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FURTHER NOTES: Universal Shift

Y2K IN PREPARATION: Greetings to you all. I assume you are digesting the G (gravity) Ary (airy) in the North COMunications (type: garynorth.com, in your favourite internet search engine and download 8 mb of details).

Well, indeed, it makes all of our work now posible more than ever. Ptah and company have prepared Me on this for years. Already at the age of 20 in 1990 I was speaking about such a related scenarios.

I would like to correct the North document, in that he says it is a big blow to the New World Order. This is not exactly the case. The lower New World Order (NWO and OWO: One World Order, as Dr. Lee of Falcanelli's group likes to call them), of George Bush and company sure, they will may become adversly affected (although Bush has booked the Gizah pyramid for New Year 1999-2000, already in 1990). Rather it is intented to be to occur according by the higher Illuminati. Amplifying the parasitical elites and then placing them in vulnerable positions and then cancelling themselves out...

SITE UNDER CONTRUCTION, (please prepare yourself and make solutions for what is documented at: garynorth.com Come Again Soon...