In looking through my "contact" notes, I found the following references to you [there are more, but the broken computer that has them has not yet arrived]. The first I do not recall precisely what is being referred to:

"Greetings, I am Athena. We are impressed with your focus with Meja, this has been a valuable episode and lesson for us. You may indeed require such a break through soon. We would ponder upon star situations that could allow such an breakthrough without disruption of the mission. You are well advised."

-16th, February 1998

"I am Athena with Ptah and Aton-Hermes present. We send our regards. Meja is beckoning to you, as she requires an updating of the sequence of events that have to transpire. She needs some solitude and asks and prays to us for some help advice and contact. We can beckon to her via you and other sources, as well as the occasional nudge here and there, since we are one of her and she is one of us, we are One in the One Infinite Creator of All-Oneness, and she is an incarnational input form this."

-2 October 1998

"I am Ptah. She is now fulfilling her pledge, and is learning some facettes of you. She is studying and preparing some new material...

"...We can relay that she can play more of her tunes towards establishing the link between us here amidst humanity. We look towards our ambassadors, ourselves incarnate on earth, since your powers have been infiltrated by the sequenced players who themselves are transmorphing as us, in order to keep the play game going...

"Thereby, we have had to ourselves take incarnatory roles, such as you and Meja, and so many others... Meja you are agreed with and she with you. You have made some decisions together before. You know this too."

"I am Athena with Ptah in resonance, Aton sends his greetings and salutations of the All-Oneness. Yes indeed, we have been engaged in this [Meja] endeavour for quite a while, actually since before you were born. It is a pre-assignment you and her designed, and we with you, as you have come to realise, this is also by Jupiters moon, and much much further a field in Andromeda. She is an aspect of this programme endeavour and together you will be able to make some major influence to some who could not be reached. Others will join in this. And you are now engaged in decoding her memories for her."

-May 20, 1999.

Etc ETC E.T.-C. Let us now explore how your life wave has been embedded in the geometrical design of the music covers that have been bought by millions, a form of encoding, for unity directives.

So let us procede with deciphering the ET code. Unifying the 3 eyes. The Sun Eye or Ra Right Eye makes a straight line connection to the base of the A pyramid, the "A" of MEJA.

The Angled line of the "A" pyramid extends precisely to the middle line between the Horus and Ra Eye, giving the Midway "T" point. Completing the "T" down, then a Ra Ray comes from the right Uraeus Ra Eye, and kisses the middle T base. Then a Horay (Horus Ray) emerging from the left Eye completes the isociles triangle, Pupil-to-Pupil - HoRa Horay.

The Pyramid "A" when extended unites the 3rd Eye at the brow. A logical deduction of Hyperspatial engineering. All of the above was orchestrated by being placed in the minds of the designers, so that the message of protection and ET identity was encorporated in the engram energetics of the holographic symbols of the cover image, that sparks the mind to buy and listen to the transmission encorporated.

What message is given? There are 3 distinct, yet interconnected messages, or a statement of actuality. Starting at the Middle of the Name MEJA from the base-line of the "T", we note that it is "E" of Meja, and "T" of the that is crossed by this triad "T. Hence the "T" aligns the word "ET" (extraterrestrial). Altogether with the connecting Triad hyperspatial "T", this can also be seen as T-ET, and a TET is short for Tetra, and the geometry here decoded is an tetrahedron design, Hor and Ra Eye, but obliqued from an angled perspective, so that is appears as an isoceles rather than of equal design. Hence a tetrahedron only perfect in another dimension, when the message is united with the numbers and the geometry.

The Hor RAy touches "M" and "E" of Meja, hence rendering ME. This Ray of Hor also touches the "B" of "bout", which is united with "E", at the end of the rays course, in order to unite with the middle focus of the triad, and this gives "BE". So we have "Me Be ET".

However, this logick and message can also be extracted by precise Triad extrapolations. Ra Eye to the base of the triangle "T" also crosses "M" of Money (Moon Eye, Mon Eye, A-mon Eye, Amon Ra the fallen Ra, Mon the hidden god of Tibet, and Amon the hidden god of Egypt, who created the magic of money), this is being crossed by the Sun RA Eye. Hence, this gives a double mirror (phase conjugate) signal, that this ET is not caught in A Mon Eye (not caught by the money magic game of the poisoned Amen-Ra), but is a true Horus as one with the Original Atum-Ra in the imperishable Imwh Annu, as an El (ImwhAnnuEl =Immanuel = Emmanuel), leaving the Moon Eye free to "BE" without Amon. So the Ra Eye Ray also gives "ME". Hence the message remains clearly ME BE ET".

Hence, to summerise. Right Eye to mid-base: ME. Left eye to mid-base: BE. Mid-base to middle of both eyes (hyperspace 3rd eye): ET. The mid hyperspace T bar point, was found by the pyramid of "A". The opposite direction of the pyramid "A" touches precisely the physical 3rd eye, hence telling us that his is the Hyperdimensional Eye coding in the Tau, or Tao "T" tetRA. Furthermore, the 3rd Eye touching the "A" also crosses the "y" of "money", hence giving "YA". Since we also have a "ME" left over from the Left Hor Eye touching "M" and "E", additionally we have "Me Be ET. Ya Me". The English Ya, can be surplanted by the Swedish Ja, and the same message obtained, by starting in the Middle (Caught Up In The Middle for a big surprise) and going out to the right eye and third eye, gives JA, and then doing an Oaroborus, a snake biting its tail, the end kisses the beginning, to iterate the sequence of the left eye igniting the Hor Ray that touches ME.

But what does this mean. The coding has passed through the usual dream computer that runs and generates this reality as a holographic 3D virtual reality, and enables the direct signal from ImwhAnnu the Imperishable Universe to come through, via the Midway, beyond and between the illusionary computer binary code, through trinary holographic linguistics. This all connects directly to the Pleiades.

A further NOTE, to the above: The Atum Ra Eye, called AK, of Imwh Annu, is in Taurus the Bull. In fact it relates to the Seven Sisters or the Pleiades, which are in the Apis Bull of Taurus, the Torus Doughnut. For ET humanity come to redeem the fallen Amon-Ra, as S.I.O.N and HOR, could only come onto Earth when Djehuti won the game of 52, in a game of checkers with the moon (52° is the pyramid angle, a game of pyramids with the Moon. Remember the pyramids on the moon photos, I showed when we met on "T" V [ T = 2 and V = 22 the fool, letters 20-22 are TUV, the Hebrew for Omega, 22:2 or 22x2 = 44, which is my own number, the double f00l of God]).

Of course, 5 + 2 = 7, and Ptah gave the Egyptians the 7 knot system by which to seal their Heku sonics, their Ren, or the name of their being. Sound was a technology, it was the resonance of the person, and the name had to be sealed in the Cartouche, the name is knotted in the 7 loops "of the infinite thread of eternity". The Coffin Texts 406-408, describe these as "spells for knowing the seven knots of the heavenly cow." Hathor, the love goddess and the great white cow, is Taurus, and the seven knots the Pleiades. They are used by the Wassir (Wizzard) in moving the boat which crosses the spaces of heaven, and these knots "find their equivalents in the 'knots' of the human body." Another Ptah, Pleiades, Annu connection. The door to Annu was in Taurus, by the Pleiades.

Atum-Djehuti, the original Jedi or Djedi force (as in star wars, Lucas is an initiate) won 1/72nd part of 360 days (Amon-Ra's number was 360) in the game with the moon, and this gave 5 days for Set Isis Osiris and Nephthys (SION) with HOR to incarnate on Earth and free humanity. The Pleiades Zenith is every 52 years, and one year is 52 weeks, since Djehuti's victory, 365 days in 52 weeks, with a leap year every fourth year.

Through this Imwh Annu Eye of RA Ship, Star Gate Doorway, from another universe, came Atum-Ptah as the first NeferAtum Lotus born man. Having emerged from the Sperm, Phoenix Fire Stone, of Ra (RA's MassTaurBA-"T"-Ion in Imwh Annu, gave the Pyramidion M.R., or MeRu, Star Ship that is the Pi-Ra-Mid vehicle or Vortexijah (Mt. Meru or the MeruSheBA vehicle of Buddhism). The Phoenix Bennu, and the Ben Ben Pyramideon Star Ship, has the same hieroglyph as the Great Pyramid called M.R. And the star system Sirius also had this same triangular hieroglyph, Sirius was known as Sept to the Egyptians, which was Isis (the MR, Mer, Mery Mary, Virgo (M) Virgin of SEPTember).

This Bija seed of Ra (Lapis Stellis stone from the stars), was also the tear Drop of Ra in compassion, and was an ascending Pyramidion Star Ship in which the gods and demi gods of the pre-dynasties (according the the Abydos Kings List) took their flight. Often the Pyramideon would land on the Annu pillar at the city of Annu, An, or On, heliopolis. As well as on the Pyramid itself. It was also the symbol for the Bennu Phoenix, which was Ptah himself. And the Phoenix, like in Sanskrit astrology, and to the Greeks was AQUARIUS (to iterate the 2-12-70 connection to the sign of Ptah).

Ptah is shown as the Water bearer. He is shown creating the Celestial Nile (the Milky Way, with the Jugs of the Waters of Life, the Aqua Vitae, the Arcanum, the Prima Materia, the Elixir of Life). We are approaching the Age of the Phoenix, the age of Ptah, the age of Immortality via the Arcanum, the Aqua Vitae, distributed to all who can pass through the attacking vaginal liquids of the womb passage we are in. There are some Midway supporters for this process here. In Vedic astrology, the Phoenix is Gurudas, who devours the snake of ignorance, the lower Nagas. In archaic Greece, Egypt, and to the Brahman's, the Phoenix Aquarius, was also a Peacock, the coat of Rainbow Eye's, of the creation Maya. Do you see the Meja mirrorings, there are many more Oh Daughter of Morning.

To the MeRy Mayan's, the Pleiades were Tzab. One Votan King was to rule for a maximum of 52 years, according to the Pleiades. The most secret arcane rituals were held on the pyramids, and astronomical temples at Itzapa, during the Pleiades Zenith. This was when the king, and the winners of the ball game, "Lost their heads", by eating mega doses of the "Flesh of the gods" Teonactyl, or the Mushroom, containing (Psilocyban). And eating the even more secret Salvia Divinorum (Diviners Sage), which has no botanical explanation for its ancestry, only existing in Oaxico, appearing like an extraterrestrial plant, especially since it cannot work in the brain (by what science presently knows of brain function, it does not bond to any known neurotransmitter site), yet it is the most potent mind altering plant in nature.

Originally it was the true Votan who taught them alchemy (who is also the Germanic Wotan, who before was Odin, and originally was known as Mannus, and in Vedic the Brahma Manu: the first Man born from the masturbated Bejah seed of Visnu. Born from the pyramid and Egg of Brahma, which is seated on the Shiva Linga, just as the sperm of Ra sits on the Annu pillar at On. So the B'jah seed of Visnu as the Egg of Brahma, sits on the Linga on Mt Meru, the world mountain, which is a pyramid of 52°, in Shamballa (earlier known as On, in the east: On, An). Tibet = Kham, ancient Egypt = Kham. Al-Khem-Maia).

Also note the similarity of Manu and Annu. In fact the Pyramid in the Egyptian Book of the Dead and Pyramid Texts, is known as the mountain of Manu. Manu, E-Manu-El, was an incarnation and manifestation of Emmanuel, they stated when I was 17). Votan gave the proto-Mayans the Mimosa and Acacia tree's for making the true Alkhemical Arcanum, but this was changed by the serpents of wisdom, all over the planet, so the serpent plant, the Mushroom of Sin/Nannar, became the 'secret' as it is today in Free Masonry.

Votan came from an Imperishable universe called Valum Chivim, through the 7 serpent road of the heavens, via the Pleiades, the seven sisters. The Mayan's actually had the Tzab (Pleiades), as the rattle of the rattle snake, Ahua Can, whose skin was shed at Midsummer and gained one new rattle. Whose diamond pattern is the same as the Mayan pyramids, when seen from above, being a square and a cross. It sheds its fangs every 20 days, just as the Mayans counted in 20 days.

But Votan, thousands of years before, had his own 8 fold star ship wheel, called the Ku, which is identical to the 8 fold MeruSheba of Manu, and the 8-fold Sleipnir (sky glider) of Odin. He was not governed by the serpent, but would pass through the serpent doorways, and use them as wormholes, just as Visnu is depicted to do. The 7 levelled Kuxaam Zuum, was the 7 wormholes via the Pleiades rattle. This knowledge was all changed, by the serpents of Mon and Amon all over the world.

The Votan kings were then established, for thousands of years. Each ruling for 52 years, or one Pleiades cycle. Just as the Egyptian had gained 5 days by Djehuti playing his game of 52, for ET humanity SION and HOR to incarnate on Earth, so the Mayans celebrated on the 52nd year, the end Feast, or Xul. Xul lasted for 5 DAYS, in fact they lit Pyre's or fire's ontop of the pyramids, resembling the scales of the Ahua Caan rattle snake (Pyre: Fire In the Mid - PyRAmid).

When the Aztecs reign ended, at 1507, they were precisely in their 5 day celebration, which came from the Maya. It was here that the Pleiades crossed the Southern Meridian at Midnight, this was the precisely on the 11/11 (11 November 1507), where the 5 last days are celebrated in the Xul, and then on the 13th of November, they would start the "new time" or Yaxkin, by lighting the fire in the pyramid for the new age.

Xul began on the 8th of November. Remembering that this Tzab cycle called a Sheaf, occurs only once in 52 years. 52° apart from the approximate angle of the Great Pyramid is also the maximum shine in the diamond (shining Like a Diamond in the Sky), hence the MeruSheba pyramid vehicle of the Buddhist, that gave them physical ascension and immortality, was called the 8-fold Chakra Vajra (Diamond Vehicle), this was Mt. Meru, recalling the Egypt pyramid is M.R. or MeRu.

This is all about the Oaraborus of UrANUs (HORAborus is the HOR RA or Horahkti, whose hieroglyph is a snake biting its tail. Oaroborus is the Gnostic symbol and the Greek for a snake biting its tail. This is enlightenment, for the ATON vehicle of Immortality, or should I say ImwhaHor-tality, is what emerges from the Horahkti hieroglyph, at the 8th chakra of Horus).

This is the Vortexijah, the MeruSheba, this is where the MR pyramid transcends through the Pupil of RA, as a Sphere to Imwh Annu. UrANUs (Annu, UR = Original, Primal, hence Uriginal of ANU) gave birth to Atlas, who gave birth to the Seven Sisters, the Pleiades.

In this manner there is a parallel between the SuMerian (Meru is also Mt. Sumeru) story of Anu whose second son via Antum, is Enki or Ea (who is likened to Ptah, exactly), and Atlas, born of UrAnus. Enki with 7 birth godesses (the Pleiades), created mankind, just as Manu created mankind, or Manukind.

To the Mayan's the Pleiades, Tzak, were the tail of the snake, and the head, was near to Scorpio (the Sting of the Scorpio points to the galactic Centre, just as the arrow of Sagittarius does). Where the astrophysical dark rift of our Milky Way lies, the dark rift that is the Womb of the Galactic Centre, Xi Bal Ba Be. Where the Mayans describe their anticipation that the Sperm of our solar system, will inseminate that Womb on December 21, 2012. So this Snake, making an arc from the Pleiades -23° from galactic anti-centre, stretching to Scorpio, pointing to the galactic centre, will be brought into a Spherical completion, by the ImwhAnnuEl's, into the Oaroborus passage to the UNITYverse, at the Omega Point of 2012.

This date is when our solar system makes a precise eclipse to the galactic centre, on the galactic ecliptic, in the midst of the nuclear bulge, the dark rift womb, of our galaxy. This true centre conjunction is pulling gravitationally on our sun (making it more active, which turns on our hormones in its 28 day cycle), and the time and space of our planet.

Our solar system then goes from the south of the galactic ecliptic to the Light Of the North (this is a galactic atmosphere change, in our foundation, just as water goes clockwise down the sink in the south of our planet, and anti-clockwise in the North). The Mayan's called this impregnation of the galactic womb Xi Bal BaBe, by the Sperm of our solar system (and a time lapse model of our solar system in 25,803 years, shows that it looks like a sperm), "the end of time". But this was just the beginning of Cosmogenesis, the creation of a new universe, that unites the dimensions of the gods and Earth into a synergy greater than both.

This has been our brother Votan's long time plan. Votan is one who works equally with Aton-Ptah from that future point, where we truely are. The first man of the proto-Mayans, like Manu and Mannus/Odin is the first man, and Atum-Ptah from Annu is the first man. Long before this became evident to me, Emmanuel had relayed precisely this, and much more. It is the 'end of time' as we enter a time travelling universe.

It is this Imwh Annu Alpha-Omega point that is leaking through your #1 hit cover design, emanating through your Trikiya Eyes. Hence, your song, was transmitting the code sequence, that this is in actual progress and completion. Just as the coding of our correspondence, mirrors the same, as we will see.

This is further evidenced at the Mayan Pyramid of Chichen Itza, which is precisely laid out and aligned to the Pleiades. The Mayans placed the symbol of the sun (3 dots in a circle) just below the rattle of the Ahau Can Snake (crotalus durissus), in their pictographic renderrings of it. Recalling that the rattle was the Tzab, or the Pleiades.

On top of the Pyramid of Chichen Itza, there is a tower which on the Zenith (52 year Pleiades cycle) aligns and points directly to the Seven Sisters, when the Pleiades and the Sun conjunct. This celebration begins on the Spring equinox, March 21st, when the sun turns the 9 STEPS of the Pyramid into a moving rattle snake shadow.

60 days (60° Tetrahedron angle, for hyperspace arcing, an connection in time through an non-temporal Oversoul) later, on May 20th (the day I responded to your first e-mail), the Sun and the Pleiades conjunct each other, at the Zenith, directly over the Pyramid of KuKulKan. One hundred years ago this would not have happenned at lat 19.40'N. It is only in our day and age, towards which the Mayan's looked that this work would become manifest from theory to actuality.

The day you first wrote to me, was May 15th. This is a precise Pleiades foundation map at the time of the building of the Teutihuacan pyramids (the biggest pyramids of central America. Tehuti = the Egyptian Djehuti, who was also in Egypt depicted as a feathered snake).

Teutihuacan was built and designed on the Seven Sisters, the Pleiades. There is an axis perpendicular to the "road of the dead" which is an X, the same X which is part of the Diamond pattern on the Ahau Can snake, and the Pyramid of the Sun and Moon at Tehutihuacan, when seen from above, has the steps forming the same X. This "X" axis, itself has structures marked in an X at either side, with the east side having in the "Viking Group" an "X" (Viking group, since the symbols are the same as the Viking Druidic art of Wotan, Odin, Mannus), and another X cross at the west.

At the foundation, then, of Teutihuacan, on May 15th, the first ANNUal rebirth and reappearence of the Pleiades (helical rising) preceeded the rising of the Sun, at the Zenith point. Hence, the Pleiades acted as the Heralds, the Morning Aq'Ab'Al, or foredawners. Then in the active period of Teutihuacan, in the year 150 AD, the Pleiades rose over the eastern "Viking Group" axis X to the road of the dead, at Noon (Midday), at May the 17th (Norwegian independence day), when the birth of the most significant 5th Sun occurred. Just as they had set and disappeared for 6 weeks, by the pointer of the X.

Aq ABAl, in Egyptian this would render to the Eye of Ra Ak, which is at the heart of Ab the soul Ba, ABBA, at the heart of the Soul Christs One God of Love. ABBA is the line of coding, from Sweden, that you are a sequence in. For dawner, before the dawn, a daughter of the morning, as we will see.

We can see, therefore, our Pleiadian dynamics and codings, our actions being transmitted from another universe (Imwh Annu), through and with the coding of the Ak Eye of Ra at the Imwha Annu door in Taurus, by the Seven Sisters the Pleiades. Your contact to me on May the 15th, the foundation of Teutihuacan, and my return post to you on May 20th, the present era Zenith to the Pleiades at the Pyramid of KuKulKan, Chichen Itza, as we approach the galactic centre womb. Chichen Itza, which is at 19.40' latitude, the position of the vertice's of a tetrahedron in a Sphere such as Earth (the Top Two points of the "T" triangle in 3D), this is a hyperdimensional input linguistics.

So we were signaling the Alpha-Omega, the Snake Biting its tail, of our brother Votan's initial Time Travelling work, now drawing history to its future attractor point, by our work, amidst our brothers and sisters. For we are agents, ambassadors from the future ImwhAnnu Unity Point from which we make all of creation. Now, perhaps, you can see the actual evidential reasoning that not only links May, Maya, to Maia in the Pleiades ethnographically, but May IS the Pleiades month, at the Tetrahdron point of 19.40', of the Maya, and is still actual for the Pleiades today (May 20). That certainly is some PlayIdeas.

But there are more connections here to the MEJA Seven Sisters Album (here the Maya Pleiades album). Daughter of Morning, track 11, comes into play. Recalling that Meja = 11, and so Daughter of Morning, or Daughter of the Morning Star, Venus (Daughter of Egyptian Hathor, who is Venus, but as the Cow is also Taurus in which sits the Pleiades, and the Eye Door of Ra to Imwh Annu) is what the Mayans called the Aq'Ab'Al (the foredawner). Recall that the Eye of Ra is Ak, from which comes Aqua (waters of life, from Ptah/AQUArius), and Ark, such as Ark Hor the Sphinx, and the Arcane Arkana, and the Arcanum elixir of immortality etc.

The Mayan's used both the Pleiades and Venus together in their cosmology. Venus was the birth of Quetzlcoatl (the winged serpent). And the Mayan beginning date was 3114 BC, on August 12th. August the 12th was also when the Egyptians celebrated their Osiris and Isis rituals.

What then occurred to the Pleiades on that date. The Seven Sisters are on the Meridian just before dawn (morn). They then are followed by the birth of Venus as the Morning Star, Quetzlcoatl, and then the sun, in a precise line. So the August 12th birth of the Morning Star Quetzlcoatl, is heralded by the Daughter of the Morning, the Pleiades. Hat-Hor being both Venus and Taurus, and she is the Partner of Ptah.

On "Seven Sisters" it was track 9, that had the Ka-Ba-La door of 333. Ptah's base in Scandinavia being designated as DAL-333, related to me in 1991. And the 7 Sisters, are in fact 9. The Mayans had the Tzab as 9 rattles on the Ahua Can snake. That is why the Chichen Itza pyramid had 9 steps to the tower which points to the Pleiades at the Zenith in this age.

So the "Seven Sisters" encoded the secret nine. In Egypt, Ptah and Hathor (in two joint trinitys with Djehuti/Shesheta; Ra/Nuit) give birth to an Enead of gods (NTR). 9 gods, just as the Mayan's had 9 Time Lords after Votan. An further A-stone-ishing fact now emerged, showing the significance of the deliberate coding, and the fact that Ptah with me had to decode it to thee, consciously.

You have been protected and guided by our brother Atum-Ptah from the future. In history, in the Mesopotamian Euphrates of ancient Sumeria, the "normal" time forwards Ptah, was known as Ea and Enki, he was the second son of the god Anu. He together with NinTi or Ninki, the great Cow (in Sumerian, just like Hathor, the Great Cow in Egyptian with Ptah) created mankind, through 7 birth goddesses each, as related before. He was also known as Oannes, for he became lord of the sea, Triton or Neptune. Ptah and your ET Self, made sure that this signature would come through on your works.

In your "Pop & Television" cover, the title with MEJA, precisely renders EA. Constructing a grid, that unites the Mid, the Mid of the title, with the Mid of your Name, crossing your Mid Eye. "Tele-vision" (tell a vision) has a base that parallel's your third eye (Pineal).

MEJA has a base that parallels your base lip, word trumpet output. MEJA ceiling parallels your nose precisely. Meja as a "sun on my shoulder", when linked Midway, through MidEye, to Midway, renders "E" from Meja, crossing the the HOR Moon Eye, to the "A" of &, in the Middle of the Title in the Middle of the Moon. Having crossed the path of the Third Eye. Hence the Middle of the Sun in the WORD, and the Middle of the Moon of the 3 words, via the Moon eye and 3rd Eye, gives EA, son of Anu (Manu, Imwh Annu, An, On, Emmanuel ET-C).

But this is not only a one way street, in Newtons 3rd Law, for every wave that travels forwards in time, one must travel backwards in time. And so our brother Atum-Ptah comes to correct, or balance forwards Ea-Ptah. We went from the Sun to the Moon first (Direct light to indirect light: a hologramme is made from one beam of direct light, and one beam of indirect light, the sun and the moon, the Hor and Ra Eyes. HoRa, our Eye's make holographic universes).

Now let us phase-conjugate (two partners kissing equally, phase-locking, or face-locking) the directions, to enable equal sharing both perspectives into Unified neutrality. We have gone from the mid of ONE into the Mid of 3 (knowing that 1 through the 3 of the prism makes 7, and it is track 7 on Seven Sisters).

Let us now go back from 3 into ONE. We take the Alpha, or first three letters of the 3 title words (our 3 Alpha word), and unite them with the Omega WORD, on the Omega "A", just as we took the 3 Alpha letters on the 3 Alpha Moon words. Alpha-Alpha: Omega-Omega. Hence the outer protecting letters of the 4 words, which protects your image, is PTA. The 3 middles from sun to moon gives EA, who is Ptah, and the 3 outer's to the Name outer, is Pta. Recalling that Ptah gave the 7 knots of the Pleiades from the cow of Hathor, to protect ones name (Ren), ones WORD, ones sonic mandalla of life, in the Cartouche. This in ancient Egypt was only done to a Pharoah or Queen, or high Preistess. This is overwhelmingly logically clear, with minimum steering through hyperspace.

But there is more. We can extrapolate, once again, that the Amon, or Amen-Ra code, is beyond this holographic sequencing. For when we turn the "A" into a pyramid guideline, and extend it above, and we utilise the "M" as a similar guide-line, taking the middle "E" mid-bar to extend up to the "A" line by the guideline of the top of the "J", and joining the "M" line by the guideline of the top "E" bar, then the sign of Virgo (M) emerges, and this is the MeR of the sea, or lady of the lake, Mery, Isis, who became Mary. For Isis gave birth to Iosos on the 25th of December (IOsos an Egyptian name for HOR). This may all be very well, SEPT or Sirius (September Virgo Virgin Mery, the lady of the Pyramid MR, MeRu), but what has this to do with Ptah? Ptah built the Pyramid for Isis (Ast), he was Atum, Atem, Aton, Ptah. Quite different to Amen-Ptah. The Virgo M from the angles of the type-face letters gives us AEM.

When we sequence meaning, starting with Omega-Omega, and connect to the Mid, we have A and E, and when we connect the Mid to the 3rd Alpha, we cross the base of the Ra Sun Eye to "T". Sequence: A ET (ATE, TEA, A=1 T=2 E=5 == 8, A ET Ate Tea, could also be seen as 88, hence you are here in the 888 coding midway-Midway-midway, beyond the game).

But here we have only taken a half path. When this sequence is rooted into an Oaroborus, look what emerges. Bringing the above into a Ying-Yang alpha-omega dance, Omega "A" to Alpha "T" = AT (eighty Aleph Tuv = Hebrew equivelent of Greek Alpha Omega). Then 3rd Alpha bringing Trinity in the Atem Sun vehicle, midway Middle "E" = ATE. Then united to Omega-Alpha "M" = ATEM. The Atem Vehicle is the Sun behind the Sun, ATUM, ATEM, ATON. It is the MeRu Vehicle in ascension (clearly depicted in Egyptian hieroglyphs). Atena, the female version of Aton, is also the root of Athena. Who is likened to Isis, who Ptah bulit the MR pyramid for. Athena comes with Ptah from the future Andromeda ATON-Omega point.

When we now unite the first message with the last, through the middle, the renderring is complete: "EA PTA A ET "AT" ATEM". Where "AT" designates Aleph Tuv (Alpha-Omega). It is this ATON Collective Vehicle we are transmitting into humanity, so they can recall their infinitely unique dome of Unity.


Your name is sealed in the sun and the moon, through both Eye's, by Atum-Ptah. Even if this message required quite some electric meditation (not brain machine, but cyberspatial pictural pattern decipherment, through inner contemplation), track 7 had to point to the creator of the 7 Sisters, as patron Ptah. Maia, being one of those Daughters of the Morning.

All-In-All, the code is consistently the same. And confirms what Ptah had transmitted. It is a coordinated design that we met on a 7-hour UFO Special, in order to conform to the code-sequence now in progress, and way beyond "Jupiter is calling". The signal coming through both our eyes was known to us both, as we designed it. Of course, this from an Earthly angle should only be Thot tickles of reminders, Play Ideas on the Road to Unity, never taken to Siriusly, for that is Is is Ice Is, but she too is SISI from which roots Sisters, including the 7.

However, on the 7 HOR UFO special, we were on a panel where Janneke too was present. She had been hypnotised by Dr. Runi Lukkanen Kilde (this is supposed to be a secret). Ruani, I met in 1990, I video interviewed her in 1991 where she describes received 5 implants, and even metal filing were found on her face, and given into analysis. I tried to introduce her to the swedish Robert Nauslund, who received 5 implants by Sapo. They now have met each other, and she believes that implants are part of the global mind control programme called MK-Ultra, no longer a project, but an Operation, which would mean she is also admiting that she is such a victim (she no longer discusses her implants, although she used to relay how beneficial it was to have one, which outraged a Geneva audience). Since she hypnotised Janake in Egypt, and was implanted, much carry over can occur. Together, at the time we met, they had formed a secret group they called 'The Seven Sisters'. So we see that we are sorting out a very deep programme, with Ptah, undoing the Atlas, or Atlantis corruptions. Secret is hidden (Amen), you are the Overt and revealed Maia, and 7 Sisters, within yourself. Hora. All Is God.


There is much more to this story, which will emerge when the time is NOW.




Examine the 333 code, and discover the Waters of Life and Star Ship vehicle of Ptah coded in. See 108 to Shamballa, and the pearls of the 28th Buddha Guatama, whose favourite student was Ananda.



---Odinsdag 2. June 1999 18:19----

(Pasted in here from June, and slightly trimmed so that more of the whole picture is on one page)

ATE days since you sent mail...

I knew that you would contact me in May because of decoding your Seven Sisters

encodement. Here is an explanation:


DAL 333 is the name of the Scandinavian Extraterrestrial Base. This was

related to me in my contacts before I came to Norway. 333 is CLU when the

alphabet is laid out in the 1-9 system.

"Beautiful girl" is the only track that is 3.33 minutes long (see attached

picture decoding in jpg). 3+3+3 = 9. "Beuatiful girl" is track 9, and is


Furthermore, the first 3, when one draws a verticle line up, touches

the last 3 in the bar code. The last 3, with a verticle line, touches the

Pleiades star you are named after, Maia, to confirm.

The second 3 touches 3 beneath. The third 3, touches "u" above u = 3. Hence

3-3, 3-3, 3-3, to confirm.

The letters that 3.33 touch above are "heM You" whose value is 33, no less.

This is 3 times 11, the value of your name.

Clearly the capitols here are in the middle, so we have to anagramme from

the middle out, and wed. The first will come last and the last will come


The last 3 now touches Maia, and is the beginner, it touches "M".

From this we mirror the word by starting with Meh (this already sounds like

Mai or May), we then add the the "Y", or by hyper-logical deduction, one is

in reverse from the Middle, and one is straight from the Middle, that is how

we get cuaght in the middle.

Message is Meh You, phoenetically "Mai You", from touching Maia, and 333 on

Meja's CD, about the Pleiades (see picture for clarity).

This is all rather simple holographic deductics, which were placed into the

heads of those who designed the CD, you included. I was to decode it, since

you had something to do with placing the Seven Sister Pleiades on the CD,

and I relayed to you in 1994 that Maia was one of the Pleiades, one of the

seven sisters, and asserted your connection (not the only place of focus,


But then how could I take a personal communication connection to that date?

Well the universal principle is the 7 plus one, the Rainbow to the sun, the

Seven Dwarfs to Snow White, the octave, the 8 families of elements, the

Seven Sisters to Atlas (their father, who is Atlantis), etc.

That is also quite simple. Ananda = 17, which is 1+7 = 8. How can this

relate to "beautiful girl" 333 and track 9? Watch:


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

a b c d e f g h i

j k l m n o p q r

s t u v w x y z


b=2 e=5 a=1 u=3 t=2 i=9 f=6 u=3 l=3 == 34 (7)

g=7 i=9 r=9 l=3 == 28 (10 = 1)

= 17 = 8


62 = 8


Then add track time 3.33 =9 +9 = 71 = 8

Additionally, to be meticoulous there:

Is also track 9, which gives another 8 +9 =80 ('A''T') = 8


Hence in plain simplicity we have 17, and in greater complexity 71 which is

17's mirror for holography 17:71.

In even plainer terms "beautiful girl" is 34 = 7 and 28 = 10 = 1. I.e. 7 +1.


Since, this is coded in so clearly, your Seven Sister faces do have fusion

possibilities, and the "con" can be a "noc" (knock, knocking on...), from

confusion to noc fusion.

Would it surprise you that my Oversoul, and Ptah, Athena, and Company, thus

coded the letter of the 7th day to iterate this code point:


Dear Jema,


1. 7 ........................ . [7]

2. Plieades = 35 . . [8]

3. days = 13 . . . [4]

4. later = 20 . . . [2]

5. Another = 36 . . [9]

6. e-mail = 22 . . [4]

7. comes = 19 . . [10]

----- .... . . . [=44]

AT 8 145 = 10 = 1

Then ad the first 7 = 17 [i.e. 7 + 1, or 7 plus 10 = 17]


Light, Love, Life,


151541 = 17

[It is also remarkable that when you add these numbers in their base, ie.e break down 35 3+5 = 8, that the entire addition in value is 44, which is the life number I came with by adding name and number which is 31 for name, and 13 for date of birth 31:13 = 44, Ihave added this in hard brackets, to the original letter, now this August the 8th (88).] 145 is 144 + 1, beyond the light computer, Chirst with the 144 male and female disciples...


A.T = ATE TEA, or Eighty, 80, Hence AT 8 = 88 (8+8=16 = 7), the Ate Speaks

to 7 Sisters.


"Caught Up In the Middle" is the Heart of you, and that is why its track

time = 8.

Lets see which facette will iterate forth in the next bequeathment of

vocalased pixels. For they are one, whichever speaks, or hides, each colour

has every other colour, in perfect admixtures of personified uniqueness.

Its getting L°-Ate, don't hesitate to life you life. Every good has an equal

bad, every only good thing we do, has someone do an equal bad thing to

balance the universe, but what is the opposite of the Middle Way, indeed, it

is another Middle Way.


That is Sister Emerald Green,

who allows red to kiss the violet "home of me",

So that Rubi is her laser,

Turning sorrow to Zorro,

And Ignorance to Inner Dance,

so that grief becomes grace,

Opening up the Midway Face,


For without a base, the soul becomes cold indeed, but that was written under

the number of Green. For the 7 to become one, they need a trinity. Red is

one pole of the 3, Violet the other, and Green is the Midpoint that balances

their polarised competetion for the time of expression in the "I".

To go home to the 8, the Rainbow Road of the Seven Sisters, enables the Sun

on the Shoulder to become the Gold of the Self.


By dances many,

The hearts golden Penny,

A signal to be,

And rescue the Free,

A silence of Virtue,

That brings fourth the Truth,

In Infinite Symphonic Simplicity,


Do you dare to BE + 1


Eight Hundred and Eighty Ate Golden Midway Vortexijah embraces, at All Is

God Speed. All Is god Be Us,

Light, Love, Life,



[As today is the 8th of the 8th, this may now take on some new meaning in its depth. That is your "hi hi hi" [888, nine always reflects all numbers back to themselves, and "I" is 9. So this is the 8-8-99. I will send you "The f00l of God", article at some point.]


MORE COMES FLOODING THROUGH: Ptah Aquarius, aligns thee to 2012. Your d-ate of birth is 2-12, the zer0 is all that is missing. The year 1970 is 7 + 1, then 9 = 17, 7 + 1 again, 88. When you align your birth date, thusly






Hence, your date of birth and HOuR of birth in your HORUScope, in 1984, is your holographic input point, look at everything that happenned in the daily news that day, and if possible around the hour of birth, these are the codings from hyperspace, the clue's, so to speak. When added together in standard numerology as 2 + 12 + 1 + 9 _ 8 + 4 = 31, = 4, which is your Seven Sisters Road. 31 is also the Wheel of Fortune Taro Card. There are 22 Arkana. But 22nd card is the fool, so only 21 are numbered in the computer 7-7-7.

[88-99] 1984 = 22 the fool, indeed, who can play every other card, without being stuck in any role]

The 22 cards are the 22 tetrahedrons that go face-to-face to make one complete double helix of the DNA (Tetrahelix), but when 22 is divided by 7, one has the Mathematics of PI, the tetrahedron in the circle. 21 ARKana's, but there are 4 elements, for the 4 types of sun magnetism, which changes every 7 days. Earth, Air, Fire, Water. Hence 84 cards in total, 21 cards in each element. 31 is taro card 10 in water (the mother, Shekinah). My birth name has the same value 31.

The secret is to unite name and number. Name is 11. El-even is Balance in the Taro, in Fire, or Abba (Father of Love). 31 + 11 = 42, which is The World Arcana 21, in Water. Which leaves your Air and Earth, Son and Daughter, Christ and Sophia, FREE to BE. Most are coded in 3 elements, the head Fire, the arms and shoulders Water, the TORso Air, the hips and legs Earth/Sophia/Magdalain.

Alternatly you could also unite 1+9+8+4 = 22 (fool), with 11 = 33. Meja and Daughter Of Morning renders 11:11 = 22. And 33 came out in the code too (looking up).The highest and last step of the Pyramid, without the Bennu Capstone Vehicle. This is Arcana card 12, the Hanged Man, 33 was the age Christ was crucified, but took the Arcanuum, the Vinagger of the 4 Theives, just before he "gave up his spirit", and hence regenerating by the elixier of his Soma Eucharist.

Although this latter option is in an octave harmonic to the main, the first renderring is the Foundation of the Code, both ways, you have two sets of 21 cards FREE to be with, you took those DNA codes with you from ImwhAnnu, and beyond. I trust that the phoenetics of the PS did not render themselves into actuality PS:Piss. Certainly the weather has been of the latter, but so did the Gods drink Amaroli, golden necter, after drinking the Soma, as a snake biting its tail, they took the golden midway beam of that URine. Backwards we have Puned in Ssip. (: All Is God Thotickles.

Examine the 333 code, and discover the Waters of Life and Star Ship vehicle of Ptah coded in. See 108 to Shamballa, and the pearls of the 28th Buddha Guatama, whose favourite student was Ananda.