from 24. till 27. May 2001

with Nina Hagen, Jasmuheen, Ananda, Goma, Kailash, & KIEN

Hosted by: http://www.elraanis.de

Seminars, lectures, sacred dances and chants, new music of 432 Hz and the 144 beat.

By our event UNIVERSAL DANCES we consciously change the standards of a seminar-course. Instead of a seminar director and an arrangement as regards content there will be a team of lecturers, musicians and artists with a very widespread spectrum of contents and possibilities of conveying them.

The days courses are orientated holistically, meaning that body, mind and soul will be addressed equally. On the agenda are movement-meditations, lectures, meditations, concerts and dance.

As different as the lecturers and their performances may be, as similar is the essence, being the centre of attraction during these three days. All what's touching us and letting our heart become bigger and more open. The pure being in the moment of now, beyond our imaginations and identifications. Joy, happiness, abundance, oneness ­ however you prefer to describe it, this divine condition still lies beyond words. Surely everyone remembers this condition because

it originally is the normal condition of our nature, a treasure in our hearts and the destination of our being a human.

Nina Hagen is singing mantras and bahjans, giving us an insight into her spiritual world with. In addition she'll show us her recently released film "Om Gods Sake".



Instructions for a personal and global paradise

* practical experience of the divine by techniques from the old Vedas

* sacred sexuality and divine romanticism

* advanced bioenergetics and bioprogramming



The Symphony of the Universe ­ new forms of connecting seminar and party.

"Untill now the fields of lectures/seminars and the joy of dancing have been strictly

separated. In our project however both shall be united. We agree with Vinzenzo Bianco

and other DJ's on merging these fields with each other"



Being one of the first didgeridoo-players in Germany Kailash now has more than 10 years

experience in sound therapeutic work with the worlds most ancient wind instrument. The

breath of life transforms to a healing primal sound by the didgeridoo, able to open the

inner doors to a more profound understanding and increased consciousness.



Experience bliss by listening, dancing and singing along. Merge into your origin, the

sacred source from which you came. It is pervading you and you'll return to it to be free,

whole and ONE.



Program - workshops and evenings

Do. 24. Mai (Himmelfahrt)

19.00: Lecture Jasmuheen ( offizieller Beginning )

21.00: Concert with Kailash (Drums, Didgeridoo)

23.00: Ananda + KIEN: Lecture and Symphony of the Universe I - Party

Fr. 25. Mai

9.00: Kachimo with Kailash (Meditation and Movements)

10.00 ­ 13.00: Workshop with Jasmuheen

Lunch Break

15.00 ­ 18.00: Workshop with Jasmuheen

Evening break

19.00: Film from Nina Hagen: Om Gottes Willen

20.00: Concert with Nina Hagen

21.30: KIEN and Ananda: Lecture, Symphony of Universes II

Sa. 26. Mai

9.00: Kachimo with Kailash (Meditation and Movements)

10.00 ­ 13.00: Workshop with Jasmuheen

Lunch Break

15.00 ­ 18.00: Workshop with Ananda

Evening Break

19.00: Aarti (Bajhans)

19.30: Concert with GOMA

from 21.30: KIEN and Ananda: Dance and Music till 1.00

So. 27. Mai

9.00: Kachimo with Kailash

10.00: Networking (for the participants)

13.30: Workshop with Ananda ­ offiziell End: 17.30


Info: ELRAANIS, Korsörer Str. 9, D - 10437 Berlin

TLF: 0049 (0)30 - 4482188

e-mail: hreinig@t-online.de


Price for the whole event: DM 750,--

Prices for the evenings: DM 40,-- , each


Further informations: http://www.elraanis.de (German)

LOCATION of the event: Die Wille, Wilhelmstrasse 115, Berlin (Kreuzberg), Germany


See the larger Concept and Design that this event is part of, as "downloaded" by Extra-Temporal (ET) non-localised quantum intelligences, by Ananda and Dj N-Ki (Vinzenco Bianco) here: