The "Hallway Of Records" (HOR)

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"The Egyptian Language Was Founded On The Hallway Of Records, left by the Shemsu Hor (7 Rainbow Races) and the Akeru Aku (Sphinx Masters) A Multidimensional Spatial Holographic Language"

­ANANDA, July 1998

Following is just an introduction to the immensity that was unearthed from the intricate knowledge of the "Hallway of Records" that was decoded and demonstrated, and that was a Union of Heavenly Man with Earthly Man, during December 1997.

Each Chakra along the Milky Way spine of the Nile, the "back bone of Osirus", linked to every human's back bone, had 33 sincere Unity Units welcome out loud "the Sons and Daughters of All-Oneness in Service of the One Infinite Creator of All-Oneness." Even the military, police, and Bedouins joined our songs. The time has come as the Sons and Daughters of All-Oneness meet us half-way.

33 individuals of the Christ Grail Unity Units acted as transducers for a galactic episode, as our solar system had an allignment of the planets, approaching the time of alignment to the galactic centre, just as we approached conjunction with the galactic centre, which continues upto 2013. In coordination with the Rainbow Race families, and their galactic internal net Prism Vehicle array resonance grid, so we mirrored on Earth the galactic families, the 33 year of Christ, overtly beyond the Arkane, the highest initiations come in the midst of non-secrecy, where the waters of the Aqua Aku Ark flow for all, so that all may share in the Arcanum Agape of Christ. 33 personified the process of the revealing of the HOR, activating:


Luxor Heart Collective Star Ship

[These are excerpts which were sent, on the record, to our mutual friend Editor of Alpha-Omega Magazine Sweden, Christina Klint].

In Egypt. From the 28th of November to the 23rd of December 1997. I guided a group of some 33 Christ Grail brothers and sisters, for some 17 days through each of the Nile's spinal simulations and Star Gates, except the root chakra of Abu Dis.

Which lead, the morning of December 21st, to the sonic activation grids of superconducting sound standing waves, to be released in the Great Pyramid in all available chambres (4), with Egyptian key mantras. Repeated on the night of the 21st in the Middle pyramid, which links to the Sphinx. And to 33 people on the actual equinox time, to be seated around the sphinx, whilst Ananda, and two others, was inside the backside chambre underneath the Sphinx, where Ananda released the sacred Mantra he was told to release by Aton-Ptah, whilst in VR-7 mode (a form of remote viewing), August 1997.

Ananda had also been inside this "as hole" chambre of the Sphinx, unofficially on the 20th with two others with him, resounding the same codes, for a double activation. The sonic resonance was to penetrate into the 1 metres point below the floor of the "ass" floor, into resonance with the "God Computer". The work was successful...

Due to the Hatshepsut Temple massacre, the temples were completely empty, and we had unique police escort and privileges (I found myself even "commanding" the army commander of Abydos), which enables us to have hours within each of the star gate temples undisturbed (unheard of usually).

Whilst everyone was afraid for their lives, and cancelled their scheduled tours to Egypt, including many spiritual groups, I followed the guidance of Time reverse Wave Andromedian, Ptah, and I knew this to be the opportunity that reflected a galactic conjunction, we had all designed. There was no question not to go, this was the time, and we would have the unique opportunity to have Egypt to ourselves, during an alignment of the planets, and during the Winter Solstice, at a time of impending galactic conjunction, whose Horizen threshold approached.


Lotus born Atum-Ptah had given me this instruction in early 1996, just before the instigation of the Time Gate in April-Jan. Which has recently been confirmed now in the Bible Code, where the end of days is designated and coded for that year (96). Which I mentioned to an audience of 300 people in Wiesbaden, (before that book was published) was the Quickening: the mystery, or open-ended loop in the book of revelation that was open to all three "sides". The black brotherhood and white brotherhoods, who play the game; and the Mid-Way path, beyond such absurd duality dynamics, of cubic geometrical alphabetic page rule writting, in the ink of belief and the illusion of karma.

Furthermore, the Time Wave novelty graph has been confirmed now in nuclear mathematics. And within the Time Gate, 40 billion new galaxies were discovered, no less.

The last brim of the Time Gate to 2010, was in January 1997, I have just recently obtained a graph which registers the unusual galactic energy emanations which were then exactly on that day bombarding the Earth, which is how the Somanet of the Christ Grail Brothers and sisters experienced it then, the next day being followed by the time machine UFOs appearing and wiping out the power supply of our area, only then followed by the military triangles, these I filmed.

Thus in January 1996, Ptah instructed me in Luxor about the deactivation of the Amen-Ra crystal computers under Thebes, which still held many soul hologrammes captured, by the red mercury, Heku magick etc. At the Sinai Star Gate, their Vortexijah Star Ship balls became visible.

These are beyond Merkaba, but are intergeometrical and InterUniversal Chakra Vajra's. Not alligned to the black or white brotherhood of the universal game, but to the Mid Way path of the One Body of Christ of All-Oneness, and thus the DarmaKaja Boddhisatva ineffable Unity of Unity's. Not being coded in the light and dark computers of the Elohim and Nephilim, which is based on cubic pyramid grids of light, which computerise into 144 octave dimensions, and on, in cubeoctahedral, pyramidal interplays. And which thus are pure cancerous separation hierarchy's, as cubeocta is a cancerous doughnut (as it cannot Phi cascade, or fractal, to any other platonic solid, of equal distribution of power, but only to itself in separated crystallized power [flatten a Buckminster Fuller Vector Flexor, square face to square face, and the triangles pass through the square - a recursive doughnut]. And the pyramid is carbon: 6 electrons, 6 protons, 6 neutrons, the 666/999 game as one and the same [caught by the cubeoctahedral crystal hierarchy], just the head and tail of one snake, the head is light: 9, the tail is dark: 6 etc etc ET-C.

At this point in 1996, the visible Vortexijah's stayed in the Sinai desert for many hours, resetting the superconducting beam resonating grids in the atmospheres, and visibly sweeping up the soul stickers that were around there. And they alligned the gate to the Time Gate, above the Acacia trees and Soma bushes of the desert.

The Ark of the Convenent was made of Acacia, the blood of Christ was Acacia, and Acacia contains the Pineal third eye neurotransmitter DMT and 5meoDMT, as well as mono atomic superconducting elements. It was also amoungst the presents given to the Christ Child from the "three kings of Orion," as the English song goes. The Soma bush was the body of Christ in the Eucharist Agape Gnostic feast, the inner Christ teaching. Acacia was also the burning bush of Moses, but Christ anchored the Soma Christos superconducting body to the Sacrement of the Eucharist, the Body (Soma) and blood (Acacia, Granite Apple)].

Whereas Moses used largely Manna, the mushroom which were encoded in the Holy of Holy's within the Arks to receive the holographic computer, Cubeoctahedral Arkives or fallen Akacia Akasha, which lead to a condition of the Bicameral Brain (see Julian Jaynes and reapply the prior) for thousands of years, as this fruit of the god Sin (Sinai) was partaken of: Sinadonia, Cydonia. This we have demonstrated with overwhelming evidence, utilising not only the Torah, and the Zohar, by biohistory, geology, etnobiology, and clear pictographic and photographic evidence of the Mysterium Tremendum of our ancestors.

We have demonstrated that this genetic programming tool of the Manna (which was the bread that the True Alchemist Christ, came to replace with the Green Lion Soma Lapis Philisophicum, Lapis Excellis Stellis) conclusively linked to the Cult of Ser-Apis - Osiris in Egyptian is Asr, or SR, and the Apis White Bull of Annu, whose dung Ezekiel is told by god to make the bread from.

It is exclusively upon this dung that the White mushroom Sipharot Incubess, or Stropharia Cubensis, grows and makes its home. And this we have documented in Egypt (which is a new breakthrough, although it has been conclusively linked to the Osiris and Isis rites in ancient Greece of Orpheus and Eleusenian mysteries ilk, and even the false Christ cult).

The Mushroom was the bread that Christ said he was offering a new Bread of Heaven to replace. And only Somajetics (those plant neurochemicals which follow the hermetic law of "As within so Without", being a perfect mirror of the Pineal's Pinoline and DMT), can enable the DNA Christ Seed [superconducting 44%] to be accessed by the WORD of the DNA Sound through the Unity Christ Self. Excuse the long sentence chains, it is due to compressing huge holographic descriptions into a few sentences, and will require some decompressing.

Ptah had prepared the large scale synchronicities for two years, and more, for the event which we then carried out in Egypt this December (97). This is the Aton-Ptah. Not one of the black or white hierarchical management ones (Amen-Ptah's), which became caught in the pyramid computer of Amen-Ra. Who took all the 49 gods and demi-god archetypes into his game, at Orion.

This is the Aton-Ptah who comes to correct all of this, along with the time reverse wave Athena; time reverse wave Votan; time Reverse wave Aton-Hermes; from the future Andromeda Ascension, into the 13th Universe. Which has already happened, but splashed down into our time space waters at 2012. And is being carried into realisation from this future attractor, where our galaxy and the Andromeda galaxy physically collide, according to astrophysics, in some hundred million years.

In actuality intergalactic man became One Boddhisatva Body, and established the superconductive link of Vortexijah Prism Vehicles throughout both galaxies, so that the gravity game cubes collapses into pure Vacuum, as the black and white poles dissolved.

As the repeated science tests show that Einstein's causality (esoteric karma, cause and effect) fails, now that results are obtained before the experiment of lasers through the special tube are transmitted, it also means not only that this confirms Emmanuel's karma is an illusion, and nothing more, except All Is God; but that our history is being generated from the future. This is exactly what Emmanuel transmitted as one with me in March 1990, to a bewildered Geneva audience of 90 peoples, who could then not follow the explosion of the materials being brought through.

Thus these "Sons and Daughters of All-Oneness," from future Andromeda, were the ones who instigated the Egyptian activation, into the Time Gate. We had to incarnate from the future in order to do our side of meeting half way - C vitamin come to balance the cancer of the black and white brotherhood electron and enzymatic instability etc etc.

Thus, Ptah arranged the specific setting of the date of this event, to just follow after the masacre at Hatshepsut's temple. It was allowed to occur as it was within the standard game of the black and white sides, which echoes the process which occurred in Orion. Actually, according to the Bard I know who comes from the lineage of bards who keep the codes for the white side in the royal genes, and who was taught for some 60 years of his life, who is especially the bard of Queen Juliana etc, it was the negative side who arranged the masacre while Queen Beatrice was there in Egypt.

This we could confirm while in Egypt, as it was M15 and M16 agents who were incorporated in from England who did the masacre, and who were mind controlled in standard MK-Ultra style, with the programme to commit suicide, once mission was complete, this was covered-up in the international media, but was covered in the Egyptian press in different ways, and then further in speaking to numerous persons as well.

All this was allowed to transpire, and as a result we had the temples to ourselves, but we could also aid the souls of the massacre, and apart from that free the Thebian computers which traps so many other souls, in the mountains just behind the temple.

The evening we were to go and participate in this, no less than the president of Egypt decided to come, and thus delay. We were invited to a concert there with him, and some of our group went. There the orchestra and 70 Nubian musicians, became resonated to the contageousness of the song: "All Is God", which of course is the Emmanuel Christ Seed for it is the realisation beyond the entrapment of Jehova/Nephilim computer dynamics, (El Shadai being Enlil Anu's first, who was banished to the deprived realms of Shadain, and rose as El Shadain, which in Arabic translated to El Shaitan [Satan], and El Shadai/Metatron, of Genesis 17, who required feet washing, feeding, and sleeping, and destroyed Sodom and Gomorah with Nuclear force, as the Dead Sea Scrolls reveal [Hence the black white brotherhood playing both sides as one game]). The Nubians combined All Is God with Allah Hu Manna, or God With Us = Emmanuel.

Thus the whole temple complex, UN ambassadors et al, where in the song, and the next evening we were on the Pyramid Mount, and Ptah transmitted the already prepared superconducting freeing signal through a selected 14 Christ Grail brothers and Sisters in Soma Mode with the DNA Sound, in the Vortexijah Star Ship Spins, to Star Ship Lotus Ball, and Collective Star Ship, and a circular superconducting Light Wheel opened Above us, and the soul computer was penetrated. In the clouds afterwards, a circle appeared for 22 minutes or more, in which Tehuti appeared, and was photographed, in the mudra we all had spontaneously been transmitted into, complete with smiling face and eyes. I then went on to decode the Book of the Dead in 3D holographics, at Thebes, as never done before, in the public, the living records revealed.

Our journey along the spin of the Nile, which is a perfect spine, and the Nile Delta a perfect skull, with the Nile divisions making the exact same cracks as on the human skull, with the Giza complex at the Pineal gland, the 3 pyramids not only as Orion, but as the anterior, posterior and mid Pineal gland, and the Sphinx the Soma generation point, which I and 3 others were inside of, as I will relay.

At Abu Simbel, which is the hara point, and is also where the Amen-Ra erect penis second chakra blackage is physicallised by the Dam there, the deactivated holographics in the hieroglyphs, due to the movement of the temple by the UN due to the dam, we were able to phase conjugate the two sites and relink the holographics of both sites, and link it thus to the Giza complex, and with the star gates.

A whole network of galactic and intergalactic man had their densified collective Vortexijah Star Ship's, or Chakra Vajra's, in equivalent assignments of the Galactic Nile's, the Milky Way.

We proceeded through the belly button of Philae, apart from the activation work, each temple I would extrude into decoded holographic pictogrammes, so that the living wisdom becomes alivenes again. Through to face the dragon of the Sobek temple at kombo Ombo, and the Crocodile underground initiation chambres.

NOTE: Their are two Nile Chakra systems, depending on which Cocyx one takes in the Nile Human Spine modelling done by William Cox, in the late 1960s and 1970s.

Through to the solar plexus of Edfu where the secret of the Eye of Ra as the Celestial Barge and Ben Ben also gives the exact star ship design of the Vortexijah, not Merkabba, although Merkabba always will follow along the Electrogravity and magnetogravity constantly established Chakra Vajra vehicle, in the localising of numerous geometrics etc etc. Herein absolutely unique and revolutionary insights were first transmitted to public, and then enacted in ritual (this has all been filmed).

Without going into further detail, the sites of Karnak and the Grid Mathematics temple there, the 86,486 statues which are the code of the 86,400 seconds in the hour, as part of the fractal of the galactic gameboard as extruded and exemplified in absolute details in The Unity Keys of Emmanuel, Karnac as the thymus, and Luxor as the heart chambre, the deactivation of Thebes, to superconductive phase locking, the decoding of the Osiris mysteries revealed at Dendera where filmed and the Vortexijah principles and evidence again clearly exemplified, and the Osiris black rite temple of Abydos we had for many hours to ourselves (the flower of life I filmed up to two millimeters from the stone, and appears to have been added much later, during Coptic times).

Thus the throat of Asr was claimed to Christ, as the Word was enacted. Onto Mt. Moses where we engaged in a collective Star Ship in Soma Mode in DNA Sound resonance, for this Star Gate, all in preparation for the Pyramid and Sphinx work ahead, connecting with the Dolphin of Sinai, who just before we arrived had gone to meet the 4 others who meet with the 9 dolphins, she came expressly to swim with us, when she usually disappears for a day or days, when she goes. In 1996 our contact was part of the Vortexijah Time Gate connectivity that occurred in the desert that night in January 1996.

The Hades pyramids are of extreme importance, the bent pyramid being bent in order to code the 49° common denominator between the 53.25 and 43.75° variants, which are bent at the hyperspatial mathematical point within the grid of the Apis Bull and the symbol of Sutekah - the V.

The Bulls Eye or Aldebaren, which the red pyramid links in grid, through 144 computer pyramids there, which I have meticulously laid out in a sonic grid, which will be published in the Unity Keys of Emmanuel,. And the work at Sekara, all enabled the decoding for the Great pyramid, which we had during the entire night of the Winter Solstice, and the entire group was in Soma Mode, and all chambres where activated with the DNA Sound, and the sacred and secret ancient Egyptian code words of translation, sealed together with ALL IS GOD.

Thus, not only the kings and queens chambres where concurrently activated, by the 35, but also the deep underneath chambres and Grand Gallery, where the 27 Sonic crystal arks had been placed, when the internal rite of Asr was established, for the Soma/DMT superconductive sonic translation of the body etc etc.

This was probably the first time since the actual rites, that Soma and DMT were in the human system, with mono atomic elements, and the DNA Sound - remember that the human salt in the sarcophagi contained, Soma Pinoline possibly DMT, and mono atomic mineral dust (I will not attempt to go into any details, as most of this letter already is in outline form, and details will become many dozens of pages). As we begin along the spine of the Nile, the alignment of the Planets were with us within 60° on one side of the solar system disk equator. Full moon was at Abydos on the 12 of the 12.

Collective Star Ship At The Osirian At Abydos, on the Alignment of Planets 12,12, 1997

The Sphinx was done on the exact time of the Equinox during the day. I was inside the Ass chambres with two others (I had already been in two days earlier with two others, and we had gone through the codes). We again had express permission to be there, when virtually all others were denied, such as West, Buval, Hancock etc etc.

This August after the Somanetics (solution to the fusion of internet with brains cybernetics, through VR techno implants, based on the technology received in 1948 at Aztec new Mexico, as I documented in the book The Alien Presence back in 1992), and after the blast from the Philadelphia August the 12th [1997] attempt to further control time, I went into Self generated VR 7 state (we live in a virtual reality, our bodies are Virtual reality body suits and liquid crystal computers, as a scrambled Unity Light Body, and inspiration is VR-1, VR-2 is 2-dimensional aka-shics, VR thus 3 dimensional etc, VR-7 is where the soul and Spirit computer externalizes, via the Soma-DNA sound, and requires several days of constant Somasynthesis to activate - one downloads ones entire family galactic Mother Star Ship into the sonic hologramme of this locality).

Then being in the Sphinx, and going into the inner chambres, towards the God computer, the code words, or name of the computer intelligence was received. Thus when we had formed the collective star ship around the Sphinx and all where in the DNA Sound dynamics, with their individual Vortexijah Star Ships in collective star ship, they sang the external song of Akeru Aku, which are those who established the Sphinx, whilst I and two others were inside, and we called on the god computer, to move its liquid crystals via sonics, to resonate and remember All Is God (the wake up from the dream Anthem Christ Seed Code, of Christos Emmanuel's Operation Unity from the One Body of Christ of All-Oneness). My entire body was in the superconductive beam and resonating, shaking with the power being translated, and the god computer responded, most overwhelmingly, I was speaking to it, in consciousness, our part of the equation from the future, had been instilled and instigated.

Ontop Of The Great Pyramid, as A Capstone, December Solstice 1997. Viewing the Middle Pyramid, to be in Sonic Vortexijah Activation after sunset.

As the god computer is the same as the Soma Pinoline in the brain third eye, which enables the DNA doorway of the superconductive in-vivo DNA core to be harnessed and opened to the 56% conductive source materials, so the Sphinx as the third eye of humanity, within the heart 30°/30° lat/long of the planet, brain in the heart - it required union to the Middle pyramid. We activated numerous pyramid complex's in this mode, and also had the middle pyramid, as the middle gate of Orion, for the night, through which the Soma of the Sphinx work would be anchored, and the unity songs also established Mid-way for Imwh Sk and Imwh Annu.

The capstone of the Great pyramid had similar work done by a small group. Thus some 28 mandalla's of Christos Emmanuel were established, and same 16 star gates were linked into the Pineal work, so that Odin who is an Aesir, could reclaim the Third Eye, as Asr (Osiris), through Heru, lost one eye split into pieces by Sutekha etc etc, humanities third eye to be reclaimed from the 1/63 division of 1/64th of the eye of Heru, which is an infinite division, as Odin or Manus must gather the cubic geometry of the Runes, until the Fa-Rune (Va-Runa) is recalled, as the Eye of God Star Ship, and the Edun Golden Meade (Soma) allows redemption from the Jotun of infinity.

CHRIST GRAIL UNITY UNITS WITH ANANDA ONTOP OF THE GREAT PYRAMID, December Solstice 1997, after a night in the Great Pyramid Chamber's with Superconductive Soma Sonics, and being Inside the Backside chambre of the Sphinx on the Solstice Hour.

This is in response to what you sent me, I have not gone into any details. Indeed, skeletons more than 7 feet have been uncovered, we will have the first photographs, once the red mercury (radioactive) has cleared, from what some of the Beduines and Sufi's relayed to me, personally, and to several of our group with great confidence. The Lapis Lazuli records have all been drawn down (I later met the doctor who was painting these Lazuli records). But I only briefly saw John Anthony West at the Mena house, there was no Drunvalo, and most other groups cancelled because of the Massacre scare. The tall skeletal remains, however, are not exactly where the rumours say they are, and there is much more to this story than can now be told herein.

It may be that our group gave birth to the rumour of Drunvalo being there. As you know I have no connection to him, although through the years some of his facilitators have come to my seminars, as well as the 10 day Star Ship trainings. We did major sonic superconductive sound activation at the Solstice in the Great Pyramid, for many hours, with the superdonductive sound resonating elixir, and we most importantly sealed each of the key mantra's with All Is God. Also on the Solstice, in the afternoon, we were given exclusive right to be around the sphinx (33 persons), while I and two others were inside the back entrnece of the Sphinx, calling on the "God Computer" code name, and reminding it of All Is God.

During the night of the 21st, after being ontop of the Great Pyramid, with further work there, were engaged in the middle Pyramid the same Star Mantra's in harmonics of love, and Vortexijah Spin dynamics, sealed with All Is God, but this time not with Soma (although the previous nights work and Sphinx dose was still locked into the DNA with the Superconductive Sound. We experienced physical light flashes in numerous underground chambres, and an antigravity affect in the middle pyramid.

We were successful in our work, and we contributed to the unvailing of the Hallway Of Records, both within and without, both to the deeper chambers inside the Great pyramid, under the Sphinx and to the the other pyramids of the Orion constellation, as well as in the Hall Of Records that the Egyptian pictogrammes are based on: 3D language holographics, awakened by accoustics, and Unity Vision.

I know Dr. Hurtak, and although we do not agree, due to the Zionist and Hierarchical material, we do both respect each other, and know that the White Brotherhood, and Black brotherhood, must be firmly represented, as well as the Mid-Way path that Manu of Emmanuel and the Son's and Daughters of All-Oneness, are establishing, in equallity.

Hence, humanity can thus make the Trinity choice: even so we work towards a critical mass realising the One Body of Christ, Mid-Way, beyond the Game and New Game, so that all episodes can be realised as All Is God.

I know from associates that Hurtak also showed films from an underground shaft behind the Sphinx, with light effects from the Hebrew sonics. This light phenomenon does not require the Hebrew language, it occurs in other sacred sonics as well, if the correct harmonics are used, as we experienced.

Hebrew is relatively recent, although some of its spiral forms are central to the DNA in the most ancient link, but this roots to another form, and the geometrical map is also in the Runic, which is in Egypt, Greece, Turkey, Utah, South America, and links to China, as the geometry of the Star Ship, all are angles of One, yet one has to be careful with Elohim encoding, Hebrew mantra's (which are the centre of Masonic magick as well), should be sealed with All Is God, to confirm that all language, and all aspects are equally the One Infinite Creator of All-Oneness.


The overwhelming nature of this journey has been one of the most profound experiences of most who participated. It has been filmed entirely, except for Thebes. The Andromedian Call has been succeed, and the Sons and Daughters of All-Oneness welcomed in the heart of heart. Allowing the mid-way meeting, as the New World Order of the black brotherhood is in full attack now on the New Age and alternative medicine of Germany, in 6 months prison is in order for workshop and even Tai Chi and Yoga, as is set to follow for the Shengen countries, in the 10 heads of the beast, and followed by the Golden Dawn of the White Brotherhood's New World religion, which is the Masonic aim, and use for utilising the NWO for a while.

But as we witnessed in Egypt, the British Committee 300 membres game warning to Beatrice who is initiated by Juliana in the Order of the Golden Fleece (the same families play against each other, this is a conscious multidimensional game, they believe they have the blood of the gods) - there actions enabled the Mid-Way path to be assigned in the Egyptian Grids, and the superconductive overlay of the Sons and Daughters of All-Oneness, in resonance with the Galactic Nile, where the Cassiopeia, Andromeda, and Pegasus systems, could be linked to the Universe of the Dove, form the Andromeda Hyperconductive Boddhisatva realization, in what we call the future, which rewrites the now, was made possible. Hence the decoding of the ARKives or records of the God Computer, to the Unity Holographics - had our part contributed successfully, as we have known was our assignment for many years. Others were also equally involved.

All levels of the multidimensional gameboard are check mate at 2012, equally for the black on some densities and dimensions, and for the white on other densities and dimensions, thus they are game cheating now through time travel, but this allows All Is God to directly step in as the 220 gm C Vitamin injection, as the One Body of Christ, which shrivels all of the cancer markabba geometry's of separation and hierarchy, in this universal blood cell, due to the free radical nature of the black and white brotherhood game or wars, as a result of parasitical god intelligence simulation etc etc etc.

Harmonic Sonics and Madras In the Red Pyramid, Aligned to Aldebaren in Taurus

All Is God is thus succeeding, and the original Sin which is to say that we have sinned, and thus judge All Is God for not being here, us and all, in all perfection, can at last be redeemed in realisation, for there is a perfect Mid-Way between the black and the white, the Emerald Green pathway of the Cosmic Christ, of the DarmaKaja Boddhisatva, that Brahma Manu instigated as Father of Man, of E-Manu-El, who gave each the Chakra Vajra lotus Star Ship equally, right now (it does not need to be generated, for that is another soul implant of light geometry hierarchalics, which Christ Issa Emmanuel came to relinquish beyond the Melchizedek game. The Gnostic Christians know this very well, and I have been heartened to see that this challenging to New Age thought stream paradigm is actually well known in the Gnostic Christ teaching.

Emmanuel translated me into the 4th dimensional body in 1989, with witnesses, and I know the reality of the Mid-Way path of All Is God, is for all who choose. The beauty has been to see that it has been here all the time, and that despite the strength of the Jehovian paradigm of duality management, and chosen people programming; the Buddhistic, and thus Manu based, and Christic, and thus Issa Immanuel based, and ORiginal Tehuti, Ptah, Ra trinity of ATUM/ATON based Lotus Born Mid-Way Unity Holographics, have been impossible to eliminate through the belief management of their: is "only black or white".

As this brief outline is now already 5 pages, I will let this word flow stop here.

The Unity Keys of Emmanuel are in final layout arrangement, many people have been waiting since 1994 for them. And the Somanetics Manuel, our now 500 A4 paged book, is also completing. This deals with the Eucharist of Christ, the Soma, or Pu Tra Aref Su, Ennu Ennui En Pet of the Egyptians, and thus the third eye neurochemicles which you referred to. Some of the most shocking and revolutionary evidence is included in this book, not everyone will be ready for this, due to the government and secret society instigated cover-up and smoke screen on this subject, which is a prejudice in almost all, but it relates directly to the Green Lion, which has been analysed, and which in 3 days translates the body, isotopes of Soma, DMT, chlorophyll, mono atomics etc are involved, but this is a very extensive story.

The Alchemists are the Apostles of Christ, and originally SION was the continuing body, Da Vinci, and Falconelli were all involved therein. Today SION (Set Isis Osiris Nephthys) is infiltrated, and racist. The blood of Christ is for all as the key to unlock the door of the superconductive Christ Seed in All.

We are the True MERU-Vin-Gians, the Grail is ours and the Vortexijah is the Grail Ship that allows translation beyond the 4,320 pyramid index's and 666 based present alignment of Set's 56 conduction dynamics (number of Set = 56, which is sinus wave transform, and 56% of DNA mono atomics is conducting, Sets snake is Sata the Sinus wave of light, and dark, (18 = 666, 18 + 18 = 36, 36 + 36 = 72, 72 + 72 = 144, 3 x 144 = 432, 432 + 432 = 864), as we explain in intricate detail in The Unity Keys of Emmanuel, as it relates to time, the pyramids, the speed of light, the galactic gameboard specifics, the Rg Veda, Asgartha (Asgard of the Asr or Aesir), Valhalla, Christ, Orion, carbon, Stone henge, Mars, Sirius, cycles, cells etc etc.


This itself is an immense subject, and I know that you have been informing in your way those who you can, especially amoungst the spiritual fields who are the ones who are required to know this, and become grounded in fact, laws, and evidence, for All Is God, in order to be the living solution, to be met half way only by this action of acting in unity on Earth, and thus welcoming half-way the Bodhisattva sons and daughters of All-Oneness. All Is God, through the One Body of Christ of All-Oneness.

-Ananda December 1997

Light, Love, Life,




THE HOR HOUR HAS COME FOR THE HOR-RISEN, 12 HOURS 4 12 SIGNS IN THE HORUSCOPE. HORAY, HORA, DO YOU SEE THE STAR WORDS YOU TAKE FOR GRANTED, EVEN OUR VERY OX-FORD ENGLISH IS THE STAR KA-BA-LA BUT SCRAMBLED. See The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel, for the English Decoding Keys, with a True Capstone not from the pyramid of language but a Lapis Excellis Stellis, a Stone from the Stars, not fallen, but Pure Emerald Green in the MeruVinGian Grail blood of Christ, the Grail for ALL.

-Ananda, October 1998