Dear Dan, Here then is the rough sketch response to your query about Vortexijah. A professional Vortexijah page is also in the works which will give added perspectives and logick to the basic technique (explored from an entirely different angle to this missive).

Here, however is an exciting perspective on it for modelling monatomic spaces and hyperspace in general. Since this has been constructed in the last week, over 30 hours of work in making the animations, and then web animating them (a corrected and clarified version will follow).

I apologise for the incompletenes of this peice at present, but it should give an notion of what we mean, and there is much more to come, but have had no time to work it into a shareable form, which I paste now into part two.

(best viewed in 640 x 480 or 800 x 600 res)



Inaugurated by a question from Dan Winter to Ananda

All animations by Ananda, except background in animation 2 and 3, by Dan Winter

Animamation and text © copyright 2000, by ATON VASE DA, Norway

Dear Dan I enjoy and find your push here always useful and appreciated, and I realise that I have not had the time as yet, for making the absolutely essential technical papers on the Vortexijah models for the internet, these will gradually be forthcoming (I have not had any sponsorship to enable the required time for putting down on paper these models in the required referenced protocol et al, and hence its birth comes gradually where space allows, and time unfolds into such descriptions).

Our work overlap occurs with the Phoenix and Dove breath components of the Vortexijah, that marry at the heart in the Vortexijah protocol (these, Vortex pyramids in the animations, modelled with your PHI algorithms, as you know and show, can also be modelled by dodecahedrons, although their asymmetry is not biased to any one of the symmetrical solids, as I hardly need to relay to you, for the benefit of anyone else who may read this). They are instigated from the Midpoint of the heart, by Consciousness first, naturally.

Your own Dodeca body spin, hence, will nicely symbios with this component. But there are other synergetics which connect them in a more profound manner (at least it appears that way from my present stance therein), in our intergeometrical approach, at modelling the monatomic superconductive sonic wave exteriorisation from the Palladium and other monatomic Platinum group elements in the heart of the DNA et al.


In the Vortexijah protocol within the Diamond Body trainings, we always begin with the perfect Unity Self Sphere of geometrical and intergeometrical synthesis, local and non-local marriage.

Within the more advanced levels of Vortexijah training we explore the multiple symmetries within this alchemically wedded Sphere of Spirit and matter, shared to some degree within the Somanetics (part 2b) and the Dark Room (part 2) launch pads, but especially in Diamond Body part 3.

Herein, we enact the dodecahedron 5 intercubic explorations, starting from the Virtual Sphere and homing into this relationship (more simplified stages that comprise this 5 intercubic dodecahedron follow in animated form).

The animation of which is included in the projections I gave you: 5 Grail vehicles, starting at the -64 X-axis position, and then 4 duplicates at 72° on the Y axis (exactly the same procedure to make 5 cubes into the dodeca). I do not recall if I also gave you the dodeca version of the Vortexijah Wheels (here they are in gif, just in case)

Why the intercubic version? I have some very specific reasons, apart from modelling more than a hypercube (usually modelled like a 2D cube would appear to us, from a Hyperspatial perspective that is, and too simplified to be practical for valuable multi-dimensional navigating shamanism, in VR-7 mode, et al), but also to begin 3D modelling of monatomic domains.
The intercube base is also at the heart foundation, or the skeleton core, of the Vortexijah Virtual fluctuational Wheels models.
It is their respective simplicity, that will enable us to navigate through the Monatomverse of Unified Complexity, ahead.
Upto now I have not come across anyone modelling intergeometrical "solids", which are essential for mapping monatomic spaces. Like the monatomic palladium animations I played at our joint SION seminar [Saturday night], showing them in various stages of Hyperspatial synthesis, through various phases of the High Spin State into full Meisner field superconductive translation.

The monatomic Palladium, which David Hudson claims is within the in-vivo DNA core, we thus modelled as the 2-dodecahedrons in their nucleus-to-nucleus synthesised form, since the non monatomic version is a well established dodecahedron with its 45 electrons.

Usually the monatomic forms of uneven electron elements are bonded nucleaus-to-nucleus to compensate an equal quantity of electrons to pair, so that herein, with Palladium, there are 90 electrons to monatomic form, from the 2 x 45 electrons of element 45.

The Palladium dodecahedron cannot mono when only 44 electrons can cooper pair, and one electron is left over maintaining a stereo form etc.

Here is the X, Y, Z spin of this inter-dodecahedron monatomic alchemical marriage:


The intergeometrical form of Vortexijah enables the macro-cascading of this in-vivo element into the macro "mechanistic" universe, through induced quantum coherence, by 8 cycles phase-conjugate implosion of the nervous system (stepped in 1/4th and 1/5th harmonic pulses through the brain holographic station: Thalamus 40 hz, Cerebellum 10 hz, or 1/4th or a quarter of the Thalamus pulse, so that these two main wave generating organs are in-phase. And then with bi-hemispherical synchronisation being three-quarters of the Cerebellums 10 hz, and a 1/5th of the Thalamus.

Our Vortexijah models never were based on merkabic notions, but on my own experience in 1989, whereby Emmanuel translated my body into something else, with four witnesses present in Denmark, something I swore to be true under penalty of perjury, in our 1991, The Light Of Emmanuel book, page 35 "Invisibility The Experience" overview for description of experience, and page 38 for the testification.

This experience was some 4 + years, and testimony publically released some 3 years before Anders introduced me to you in January 1994. After I had briefly mentioned then, the tetrahedron field models we worked with, you then related (much to my surprise then), the merkaba model (my first hearing of it, at least by Tetrahedron models in the body field. Emmanuel had related tetrahedrons to the fields of the body in the 1987 communication: The Grail Of Man. It was not called a Merkabba by them).

Before that time I had not modelled the Vortexijah on electrons or magnetic field light cones, and following a short month of confusion (digestion), upon seeing your models, I continued to maintain the Gravitational basis of the Vortexijah, as a Virtual Vehicle, with the Whittaker electrogravity and magnetogravity virtual donors and acceptors (from his correction of Maxwells 22 errors), as the precipitating lenses which focus their respective infinite and zero-speed poles of vacuum Hyperspace, by the intercubic virtual tetrahedron wheels, who virtually encompass the graviton cube in their midst (I enclose some electrogravity poetry at the end, which I wrote in early 1995 for the Vortexijah: Practical Light Body Star Ship Field Propulsion Manual) to describe this process of formation into the graviton cube, and then 90° into the light cone cube, followed by another 90° into the electron cube).

Dr. Claudious Kern holding the axis of gravity, axis of magnetism, and axis of electricity, who we visited and dialogued with at the Centre For Morphoenergetics in 1995, housed in the castle of Dr. Manfred Kage, of microphotography refraction fame. They were cooperating with the Schauberger family in this 3-axis spin model.

These Virtual Wheels becoming virtual particle fluctuated into the 8 Hz from the vacuum, and herein I found perfect correspondence with Professor Taylor's model (Superminds), of the PSI particle, after his experiments with the Geller children, whose 8 hz phase-conjugate brain waves passed through his laboratories vacuum tubes, and scalar vectored from the PSI intention particle (which we called Thotons, based on Emmanuel's 1991 transmission The Unified Field: God), which actually were 5 Thot particles, in Taylors model, as a tetrahedron. 4 for the tetra vertices, and 1 central Thot particle.

The Vortexijah wheels are the two holographic views of the PSI particle.

The "intercubic wheel" utilised in the phase-conjugation counter-rotation are the closest thing I have seen, to what I experienced by Emmanuel in the 1989 translation, with aspects emerging within several of the Dark Room research sessions, the Vortexijah protocol brought about parts of the same initial effects.

Whilst finishing this article, I did a contents search on my mac for icosahedron" and found some Buckmister quotes that were quite to the point, in this peice (Synergetics suggeste by Dr. Martin Huebner, upon one of our Intergeometry Dialogues). Our colleague in Spirit, the late Buckminster Fuller, gives us some other good reasons why a Thoton flux would be tetrahedral, as it maps perfectly the quanta:



[NOTE: I should mention, on the onset, that this was inspired on a contact I had in April 1995, deep in the Norwegian woods, where I stepped into one of the 3 visible Omega Andromedians body's, upon her invitation, itself a remarkale experience. But of essence was what she showed me. She, and they together, showed me how the Vortexijah would be translated in the next SPATIAL dimension and all of its adjascent densities. These Spins are completely paradoxical when seen in linear logick, but in this experience, through the interface of their bodies, it was completely logical and actually simple. They told me I would be modelling this experience and these spins one day. Which I could hardly imagine would be possible. In what now follows, which I have been giving a good deal of thought to, since then, I now see that the horizon for Hyperspatial computer modulling is very near to approaching. Such modelling also takes away the incredulous factor to such apparent "contact", as long as the models are valuable, then the means of obtaining them should not be a distractor: for Discartes it was "the angel of truth", Einstein "imagined" contact with extraterrestrials et al]

In the present intergeometrical modelling I am doing, in Super 3D (if you know anyone else who has been pursuing these grounds I would appreciate any reference or link for synergy), I have also been highlighting the Vortexijah scalar vector core structure, by utilising arrangements of icosahedrons.

This monatomic eye view is logged into by placing two icosahedron's triangle face upon triangle face (aligning, forinstance, two descending faces from each of the icosahedrons 10 equator faces. And then, furthermore, accounting for the stellation of these triangular faces with their respective tetrahedrons (of course here you can already seen a glimmer of where I am going (: ).

In this manner, when triangle face is phased to triangle face, then the tetra stellations form the bare skeleton intercube of one Vortexijah Wheels (the Virtual electro- magneto- gravity tetra, and the graviton tetra; also the PSI/Thoton tetra and the 8 hz tetra. Szuzsanne de Zilly, in Hungary, relayed to me that one of the professors there had demonstrated a magnetic 90° axis shift, when emerging from a superconductor, undergoing a specific phase-conjugation procedure).
In this way, the tetrahedron virtual vector cascades into the actual body of the opposite icosahedron, where the next scale cascade dodecahedron from these 20 tetra cascades, occur within the actual bodies of the matched icosahedron.
I am sure that I do not have to iterate too much to show how this can, amidst other things, be amidst the initial steps in modelling a monatomic dimension, in partial superconductivity -- aspiration to a pure Meisner Field Imploverse, with a fractal imploded assorted nest of monatomic elements.
In unifying the Vortexijah Wheel bare skeleton with the icosahedron into the full Vortexijah intercubic Wheels. The centre for 360° extrusion of these two icosahedron lovers then is where the triangular phase-kissing is aromancing in place, tetra-base to tetra-base.
In this Intercube Vortexijah Wheel top down view, the outer tetras have swung 180° from the internal tetrahedrons, a skeleton frame of the Vortexijah Wheel which are a perfect 360 tetras.

This Wheel we have so far explored (1 of 2 interlocked intercubic Vortexijah wheels), hence, would have an 360° extrusion of surfaces of the 2 kissing icosahedrons from which the tetrahedrons stellate, surrounding their tetras base-to-base axis (when we chose two descending triangles of the equatorial 10 of each icosa, then the extrusion axis would be Z-axis).

This monatomic icosahedral form, of course, (in the Primal Hyperdimensional format of which it is but one freeze frame shadow), would be undergoing the same extrusion relationship with each of its faces. So that each of its stellations, as tetrahedrons, would be navigation wheel axis' for the marriage of every icosahedral tri-face, to its mirror icosahedral partner tri-face lover, and herein married by the wedding ring Wheels of the Vortexijah intercubes.

To begin to do this, and be able to discern any comprehensible relationship at all, amidst the multitudal extrusions, one would have to enable the leverage view into this paradoxical post-quantum gravitational domain, by rotating Vortexijah Wheels only on 5 of the equatorial faces (such as the descending faces only). So as to have a springboard by which to fathom the coherent hyper-structure that it is a shadow off, as these scalar vector matrix's.

Herein, one gets a birds eye view into the Coherent Monatomic superconductive universes of Prima Materia, with no Eye of Horus/Set diversity equation in motion, as the holographic illusion of timeflow, backwards and forwards (newt 3rd law), but the phase-conjugation of every coherent direction and symmetry, with asymmetrical golden wedding silk to boot.

These 40 Vortexijah's, with their 80 Wheels, going through their respective spins, renders a view that is stirring one into such a post-paradoxical extra-dimension, where all faces kiss every other face, through the continued Vortexijah unification spins.

Through the axis' each phase-angle will phase-conjugate every other phase-angle face, of the icosahedron, which will appear as an absolute paradoxical surface to the 3D observer. But perhaps I am getting a little ahead of the description path sequence, herein.

Since we have described so far the stellated icosahedron tetra's that form these wheels, we now also must relay their inter-cubic interelationship of the Vortexijah within this extrusion pathway as well. In other words, and at the bare bones framework of this next step, the two tetra's, base-to-base, must cube, or meet their interlocked 180° tetrahedron opposite, emerging from the icosahedron nucleus. Its 180° tetra partner with which it cubes, is then one tetra within the second interlocked Vortexijah Wheel of phase-conjugation. This being an oversimplified iteration, at this stage.

Hence, for every rotation of two icosa's around the central tetra base-to-base Vortexijah Wheel axis, that Vortexijah Wheel is but one of a pair of Wheels that are the intercube, and these Wheels would "appear" to counter-rotate, when one follows each degree in 360 of the Wheels surface in a phase-conjugated sequence, as a tetrahedron (virtual PSI particle Thoton, and scalar vector at zero: virtuality).

Before going any further, we note that each tetrahedron tip in its 360° rotation with its adjacent icosahedron, makes the dodecahedron in this monatomic universe-nest/Imploverse of symmetry and asymmetry, geometry and intergeometry. Firstly, the two dodecahedrons, made from the 40 tetrahedron tip stellations, rendering the Palladium, nucleus-to-nucleus, monatomic atomic form of its 90 cooper paired electrons.

This itself is a significant perspective for mapping our body's virtual or spiritual relations via its own monatomic nano-element, Palladium in DNA, and Coherent Virtual Particle fluctuations utilising these keys to upload Spirit to the mechanistic universe through quantum coherence, as a quote from Dr. Penrose highlights, at the end of this missive.

However, this was simply our log-in to the monatomic universe, and the above phase, that highlights monatomic Palladium from each of the tetra's stellating from the icosa, is then taken into its next extrusion of Meisner Field fusion. As we extruded into one Vortexijah wheel on the Z-axis, to be surrounded by a pair 360 extruded icosa's, then each of their respective 20 tetra sets stellating off all 40 faces, and mated base-to-base, bring the monatomic Palladium inter-dodecahedron along with them, so will this have to be mirrored through the second Vortexijah Intercubic Wheel, as we shall do in a moment.

Summary: 720 inter-dodecahedrons, in a perfect Palladium monatomic form: dodeca nucleus-to-nucleus (as shown in the SION animations and above), in their 360° intergeometrical extrusions, by each of the 40 tetrahedron tips. (Cursory note of 720° for all angles per one tetra)

The complexified coherency in this congruence of unity gains an extra gyroscopic coherent fractal now, on our journey into the superconductive universe -- each of the 20 Vortexijah Wheels now extrude 720 inter-dodecahedrons, rendering a Monatomic lattice domain of 14,400 inter-dodecas, in a kaleidoscopic virtual gyroscopic phase-conjugation dance to zero.

Here we approach an extra spatial dimensional description, where all faces touch every other face. The Vortexijah Star Ship intergeometrical models, have taken us almost there, from just the very first step of Vortexijah Intercubic Wheel counterotation. Each of the respective phase-conjugate spins that follow this (into the Star Ship Lens Shape, and eventually the Sphere), when applied to the stellated interelationships of the icosahedron and dodecahedron, yield a perfect core map stirring wheel pathway into the superconductive monatomic universe. Vortexijah thus serves as a simple phase-conjugate core, to a Complexity Verse of implosive Unity.



Hence, here, so far, we have a perfect model of a plurality of superconducting monatomic Palladiums, fused with another scale of monatomic elements in icosahedral synthesis (just described above).

In other words a monatomic dimension that is not yet completely virtual, should it be comprised of a cooper-paired monatomic electron event horizon-like time-space domain.

But this is simply one view amidst the Vortexijah Wheel hyperdimensional synthesis phase-conjugate pathway, that we are exploring. So that one can glimpse a notion of how this can be very useful, albeit practical in a shamanic and alchemical experiential manner, for navigation. To model a monatomic partial superconducting universe, or plural multi-dimensional octaval set, not yet fully phase-conjugated to zero-electrical resistance and to an infra laser-phonon Oaroborus phase-conjugated Zero-Point Plenum et al -- into pure Hyperspatial Prima Materia, or the Egyptian Imm-Annu: Imperishable First Universe.

Another angle on the above pathway, is that it may model the process described in experiments by David Hudson, of thermally heating at key alchemical temperatures (phonon/infrared coherency resonance) the monatomic elements into pure superconductive coherency, and hence invisible to the naked eye, yet extruding a gravitational and weight anomaly upon space and time (pan weight less than without the invisible elements etc).

Before taking this further into the monatomic synthesis, let us review some mainstream allusions to this domain that we have briefly overviewed.

In fact this very level of exploration is being alluded to by Dr. Roger Penrose, for quantum geometry mapping within the Bose-Einstein condensation of the microtubules water, opening symmetry into quantum coherence. Quantum coherency enabling the Weird and One-der-full quantum universe to fractal cascade onto the macro mechanistic universe, bringing the sense of Self, or individuality, and the paradox of free will along with it, into the mechanistic universe at large. Hence, here is where our coherent consciousness starts to stir and marry and synergise even larger orders of Coherency, in Complexity Theory par Excellence: coherency churned out from entropic chaos. Here, Penrose notes the icosahedron symmetry of certain molecules, and then alludes to our field of Intergeometry:

14.6 An interesting possibility has come my way, which may conceivably have relevance to the question of how quantum coherence might get conveyed between one neuron and another (a question raised by Klein). As noted in Shadows, Figs. 7.11, 7.12 on pp. 365, 366, there are some particular molecules (clathrins) that inhabit synaptic boutons, which have the highly symmetrical structure of a truncated icosahedron (like a modern soccer ball).

These clathrin molecules have importance in the release of neurotransmitter chemicals at synapses (whereby the nerve signals are transmitted from neuron to neuron). Although I do not have specific suggestions to make here, I am struck by the extraordinary symmetry of these molecules. It has been brought to my attention (by Roy Douglas, cf. Douglas and Rutherford 1995) that, according to the Jahn-Teller effect, such highly symmetrical molecules would have a large energy gap between the lowest quantum energy level and the next. This lowest level would be highly degenerate, and there would be interesting quantum-mechanical effects when this degeneracy is broken.

14.7 Energy gaps and symmetry breaking, of this general nature, are central to the understanding of superconductivity - and superconductivity is one of the few clear phenomena in which large-scale quantum coherence takes place.

Known observationally since 1911, and explained quantum-mechanically in 1957, superconductivity had been thought originally to be an exclusively very low-temperature phenomenon, occurring only at a few degrees above absolute zero. It is now known to occur at much higher temperatures of -158 degrees Celsius, or perhaps even -23 degrees (although this is not properly explained). It does not seem to be out of the question that there might be similar effects at the somewhat higher temperatures of microtubules. Perhaps there are understandings to be obtained about the behaviour of microtubules from the experimental insights gained from such high-temperature superconductors.
-Dr Roger Penrose, Oxford

Not only is the icosahedron clathin molecule intricately involved in the release of the neurotransmitters of our awareness, and hence a mirror of our Thot, but clathin's icosahedral form acts as a symmetrical bridge between the base quantum energy foundation and the next octave. And the foundation of quantum energy is highly degenerate, which would render interesting quantum effects if the degeneracy is broken. And such energy gaps, exhibited by the icosahedron of clathin, and symmetry breaking, is at the heart of understanding superconductivity, which itself extrudes large-scale quantum coherency (enabling the sense of self to fractally cascade onto the mechanistic universe. Co-creating in other words).

This gives added momentum and perspective to the relevance of modelling the inter-symmetrical relationships that the icosahedron has, and the plural permutations of monatomic relations that it utilises in the elements of our biology and neuro-anatomy.

Furthermore, the tetrahedron to icosahedron intergeometrical modelling through the Monatomic universe, can also be seen as a significant further exploration and mapping of what Buckminster Fuller was here intimating at in the creation of matter:

(Sec. 935) the precessing vector edge of the entropic octahedron drops out 1 tetra; 1 tetra = 6 vectors = 1 quantum of energy which__as the entropically random element of radiation's nonformedness__may be effortlessly reformed by reentering the vector equilibrium to produce the icosahedron and thus to form new substance or matter. 1033.655


So upon this pathway H-Aum to the Prima Annu/Mono Universe, we have only utilised on of the two Vortexijah Wheels of the intercube, hence seeing a glimpse of a hyperdimensional unification of symmetrical solids, by the 8 hz wheels of the Vortexijah Grail Ship core, or the Y-axis skeleton of Vortexijah Sphere of Uniphied synthesis (accurate beyond 0.00002 of a micron in its coherency).

The Vortexijah then, in this Icosahedral Kissing dance, has each Wheel interlocked with another Wheel, so that in its incubated midst, is a Virtual pre-graviton black sound cube,that at any moment can virtual particle fluctuate.

The second interlocked Vortexijah Wheel not only unifies the Icosahedral nucleus, but within its skeleton core (in order to log into the hyperimagenational image landscape), it too is naturally two tetrahedrons, base-to-base, as stellated extensions of two further icosahedrons (which are in another virtual to the primer, i.e. magnetogravity of zero mass and zero charge, in synthesis with the electrogravity zero mass and zero charge icosa and its adjacent tetra stellations that comprise the wheels.

In other words we have a Hyperspatial synthesis of a Prima Black Sound Donor (Virtual Infinity/Father/electrogravity) and Prima Black sound Acceptor (Virtual Zero/mother/magnetogravity), unified by their incubated children, or should we say plural Child.

In my own translation experience, in December 1989, by Emmanuel, the main psychoactive and body transmorphation experience began, when the gyroscopic effect of the two Vortexijah wheels swung into levo-rotary motion. In other words when the two Vortexijah Wheels began to rotate around the Phase-Conjugate Still-Point in their Midst, which was the spinal column, with the absolute centre as the heart.

Herein, the two wheels form into one lense shape, which is a classic flying saucer shape virtual-fluctuating coherent PHI wave guide, and this gyroscopic perspective came about over some dozens of minutes.

Naturally the gyroscope effect met its counter-rotary dextro lens, to phase-conjugate with, which started to psychologically produce the effect of ego death, to the nervous system (there could not be an distinct separate nested group, that did not have a shared Still Point quantum coherency perspective. For this to be effective, Emmanuel's condition was that I accept every part of myself, to the bone marrow, as the Perfect All Is God of All-Oneness, already there.

The animated inter-icosahedral version of this spin, would require probably a suitable package on a G4 or silicon graphics, with multiple animation PICS from Super 3D.

Before we proceed any further then, we have mapped here then, 4 monatomic or Virtual icosahedrons from the core skeleton of the two interlocked Vortexijah wheels that comprise the Intercube.

Hence, in Vortexijah Wheel 360° counter-rotation these 4 icosahedrons would comprise a intergeometrical relationship set of 1,440 icosahedrons.

The Intergeometrical Dodecahedron Palladium monatom (dark green), and the Inter-icosahedron stellated from the Palladium dodecahedron monatom, here also in intergeometrical form (turquoise)
The Dodeca-Vortexijah 5 Inter-cubes, 72° from each other on the Y-axis, from the initial inter-cubic -64°, with a topdown view of the DNA, as a decagramme, from Scientific American

Whilst I was completing this article, I did a search through my computer contents, and Sherlock discovered some very pertinent quotes from Buckminster Fuller, which I had not yet read, although Synergetics was downloaded upon the suggestion of Dr. Martin Huebner, of Munich, in our Intergeometrical Dialogues. Some quotes were pasted in above.

I see that this now answers in part my question of whether you knew others who are modelling Intergeometry, and I assume now, that those who study and worked with Buckminster, are doing such work.

I was delighted in finding the same kind of explorations but from another angle, as I have been entertaining over the last years, ever since I STEPPED INTO ONE OF THE OMEGA POINT, "Andromedians visible bodies, in April 1995, and they showed me how to take the Vortexijah into the next spatial dimensions. They also stated that I would be modelling these extra spatial dimensional spins for Shamanauts, in this dimension. At the time I could not think how I could ever possibly model what I then was shown. Now 5 and half years later, I can glimpse the feasibility of it.

These computer animations and theories then appear to map Buckminsters omni-universality:


1033.656 The vector equilibrium has 24 external vector edges: inserting the quantum set of six more makes 30 external edges whose omni-intertriangulation resolves as the 30- edged icosahedron. The six added edges are inserted as contractive diagonals of the six square faces of the vector equilibrium . The contracted 30 edges = 5 energy quanta. Icosahedron = tetravolume-5 . Icosahedron is the least dense of all matter.


Clearly the dodecahedral intergeometrical story from the icosahedral stellation, is too complex to describe at this point in the journey, since its intergeometrical extrusional relationships, would require one to view concurrently all 20 tetra stellated faces in their counter-rotational wheels simultaneously.

I note that Bucky herein utilises the 8 paired tetrahedrons to map positrons and the 8 icosahedrons as electrons (once again counter-rotating quasi-Vortexijah), which makes the Bose-Einstein Condensate or Monatomic superconductive exploration and unified cooper paired fusion of this particles, every more pertinent for further exploration, as a new field horizon is dawning upon us to engage in Cosmology, Psychology, Philosophy, and Semantology, as well as daily Alchemical Practice (per Falcanelli's doctors et al):


1033.82 The 20 triangular faces of the icosahedron may be considered as 10 pairs of regular tetrahedra interpenetrating as internal vertexes. The energetic functions of these 10 pairs (as described in Secs. 464 and 465) are a four-dimensional evolution like the triangles rotating in the cube, generating the double tetrahedra in the process. But according to synergetics' topological accounting it is necessary to extract one pair of double tetrahedra for the axis of spin: this leaves eight pairs of double tetra. 10__2=8 is the same fundamental octave eightness as the eight Eighth-Octahedra that convert the eight triangular corners of the VE to the involvement domain of the nucleated cube.

1033.84 It could be that the eight paired tetrahedra are the positrons while the eight icosahedra are the electrons. Comprehension involves all four axes available.

Even though Bucky was approaching this from a completely different level, at his time there were no monatomics discovered as of yet, and the notion of a superconductive universe, based on the inter-symmetry of those elements would just have been an allusion, I feel encouraged by his and others explorations (including your own great work in public sharing) in such Novel domains, that it is essential to continue to model with Intergeometry, as a means of achieving Unity between Locality and Non-locality, and going into the domain of what Dr. Jack Sarfetti coined post-quantum mechanics, and what I would term post-quantum geometry.