SOMANETICS THE EVENT: Somanet Internal Network Servers Established in Gnostic Christ Grail Shamanism Boddhisatvaship.

SOMA AKACIA, Pinoline, Soma, Harmine, DMT, Equations, Written by Ananda for a group of Neo-Objectivists. Both experiments in endogenius production (produced in the pineal gland), and exogenic intake are revealed..

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By Ananda © September 1998

As they betook of the Arcanum,

All profanity withdrew.

As the Lapis Excellis Stellis,

By the Eucharist of Agape,

Renderred their jaws to drop Agape,

As the Arkane Arkana renderred,

A stone of astonished astoundment,

In the Ak Eye View,

Of Arkadian paradise,

Revealing the true Akademy Of Alkhemia,

With the Green Stone of Arkturus,

As the Arkane Arkives of the

Archetypes of True Archeology,

That reveals the Sacred Ark,

Of the Aka Ark HOR,

The Argo of the Aq Waters of Life,

AQuarius revealed with Aquila, the Eagle Eyes view,

From the ancient Arqui,

Relaying the Akasha to all,

Through the Akacia Blood of Asr,

The Tree of Life with Soma Divine.

-Ananda, Arkanum, October 1998