Updated For TIME GATE 2000 & Galactic Cross Omega

By Ananda, June 1999, and March-July 2000

We are in the Midst of a profound period of history. From July to Autumn 2000 the ending of a momentous event in our planet's precession, is commencing. Amidst this our planet is being swept by record breaking weather patterns, and the Sun is releasing record breaking Coronal Mass Ejections bombarding ouratmosphere, and being stirred by "objects" in its proximity. And in the July Time Gate 2000 a major temporal resonance between 2009-2006-2000 is occurring.

Our sun has been drastically changed since the first Time Gate in 1996, when the mathematical Bible code for "end days" renders that year for the end of time beginning. In the Sun Gate conspiracy parts 1. 2. 3. you can view the NASA photgraphs that show these anomolous objects changing the Sun's north coronal polar hole.

Anomoulous objects now remain by the sun constantly, as the NASA SOHO EIT and Lasco photographs show. Amidst the descending wave into Temporal Novelty in Time Gate 2000, the "objects" appeared to be near a massive solar flare, which affected the Earths weather in the days that follow.

Over the last 10 years we have presented and uncovered a plethora of indications of the significance of the year 2012, after Emmanuel alerted me to the year 2011, when I was in my late teens, not knowing any of the evidence that supported it. There is still some time to this event, and our book The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel, explores 2012 in avid detail, in lines with the emerging evidence for the New Universe, from scientific sources.

What about today. We are amidst a most significant pre-script of the Wave to come, ripples in time and space, via the celestial mechanics echoing the last wave 12,900 years before.

December 21st, marked the first solstice to be in the proximity to conjunct the galactic centre (it was also a Time Gate to 2010, in the DNA codon sequence {I-Ching hexagramme} graph of time). We were also to learn, that as our group was "free will" inviting inter-universal man, so a similar link up was made to the Andromedian High Council, via hundreds of peoples invocation. Since, my "contacts" are also Andromedian, it should not surprise one that this occurred synchronized, without awareness of either "contactee". Full conjunction occurs in 2012.


But not only do we have the first conjunction period which completes in 12 years, something extremely significant itself, occurs to our solar system, which started June 1999 and continuing upto July/Autumn 2000. Something that shadows, by comparison, the eclipse of August the 11th, although it could be likened to a holographic ripple that echoes the precise synchronization of the 12,900 year celestial mechanics. In this short overview, we present some of this significance.

The 22nd of April was the first lunar eclipse, there was another one at January 30th, but this was another kind of eclipse (I was on the plane to Egypt at the time, and could view it whilst flying over Greece, only 2/3rds of the sun was obliqued). There was another one in July. The solar ecclipse that happened on the 11th of August was not just an outline of the sun, but is a compete of obliquing of the sun - this was a perfect moment in which makind came together, most unknowing, the emergence of the Galactic Crossing.

The plane of our solar system in which our planets rotate around the sun (which is a disc, like a UFO) is, according to the position of the earth, in a wobble, and the planet is tilted 23,27°. This position of the planet gives us now a unique astronomical event.

From the view of Earth's precession, the plane of our solar system makes a 90 degree cross with the plane of the galaxy, which is also a flying disc vortex shape, but much bigger. This lasts from August 1999 to July/Autumn 2000. Especially important is that towards the end of this alignment, (that some call the Holy Cross, some the Templar Cross, the Solar Cross or the Maltese Cross), there is a most significant alignment of the planets, and the Time Gate 2000, from July 4-14th.

This Templar or Solar Cross is the same as the Mesopotamian sign of Nibiru, except this cross is on its side as an X in a circle. Nibiru is the planet of the crossing, which is both Jupiter and Sirius, Neb-Heru (in Egyptian Neb is the Lord, Heru is Horus). Nebu is also the Soma plant of the gathering of the Eye of the baby Horus, as we present in our forthcoming book, Somagenics, which uncovers the Mysteries of Egypt, and the Mystery Elexir encoded in the New Testament. The Elexir of the Aquairian Alchemist Abba-Ptah.


Horus is associated to Sirius. Heru Ami Sebtep, which means Horus of Sirius and Heru Sept means Horus of the Dog Star (Sirius is in Canis Major, the major dog). Since Neb Heru is Nebiru, the sign of Sirius is the cross as well.

This crossing of the plane of our solar system and of our galaxy is unique in local history and the ending of this alignment occurs in May-July 2000. On the 5th of May, the alignment of the planets is fulfilled, some with 16 degrees of each other, the other side of the sun to us. At this moment of strong gravitation 'tug of war', there is the end of the alignment of the 90° cross of our solar system with the galactic plane.

This is an extreme strong event. Like when you have two teams pulling on a robe. But one side has only one person left, and all the others go on the other side. Because planet earth is matched by all of the other planets at the other side of the sun in perfect alignment and within 16 degrees of each other. That is a massive pull on the gravity.

This is the midst of the end of the cross, and it is indeed a major event. And its climax is a makor Novelty resonance in Time, the TIME GATE 2000, which loops to 2009.

Should the world be alerted before, to an emergency that some had calculated for 5/5/2000, or the next alignment in 2002 -- if the world was in order and would be told that not much of humanity would survive, then most people in an organized world would go to the government organisations, such as FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), the Pentagon, Washington DC, and similar government centrals, such as the UN, asking to be saved. A more gradual approach is more logical, however, and would be barely distinguishable, due to its gradual onset. 2012 is a unique event of which the Galactic Crossing 2000 is but a sign post to. This Templar cross embedded within our callender is pointing, as 4 tetrahedrons to the End-Game.

Should a more rapid related emergency be dealt with, by the downing of the major electrical power grid, and transportation is minimalised, and food is sanctioned as a basis of living, and petrol is hard to get and worth more than gold, then it is hard to find an ordered pathway to those in a "Noah's Ark" position, and demanding them to save one (although this is an unlikely situation at present, the point is that in any circumstance, self sufficiency should be the optimal goal, emergency or not, it renders much needed Sovereignty).

So the elite, in such a circumstance, do not have lots of extra babies on their hands to deal with. In that sense they can select the prime cream of humanity, that represents mankind. This would be a worst scale scenario, should coherent emotion and grid work not steer gravitationals seduction to the Thoton's (Virtual thought particles) of Unity.

There are an entire alternate set of futures, and being aware of this possible one, can aid one in conscious navigation, through internal time travel deja vu revelation, such as in the TIME GATE 2000.

Since a 12th dimension has been added to General Relativity Theory, a 2nd dimension of time, the implications of its equations are that the outcome of all present probabilities is greater than one. In other words there mathematical indications for more than one physical future. Perhaps a trinary array of faces open the Lapis of the icosahedron attractor field, or Omega Stone, at the crescendo of time.


As we have been relaying to our European audiences, do not react based on the reptilian brain, in fear and in security. Rather utilise it for Coherence. Yes, find a silent, beautiful, "sacred" space, where you and your friends can be undisturbed, focusing on transmitting coherent emotion, compassionate love, and Unified brain states, as the morphogramme template for the future historics ahead.

Potential drastic situations, can be used to optimize our decision globally to find sanctuary space and to coherently broadcast the new Millennium' 12 years to 2012, otherwise, perhaps we would have been distracted by old age traditions of new year. The All Is God view knows that every situation gives one maximum opportunity. Another is Earthheart 2000, developed by Daniel Winter, which through bio-feedback, enables two persons to view their heart electricty to entrain to the same coherency (love), even over space (via the internet). Tools to show the skeptical part of our nature that we are indeed producing coherence, and thus infinite recursive influence i.e. immortal moments.

Einstein predicted back in 1958: should the rock under the ice of the poles, which is seated on rock, become soft, then it just needs a very strong gravitational event (Einstein pointed to May the 5th 2000) to make it slide. But when Einstein was alive the reading showed it was still rock. But in 1993 it was announced that recent analysis had found it soft like toothpaste. See the excellent book by Peter Noone, 5/5/2000: Ice The Ultimate Disaster. Do not be put off by the title it is an excellent scholarly book on the Great Pyramid in Egypt, with invaluable interviews, and highly recommended. The book can be used as a sign post pointing to something Other.

If the poles are sliding, all the tectonic plates slide, probably 32 degrees occurring to the octahedron position (5 octahedrons 32°, have their tips make the magnetic field Icosahedron, 20 triangular faces). That is not a 180 degree pole shift, but even a few degrees would do quite a bit.

Animation by Daniel Winter

The 11th of August eclipse was a good global movement, as a time celebrate the erection of the "Holy Cross", as Nick Fiorence, named it in his excellent science paper on the crossing. Knowing that towards the end of that erection is the massive gravitational pull of the 5/5/2000 alignment and Time Gate 2000, this enables our bubble to unfold coherently and cascade fractally into time and space.

August 11th is also the celebration day of Saint Claire, the soul mate of Saint Francis of Assisi, which places this on a compassionate edge.

August the 12th was the date of the Philadelphia Experiment, according to some testimonies of those involved. This was the famous "project invisibility", and temporal time and space warping (time travel).

The 12th and 13th of August has long history of events. Napoleon had his "mystical" experience on August the 12th, in the Kings Chamber, which even on his death bed, he refused to fully relate, since he felt that people would not believe him anyway


The Star, Sirius, Crowley's Thoth Tarot Crowley in Rite

Similarly, the magician, scientist, head of the OTO (Ordo Templi Orientis, and founder of the Order of the Silver Star A:A), was inside the Great Pyramid, on August the 12th, when his wife received the book of the law, whose Cipher many UFO contactee's recieve from their "ashtars". Furthermore, on August the 12, 1923, Aleister Crowley, does his first magickal time travelling experiment, opening a magical time portal to Orion and the "ancient ones".

Then to culminate these two prior events, in 1943, AUGUST THE 12TH, ALEISTER CROWLEY DESIGNED THE MAGICKAL BASIS FOR THE PHILADELPHIA EXPERIMENT, which would thus link back to his experiment 20 years prior. He was doing a magickal ritual for the Navel experiment, at the "Magical Ring", Ashdown Forest, England. On further project "rainbow" and "Phoenix" time travelling experiments, August the 12th was always temporal vector, virtually every year and in a major sense every 20 years, as well as every 10 years for minor harmonics. Then there are nodles inbetween (1999 is on a noodle), 2003 is the big event which forms a pentagramme in time and space. 2012 and the Wave Is Coming...

August the 12 and 13th was the time that the Osiris Mysteries were shared and performed, the word Wizard comes from those who held the Staff of Power, which was called the WSR (Wassar). Osiris was the Life Force within creation, his backbone the Djed, or Djedhi, hence the "Force" of the Jedi Knights of Star Wars. Osiris was called SR, or ASR (Ausir), as well as Wassir. The Wasser staffs were electrical conductors of power, hence the Wizzards were Wassirs or Osiris' using WSR Wands for their Hex's (hexagon), in Egyptian Heku. So there is a very ancient lineage of traditions that have their Mysteries imparted on August the 12th and 13th.

The Phoenix and Montauk projects thus working in continued 'time travel', and on August 12th 1983 linking the time portals. The Ashedown Forest, East Sussex caught fire during this time (I know I lived there, and our forest house was encircled by the fire, but protected. I went spontaneously upto the Magical Ring, and witnessed UFO's (which we now dub Unified Field Objects, a web site dedicated to this will be coming, unifying all of the domains that explores this phenomenon, including the neurological aspects, plasma balls and their superconducting ring currents, and the more exotic Other).

August the 12th and 13th is also the high point of Sirius. Nebiru (Neb Heru) in the sky. Nebiru is the sign of the cross within a cross. The cross of our solar system to the galaxy, to the star system of the cross, which is Neb Heru (Heru Ami Septeb, Horus of Sirius or Heru Sept, Horus of the Dog Star).


To Egypt, the 23rd of July, when Sirius starts to rise the waters of the Nile begin to flood. Then it meant fertility, that is one reason, for she was Isis. Sirius, Isis, the great mother of the gods. Even the Swiss celebration day, is the 1st of August. This is a Sirius relative.

Our solar system is born in from the womb of Isis. Sirius B, which is Isis , is made of iron (radio astronomy has shown). The iron of Sirius b, is the same as the iron in our blood and the iron of Earth and of our solar system. Sirius is our blood. We resonate to her. She is older than our solar system, which is a combination of interstellar debris, including the gas clouds, our sperm of Osiris/Orion. The iron in our blood comes from Sirius, its position in the sky, could thus be considered to resonate to Sirius's position of influence. Iron is the only true magnetic element.

Sirius has a unique relationship to us. The difference between the mass of our sun and the mass of Sirius is a harmonic and universal miracle. Sirius B has a ratio mass difference to our sun of 1.053 (a harmonic of the all significant Great Pyramid Grand Galery length of 153 feet). This becomes significant when we look at the Giza plateau. When comparing the mean base side of the Cheops Great Pyramid to the Mean base side of the Khephren pyramid, the larger Cheops measurement is 1.067 that of the Khephren's.

When this is then compared to the equation of Sirius B and our sun, the Great Pyramid being Sirius, and the Khephren pyramid our sun, as the Egyptian Book Of The Dead indicates (in fact the hieroglyph for Sirius is the Hieroglyph of the pyramid) they share a difference 0,01, which is very precise, scientifically. However, there is an extra digit 0.014, that doesn't sound so perfect anymore).

But this turns out to be an essential key in harmonic theory, the phenomenon of resonance itself. For 0.014 is actually the Pythagorean comma. The Pythagoreans were those 'mystic' mathematicians, who loved mathematics as the mystery of the ages. But what is the Pythagorean comma?

It is the difference between the mathematics of the octave and the 5th. 0.0136 is that precise discrepancy between the mathematics of the fifth and the octave, and it is rounded off as 0.014, and as Sir Arthur Eddington relates: there is 136° of freedom of the electron. theory is 0,.036. And furthermore 136 + 1 equals the Fine structure Constant of physics, the universal natural constant. Fractal harmonics, in the resonance of the Sun Sirius Pyramids equation, or interstellar neuron holography.

This is also evidenced, historically as having been implicated in the ancient "Mystery Schools" within the Archaic Esoteric Arkana of the Arcane Wisdom, as a precise wisdom, or the Isis Mysteries, and her mathematics.The astronomer and mathematician Macrobius, at the end of the fourth century mentioned the sacred fraction 256/243 which is 0.053 (Sirius b mass to Sun), and describes its use in harmonic theory by peoples which already to him were "ancients".

This harmony of the Sphere is accurate within 3 decimals of each other, and it is also the difference between perfect mathematics (the ones that work theoretically) and the actual mathematics of the universe, 0,014. What that means is that Sirius is no coincidence. It is really resonating to our sun. It is connected to our sun like a neuron, because they have this major mathematical relation in size to each other, harmonic resonance, that is likened to holography, a kind of Virtual Neuron Internal Net, as we may call it, or as Astronomer Royal, Robert Temple, has dubbed it: "The Anubis Cell".

Since such a long distance resonance is now demonstrated to occur between Sirius B and our sun 8.7 light years from each other, these are two solar systems whom are inhabiting the same cell of space, which enacts the "Complexity theorum" which has "instantaneous communication" occurs in such cells as a form of ordered self regulation. Instant communication harboured in this macro region of space, which acts as if the elements are not separated by any temporal distance. It is a macro region cell that turns disorder into order, called a "dissipative structure". Such an onset of "complexity", according to Nobel prize winner Professor Ilya Prigogine, can result in the instantaneous extension of long-range order by a magnitude of moe than 10 million. That is like a fifth of the people of France speak the same sentence at the same time.

So Sirius is Sirius business in terms of resonance. No wonder the Egyptians placed so much significance on it. It is the iron in the blood, it is the Earth's iron, it is in the same holographic virtual neuron of order. What happens there, instantly is mirrored in equivalence, here, by harmonic resonance, that utilizes "complexity theory", yielding "instantaneous communication", without subscribing to a speed of light limit. DO YOU IMAGINE THAT THE ALIGNMENT OF OUR SOLAR SYSTEM AT 90° TO THE GALACTIC PLANE IS NOT NOTICED IN THE RESONANCE OF TIME AND SPACE OF SIRIUS. This is a cross to a cross.

Furthermore, Sirius C, has now been detected, as relate by astronomers Daniel Benese and J.L. Duvent in Astronomy and Astrophysics magazine in 1995. When Sirius C is mapped by the pyramid capstone, and its mass is 0.005 of our sun, the capstone was 0.00643 of the Great pyramid. Hence 0.001° of accuracy.

August the 11th, 12th and 13th are the Isis days, that are very important to us. Isis sings in our blood at a high point then. That is why it has been so much used by Napoleon, the magicians and the "time travellers".

August the 13th is also the day when Quetzelcoatl was born, ruling the serpent of illumination, the fusion of bird with serPENT, Horus with Set's Sata snake, Gurudas with Nagas.It is also the higher Venus cycles, the top of the pentagrams cycle of the order of Venus in our skies during one year. So August the 13th has a Venus-Sirius connection. The cycle of Sirius B is exactly 49 years cycle, alternating to 50 years. That is the Jubilee, so there is a Sirius/Isis Jubilee now.

The alignment of the Holy Cross happens every 12,901 years. The whole zodiac, from Aquarius to Aquarius, Ptah to Ptah (the Water Bearer and Phoenix) - it just happens two times. Only at one time it happens in-between Zodiacal Alpha and Omega.

For the Egyptians Aquarius was the water bearer Ptah, the first man. So we are coming in the age of the first man, NeferAtum, again, the water bearer. The interestíng thing is, that it is always before the water bearer, that we have this alignment of the Holy Cross. Inbetween the age of Leo (the Sphinx) has that alignment, about 12,901 years ago.

The Egyptians, like the Greeks and Vedic astrologers, had Aquarius apart from being Ptah (the water bearer), as the Phoenix. And the Phoenix has the same hieroglyph as the Pyramid, and Sirius. In that sense we could say that this cross is doubled up as a double cross, in that we are entering the age of the Phoenix, which is Sirius, by a 90° cross.

The same Hieroglyph is also used for the Pyramidion, the capstone, and the vehicle of ascensions. The first sperm of Atum Ra, of the NTR gods. This sperm of the gods, was also eaten as the Spirit and the Bread Of Light. Made from superconducting elements, found in meteorites, which are rich in Iridium and Rhodium, and which were processed at Mount Serabit, Sinai, where the White Powder, the Sperm of the Gods, was discovered. The Stone from the stars, Bija, was also a meteorite to the ancient Egyptians: Sperm = Bijah; Meteorite; Bread; Pyramidian. Which in turn equals: Sirius, Pyramid, Phoenix from the Iridium Ashes, and Water Bearer of the Aqua Vitae, the Arcanum of Immortality.


This alignment is important and does not happen very often.We have this massive, enormous rotation. When one spins a bicycle wheel and holds it, the faster it spins the heavier it gets and the more it pulls you.

When you have a solar system, it is like an enormous gyroscope of inertia. That is an enormous rotation that affects everything, and you have a galaxy. Imagine a gyroscope galactic wide, making a cross to one that is solar system wide. A 90 degree angle is an ortho plane, that is a way that information exchange and translation, and compression of one holographic continuum into another, galaxy into solar system, into Earth, and solar system into galaxy.

But what this also means is that the two planes in their middle, have a stillpoint. From June/July to May 2000 there is this stillpoint of focus, gravitational vortex compression, with potential magnetic coherent implosion. That is why our colleague Daniel Winter dubbed it a burp: the compression of planes, and then the expression of the digested gravitational bubble into a new creation, in anticipation of the 2012 galactic full conjunction and maximum congrescense of novelty.

When a burp is being made, everything that is embedded in that bubble of memory, goes out and it becomes part of the air, when it is coherent, it is carried, potentially forever. What ever we put in there goes into the waters of time and space, but only coherence can act like boulders or stones, Lapis Excellis Philosopher Stones, preparing for the big Omega ONE STONE (St.One).

In the rendering of time waves that continue flowing from 2000 onwards, we should connect that point to the Time Gate. And especially the TIME GATE 2000


In August, we in Norway, and people all over the world, during those 3 days we focused on collective Star Ship Vortexijah grid work (on some solid, selected places) where we can mandalla the beginning of the laying of the coherent bubble, the magnetic implosion of the burp. We were met by physical Star Ships, this included a landing of 5 Diamond Vehcile Spheres, at the Norwegian mountain site where we engaged our work.

That is an opportunity to download the Somanet (superconducting Internal Net of the Unity Selves) program of the future into the future, right into the source code of our continuum. This, if do with successful coherence, is like accessing the computer program script.

We engaged also in teachings on Uni-tegrity movements, and further clarification on Star Ship spins, the intergeometry of the octahedron, and icosahedron. Mini Time Gate Internal Time Travelling (minor mini time gates to 2001, 2002, 2004), and future preparations and planings essential for success in the May the 5th alignment and burp end, and being prepared.

The alignment of this cross happened within a time that Isis/Sirius was high and that we are entering the first crucial points.

The "Anubis Cell" (which Emmanuel called Oversoul Sun), as astronomer royal, Robert Temple, has suggested, is stating that there is such a major resonance relative of Sirius and our sun, that perhaps what ever happens on Sirius effects us in a mathematical sense. So that we are maybe even a part of a holographic show designed at Sirius. Horus is shown pictographically as a crocodile with a falcon head and a dog on its tale, illustrating the knowledge of coherent holography between the two systems.

Our solar system is born from Sirius and from the galactic cloud, the nebular of Osiris, or Orion as Sah, or Imwh Sahu.

The synoptic vernal procession of the planet, which is this tilt of the planet which rotates slowly every 25,803 years from Aquarius to Aquarius, being in this position to have this perfect cross means that the field bubble around the planet looks a lot like a star ship. That picture could be used. Otherwise it is a donut of many layers. It is a time to precipitate our gravitational coherent lens', our star ship's, and connect to the future.

The golden capstone wasa verted to be placed on the great pyramid in the middle of the galactic cross (Millennium shift, so George Bush and company, who were to be inside, lost a 14 year planned opportunity for chaos).

So let us NOW take the OMEGA of the cross and stir it in compassion to the TIME GATE work of 1996, 1998, and now 2000, and to the Star Ship of mankind, and intergalactic man in our continuum, but who are within other holographic angles: the "Sons and Daughters of All-Oneness", and beyond time and space, the ET's as Extra-Temporal's.

The shape of the burp, of the bubble of Earth is a starship during this time, as you can see in the TIME GATE 2000, article.

Laying the coherent bubble for a Somanet within that Star Ship bubble for the galactic crossing, is an essential point that humanity's Oversoul (Unity Self), is instigating coherent situations to precipitate. So let us dance in Unity in May, June and July, for Extra-Temporal Time, the New Universe ahead, already now peeping through into our own, as the anomolies on Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, the Sun, as well as in our atmosphere, and time (61 seconds to the minute), and space.


During this crucial period and sometime afterwards as well, we also have the major phenomenon of very active solar storms, which affect our hormones, moods, and whether. As we have explored extensively in our seminars, this relates to an enormous array of changes that are congressing to a climax grand at, what we call the 2012 Interdimensional and Interuniversal Olympics.

The Galactic Crossing is just the motion of celestial echanics, in response to the Wave that is Coming from the galactic centre at 2012, amidst something Other. This superwave which, according to ice readings in Beryllium-12 shows debris is brought into our solar system in a major way, every 12,900 years. Whereby the heliosphere's nature wind pressure, that keeps the dust clouds around our solar system out (in-breath every 11.44 years, and outbreath every 11.44 years), maintains the geometrical pressure, for the solar system garden disk.

Since the debris is shown saturating the ice taken from Alaska, the South pole and Greenland, at regular 12,900 year intervals, and this occurred last time, approximately 12,901 years ago, we can be expecting this regular system of galactic centre trumpet blowings billowing into our shores soon, which pushes the interstellar wave into our time and space waters, with the surounding debris of the solar system. What this will do to our pineal glands and Soma (tetra-hydro-beta-carboline, THBC), DMT (DiMethylTryptamin) and the telepathic inducing 5-methoxylated DMT version (5-MeO-DMT) is profound, and another story, the opening of the Third Eye, and DNA superconductive access..

NASA has now photographed much material coming into the sun. And we seen the sun spots, the solar wind, in turn responding to this debris, it appears that we are approaching the volley of the next wave, to arrive from 2006 onwards (2006 is when the Rg veda ends, it is based on the Pyramid Mount Meru geometry (from 432,000 syllables), and this is the last date).

Sun spots affect our moods, our pineal glands, our pituitary glands, and thus our fertility and our hormone cycles. In May 2000 there is a vast sunspot cycle in full swing, which began in 1998 (changing the weather).


Since the sun changed in 1998, with two anomalies appearing to emerge out of the sun, and as the second object, dubbed the "Orcus", was ejected, so our planet was radiated by dangerous X-rays from the sun, as shown below. This affects everyone to their bone, in X-posure.

But there are also positive affects such as when the Proton flux comes in, from the sun. Protons are ELF wave carriers, and 8 hz utilizes them as airports, in their Orthorotative liaisons between locality and non-locality. The Proton flux is part of the solar mind, and the hydrogen rich universal mind, containing enough proton airports to allow 8 hz ELF waves to land everywhere and everywhen, and since they are both local and non-local (see Vortexijah Protocol), this view is the ONE CONCURRENT COHERENT VIEW.

As the proton flux occurs, so do human ESP ratings soar. So Extra Sensory Perception is enhanced to remember the non local One Concurrent Coherent View:

Amidst all of this, in 1996 the sun was joined by a "mysterious" phenomenon. This we have talked about extensively in our seminars and shown almost a hundred photographs of. The Time Gate "Objects" changed the sun. See The Sun Gate Conspiracy on the main page.


Emmanuel related to one of these objects in 1989, but another object appeared to come out of the sun in the Autumn of 1989.

And there are appearances of interlocked tetrahedral geometries, in December 1998. These objects appear to have the ability to transmorph into the required geometrical harmonics for any given equation. Much more at Sun Gate conspiracy parts 1. 2. 3.


As the sun's surface is being affecting into a coherent sonic geometrical matrix, in accordance with these objects, is it any suprise that Haarp and Eiscat are phase-conjugating the weather and ionosphere from something...

A close up of one of the "anomalous" objects by the sun

This crude attempt at time stirring, however, should only serve as alarm clocks for us to make New Essential World Solutions to.

Radar circles in the sky, usually indicate hurricane, but the sky is blue, and the frequency range is related to Haarp.

So let us open up our Pineal Glands, our Heart Coherence and Heart Will, as the Future is in Y-our Hands, and utilize this unique moment of compression to precipitate the future in Unity.

More HERE. So you on the Internal Net of Compassionate Coherence. All Is God Be Us.