GNN: Grail News Now



September 12 & 13th 2001

Dear EnGrailed Ones,

Greetings. We are now emerged in the position to implement our utmost utilisation of the Vortexijah protocol of Compassion.

This is the time where we are more than ever to exercise the Midway Path of Golden Coherence.

To discern instead of judge, and be aware of duality, black and white, protocols that are designed to polarise us from our awakening Midway Unity Self Realisation, into surrendering to the dream of the fishing net. As one senator relayed it on CNN late September 11th, "no one is going to get through the net."


What is unfolding since 11-9-2001 has fortunately occurred later than predicted. One CNN political consultant chose no restraint in his wording, and he was paraphrased on the Wall Street Journal Europe´s front page with "THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT," (12-9-2001, vol XIX, No. 155).



I had already been highly outspoken about this exact plan, some 11 years ago on public radio, and also at the Schweibenalp September 1992 seminar, when people were more open to hear this, due to former CIA director, President Bush´s invasion of Iraq, not too long before, addressing the world with: "This time it is going to be a kinder, a gentler, New World Order".

My detailed 22 radio exposé´s of more than 76 hours altogether, were also of some personal risk, with influence on European affairs (and was noted amidst the Scandinavian Freemasons, who have a detailed report on it, we have been informed). But these efforts were some years before Jan van Helsing came and releived me of this function of European duty to the people.

Concurrently David Summers snatched the format and articles of our New Dimensions magazine, and started the Exposure magazine network, so we could focus on other pertinent things, of Operation Unity of Emmanuel, which was a great relief. So that compassionate, coherent solutions could be developed.


On the Danish Radio Krishna, in November 1990, and again during the radio Nye Tider (New Times), Copenhagen, in 1992, I had stated that 2 EXPLOSIVE DEVICES would be detonated in New York, on design by MAJI (Majority Agency for Joint Intelligence, comprised of people like Henry Kissinger, George Bush senior, David Rockefeller, and Zbignew Brezinzki), as well as its extended organisation JASON (of scientist "wise-men" seeking the Golden Fleece, comprised of people like Edward Teller, father of the H-Bomb), which would conjunct in a middle east crisis, possible with an announcements on an "alien presence" to commence.

Yes, that was 11 years ago. But one of my sources, the Navel Intelligence Officer who read of this secret designed plan (38 levels above top secret), had read it in 1972 (almost 30 years ago).



With this same information this officer was able to predict the coming down of the Berlin wall 6 months before it happened, because it had been planed to occur some 16 years before, to occur sometime prior to the "terrorist" attack.

Navel Officer for Pearl Harbour´s Commander in Chief of the Pacific Fleet briefing team, Milton W. Cooper, signed a sworn affidavit, under penalty of perjury, which he sent to every member of congress, and major world corporations, to protect his life. In this sworn statement and its adjascent document "the Secret Government", he plainly stated that "World War 3" would begin, by design, to usher in a New World Order, when two explosive devices would be detonated in New York, probably by the World Trade Centre, followed by a war in the Middle East. The terrorists who would detonate the device, would be mind controlled.


Although he also read about a Quiet World War III, which has been active since 1954 (see document: ), this operation would culminate in world dictatorship governed by the Illumined MAJI JASON "Wise Men", where people would willingly give up their sovereign rights and freedoms to "conquer terrorism", and thus be subjugated to the new order by self choice. This global socialism was referred to as a New World Order, a kind of "New Atlantis". This officer´s first year of public appearences witnessed him shaking with fear for his life, at the time.


The Operation MAJORITY document in 1972 had set this event for 1998-2000. So, according to the 1972 data, we are between 1-3 years behind schedule, that this and so many other apparently brave military officers, and researchers, have dared risk their lives to reveal to the people at large.



With the testimony:



Please be in the Mid. Utilise coherent discernment, and do not be-leave any "thing". Excercise the blessed physics of Uncertainty Principle, and be in the Tao of the Midway Path that it engenders. Utilise the Alchemy of Compassion. We are all in the cleansing process, and food is not what it once was.

The Inter-Universal and Sons and Daughters of All-Oneness Family, archetypal and otherwise, is Midway with us and as us. Let us Be the Alchemists we are, and not be polarised. The dream is amplified now into polarity, for all to see. Midway the Dream into Awakening, and let us Unify compassionately here what we came to fulfill.



A series of GNN´s will now follow. Be sure to excercise discernment and compassion therein. It is not our function, nor intention to bread hate or violience, but instead alternative news and information that is not reaching the people (some of these web sites are going down as we write). So that you can coherently decide for yourself what may be going on, and not be spoon feed the same story from the same non-free of corporate bias media´s. This is not to say that we necessary subscribe to the views that may be passed on. It is simply passing on information that appears to be suppressed. During the Gulf War, Europe was informed that the media would be screened and limited in what it could report. The internet was not then available. Alternative media gives us a chance to excercise discernment and greater intelligence for compassionate outcomes, by a Via Media.


This is to use our intelligence, with compassion, applying our intuitive and meditative contemplations, with all of this information.

The world is our mirror. As All Is God (Emmanuel suggested paradigm). It is for us to use the symbols we see now engaged for the utmost unity of ourself and mankind towards its own full integration and realisation. We are part of the living solution, let us exampliPHI and contribute that uniqueness in all the opportunities of discernement, cooperation, integration, healing, and action that is now there for us to share.



The European 100,000 US troups are in "full alert, Threat Condition Delta" (Wall Street E.J. 12-9-01). Japan and China have agreed to join the world troups that are to eliminate the countries that harbour and support the enemy. As George Bush relayed, as he marched proudly forward as a Horus war god to announce the US nation, that America is a light that will eliminate the darkness, all were called for a prayer to support this light and come with him, as he stated Psalm 23 "yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me."


Yet there is testimony amidst the public domain (not being covered, "oddly" by the major news networks) which states that the Intelligence Agencies may have been involved directly in the pre-design of this event, including the architects of the WTC. Hollywood made a film a year back which depicted the very situation we are seeing now.

Just as Hollywood released a film based on Clinton and Hilary, where the president had an affair with his secretary, a year before the Lewinsky affair.



Why will Hollywood now go on strike for two years, not releasing any films? Why are Bush´s daughters going out on a spree of daily all night parties of cocaine and alcohal use of late, as scandals featured in the US media? Why is Al Gore and his wife now unrecognisably fat, eating themselves "as if it were a last supper"? Why did the group COUP release on July 1st, this year, a CD cover that showed the World Trade Centre Twin Peaks exactly ablaze as they did become? Why did the US shutdown hundreds of Arabian internet services 1 day before the WTC trajedy? Why did the this event occur the day following a march of 50,000 people in Belgium protesting child pornography, which Sweden 1 news showed implicated the Belgian crown prince? With similar demonstrations occurring concurrently, with media coverage, in the US and Ireland. Why on the day of the WTC assault, was it announced that had the elections not been forzen by Bush´s camp by just one day, Gore would have had the US court of Justice? Why is the US enconomy so low at this precise moment, needing a solution like war? Why were chemical warefare centres announced 4 days before? Why did CNN on September 9th announce that 5 years after the nuclear disarmament treaty, most countries had not fulfilled their signatures? These are all questions to apply alchemy, inuition, 8 Hz Einstein Imaging processing, and coherent discernment to.



As all such global events (Kennedy, Diana), they are filled with the symbolism of event mason architects obsessed with the perfection of alignment of planets (astrology), geometry, and holographic symbols, like the Gemini Twins at a time when Gemini is aspected directly to such an implementation as transpired.

Addition of 11 + 9 + 2001 = 2021, which is naturally an anagramme of 2012, when we celebrate the galactic centre conjunction. The first CNN news items displayed continously on the screen flights 77 and 11, which adds to 88 (also the masonic Pyramid base to height ratio equation 7/11 appart from the 24 hours <8+8+8> open stores).

As many of you know the Order of the Golden Fleece (that which JASON seeks), related to me that the world gameboard, or chessboard is based on an 88 degree chessboard, that goes through Ates Coast and Eights Island. 88 signifies the "End Game", they related.

Interestingly on the night of the 10th, I had been in front of the Masonic building in Oslo counting the flames on their fence (260 incidently, Mayan), a meeting had taken place, and people came out blazing with light, the eye sparkling.

Of course Norway had just undergone its elections. There I explained to a friend that to the Egyptian´s the number 63 was sacred, and 64 was secret, but the number 65 was unspeakable, for it was 64 (the gameboard) plus 1 (the End Game). CNN in their first few hours of broadcasting, related that 1-64 passengers had died, in the crashes.

That night I dreamt that this Norwegian central Masonic building (no. 19) was chained around each window and closed, for its reality was in for repair (new pillars were constructed outside of its "square", opening to all, and the trees).

The next day (11th) I fell into semi-asleep in the Oslo palace park, and found the wind Spirit communicating to me, as the sounds converged I heard the voices of many dead people, who were passing out of their body. Then there was a bang. It felt as if there was a mass dying process. This was some 40 minutes before the event of September 11.

As I called a Grail brother, he related that 18 minutes before the WTC tower had been crashed into by an airplane. As we were speaking he related, "I am now watching another plane crash into the building."

This gave me the opportunity to view the reaction of the news on the Oslo and world mass consciousness, whilst discussing and integrating what this meant. And realised the information I had passed on 11 years before was now transpiring.

I called my colleague again and the Pentagon had just been crashed into. The Pentagon which is some 22 cascades down from the Earth dodecahedron grid pentagon shaped tectonic plate, whose heart is the Atlantis Bermuda triangle, with its underwater pyramids. Naturally a tornado was occurring at Bermuda at the same time as the crash, and the day before we viewed a children TV programme which showed the Atlantis pyramid with a wormhole connection to the Tomb of Osiris in Egypt, with its water tunnel into the Pyramid.

After two hours one could feel the wave of panic on the surface of the skin building up, as the world was becoming aware of what had transpired, and was digesting its implications.



The Emmanuel paradigm did relate much of what is now transpiring, and also noted that the Diamond Body, or so called "Light Body" is "one of the greatest national security threats around", and there are so many indications showing its clear emergence towards realisation.

We are now left with the previous ManUre of ages past, to place in the alchemical fields beyond the light paradigms of sacrifice in mass-acres to harvest "the light", but to harbour the Diamond of perfection, that emerges from that same coal darkness that burns the light, by the pressures of the present situations, via Compassionate Application in Via Media.


We now emplore all higher SUFI´s to release their secret information, which throws an entirely different light, which would show the absurdness of Islam fundamentalism. The Koran, like the Bible and Rg Veda, folds up into a precise Pyramid-Diamond by its Kabala number code.

PLEASE LET THE SECRET OVERFLOW TO ALL, for compassion´s sake, let us ALL find our Equal Rainbow Race balance. A Rainbow to Unity, without the ism of ZIONism, SETHism, Illuminism, Enlightenmentism, Aryanism, Islamism, or any racism.


Let us actualise the archaic secret which states that this is the time for "the secret is to give away the secret," from all secret soceities to all of mankind. Everyone has the right to be exposed to chose their potential. And NOW is that time.



Again please apply discernment, and compassion, to all news that you may be exposed to. GNN will send now some underground considerations that are public domain, and already available to you, if you seek. We ask you not to believe this information blindly, but to excercise your unique faculties and contributions of discernment and integration. To use this for greater cooperation, and Midway realisation.

Over the years we have been at times perhaps too outspoken on some of the incidents that are happening now (like our 1993 book Sovereignty: The Emergency For Independence From The European Slave Machine, which really needed to consider a Midway solution encorporating everyone, as some of both the Black and White sides have since related they may be beginning to glean. The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel coherent fractal cosmology book was written to engage such a paradigm of compassionate reconciliation).

The Midway phase-conjugates the black and the white polarities into one 8 hz all encompassing compassionate synthesis. This, in a sense, is the work of the Bodhisattva taking its vow of compassion, for the individual and unique sovereign realisation of all sentient beings.


We have shared with you over the years many suggested techniques, paradigms, approaches, nutritions (virtual and otherwise), Unity Keys, and protocols which may aid one in this process, and we shall touch base and take this further at the annual Schweibenalp seminar on the 19th this month.



Having stated this, we post on a selection of astounding other testimonies now emerging that show something else may be in the swing then it appears on the surface. We have been emersed in gathering intelligence, and please do not refrain from sending any information that you discern should be shared.

What is presently transpiring appears to be on a schedule time zone for Emmanuel´s "End Game of the Universal Game" (Emmanuel, 1991). The, so called, "End Game" leads, according to Emmanuel, to the "Opening of the Eyelids of the Universal Dreamer" beginning in 2011, so the Emmanuel paradigm suggested some 13 and again 10 years ago.

A Compassionate Midway Alchemy of All Is God With and As Us, is the Coherence that can uni-PHI this into re-ALL-Isation, for the the mutual benefit of each Sovereign Beings Gnosis. All Is God Be You.

--Ananda, September 12th and 13th, 2001