The MEJA ISIS Connection


S-even Sisters, encodes the Isis principles, within the Ren of Name of Self and Name of Disc (CD and Atem). When the album is mirrored, it reveals that the background light enfolds you as a Pyramid of light, within its Mirror, is an inverted pyramid, that points to the Mid. Isis is the lady of the Pyramid, Nun-Hathor and Atum-Ptah gave her the custody.

From Isis comes HOR, and the Akeru Aku: the 7 Sphinx Masters. And from them the Shemsu Hor, of which Christ was one in lineage. Isis gives birth to the divine child, BY the BA (Soul, Dove), BA-BY. And Tehuti enabled that birth to succeed, both in wining with the moon, and by providing the Wizzardry to resurrect Ausir Wassir Osiris in the dark. From which emerged Iosos (Horus) on the 25th of December.

Isis was the first Virgin Mary. As Lady of the Pyramid, the MeRu. The Lady of the Lake (Avalon, Arthur, ArkHor, Art-HOR, and MRlin), Queen of Hearts. Mary comes from Egypt. Mother of TutankAton (later TothAnkAmon) and Moses was Mery Kiya (Miriam). Mary comes from Mer, which is both a lake and a sea, in cross linguistics, and has both meanings in Egyptian. Mer was also the Pyramid itself, recall. And Isis was the lady of the mount of the east, Mt Manu (as it was called). She was Sirius, SEPTet, and her sign is the M of Virgo the Virgin of September, when Sirius dissapears from the Egyptian skies.

As you will see, the 3.33 code of track 9, reveals something of September 99 (the 9th of 99).

The Mery's were the high Preistesses, and so Jesos was born from a Virgo Mary on the Horus day. My mother tried to have me born on the 25th of December, for similar reasons, but I chose to come 5 DAYS later, to continue to be in the 5 days of freedom won by Djehuti. After 3 months in the SAHARA desert meditating, my secret father, met my mother for 3 days, and continued the Meruvingian line.

Upon research (I never have met this seed donar), his fathers line (head of the healers guilds and psychic research associations, as well as the Rosicrucians), came from Rennes le Chateau, in Southern France, where the Order of SION (Set Isis Osiris and Nephtys) were being protected as the Grail, by the Templers and Cathers.

Mary Magdelain came here, impregnated with Issa-Immanuels seed, from their tantric union and superconductive fusion, specially designed, for the New HOR's to continue amoungst man and woman, until every human was a King and Queen. SION was the 144 male and female apostle Shamanna's.

Joseph of Arrimathia (the brother of Christ who asked for the living body of Christ [Soma], and took it from the 3-day tomb), after Rennes then went on to Glastonbury England, and founded the Grail Avalon line (Arthur, Merlin, Lancealot etc). He was a metalurgist and used it for the secret science of Alchemy. The Grail was also taken to SION Switzerland.

Christ was born from Ptah superconductive beam instigation, which enables Virgin birth through the ova becoming inseminated by the Zona Pelucida, and the superconductie tracktor beam, downloads the ET image into the insemination, through 8Hz instigation. That is why the Holy Spirit Dove Star Ship is shown in so much Meruvingian art, they had regular contact with the galactic SION. This is the HOR upgrade for man, out of the Amen prison, and into 360° self Liberation. This same process also happens without the Zona Pellucida, but with the high field sperm and ova (tantrically and alchemically prepared).

The Star Ship with superconducting tracktor beam, with the Dove just above Mary's head.

The San Graal (Holy Grail) was actually the Sang Royal (Song in the Blood, Royal Blood). For here Christ with the W-HOR Mary, his tantric high preistess of the high Eucharia Isralite Royal family (who owned much a Isis-Ra-El: Israel), had braught another HOR into creation. And so had the 144 male and female apostles, who had opened their DNA with the Arcanum Eucharist that Christ had Alchemically taught them to make - the waters of Ptah, the first Immanuel (ImwhAnnuEl). So Christ was an Immanuel (book of Mathew).

The Mary's who were Sophia's: incarnated Christ's, together with the Apostles, were Shamana's (Shamans: in Sumeria Sham = Aton Vehicle/Vortexijah Star Ship, the Atum of Ptah; and Mana was the combined Soma-Acacia plant of life and tree of life, with the white-gold or bread of light).

Shamanna, is literally that meaning and is the root of the Shaman's. And all true shamans over the world, take plants that contains the Pineal gland neurotransmitters [Ayahuasca in the Amazon, used for 30,000 years to cure all disease, given by the Christ Viracutcha who is Votan {Wotan, Odin, Mannus, Manu, Ptah}].

The Sophia's were lady's of the sacred waters Aquae Vitae. Mary Magdelain was said to have died in Aix-en-Provence, southern France, in 63 AD, in the old town of Acqae Sexteae, rendered from the hot springs town of Aix or Acqs, coming from aqauae. In the Meruvingian Languedoc tradition, Mary is remembered, like Hathor and Isis, as "the Misstress of the Waters", la Dompna del Aquae. She was also lady of the sea, Mare in latin. Gnostics considered the Gnosis (to know) to be the female Shekinah (Spirit), which "moved on the face of the waters". The Holy spirit of Sophia incarnated as Magde-lain (not Louis Lane). Actually spelt Magdalene, after who the Eucharist is named.

Before we continue with the Shamanna. How does this relate to Lancelot, Arthur, and the Grail? Christ and Magdelain had 3 children Tamaris, Iosos 2/Justus, and Josephus/RamaTheo. RamaTheo's grandson Aminadab marries, a 5 x granddaughter of Arimmethia (brother of Christ, who married his daughter Anna to Bran the Blessed). Here their lines are cojoined, and spring off into the Franks, Meroveus, Clovis, etc.

From Immanuel and Magdelain came the House of del Acqs. Being prominent in Aquitaine, which also roots from Aquae, as does the town of Dax, near Toulouse from d'Acqs, where the Christ family of the waters become Counts of Toulouse and Prinices of the SEPTimanian Medi between France and Spain. A female line gave the celtic Church heritage of Avallon, France, with Viviane del Acqs as High Queen, 6th century. Another male line, in Brittany became the Counts de Leon d'Acqs, from Viviane I grandaughter Morgaine and King Arthur.

Viviane I's son was Lancelot del Acqs. Arthur came from a further co-joining of the Arimethia Immanuel lines, from his father, the Pendragon Aedan Gabran, and mother Ygerna del Acqs. The first Merlin was Taleisin (great Bard, Taleisman roots), husband of Vivien of Avallon del Acqs (died 540 AD), grandmother of Lancelot, directly from the Immanuel/Magdelain lineage. The second Merlin was Emrys Ambrosius POWys, an older cousin of king Aedan, father of Arthur. This is the Merlin of fame. Merlin made the Ambrosia of immortality, as his name implies: the Soma Agape Amrita, and together with an illigitemate daughter of Taleisin, the first Merlin married to Lady Avallon Vivien de Arqs, grandmother of Lancelot - made a secret line of children, and became a time traveller. Thus the Shamanna Aqua Vitae Eucharist was regained. The true ultimate shamanistic Pangeum Grail, was found.



In Sumeria those who caried the cup of the Shamanna, were called the carriers of the Gra-al (necter of supreme excellence). In fact the grail Kings, with their Sangraal, roots from the Sumerian Sanga (priest) and lugal (king), Sang-lu-gal, san graal. And they were Ark-angels, messengers of the Ark, which contained the bread of light mana, and awakened the SHAM vehicle; the Ark Tree of Life, which was the translater to the Star Ship, the Sham. Sham-Ba-Lha, Vehicle of the Ba-Soul and Lha-Spirit.

Sham.Mr, is Sumer (pronounced Shumer), the Sumerland of Ur and Uruk. The land of the Sham vehicle made Pyramid MR. These are our Mesapotamian roots. Mt Meru was also called land Su-meru in Sanscrit. Sha is also the Sumerian 360°.

The Grail thus is the elexier of Life and ascension, the Shamanic brew by which one becomes the Falcan Head (Shemsu Hor, the 'eagle that flies', as ABBA would say, "flying high in the skies". Like in the film Emerald Forest [that was a Harmine/DMT snuff, the same components as in the Pineal gland]). Emarld Green, the colour inbetween, the 6 others, a Middle Way, for all to gather into All-One.

The Grail was at the same time a Star Ship, exteriorised. In fact the Star Ship made flesh and then crystal stone, Lapis Stellis Excellis, the Stone of Ptah (Diamonds are forever). At the same time, it was the Royal Blood. For the DNA had been opened to the Spirit by the Shamanna Grail. Issa-Iosos-Immanuel came from a lineage that goes back to Akenaton (Enki Ptah Line),who in union with Mery Kiya Isralite line (Enlil El Shadai, Jehova), gave birth to Moses and Tutankaton (amon).

Christ corrected the hate code of Jehova, and braught Adon Adonai Aton, back into focus, as Abba. Another link to Enki-Ptah the father-Abba in heaven. For Abba was originally a Sumerian word, which defined a Sanga Luga. This is therefore a very ancient Alchemical line, that had continous periods of Shaman's opening their DNA to the Unity Light Body, and Diamond Body, with the Shamanna bread and divine wine from the Immortal Vine, so that the DNA was corrected by it laser light.

See this image later in bigger size

My grandfather, on my mothers side also came from Rennes le Chateau, in the lineage 200 years ago, and my grandmother and him met near the Eagle Aigle, by SION. My grandmother coming from an ancient Meruvingian Rosicrucian line. As the Meruvingians were literally hunted by the Roman Empire as the Roman Catholic church, whose inside code is Mystery Babylon (Phallus in every Catholic altar, and preists put their sperm into the Eucharist, just as the ancient Amen/Amon preists put their sperm into the bread of light, instead of the white gold and Soma/Acacia, for their magick).

They literally ate the body of Christ and drank the blood, as they hunted down the bloodline (and made themselves false heirs by canabalistic vampirism [queen elibeth of this inheretence], subverting the equal females, calling the Cathars and Templers Vampires, lords of the night, dragons, dracu's (they lived during the night since the Pineal gland secrets the 3rd eye spiritual shaman neurotransmitters, and when they became initiated, like the Maya, they became crocodiles, as they faced their inner dragons of fear and became MSHE. Messiah: Egyptian Crocodile [in fact the Mayans show the 5-meoDMT symbol on the crocodile preist] it was the church who were ruled by fear, could not face their dragon reptilian brain with compassion, and drank the blood], and eliminated the Midway path beyond duality, crushed the Buddha statutes that they carried (found at Marseilles, where they, SION, arrived in a boat without oars or sails, left by the master). This is quite an involved story, which continous today. We are all intergalactic equal kings and queens.

So the last remnents of the Graal Shaman's had to have bastards to ensure that humanity in the west had an opened DNA (Grail), at least in some, so that it could be fulfilled for all in the age of the Father, Ptah, the Phoenix, and mother Nun-Hathor, the Heavenly Cow, with the door to Imwh Annu, where the Shamanistic Aquae Vitae waters of life overflows to all.

Although, there was this secret mission with my father, from the Meruvingian side coming from his father, his mother came from the Odin line from Norway. Hence, Atum-Ptah the first man, creator of the pyramid world mountain, and Manu the first man creator of the Meru pyramid world mountain, and Mannus to be known as Odin, the first man who made the first world mountain Himinbiorg in Tula, which was the door via the Bifrost Rainbow Bridge (guarded by Heimdalr) to Asgard, and Votan, Viracotcha, to make a full circle.

I write a little about this family tree affair, since your own coding indicates that the ORiginal lineage is breathing through you too, and I encourage you to investigate this. It is not materialistic what emerges. But we can now trace our lines all the way back to the first spatialised ones, directly to Ptah and company, through lineage, Et's in soul and flesh, and immortally as Spirit.

Therefore, any information you have, family coat's of arms (shields, family Runes), royal links, history of family names etc, will aid tremendously in this. I have seen the documentation on how this works, by a bard of ancient trained lineage (also of MeruVinGian lineage, PeVrill), who is the keeper of the present royal family of Orange, former queen Julianna. And he was trained for 60 years. But he states that I am 5 levels ahead of him, due to what Ptah and Emmanuel has relayed to me. I can decode a document that takes him weeks of linear decoding, in a day. What your coding says, is that there is some major links here. I also share the little of my own lines above, to gives some of the aStoneIshing liveness of history, when seen from the larger overview, and the meaning of our lives. But with what I have relayed of my own background, I ask for confidentially, please.

Alright, not to get too Sirius in this for now, but still Arc the Tour of Us - Arcturus, Ark Horus, who guards arthur, whose name renders literally from Arktos meaning Bear, and Arth = bear, uthyr = wonderful. And Arcturus means guarder of the bear (Ursa Major the Great Bear). And as Arthur means bear, and bear comes from Bor, the father of Odin, from which comes the term HyperBORia and Aurora BORealis, the keeper of the Equality of the Round Table Grail Code (cup overfloweth) Bors was also the brother of Lancelot from Viviane de Arqs. Hence, Avalon and Asgard are united in one Grail Round Table. Both were the mystical domains of the immortals.

Furthermore, Ursa, or bear, coming from Hor's, the UR Shaman shape shifters, the Shemsu Hor's and the Ur's of the East. And Arcadia was Ursa Major, the heavenly realms, which roots from Agarthia/Agartha (in Egypt all AK, ARK, AG words, are one root, and this is reflected in our language, and around the world). And BTW, Arcturus is, indeed, a 7 house arc from Taurus, opposite ends of the skies: Arc-Taurus.

Merak the Big Bear's major star, was also at the capstone of the Great pyramid, thousands of years in the past, where it outlined the Mer angles of 52° with the stars Sirius/Isis, and one of the stars of Pisces. Merak as the apex. That is why it has the name Mer (Pyramid) Ak (Eye), for HOR is the capstone of the pyramid foundation of SION, as the base square.

This is Asgartha the Buddhist heavenly realm at the North of the world, by and beyond the ARCtic, which the Scandinavians also called the heavenly abode Asgarda, later to be called Asgard. The Viking berserker's literally means "bear shirted".

No wonder that when Ptah told me to come to Norway in 1992, even giving the name of the area in which I am now, for connecting to the DAL-333 base - there was a top secret meeting in the same place, as I was there, of the secret esoteric Buddhists, who were discussing the new time to emerge here in the North.

For the Big Bear was called by the Akkadians Akkanna. And in Egypt its main star MerAk, was called Ak = Eye. Odin lost his third eye at Mima's well, in order to gather Runes (geometrical letters of creation). Just like Horus lost his eye, and Djehuti was its keeper, and gave writing. This Arcadia star is used by the Tibetan secret Buddhists to calculate the place of new spiritual emergence. The big bear forms a Suastika (Swastika), with on hand of the Swastika every 6,000 years. In this cycle, the the Golden apex arms falles on Norway. Here Asgartha is to emerge, according to their ancient traditions.



With that little introduction, one can now appreciate the personal/universal decodes that emerge from thee. Let the Emerald Green Stone of the Heart Eye bring this all home, through our unified implosions of compassion [compasSION]. Isis, the Original Lady of the Lake and Sea, Ladyof the Pyramid, and keeper of the Aquae Waters from Lady Hathor.

By mirroring the CD cover, in order to translate the Hyperdimensional Meja AK Eye point, we can see what is braught by thee, from infinity. Being framed in the pyramid is what gives it away. Why Isis. The "M" grid outer verticle lins to "I" and to "S", starting from righ to left, because "I" is the 7th letter for S-even Sisters. The Middle "M" angle touches "E" which would give spelling ISE. However, when the 1st "S" is taken by "M", then it leaves the word "even", because it cannot be left alone. When the 7th "I" is taken by "M", so it leaves "sters", which means stars, as in German sternen, or Swedish Stjern. It also means to stir from sleep. Word left is "Even stars", and 7 is not even. When the "I" is taken, so it leaves a lonely "S".

Hence, the outer "M" gives ISS or SIS. With the middle "M" it gives ISES, which is a Ka-Ba-La link to Jesus, who is Iosos (Horus), both of them born on December 25th. Iosos from the Ios Mery Isis. Since "e" is already occupied with the word "even", which tells us to even the message from the uneven 3, to one more, to make 4, since M = 4. We obtain the missing letter by adding the value of the letters that be. I = 9, S = 1. Hence, 11 results from ISS. Meja = 11, to confirm.

We take the mirror word, the hyperdimensional 3rd eye link, and count 11 words in as well as the 3 of ISS, this equals 10, as "even" = 10. Since the "M" is a small 2 eye fractal, with a middle 3rd eye that gives "e", we can count "Ises seven sI." 11th letter is "I", we have sailed the seven sea's.

Having borrowed from the even middle way, we give back the "e" and carrying the EL-Even "I", "ISIS" results. Isis even Stars.

Meja is framed by the light of the pyramid (which especially comes out in mirroring). Isis is the lady of the Pyramid, Lady of MR/Mer/Meru/Mery/Mary. This is sealed with "SEMI": M with the S with the E and with the I. How? Start with the I which touches the M, whose middle touches the E and whose end touches the S (IMES). This mirrored is SEMI. The Egyptian Heb Sem feast (also known as the Heb Seb, Mayan Tzab) is the Isis and Osiris Mysteries of August 11-12-13. SEMI: this is the Eye/I of SEM. Isis is indeed that I/Eye, in the Heb Sem feast. Just like SETI, means Eye of Set (Kinf Seti father of Ramses), which is also the secret of SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence), encoded by the Masons in the government. Isis was the lady of the knots. The famous Isis knots for the Hex or Heku. The 7 Isis knots are the Pleaides, in Hathor, for lady Aquarius Hathor and Phoenix-Aquarius Atum-Ptah, gave isis the sacred waters, and the sacred sound, the Seven Knots of the Cartouche of Life.

As you read this in the Isis days, so was it designed to be read herein. Ptah seals you in the Isis code. That is why you had to enter here, by going UNDERNEATH, Ananda In The Tomb Of Osiris, through the Virgo "M" = Mer: lake, waters of life, sea, pyramid, and Virgin Mary, in this Mery go round.


Should you be concerned that some data, of our private e-mails, has gone to the Bard of Queen Juliana, this is of no concern. Only the naked data was given. There is so much more to this code than I have shared with you, it would fill a book, the only thing is only a very few initiates would be able to comprehend it, so I present the comprehensible.

Needless to say, you now know why you spoke of coming into your Dolphin Nature. And this is an astonishing peice of the code. Juliana's bard, Redpin (Knight Geofry Pinder Pevril), lives next to Les Pleiades, by the head of the Dolphin shaped lake Geneva (lake Leman). Les Pleiades, are positioned in the constellation of Taurus, and the Swiss town Bulle, nearby, is the Bull's eye of this Taurus bull.

SION is not too far away from here, and that is where the golden light appeared over my grandfather, and he suddenly made a sculpture in the snow, in 1923, and became a famous sculpter, recognised by Juliana who visited his exchibition.

Also, it was here at the age of 2 above the SION mountains, that I also dissapeared into the golden light, for 2 hours, which I recall, and was found drawing 8's in the sand, by the search party.

At the age of 16 (1986) I returned, and was taught Ka-Ba-La by the ET's whilst there, above the SION mountains, and several dozens star ships became visible, which my mother Auna, and her boy friend also witnessed. A superconducting tractor beam went into my Horus Eye, and into her right Ra eye. I had hourly and daily contact, and was travelling out of the body to Ganymede the moon of Jupiter, in Ka-Ba-La lessons. Long before meeting Redpin: I am teaching him, as much as he is teachig me, although he considers me to be showing him 5 steps further ahead.

Between SION and Les Pleiades, is Aigle, the Eagle, whereby my grandmother and grandfather met (two Meruvingian lines). In 1992, I once again returned, alone to SION and above, and had contact with Ptah, who came in physical star ships for hours, and I received parts of the Unity keys of Emmanuel index there.

Ptah's ship was in at least 8 places at the same time, when becoming physically visible. Here I received the overview instruction and decision to actually go to Norway, which I did within a month, without knowing any one there, except Ruani. Visiting her, another visiter instantly invited me to guide a meditation at the Star Confederation Centre Oslo, and I stayed in the country ever since. The overview was also fulfilled, and is in fulfilment. Including this contact.

It was the Dolphin Lake and Pleaides, that were some of the key points in the Julianna letter I decoded with Ptah in one day, which took redpin some weeks by the normal time forwards language computer. Ptah gave me the same message extracted by mathematical Ka-Ba-La from 7 directions. Redpin had precisely the same message, which he had to follow as practicle instructions in major events, but he had to make dozens of pages of word lists and anagrammes of each, in and pass thorugh the codes of 127 languages and runes, to get similar results. I mention this, knowing it probably makes little sense to you now, but just to give a tiny tickle of the larger picture it is part of. I wish I could say more, but that will be up to you [this has nothing to do with secrecy at all, just with time and compassion].

Now you will know why a Mermaid is called this. Half Dolphin as the Dauphine family, like the Aqua family, were MeruVinGians. And Enki-Ptah was also Oannes, who emerged from the sea, taking his body out of a dolphin suit (as depicted by the Akkadians). This is the Dolphin that in code, impregnated queen merovige. Mer is sea, and Mer is lake.

The Lady of the Lake we covered above. But Mer is Pyramid. And the original Mer Maid, was Isis, lady of the sacred waters, and of the Pyramid. The Virgin Mary, the "I" of SION, who together with the O of Osiris in S-IO-N, the middle, undid the SN (SIN) of the poisen of Amen-Ra. And I and O made love. Put the I in the O (the Phallus in the Yoni) and the symbol is PHI (in Greek).

They gave birth to IOsos. Isis was also known as Ios. From which come Yes. ENKI=PTAH was made Lord of the Sea, when his jealous brother Enlil/Jehova, became lord of Earth, much as he hated man, but loved the gold mines, from which the mono atomic elements were mined that gave him immortality. In old norske mythes this was called Orgalmir, gold thirst.

So the children of Ptah, were MerMaids, dolphins. Dauphine also points from Orange (Orange family is Juliana) to the dolphin lake, where Magdelain took the grail, and the MERlin (pyramid Line), made the Arcanuum. You can see how extraterrstrially designed your code movements are, you have chosen these body code sequences, including the heraldry, which goes back to the gods.

Funnily enough, my lecture in Paris this March, took place at the rue de Dolphine, in a theatre called Nesle. And the Nestle adminstrative body, is at the tip of the Dolphin lake Geneva, at Vevy, next to Les Pleiades.



THE 3.33 CODE OF 9

Beautiful Diamonds

This picture speaks for itself, and further confirms the code. SEPTember is indicated for the Diamond in the Sky revelation, by 9-99, a personal and universal celebration. 155 came out in Redpins code for 5/5/2000 to 2003, whilst Julianna's Golden Fleece were calculating the possibility of a 32° pole shift to Midway Island (they have tried to integrate midway path, this was one such an attempt, gradual progress is occurring, I am glad to say. I am giving them more and more tickles beyond duality.)

The four who guard the Chariot of ascension. The angels chin at the female volva, guards of the grail flower which overflowth.

In fact the code came out in relation to our property Arken, as well. Along with 155 was 555, and that is the height of the land. My mother chose to pass on in July 14th 1997, at BagnAl, next to Orange. To give me a final message, which we spoke about before she went on, as we discussed the MeruVingian lines. The Gulf de Lion was where Magdelain arrived with the Grail. Go to Lyon, France (and one has the Lion that works with the Eagle, by lake Geneva and the Bulle, also near to lake Geneva, and Engelberg (Swiss) gives the angel, to complete the diamond shape (taro card 7 is the Chariot, which is guarded by a Lion, Eagle, Bull, and Angel.) Here the Grail was taken.

When measuring the precise distance from where my grandparents met, at the eagle Aigle, to Lyon the Lion, the distance is precisly the same where Auna passed on (her ashes or now freed into the Jotunheimen). As she looked up the local history there, it stated that Mary Magdelain, did some significant work there, and it was the place that Heru-cules (Horus Hero, Hercules), slaid the most dragons. Next to Orange is Mondragon, the world dragon, and Saint George is the town between Lion and Bagnal, who slays the dragon. Furthermore, where my mother met my secret Meruvingian father, in 1969, near Grenada, when drawing a line of where she passed, to there, it falls precisely on Rennes le Chateua in France, where SION was headed with the Grail for some time, and where my ancesters came from the Meruvingian Grail lines, from both sides.

Final Secret of the Unicorn, also decoded from the two crosses (a & b) in the SION document, which falls on letters "S"I"O"N", from a-b. But when this interlocked tetrahedron is opened, the opneing of the male cube, into the 8-fold Vortexijah or MeruSheba, then it opens to Arques, where the mary magelain church reveals the secret of our present time. For the above geometry made into the 8 fold Vortexijah, fits onto the Rennes le Chateua landscape, and a Templer, Cathar, and SION church or castle, is placed on each point of the Hexagon, and meruvingian Merusheba. Arques to Arken. Making 6 fold electron couples into 8 fold permenent orgasmic couples together forever, as superconductivity, or Prima Materia, Aqua Vitae.

In fact a SION document was found there at the church of Magdelain, and it spoke about "noone blue apples". An Orange is actualy blue, as it reflects orange photons. The Oragne family, where once Grailed, and still are a litle, in part, but so are many of this Shamanna line. This same document decodes into the Vortexijah shape the 6 fold to eight folded path of the MERUsheba.

Now in February 1998, I was in a place called Al, and here Ptah sent a morse code signal, which was a precise message, from the other side of the mountains. We were here lookiing for land. After looking at Al, where the 333 message again came, so did we go to Bagn and found the present land, in one day. Message is Bagn-Al, the place where Auna passed.

155 metres was what the golden fleece had calculated that the waters would initially rise, should the shift occur at 2003. And then they would grow to 555 metres. Ptah relayed that this future is now further off the sides from the 7 main future horizens which humanity together is drawing into attraction. With 155 appearing here, there is some echoe, but it does also link into the same code as Arken, the land in Bagn.


That is quite some Ark to carry the Aquae Vitae, as a Pil to the Lips for a Vigil Pow of awakening. Flow her, Hathor Lady Aqaurius, also the water bearer. Flower roots from flow her, she flows. This is flower power. Infact female alchemy is to recycle the menstrual blood. For it contains Pinoline and DMT, and other HORmones directly from the pineal gland, as well as the Iron that comes from Isis Sirius, and the PT (Ptah platinum elements) from within the bone marrow, where blood is made.

Men have to learn to steam their mercury, and draw the Mercury vapor up the cadeuscius staff of mercury. Mercury who is the roman name for the Greek Hermes, who is the Egyptain Djehuti, and whose staff is the Djed. So the two snakes of infra red and ultra violet go to the ball ontop of the staff of hermes, which is the Pineal gland. This is the Atem sphere, from which comes the Pinoline and DMT's, which grows wings (the brain hemespheres) of the Swan. This is Swan lake. So as a man succeeds to suck his seed into internal alchemy, indeed the waters of life that flower, are to be transmuted up the same staff. With proper ovarian thotickling distribution, and alchemical steaming, then mensruation stops, and a vast force is harnessed, feeding the body and the organs, and taking the HORgasmic 8 coupling build up of ecstasis into the entire body, to extract the extraterrestrial superconducting Self, which renders life extension. And in the dark room, like with Yeshe, enables physical transformation.

Flower Jam decodes to Pil Lip Vigil Pow. That is the Powah* Power for ya.

All Is God Speed Love,

Light, Love, Life,




* Powah = Tibetan White Light of Immortality coming from teh jewel in the lotus flower, the Pineal Gland in the 1000 hz petalled lotus, which unites all 144 petals of the body six other centres into the 144,000 light, and with the 145th Christ-Sophia union, the Diamond can be one. Put some Passion Flower Jam into that Doughnut please(: Passion Flower contains small amounts of Harmine (as in the Soma plant, and Pinoline in the Pineal gland). Passiflora Incarnata, is named after the Passion of Christ Incarnated.