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US special forces 'land in Pakistan'

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National  News

US special forces 'land in Pakistan'

Sep 15 2001


Newspapers in Pakistan say foreign troops have already arrived in the country.

The Nation reports a special plane carrying over two dozen foreigners landed at the Chakala airbase.

The News quotes an eyewitness as saying he saw a small contingent of US troops landing in Islamabad. There is no official confirmation of the reports.

The paper says, according to unofficial reports, over 50 personnel from the Special Services Group of the US Marines' Green Seals have landed.


It adds they plan to conduct 'target-oriented' operations against Osama bin Laden, prime suspect behind the terrorist strikes in the US.

Diplomatic sources have confirmed the arrival of two American aircraft but refused to give further details, the Press Trust Of India reports.

The Pakistani Army has taken over Karachi airport and has increased its presence at other airports in the area, according to media reports.

It's unclear whether the army takeover is in preparation for a strike against neighbouring Afghanistan.

Pakistan is under intense pressure from both the US and Afghanistan's Taliban regime following Tuesday's terrorist attack.

 National  News


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