-By Ananda February 19, 2003-

The Time Gate is an Extra-Temporal resonance portal, or Omega Loop, of temporal resonance between 1996 and 2010, with many "mini" Time Gate's within the space and temporal landscape within the interim of these two parallel temporal resonation points (a marriage of the temporal and reverse temporal through the Hadron physics iso-dimensional and geno-dimensional matrix management).

WE ARE Coming to the Crescendo of a Lineage of World Impacting Events, that comprises several alignments of the planets; the heralding passage of the astrophysical Code of the Great Pyramid; the 22:22 final galactic cross event of September 22, 2002; the present world crisis and the largest world-wide peace marches that have delayed a "war" away from this Time Gate; world records in weather anomolies; and a series of events that have impacted our Sun that exhibit a Klein Bottle (4D) PHI signature...


The Time Gates since 1996 recorded anomolous "objects" by the Sun that have changed the sun (see SUNGATE), along with a host of reality shifting global and universal phenomenon, that the 1988 MANU-Emmanuel Paradigm calls THE NEW UNIVERSE.

Ananda on Meru Pyramid Kam Feng Phet


Then exactly during numerous Extra-Temporal windows of the December Time Gate 1998, whilst Ananda and Grail colleagues acted at the Meru Pyramids of Kam Feng Phet and others, and at Cambodia (anchoring of the Platinum Universe, Platinum body signal) -- a Golden Proportion Signal began globally.Which from the arc of our Ankhor Wat Cambodia, and Great Pyramid/Tomb Of Osiris Time Gate 1999 work, then began to appear daily. This "Tomb Raider" work, several years pre-ceeding Holywood's Laura Croft varients of similar Extra-Temporal efforts.


25 December 1998 00:01 UTC to 12:00 UTC : A very large magnetic shift was just returning to normal early Christmas morning which is indicated on the above graph with the out of range reading at 01:03 when the Omniverse gave another wake-up call signal. Another large fluctuation was detected by the ACE spacecraft which was of unknown origin. This was recorded beginning at 05:35 UTC time.

These signals first appeared from Cygnus B (The Swan) and Pegassus, as a Golden Mean signature that tuned the sun, from the galactic Maru-plexicity "Gayatri" Meta-morphic Pyramid Meter, comprised as a GAMMA-RAY "holographic internet" mandala that spans a network of 24 tetrahedrons, in a phase-conjugate arrangement of ultra high order gamma rays, that use suns as parabolic dishes (gravity lens -- our Sun included), over the entire galaxy since August 13 1994 (see The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel, or one of our seminar videos or New Universe Presentations for details on this).

We are now in the descending curve of Novelty that finalises as TIME GATE 2003.

The Novelty valley began on April 20th and May 5th 2002, upon the alignment of the planets. We at that time, with a group of Grailed colleagues, were engaged in our Manu, Rg Veda based, Alchemy Elixir work at our lab within the Buddhist Chaan center on the Canary Islands (modern ANU Yoga, or the Secret Inner Buddhist tantric disciplines)... Our first presentation of the Emmanuel Source of the Manu Rg Veda Code was shared, and shown as the base of the Fulcanelli alchemical cipher, in these Elysian Fields...

This curve descended in escalating novelties through the SOMANETICS III August Grail Convergence, as our solar system received some major galactic winds that set off a chain reaction of floods all over the world (as we had anticipated and predicted in our New Universe series during the mid and late 1990s -- the Bells were chimming perfectly on tune).

It then lead to the first crescendo of the 22:22, on 22-9-2002, the Fulcanelli predicted date, when the planetary sky was at exactly 90° to the one which appeared over the 911 Twin Towers, with Mercury of Gemini on the horizon on 11-9-2001, and Mercury above the II Gemini ghost towers on the 22:22.

The Great Pyramid in Egypt appears to have been built for that date, as a galactic cross was made from its faces and corners aligned the Sun in Leo (last galactic age, when the sun was eaten by the fox/wolf/jackel), the Moon was in Aquarius opposite the sun (SUN/MOON Alchemical Wedding), aligning another pyramid face, for the age of Salvana: the Age of Fire Bird (Aquarius) of the Soma Waters now emerging; Saturn and the galactic centre (with which we are now aligning, the Visnu Nabi); the Earth shadow conjunct the Moon, and an alignment of the planets over the Giza plateau. An alchemical marriage whose spouse results 9 months later in 2003, as Mars comes closest in 75,000 years.

See the work of Weidner & Bridges

Then on November 8th, the next novelty descent, and since January 20th 2003 the last descend into novelty has begun... World events reflect the compression of the entire universe in these next last few days...


A group of Grail Colleagues will be in the ANU Alchemy II process at the Canary Islands, once again. We will be revealing some completely new material, like last time, and be involved in completely new important resurgence of the Archaic Art of the MANU.

We have gathered evidence that shows a 4th Dimensional signature now emanating within the time and space continuum of our reality, the last week has seen an astounding increase of the phenomenon that began in early December as we were passing on the most archaic MANU Technique of the ages, the Lotus AUM Vehicle of the Rg Veda, in the Lotus Teachers Training course on the Canary islands (which was hit by record storms at the same time as we engaged the Vata-Ratha, the Storm Vehicle or Vortexijah of the MANU, and the very same signature appeared on the sun).
We shall be presenting the identity of the present Illuminati players both in the Bush adminstration and the MAJI, as well as within the United Nations and Oligarchy (these are two sides people are choosing, and both are the same string); the 4th and 5th Veda's precisely describe the present events, and the identities of the players.


We shall be revealing the "new" Sonic Alchemy, as it was actually known amidst the MANU Sages of our forefathers in the Rg Veda... We cannot relay here what these absolutely astounding new findings convey... These are Time Sealed for this TIME GATE 2003... THE ANU OF THE MANU REVEALED.

We ask all our Grail Colleagues to activate the Unity of Unity protocols of Internal Time Travel Unity, the novelty resonance. Link in Marrying the Future with the NOW, with Time Gate 1996-2010, in engaging our Awakening Dream Self, the alchemy of humanity in the present furnace of turmoil, into the Diamond Imperishable that it is... You know what to do, otherwise, you may always link to the Time Gate pages: http://www.akasha.de/~aton/TGMN.html


Especially from February 24th to February 28th.

This is about much more than peace. Peace can be used as a weapon in an "action, reaction, solution system." World Peace through the UN, which present events are designed to engender further, was something I and colleagues explained in avid detail on Danish Radio Unicorn, Nye Tider, Krisna, and Ratatosk, in the years 1990 to 1992, this included sharing aspects of the 911 events as relayed in Above Top Secret MAJI Navel Intelligence documents, and the present emerging world situation.
This is about much more than peace -- something extraordianry is happening to our reality, and these are the universal dreams' last attempted distractions from all of what we really are. As man prepares to join the Atom Sun Self, the ANU Virtual Neuron of Invarience, as MAN with the ANU into the symbiosis called MANU -- the union of the two.

We link to the year 2008 circa 7/11/2008. The Rg Veda year of the Bindu Capstone of the 3rd day of Manu Purusa (later in Hindu transfigured with Manu Visvakarman/VisvakBrahman, into Brahman) -- and aligning to the 4th Day. The Maru-Yantra (Meru Shri Yantra, the shape of AUM) is the 27 dimensional Pyramid that embodies each age. The Rg Veda chooses the Fire Bird as the transition into the age of the Omega Manu, the 8th Manu, the Satya Manu called Manu Salhvana also known as Manu Savarna, paired to the 7th Manu, the Alpha/Ruta Manu Vivasvan, our "boneless" forebearer.
7/11 is also the Fibanacci series of squares that map the proportions of the Great Pyramid, also called Maru (M.R.), and Mount MANU (Mt. of the West).
Linking to March 2004 in the near future, where the temporal resonance, at the atomic nucleus is of parallel resounding.

All of this is chartered on Time Wave One, the Nuclear corrected Time Wave Zero, by Nuclear Physicist Dr. Sheliak of Los Alamos National laboritories (we consider the Macu Kenna, "Kenning of the Kingdom," or McKenna brothers Amazonian revelation to be a MANU Instigation, the "Flying Saucer" at the end of 12 days rendering the same signature in shape and form (Adamski Bell), as the Time Wave graph, as we have shown in numerous computer animations within our public presentations, and mathematician Captain Bruce Cathie has shown is based on the PHI, or Golden Proportion (our recent work reconciling the Klein Bottle 4th Dimensional Mobius Strip, with the Golden Proportion PHI and Fibanacci spirals, and Toroidal physics, as the Ø4 meta-morphology of the ANU behind all animate life is another MANUfestation of this very same Omega ANUmation).

The 9-11 Time Gate descending to the Time Gate 2001 events over MIDWAY island and the Pacific, with holographic ANU radar patterns appearing precisely during those times, much to the chagrim of Area 51 and other clandestine underground bases that were effected with their 6-Fold LOTUS MAJI projects that use the Flower of Life rather than the original Flower of Light of the Lotus AUM Vehicle.

With humanity having made the LARGEST EVER PEACE MARCH GLOBALLY in this TIME GATE 2003, we have circumvented a drastic human sacrifice of unumerable woman and children in Iraq, during this Time Gate Window... Humanity has become part of the Coherence of its ANU Virtual Neuron, and is Awakening to its MANU Self that is an Immaculate Coherent Macro Irreversibility...

Ananda and Several fully dedicated Grail Colleagues, within the Great Pyramid in TIME GATE 1999, felt compelled to align the MeRu Pyramid time and space, beyond the BUSH attempted capstone ceremony, and enable a Link from 2010, on behalf of the Unity of Humanity, to usurp any parasitical Elite efforts, in that Time Gate. This occurred during our Tomb Of Osiris Expose... We informed numerous Egyptians linked to the Egyptian Times, as to the Bush Millenium Pyramid Capstone ceremony, to be placed ontop of the Great Pyramid at the Millenium Dawning with Sirius at the Zero Zennith exactly -- and what it means to these secret societies... These dedicated Egyptians did there work, and soon articles began appearing in the Egyptian Times relating the Secret Mass of the Capstone Millenium Ceremony. An Egyptian Outcry ensued, and the Capstone Ceremony was cancelled. Even the laser "Eye of Horus" was not enabled, due to a "strange mist" that encircled the Great Pyramid at the MID-POINT.

The Symbol of a Military Helicopter placing a Gold Capstone, in fractal proportions to Earth, at the Millenium, would have been a victory for the secret occult societies that were attempting to usher in such a candidate -- a victory of the MAJI war; a war that is listed in teh 1972 MAJI documents to succeed the World Trad Centre explosions, and war on terrorism; followed by a possible meteor alert, and an alien presence, preceeded by a Unitied Arabian Front. But much of this has changed. BY HUMANITY ACTING IN COMPASSION, AND UNITY.

The effect on the unconscious mind of the Secret Societies involved in the Millenium Capstone placement ceremony, of a failed capstone at the only time ever in the 33-year Sirius calendrical cycle that Sirius was at the New Year Dawning, Zero Zennith, directly as a capstone to the Great Pyramid -- has clearly been effective. Sirius is the only Star that has a 365 day cycle, which shares the same hieroglyph as the Great Pyramid which models it, as a Symbiot of the ANU Virtual Atom Neuron.

END GAME also has a MIDWAY, which is BEYOND the game, it is a Golden Proportioned Via Media going from Ø to Ø4 through a Klein Bottle 4th Dimensional ANU, from our MANU Image...

Horay MANKIND our United Mind MANUfests.

Another ANUounciation through the Heliosphere from the Visnu Nabi galactic central, in symbiosis with the 24 tetrahedron gamma Gayatri Net

Massive Solar Coronal Holes

The 4D ANU PHI Rings Return



The MANU & The Bush Mars Connection

The Age Of Horus Or The Alchemical Soma Fire Bird 2003-2012

By Ananda, January 30, and February 19, 2003

Copyright © 2003 by Ananda® and ATON VASE D/A®


"AN IMPORTANT DEVELOPMENT: It now looks like the Next Phase of the Bush adminstration is in full swing -- the Mars ET factor and 2012, and attempted Cydonia Temporal Navigation...
Evidence for the Bush adminstration Pushing the MARS CYDONIA cities into the public light, and send a Prometheus Manned probe to Mars by 2012, now is documented in:


President Set to "Steal Fire From the Gods" ...?



as part of the ancient "Secret Society" agenda it belongs to, following the Principle of "9," in part -- man on Mars in 9 years, as Prometheus?

"We can now clearly see why in one of my first encounters with Manu-Salvana of Emmanuel, so much was relayed about Mars, its intelligent past, and its importance for this time, our Age (an excerpt of my early notes of this is herein included...

"According to the archaic Vedic Manu-scripts, the Manu-Salvana is the 8th Manu, and the Seed/Omega Satya-Manu of this Age (just beginning). He is called the Golden One just as I experienced him, 17 years before knowing about his most archaic discription in THE oldest manu-script of history, the Rg Veda.

432 pages, including Ananda's masterpeice demonstrating the Rg Veda as the Source of the Book Of Revelation "Apocolypse" Code

"Prometheus, the name of this Bush Mars 2012 ET Directive, is originally based on the MANU, from the etymology of this name derived via the Vedic Paramanthus, from Para-Manu-thus, or the Manu Vivasvan and Anthropos-Anthromorph Manu Purusa, from which the Hindu, Persian and from thereupon the Hellenist Illuminaries, derived their Prometheus.
"That was the Root Manu-Vivasvan, the 7th Manu, our progenirator. This is a 7-8 transition phase.

It is now time for the Omega 8th Manu-Salhvana Age to begin. Whilst Bush focusses on the Prometheus of the past, and another ET intelligence, it becomes vital that we understand the actual gold that was burried there, and which is now being usurped and used (momentarily), to the advantage of a very specific Elite -- advantage due to the tension of secrecy.
"The Veda's descibe exactly who the Oligarchical lineages including the MAJI and Bush's and associated family lineages are today, this we present elsewhere.

"It is important to understand this most archaic wisdom of who precisely these societies and lineages are from the Manu Visvakarman ("All-Maker neither in existence nor non-existence") View -- in order to gain the All Is God Perspective on its purpose, and why its momentary success is allowed to transpire at present within this universal dream; and not miss the opporunity of Golden Unity, because of subduement by binary apprehension and subservience...

"The next 10 years have an enormous amount in store for us, far more than one could possibly expect. The entire universal hologram is compressing its entirety within this omni-temporal omni-spatial Embodiment as this Age...

"Before reading further, I highly recommend that you view some of the official Bush adminstration adverts with ancient cities on Mars. At:


"Remember this article warms up, and the evidence is now clearly demonstrated by its completion...

"The world will never be the same again... Something happened to our sun this December, the NASA photographs catalogue this phase, and the AGE of Horus is, in a sense, commencing, beginning some 9 months after 22:22...

However, it is the Age of the Fire Bird of the Gold of Love that truly is arising, as the Rg Veda astrophysical Meru Pyramidal Code of its iso-geometrical arrangement of syllables via the meters and stanzas, based, in part, on the DNA code, conveys, as we show in our 642 A4 page book THE SOME CONSPIRACY.

"But we should also know that Horus, or Heru, is rooted to the Rg Vedic Heruka's, the Lion Headed Somapa priests who converted their bodies into Golden Light Bodies (Savarga's), through concurring the 5 Lions, the 5 Heruka's.
Like Heru-cules and the concurring of the Lion -- 5 Alchemical Lions. And these 5 elements through the 7 Cakra's each, as a Sphinx of 5 x 7 = 35 Tattva's of the senses in 8 hz synesthesia (multi-sensoral coherent fusion).
"Which through the DIAMOND BODY, the Manoratha ("Chariot of the Mind"), renders the 36th Tattva of Immortality, the 36 Herukas (of Buddhism and the Manu Rg Veda) -- the Original Model (OM) and Original Image, of which our ANU Self is the Similitude, and we are but a Simulation that is a dream, now in Awakening.

"The Age of Alchemy from Simulation to Original Model (OM) is at hand -- merging the dream with the MANU Image of Golden Unity.

"Heru-Em-Akti ('Mars,' 'Horus the Brave', the warlord, that Bush thinks he is, by Crowley's book of the law coding and dating) is actually refering to Heru-Akti ('Leo', the Lion Sphinx, of metamorphosis, and the last Dark Room Age, of the Ak Single Eye of Gnosis).
As you will see in part two, there is an another story to be told about Mars. The Awakening Dream begins... All Is God With and As Us Opening the Single Eye of Compassion."
-Ananda, January 30, 2003


In the meantime the Christopher Columbus coded Dove of Peace Shuttle was exploded.

The 144th Nasa Shuttle Mission, with 7 astronauts. By something, with it. Crashing into the Bush State of Texas, with radioactive material, just following the Bush Nuclear scare...

Remeniscent of a NASA and Beyond coded message, somewhat...

"EARTH: CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (Reuters) - Astronauts videotaping thunderstorms from the space shuttle Columbia captured what scientists said on Thursday was a never-before-seen red glowing arc of light. Paralleling the curve of the Earth. "

The Columbus Dove, on the Pagan Day of Fire was hit by a PHI-like signal of 1.7 hz (PHI = 1.618), similar signals appearing over the Earth since the Time Gate. This photo taken just before by Columbus, sows the gamma sprites. Which the Scientific American, August 1997 edition relate to expand faster than the speed of light, in their red ring forms. These rings first appeared August 12 1994 (see Ananda's New Universe presentations, or The Unity Keys of Emmanuel, for details).

ELFRAD detection of abnormal electrical signal during the time of the Space Shuttle "Columbia" reentry and breakup in the Earth's atmosphere.
The "P" indicator points to the time of 13:56 UT (8:56 AM EST) which shows a very intense signal at 1.7 hertz beginning at that time.  The "S" indicator points to the time of the shuttle break up. 9:00:03 EST.


NASA probes 'electric zap' mystery photo
Former astronaut wowed by image snapped by California astronomer

Posted: February 5, 2003
5:22 a.m. Eastern

By Joe Kovacs
© 2003 WorldNetDaily.com


That was astronaut Tammy Jernigan's stunned reaction last night when she viewed a photo of what appears to be space shuttle Columbia getting zapped by a purplish electrical bolt shortly before it disintegrated Saturday morning.


For some this will be the Columbus Angles, for others Covert Technology, perhaps later used to demonstrate the "evil nature" of the galactic community. Those who are no longer a part of the galactic community, certainly can play a simulation of it in their present modus operandi, and emerging military evidence and testimony, is precisely indicating this factor, and endoctored en masse by Speilbergs documentary's on the alien abduction series "Taken."

The E.T. amperage, discussed amidst astronauts and senators, in relation to MISSION 144, the Columbus Shuttle 7 Pilot Trajedy, herein follows in these excerpts:



MR. RUSSERT: When I interviewed Armstrong, Collins, and Aldrin on the 30th anniversary, I asked Mike Collins about life somewhere else in the universe. And he said, "Absolutely." Do you agree with that?

MR. ALDRIN: I agree.

MR. RUSSERT: Senator Nelson, do you think there is life in the universe beyond Earth?

SEN. NELSON: Yes, I do. I mean, who are we to limit this creation that is infinite? And by the way, Tim, that's one of the reasons we want to go to Mars. We want to find if that water is there, is there life? Was it developed? If it was developed, was it civilized? If it was, what happened to it, and what can we learn

Transcript for 2.2.03

Guests: Sean O'Keefe, NASA Administrator; Buzz Aldrin, Former Astronaut; Former Senator John Glenn, Former Astronaut; Commander Rick Hauck
Former Astronaut, Sen. Bill Nelson; Jay Barbaree, NBC News; Dan Archer, KCEN-TV



The Story Behind the Columbia Disaster ... its Surprising Impact on the Future of NASA ... and How This Will Affect a Quiet Republican/Democratic Pre-Disaster "Prometheus Plan," headed by the President, to Finally Go to Mars ....


"... we want to go to Mars. We want to find if that water is there, is there life? Was it developed? If it was developed, was it civilized? If it was, what happened to it, and what can we learn from that that we can be better stewards of our own planet?"

-Senator Bill Nelson (D-Fla.) "Meet the Press," February 2, 2003


Bush Backs Alien Evidence

George W Bush says there is mounting evidence to suggest there is alien life on other planets.

The US President used his budget document to declare that there may be "space aliens" to be discovered.

A passage entitled, "Where are the Real Space Aliens?", states that important scientific research over the last 10 years indicates that proof of "habitable worlds" in outer space is becoming more of a reality.

Evidence for the current or previous existence of large bodies of water, an essential element for life, has already been found on Mars and on Jupiter's moons.

Astronomers are also discovering planets outside of our solar system, including around 90 stars with at least one planet orbiting them.

The document says: "Perhaps the notion that 'there's something out there' is closer to reality than we have imagined."

--Story filed: 16:29 Monday 3rd February 2003 http://www.ananova.com/news/story/sm_746860.html



Bush Budget Gets Spacey
WASHINGTON, Feb. 3, 2003

Is the truth out there? The White House thinks it might be. (AP)
"Perhaps the notion that 'there's something out there' is closer to reality than we have imagined."
The president's fiscal 2004 budget
(CBS) Proof that life exists outside the boundaries of Earth continues to elude scientists, but President Bush's budget suggests that "space aliens" may be out there somewhere.

And it could just be a matter of time before they are discovered.

In a brief passage titled "Where Are the Real Space Aliens?" Mr. Bush's budget document says that several important scientific discoveries in the past decade indicate that "habitable worlds" in outer space may be much more prevalent than once thought.

The passage acknowledges that hard evidence of alien life has yet to emerge.

"Despite all the space aliens that appear in science fiction movies and books, we have yet to find conclusive evidence for life, even microbes, anywhere in the universe besides Earth," it reads, but then adds, "Researchers have found life in very harsh environments on Earth, which expands the possible kinds of places where life might exist."

Other recent finds include evidence of currently or previously existing large bodies of water - a key ingredient of life - on Mars and on Jupiter's moons.

Astronomers also are finding planets outside the solar system, including about 90 stars with at least one planet orbiting them.

"Perhaps the notion that 'there's something out there' is closer to reality than we have imagined," the passage concludes.

The budget justifies the funding for one space project by mentioning the chance that life exists beyond this plant.

The president calls for $279 million next year and $3 billion over five years for Project Prometheus, which includes building the Jupiter Icy Moons Orbiter.

"This mission will conduct extensive, in-depth studies of the moons of Jupiter that may harbor subsurface oceans and thus have important implications in the search for life beyond Earth," the budget reads.

Mr. Bush is not the first president to show an interest in the possibility of extraterrestrial life.

Clinton aide Webster Hubbell claims in his autobiography that after President Clinton appointed him to a Justice Department post, the president asked Hubbell to investigate whether UFOs existed, as well as determining who was responsible for the assassination of President Kennedy.

The budget is the second time in recent months that the Bush administration has addressed questions about life in space.

On Dec. 24, the White House issued a September determination by Mr. Bush in which he followed his predecessors' lead by issuing a determination exempting the Air Force facility near Groom Lake, Nevada, from environmental laws allowing the release of classified information about the area.

Groom Lake is the place that UFO buffs call Area 51.

"I find that it is in the paramount interest of the United States to exempt the United States Air Force's operating location near Groom Lake from any applicable requirement for the disclosure to unauthorized persons of classified information concerning that operating location," the president wrote.
©MMIII, CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. The Associated Press contributed to this report.



The simulated "re-imaging" of the galactic community -- attempt to slow the MANU...

Corporate Manager of Fairchild Industries, Spokesperson for Wernher Von Braun, Dr. Carol Rosin
Von Braun [founder of modern rocket science] told me [in 1974] that the reasons for space-based weaponry were all based on a lie.
He said that the strategy was to use scare tactics-that first the Russians, then the terrorists are going to be considered the enemy.
The next enemy was asteroids. "The last card is the alien card. We are going to have to build space-based weapons against aliens,
and all of it is a lie.".I was at a meeting in Fairchild Industries in the War Room. The conversation [was] about how they were going
to antagonize these enemies and at some point, there was going to be a Gulf War. Now this is 1977!

-Video, Disclosure, pp. 255-259.


As Dr. Steven Greer of the Disclosure Project relates:

As immense as that game is, there is a bigger one: Control through fear. As Wernher von Braun related to Dr. Carol Rosin, his spokesperson for the last 4 years of his life, a maniacal machine - the military, industrial, intelligence, laboratory complex - would go from Cold War, to Rogue Nations, to Global Terrorism (the stage we find ourselves at today), to the ultimate trump card: A hoaxed threat from space.

A former high official at the NSA (National Security Agency) told me about a protocol informally dubbed DDT - that old poisonous chemical long-banned in much of the world. In this application, it stands for Decoy, Distract and Trash - which is what sophisticated intelligence operatives use to set up some person or group, take them off the trail of something real and important, and trash the person or the subject.

This pretty much sums up the lion's share of all things UFOlogical, with the latest example being the much-hyped Sci-Fi channel roll-out of Spielberg's mini-series, 'Taken'.

Late last spring or early summer, I was contacted by the PR firm responsible for the ramp-up to 'Taken' and was informed that they wanted to link it to Disclosure. I was told that those rolling out 'Taken' are "joined at the hip with the main stream media" and that they were going to spend a very large sum of money moving the UFO subject front-stage and center to empower Disclosure as sort of a sophisticated 'P and A' (entertainment industry jargon for Prints and Advertising that promotes a film or product).

DDT. By linking Disclosure and ensnaring Disclosure witnesses and evidence in a commercial undertaking like 'Taken' (on the Sci-Fi channel nonetheless) the ultimate DDT program can be achieved. It is not just the hijacking and trashing of serious witnesses and evidence into the silly season of 'Honey, I just had sex with aliens' routine. It is the association of important evidence, scientists and witnesses with a xenophobic titled science fiction product like 'Taken' and the entire abduction industry that can empower fear in the minds of the masses regarding all things extraterrestrial.

All good disinformation has some real, true information contained within it. The mixing of truth with lies makes the lies believable. So by hoaxing a scary alien abduction scenario with serious data, evidence, documents and witnesses, the lie goes down so much more smoothly...

Those inside the multi-million dollar abduction industry have for years told me of suppressed testimony from abductees who recall human military operatives running the show - essentially controlling the event. Dr. Helmut Lammer and others have documented this hideous abuse of civilians by rogue covert operations. And most importantly, we have interviewed military and corporate insiders who have described in excruciating detail how they have hoaxed these 'alien abductions' - and why.

One such military operative explained to me how his team had abducted key military people at one point so that they would "learn to hate the aliens" and get on board the covert Star Wars juggernaut.

When you have billions of black-budget dollars at your disposal, reverse-engineered Alien Reproduction Vehicles (see the testimony of Mark McCandlish in the book 'Disclosure' available at http://www.DisclosureProject.org/shop.htm) biological creatures made on Earth that look 'alien' and sophisticated mind-altering psychotronic weapon systems, hoaxing an 'alien abduction' is like taking candy from a baby.

Well, we tried. I explained all this to Mr. Spielberg's representatives at the Sci-Fi channel and PR firm, and that I would say as much if included in any of their programs. An invitation has not been forthcoming. What a surprise!

By using Mr. Podesta, President Clinton's Chief of Staff, and other notables (including, alas, some Disclosure Project witnesses) this DDT operation is attempting to jump start Von Braun's long-ago predicted hoaxed alien threat. For what could be more terrifying than linking real ET and UFO evidence and serious military and government testimony, with a xenophobic-titled science fiction product like 'Taken', along with all the other virulent and fearsome hoaxed experiences purveyed by the abduction industry? A great DDT it is.

I do not know if Mr. Spielberg, Mr. Podesta, the Sci-Fi executives, George Washington University, PBS' Ray Suarez, or others know of any of this. In most cases, most players in a DDT disinformation scheme are unwitting victims themselves. Let's hope they are.

But with power comes responsibility .

Marine Corps, Corporal Jonathan Weygandt
[The UFO] was buried in the side of a cliff. When I first saw it, I was scared. I think the creatures calmed me.[Later] I was arrested
[by an Air Force officer]. He was saying, "Do you like the Constitution?" I'm like, "Yeah." He said, "We don't obey. We just do what
we want. And if you tell anybody [about us or the UFO], you will just come up missing."-Video and Disclosure, pp. 275 - 277.



The ancient MANU based VEDAs precisely portray and relate the above scenario to be engaged in these times by a very specific Secret Society and a very specific Intelligence, which it identifies. Parts of the present Oligarch appear to resemble that intelligence. We present this Vedic data in ALCHEMY II, Time Gate 2003, at the Canary Islands.

From the 1999 published The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel chapter "Marscape Morphographics"



NOTE: The following came about whilst I was writing and editing the summation chapter for the Wild Ruta as Soma equation, irrevutable evidence that forever smashes a Vajra and Thor hammer into the Illuminati Wasson (J.P. Morgan) mushroom myth for Soma.... No one has dared to challenge the Harvard Illuminist, which is simply based on the Asura transubstantiation of the genuine Pineal Molecular medicine....
I was writting another chapter as well (when one gets bored with one, immediately switch over to another, and third if the yawn descends on one again. WHO SAYS you can't...) on MANU Salvana, when suddenly I could not stop writing, a flow streamed through, and hours went by, and then still more hours, until my fingers hurt to the bone.....
Here are some excerpts...
These are parts in the immature phase of possibly becoming the last chapter of a new version of our 642 A4 book, The SOMA Conspiracy (I am presently working on the public version, in expansion and correction. And some material will also be deleated, so those who have the 2nd pre-edition will have some material that will not be anywhere else), since we were at 642 A4 page already. This is far from the complete text, simply some excerpts that may be of some value, and in part related to the present BUSH, PROMETHEOS, MARS MISSION.



Herein we disclose a little of our own 17 years of "contact" with the Manu Numinous Intelligence, including Salvana. We cite our research into the subject of the historical Manu-Salhvana, in which we document the Vedic record that Manu-Salhvana is the Golden Age Omega Seed, or Satya-Manu, for this age...
We document how the name is specifically comprised of meaning associated with the complete Somagni Elixir, and the metamorphosis of the human body into a Highward Spin Meisnir Field State, via iso-electronium (cooper pairing) of all elements into their magnecule superconductive state, and onwards into the Image of the Manu (IM).

This challenging chapter cites many mainstream scholarly works, that now firmly establish Manu-Salvhana at the genesis of history, a fact that I only recently became aware of, mainly in 2002, and in January 2003 as the Satya-Manu of this age, became known.

I will relay the impetous behind the researching and writing of the Floating DNA & Somagenesis chapter, which was instilled through a Manu-Emmanuel Vortexijah translation experience at the end of my 19th year...
Having experienced this Numinous engaged translation, with witnesses present, I could be confident that there is a science of biological metamoprhosis, that is often attributed to the Manu Rudra followers of the Ascetic shamans and drugpas.
I could remain steadfast, in knowing, both from the Emmanuel Living Imagery, and from the experience of it, that the stories in the Rg Veda of biological metamorphosis, were not just metaphorical death (etheogenic ego death) and rebirth based (as is supposed and practised in the infested varients of these rites at the upper degrees of Free Masonry), but comprised of an actual alchemical neuro-genetic technology that imbibed the valence tapestry of the elements of our body, into a novel iso-electronium form of metamorphosis.
Involving the fusing of opposites in the heart, and from the First Born Sun Self in the Heart, utilise the Vedic Two-Wheeled Chariot, or Vortexijah (whole body 8 Hz phase conjugation), to engage the iso-electronium conversion of all the body's elements, into the superconducting High Spin Unity...

Seventeen years ago, when experiencing my interludes with Salvana's life changing Numinosity, I was very far removed from knowing the impact on history that these Intelligences had, or would be scribed in any form of the academic historical levels.
This was inspite of their own conveyance of such historical episodes -- some of which were hard for the rational part to believe, but with the overwhelming Sublimity enraptured throughout the whole body in the "contact" experience.
Supblimity through the Soma-Ecstasis induced via the Golden Light Body of Salvana and Manu-Emmanuel Overlighting the central nervous system, and In-Klein-ing* within my body -- demonstrated the absolute multi-sensorial fusion of this knowledge, as a Living Wisdom.

I simply thought that such traces were very scant, and that most of the evidence had not yet been uncovered... Since rudimentary searches braught up little, except the occassional reference to the name MANU, with all kinds of different connotations (which in the early days, reassured me that at least there was something to what was being relayed, which was independent).

* Klein Bottle: 4 Dimensional Mobius Strip Torus Doughnut.

This last year (2002-2003) for me has been the ultimate death of the rational blind-ass. A Somaro/ASS who had begun to decline and withdraw into the self-image of being "highly eccentric," and attempt to make the experiences as practicaly useful and as un-religeous and dogma inducing as possible, branching out into the field we define as Coherent Fractal Cosmology...
Living alone in a world that only a few seemed to be aware off, what was now unveiled, has shattered that illusion forever.
On the contrary the Manu-Emmanuel Golden Wisdom is the Foundation Stone of our historical genesis of cognosis. And it was the European people's forefathers who were then engaged with the "contact" to the Manu directly, according to the Vedic literature.

Even in an official governmental sense, such "contacts" are avidly described as being standard at the Genesis of History, and amidst the civilisation of Ruta, and numerous accounts within the 4 Veda's, as well as the 5th Veda.

Even the Rg Veda itself is stated to have been directly scripted by the Manu themselves, as their MANU-Script artifact at the beginning of our historical cycle, a fingerprint of the Omniverse.
With the langauge Sanskrit and its sub-variants described as having been designed by the Manu to convey the Omniplicite Syntaxis of the Omniverse... This fact is often relayed with great hesitation and reluctance by Vedic scholars. But the science now unearthed in the Veda's (as we have chartered within this book), must make us directly reassess what it states overtly, in no uncertain terms: the Veda was MANU Scribed directly...

My own contacts, in modern times, and the research pattern that the Manu guided me through, wasted not a moment of time... Every field I went into, even every rebellion, has been an essential facette to uncovering this research...
The Manu signature pattern is documented and video taped (public seminars since 1992, and radio since 1990), along with the many witnesses who are part of the Emmanuel Story, testifies to the Vedic Manu Signature being identical in Similtude within these modern contacts...

I hereby, a little reluctantly in this book, share my notes from my early 20's, imploring the reader to maintain an objective and non-dogmatic view upon these experiences.
My excruciating difficulties in viewing anti-cognitive reactions and wide-eyed dogmatism emerge after relaying these experiences to others, often gave one cold feet, and one reclines in horror.

One should be aware, that when I underwent these contacts, I assumed that such overt experiences occurred to everyone who signalled firm heart will commitment of sincerety.

Over the last 13 years I have had to reluctantly sober up on such views, and have been saddened by the vast vacuum of such similar Numinous Relations. I sincerely wished that there would have been more contacts.
At least I have become aware that I am far from unique in terms of the Ultraterrestrial contacts go, and that a wide array of different kinds of interactions and communications do genuinly occur, even amidst at least 200 US scientists that are within the US mainstream...

I do in no way profess any superiority, saviour complex, or dogma in conveying these experiences, as I experienced them, and others with me (some who have signed testimonials). I have been rather underplaying their significance for years, and managed to maintain situations for myself, of personal disinformation (that is dirty laundry types), in order to scare of the dribbling candy floss dogmatist.

Over the years, feeling the repulsion of the reaction of a greater majority of the New Age public to the Emmanuel Presence (many went contact high for a week, feeling as if they had taken a major dose of a psychotropic ecstasy combination), often causing a drug addiction-like pattern to emerge along with the rather quaint "god syndrome."
Such reactions, I found utterly revolting, despite the initial interest in the Emmanuel contact high that was transfered during the early period of 1990 (should I have had my mind today then, I would have investigated each case and record whether any psychotropic agent had been digested in the persons past, in order to eliminate the ecstatic flashback, due to coherent brain wave entrainment).

During an Emmanuel contact conducted for some Tibetan Buddhists (1992), several attending experienced the Manu-Emmanuel field inducing an LSD glow and stong ecstatic flashbacks (the use of LSD and LSA relatives is an lightly veiled secret of the higher end of the western Buddhist Community. There is an inner language code, which can appear hierarchical to those outside), at this point I had never ingested any exogenous psychoactive substance, that I know of, except for mild stimulents like coffee and chocolate). From some of the Emmanuel contact high's, beneficial things emerged from people, empowering themselves. For these Buddhists it was a confirmation of the genuiness of the "contact," since it braught back the most divine encounters in their Buddhist practise entheogenisis.

It was saddening, however, to see the "god syndrome," emerge, and then identification of me as a "divine incarnation." Of course it is T-RUE, but so are we all a Unique Manufestation of All Is God.
I recall vividly, as a 17 year old, expounding and emanating late in the night direct Emmanuel Wisdom to a family friend who had spent years with an India Mystic, with unusual abilities, called Babaji.
After one intense 4 hour flash of revelations and Light Body transmission, I was agust to find this friend kneeling down to kiss my feet. He now believed I was a divine Avatar incarnation, akin to Babaji.
This was precisely a reaction I could not tolerate. For the Emmanuel Paradigm is to undo the corruption of the Manu Science, that thousands of years later became the Brahmanic Laws of Manu, and the given caste system of hierarchy.
This much Manu-Emmanuel did relay, and this was easily verifiable through the encyclopaedias of my colleague historian, Nigel Blair MA, whom I confronted with this information. And we did a tentative several hour search on "Manu," which confirmed at least this part. We found no information on Christ-like abilities of a Light Body (superconductivity), by the Manu who braught life here. Not until 2002, some 16 years later, did I discover this precisely described in the Rg Veda engaged by Manu-Purusa.

From the Emmanuelian Stream, I inherited an utter disdain for hiearchical caste systems, archaic, new age, lineage based, or otherwise -- vampiric scavanger doctrines and managements. This was in utter contrast to the Rg Vedic Soma ceremonies, where even the highest initiations were open to all sincere questors. A far cry to the deep sleep of Guruism (GU = Manu Self, RU = Elixir, by Yeshe Tsochyal and Padmasambhava/Manushri Termas) and giving self away by devotion, through dogmatic believe, rather than All Is God Golden Midway balance, and the Wisdom of Direct Experience.
Such public reactions were cubersome, it served no practical use -- I chose to rather stay in poverty (in periods), over any connections to such candy floss sugar coating networking and marketing, as a new age supermarket salesman wearing pink glasses (juiced of ones experiation).

As a result of endless permutations and subtle variations of this theme, I would choose a series of different ways to present Emmanuel over the years: as a Non-Localised Quantum Intelligence; as an Ancestrial Memory Access and contact into the Virtual Neuron Ameboid of humanity (Non-local Invarient Coherent Summation of all NMR moments, past, present, and future); utilising different language fields of the sciences, psychology, alchemy, Pythagorian thought, and shamanism...
Even allowing Emmanuel to be viewed as a result of endogenous Soma molecule production from the Pineal gland, alone, as a side effect of the 1985 bicycle accident... Especially since, for the first time, in the Dark Room and Soma elixir experiments, I could witness a process of self-cognition of coherence and sovereignty beginning to emerge from some pilots.

Through these tools of Apotheosis, I was to witness some forms of self-recursive cogniscience emerge that were Emmanuel-like, and cases where the bandwidth Unitygram's could be silently entrained and passed on, without attachment (father figure bonding, or Guru and "god syndrome").

In several of these cases the pilot, after transferance of the Emmanuel Unitygram Logos Spracht channel, would then emerge in a continuous flow of writting and inspirational understandings within the individual language framework limits of the given individual, (who may have had no consious notion of a transference occurring. And still may not know).
All of this was encouraging, a drop of gold amidst a meadow... At last something was moving, and increased intelligence, coherence, integration, and insight, as well as an emerging quality of life and health, in some. These became self engineered alchemist techno-shamans, which we term genuinine Somanauts. Akin to the Rg Veda Somapa.

With such results and Pinoline, Harmaline, and the DMT's taking the focus for the effects involved, I considered it more beneficial to partly imply that Emmanuel was the result of an endogenous Somagenesis, which everyone could experience in their own way, through the Soma alchemy, and endogenous Soma Alchemy of the Dark Room retreats, which also utilised very specific expercises that developed with time (intitially Emmanuel downloaded, and then practised gradually and implemented steadly over the span of 10 years. Although my only student Mantak Chia now claims he developed such -- 72% of his Dark Room book is verbatim our words he minidisked while in the Dark Room, and had his many assistents transcribe. Thus 2nd hand guruism et al (-: ). This gave motivation and encouragement to the Somanautic pilots...

With some colleagues I would create entirely new persona's, which hardly mentioned the Emmanuel Experience, except occassionally as some form of high cortical activated phenomenon, similar to the Soma Shamanism...

By 2001, I started to feel very recluse in terms of the actual experiences I had. It was difficult to talk about it as it was experienced. It would always carry the access clothing of various scientific jargonologies, that camoflaged the direct experience as I had it...
During the late 1990's, a way I started to feel a little like Bruce Wayne, and the Emmanuel side as the Batman stream that occurred during the small hours of the night... I set out to contribute, research and ground as much as I could what I had experienced, in fields that could become objective, repeatable, and had an evidential trail to verify such objectives...

None-the-less it must have been a severe strain on body, mind, and psyche, in supressing, or camoflaging, the most potent and alive years of my life, in post modern metaphorical paradigms... I started to feel exceptionally alone in this world, rarely ever meeting anyone with anything of a similar experience, except within the Shamanic Entheogenic community (which lacked the sticky pink specticle sugar coated dogma of dis-cognosis, so apparent otherwise. This was superbly refreshing, and promising).

I had found that I could translate some of my ideas to "normal" neighbours, using my 280 computer animations on the geometry of biology, the quantum worlds, biology, and the universe. But even then only a small fraction was understood, although the animations made an impression and improved dreams during the night...
It was almost impossible to share the Emmanuel Experience as I experienced it, with ones common folk... This results in severe alteration (gradually) of ones societal self image, erroneously, as highly eccentric (I resolved)...

The material presented in this book, brings all of these phases, and many more into one concurrent pantheon...
Here, the Emmanuel MANU contact experiences can be viewed in an historical context, from the most archaic roots of all literature. And my own experiences are not required to be accepted in the least, in any form that we may have presented them -- for the significance of the Manu Intelligence in forming our historical civilisational wisdom and meta-morphology, to be shared, and evidenced. For our fully referenced and verifiably evident synthesis clearly exihbits the MANU's influence in the novelisation of ALL our major fields of significance and wisdom (whichever way one may choose to view the Manu).
The significance of our research, which orchestrates the hard research efforts of many others, in many fields, into one symphonic symposium, has now been conveyed, as an effort of what we may call "Academic Compassion," (although some hardlined conservatives may differ to this label).

The result of this research, also compiles some major medicinal implications, including a reversing of certain cancers, protection against radioactivity, immunity from biowarfare agents, and regulation of irregular cardio-rhythms, are amidst several of the compiled scientific studies findings on the Soma of the Manu...

Since I was in my mid teens, I had encountered a contact with a Numinous Golden Unity Intelligence that called itself Salvana of Emmanuel. Often appearing as one with Manu-Emmanuel of a similar Image.

Salvana was both an inividual of Golden Light Body Form of Immense Ecstatic Sublimity that contained perfect Omniscient Unity, and who on several occassions became visible.

I was 16 years of age at the time, and I had never taken an exogenous psychoactive (psychotropic or entheogenic) substance into my nervous system, except coffee a year before, chocolate, and very occassionally some alcohol (several times in a year, and not within that year)...
Admitably, the story is so utterly incredible to most people (as I have come to realise retrospectively of late, upon years of hindsight). When in my younger days, fresh from the regular Manu-Emmanuel interaction, I would relate such experiences as natural and second nature, not aware of the incredulous societal attitude to such, in marriage with such paradoxical expressions of normalacy and sincerety, on my part, being observed.

In 1989, I edited the majority of the book THE LIGHT OF EMMANUEL: Explorations Into Oneness, that detailed some of these contacts, which gave me thousands of pages of new information, in a Living Unity Light Image Holography that was synestheisiatically (multisensoral fusion), holographically photographically there always, from that moment onwards, at the level of: instinct, intuition, knowledge, and instant wisdom... An uncanny phenomenon for most people.
Finishing the book whilst fasting during the summer of 1990, in Geneva, and finally polishing and completing THE EMMANUEL STORY introduction chapter, by October 2001. With collated testimonial statements in the appendix of the book, testifying to multiple experiences with Emmanuel associated intelligences, in the appendix, the book at least now becomes a historical verification, earliery on, to the Manu Post-Modern contact.

These experiences have been essential for me to have been able to have researched and written this work. For driving me relentlesly, with full vigor and utmost dedication, into its research. And having opened my processing centers, as an integrative information technology, which was the foundamental requirement to be enabled to uncover the many compartmentalised fields that comprise this book...

Whether the Manu-Emmanuel contacts otherwise enhance our research discoveries, in significance or not, will remain an open question of time. Here, written 12 and 13 years ago, I outline one of my first contacts with Manu-Salvana of Emmanuel, in February 1986:

"I witnessed a presence forming before me, invisible. Then the presence turned into electric blue colour light, which then formed into the shape of a human form, but radiating as golden light, as if looking at a very bright but royal golden candle flame. The features of the being before me were Nordic - long golden hair, high cheek bones, almond shaped eyes, slightly slanting etc. Everything was gold. The being was in the form of a man, perfectly balanced, perfectly proportioned features. I knew him. He was my brother. On Earth, the name Salvana is used to personify this being, at least in contacts with myself.
He smiled at me - it seemed as if there was a constant slight smile upon his golden lips - the smile touched me. I felt a soft love enter and rekindle inside my being. We communi ated in knowingness. I felt such love for and from this being. In the knowingness I was told that a civilisation had lived on Mars many thousands of years before, at least...
"The golden one activated the knowingness that a few of that colony had chosen to harmonise together and lift their vibrational levels, in resonance through the One Infinite Creator, so as to increase their atomic densities and move into the next octaves of dimensional atomic density in Mars... And most of them unified into group consciousness in those higher atomic density octaves, and eventually opened the gateway into higher universes.
"A few of them remain in the higher densities of Mars today, but due to their realm of experience are equally united with the same densities in some of the other planets of this solar system, such as Earth, as well as other systems throughout this galaxy and the higher universes. For this unified state is not isolated by one particular planetary system, but is united throughout all systems of light in service of the One Infinite Creator. In other words that density or dimension is linked into the inter-universal super-consciousness.

"The golden one also kindled the knowingness - though but in a glimmering - of several other alien groups using Mars as a base, and that some of these groups do not necessarily have Earth humanity's best interests, while others are not connected to the cosmic Christ. But this was just a glimmering, unfortunately, as since that time through investigative research, I have discovered facts connected to these factions of aliens in connection with se cret Earth government contacts and operations.

"Two months later I went into a Dorset library in England, and brushed through a book by astronomer Patrick Moore on Mars from the early 1970s. In this book was published a photograph which displayed the crater which I had set down next to, when on Mars with the golden one. This served as further confirmation to me, as I had never seen this book or photograph before in my life."
--The Emmanuel Story, THE LIGHT OF EMMANUEL: Explorations Into Oneness, written 1989-1991. Ananda. Publically published 1992, ATON Publishing.

Not only a Blue Skied Mars, as NASA related in December, but apparent lkiaes, and bush-like forests, as Arthur C. Clark revealed in 2001 (not his Space Odysey film, but from the Mars Odysey Probe photos). NASA told the world in December 2002, that it used the wrong filters before, Mars is really blue... Since almost no-one butted an eye, this is like saying "Terribly sorry, we lied to you for years about Mars being red skied, we did not want you to think you could find water of vegetation, or life there..."

Close up of the Mars bushes.

The next major step in the contact experience, now was for one of the Emmanuel's, specifically Salvana to materialise His Golden One Light Body form into the physical spectrums...
It was an earthchanging experience, I had hardly realised what I had asked for, it made me have to face and see myself to the limits I could then tolerate, as a 16 year old.
I quote from the innocent notes written between the age of 19 and 21, without knowing anything of the historical science of the Manu, or of their influence and reality on man, and the the Manu Salhvana was known as the Golden One, and furthermore was the Satya-Manu (Golden Seed Manu, of Omega) for this very age -- the 8th Manu.
Only in the last two years has this aspect come into illusion shattering reality, through my research in The Soma Conspiracy (which began through a suggestion of Manu-Emmanuel in 1992, that I look into the Soma's Harmaline and DMT being involved in the Light Body Translation experience).
Now an 11 year quest of: research; analysis; investigation; pilot studies; endogenous, followed by exogenous studies; detective work; and finally revelation, whose apotheosis was the Coherent Attractor Field that brought all of these fields into one (this book is one such result). Here I quote from my early notes written between the age of 18 and 21:

"In November of 1986 I asked with extreme intensity that a being of light materialise himself in the room I was in, so that I could see him with normal vision.
"My heart beat increased as I felt a warm golden love energy come into the room. Then all of a sudden on my right side, a golden light form being began to descend and increase in its intensity as it was manifesting. I could not turn my head to look at it directly. I could only view it through the corner of my eye.
"It become more and more luminous. Again I could feel that it was more real then the Earth experience. Again I felt as if it was also inside me, as well as outside, but this time the being was also radiating with love.
"The being slowly started to move towards the central focus of my vision. But everytime it came too near, I became frightened because it was real.

"I did not want to react like this, but it was just too real. It was inside me, as one with my heart, at the same time being individual. It was total love and light. It was just too real and incredibly intense in its concentration of love and light - its consciousness was overwhelming.
"Everytime I reacted in this way it withdrew back to my right side and into the view of my corner vision. And yet I wanted so much for it to come into the central gaze of my sight.
"But everytime it began to approach that point, I blocked it, I was not ready to face the part of my Self that the being provoked. This continued for several minutes more. The light being then withdrew and merged with the surroundings.
"The next day the same golden presence came to me, while in meditation. This time he spoke in telepathic waves in my head, it said:

"'I am part of the Christ. I will give you a symbolic name. Its meaning will reveal itself to you very shortly, you can call me Salvador. Please try to meditate seven times a day, for short periods if necessary. Emmanuel is with us.'"

"This only approximates the answer given as I did not record it. This was the first time the name Emmanuel was mentioned.
"When I went to SUN [Schools and Universities Network], I told the coordinater [Nigel Blair, MA], about what I had experienced, and that every hour I would go upstairs to meditate and send light to the planet. The coordinator told me that Salvador meant saviour, and that the country San Salvador was the only country named after Christ.
"The next day, Auna, my mother, woke me and said:

"I have something to tell you. An Earthquake has hit San Salvador."

"That was my confirmation. That was also why I was asked to meditate seven times a day. I began to have a greater faith in my experience."
--The Emmanuel Story, THE LIGHT OF EMMANUEL: Explorations Into Oneness, written 1989-1991. Publically published 1992.

In Novemeber 1991, I made a film interview with film maker Robert McNaughton, nearto Lake Geneva, at the Groupe de Lucinges. In this filmed interview I go into great detail of these early Emmanuel experiences. As I did on the Danish Radio Nye Tider, Radio Krisna, Radio Ratatosk, and Radio Unicorn, during 1990 to 1992.
In these public broacasts, some even before The Light Of Emmanuel above description was written, I relate further that Salvador, who soon revealed himself as Salvana, manifested almost face-to-face to me, in his Golden Light Body... My emotional reactions are therein recorded, as I share the paradox of the intensity that such an amplification induces on one.

The combination of whole body post-orgasm and ecstatic rapture (that even a combination of ecstatic molecules like: MDMA, 5-MeO-DMT, 2-Cb, 2-CT2, Ketamine Hydrochloride, 2-CT10, and others, could not possibly come near to simulating. Although some aspects of these are there -- in concert with the stark terror of having every part of ones Earth programed persona being utterly recognised as the sublime, whereby every polarity of doubt and search, fulfillment and depression, emanation and self destructiveness, are phase-cancelled, forever. Upon such an encounter, one can never play these biological endogenous pharmacopeaic CNS loops seriously again -- their reality is shattered....

One hears of similar transformation in people who have taken very high doses of LSD-25 (especially the pure Sandoz forms available to researchers during the 1960s). Harvard's Dr. Timothy Leary (as we cite in our Emmanuel Shamanism chapter), had some 4000 gamma in his life-changing experience...

The effect of Salvana was both more dramatic, but yet at the same time more subtle. It also goes through the entire fabric ebb of ones being, the exogenous entheogen ultra high dose inducing and ego death, does not go through this fibres of one's soul, but enacts a similar experience within the biological, molecular, and atomic universe... This is an intensity of an experience that is probably comparable, but effects a completely different substrate of the foundation of ones being, often equally valid.

This experience, amidst numerous, was simply used as a stepping stone to help me in integrating the Coherent Macro Invarience behind our recent modern history (including the Spiritual surge that came through the 1960s), as well as the direct Manu-Emmanuel stirring Emantion behind the coherent coordination of our syncronised coincidences, within our post-modern times...

I now simply recognise, that the Macro Coherent Irreversible Manu is Attracting all coincidences into coherent synthesis, through the macro invariant attractor field ANU's evermore interacting through the proto-mind continuum...

...(in a 1992 experience) the Numinous Light of Emmanuel Imagery was now translated into the biological light image architypes on many scales of our microcosm, largely the molecular, sometimes the atomic, the Emmanuel principles are enumerated and examplified on each level... This was like diving into the program script of the monkey computer biology, and reprogramming that automatic robotical operating system in a somniferent incogniscient status quo, directly into the Emmanuel Omniversal Operating System Logos Syntax (although the monkey is an anology. Emmanuel did not convey the Neo-Darwinian Monkey-ET cross breed genetic programing paradigm, as the manner by which our morphology emerged on our ecosphere).
When in the Emmanuel Experience, including the 1989 Vortexijah Translation in Denmark, in contrast (to this experience) the entirety of the biological, molecular and atomic mind neural input congruency is unified into a Contiguous Plenum that is in a Continuum of Continuous Coherent Unified Continuity.
All bio-electronical and magnetical input signals routed through the sensorial 300 million synaptical circuits, into their representant holographic iconagraphy (the 5 senses), that are continously comprised from the summation of these inputs into our sensorial tuning (that edites out 99.5% of the selectable objective universe's waves, and convey a mere 0.5% of these waves through the 5 respective sensory processors, that tune these into the represent sensory holograms that we experience as vision, sent, or hearing. Much like a television, radio, or computer graphic interface operating system environment representing a macro icornography upon their binary code foundation source), have their holographic assembly language re-transfigured into an interactive conscious and phase-conjugated holographic laser Singularity, whose synthesis is then translated into the Macro Irreversible Unity Logos Syntax Image of the Manu.
In otherwords, the individual self embedded holographic intelligence bandwidths of our biologies pantheon of scales are not experienced in their issolated intelligence "colours" of distinction, being a myraid of spectrums in a continuum of coordinated maintainence -- rather are unified, like a rainbow (comprised of the phase-interfering competation of waves in diversity), into summation of the white light laser, via the congregation of the spectrum into the phase-coherent laser.
In the Emmanuel sense this is likened to a multi-spectrum myriad complexity array, converging the plurality of their multi-rainbow wave diversity of phase angles, by utilising their holographic trinary wave guides, comprising a myriad of crystal membrane prism's, that imbibes the wave's synthesis by coherent entrainment into their singular Sun Emanation that is the Coherent Unity of their congrescent synergy. The superconductive Omni-indexed to the hyperconductive and the Omniconductivity of the Manu Logos Imagery.

Salvana explained they were a group Oversoul, comprised of Salvana's as an emanation of Emmanuel.

Emmanuel had stated that they had been the Manu, that had descended to Earth at the foundation man. Manu-Emmanuel was specifically this initiator. And they refered to the Rainbow Races of the Manu in the universe, a concept that now appears to be at the roots of history at the Rg Veda foundation Manu-script...

Manu-Emmanuel then accounts for only two possibilities, MANU-Purusa of a 1000 heads, who braught live within the universe, and MANU-Vivasvan, the boneless one, in golden Light Body, and our progenitor.

The Emmanuelian Atom Sun Self was a key core concept that appears to be unifactorily utilised in the Rg Veda. It was said that each man has an ANU, or Atom Oversoul, which is the Similitude that maintains us as a simulation of the MANU of which we are.

MANU = Image; ANU = Similitude; Man = Simulation

The Rg Veda speaks of the 7 Ruta-Satya MANU-Rsi's that are likened unto the 7 ineffible Cakra's of the All-Maker, Manu-Visvakarman, who is neither in existence nor non-existence.
Hence, the 7 Ruta-Satya-Manu Cakras are unspeakable.
Ruta is the Root, the Alpha, equivalent and root of the TAO concept, and Satya is the Seed, the Omega, the Golden Wisdom.
Hence, 7 Alpha-Omega-MANU's comprising an Ineffable Body of Manu Visvakarman.

These govern a spectrum of ages, or cycles. It now turns out, from our research that Manu-Salvana is the considered Seed Satya-Manu now emerging as the Omega Point Image, the coherent Attractor Field for this age. This we shall explore in detail, chartering ing step-by-step the landscape of meaning of significance in which is set, and bring modern logic along our uncovering manuouvres of this archaic primordial burried treasure from our archaic roots.

In Rg Veda mandal 10, hymn 129, called Nasadiya, the creation hymn, Manu Visvakarman, the All-Maker, Itself Sacrifices Its Body to Itself as the Soma Sacrifice, for the Soma Sacrifice, by the Soma Sacrifice, an extraordinary hyperdimensional concept in itself, remeniscent of a future escher ancestrial artistic masterpeice.
By this Omniplation (the All-Makers Omni-contemplation), of the Omniplicate Soma Sacrifice, arise the Omniverse and multiverses, with their Omni-dimensionalities apparent, along with the primordial illusionary chessboard Omni-gram (Omni-hologram) of Existence and Non-existence, Everything and Nothing... Manu Visvakarman being neither or...

Hence, by this most archaic Primordial paradigm and cosmology, at the root of history, practiced by our ancestors, we are a result of the Ineffible, Sacrificing Itself to Itself as the Soma Sacrifice... The entire universe we behold, and each of our lives are that Omniplation of Omni-rendering (Omni-Surrendering) Soma Sacrifice, according to the Rg Veda paradigm such as Nasadiya, and then especially in the 10.81 hymn, Ya-Ima-Visva Bhuvanani Juvad: The All-Maker, Visvakarman.

Before we show the nature of Manu Visvakarman as is hieroglyphically etched in the name, by the ingeniosity of the Sanskrit Horse Tail cipher (50 letters themselves expressed as the 49 Manu's plus the Manu All-Maker as the 50th that is post- infinite and zero, post- everything and nothing), we share an overview in the conceptual first...

This paradigm was not at all difficult for us to unearth, for our own contacts with Manu-Emmanuel and Manu-Salhvana as a teenager, expressed the Logos Imagery that precisely is portrayed in this same intelligences most archaic effort, in the Living Manu-Script of the Rg Veda.

When we wrote The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel: The Interuniversal View For The Unity Of Diversity, upon our first presentation of the Rainbow Races and 49 Dimensioned superuniverse and beyond, in St. Gallens, Switzerland, 1993, we thought we were bringing through the absolute uniqueness, not in any form evident on the planet.
This, of course, enabled us to write and artifact the Emmanuel Living Imagery into script, unperturbed, which also gives evidence (and there are several 1000 people from ur audiences who were exposed to this paradigm -- some of which were filmed -- who act as witnesses) to the same intelligence that our archaic forebearors maintained contact with, were behind our own "contacts," (whether the model be ancestral memory, momentary cognicant apotheosis with the Numinous, or other. I had zero education on Sanskrit, the Veda's, or Hinduism, to account for it otherwise).
It has taken 10 years for the Emmanuel's to reveal then, starting in 2002, their own transmission in the now well established first Manu-Script of history, the root of the fount of wisdom and its resulting knowledge, in time... The benefit is that The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel, are untainted by any Vedic references, conveying the pure fluencey of its art in being a Coherent Fractal Cosmology for the modern age.

The All-Maker, Manu Visvakarman, which Emmanuel often referred to as the Creator of All-Oneness, and All Is God, is the Eye and Logos, the Living Word of Silence, Unspeakable, from which its Contemplation arises 7 spectrums of Rainbow Races. This is a top-down view approach, in Emmanuel and Rg Veda, which now becomes the foundation via Hadron physics and Santilli mathematics, as the Irreversible Macro fundament behind all mathematics (usually bottom up).

This Logos-Word, with its Unity All-Seeing Eye, spectrums itself into an Anthropos-Anthromorph as the Omniverse, which is the Primordial Irreversible Macro Body that is Its Image.

Through these Manu Anthropos-Anthromorph is born the 7 Rsi couples, of root and seed, Ruta and Satya, Manu's, that are the Alpha and Omega, as 7 spectrum Cakra wheels within the 7 universed, and 7 dimensioned Manu Anthropos-Anthromorph Meta- and Omni-Morphological Body.

This Omni-plient octave rainbow spectrum personifying the 7 Manu Visvakarman Ineffible Manu Ruta-Satya's, as the 7 Universal, 7 Dimensional, and 7 pleni-temporal Root and Seed Manu Cakra's -- are fractally embedded within each myriad of the hologram (be it universe, galaxy, solar system, planet, time-cell age, life-form, biological components. For example).
Whereby the morphological body of Earth man shares this contigueity of coherent recursive embedded holographics, in perfect Simulation.

A Simulation constant, whose assimulation is ca ontinuous assemblage comprised via the continuum (including the use of magneto-hydro-dynamics), maintained through the Similitude of the Macro Coherent Irreversible Anthropos-Anthromorph Omni-morphology, that is the Virtual Life Code Intelligence, behind the DNA (its meta-morphological Ø4, Klein bottle mechanism is covered in another chapter, for convenience).

This Similitude maintains the Simulation of our biological morphological hologram, fractalling the Macro Irreversible Manu Anthropos 7 Manu-Cakras, in simulated similitude, as our 7 nervous energi-plexi (of lymph, nerve, and blood vessels), that govern the 7 major endocrine glands of our biology.

These 7-plexi, also called cakras or chakras in Vedic and Hinduistic traditions, thus are the simulating Manu, via a Virtual Neuron, or Non-Linear Macro-Atom Sun Self (an ANU in the Veda), that is the Similitude of the MANU Image, as an Invarient Coninuum summation of all core resonances of our bodies, concurrently for all our life's temporality (Technically: Nuclear Magnetic Moment Invarient Summation, via the proto-communication contiguity and nightly PGO waves. This area we cover, with Manu Visvakarman, thoroughly in other chapters, including the implications of Hadron physics, PHI, Klein bottle 4D, N-dimensional space, and toroidal physics therein).

In this manner, the Rg Veda, and The Unity Keys of Emmanuel offers a ortho-Darwinian model that begins with the MANU macro image (Hadron Macro Irreversible), that via complexity attractor and dispersion Holon's, which are the Virtual Neuron Similitude (Hadron Invarient Summations) of the Manu Image, that engages the holographic meta-morphology of the anu-mate (ani-mate) anu-mation (ani-mation) of life as a simulation, or multi-plenum myriad shadowgram of the Irreversible Macro Primordial Anthropos-Anthromorph...

Within The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel, we cover bacterial, enzymic, DNA, cellular, geological, astrophysical, and mathematical evidence to support this Primordial Theory. This includes anthroplogical evidence and remains.
This model rapidly renders vanishingly small the majority of the contradictions and anomolies now facing evolution theory, hampering and preventing the objective continuation of the darwinian model. We extend this equations to life in the galaxy and universe as we know it.

This Primordial Theory also establishes that the meta-morphology of life, as a Simulation via the Similitude of the Manu Image is also universal. Hence, the extraterrestrial holographic tapestry shares the same Image and Similitude on every level of the universal holographic chain of macro-worlds.
This morphology is evident in the 4 step Ø to Ø4 Klein bottle mechanism behind all animate live so far examined by our species (covered in another chapter of this book). This essential Similitude of the Golden Proportion meta-morphology, then extends through N-dimensions of our universal hologram as well...

In simple terms, non-technical, the MANU emantes out a series of spectrumed Rainbow Race Similitudes "into" the universe, like a rainbow concurrently dispersing its colours simultaneously into the plural times and spaces of the hologram creation, as an extra-temporal rainbow hologram, with each colour engaging an age within the temporal landscape (7-superconducting flavours, or Similitudes, from 7 hyper- and Omni- conducting Images). Each rainbow age having an Alpha/Ruta Manu at its "beginning", and an Omega/Satya Manu at its end.
The Alpha and Omega Manu being the Irreverable Image Consortium of all the Virtual Neuron, or ANU's Invarient Summations of all atomic core resonances for that age (for instance as the Similitude of man in our age, the ANU being the Invarient Summation of every Nucelar Magnetic Resonance moment occurring in all of mankind from the beginning of our historical cycle to its omega -- concurrently.)
This Emmanuel often called the Oversoul, just as the Veda called the Macro ANU an Oversoul, it still be conveyed to Democritus (of atomic theory) in this consistency (despite the latter attempts at its suppression).
Hence, the Manu Rutya-Satya of our history is the Irreversable Macro Image of every ANU Oversoul, individual, family tree, regional, of the diverse life-forms animal to vegetational, and of milleniums...

The Vak in Visvakarman, means Logos, the Word, of the VIS: that is the Races, and together with Arman, renders the the macro title: All-Maker...

The 7 Cakra-Rsi's that are Ruta-Satya or Alpha-Omega Manu's of Logos Inneffibility, are thus true Cakra's.
Where Cakara is "the Sound, " and "the Word" (SD, pp 150), additionally Cacara renders, "plural paths as one", as the perfect Logos 7 Words, or 7 Sounds of Silence that is Omni-Ambient.
Cacara from Ca, which is an "enclitic conjunction" (opt. cit. pp 150), itself post-paradoxical and Omni-binary.
Cakra is a "disk" or "circle" (opt. cit. pp 150), or wheel of unity, as a plexi. Or in this case 7 Logoi of the Logos, Eyes within Eyes, Wheels-Within-Wheels, caksan = Eye, within caksu = Eye ((opt. cit. pp 151).
Therefrom, the Logos Cakra of the All-Maker is hereby 7-Rsi Manu Ruta-Satya Cakara's, AKA the Vacakara (from which comes Vajhira, "Thunder-Lightening/Vaj Diamond/Hira", i.e. "Vajra"). Vac = Logos; Ak = Eye; Car = "travel", "wander", the root of our "car", (opt. cit. pp 151), and cara, "journeying," with caraka, "wanderor (opt. cit. pp 152). Cara also meaning "passageway," "course," and "place of motion," (opt. cit. pp 156). With carya meaning "road", and rooting to our "carry", and carriage."

Caraka as the Car of the Vac, is also indicated and embodied (as the unique fluid intelligence marvel that Sankcrit enables, especially in its Rg Vedic Primordial Prime) within Vis-Vakar-man.

Carman by itself means, "coat," or, "fleece," and "Shield of Arms" -- indeed the "Arms" from "Arman".
This is the original of the, "coat of many colours of arms," which holds the template hologram of a family ANU Similitude (holographic index, plural "destiny matrix engram"). A family being called VIS, this Similitude science is well known in the Druidic Oghamic art, whose Bards were keepers of the family arms, and its Cabalic code of the which branches of the man and Manu tree they sprout. Descended from the far-east from Manu, to Mannus, the founder of the European settlements. Secret elite bardic lines still hold this legacy for some Royal Families (the most public available efforts, yet ighly veiled c an be found in the works of Nigel Pennick).

Thus we have the Rainbow Wheel Vehicles of the Logos whose spinning Eyes are the passages of travel of Family Races, that comprise the Rainbow Body Coat of many colours, that our the rainbow race family coat of arms, whose spectrum is interspersed "into" the Omniverse, Mulit-verse and universe, into simulating, the Rainbow families within the hoogram of creation.
The Coat of Benjamin and Jacob, of many colours, is derived from this All-Maker Primordial form...

Vis-Vakarman, whose Cacara's "Arc" into the emanation of the Rainbow Races of the 49-Manu's (7 x 7 Ra-in-bows), from the 49th and 48th, as the Anthropos-Anthromorph, where Sanskrit, "arc" and, "rainbow," of the, "coat/shield of many colours," is appropriately called "Karm-uka" (opt. cit. pp 109). Karmuka also meaning "effective," as in "Causal and Effective."
This is later to become seen as the law of "Karma", by the illusion of the cube-dice universal chessboard game of Maya, rather than seen as Vakarma(n).

Indeed, the primordial is further expressed within the All-Makers name in the word Karmana, meaning, "Deed that is uttered out," or, "Production/Yield by Projection of the Uttered Deed," and secondary meaning of the Vac chant that is "enchanting" (opt. cit. pp 109).
With Karman further clarifying the Omni-Ordial (Omniscent Irreversible Prim-ordiality) nature of Manu Visva-karman, in conveying the meaning of, "fate, destiny," and at the same time, "Maker," and, "Sacrifice/Offering," as well as "Act, or Deed," (opt. cit. pp 104).
This interplay of the words that comprise the name of the Manu All-Maker, is largely founded on Rg Veda Mandala 10.81 and 10.129, covering Manu Visvakarman as the Sacrifice for the Sacrifice to the Sacrifice, as Manu Visvakarman, neither in existence nor non-existence.

Yet Karman also means, "Cal-cula-tor/calculation", the mathemtical equation and solution of the entire Omniversal game, and each Image and Similitude from which the Omniplex simulations are comprised.
Karman concurrently has the meaning of, "Therapie," (opt. cit. pp 104). The Soma Elixir therapy (108 Soma plants) has a long Vedic tradition in alchemical Shamanic Gnosis, that became even the Therapeutai comprising the core Essene/Asna Order of Gnostic Hermetic alchemist physicians, or therapeutes that sponsorred the IMMANUel Iosus minstry. Who received their Manu insurge from the Emperor Asoka's Buddhist Missionary effort sent to Alexandria. Monks of the "Thera-Vada" school that were on a special mission from the Nine Unknown Men (see chapter on Asoka NUMA-9). A group that became transubstantiated from Thera-VaDa to Thera-VaTae (The Original Jesus). Hence, the Logos Lukas (Lgs-Lks), Greek "Physician", whereby the apostle Lukas is called, "the beloved physician" (Collosians 4:14), and he relays the words that came out of Jesus the Word' mouth with the all famous proverb, "physician heal thyself" (Luke 4:22-23).

And furtheremore, the remaining VISVA, renderring the meaning, "All, Whole," and henceforth, "All-Maker," (opt. cit. pp 450).

The Sanskrit dictionary further atributes to the name VISVA, "all the Gods," as well as being, "the name of a god group." And, furthermore, the divine IN-tell-I-gence, called the, "In-Tell-Ect (intellect)," which in Sanskrit is considered divine nature. And Visva being crowned with the meaning, "All-Oneness," and "World of worlds," (opt. cit. pp 450).

Appearing in the form of Visvah, to donate, "standing on All Sides," since All-Maker is neither Existence nor Non-Existence; the left or the right path; black or white; Manu Visvakarman is Irreversibly Primordial to such illusions, in Its nature, (opt. cit. pp 451).
The All-Encompassing Eye of the All-Maker is embodied also in its name, for Visvaksa is use to describe, "having the All-Seeing Eye," or, "having the Eye that is Over-All," (opt. cit. pp 451).
Visva-tas carryings the meaning of, "Over-All; on All Sides," transporting yet another facette of the All-Maker Myriad, with Visva-tra holding the same Overall meaning (opt. cit. pp 450).

Some three words on from Visva is placed, the non-finalised form of the All-Maker as, Visva-karma, still given to convey, "All-Maker," and "All Fashioner," (opt. cit. pp 450).

Much more is braught out from the All-Maker, when subcomposites of the full name are joined, such as Visva-Manas (missing solely the Kar, VisvaKAR-MANas), which means, "All Perceiving," whilst also being the name of the author of Rg Veda 8.23-26, (opt. cit. pp 451). Joined by -Manas' root -Manu, as Visva-Manus, transmitting the meaning, "concerning all of Man." Which is joined by Visva-Manusa, conveying the meaning, "All Makinds," since all mankinds in the Omniverse are ingathered and Logos coordinated by the Manu All-Maker, via the 7 Ruta-Satya Manu Rsi's, (opt. cit. pp 451). One name of the Veda Rsi's is Visvamitra, "one of the chief authors of Rg Veda mandala 3."

has Vis meaning "Entrence" (opt. cit. pp 448), but also linked to the Primordial Tree and Manusion/mansion, in meaning "Tree", "Stem," and "House," (opt. cit. pp 449).

Within the Omniverse and Universe is the Image of Manu Visvakarman, the Anthropos and Anthromorph, known as Manu Purusa and Manu Aditi.
Their Omniversal Anthro-Omni-Morphology, as two in one, engenders the Seven Ruta and Satya Rsi MANU's as their 7 sons/daughters, as the 7 cakras that comprise the Anthropos-Anthomorph Original Model (OM), and Primordial Body.

This Immaculate Omni-Morphology Body of Imperishable Numinosity is also Omni-Temperal. Any universes' dimensional locale temporal sequencial continuum, is Manu-Aged, or managed, through spectrums of arcs of time bands, where an apha beginning is rooted by the adjascent Manu-Ruta of the 7, and the omega end is seeded by the adjascent coupled Manu-Satya. Holographically mirrored in the principles of black and white at either end of the rainbow spectrum. And more primordially personified as 0 (zer0) and (infintey) ends of high and low waves, short and long waves, fast and slow motion etc.
The 7 root and seed Manu's are 7 cakras in the Manu Anthropos-Anthromorphological Omni-culate (Imm-AK-Kulate. Where Kaula = Family, SD, pp 124), Divine Family House or Nest (opt cit, pp 115), Kulakula, midway, midweek of the 7, the heart, emerald green, Kulaya, Family Nation, or I-Magi-Nation/Imagenation, Kulya the River, Kulya as a Kanal or Channel (opt. cit. pp 115), Khalakula = Acacia tree (opt. cit. pp 133)

By this simple organic image substrait, one can quickly recognise that the Manu Anthropos-Anthromorph is Omni-Temperal (OT), Omni-Luminal, Omni-dimensional.






Dr. "H.P." Deahl, vivananda@t-online.de

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