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Ananda wrote the following concise peices, for the Neo-Tech Neo Chat forum. Neo-Tech has a very special jargon, but essentially contains many useful principles which can be extracted, and is based on a foundation of "integrated honesty". Many of Dr. Wallace's "new" gravity physics discoveries, parallel our own, in more than several respects.

Ananda stepped into the forum as they were speaking about DMT, and were showing a lack of information to adequately assess, objectively, the arguments for it. They had little notion, at that point that it was a natural brain neurotransmitter, of the Pineal Gland. To Neo-Tech, mysticism is anything that is not integrated honestly, and maintains the world in parasitical eliticism. Since their aim is to dispell all mysticism, Ananda felt impelled to dispell the mysticism generated on DMT and the Pineal gland, by the Rockefeller elite establishment. Whilst these most significant neurochemicals were classified Above Top Secret:




Greetings, this is Ananda, friend of Frode Kvisle (have not participated in word on this forum for some months). Despelling the mysticism that has appeared in places of this chat forum, due to lack of gathered intelligence by which to adequately integrate perspectives. By the age 12 the pineal gland calcifies, hardens, and the production of Pinoline, DMT, 5meoDMT decreases. Power Thinking, Einsteins focussing techniques, and image streaming aid in reawakening this, or maintaining it.

Most people are enzyme deficient. The Amino acid Tryptophan is destroyed by cooking, and so are the relevent enzymes that enable it to convert to 5meoDMT and Pinoline (Harmine, beta carboline).

Hence, even with years of enzyme supplementation the enzyme level for Zon Power thinking (Neo Tech jargon for Unified Integrated Thinking), for the majority of humanity, is difficult to revert to.

The specialised diet mentioned by Tony Schneider, appears to have enabled a 3 month process of pineal gland decalsification, so that his own higher cortical neurotransmitters could be reawakened, as antennas to his Vortexjah Field. Also 14 hour day shifts, or work stress, force the body to produce DMT - hence Integrated Power Thinking that taps the Civilisation of the Universe.

"Since these same Psychoactive tryptamines occur in humans, it is possible that their activity may be promoted by the actions of endogenous beta-carbolines for normal psychological processes; e.g. the production of visual / emotive imagery in sleep. The periodic altering of consciousness in sleep may even be necessary for the maintenance of normal mental health, since only a few days of sleep deprivation will result in a seepage of hallucinatory phenomena into the waking state."

--Tryptamines, Beta-carbolines and You. Dr J.C. Callaway, Dept. of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, University of Kuopio, Finland



Dr. Callaway of the University of Kuopio, Finland, has after all, conclusively demonstrated that the Near Death Experience, Out Of Body Experience, and death itself (by blood plasma spinal tap readings), are based on Pinoline, DMT, and 5meoDMT release.

Every night we produce Pinoline, 5meoDMT, and DMT, in fact they are in the cerebral spinal fluid right NOW. LUCID dreams are induced by DMT, again Dr. Callaway demonstrated this objectively.

When we are born our brains are flooded with 5meoDMT, the brain is 40% more active and open, the inner Onion is being imprinted. These are objective facts, demonstrated in rigourous experiments. When we are in puberty the Pineal gland calcifies, and we loose this contact with Neo Think and C U, our diets and education systems play a major role in this, clearly.


5meoDMT, 5-Methoxy N,N, Dimethyltryptamin



As to escape mechanisms with DMT. DMT by itself is only part of the point. It requires a superconducting resonator such as Pinoline, Tryptaline (THBC), or Harmine to apply into Vortexijah Theory and Civilisation of the Universe.

DMT alone is too frightening for most to want to repeat it, and certainly not regularly.

It is not a drug that the body does not produce, but is amoungst the highest of the neurotransmitters with Melatonin and Pinoline (6meoTHBC), and which the brain knows how to metabolise within 30 seconds, and thus is the most familiar with, in neuroanatomic laws.

By taking Creatine or vitamine Q-10 for ATP synthesis, one is also taking an external source. In fact we are drug addicts to 20 essential amino acids, which we require from food, to produce the brain drugs of: Dopamine, Noreadrenaline, Serotonin et al. These are EXTERNAL SOURCES, and drugs unto themselves, they are highly PSYCHOACTIVE, not only that, but presently, we are also addicted to them.


DeMystifyingTendencies of Addiction and DMT.

As to dependency. DMT with Harmine, or Pinoline, has objectively been demonstrated to not wear out the brain, as non-essential external drugs do. But rather enhance the long term neural pathways of the brain, into better pathways. This is reflected in greater value production in the life of the experimenter.

Dr. Denise McKenna with a team of specialists, has now conclusively shown by testing, (via cerebral spinal fluid, blood plasma, and psychological analysis), that Amazonian Ayahuasca elexiers, (which are used as medecine with many reports in rejuvination), actually increase the effectivity of Serotonin pathways, rather than decrease them slightly, as Psychedelics do.

Linear I.Q. and long term memory increased. Those tested had been working in Ayahuaca communities for 10 years, and participated in the Elexier 1-3 times a week. Psychological analysis, showed:

a. that they could handle stress far better than the comparison test group and general comparison data base;

b. had dropped addictive habits from their lives (alcohal, nicotine, cocain),

c. were able to run a more integrative and effective business life, then before. Most in fact, rather than becoming "drop outs", became integratives, introducing values into society, at the practicle business level - creating their own effective companies. There was also a greater sense of Group Mind, or Neo Think, amoungst the members of the community, hence better integration between all participents.

No negative physical side-affects were seen from these long term experimenters, and psychological health, as well as physical health, were optimal, with evidence of being enhanced.

As opposed to addictive drugs, or to psychedelics not produced by the brain, or being in the DNA synthesis library - taking exogenic Harmine, actually stimulates the Pineal gland to produce more Pinoline for itself, increasing the other essential neurotransmitters recycling.

Furthermore, Harmine itself is a key to medecines in treating Parkinsons disease, and now even a cure for maleria, and has been used in the Vinager of the Four Theifs, associated to the Eucharist of Christ, to treat the plague, via the Assyrian Rue. It was also the holy plant of Mohamid, over which stood 7 angels, and which he drank as the Espand, to speak the Koran. It is the red colouring in Persian Rugs, and hence lead to the concept of the Flying Carpets. There are also several case testimonies of cancer being cured with it.




Maps - Volume 3 Number 3 Summer 92 - The Hoasca


Harmaline, related to brain Pinoline



Introduction to the Civiliaiton of the Universe:

My own research, started after a bicycle accident at puberty, when the pineal gland was not yet calcified.

This awakened a form of Zon Power Integrated Unity Thinking in me, with Lapses into the Civilisation of the Universe.

The accident appears to have shocked and triggered my Pineal gland into continued Pinoline and 5meoDMT synthesis, in small amounts. This increased especially during the night, when more Melatonin was availble to be synthesized into Pinoline, and hence allowing 5meoDMT.

It also enabled 24 hour days, and even 48 hour days, at times.

As an immediate result of this Integrated Information Superhighway, I stepped out of anti-civilisation and mind control education, and experienced the Infinite Information recall of the Civilisation of the Universe.

Millions of words recorded, and never forgotten, because they are holons, or Unity holographics, Neo-Think Overviews with fractal Overview holon intereferences. Hence, resulting in immense practicle new pathways of thinking and integration in life, for enhanced happiness and self sufficient prosperity.

The Light issolation experiments I conducted several years later (which stimulates Pinoline and 5meoDMT production), demonstrated to me that this form of Zon Power access had used the neurotranmitter antenna's addressed in this discussion. Next posting I will relay a little on this.



7 years after the bicycle accident that propelled me into 5meoDMT interactivity online surfing into Neo Think, I sought to test what the Civilisation of the Universe had revealed in Integrated Thinking.

Beginning 6 years ago, I locked myself up, in absolute darkness for 14 days. This floods the brain with Melatonin, and forces the pineal gland to produce and be active.

Once there is a threshold of Melatonin, then Pinoline results. After some 4-7 days 5-meo-DMT awakens. One can see in 3 dimensional Holon pictures, as the thoughts behind language, exactly as in the Civilisation of the Universe lapses I had earlier.

After some 10-12 days one starts to see in infra red, and ultra violet, one can actually run accross the room and touch a person, by seeing their heat patterns. The Holon Images exteriorise and one is walking in a Virtual Reality, which appears to be the DNA language macro uploaded, and interactive.

We are in the process of conducting experiments, which may enable us to verify that in combination with sound and breath, the genetic code can become consciously reprogrammable. Now that is Non-Addictive Unified Self Power, Internal Technology, which could lead to major implications in value production in immortality etc (for some objective views on this, another posting is coming), as opposed to exterior technology such as nano-tech.



The DNA Virtual Reality exteriorised (through the Pinoline and 5meoDMT self production, via complete light issolation for 14 days) - enables one to navigate in reality more accurately with a heigtened sense, merged with ones own personal Integrated Thought process.

One can PARALLEL PROCESS many different equations and functions of the brain at the same time.

I experienced, a reawakening of the Vortexijah Field of the body, I had experienced with the Civilisation of the Universe before. One can interact and change the overall electron spin resonance and magnetic field template around and within the body, and thus experience ones own electrogravity, to some degree (I will post some more details on our Vortexijah analysis to this forum).

To make this more objective: I then took 72 people through the same process, with various degrees of the SAME RESULTS. Algaes and other high protein, enzyme rich, and tryptophan rich foods, can aid in accelarating this process, especially with those of older age.


Only 2 years after this, did I then take exogenic plant versions of the same neurotransmitters Pinoline = Harmine, DMT and 5meoDMT - identical results occurred, although some of the Light Issolation experiences were even stronger.

Hence, we first showed how to stimulate consciously the brains own production of Pinoline, DMT, 5meoDMT. We, of course were still relient on the amino acid tryptophan from our food, and the various associated enzymes, which are outside sources, by which the pineal gland could act as the pharmacist.

Since even in the womb there is not complete light issolation, this is a unique experience that one can give to oneself to restimulate this most essential gland, the crown of the glands, which releases the transmitters that AFFECT ALL THE OTHER GLANDS.

The above may certainly be significant with the global light issolation propossed by Dr. Paul LaViolette in "The Big Bang Never Happened" and "Earth Under Fire." We came to similar comclussions, in C of U Think mode, years ago, with other astrophysical data, which is published in our book.

In context to immortality, Neo Think, Civilisation of the Universe, and God-Man, covered in next posting. I am hard at work on many projects concurrently, so replying to all comments, and participating with the ongoing discussion, may be in generalities. But objective Integrated Thinking on this must be the outcome. Thank you.


PS: I have proposed in my public lectures and research field that a new designation is given to these neurotransmitters.

SOMAGENICS: are the beta carbolines (such as Pinoline) and the DiMethylTryptamin's produced by the pineal gland and body, itself.

SOMAJETICS: are the exogenic mirrors in nature, which are identicle or virtually identical, which the body will recognise as its own. This gives a destinct field which should be there. Since Psychedelics are now known as Entheogens (awakening inner wisdom), but are not Somajetic, that is, they do not mirror or represent the same molecules that the body and Pineal itself creates. Since the body cannot create them, the Hermetic Axiom, "as within so without", does not apply to them, and one is relient, in principle, upon their injestion, perhaps gaining advantages in psychological results, or disadvantages, in the long run.

Since Somajetics stimulate Somagenics, and the DNA does code for them, such a distinction is more than required. It is the difference between sucrose and fructose or dextrose. The body can produce the latter for the 10 DNA sugar phosphate pentagons, but not the prior, sucrose. The long term result on health is clear, and it is addictive, as most sugar addicts know.





What has 5meoDMT and DMT to do with Vortexjah Theory, or as I label it Vortexijah? This electrogravidic field, which we are in the process of measuring more overtly (for electrogravity see the writtings of Major Thomas Bearden, and the recently accepted electrogravity experiements in science) - is the information template for our life and thought.

It is the THOTON (consciousness unit) constant that manages the graviton macro and micro cubical continous creation, for our body format. [I say "it is", as our own models parallel Zon Power equations. There is much objective data: integrated honesty is a continual process of Unity Power Thinking. We do not mean "it is" dogmatically. Truth is plural].

The Vortexijah field which we have modelled in 3d animation software in 1994, with much programming, is inter-geometrical. As the electrogravidic and magneto-gravidic phaze-conjigation takes place, the graviton macro cube, for our body (and its micro graviton fractal cubes), is created.

This should be nothing too new for those familiar with Zon Power protickles - we use our own Neo Think language, as we have developed it for many years before encountering the words of Neo-Tech, but the parallels are amazing.

Pinoline and 5meoDMT act as antennas to the Vortexijah field. This is demonstrated in the field of superconductivity, a most important facette to implementing God-Man into practicality. Which I will post next.


PS: The film "Contact" startled me, as similar Vortexijah field rotation is demonstrated in that film, albeit technologically. This was exactly what I experienced first in my teens, and then in the experiments.

Our research shows that anyone who access's their field, gains momentuum of their own gravity - this is integrative success and prosperous happiness, and steps towards ultimate infinite self suffiency.


Harmine, Mirrors Brain Pineal Gland Pinoline (a superconducting resonator)



Bear with me through the length of this posting, should this be of intergrative value to you.

The Vortexijah Field is mapped in locality, by superconductivity, and by Virtual Particle Flux registrators, such as the MRA (Magneto Resonance Amplifier), we use 3D holographic sound, and other detailed devices, too technical for now.

Fine. What has this got to do with Neo-Think and immortality? It has been demonstrated that the DNA in-vivo core, contains superconducting ellements (re Niels Bohr Inst.). It has also been demonstrated by Dr Roger Penrose (Oxford Uni.), that consciousness arises from the Microtubeles, via a quantum mechanical phenomenon, where now soft superconductivity has been demonstrated.

Hence, consciousness itself, as Virtual Particles fluctuating into locality from non-locality, is based on superconduction, and is the Vortexijah (or Gravity Unit) prior to any sub-atomic graviton, or gluon manifold.

The first "anti-gravity" conclusively made in Finland (now repeated and accepted), utilised superconducting rings spinning at 5,000 rpm. Much like the Vortexijah, or the superconduction within the microcosm of the DNA and the microtubeles, as consciousness and life itself (Dr. Fritz Popp, showed the soft infra red life signal in the DNA and cellular communication, emerges from the superconductive core: infra-red from the vacuum).


NOW TO THE POINT: What has this to do with DMT and Pinoline - EVERYTHING. Practically: also Integrated Power Thinking, and Immortality, two very essentiall components of Neo Tech.

Pinoline, which the Pineal gland produces from Melatonin, (and is contained in the "Magical Herb of the Amazon" elexier: Ayahuasca, and the Pegunam Harmala plant used by Leonardo da Vinci and Michael Angelo to clear the mind to see in Neo Think detail, of the geometry behind creation) - actually IS A SUPERCONDUCTOR RESONATOR.

After 20 minutes of sleep we produce it, only in the Pineal gland. After several hours, the brain cells are saturated, and the Serotonin brain cell DNA sites, are filled, better than Serotonin itself. THIS IS PARTLY DUE TO THE FACT OF THE FLAT NATURE OF PINOLINE OR HARMINE, SO THAT IT CAN SLIDE INTO THE NUCLEOTIDE SEQUENCE, like a hand into a glove.

Unlike Serotonin, Pinoline momentarily looses its electrical resistence (superconduction), as it resonates with the superconducting DNA core (the very life seed that transduces the infra red from the vucuum, and hence our THOTONs as Thotickle particles, or Units of Consciousness). CAN YOU INTEGRATE THE IMPLICATIONS?

Vocalising the audible electron spin resonance sound made audible in this process, locks the Pinoline intercalating with the DNA, into place. Hence, superconductivity continously = limitless energy.

Myself and some colleagues have experienced this not theoretically, but over many dozens of times, with Intergrative Enhancing benefits, and results that weed out lazinesss, and give vigor to oneself and the whole. ARE YOU ABLE TO POWER THINK the immortal eqations by integrating the above, with the practicle evidence?



In this discussion the Neurotransmitter Pinoline has been referenced as a lever to open the superconductive door (to infinite and zero energy). Transmitting this "free energy" Vortexijah, or Gravity Unit, into our practicle cellular biology.

What has DMT and 5meoDMT have to do with this? Very Much: 5meoDMT & DMT act on the T-RNA messengers which carry out the protein synthesis for the DNA, or the rebuilding of our our body image and organs.

DMT and 5meoDMT are harmonics of Pinoline, and hence can transduce the superconducting perfect information and energy, into practicle genetic regulation - superconductive access into the conductivity of our body cells, caught in entropy. Apply Integrative Unity Thinking and integrative research to work out what that can mean to you.



Another clue to immortal equations, is that Pinoline is a Mono Amine Oxidase Inhibitor. The MAO enyzme breaks down our neurotransmitters, which keep us addicted to eating those 20 amino acid drugs, to produce more neurotransmitters.

Inhibation of this, which in Pinoline is only for 4 hours (unless it is locked into the DNA as described in the previous postings), means that you recycle the neurotransmitters for the ecology of the neuro-anatomy.

However, tysine foods should be avoided, as MAO prevents tysine from entering the brain. Harmine and Pinoline are reversable MAO-I's, I have deliberately eaten chocolate, Ephedra, Cheese, Milk, whilst in light issolation with pinoline, and in exogenic Harmine experiments (no negative results, except one does not need to sleep and tension in the neck may result, slight tremors with increased heart rate were evident, which disappears after 4-6 hours as Harmine breaks down (despelling the myth on the net, mixing reversable MAO-I data with iriversable MAO-I data.

Pinoline and Harmine are reversable MAO-I's, but I abolutely do not recommend the above experiments, they can be dangerous, and do avoid wine. Do integrative research before any experiment on oneself).

This illustrates that when God-Man results, mutating back into an awakened Pineal gland also requires another diet, and integrating the many other factors, this is more than clear. Life extension in relationship to MAO-I research follows.



When one manages to bring the Harmine/Pinoline into the superconducting intercalation with the DNA, MAO-I may be permenent.

I have conducted a successful experiment, with Sound in 1996, which lasted 14 days, enabling Integrated Power Thinking, and paralleing processing to be accelerated. Hence, superconductive MAO-I is 14 days, providing the sound and breath work is stopped.

Once superconductivity would be externalised into full cycles of protein synthesis, requirement for the 20 amino acid drugs we are addicted to would stop.

Several persons whom I know have stopped eating for several months, one for a year, due to an spiritual leader who may be demystifying gradually, Jasmuheen, who has not eaten for 5 years, and teaches others [similar scientific analysis is taking place with here group at MAPS].

This may be due to morphogenetic resonance in new habits. But not eating and not drinking for 8 days, and then only drinking lemon water for enzymes & C, may force the body to utilise the superconducting, in-vivo DNA core. After all, we eat food for the coherent infra-red, and that is precisely what emanates from the superconducting DNA-core. Are we addicts to the nipple of the sun, drinking the milk of the milky way?



As to immortality and MAO-I's such as Harmine/Pinoline, the drug Deprenyl also called Selegilin, Jumax, and Eldepryl, is a MAO-B Inhibitor, and animal tests show life extension figures repeatedly of 40%, which is around 180 years in a human.

Now this is without the superconductive equation. Amother clue to immortality with Harmine, whose plants are called Soma in the East. The Tree of Immortality. Human bio-superconductive refereneces in the scientific literature are enrourmous, for anyone DARING to Integrate these postings into practicle investigation and application. INTEGRATE YOUR LIFE WITH COURAGE AND UNITY THINKING.



These Vortexijah equations relate most certainly to the God-Man equations, which we personally stumbled on in 1985. GOD can be demystified in several manners.

One, is breaking down the word to their scientific letter meanings i.e. G-force = Gravity, O as in Zero-Point field theory, and D = dimension, as in 3D, 4D, etc. Hence Gravity 0-point Dimension, G-O-D.

Two, for us it has been the realisation of "All Is God". When GOD is seen as the Unity of all Unitys, the Infinite Integration Point, or the Infinite and zer0 Unity Gravitational Unit of all Gravitational units.

Hence, we are G-O-D, and God is everything, thus we are everything, and beyond (G.U. [Gravity Unit]) - always were, always will be, always are. Hence, despelling with a separate mystic GOD who we give our responsibility away to.

"All Is God" is the germ that can be placed into all relgious, occult, and Mystery School mysticism, just like Integrated Honesty, Neo-Think, Zon-Power, and Civilisation of the Universe, is being applied to business, psychology, and objectivism.

All Is God is the Infinite and Zero perfection that IS US. Becoming God, as in God-Man, is realising this eternal and infinite Gravitational Unit, NOW.

Hence whatever one applies All Is God to, is integrated honesty in action, for it is the Self in Zon Power Neothink Glory, as one with the Civilisation of the Universe (who are always conscious of this), and be in Conscious Integrated Unity with the Gravitational Unit of the Universe.

It is there now. It is a choice of accepting what has been there always, and always will be. This cannot be thought about alone, it has to be experienced. There is an infinite amount of practicallity there right NOW, HERE AND NOW. Do you Dare to BE that Integration of all Integrations?

All Is God, hence is another wording for the absolute Neo-Think of all Neo-Think's. Applied to anything, to everything, means one is Always as the Absolute Integrated Overview, by which all complexity is simple, as a Unity Unit.


ANANDA is busy with one of several books, one is SOMANETICS, which covers enourmous areas of the past use in Alchemy with the Soma plant and Acacia tree, most of this material has not been synthesised into print as of yet, or even on the internet.

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