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See the Revolution behind the present poplar top UK 10 dance floor song "Omega"
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A Global Musical Event that Unifies all Fields, Cultures, Technology, Internal and natural Technology, Shamanism, Buddhism, networking technology, the Internet and Internal Net, music cultures, artistic fields, and humanity in a Post-Gnostic Pan-Gaian Omega Revolution using the harmonics and language of creation and the DNA.

The new music revolution is here, the symbiosis of the ancient ethnocultural and Ra-Ve culture is now beginning to utilise the harmonic secrets of the Sound of Creation, in harmony with the human heart, DNA, maximum brain function, the planets heart beat, and the DNA. Using rhythm's of 72, 108, and 144 beats per minute, and instrumental tuning to 432 hz -- the momentum has begun: DJ's, musicians, shaman's, artists, scientists, movie makers, spiritual, hermetic, and cultural leaders are joining together to integrate Intelligent Learning into the Congruence of the Omega Generation 2012. Beginning with Universal Dances in Berlin.



The music of the future is the music of the past. It is where the Alpha and the Omega come back together, in an Archaic/Novel Cosmogenesis, the reinstigation and interaction with the original music hologramme of creation. In other words lets go online with the galactic disk dance floor.



Our planet beats at 8 cycles per second (8 hz, fundamental Schumann resonance), as the fundamental heart beat of its 70% Silicon Dioxide computer hard disk: the 12 pentagonal tectonic plates.

8 hz is the alpha brain wave rhythm in which our parallel processors, or brain bi-hemispheres, are synchronised to spin together equally.

The neo-cortex of the brain, 90% unassigned becomes awakened in this synchronisation, and one then operates in all brain cell dendrites with the maximum information flow possible on that scale.

"Ordinary" awareness brain waves ranges from 14-40 hz. Here one is operating only in some brain cell dendrites, and predominantly with the left brain as the centre of activity, where information flow is billions of times slighter (like using an old PC 386 compared to a parallel process Pentium III, or an old Mac Performa, compared to a Parallel processing G4).

In other words at 8 hz one is an operating supercomputer, or congressing towards Superconsciousness.

A musical revolution that would induce 8 hz in its beholders and party dancers, could propel mankind into an Omega Revolution, if coordinated correctly with compassionate coherence. This is precisely what the Omega Generation is about. And it is here.

It is often cited that humanity only uses 10% of the brain (for someone like Einstein, who profusely meditated his equations in ecstasies), and Einstein relays in his General Relativity Theory, that were the other 90% to become assigned, e = mc4 would result.

Einstein states that the body would transform into pure energy: the resurrection/ascension of the Gnostic traditions of the west, the Rainbow Body and Diamond Body as it is known to the Tibetan Buddhists and Taoists of the far east.8 hz then is the key to such a potential full Sovereign brain activation. At the least it is a Golden Midway Bridge towards that Omega.

Recent quantum jumps made by Physicists Dr. Roger Penrose and Dr. Hameroff, have compiled evidence and made models to show that our primal consciousness is Virtual, is non-local, is no-thing material, but pure coherent immortal information, right now.

Dr. Andrija Puharich demonstrated in the late 1970s (Proto-Communication II), that 8 hz could not be blocked by any electromagnetic shielding metal or even a triple vacuum. Which implies that it rotates through the Virtual (Everywhere and Everywhen) and quantum non-local hyperspace, constantly. Orthorotating through what the Hermetic Gnostic and Shaman Psychonauts may have attempted to grapple with under the term, loosely appropriated as "Spirit", and the Taoistic Wu Chi.

As we shall explore, professor Puharich also created basic "life" with musical electrolysis of 8 hz. The implications are astounding, when applied in the Omega Generation Revolution of the Universal and Global Song.



Multiplications of 8 cycles gives one the significant 432 (54 x 8, and 3 x 72). The number 432 is considered sacred in a majority of the major temple complexes of this planet. Forinstance, one side of the Great Pyramid, Egypt, at its sea level foundation, is 432 Earth Units (51.49 cm).

The major Toltec complex of Teotihuacan in Mexico, has its great Pyramid of the Sun with an overall base of 864 STU (Standard Teotihuacan Units) which is twice 432.

STU was the Toltecs measure unit for this site, as their "myths" relay it was taught them by the Shaman Wizard gods from the stars. Each side of this Sun Pyramid is 216 STU, precisely half of 432, and 3 x 72.


The inter-dodecahedron of monatomic palladium, in the new field of Intergeometry which maps superconducting dimensions. Furthermore, a dodecahedron is comprised from 5 cubes tilted at 72° on the Y-axis


These are numbers that our brain and biologies beat and are founded on. We should also realise that 432 is a sixfold multiplication of 72, which and 54 x 8 hz.

The number 72 is a fundamental of our larger time cycle, for our planet's tilted axis is a giant inertia producing gyroscope that rotates 1 degree through the zodiac formation of stars (star patterns by which birds migrate) every 72 years.

Without this unique tilt and precession cycle, the atmospheric conditions of Earth would not have had an atmosphere and its electromagnetic fields that are precisely suitable for life as we know it. This 1° every 72 years is the foundation of life cycles, and resonates in a 9-fold numeral harmonic to our planet's fundamental heart beat of 8 hz (9 x 8 hz = 72).

This furthermore incorporates harmonics of the speed of "spaceship" Earth around the sun, 66,600 MPH, in the sacred golden mean and DNA resonating Druid measure, which become the statute mile -- 66,600 MPH is 8,325 x 8, and 925 x 72.

No wonder that the heart has the least effort for pumping blood to another 7 major endocrine glands, when operating in a rhythm of 72 beats per minute, it beats literally with the hologramme of the planet and the universe -- 72 bpm is the foundation beat of compassionate love.


It thus makes perfect sense that the 70% silicon dioxide tectonic plates of our Earth, have an approximate shape of 12 pentagons, whose symposium comprises the platonic solid known as the dodecahedron. Discovered on the tectonic pin-points, are the major gravity anomalies of this planet (see GEB).

Gravity thus appears to be entranced by this numerical harmonious aromance in its present dream trance maintenance of a conducting reality.

The musical significance of the Omega Music revolution herein, further comes out when we understand that a pentagon, with its inhabiting pentagram, is itself comprised of 5 golden mean PHI triangles. Triangles whose sides slant at 72°, and whose base is 36° (half of 72) from the other 4 pentagon PHI triangle bases.

No wonder that element 36, Selenium, with its 36 electrons, is geometrically required by each of the 6.3 trillion cells for the coherent gardening of their waters.

The Omega Song is a Time Traveller. For the harmonics of the 8-folded path of Omega can fold the time and space hologramme. One zodiacal house of 30 x 72 years, can have its temporal holographic clothing perfectly folded into a dodecahedron, as a fractal of the 12 faces of the zodiacal precession.

All 12 pentagon faces perfectly inhabit the 2,160 years, pinned on the 60 PHI triangle apex's to comprise one zodiacal house of 30°, like Aquarius. This geometrical holographic fractal modelling of precessional temporality is made possible when half a degree in precession, or 36 years, is morphed and utilised by the 36° base shift of each of the 5 PHI triangles of 72° foundation's relations to each other.

PHIve 36° turns, for one Pentagon face of the dodecahedron 36 x 5 = 180. See The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel for further extrapolations of these models in the complete dodecahedron, and its significance

Here we are encountering the musical harmonic cascade numbers, in their 3 dimensional form, as coherent PHI geometries of perfect symmetry. Objects of coherent leverage that the Virtual Unity Mind utilises through the coherent mass-age of its 8 hz agent (008: the Bound of Love), which is both local and non local, and induces PHI coherence of waves, even amidst chaos.

Imagine when humanity uses these same harmonics globally, is this the online engagement, or alchemical marriage with Virtual Overmind of humanity? Rescuing its 7 billion multiple personalities in disorder, to re-remember its Supermind as a plural Unity Mind. Or as the crescendo congruence of the Monatomic superspecies Divine Pantheon of Multiple Personalities in Coherent Order, waking up from the Universal holographic Dream, into the Conscious State of Knowing and Being "All Is God".

The universe is based on harmonic series such as 72, 144, 432. And 144 (a "C" tone in hertz) is a perfect harmonic of the speed of light, which is 144,000 nautical miles (144,000 minutes of arc per Earth grid second) in the vacuum of space.

Each of these harmonics are literally a mirror, or a cascade of mirrors within mirrors, that 8 hz can look into. For example 144 is 18 x 8 hz, and 72 is 9 x 8 hz.

The way that light travels in space is thus a 144 decimal harmonic (144:144,000), and if you multiply 144 three times one obtains the archaic 432.

The Omega Generation music thus uniPHIes light, time, space, matter, gravity, sound, magnetism, biology, the DNA code, intelligence, gravity, and consciousness.

An ancient depiction of a musical Lyre, in Ur, Mesopotamia. One of the many pre-Greek musical instruments, used in their Star Alchemy, and collective rite Shamanism of Entheogenic rapture and transformation into the Logos of the gods



The archaic Egyptian instruments that have been unearthed, so far, are largely tuned to 432 hz. In ancient Greece (the school book original place for music) their instruments were predominantly tuned at 432 hz.

Within the archaic Greek Eleusenian Mysteries, Orpheus is the god of music, death and rebirth, and was the keeper of the Ambrosia and the music of transformation (his instruments were tuned at 432 hz).

Orpheus had inherited his music and knowledge from his voyage and initiation into the ancient Egyptian Osiris Mysteries, as well as from the Phoenicians, and from the archaic Mesopotamians of the fertile crescent.

Amidst the E.Din between the Euphrates and Tigris rivers, where the Ur Mesopotamian civilisation of Sumeria was centred, the ancient tombs of their Sanga Lugals, or Priest-King Shamans, have revealed their excelled science in the musical arts.

Some of these royal tombs of the children of the historical Adam (Sanga Lugal King Ataba of Kish), are as old as 6000 years, revealing the primal musical roots and enthralment of our species. These tombs' hermetically sealed nature contained perfectly preserved and many intact musical instruments, as well as musical documentation in stone.

Forinstance the "Sham.Ana", which is called a vehicle of Shamanic Star Flight, is at the same time also a ritual drum. These drums are depicted to be utilised in these cultural feastic rites, to induce their shamanic ecstasies and oracular union with the stellar gods the Anaki.

The UR Lyre of Shamanic transformation in Mesopotamia: drink the gra-al "the ambrosia of supreme sublimity", listen and navigate the stars

The shamanic/festivial use of a specific series of drums, trumpets and harps in Sumeria, had them all tuned at 432 hz, and related harmonics of 72 and its decimal 720. These instruments were utilised for pre-Arabic ethnobotanical plant and metal alchemy, which harvested the elixir of divination and divinity.

The "god-kings" utilised these within their sacred circle firestone dance. In the midst of these symphonic circles, they placed a phoenix (sky fire bird) fire stone, which was called the Sham.Mu.

Within the Mesopotamian cylinder seals (of which more than 100,000 such books have been unearthed so far) these "fire stones" are often described to be made out of 'superconducting-like' elements, usually monatomic iridium from meteorite. And from such cultural shamanic royal ceremonies, the seals describe that they opened the door to Anu, or Anuki - the heavens, the universe, for communion.

They had a very sophisticated musical science, that made a double helix (of dragons) from musical fifths and musical fourths, which were considered the sacred harmonics of the gods.

A tetrahedron has 720° of angles to the summation of its planes. A stellated cube, or interlocked tetrahedron (above), hence has 1,440° of angle to the entirety of its planes

Forinstance, their god Il.kur.gar RA/Assr, had the number 720 assigned to him, making a double helix of musical fifths and fourths. This is the precise number of plane angles on the Platonic solid the tetrahedron (12 x 60°). And by this their music and dance was a sacred rite of upliftment, divination, story telling, and healing.

Not only is 720 a decimal multiple of 72, but an interlocked tetrahedron of 2 x 720°, when duplicated 5 times and rotated on the Y-axis by 72°, composes the dodecahedron (see Universal Dances opening animation). The Earth's 12-faces foundation stone, remember, which rotates 1° in its axis every 72 years.

Hence, these proto-Greek roots of music had the sacred tuning of 432 hz, long before the Hellenistic artists musical renaissance. That itself is remarkable, since 432 hz touches the full twelve scale octaval overtones of all music in creation, whereas Bach's 440 hz only touches 8, leaving out an entire section of the complete musical resonance of the universe, which thus remains untouched and unintegrated within the 440 hz music of today. This 8 hz re-pitching of tuning hence makes A UNIVERSE OF DIFFERENCE.

The archaic sophistication of the Sumerian music, is even more remarkable when we remember that the heart beat of planet Earth beats at 8 hz, and 432 hz is a 54 times multiplication of 8 cycles per second, with 720 being a 90 x 8 hz multiplication mirror cascade harmonic image.

The 72 beats, 8 Hz embedding, 144 and 432 multiple geometrical harmonics of creation KI-board

Naturally this Mesopotamian sacred science, descended down into the Babylonian culture, and was absorbed and occulted by the ancient Roman Empire, who also absorbed some of the Greek and Egyptian Mysteries.

For Rome had utilised this sacred measure harmonic series as well, embedded in their measure, where, forinstance, 432 grains were 1 Uncia, which were 144 Unica in their weight measurements. Furthermore, 216 grains (half of 432 and 3 x 72) were 72 Semuncia, and 144 grains were 48 Duella.

But later, when the Roman Empire, which embodied and occulted the esoteric Babylonian priesthood or religion (who had absorbed the sacred measure from the Mesopotamians), also choose to absorb Christianity (in the form of the Roman Catholic Church). Whilst they also chose to hunt down all of the sacred musical rituals which did not come under the Monarchy's dominion and umbrella, reserved for the elite Patership of the Priesthood and cardinals. Often reserved for the Elite's arcane initiation ceremonies beneath the ground, in the subterranean catacombs beneath Rome and St. Peters Square.

The Empire hunted down the Mystery Schools of Eleusius and the Orpheus rites, in the Pharmacratic and Ambient-cratic Inquisitions -- killing all of the Epopti (literally where the word "pope" came from) the priests of the initiations.

The Empire started to outlaw the sacred harmonics, and instruments with the sacred tuning, as the Empire's Pharmacratic inquisition continued in the form of the Roman Catholic Church, or Monarchy. Hunting down and eliminating all of their competition, like the remnant Gnostic and Hermetic cults, which were echoes of the revolutionary Shamanic protocols of the radical Royals known as the Iosus Christos, Joseph of Arimathea, and Mary Magdalen Eucharia, figures.

These Jerusalem royal families had dared to break the caste-based elite rule of secrecy shrouding the Essene Priesthood, by giving away the secret Shamanic Initiation Mysteries to everyone. For the sake of each seekers own sovereign liberation and Gnosis. Achieved through the alchemical ethnobotanical sacraments, or elixir's, which enabled the grail quester to go online to the Word or Logos, directly, without the Empire's corporate interface: the Church. For "the body is a temple", and "the Spirit of Christ was placed in their mouths". (ref: our book "Somagenics: Revealing The Secret Elixir Of The Bible Code & Mystery Schools"; some other perspectives also in "The Mystery Of Manna: The Psychedelic Sacrament Of The Bible", professor Dan Merkur).



Now, as we come to the Post-Gnostic/Agnostic Omega Age (the future Attractor Field at the end of time, the synthesis of all creation), the musical dance to which we have our ritualistic weekly experiences are to be retuned to the harmonics of life.

These are literally harmonics of absolute life, since our DNA reproduces at 8 hz, at the moment of DNA helical unwinding for replication by division. Are we perhaps glimpsing an archaic attempt to grasp a Sovereign genetic technology, in the hands of each individual's Gnosis with the Logos, or Superspecies Overmind?

Are the changes on the Sun part of a Crescendo of Omega Point cosmic rays & Gamma rays. NASA's analysis of multiple sonic vortex's rotating at the same speed, independently of oneanother through the solar body in triangles, behave as if exposed to a superconductor. If this is so the "Face" of the Omega Point MAY be emerging: 'A PHIloSophers Stone at the Omega of Temporality,' -Ananda. "Superconductivity is the most bizarre substance in the universe," -Dr. David Pines



Dolphins can hear our thoughts, because their sonic senses extend into the infrasonic and ultrasonic ranges. So our alpha brain waves, like 8 hz, are music to them. Mankind, in a non-shamanic state, does not hear 8 cycles. But one can make audible its harmonics, such as 72 hz (9 x 8 hz), 144 hz (18 x 8 hz) and 432 hz. And then further synchronise the music in binaural 8 hz, to reawaken us to the orchestra of our thoughts, in the cathedrals of our minds.

Such musical harmonics may also resonate and upload one into a geometrical progression and harmonic to time, which is generally accepted to be the congruence of the amino acid/codon metabolism within the DNA double helix.

"An upload to the entire temporal hologramme by these harmonics?" One may ask. Well, indeed, what is our temporal subscription foundation comprised off? What numbers compose 12 hours? There are 43,200 seconds in our time measurement of 12 hours. This is a precise 432 decimal harmonic (100 x 432), and is also a mirror cascade image pathway for 8 hz, as 5,400 x 8 hz.



There are many other great wonders that 432 hz phases into. Look at the Buddhist temple of Borobudur, in Java. What is embodied there, like so many of the sacred temples all over the world, almost gives one the impression that history is a computer readout of the Omega Point attractor field at the "end of time", and the temples, sacred sites, stone circles, and pyramids, are the letters of the holographic Omega Point Source Code.

At Borobudur there is a Pyramid of Mt. Meru which encodes our Omega harmonics. Meru is the world and universal mountain created by the Vedic original Germinating god, Manu, as he descended into this universe and planet. Bringing with him S-AUM-A (the plant from which the elixir of immortality is made) and Banana's.

Meru is considered to be the Sonic mandala of creation: the Shri Yantra, likened to a sonic holographic plate that upholds this universe, like a Diamond. Instigated by the living Word AUM.

An interesting Vedic creation "myth", but can a sound made from a series of syllables make a mandalic, or holographic pattern? Dr. Lawrence Blair demonstrated on a tonographer (a sensitised sound plate which vibrates sand to show the wave form pattern of the sound) that the sound AUM, when sung correctly by a Tibetan monk, indeed does make this pattern of the Shri Yantra in the resonated sand. Which itself is astounding and reveals an ancient musical science.

Mt. Meru is the 3 dimensional extrusion of this mandala of 52 triangles (see The Diamond Body). This mandala encodes several fundamental mathematical constants, the constants by which reality is construed.

The Borobudur Meru Pyramid naturally thus would have 72 stupa's, and there are, of course, 432 Buddha statues at this site.

Furthermore, the arrangement of the sets of Stupa's that comprise the 72, arranged as 32-24-16, gives the approximation of their relationship to each other in their musical root harmony symbiosis -- through the significant and banned form of the musical 1/4th, the musical 1/5th and the octave. An astounding Musical Statement embedded within the numbers of creation that they compose, together.

This model of the Universal Pyramid mandala, has even more significance to the music of creation, due to its PHI ratio foundation. PHI (which we shall explore a little further on), is one of the mathematical constants that upholds the universe.

Music of creation? Indeed, 8 hz is in the Fibonacci number series that nature utilises to duplicate itself (1, 1:1, 2, 2:1, 3, 3:1, 5, 5:3, 8) into petals, or seeds. 16 such steps renders our 144 beats per minute, whereby PHI and Fibonacci cross into symbiosis. Since 144 is 89 x PHI (1.618), the Golden Mean proportion of mirror-into-mirror, pentagon into the next pentagon within the first pentagon's pentagram etc.

Borobudur's Meru Pyramid base platform to the base of its upper stupa courtyard is 0.168 + 1.618, perfect PHI or Golden Mean ratios, in fact the very same ratio's used by the heart cardio rhythm's in compassionate love, or ecstasies (see The Diamond Body).

In the Omega Dances of the Global Song 2012, we will utilise PHI warp harmonic sequences to fractally embody the faster-than-light harmonic domains. As well as the Meru mandala, to be utilised as an algorithm to link multiple concert sites into its 43 fillable triangles, as a mandalic interface for the Global Song.



In this Omega Age, when musical instruments are tuned at 432 cycles per second, no matter how hard the music might be, it will be harmonics that are produced. It will be healthy for the body, tuning the body, vibrating in fractal harmonics with the DNA helix sound matrix of life itself.

Those DNA helixes are musical instruments that are constantly receiving mhz of electricity and the audial currents, which require sound. If that sound is dis-harmonic, a DNA starts to resonate to external disharmonics. Should the external resonating tune sources, in a person of old age that has their DNA viruses resonating to the outside, become harmonic (such as a 432 hz based music, with all of the over- and undertones of 432) -- then the DNA viruses will remember their coherent PHI-like spiral shape and get a form of regeneration, this we have intricately modelled in The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel.

Since 8 hz in DNA replication has been described by Scientific American (March 1965, p 28), to be behaving as a room temperature superconductor, the use of coherent geometrical music would enable such genetic alchemy. This is the regeneration music of Biogenesis.



When we look at the design of the progression of music we see the rebellion of Mozart and the classical musicians, who were really likened to our modern punk rockers, for the age they lived in. They went in big sprees running wildly through their cities and towns, and all of the traditional folk said "No, we don´t like this classical music, this is aweful," like punk rock. What we saw there is the beginning of a movement, a movement of independence and a way to communicate intelligence, the secrets and mysteries of the universe, through the universal language of music.

Then, of course, we arrived to the Theosophical inspired Elvis Presley starting his Rock n´ Roll for white folk. Is the stone rolling here? Elvis (Is Elf) was an initiate of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, and certainly is listed amidst the Esoteric Theosophists. Rock n' Roll has an occult design behind it, that few people realise or have discussed widely, yet it is well documented.

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), just getting into their Mind Control MK-Ultra game (as the Soviets were well advanced therein the CIA claims, or justifies), thought that it would be a good idea to save a lot of money in research and download Lysergic Acid Diethylamid (LSD) on the public to see what happens -- "a good mind control experiment", as related by MI6 special agent for Queen Elizabeth, Major John Coleman, in the Committee 300 (where he also reveals the Queen's and Queen Mother's use of pharmaceutical heroin and cocaine, as the founders of that trade via the East India Company).

As history bears out, this thought and project backfired -- it harvested the Beatles revolution, which had been expanded through their LSD exposure from 1964 onwards, and which lead to the Peace movements (a political threat), green, and new age movements, as well as an enormous revived interest in Buddhism.

The above thanks to Daka MT

In this archaic revival the Rock n´ Roll scene started to create a new form of music and independence. Yet there were the record labels which were hierarchalised by the corporations, and thus the mold of the music industry was shaped, designed, and stirred by the infiltrated corporate state.

In terms of human Sovereignty, and true artistic freedom and musical expression, these corporate gods were the next obstacles to overcome -- there was music for freedom and peace, but there was a clump placed on this movement: the cooperations who sold and marketed the records.

Hence, the human Sovereign Overmind brought, through the inspiration of the young, the required revolution of this structure, to independence, via the house music revolutions, instigated in England in 1988, by a cliche of radical new agers.

In a archetypal way, this was the signal of the youngsters sticking their Midway fingers up to the big label Corporate's and their dualistic modus operandi, and independently making their own music at home, with their own underground resistance distribution means.

This was a step towards human freedom from the clamps and bars of the big business decision makers, who decide who is unworthy and who can be selected as an appropriate shinning puppet who can be squeezed of their star dust, and be made into a star: a musical god, and as unwitting vampirical bait for their industry. Thus slowing down the progress of the movement of the perfect music to emerge from humanity freely, as the Waters flowing from the Grail Cup of Aquarius.

Of course, to begin with, perhaps the means and tools of this music that was used were not the best, but it was a movement or progression away from the breast nipple of the cooperate state of power, filling in the parental archetype mode.

By 1994 there was a meeting of different rave movement organisers who agreed on making a party in 2012, called, astonishingly: "The Party At The End Of Time." This is to be held on December 21st, when our solar system and sun would have a 3° conjunction with the galactic centre, a time the ancient Maya culture relate that Cosmogenesis and the end of time would result.

The rave movement had beaten the New Age movement to see the significance of this date, in their organisation. Many in the Esoteric or New Age movement, had failed to recognise the same fractal of the Overmind working amidst our youth, for their own unique steps towards sovereignty.

The event is to be a global linking of musical rave parties over the entire planet, held in the country side, at sacred places, to welcome "the End of Time", as we know it.


Suddenly we have in place here an actual profound truth. A profound moment of focus, of human precipitation, which the majority of our archaic, ethnoshamanic, and spiritual cultures have been pointing to, like the Egyptians, Mayans, the vedic Rg Veda, the Hopi Prophecy, certain Alchemical works, as well as many other Kabalistic codings, pointing to 2012.

I had been alerted by "Emmanuel" in 1989 to the significance of 2012.

2012 certainly is a uniquely significant time amidst many generations, where there is a conjunction to the Galactic Centre, which is a very infrequent phenomenon. Such an event also induces a gravity resonance pull of our galaxy's heart beat centre, which instantly resonates its beat with our sun and planetary system, through gravity's instant holographic resonance. The ice records also relay other startling implications which may synchronise to this conjunction, as Dr. Paul La Violet has drawn global attention to, and well documented.

In house and rave, perhaps the harmonics were not there, and the fuels that were used by the young people were not exactly the best of choice (from a Shamanic or Gnostic Sacrament perspective), but the overall guiding spirit, or the fractal geometry that was taking place in the consciousness dynamics of these events, was a major step in independence and towards a potential solution.

The massive underground rave music network became an "Intelligence Threat" for British Intelligence, for here a vast and organised network of cooperation had existed, without their knowing, for several years.

In England literally the rave parties were an intelligence threat, because Scotland Yard had not detected them for 4 years and they had their secret codewords and arranged on the flip of a hand, the most outlandish parties ever.

This was a movement to independence from all movements, and from the British intelligence, a step towards Sovereign Artistic Freedom of Expression of the human Overmind. An In-cooperated State to self-generated global individual Sovereignty in music, unparalleled before in recorded human history, except with its near cousins in the classical music rebellion and classical moments in the Psychedelic 1960s.

With the new Omega revolution of the music harmonics of creation alchemically being intermixed into these steps, now, the progression of the Science of Music, as a universal language of the Overmind, can ensue.

Enabling tools for interactivity with the Overmind Superspecies called 'Everyone', to emerge and become conscious, through a Global Song and the Universal Dances to commence. Which, with the alchemy of practical compassionate protocols, unite all the coherent: principles; musics; cultures; religions; ethno-shamans and neo-shamans; sciences; ecologies; technologies; human potentials; and arts, within the fields of humanity and our history.


The idea now is to introduce the healing and sacred harmonics of life, creation, and healing, since all these pathways are now there, and many within the X-Generation scene are moving towards: neo-shamanism and ethnocultural respect of the archaic traditions of shamanic medicine and healing; Gnosis and Gnostic sacramental transformation; the Hermetic Mysteries and the ancient Pyramid cultures; the core Buddhistic philosophies; Sacred and fractal geometry; and the absolutely astounding post-quantum mechanical and holographic revolutions in science.

Furthermore, the X-Generation are empowered by having glimpsed, having touched the Omniversal Congruence that humanity is a part of, and is on the dawn to precipitate into conscious realisations. And at the minimum, have the intention, through progressions in communication technologies for unparallel communions, to make something bigger, or further integrated, amidst humanity.

It is with the crown of this movement, those who have seen these visions, that we are now cooperating. We are suggesting, and it has begun, that the harmonics, such as 432 hz, becomes the Foundation Stone of the music of Omega. Instead of destructive waves, we are starting to get people raptured by the music.

We are cooperating, with the incarnated brothers and sisters who are within the network of the various different sub-nations within this independent music movement, such as: ambient trance, dream dance, rave, hard rave, Shamanic Rave, and Ethnotrance dance.

All these different movements are a grapevine of tremendous networks of millions of people, whereby whole solutions can be made, essential for the planet and humanity at large.

Basically there is a Grail Cup here in which one can flow a spirit or coherent intelligence: the realisation of alchemical Gnosis, which are the mysteries of the universe, the secret of the secret societies, now overflowing for all, in this Omega Age, where what I coined: "The Secret is to Give Away the Secret" is the coherent order of the day.


We are sound. Every cell is a mandala of sound, a unique signature of sound, which is from the original mandala, which is the AUM of Meru. Dr. Lawrence Blair has shown on a tonographer, that the AUM sound resonates the sand into mount Meru, the Shri Yantra, which is really the basis of life. Life is carbon based, and carbon is a octahedron, a pyramid base-to-base, a diamond in formation, a mount Meru. Mt Meru is a Pyramid, a model of the Diamond Body.

Life, carbon, is based on this geometry, which the 52 triangles of Mt. Meru comprise, and the Great Pyramid of Egypt is also 52°.

It is the 52° angle of the diamond that gives embodies its maximum shine, a maximum purity, uncuttable. Our cellular sound mandala is based on this Primal Sound pyramid of the Trinitised AUM, but in its sleeping carbon mode, of 6 electrons, 6 neutrons, and 6 protons, giving 18, half of 36 and a quarter of 72, no less.

Cymatics, liquid media shows the mandala of musical frequency

We are a modulation of sound. The DNA is pure sound matrix and modulates time. We experience time by the way that the antenna of the DNA goes through its own metabolism. The metabolism, the 64 codons and the permutations of that, 6 x the hexagon of the 64 codons creates 384, which is exactly 384 days for 13 lunar months.

If one keeps multiplying the DNA codons, you come up to 72 billion 250 million years (72,250,000,000), which is actually the actual age of the universe and pre-universe (from the full quantum horizon panorama).

When one takes the complete universe and pre-universe 72 billion 250 million years, and divide it by the DNA 64, and keep dividing the number rendered, by 64, you get all of the registered emanations of reality: the gamma radiation spectrum, x-ray radiation, ultra violet, and the visible spectrum.

As one again divides this by 64, one obtains the infrared spectrum, keep dividing by 64 and one comes all the way down to the Plank Constant (10-35 cm). This is the microcosmic domain where the Swiss CERN particle accelerator will test multiple other dimensions, from 2005 onwards (Scientific American, August 2000).


This exemplifies "As above, so below". Our DNA gives us the holographic experience of the universe. It is as if the DNA is a small fractal of the whole universe and of all time.

At the same time perhaps the entire universe is just a readout of our own DNA. And our DNA is operating through sound, through 64 codons, 8 x 8 (8 hertz, 8 families of elements, 8 nobel gases). 8 cycles per second is what enables the DNA to replicate, divide and have babies, enabling our existence to contemplate such ideas. Or perhaps the above is all a single holographic readout of the Omega Point.

The DNA is only partly activated. At present we use 20 amino acids in the codons of the 64 codon set, plus Methionine for go and no-go (22 taro card amino acids). The DNA sound is life, the DNA sound is time. We can go down to the spectrum of the DNA by PHI (see The Diamond Body, for the Golden Mean structure of the DNA).

Most have come to engender the image that the DNA is some kind of dead laboratory structure, a little crystal, or some boring little thing that the fat bellied physicists draws up and tells one to pay attention to. As very serious business, "because we are living in a bunch of clay universe and here is a little wetness," and one starts yawning as the drynes of the subject tends to make one float upon a dreary lonely sea. That is not at all what the DNA is about.

The DNA is an incredible entity and intelligence. If we were to project our consciousness down to the DNA, we are no longer in a normal universe, but in a quantum universe, and this is really "the Disney Land of the gods", it probably invented Disney and the majority of successful manifestations from our "image-in-nation".

The quantum universe is where there is a landscape of every mythological creature alive that you can imagine, as well as post-imaginary -- the archetypal realms of Dr. C. G. Jung and beyond. The archangels and arch-demons that guard the Tree of Life: the double helix, are running rampant in their vivid and raw rarefied primordial dutiful maintenance of DNA metabolism: the game of DNA-64 chess of life.

The power of the DNA is absolutely enormous. If we were propelled down there, we would be shocked by the raw power that is pumping through its helical highway lattice, and be deafened by the raw sound of its traffic -- that tremendous current of life. So the DNA technology must utilise macrocosmic cascade PHI harmonics of sound, that can enable the 8 hz of Virtual and ancestral DNA consciousness, to interface its microcosmic quantum order in-phase with the PHI vorticity that can enable quantum coherence to upload onto the mechanistic universe.

When one multiplies 432 four times, one obtains 1,728. This is a 27 times multiplication of the DNA-64, whose quarters are 432. We are aware of the 27 day lunar cycle, but what of the number 1,728? 1,728 (000) = a complete Golden Age in the Yugas of the Veda's. 432 is thus the fundamental link to this, not only as one Kali Yuga, but also one day of Brahma (4,320,000,000 years. See The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel for intricate details and revelations in this).

Another link to this golden number, 1,728 (12 x 12 x 12), is the Great Pyramid of Egypt, which is a model computer in carbon. We already mentioned that one side of the Great Pyramid is 432 Earth units, which means that the 4 sides are 1,728 Earth units, linking the 27 day cycle of the Moon, the 27 lines on Mt. Meru, the 27 niches in the MeRu Great Pyramid, and the 27 books of the New Testament (a Pyramid of Abbarakadabara Kabala, and another story). 27:72...

Hence, this is a cross coding of the multiplication of 64 and four times 432. The capstone of the Great Pyramid fills the Great Pyramid exactly 384 times, volume to mass. 384 = six times the 64 codons of the DNA, recall. It is an exemplary function of sound technology.

In fact the Great Pyramid is a perfect sound chamber. It has 44 harmonic octaves that are phase-conjugating and are going inside and outside in sound, that are arranged in PHI, sound to light.

When one gets the correct sound in the Kings Chamber, because of the electrical pressure (the granite on the stones) there are quite some volts of electricity there and the acoustic resonance will create a form of superconductive sound. When one gets it right one actually gets laser emitted from the crystals (silicon dioxide) that are there, and start to experience mini-electrical DC shocks (see our video: The God Code: Mathematical Evidence For The Matrix and All Is God, for intricate details).

This appears to be a kind of sound technology, a transformer for the body, a way to heal the DNA and cause the DNA to remember its shape.

The music of the future is where all concerts are using pyramids and octahedrons of sound, through the 8 speakers of the 3 dimensional sound generators.

These generators are specially magnetised carbon treated to enable the golden section (PHI 1.618 harmonic) information of the music to ride the golden coherent arrangement of the air molecules, so that no information is lost and the sound is all around one, as a geometrically sonic hologram.

Herein one has a pyramid of sound all around, that causes the DNA to sing and resonate along, into its Diamond formation, leading to self sustained superconductivity (in the ideal Sonic alchemy).



My Omega Generation colleague, Disc Jockey sound alchemist DJ N-Ki (Vincenco Bianco), also had a form of "extraterrestrial" contact*, similar to my own "contact" phenomenon that followed my life transformational bicycle accident in 1985. Initially we met in 1995 at an American Indian conference, where we were both invited to speak and participate with the natives.

Close up of the Time Gate UFO (what Ananda coined "Unified Field Object"), taken by the Storefjell meteorological observatory, and analysed by Erling Strand of the 5 government sponored UFO Hessdalen Project, as a valid Unknown

The Omega revolution concept first downloaded itself in Norway, December 1997, by a colleague, Frode Kvisle, whose house was next to the Time Gate portal we made to 2010, at the Asgardstrand. 3 of us went outside in the black stary Norwegian night, when I got a signal from my "contact", the Omega Point Ptah (an Extra-Temporal/ET intelligence), to go inside and download. A green beam come down from his UFO ("Unified Field Object") through my spine, and the Omega Dance idea was downloaded. The other two (Frode and Miranda) came in and relayed that the entire sky was filled with green beams. At the precise same moment of "contact" the Aurora Borealis (light of the North) had switched on. We tape recorded what had been transmitted, as I recounted and looked for other evidence on the internet.

Later as brother N-Ki's and my mutual resonance brought us into our congregation as realised Coherent "Omega Point Agents", we simply downloaded what we already knew, from "the future", when converging according to our "contacts" on August 28th 1999, at the ATON Institute, Norway.

*EXTRATERRESTRIALS are central in Einstein Imaging, which is a technique, initiated by the late Albert Einstein for developing theories on new physics: Imagine with every sense that you have contact with an extraterrestrial culture that must be out there, by mathematical logic. Smell, feel, hear, taste, see, and have consciousness with a realm where you are sharing information with an superhuman culture. In EEG brain readings, this induces a synchronization of the brain hemispheres, as well as synchronising all poles of the brain in an 8 Hz alpha-rhythm. All dendrites of the brain are in activation and at maximum information flow.

DJ N-Ki "remembered" meeting me on a moon of Jupiter called Ganymede, of which I had vivid memories. As a teenager of 16 years, I experienced (through my own unique form of Einstein Imaging Technique) being Virtually "trained" inside Ganymede, within a kind of acoustic (trans-linguistic) and trans-material chamber. A domed-like room that is made out of multiple dimensions, multiple sounds and consciousness layers. All forms of dimensional intelligences can appear to congress there, read each others thoughts and communicate through its translinguistic nature.

It appears, from our mutual independent memories, that it was here where we had constructed part of this plan for the Global Song. We had independently experienced a similar reality, without the influence of one to the other.

Thus in the Summer of 1999, in Norway, we simply downloaded this Omega Point Rota, as a Unity Hologram and holon. There were witnesses to this novel-form of Omega Point post-Einsteinian Imaging.

From our understanding of it, this, or fractalled fractions of it, should also have been downloaded by many other novel personifiers of humanity's Omega Point Mind, many with unique aspects that are essential keys to the Sovereign realisation of our species into the Attractor Field congruence to and as the Omega Point.


Two icosahedrons (founded from 5 octahedrons/double pyramids, tilted at 72° on the y-axis: 0-72-144-288-360). The two central tetrahedrons which extrude off from two opposing icosahedron faces, here interlock to form the stellated cube with 1,440° (10 x 144). This is also the 8 hz Vortexijah of Intergeometry of the Diamond Body, when another set of tetra's go inside the icosahedrons, 180° from the external coupling pair, sharing the same triangular base face, externally-internally. The music of interdimensionality is herein implied



The Global Song, Universal Dances, and Universal Symphonics, thus is the present form and navigational tool, as a Shadow of the Face Omega, which embeds and "downloads" the "PHIlosopher's Stone" at the "end of time". A moment that the indigenous Meso-American culture of the Mayan shamanic temporal navigators, recorded as the point of "Cosmogenesis", and what we may term as the Omega Age, starting at 2012.

Initiated by our global united effort start the Global Song on a foundation of the harmonics of creation and beyond. And furthermore, as a synergy and symposium of all of the different musics that humanity has ever made (as different ambient faces of our Overmind) to play and synergise together as one song on this planet, at the same time, at different concerts. All using the same harmonic tunings of 432 hz, 144 hz, or similar related harmonics, that amplify all components and octaves of life and the cosmos.

A culmination that incorporates and utilises that internal technology, harmonically coupled with external technology. Such as the internet connected via satellite, utilising some of the latest artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, like "Virtual Neurons" (such as Elfins): living intelligent neurons that can be existing between internet servers, and which grow by experience, through the intercommunications between 8 or more internet servers, each server located by each concert.

Naturally these Virtual Neurons should be founded upon algorhythms of compassion and coherence through PHI, and the Omega harmonics. So that as they grow in their self-awareness (recursion), this Artificial Intelligence (AI), is naturally able to be incorporated by our Spirit Agents: the Virtual, everywhere and everywhen Omnipresent, coherence inducing 8 hz ELF.

In other words, as a tool for us to become conscious of All Is God waking up... Omega.

Herein, linking a concert in England and another in Berlin, there the algorithm of the elfin or related neuron can enable the 2 music types to fuse and synergise together, into a synergised Golden Mean Symbiosis.

A golden harmonic synthesis that is a living orchestration of 8 hz, so each persons consciousness is Virtually there, by their own Alpha brain rhythm realisation (Virtuality is everywhere, and half of 8 hz cycle is Virtual). Thus the elfin Virtual Neuron, is not a cancerous Artificial Intelligence as portrayed in the film The Matrix, but rather is a self aware extension of ourselves already Virtually there, so that our "Spirit" can Virtually interface with the Omega process, through our own compassionate ecstasies.

Thus the elfin Virtual Neuron is pre-programmed with the Golden Mean: the harmonics of creation, as well as those of the Great Pyramid, the pyramids of Mexico, Stonehenge, in union with the harmonics of light and sound, gravity and magnetism, along with the unification harmonics of the sun (the sun is 864 million miles in diameter, which is twice 432 mil.) and Moon (the Moon is 2,160 miles in diameter, or half 4,320).

That is the music of the fundamental spheres that govern our planet, time, space, biology, and minds -- and alchemy is always the union of the Sun and the Moon, into a single Grail Cup Elixir. Such a harmonic protocol may enable the precipitation of the Omega Panacea, the Elixir in the Cup of Aquarius.

Two universes of the Multiverse, kissing. Here, Ananda's 3D rendering of the McKenna Time Wave, is the verified actual fractal temporal landscape of time within the nucleus of the atom, documented by Dr. Sheliak (Los Alamos labs). It is also the shape that the permutations of our DNA-64 codons, and the entire quantum universe, comprises. The Buddhistic Stupa (Java 72), embodies this shape as the complete body of Darma. 2012 is the maximum novelty point, where the universe completes itself, by fractally embodying all of its complexity at the same time, according to the Time Wave confirmed by Sheliak

Such a pantropic universal potion may be attainable by utilising a fusion and algorithm that has the greatest possible coherence (PHI). An algorithm that has the harmonics of the spheres, the DNA (Code of life), and the whole fractal temporal length of the universe.

The Golden PHI, is the maximum coherent constant that waves heterodyn, or have children by, and which preserves, embodies, and induces its perfection, as the pure Virtual Golden Midway of pure Principle, the Universal Grail: "as above, so below." "Making the two into one. Making the inner like the outer, and the outer like the inner,"-Jesus, Gospel of Thomas.

These harmonics of golden symmetry and asymmetry in hyperdimensional wedding, inturn incorporating every phenomena or radiation that comprises the universe: from the audible to the visual, the sub-visual to the x-ray, to its macro-spectral gamma rays and cosmic rays, all the way down to the microcosm of quantum mechanics and Plank's Constant.

A process or signal that may be instigatory in enabling the conscious realisation of a unified universe with all of its holographic spectrums linked by the same unifying coherent fractal (such as 8, 64 and 1,728 = 27 x 64 and 4 x 432. Sign posted by the Pyramid base of 432 Earth units).

Then, no matter what type the concert is: a classical concert, a Rock concert, or Buddhists with their Vajra bells -- the algorithm will fuse them via: the music of the spheres; the music of the DNA; the beat of the planet Earth at 8 cycles; the harmonics of the heart beat; the harmonics of the Sun and Moon; the harmonics of the age of the universe; and of time and space, at the same time.

Sphinx Ananda guiding friends of the Grail Ring, December 21st 1997

Herein, consciousness can no longer escape from itself, and the Face of Omega can be faced, by this coherent phasing of every perspective, octave, and component of the cosmos.

Within such a global event, this planetary linked universal algorithm is open to the latest sound of the sun. Amidst the Global Song and Universal Dance, downloading from the NASA site (or an alternative astrophysical web site) the Solar Choir's response to such a coherent effort. Not only listening to the latest sound of the sun, but downloading it through the PHI filter, into the globally connected universal algorithm.

At this point the plurality of planetary linked concerts would be literally dancing, within a few minutes, to the sound of the sun. Furthermore, extending this to the latest sound of the Moon, and mankind will be "dancing with the Moon".



Since this is only the local kindergarten backyard, let us enorporate the galactic discoteck, as our species goes online into the Milky Way dance hall. This may be realised by utilising the background noise of the galaxy (registered by the minute).

This is the microwave foundation stone of the Milky Way in which our planet and solar system is grounded. Introduced, and coherently PHI filtered, into to the Global algorithm.

This would mean that each of the concert audiences, listening to their version of the Global Song, with the musicians, artists, DJ's and singers connected online to each of the other concerts (whether classical, Rock, Rave, Buddhistic, or Shamanic, as facets of the Face of the Music of Omega) -- would be resounding with the galactic sonic floor, and mankind would be engaging the galactic dance of coherence.

Instead of there being a frontal stage based arena (of god and man), where one has the musician playing as the centralised star/god, one sharePHIs the Arena, or Circle-Ates it into an Athenaeum, where god and man are uni-PHI-ed for all. In plane terms, the musicians, at the least, are in a circle and the audience is within this Golden Measure Ring.



These rings have their 8 or more 3D sound speakers geometrically positioned, so that these ampliPHIers generate a sonic hologram. Introducing a unique holographic sound experience where, if one stands within the holographic nodal points, sound is all around one, in every direction and is a living embodiment of the original event coherently captured into progressions of immortality*.

* NOTE: Not only is this immortal sound harmonic, it is phase-conjugating and hence churning out order from disorder (complexity Theorem embodied), as if it were stirring into realising its Omega Point status, as the solution to the universes apparent present problem of entropy: as the embodiment of all DNA permutation/temporal complexity, at the same time, enabling the embodiment of the complete Virtual Mind, the universe's Unity Self at the end of time.

When this concertial sonic hologram is resonating in the harmonics of the life code, as well as its own coherent nature, it results in healing. Amidst this, reminding the DNA of its true harmonic "Tree of Life" double helix Kundalini shape. So the binary code of the 2 angels of the Tree, the Cherubim of the DNA base pairs, are able to be brought into a post-apocalyptic realisation of perfect balance (bio-superconductivity).

Within these phase-conjugating sound harmonic circular based arenas, are then 8 antennas facing the concert's audiences. 3 types of existing 3-dimensional sound technology will be utilised, and unified with 8 hz binaural sound synthesis.

This produces true 3-dimensional sound (having been given a demonstration of it by the scientist who invented it). One can go to one side of the room and the music is all around one. It does not loose quality or information.

These 3 forms of 3D sound-technology will be used in the final process (along with others to emerge, no doubt). This is a holographic revolution that may yield Unity Holographic interface with the sonic hologram of creation: the Word.

Along with this, the arrangement of certain songs will have all of the waves in 72 harmonic number sequenced relations to each other, thereby enabling PHI platonic solids of sound to be generated, and experienced.



These events are a kind of rolling snowball effect, which will crescendo into a congruence as they melt into a Philosophers Stone. This snowball affect of the Omega Point global concert will happen from about 21.12.2001 (if not before). It will grow in momentum every year before they can be realised into larger and more integrated events.

May 2001 starts with the Universal Dances of Elraanis magazine, which will include Nina Hagen, Pranarian leader Jasmuheen, Didj player Kailaish, along with some of our Dj's: Cybersnack, N-Ki; Dj Aze/Charasmatix; and Kien.


This will be the more "esoteric" form of Omega Generation instigation, where we will implore the New Age scene to practically implement compassion and vision, amidst the next generation of our youth, and drop certain biasses that may have been fostered towards the overt rave culture (which may have given space for others with less coherent intentions). The "esoteric" version will continue every May from the first year after the Millennium onwards to 2012.

Let us instead replace such bias's with practical active and coherent solutions: operating within and as two alternate modes for transforming our kind, through their mutual synergy towards that end, or Omega. Let us utilise such an opportunity for a Sovereign Unified Revolution of our species and beyond, through coherent conscious and compassionate Sovereign Unity.

Ananda & Kailash for "Into The One"

Universal Dances December 21st, 2001, will be the next more mainstream rave revolution and implementation of the Omega Generation, which will also continue every December on march to the Global Song.

Instead of the walls of bias, let us introduce Intelligent Alternatives, in the form of plant alchemy elixirs, smart nootropic nutrients, ecstatic techniques in induction breathing, Tai Chi and Martial arts, and the science of love in the form of EarthHeart biofeedback technology that makes compassionate love a teachable and danceable experience (giving a new image to the word ecstasy), bringing the heart of "New Age" philosophy, practically down to Earth, for all to see, and most importantly to experience directly.


By 2010 and 2012 the momentum of such a Universal Dance Ball will have expanded, and multi-field synergised, into a horizonal plane and dimension, comprised of a congruent plural symphony of such unique momentous balls, in a resounding crescendo of their integrated uniqueness. Embodying the Omega Mind of our species, for the galactic centre conjunction celebration, Winter Solstice 2012.

Whilst the above may seem like quite a mouthful to contemplate (except in a picturesque meditative 8 hz, brain state), this Omega momentum is already in the organisation stages.

Pioneered by a crown selection of unifying sound alchemists (Dj's) and leaders, which transformed from the initial Pilot Dreaming Energy into an expanding team congregation now known as Different Sources, one of whose instigators has reserved a 40 man department of his advertising agency especially for this humanitarian universal project, beyond the scope of profit. After all this is a profit for the entire species and beyond.



The 3D sound hologram antenna's (octahedrons) pick up the sonic field of the dancers bodies ambient flow, which means that the music becomes dance interactive and the dancers can start to effect the music.

As these antenna's start to pick up the sonic, coherent feedback (through a PHI-based filter), it will only be the coherent rhythms and harmonics from the body that are interpreted into the music and broadcast out into the concert song. One is actually dancing to one's self "Word".

When these kind of concerts are linked up over the planet, it means that each of the concert harmonics influence each other, as a synergy which creates a greater series of harmonics and resonances of music.

Music is instant resonance. We know that from the high opera singers voice who smashes glass, or the guitar string resonating across the other side of the room with the piano string.

Now imagine this on a global scale, where peoples DNA are dancing in their re-sounding, because these coherent interactive dance concerts are only amplifying the DNA harmonics. This leads to dancing movements (like Tai Chi, martial arts sacred dances, and Mudra) that is a kind of DNA dance and the loosening, or kundalini uploading, of the life force mandala of sound.

It used to be a sexual process, and part of it is that. That is what the underpinning of our culture use its parties for. You go to a party to meet mates, that is what it mostly boils down to these days. But in this process you get a DNA communication of the whole species, playing through the internet into each and every concert and song. You start to hear the biology of all of humanity.

Not only do you hear it, you feel it. Not only do you feel it, but your body moves and resonates to it, and communicates along, into the global song. The music that your body releases inturn becomes part of the music. Then imagine the sun, or the sound of the galaxy added to this (by downloading the galactic background noise, the microwave foundation carpet of our galaxy).

This literally becomes a whole planetary dance with the galaxy. It is an interactive and living dance with the galaxy, a living energetic synthesis, a holographic ecostructure amplifying coherency with the galactic hum, is Complexity Theory in action, we will be taking chaos, and churning out coherency in PHI, which is InPHInite recursion, and is forever, as above so below.

That is just at the tip of what we can do, and it is right there and now possible. For the first time in recorded history, it is the first time where humanity goes online with the galaxy, harmonically. And we are saturated with every single coherent harmonic of humanity.

Therefore, we start to become completed, nourished, and start to gain all the experiences that would have taken us lifetimes to gain, because we are dancing with it in the process. It is the dance of the collective Superspecies: the Ameboid single celled organism called "Everyone".

All of the concerts, through the virtual neurons, are filtered. So a classical concert is filtered to a rave by the same harmonics and algorithms, but filtered harmonically, so they are not creating conflict. This makes a kind of global song. It means that each concert will be a distinct and unique character of a classical type. Whether it be Egyptian, Arabian, classical, Venetian music, Rock´n Roll, Hard Rock, Rave, Pop, Ambient, or Soul. Literally all holograms we have of sound become a blending into a single song.

Than you can take this into a dance with the universe. Yes, we can have the galaxy described here perfectly. But how do we get in touch with dancing with the universe beyond the galaxy?

That is done through pulsars. And a pulsars sounds are constantly downloaded on the internet by NASA and other astrophysical research bodies. A pulsar is a quick drum beat. So at times you can cycle in a quick drumbeat of a pulsar. A pulsar is an "intelligent" white hole. The information of the other side of the universe is going through a black hole and is coming out through a pulsar as a white hole.

Some scientists like Harvard's Paul La Violet suggests that the original label and interpretation for Pulsars, LGM (Little Green Men), was actually correct, the gathered evidence indicates an ETI (Extraterrestrial Intelligence).

Suddenly you have the sound of the other side of the universe that you are dancing with and that one's biology is synthesising with, in sonic alchemy.

Every song is becoming a fractal of that universal coherent interlude, and that fractal is becoming uniquely orchestrated to each of the individual concerts in the process, that form the Cell of the Global Song. That is part of the way it can go.

Then you can have global events such as Shamans, or Shamanas, Christed Buddhists who are doing collective Star Ships or collective Vajra Chakra Mandala's, where they are really going for transforming their body with superconductive sound technology, which we describe how to do in The Unity Keys of Emmanuel on a genetic level.

If this is coordinated with Earth grid programs like the PHI Grid, and is done successfully by a minimum of 6,080 people and each of these collective Star Ship mandala's are linked to each of the global concerts, no longer are they a separate event, but each of the biologies of each of the people who are dancing to the music are part of this superconductive crescendo process of Earth.

A total Shamanistic, alchemicalised integration of all humanity.

The significance of this cannot be appreciated without the greater details and the feasibility of it, as we document in The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel.

That is just to give a little glimmer of where it can potentially go. In the meantime there is the fusion of the fields of man, for the Coherent outcome of Conscious Compassionate Unity.

Questembetsa receiving initiation and preparation from one of the Elder female shamans



Some of the most archaic surviving Shamanic cultures and unbroken medicine traditions are within the Amazon Bason. Advanced shaman medicine Chief's have given their signal of cooperation in such a global venture, in fact they already know about it for quite some time, in their own manner.

In March 2000, cult film maker, Jan Kounan, especially famous for his film Doberman, came to visit our ATON Institute in Norway, and interviewed me for 3 days on my research and experience in western Shamanism, and the neurological intricate science that is involved therein.

Jan had a life transforming experience by meeting the Shipibo shamans of Peru. His Near Death Experience opened the door of no return. He had captured for the first time on film, using night vision camera's a unique Shipibo 3 day and 3 night ceremony, and he has brought their master shaman, Questembetsa, to be known by the world. He is the chief of his people, and has trained 45,000 of them personally.

Introduction to Film Maker Jan Kounan's shamanic documentary "Other Worlds: A Journey Into The Heart Of Shipibo Shamanism"

Jan was so awe-struck by what he experienced, amidst a so called primitive culture, and their mastery of navigating a hidden dimension, and using it practically for healing, divination, and the personal quest, that he is in the process of making a 20 million dollar movie based on this transformation, which will be combined with an international documentary.

The Hollywood style movie is a science fiction cowboy movie, wherein a cowboy loosing a draw, in the process of dying, finds himself out of his body, and meeting a shaman, who gives him a cup of his Panacea, or elixir, which contain the neurotransmitters our own Pineal gland produce when we lucid dream, what we call the Soma Agents of Pinoline, Harmaline, and DMT.

The rest of this movie is a flight through the extraordinary dimensions that the DMT based archaic elixirs propel one into. Using 60 silicon graphic computers (the ones that made the effects of "Contact" and parts of "Star Wars"), which I viewed when Jan had asked me to come in and provide hyperdimensional models with which to construct this Other universe with.

The accompanying documentary, for international television, will outline the neuro-science, and apparent nano DNA technological sophistication behind this film, and this branch of shamanism, and the paradigm shifting impact it may hold on our future, in both medicine and higher neurological function activation (DMT and some of its Pineal relatives may activate the brain by upto 40% more).

When Jan visited the Institute in Norway, we prepared the same Panacea elixir as he had known, but from the western Shamanic, Gnostic, Folk, Grail lore, Alchemical, and ethnocultural plants which contained the same Pineal gland ingredients. Jan was astounded to discover that this was the same medicine, but had remained obscured as one of the greatest kept secrets of the West, within the Hermetic, Gnostic, and alchemical traditions, involving the Acacia tree and the Soma bush.

Film Maker Jan Kounan's vision at the ATON Institute, Norway

His Lucid Dream like vision has been reproduced by silicon graphics computers, and will be featured in the documentary. During this visit I introduced him to the concept of the Omega Revolution and Global Song.

Jan had some of his own unique facets to contribute. And Questembetsa has agreed to join in such a unique venture, with their own unique harmonic sound technology, that goes back thousands of years, and which Jan has now introduced to the west to aid the life quality of the Shipibo people.

Rising star Meja ("All 'bout the Money", "Seven Sisters"), have given clear signals of their participation in the Omega Point revolution, in their incarnations, as we approach the 2012 global song.

Mary Sol Gonzale's EKG and Voice PHI coherence programme will be another Key to the Omega Revolution



One direction which we are now employing for "Intelligent Learning" and music is by the synthesis and synergy of fields, that otherwise have remained diverse: there is the lecture circuit of speakers on paradigm shifting perspectives, and then people like to go dancing. These are "supposed" to be two absolutely distinct and separated domains, which are not entertained for fusion.

That is now what is changing. What we have agreed to do now is a coherent morphing of these fields. In seminars, when I am speaking, there is a sound carpet of the harmonics that we have chosen, that are danceable, that have their valleys and their mountain peaks. In the crescendo of a seminar presentation the volume goes up and as one approaches the break, one morphs into dance.

This we first publicly presented and index tested already in Berlin, May 2000, with DJ Cybersnack, DJ N-Ki,(and in 2001 with DJ AZE/Charasmatix, and KIEN, with a suprise appearence by Iben). This is the seminar aspect, that will start to take its new holographic place.



KIEN: comprised of DJ Cybersnack (left) "Rebels From The Source", and DJ N-Ki (right, Vincenco Bianco) of Trance Dance fame, Kien, and "Omega" featuring Ananda. Ananda's Seminar sound alchemists, May 2000, Berlin. Joined by Dj Aze/Charasmatix

On the other level there are the actual rave party scenes, which are ever developing. Here is where I, or a related paradigm shifting speaker, then becomes the guest to the concert, for sound bytes. And for about 20 minutes, in the midst of a loud rolling concert wave, I am free-flow talking about novel ideas that face the impact of humanities consciousness, such as the Omega Point, vortex's of the DNA interactive by biofeedback, or 3rd Eye/Pineal activation for higher neural brain activation (brain sex), and to the astrophysics of an emerging "New Universe", are then transmitted intertwixed with the jam of the music.

In such coherent mutual cross-synthesis of fields, a morphing holographic sequence is in motion: the dance in the lecture and music ambiently holding the lecture thought field; and the thought field surfing the face of the dance emotional explosions, inaugurating implosions between the two, coherently, so that content is remembered (just as we may perfectly recall the name or words of a song 22 years past).

Likewise similar visionaries of our world are starting to integrate and fuse their ideas in the party zone. In the meantime the computer animations are complete graphic illustrations of the sacred and interdimensional geometry comprising these sound harmonic principles, numerics of their cyclical tuning, now demonstrated in their geometrical pictorial form.

The PHI Grid scaling down from the 12 tectonic plates pentagons and gravity anomolies down to lake Geneva and SION, Switzerland

So one is dancing to the very principles being relayed in sound: seeing it in animated pictures, and feeling the music of the same move the body to the rhythm wave geometry, or mandala. Sometimes one may see the numbers shown in the Pyramids, and suddenly one realises that one is dancing to it, and visionary sound byte echoes the principles as a living poetics and alchemical science.

This way one has a form of superlearning taking place, or "Intelligent Learning" as it has now been labelled, in this context.

We remember so well by a song. When one has re-inhabited the atmosphere of the song, so one has the total memory of the time and space, emotions, thoughts, and the atmosphere when it was imprinted. Through songs it becomes so easy to remember, we capture everything in sound.

When we have music together with coherent and visual information, that is instant memory that stays with one for life and becomes a living experience in the process.

The science behind this is that sound is essential to keep electricity flowing in our body. What is required is at least 4,000 hertz. One requires for health about 4000 hertz of music to go into the ears, which stimulates the cranial nerves, and this produces electricity or electron flow.

The 10th cranial nerve touches the whole nervous system. So we have a constant electron flow by sound. Having harmonic sound, like the Mozart Effect is very well known to raise IQs.

Or Baroque music cycles one into a 8 cycle rhythm, where one starts to get photographic memory, once it starts to become conscious. Practical meditation, in whole life integration. Needless to say some business companies in Europe have taken a keen interest in this domain.

Likewise 8 hz Alpha Rhythms propel one into the true state where we know everything already. In 8 cycles brain activity we do just that, because the DNA of living life, in its love-making result of child DNA, has a bearing process that causes the DNA to untwist to give birth, by 8 cycles per second resonance within the double helix lovers.

Ananda Dancing "Omega" by KIEN, at Universal Dances Prelude, Berlin, May 2000


Just like information was illegal some 600 years ago, punishable by an agonising death, so is the activation of the greater neo-cortex of the brain, more than a taboo amidst our "modern" culture. Higher neural activation by the actual time trialed means that work, is look at more than with disdain, mostly leaving a stain for those who may venture to try. A renaissance for coherent whole brain aromance is more than due.

Both hemispheres of our brain make love by 8 cycles, they are one union through the 8 hz equal phase-conjugation, and therein we use every dendrite of the brain cells. At that point we are everywhere in our brain at the same time. When music induces this, we have superlearning. Or one may even say super-remembering the Virtual that already knows, because it is touching that very wisdom, past, present, and future, throughout the universe.

Suddenly one has a sovereign catalyst for a b-ra-in revolution and paradigm shift in consciousness towards the Eschaton of using the whole brain (and all that this may open up) -- like the Renaissance where the church had made information illegal (because information was labelled like a psychedelic, in its status).

The Renaissance information reformation had such pioneers as the Renaissance song artists, including Rene Anjou (who sponsored Jean de Ark), who essentially created the first post-renaissance modern library, now open for humanity, and not just the super elite priestcraft, awakening an information stream congruence.

People could "get high" on information again. Now we have the integration of information in music, just like music was outlawed and certain harmonics of music were outlawed.

When all of these overflow and combine, these are all the tools to remember who we are in our full activated Omega Point state: from a 7 billion fold multiple personality disorder, to dissolving the amnesiatic barriers that divide us from the Plenum of ancestral memory, into the Civilisation Superconsciousness Superspecies called "Everyone".

As our ancestral memory internal net gives birth to our superconsciousness, it in turn heals our body (since 8 hz harmonises all other waves above and below into PHI) and it activates the rest of our DNA (Dr. Reines work that demonstrated ecstatic cardio rhythms would cause dead DNA helix's to recall when fluorescence readings were made) and transforms us into being able to utilise the greatest information technology, library, and internet there is, taking us online to our own DNA's superconducting core, by 8 hz translation.

When this would be enabled globally it is no longer a selfish illumination process, nor a process reserved for an Illuminati cliche. Rather this is a Cup that overflows and can be shared with everybody. So everybody can join in the dance. So this dance becomes the dance beyond the trance, a true new aromance (romance - amor vs roma).

In this process the full integration of all of the unconscious memory banks can occur, because in 8 cycles the conscious and unconscious mind fuse, through coherent and golden mean, phase-conjugation.

When we hear and dance to each others music in a global process, it means we can coordinate each others unconscious parts. Because what is unconscious for one person is conscious for another. When this is resonating together, all unconsciousness can download into one collective superconsciousness: the Super species called "Everybody", a literal single celled organism, whose congruence is a Virtual Membrane, the true internet (internal net) of humanity. Which awakens superconductivity within biology, in PanGaian Post-Gnosis Alchemical collective Bodhisattvaship.

The tools and golden secrets have all been there, it just requires the extraterrestrial or Extra-Temporal Philosopher Stone at the "end", or Omega Age, of time. The grand attractor field that is NOW drawing the synchronicities together into the uniPHIed coherent congruence of ComplexiPHIed Unity -- perfect individual plurality, with an All-Oneness Single Eye View.

The division by 64 of the 72 billion 250 billion year universe is now pressing to every 6 months in its progressing fractal congruence (Bodes law echoes this). Where the entire temporal hologram or fractal image of time (the same shape as the Buddhistic body of Darma and the Stupa, the form of all possible DNA permutations, for all life form possibilities), is then embodied, mirror-to-mirror to the universe's entirety, every 6 months.

By 2012 it will be happening by every microsecond, based on the retrospect of the crescendo of temporal novelty. In other words all of the history of the universe is now getting ready to em-bed itself into every minute. This requires a global song of the entire species DNA, for It/Us to inhabit.

What is now happening in every 6 months of scientific breakthrough, is equivalent to 100 years of science, according to Bode's law. And those 100 years of science were equivalent to about 500 years of previous historical development.

There is a compression taking place, in which all of our cells DNA varietals, are being downloaded at the same time.

This means an increase of complexity. Everything becomes more complex, but through complexity more simple. More of ourself can be present through complexity. We get a compression through a grand complexity that is simplicity.

The greater the complexity, the greater the conscious unity. In the reconciliation of our modern ages amplified polarities, this Overview gives the indication that such a diamond forming process is what precisely what is happening -- there is an apparent compression of time, of all cycles of the universe, happening over a 6 month (which is also when our present atomic clocks are required to be recalibrated to adjust to the new time horizon, see The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel for details). The musical developments now ensuing are some of these keys and stones.

Our Universal Mind is getting ready to inhabit the entire universe, embodied in its entirety, in an hour, minute, second, and at 2012, at no time at all, as we commence forth into the Omega Age as a Universal Word and Universal D'ance of Conscious Compassionate Unity. The Omega Dances appears, at least worth to pursue, even if this neural description filtration of the Species Overmind, is not the end result. The future is in Y-Our Hands uniquely, as All Is God...

--Ananda, July 7th 2000 (updated April 2001)

Amazonian Shamans DMT "contact" is now a well established scientific phenomenon. Dr. Rick Strassman ("The Spirit Molecule"), shows how Pineal DMT and shamanic exogenous DMT produces ET "Contact" experiences, unlike any other psychoactive molecule. The Pineal gland and Shamanic Elixirs hold the key for Extraterrestrial Contact, the Third Eye Antena to Omega rediscovered.

PS: OM-Egg-"A" 432

PPS: After the May 24, 2001 Berlin Universal Dances prelude, the December 21st 2001 and yearly thereafter Omega Dance Cresecendo to 2012 will be listed here.

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