional manufold has the perfect nucleus symmetry resonance personified in that element... This is just one component of the elemental charts equal temporing musical tunning omni-geometry scalaring of the All-Oneness Particle.... The PT elements in their M-State are an essential iso-symmetry key to this, emerging from the iso-symmetrical and iso-dimensional Meru Sri Yantra of the Lotus AUM}


That order also holds for known changes in the genome of the cells targeted by the Ganesh Particles." 


There are implicit weaponization issues that cannot be broached in this medium. Albeit this whole paper will be set for some kind of classification I am sure! :) 





{ANANDA: The 1998 Time Gate, when a perfect conjunction with the galactic center was at hand, also saw the emergence of Coherent Vortexijah/Dove-Phoenix signals coming from Pegassus and Cygnus (the gamma ray network of 24 tetrahedrons, pulsing concurrently over the galaxy, beginning August 12th 1994), changing the sun, and then manifesting as a global 1.618033 golden PHI signal over the entire planet, becoming daily after Time Gate 99, where we had been positioned by OT Ptah inside the Great Pyramid of Gizah, and the "Tomb of Osiris"...


These findings we already presented in public while they were occurring in December 1998, Diamond Body training we gave at the Tao Center in Thailand.


The Time Gate signals are taken as VERY serious ABOVE TOP SECRET security matters of the highest priority... Here the testimony of Dr. Burisch, we so hope and trust, should stimulate you to realize the importance of your public Sovereign work in the TIME GATES... They are of the utmost essential essence for the whole of mankind into Manuship...}


 The base pairs, decoded from a world-wide detection of Ultra Low Frequency emissions at 1.618033Hz, appear to match certain base strings found in the target (injured) cells while they are being repaired through the actions of the Ganesh Particle created cells of the bridges.


The strings, working in concert with resident viral components of the genome (what I will call the "Vishnu" part of the Lotus) appear to set in motion a rapid cascade of activation and deactivation gene switches that promote cellular repair.  I am not allowed to speak more to that issue at this time.  By the way, if you are from Sweetness or working for, or in cooperation with that unit, I won't help you anyway.


In nearly every paper I have authored about the Lotus, I have given a warning that the Ganesh Particle (what I believe could be the seed of life) is not to be toyed with.  Further, that it may play in the higher scheme (the Tree of Life and the Fruit of the Tree of Life), found detailed in sacred literature throughout many cultures.  My warnings have seemingly come true in a few instances.


{ANANDA: Dr Burisch"s warnings were not heeded, and the Flower of Life, Seed of Life, and Tree of Life, patterns were inaugurated in Dulce, in bio-experiments... TIME GATE 2001, in December, saw the emergence of the AUM Flower of Light, ergo STAAR Flower Lotus, appearing over the pacific ocean, from Midway island, and culminated in shock waves that interrupted experiments in Dulce, and the S4 base... [see the Time Gate 2003 web page for the radar regestration of these Lotus Star Flower patterns.... 8-fold flower pattern].


Regardless, MAJI continued to work on bioengineering, for the DCTP use of chemtrail materials to be put into the human system, in an attempt to control the DCTP and star gates to emerge, in Sumeria and elsewhere.... Things we have been relating publically at the time of the events [especially in the fluid nuance fluance of the small morning hours, the secret is always to give away the secret, in the hours of the sacred secretion].


As a result the MANU and Anu-Nabi civilizations Mind Diagrammed to the Manuvah [the 49 + 1 Omni-Numinous Manu = MaNuminous], activated the Lotus AUM Star Flower pattern on the Sun, thereby canceling the physics equations of the flower of life geometries used in the bioengineering efforts linked to the DCTP and star gates of Crowley"s Merkaba flower of life designs for the Philadelphia experiment, Phi Summum, Swivel and Phoenix projects and operations, and cohorts.


The Lotus AUM Star Flower, of the Manu Vortexijah appearance signal on the Sun, December 2002 and February through to the 26th Time Gate 2003 Peak, MIDWAY between the Alpha and Omega Time Gates (96-2010), has thrown the MAJI projects in complete disarray, and the complete lack of understanding of the vastly larger paradigm that the MANU are actually engaging is dawning on some therein... There is also a lot of discussion on a dissaray of MAJI themselves.}


Some attempts to use this project in manners that would immediately lead to an applied technology have resulted in bad things happening to those doing it. Reports of angelic beings, described in a manner very like how the Kerubim allegedly appear, have been detailed to me.  A noted occurrence at the Shady Rest resulted in physical injury to certain personnel and massive property damage. 


Other reports, centering around the Staar-Flower (originally called Star Flower by me...I guess they like their spelling better!) team at the Frenchman's Mountain detailed severe physical and emotional injury to personnel, and the loss of personnel altogether. 


The alleged beings have red-coal-like eyes, multiple (4) faces, and are dangerous to those not heeding warnings to give distance.  It remains unknown whether the Frenchman beings related to the Lotus or the alleged stargate.


The beings reported having done damage at the Shady Rest, were described in a way that could lead one to the belief that they are Kerubim, and such beings allegedly did directly announce that the Lotus is related to the Seed and Fruit of the Tree of Life. I say: be careful!  That's all I can say.  I am trying to be careful and respectful.


Stills from multi-media animations by ANANDA, presentations on THE MANU Emmanuel Omni-Temporal intelligences [Ananda has been a contactee for the last 19 years]


{ANANDA: The Lotus Star Flower surrounds the Sri Yantra and 3D Meru Yantra Pyramid... It is a result of the mantra AUM in liquid media and follows the Sierpinski triangle through 28 dimensions — see The Soma Conspiracy, Summer 2002, edition, for the equation on that. The Lotus/Vortexijah is the universal ANU mediator of the genesis of the Seed, Fruit and Tree of Life geometry... However, we should note here that the Hebrew/Meruba kabala is a primitive echoe of the Primordial versions that are far far older from the proto-Veda Manu Omniscience... Meruba/Hebrew [that is ancient Hebrew not the present 100 year old Hebrew], is a derivative in its entirety of the Sanskrit and proto-Sanskrit Sarasvati Manu-SCRIPT... The evidence for this is overwhelming, there is no solid defence for another alternative... The Jewish superiority complex is thereby phase-cancelled, whilst the core principles are extracted. It appears Dr. Burisch is unaware, or not briefed in the more arcane Omniscience before Sumeria, from the Indus and Sarasvati valley"s... However, many of his colleagues at Los Alamos National laboratories are, apart from the MAJI giving away their awareness therein, in the use of STAAR instead of STAR in their spelling the original Sanskrit root of that word.}


We have enlisted the assistance of a very professional remote viewer who is attempting to help us clear a sacred path that doesn't upset those seemingly in spiritual charge of this phenomenon. 


Results of the remote viewing exercises have assisted us in seeing the phenomenon from a philosophical, spiritual, and sacred geometry perspective. 


Some may conclude that such application (even in such an advisory capacity) isn't doing science.  That's fine with me.  We will continue to use it and hold its results in the right frame of reference. 


{ANANDA: Of course MAJI are also in control of the most advanced Remote Viewing projects that involve the highest technology, drugs, and techniques, co-developed by Major Michael Wolf Kruvant, AKA "the Threshold Technique"... See THE SOMA CONSPIRACY for details... Some contactees with the Manu and Emmanuel-like beings, have testified that their above top secret security clearance work involved MAJI forcing contact, by administrating ketamin hydrochloride, Harmaline, DMT, mesculine, and other entheogens, with the mind technology... This is a violation of free will and will back fire... It is guaranteed... Thanks to the testimony of some involved therein, we now have durther confirmation that these mind molecules, that are also involved in the Dark Room are taken with utmost serious research, for inducing neuro-star gates with our Omni-Temporal Manu Ancestors}.


As previously stated by me in other papers: the Cosmos, Life preceded the tool of the whim of man, called the scientific method.


 In conclusion, I want to thank you for the request, and say that I hope I have in some measure answered to it.  I suppose when we arrived at our mutual destiny, we will know whether this project was of benefit. 


I seek a future not filled with the paranoia of such projects as the Rain Dancer, and its needless introduction of an agent to the sum of humanity.  In that vain and with those things of this project to which I have just (in the last few hours) been made privy and am sadly not allowed to say: I see a future filled with the "Fruit of the Light of Loving-kindness" and "Healing through Togetherness". Yours very truly,

Dan Burisch




Q; What happens to man and life on earth after the year 2000?


"EMMANUEL: There are still a number of choices until that year. But there is a definite cycle that has been occurring throughout the creation of this solar system, that does have an effect upon this system. After the year 2000, as you perceive it, depending on your choice, which thus synchronises you to the possibility mode which manifests into reality, when it manifests as the now — there will be a duality, a further separation of the densities and of the polarities.


"Much of the majority of humanity is still in between polarity choices, negative or positive aspect of the electrical spectrum of the universe.


"...It is when the total synchronisation of energy is poured into this solar system, that activates the polarity choice, within the physical manifestation, neurological and electromagnetic fields of each individual. Therefore, each individual within their mind and their own inner choices, even if they have not fully chosen, within their own inclination, will be intensified in that polarity choice. So that many will become positively oriented and many negatively oriented, so to speak. Within that there may be possibilities that have been geared up...


"Those of the Empire have much in store, which indeed would appear to be very beautiful, if you are into technology and into hierarchy and into physical perfection of hierarchy in mathematical law...


"Those who choose and have the potential, if in resonance with the Unified Field, the Universal Christhood, through Love, to awaken their physical cellular mass, defrosted timeframes, to alter it, into a fourth dimension...


"There will be some individuals, through the intensification of the energy that is bombarded at the end of 1999 {gamma ray network became more intense, and daily PHI signals were active, effecting the DNA directly}, who will go straight to the 8th dimension, the Unified Field


{ANANDA: Octonian D8 Lie Algebraic Klein bottle link-ups to the quarternion Klein bottle DNA metamorphological continuum. The ¯8 mobius strip synthesis is called by the OT and ET Andromedian"s "The Platinum Universe." We did, indeed experience it anchoring into the corporal intensity at the end of December, and the ELFRAD PHI signals directly verified our experiences with the OT/ET Andromedians and the Manu, precisely at those times. During 1999, in Time Gate-99, this become part of a constant, the Platinum Constant. The DNA ¯4 mobius feedback loop became graphted to the ¯8 as a continaum, manifesting as the Platinum Body within the DNA architecture, in oversimplified jargon}.


"It is equally so of those who... are of a negative polarisation, who will also perhaps move to sixth, fifth, or fourth {D4, D5, D6 mobius metamorphological bio-anumation loop}, as their physical body and their electric, magnetic field is uplifted, is transformed, as a greater electrical surge is flowing through the entire nervous system and the neurological system activates the consciousness to be in the entire body, so that the entire body becomes a brain. It will be of both {ANANDA: having now done extensive research into the clandestine world, there are projects like Major Dr Michael Wolf"s "the Threshold Technique" which has attempted to activate this state of whole nerval-neural cognosis}.


"The year 2011 has been perceived as one of those gateways... The year 2000 is a symbol of consciousness. Some people right now are living within the year 2000 {stated in 1991}. It is a state of consciousness. Some people are living within the year 1965 right now, in this time frame, in this space. Some are living within the seventies or eighties, some in the nineties, some within the two thousands.


"The year is seen as a gateway of transformation, a synchronisation to an electromagnetic phenomena of cycles that the solar system spins and works towards, so that it is moving and has been moving into an electromagnetic synchonicity and field that intensifies the energy or electrical flow of this planet.


"You choose different future perspectives. 2011, 2013, is the state of consciousness, not necessarily the year, the state of consciousness when the dimensional gateway is opened to the possibility of resonating self to Universal Christ...


"It is likewise with that of part or parts of group soul structures, who wish, through the physicality, to experience the total unification with the Creator. For that which is the creation is the Creator. That which is the higher subtle bodies of universal Man has dropped out of the original explosion of the physical reality grid.


"It is only by all bodies on all levels being embraced that one gains the gateway that resonates one to the Unified Field of being everything, which is the Universal Christ, and then beyond that, into the state of Everythingness and Nothingness, which is the state of being God."

—EMMANUEL, The Universal Harvest, February 1991


"To awaken once more, into harmony, the nervouse system of Light, upon this planet. So that eventually its blueprint, which is frozen light, may be defrosted and it may join the Gateway of Transformation. From within the blueprint, or dream, of the universe, back to the awaked state of the All-Oneness of that which you term God.


"Planet Earth is the focus. For it is connected, by its positioning within the galaxy to a powerful magnetic grid system, of longitudes and different frequencies, that are electrical, both formed into the gateway.


"The transformation that takes place upon this planet and this solar system, affects, largely, all other planetary systems that are connected via this grid, as well as the natural principles of corresponding electrons {ANANDA: our new work from the Rg Veda galactic, atom, and molecular measure mathematics, whereby the Sierpinski grid of our surrounding interstellar domain has been extrapolated into a logical chartable science, that was given by the Manu, precisely, in the earliest Manuscript at the genesis of history, the Rg Veda Manual, enables a unversal cartography of all iso-scales. Thus a process of hyper-self similarity, fractal macro-micro scaling of the galactic elemental and radiation spectrum, into one hyper-grid, of synchronization, is now demonstratable... Emmanuel here are also intimating to the galactic gamma grid infomatic holomatic continuum that appeared, 2 years after this contact took place}.


"For there is such a balance — even though there may be a planetary system, far away, at the other side of the galaxy, its very core is influenced by this planetary system. There is a great focus at the moment, upon this planetary system. On many areas of this planet they have been able to have a Source awakened.


"There has been a great alignment of many places, as well as an equal counter-balancing of your dissolving the patterns that hold the dream, [which] cannot be done instantaneously, it would shock the beings. Therefore, an inbetween state is being activated, which, indeed has been termed "the awakening dream", as we say {MAJI"s DCTP is merely a shadowgram of the "awakening dream", "the Twilight Zone"}.


"There are those who say humanity is a product of the dream, this would be to keep you asleep, this is the language of sleep. You have come from the state that is total awake, and you have dived into the dream, bringing about this evolution/solution to awaken it — or the Creator awakening the Creator.


"There are those who wish to maintain you in the dream. For they have moved into the awakening dream and have found great new opportunities there of power, that appear to be of service, but the puppets have taken responsibility from the positive section in their expression.


"Those who wish to maintain the dream have succeeded upto a point by being the masters in the awakening dream. However, much of this is changing, as many dreamers are beginning to stir from sleep, and wish to remember to feel that which is the Source of Awakening, for each is the All-Oneness — the path of awakening. And so this is taking place. It is taking place upon this point upon this moment now.


"...There are those who are operating within the awakening dream state, and there are those who are shepherds, who like to maintain the sheep asleep. And these, indeed, do present themselves in that which is your illusion, taking characters of sleep as their partial form.


"But there are those which are also taking the responsibility of the awakening dream, and choosing to expand the dream into the awakening dream. We have been involved in this process for billions of years. We have been involved consciously. But ultimately each human being in this universe, in one way or the other, is also consciously and partially involved, even though they may be forgetting. All individuals may become enthrawled, beginning to forget that we are One.


"It is the process of that you term Man, and that which is the Universal Christship, or the universal oneness with All-Oneness. Choosing to consciously unify infinitey, those of the timelessness, with that of the finite illusion of frozen light, by time. Such a process may not just involve this planetary plane, although primarily there is focus and attention on this planetary plane, for it influences the large majority of other star systems..."


—Emmanuel, The Maintainers Of The Dream, July 23, 1991


 EMMANUEL: T there are those extra terrestrials civilisations which are in contact with the government, and think that they are far superior to humanity. However, humanity"s energy is far superior to theirs,  [and] in many ways equal. And humanity is most definitely moving into a fourth dimension. That is why beings like us from the unified state, and other extra terrestrial beings, are quickly working with the unification and the waking up of the mass consciousness.


"Even though the governments are trying to prevent this information from coming out, it is being spread amongst the individuals of the world, most definitely, most strongly. So they are ready to work, to call, with the other individuals, with the other dimensional realities


"The planet is, most definitely, now moving into a unification with the fourth dimension — the third dimensional consciousness is beginning to be pierced into the fourth dimension... Where the veils are being pierced, where the energy is moving in, very strongly, so that these gateways will be opened.


" We would suggest, those extra terrestrials who, indeed, wish to work in trying to overtake this planet, absolutely have no chance of succeeding. Maybe some individuals. Because this particular solar system is already, in the future, ascending into a Light plane. That is most definite this time {gamma ray network of 24 tetrahedron"s the Rg Veda paradigm calls the emergence of the galactic Light Body}.


They are trying to prevent it... And naturally they wish to try and keep the universe, and this particular planet in a frozen way. Because if this planet moves into a fourth dimension it is going to affect their dimension, it is going to cause a big transformation within their own dimension. It means they also will have to move home. They do not want to do that yet, those extra terrestrials.


"However, this planet is most definitely being transmuted... which is going to have a simultaneous affect upon this solar system; this solar system will move into a unification. This is going to spark off a total transformation and ascension of the whole universe, at this time, including all the other galactic layers and other galaxies, is going to have a simultaneous affect on those beings.


"So, those beings who wish to remain separate, particularly within this galaxy, are trying to prevent this process from taking place on Earth. But there is absolutely no chance. Perhaps, they have a few places, they think they have the power of the governments, but the governments are small in amount compared to the people.


Now we are, so called, reminding, waking up, the people. The light that is growing within the people will absolutely transform this planet.


{ANANDA: the global PHI signal that came from the galactic gamma net/galactic Light Body of 24 tetrahedrons in a phase-conjugate pulse-synchroneigty, is effecting the emergence of a triple helix in man, is turning on floating DNA (another very involved Light Body story), as the Lotus documents of MAJI relate, and is increasing the biophotonic coherent light being released from the DNA, at more than 100 UPS. It is precipitating the Ganese particle/ANU-Manu doming and grafting with our DNA signature, transcribing us into the Platinum Universe Living Language of the Manu. Amplifying all polarities in the process, so that the golden midway, via 8 Hz whole body cognitive phase-conjugation is realized. The resulting PHI-ordered coherence from the 8hz Lotus, is the Macro Process that Emmanuel is relating to being realised}.


"There is already enough individuals, who could be activated, into transforming this planet into fourth dimensional ascension, absolutely so.


"Those who are working with those extra terrestrials will, perhaps, experience catastrophes on Earth -- those who are working with the extra terrestrials who wish to remain separate. Or they may experience being brought up into those extra terrestrial ships and then taken to still a place which has not moved into the resonance of ascension. But the reason these extra terrestrials are trying to stop it is because they realise: as the Earth ascends, so does their reality have to ascend. This is the Key Note: that as the Earth note is increased, it is going to have a simultaneous affect on the entire universal system structure. They are trying to prevent that. But that is an impossibility.


" Now, the calling is to be in the state where we are, in Love, in complete unification with all dimensions. This is causing a unification of all colour spectrum dimensions, to meet in the centre point of combination, which is causing the Cause, through Love. And this planet, at this time, is the Key Note for that...


"Perhaps, they can choose now to move into another universal system. They are trying to get as many souls on the Earth planet and plane to join them, into creating this next universe. Where they will remain in separation for a little while longer. And then, eventually, will have to choose to ascend. Because they will, at one point, become satisfied with separation, and choose to become the God United state once more.


"However, it is going to affect the present governmental reality. They have got control of a number of galactic systems, solar systems, etc. They are, naturally, going to transform, within the heart core of it, as this Earth planet transforms... And, we suggest, those particular small groups of individuals who are working with the government, who think they have got complete control over the world, working with the government, will not fully succeed...


"And we would suggest there are those workers within the government, who are not just in contact with these particular extra terrestrial beings, but are also in contact with the light extra terrestrial beings. The governments in themselves are in confusion. Because they don"t know what is what. They do not know who they need to contact. So they are having confusion {ANANDA: Major Michael Wolf, of MAJI, confirmed this 10 years after this Emmanuel discourse. Major Wolf, as head of MAJI"s Alphacom, maintained contact with the dolpinoid greys, with Altair, and with a Pleiadian parallel universe group. He describes this type of confusion that Emmanuel here relates within the MAJI}.


"And they are constantly being mislead by the light ones, on purpose to confuse them about the dark ones, so to speak. Though there is no such thing as a "true" dark one. The "dark one" is just the actors clothes in which they are very much enjoying -- they play in that, in separation, in controlling. So, at this time, it is very important that this point of view is brought with it. And that the governments are not in such a unified order. Indeed, there would appear to be a resistance there.


". As individuals are, naturally,  also being guided to other choices and other opportunities: those who would appear to have gone under the hypnotic stage — where they have lost a few hours of their lives, and they do not know where, and then suddenly remember they were abducted, etc. — these individuals are also opened by the Self, to other opportunities of spirituality. And through those other opportunities of spirituality they can make the choice, which part of the particular next phase they wish to go away into...


"...We would suggest part of the information, and part of the dark extra terrestrial clothing, is to do with the collective unconscious. You see within the collective unconscious there is a tremendous fear that is blocking you from the light. It is like a cloud. Those dark watchers are able to be attracted here because of what is in the collective unconscious."

—EMMANUEL, Aliens, March, 1990, Geneva.


"Into the cosmic tune of the cosmic God, of beuaty of harmony. It is true, that this solar system as a whole is uniting with Pleiades, with Sirius, with Orion, with Andromeda, with Vega, with all systems, and all the different levels, as the whole galaxy is becoming more multi-spectrummed, more multi-layered, and simultaneously being on all those layers, opperating in them equally and evenly — complete harmony in itself, and in infinitey and eternity of all creation.


"We ask you to listen to your inner heart. To be a part of this vast musicle tune, and not be appart. To learn to develope your own unique musical tone — it will so enhance this sound of the cosmic orchestra, the cosmic song. It is your sound that we are helping to be intune.


"For you on Earth are opperating on a base level {Sanskrit "Bhumi"}, in Earth one learns to integrate all the seven levels within the deep or depth of the lower part of creation, of the seven levels adjascent to all the different manifestations. And so you on Earth are to integrate, to unite, into one whole body, all those seven consciousness's on Earth. Through that alignment, you are able to bring down the higher energies, to act as a sive, flow the levels above that. That will then form another instrument, which will be then the direct flow of God. And then Earth will absorb this, and all matter throughout the universe, all molecules, will become receivers {ANANDA: N.U. cosmic rays, into gamma rays, into solar spectrums — a translation of 80 0ctaves of the binomial triangle, MANU equation into man"s bio integration, through 8hz phase-conjugation of the global PHI signal resonation}.


"And the highest level will be brought into the lowest level, and the lowest into the highest, until there is no differentiation between lower and higher, or inbetween, but just One state vibrating in many different levels in One harmoniuos tune, with many different octaves tones and pitches, within it. This is the game, this is the role — not just this universe, but all other universes, unique of course, to this. As each star system is unique, to any other, as each planet is unique to any other, as each galaxy is unique to any other. Yet all follow the flow of cosmic law, of Gods Law, if you will.


"So now you see complexity, but that complexity is simplicity. It will not be long before you experience intensifications of the inpouring of the highest level of the physical colour spectrum, the Aetheric [{ANANDA: Vortexijah Virtual Particle scalar influxuations, through 8hz cognitive phase-conjugation, ergo the bio Ganese/Maruta-Manu Macro Particle in bio-stasis


"We are talking of large increases, which in many places may cause internal turmoil where areas are not united. And then of separated pools of creative colour, are realigned, are transmuted into their original waveform and length {ANANDA: Coherency Wave Transcription}, and it taking on a slightly new development a slightly new tune of vibration [exactly 2:10 as I typed this {my note when transcribing this in the 1990"s, 2.10 rekindling the idea of the Time Gate 2010], and being somewhat more independent in its flow to universal law.


"So then as you are operating as One Body, but individual and unique within that body, where all matter is one with the Christ of the physical colour spectrum dimension of Earth, then that is absorbed into the next greater and larger whole."







"...As the Earth moves fully into a 4th dimension... in consciousness, in the consciousness time zone of 2000 years, (which is not as you count time, but is a level of consciousness) — it begins to merge with the other planetary systems and the consciousness"s that are exploring the other planetary systems.


"They begin to collapse into a harmonic resonance, where they indeed meet the future, and meet the past: the past and the future converge into the present, and thus turn into Sun.Sun Light frequency .



"The Key Note that is being reSounded within this planet and plane and, indeed, within this solar system, is the Key Note that is going to resound the awareness of the total universe to move into one unification [{the Ganese particle is just one glimpse of that Key Note NU tuning (NU = N-ew U-niverse)}].


"That unification comes through the bleeding together of all colour spectrum dimensions.


"The common denominator to bleed together all colour spectrum dimensions is the consciousness that is being born in Earth, the consciousness of Love, to feel Love [{Love = ¯, the 1.618033 hz signal is the pure gold of Love, PHI}].


"That is why it has such an important influence on all other colour spectrum dimensions, whether they are in past time frames, or future time frames.


"You see there is going to be a converging of all "evolutions", so to speak, in the past present, and future, in other time spectrum dimensions, in other time frames. This is all happening through Earth."

—EMMANUEL April 6th 1990, Geneva Public Audience Transmission