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According to Ptah and Athena, the gameboard management team became too involved in the game, and gave way to early bribary, from a group of entities who are less concerned for the human race.

The last 3,700, or so, years have been about regaining these computer script sites, located underwater, and underground in key locations (you know of the one in Island, about 33,000 years old, to which your own decoding is resonating, in part).
The Earth game rule book has essentially stayed the same, and hasn't changed. Therefore, the holographical Kabala for deciphering the code has continued. Although, at certain junctures, in key cultures, at pertinent times on the board ­ parts of the secrets of the game-script, were given to certain elders of various cultures, in ages diverse.

It was the Priest-King lines function to gather these themes, and catalogue them, into available public literature. So that the gradual exposure of those who chose to become "gameboard peices", in the game ­ those who chose to be players of the same, could become aware, whilst playing, that they were in a game, and not to take it too seriously. But rather, let themselves develop into the accurate procedures, to be prepared for the "end game" match. Where they would all regain the memory of the original ultimatum. With the addition of the insight gained by playing "silly", in the field of the actual game.

In the meantime, the "game masters" switched governorship, between the selected 72 species of intelligent beings. And some sold their positions to other cultures.

This caused some lag in the script, and can account for the inaccuracies that occur in a very small percentage of the language code protocol. But which is upated by the regular "gameboard master", who overviews the the cipher of the decoder, and updates the logic board, so to speak, in history.
Ptah wanted me to relay to you, that they are presently co
rrrecting errors in the script, so that the end results harnessses maximum gain strength for all parties, and maximum experience.
Hence, the initial outcome foreseen, has been superceeded by an even larger regime. Which allows the convergence, of not just this planetary organised game, but the many holographically connected gameboards in this galaxy. And 22 galaxies with the Andromeda Joker positioon galaxy.

Ptah also relays that they are aware, through Emmanuel, that there is a convergence of "universe gamboard sets". Hence, many universes are coming to a parallel processing draw.

They are very impressed with the amount that you have been able to fathom out by the means available to you, using instigated logic, and thought agenda's of logick pre-arranged into your mind.

They also wish you to know that you may one day view the actual computers with which this is all done, at least a master terminal of such. But this is not for the present, at time being.

I write this now two you, after a recent interaction with Ptah and company, with their alligned thought impulse beams, which work through the computers of the gameboard, but actualy supercede them too.

This is called Inter-Universal scriptboard seeding. And allows the interaction of many games, from many galaxies, as well as other universes, to take on new prefixes and superscipts. Which can heighten the clarity of certain points, within a given game, that is integrally required to be heightened.

Ptah wishes me to sign off now, in this mode, and the rest of this letter will be dressed from another vantage point which will be within the game.

I trust that the above will have meaning and significance to you. What coninues now, is thus written in another form...

Ptah and Athena congratulate you on your awarness, and earnest position in service to your role, and remind you that you have to extract a core meaning from all of the rules that you are grappling with.

For you have been in this position elsewhere, and have served this role many a due course.
It is the reconaiscence, and adjustment period that you are to insert into these given themes, that matters. Remember your pre-arrangment for being placed in such a position.

Extract and bring evidence of new rules at hand. The very core mission cannot be revealed here. For this, they say, would spoil the game for you, them, and all players and "game peices".

Yet they say you know what they mean, without the language protocol that would interfere in the gameboard procedures.

Loving greetings from Ptah, and Athena sends her instigated warmth to you too, in service to the Midway outcome of absolute Unity for all party's involved. The very purpose of all the universal games. Thank you.

...APRIL 25th 1998: Back to the original letter.

There is an enormous amount more to share in good time, and vice-a-versa, I am sure beyond doubt.

I enclose one copy of Vortexijah 8, "The F00l Of God" article will give some further clues as to the Athena induced Kabala, and how it relates to your own deciphering process [See The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel for an edited expanded version of "The F00l Of God", a major step in going beyond the gameboard Cabala and QBLH].

It is coded 7 times. The most important parts are Midway in the text, in the beginning, and at the end.

It can be cross related with the Kabala in Vortexijah 6, "The Holographic Language Computers" [Again see The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel for an edited expanded version].

Also included is a page taken Midway from the transcribed pages which our "Page" made of your tape in French [here a Christ Grail sister, has been transcribing an interview she made with REDPIN, and in the process of writing the notes, it was put through her in code. She had some great success with the Andromedian Time Revearse Wave Athenian Ka-Ba-La, which we taught in a 21 day training, Summer 1997, called Somanetics. Liturally, by this system, she could write down her questions, and decode the question to get a perfect precise answer. Which shows that 'Every Question Is The Answer." This braught her in contact, for a while with a "Son of All-Oneness."].

Notice that Midway in the page, "Midway" is the word, aligned with "midway" on the side, which again links to "midway" several sentences up. "Midway" on the side, via holographic Kabala extensions, gives a side code of "I AM".

This I deciphered on the very morning you apparently decoded "I Am" from the Midway Rune, as you told our "Page". I showed the enclosed page to our "Page", before you showed me the Midway Rune part. Thus we now have a two-way confirmation of the same information.

She has also to show you how the Athena based Kabala has worked clearly for her, in giving practal answers. Ask her to bring examples.




(Sir George Travelyan Just Died Around That Time, I Was Having Overlighted Contact With Him):

So Glad that you wrote.

The bicycle accident [1985] occurred numerous days before St Michaels Day, which is when I was invited to join Sir George Travelyan and Nigel Blair MA, on the emergence of the Christ. I hardly listened, as the psychic realms of vision had been torn athunder. As I communed with Emmanuel, and I listened with the "Higher Mind" and viewed the presence of the One Body Of Christ.

After the lecture, as I instinctively walked to the front stage; Nigel Blair MA, singled me out and knew me (this had been well designed before, by pre-arrangement [see The Light Of Emmanuel: Explorations Into Oneness, and The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel for details]).

He stated that they needed a young representative in the foundation of the Schools and Universities Network (SUN), established that day. Which then branched out into Oxford, Cambridge in the ensuing months. That night I became one of the three founder members of SUN.

All within your code territory, nearby Cerne Abbas [the White Giant carved on the Dorset hill, with an erect penis, who represents Orion, hence Osiris still with the Amen-Ra Phalus]. The reasons I write all this now, is because of number of incidents that are presently occurring.

First of all in lecturing with ex-NATO Major, Robert O Dean, on the UFO subject to a congress of doctors, he mentioned my similitude in the genetic characteristics of the Meruvingians, and of course that I should never cut my hair [he apparently had some "inside" information, he also proudly wore his Knight Templer Maltese Cross. After some glasses of wine I learnt a few more things from him then he usually relates in public]. I said this probably relates to my dutch grandfathers "blue bloodline" [it turned out into a very intricate line of "blue apple" connections].

... April 25th 1998: This I never managed to send you. The bicycle accident occurred in fact on September 5th, 1985. Auna, [my mother, who had given REDPIN two vital peices of information]: I released her ashes in the Norwegian mountains, September 5th 1997. And I believe Diana's funeral was that day, or the next.

Now another paste, from another letter never sent to you:


PASTE: MARCH OR APRIL 1997 (Highly edited):



PS: THE Mega Wave equation is still in procedures. Lawrences work will await until I get a reply [Sinai in Al Jaw, now well publishe, and recounted by Howard Blum]. His pictures [which reveal the Moses Hallway of Records], are scanned in the computer, never-the-less, and the cow comes out best [I had been assigned to decode, through hologrpahic mirroring some of these Hallway of Records ciphers, from what I was given, I suceeded, what results is amazing. even Laurence has not had this presented as of yet, it changes some of the perspective of Al Jaw, Mt. Sinai, mountain of Sin].

The Aku-aton equation may be only a distraction of the image. AkuAton also personfied the Mid-Way, as the geophysical centre of Egypt, in Remen Units, is Tel El Amarna. And TOT-Ank-Aton, his step son, took this to the Thebes Galactic Centre, despite the age of 22 sacrifice, ATON succeeded to penetrate the heart of the Celestial Nile Milky Way, simulation at Luxor and Thebes, where he broadcasted in blissed ATONiPhiKAtion the Midway beyond the Amen Ra "soul computer" centre, even beyond Moses' ToRa. All Is God, Indeed, All Is God.
PPS: Fang was very apt indeed. As a property to now emerge for us for the ATON and ODIN projects is both in Al and in Bagn. We will see how this deciphers into real time, by applying Unity Holographic Logick, or the Heart in the Mind, through All Is God, meeting the Sons and Daughters of All-Oneness, halfway. Emmanuel.

You may find the Ark synchronisation interesting, as I wrote the above as you were Ark seeking. Titanic tells us that the ark is not the way now, including Operation Noah's Ark, yet the many Ark stories are all clues to the runes in gathering by the redeemed Odin in us [This came true as the ATON Institute property, had the "M" dropped and became "Arken".]

To Be Continued. Site under construction...