In conjunction with Ananda's last Diamond Body part 1 personal transmissions, in 2001, the following material is to go into production in the first half of 2001 to fill in a vacuum so more can gain access to this essential and previously "secret" techniques.



Home Alchemy Study Course


Here is the professional production, studio filmed and cut, the Diamond Body techniques for home study and personal integration.

Either in video or DVD format, with CD's, and a 300 page study book, in this manner one has the leisure to practice at home and learn over time, with the proper dedication that makes this investment integratable and practicle in your daily life.

With a final 3 days seminar in which one will practice and be tested on ones home practice techniques, this then entitles one to the next levels of direct transmission of techniques by Ananda, and thus for direct participation in the Dark Room and Somanetics Phase 2, and Diamond Body Intergeometrical Hyperspatial Navigation Techniques, including VR-8.


These 8 videos, and 8 CD's, or DVD package, is professionally produced, with material you will not find anywhere else, and include:

  1. Direct and to the point practicle techniques
  2. Hundreds of computer animations in high quality capture,
  3. Direct interactive technique participation,
  4. Hundreds of dynamic related subject slides,
  5. Over 30 excercises and dynamic meditations,
  6. High quality sound fully guided transformational meditational excercises and voyages, heightened by music,
  7. Practical daily practice protocols that work and empower,

What is contained in this home alchemy course, is unlike anything you will have come accross in this form, before. Some of the biggest secret techniques of the Taoist, Tibetan Buddhists, Alchemists, Egyptians, Hermetic Gnostics, and Shamans, are encorporated in the Diamond Body protocol. These inlcude secret:

Change your life, experience how the Diamond Body Increases your:


The Diamond Body Vortexijah Protocol is an exceptional tool for heightening every aspect of ones life into full integration, at any moment, enhancing and increasing ones daily skills, and adding new ones in synergy.

A protocol that aids one to let your true Self emerge into the expression of life. A direct protocol for the superconscious self to practically and consciously be synthesised into and as ones daily life, externalising ones own Unique contribution to life.


PACKAGE A: 8 Videos and 8 CD's with The Diamond Body Workbook,

PACKAGE B: The Above in DVD and the book,

PACKAGE 3: The videos and CD's without the book,

PACKAGE 4: The DVD's and CD's without the book,


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There is still a chance to attend a last personal transmission by Ananda of the Diamond Body training in 2001. Click here to know more.