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In 1993, internationally known Didgeridoo player, Kailash, a former Rainbow Meeting Leader, and Ananda, came together to make a joint venture in Sound and Meditional journeys, where Kailash made the music to the guided visualation tour, and ecstatic expansion journey.

On the sonic carpet of the spiral forms of the didge, Ananda expounds a Meditation that opens the heart to the universe, the Earth and beyond. Given by Emmanuel in 1990, this simple yet massive meditation journey is the simplest foundation to remembering ALL IS GOD, and is the core of the Vortexijah Star Ship and Diamond Body.

Ananda in talking with several initiates in the secret Tibetan Teachings, both were surprised that the other knew these same techniques. It had been a long time secret, guarded dearly and carefully. Soon to be re-released, on CD...


"Ananda - a beautyful divine brother , close to my heart

is a radiant being of high energy and a multidimensional scientist

who inspires, awakens and expands the ones in his presence.

One of his tools is the light sword of consciousness;

his abundant words of essential complexity and historically as well as

scientifically specific informations

are both, fascinating, challenging, and uplifting people, academics and scientists.

His powerful, innocent and charming personality is non graspable but graceful and humble in service of the divine/one/truth "

-June 1999.


"I met our brother Kailash in November 1992. By contributing his circulatory sonic rhythms in a seminar I held in Weisbaden, in December that year.

Just proceeding an active meditation, the audience had been warmed up, and their cells were loosened, vibrating, and ready to breath in the Unity Light sustenence, which we engaged in the meditation.

By this successful synergy, we both agreed to combine this meditation, where the heart sun, becomes all of the body and then all of creation, in a joint studio venture with the "flying carpet" of Kailash's sound.

The combination of Kailash's subtle, yet powerful Didgeridoo skills, and music assortment, braught the guided meditation into expanding crescendo's of plateua's. Which calminated in a synthesis that integrated body, mind, and Spirit, by the fusional journal that this synergy of power procurred, which we recorded as INTO THE ONE.


"Kailash, unites together the various cosmologies of diverse ethno-cultures, and shamanic procedures, into one post-modern archaic synergised synthesis.

This serendipity is the alchemical compression and condensation of past golden ages, now required to be fused.

The affect of sound is the most ancient archaic technology for transcendence.

Sound is the key for opening the superconducting door to

non-locality, the breath of the Spirit into creation.

"The elders of the Aboriginals knew this secret from the "star elders' they, like the Maya, relate to the Pleiades. Which the ancient Egyptians called the gate to the perfect universe.

Ptah, the first Word and man, came into creation through that gate, and taught the power of the Ren Sound to the ancient Egyptians, who all used, like the Greeks, the Golden Ratio to their music.

"The most sacred Didgeridoo was made of the sacred Watle or Acacia tree, whose magical powers the Egyptians associated to Isis, and in general to the goddess (Innana, Demeter etc).

They used the secret that these Acacia tree's hold the same neuro-hormones that man's third eye (the pineal gland) holds, to open the door to the awakening dream (dream time).

For within this tree lies the superconducting resonating crystals, or indoles, that are also found in all ancient texts, described in the elixier of immortality. And in all those cultures, sound and music, were used to perform that alchemy of immortality.

Sound is the ultimate genetic programmer, when utilised in coherence, octave harmonics, and body ecstasis.

Kailash, by combining this sacred tool, together with his studies of the sound alchemy of the Hindu's, native American, and Ethno Shamanic cultures, together with the post-modern music technology, and interactive movements, is an establishing stone, whose sway renders the waters of our culture's time and space, towards the Aqua Vitae: the waters of life from Aquarius.

The water bearer, who the Egyptians called Ptah, and the Phoenix of transformation and ascension.

This Archaic and modern sound technology alchemy, is a movement to the collective future attractor: the Single Philosophers Stone, of humanity in collective orchestrated unison, in global moments - online to the Super-species Ameboid, called Everyone. Made conscious by the Song of creation and the New Universe, it opens as the Language of all languages made visual.

--June, 1999.