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"They" Knew 8: Shadows Backwashing from Omega

The Dream Theater "Scenes from New York" Connection

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Since Dr. Raymond Chiao time reversed light waves, and Dr. Nimtz microwaves in a kind of reversing "karma" (causality) since 1994, "reality" appears to be undergoing on uncanny compression towards the attractor field of Omega -- as if it were back-washing, time-reverse, into our backwaters of time and space, just like the waves in Dr. Chiao´s UCLA lab, or Mozart´s symphony #40 transmitted by microwaves in Dr. Nimtz.


We do operate in a matrix of a dream theatre. On August 12th, the group Dream Theater, released its CD "LIVE SCENES FROM NEW YORK", which shows the World Trade Centre engulfed in flames, as the lives scenes which are above an apple chained into imprisonment. The DVD version release day, by "synchronisation of the Earth Coincidence Coordination Office (ECCO: Dr J. Lilly), was to be released September 11th.

No wonder that during the August 11th Sun/Moon eclipse in 1999, and on August the 12th, certain secret societies attempted their Order underneath the Giza plateau, Egypt. Only to fail placing the capstone on the Great Pyramid on the Sirius Millennium, when George Bush senior was there with 10 years pre-planning (see For Bush Jr, is not the baby Horus Burning Bush, but a rose bush that burns up the garden path, as we have seen. This is a DreaM Theater, indeed.


With the planetary positions over Giza on the alchemist Fulcanelli "End Game" code of 22-9-2002, perfectly ortho-reflecting, in a mercurial capstone tone, the planetary positionings of New York, 11-9-2001, in an hermetic HORisen, the Mercury-Hermes Capstone is fortunately not linked by the Sirius millennium capstonation at Giza (see This Omega Point universe replay has been corrected.

As U2´s Bono asked Jesus: "history, is it like a tape recorder? Can we play it just once more. Wake up. Wake Up dead man."


Are we witnessing shadows backwashing in time, from the face of the maximum novelty of the OMEGA POINT, an "Andromedian Call" from the 2012 galactic gravitational pull of galactic centre conjunction, and beyond the wildest dream?

A coherent golden Via Media be you in your own realisation of what you already ARE, beyond temporality... In cooperative Unity.

-Ananda, September 15th, 2001

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"Live Scenes From New York" to be re-released with new artwork

Added on 09-14-2001

It has just been officially confirmed that all existing copies of "Live Scenes From New York" with the Flaming Apple artwork are being recalled. The 3 CD set will be re-released as soon as possible with a new cover.

"Metropolis 2000" PAL DVD release DELAYED AGAIN

Updated on 09-14-2001


It seems the record label was unable to re-release the "Metropolis 2000" PAL DVD on September 10th, 2001, as was planned. According to Warner Benelux, the DVD has been delayed until the end of October.

"Live Scenes From New York" not available at certain stores

Added on 09-13-2001


We are still waiting for an official decision and an announcement from the band and label whether or not "Live Scenes From New York" will be recalled and replaced with a different cover.

However, certain chains have decided by themselves to not carry the CD with its current artwork.

CDnow, for instance, has (temporarily) removed "Live Scenes From New York" from their store. Fortunately, most CDnow pre-orders were already shipped. Anyone who pre-ordered the album should receive it. has removed the album from their site as well, but CDUniverse is still taking orders for "Live Scenes From New York".

Meanwhile, please stay tuned for an official statement from the band and label.


Message from Mike regarding the NYC Tragedy

Added on 09-12-2001


Here is a message from Mike Portnoy written on September 11th, 2001:


We are all OK....

Our sessions today are obviously cancelled as NYC is sealed shut and we will return to NYC to continue whenever it re-opens.

In regard to the live album's cover art, I can only say that it is a horrible coincidence that we obviously could have never forseen. The timing of the release of the CD happening on the very same day as this tragedy is merely an incredible coincidence. We are currently in discussions with the label as to whether or not we will recall the CD's and replace them with a different cover. Obviously, the recovery of everybody's personal lives here in New York is the first priority

Thank you to all concerned,

Mike Portnoy

Release date for the corrected "Metropolis 2000" PAL DVD

Added on 08-09-2001


According to Dream Theater's record label, they are aiming to re-release the remastered PAL DVD of "Metropolis 2000" on September 10th, 2001, simultaneously with the release of the 3-CD live album.

On the right you can see the sticker that will be on the box under the shrink wrap to assure that you are purchasing the "correct" version.

(For those of you unaware of the problems with the initial release of the PAL DVD, click here and here.)

"Live Scenes From New York" TopSeller at CDnow!

Updated on 08-11-2001


Dream Theater's 3-CD live album "Live Scenes From New York" entered CDNow's TopSellers list at number 19, and made it all the way up to number 2 on August 12th!

Thanks to Martin Schnable