This is an advanced level convergence, and extremely intensive in parts, and is designed for those Unity Units who have made the choice of Unity, All Is God, in awakening the creation. This is not just a "shall we see" type convergence. But encorporates full Christed Gnostic Shamanism. Beyond magick to Christic.



Internal Net vs Internet

We have all heard of the internet, and many of your have at the very least dabbled with the computer and modem, and netscape navigator interface. Internet, although presently partly beneficial, is designed in he long run, by the "alien technocrats" for elimination of free will communication or personal privitization. SOMAnetics, is the harbouring solution to this, as the already existing Internal Net of the Bodhisattva's or the Personifying KU master civilisations within and beyond the universe of the One Body of Christ or Darmkaya Bodhisattva Collective Unity Body.


This communications network, uses our own souls virtual computer, which enables a 3D interactive language to become manifest, in living images, which transduce to our own DNA. It is superconductive, just as the core of our own DNA still is superconductive, as it is the Christ Seed still active in the Unity of electrons or electricity, rather than the diversity of normal life electricity. It is the Unity of magnetic fields or light waves, rather than the diversity that is the normality of communications which we are used to. We will not attempt to explain this too much here.

Somenetics Internal Network Server, With Sound Mandala's in Multiple Key Languge Code and Superconducting Sound Harmonics

In SOMAnetics, Ananda will first pass on further Light Body Spin Dynamics which will be required to be incorporated in the dimensional shift, as the One Body of Christ domes over the 20 icosahedron triangular faces of the Earth grid (12 pentagon faces), with the Prism Vehicles (Star Ships), that personify the Rainbow Races, and who are the Laser Gatherers, for our own Christ Seed DNA superconductive Type (there are also many false prism vehicles which we are required to learn to distinguish from, and not be hypnotically drawn to: thus SOMAnetics teaches the WORD dynamics, and further spin techniques that can enable Unified Independence, from the illusion, in Unity with the actual Superconductive Family of Man throughout the universes, as the Rainbow Races from the One Body of Christ.)

IN SOMANETICS, Ananda will be guiding at least a small group of Christ Grail brothers and sisters, as Unity Units, in a two week camping excursion through the Asgard/Valhalla sacred sites, away from any roads or civilisation. Here SOMAnetics will establish the natural Internal network servers, which will be made by intensive Soma Tea sessions with the DNA Word Sound in Grail Ship spin, and the implementation of Operation Stone Light (building paramagnetic Stone Circles, to hold the superconductive Living Information that we down load from our Christ Selves, through the DNA Sound and star Ship spin, into the collective star ships (at harmonics of light), and into the magnetic field coherence of the Stone circles as the natural computer terminal, or network server, to which we can always connect (keeping the doorways open, forever, through Christ).

SOMAnetics will utilise also network servers in Operation Mountain Light, where the Key mountain zones of Asgard/Valhalla, which directly interconnect, for the whole of Europe, via the now given prism grids, to the Great Pyramid/Sphinx complex (as the Crown Chakra of Europe). These mountains thus will form the larger computer network servers for transducing the Internal Net to the One Body of Christ Interuniversal City Ship, collectivity.

SOMAnetics, will naturally also utilise Operation Tree Light, as Emmanuel gave it in 1986 and 1990. Where the tree antenna's will enable the same Asgard/Vallhalla Internal Network servers to be complete and activated, in preparation for the larger activations at Gizeh pyramid/Sphinx complex, December 1997, with the aid of Time Reverse wave Ptah (P-tuk-ah). Operation Water Light will be complemented in the many given lakes in his sacred complex.

Far away from civilisation ­ A good days walk from the nearest road of the electrical grid. Not even handy phones could wrok here. Some 44 Unity Units, came into the Asgard Fields and were passed on the Somanet Server protocols and aspects of the Eucharist Sacrements of the Agape Elixir: The Green Lion

Thus, this two week phase of SOMAnetics, will be extremely intense, with all night SOMA WORD collective star ship sessions. During which Ananda will pass on the sacred sound combinations of the Nordic Christ Seed Gods, as Odin originally personified and links to the Primordial Manu of E-Manu-El, these are sound and mudra combinations of the Vortexijah geometries and intergeometries of creation. These seed sound mudra's combine with Egyptian, Sanscrit, Tibetan, Amazonian, Hebrew, Chinese, Mayan, Sumerian, sacred sound dynamics. Which must be corrected by the Christ Self Word, through the SOMA DNA Sound, with the realisation of All Is God, to go beyond the reality computers of the many illusions.


Ananda will go into the essential SOMA equations which enables our own "Soul and Christ Spirit Computers" to externalise into our star ships, which will be our reprogramming navigations kits. Also eventually our Spirit computers will be the inerface modules that will enable our Star Ships intergeometry to adjust to different realities, civilisations, and the larger Rainbow Family motherhsips. This will be followed by two weeks of very intensive practice.

Ananda, will also be passing on the Ka-Ba-La beyond the gameboard Cabala or Kaballah, which was given to him by Time Reverse Wave Athena (via Einstein Image Streaming). This can enable one's own personal communication with the Sons and Daughters of All-Oneness. As well as comprehend the hyper language behind our own languages of Earth, in order to understand global events in personal, and collective significance, before events transpire. These are detecting the seed codes, as mandala's of language pattern, of image geometries, that our own consciousness resonates to as a matrix, so that we are prepared as the, so called, "end game" comes into phase 7.77, between 1999-2003.

Ananda will be passing on and preparing the ground for the 1998-2008 time gate, within the larger Time Gate of 96-2010 already made open in internal time travel by the Christ Grail brothers and sisters and others who participated over the world in April 96.

Somanetics is the key to internal time travel, that enables us to bypass the technological time travel control of the secret government and "alien" cultures. This 1998 event, will be in the midst of mass demonstrations of star ships which will be amplified even more than at present in 1998. Many of these star ships, will be illusionary prism vehicle that can hypnotise the individual to surrender their Christ Seed core code to the programme of the UFO. But by our own individual and collective star ship efforts, and internal time travel links to the future time wave resonance points in 2003 (the highly anticipated 11.44 year sunspot maximum), 2004 to the 2008 pathway - enables not only ourselves in the future to connect with us then, but also the Sons and Daughters of All-Oneness who will have joined as ever more half-way, to come through (this we observed in the Time Gate, where the star ships came physically, and in the last mini-time gate of Jan 14th 1997, actually came for over an hour, and electricity was wiped out). Ananda will present then the zones of Europe, which are the prism gates, whereby the "Prism vehicles" manifest, and as Emmanuel related, the One Body of Christ of All-Oneness will continually dome, as an entire universe, over these points, for transduction of the Christ Seed.

ANANDA teaching Synestasia Via Sonics and Mudra Techniques

Time Gate 98-2008, Ananda will show the important interrelationships in geometry, of the English sacred sites of Glastonbury, Avesbury, and the Glastonbury Zodiac, as the Anchor of the Rainbow Race One Body of Christ Interuniversal Mothership terminal, termed the Virtual City of "Avalon", and how this sacred area directly interconnects to the Scandinavian mirrors of the English sacred sites (in ethnomology and PHI-grid mathematics), and to an even larger terminal Interuniversal Transducing station of the Asgard and Vallhalla hyperspatial doorway cities, which link to the Great Pyramid in Egypt, as well as to the Grail Lines of Europe, and the Alpine "Christ" City. This will now, for the first time be presented in geometrically evidential form (exactly as Emmanuel communicated it in the 1986-1991 period). SOMAnetics, will thus also incorporate a dress-rehearsal for the 98 events, and will be the preparing of the sacred sites.


Thus, SOMAnetics stretched from July 17th, upto the 8th August (8/8/8 - 9+9+1+7 = 8). Around one and a half weeks of Grid Work in DNA Word work, with many days in workshop space. It was successful. SOMANETICS Videos Available* To All LIGHT BODY STAR SHIP FIELD PROPULSION Initiates/Pilots, Time Gate 98, Thailand, and for the LBSSFP Time Gate 96, Gol, initiates. Get ready for SOMANETICS II.

SOMANETICS 2: Grail Ring Convergence

Ananda will pass on material he has chosen not to for many years, as well as expanded Superconsciousness techniques, and Soma Elixir protocols.


* COPYRIGHT NOTICE: The Somanetics 1997 video footage, photographs, audio, mini-disc, digital, and all electronic and printed transcripts and copies are copyright © 1997 by Ananda ®. All rights reserved, accept by written authorised permision. Copies of this footage are in safe keeping in several different European locations and will be used as evidence under international copyright laws.