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"They" Knew It 5: X-Files Creator Brings World Trade Center Plane Crash To TV In MARCH 2001!

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The Lone Gunmen: 1AEB79 Pilot

(4th March 2001)

Written by Chris Carter, Vince Gilligan, John Shiban & Frank Spotnitz

Directed by Rob Bowman

After a mysterious and beautiful interloper thwarts their heist, the Gunmen unravel a conspiracy that hits closer to home.

The "Lone Gunmen" Pilot is about a commercial jet that is programmed to crash into the "World Trade Center Towers".

SEE IT for yourself at the x-files web site:


...Byers goes back to his father's home and finds Bert there. Bert slaps him and says he should not have gotten involved. The 12D plan is for a small group of government operatives to crash a jetliner into New York City in order to keep tensions high and increase arms sales. Bert is doing what he can and thinks he knows which flight they have targeted. Back at the Gunmen's office, Frohike is working on anagrams when Byers returns. Helms is also there, and Byers tells him he has talked with his father. It was the plan of the government to flush Bert out of hiding using John. Ray hurries off to find Bert. After he leaves, Bert comes to the door of the Gunmen's office. The two Byers head for the airport to try to find the explosives in the aircraft. Both board the plane, but cannot find explosives, using hydrocarbon "sniffer" devices.


...They realize that the airplane will be remote controlled, just like Bert's car was. Talking by phone to the Gunmen's office, Byers asks Langly and Frohike to hack into the aircraft controls. They do and discover that the plane is programmed to crash into the World Trade Center. Bert enters the cockpit and tries to warn the aircrew, but they don't believe him. Making a lunge, he deactivates the autopilot and the crew realizes that they are not in control. They have 22 minutes before they hit the building. Langly can't break the encryption on the aircraft control system --- his computer doesn't have the processing power and the computer keeps freezing. Frohike slips next door to the firing range and finds Yves there. He needs the Octium but she is not impressed by the need to save people's lives. Frohike points out that her name is an anagram for "Lee Harvey Oswald" and says he knows who she is. She uses the Octium in her laptop to somehow assist Langly break the encryption and give the pilots control of the aircraft again.