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In 1989, Emmanuel, a "non localised quantum intelligence", helped translate Ananda into a higher dimensional body form. This was done through the Vortexijah Vehicle (beyond merkaba) - Ananda's physical body disappeared, and 4 witnesses were to see an empty chair.

During 1986 and 1987, Emmanuel related to the interlocked pyramidal field of the body in "The Grail of Man", as part of the Light Body interface.

After the body "translation", Ananda received further pyramidal constructs from Emmanuel, and he spent several years diving into documentation for the experience, which took many years to grapple with and digest, as well as other areas that Emmanuel had exposed Ananda to.

In February 1992, Ananda published the Richard Hoagland tetrahedron Mars equations in his magazine, then "New Dimensions". This was the verification which helped Ananda to anchor the experience, and developed the Light Body Star Ship Field Propulsion Techniques to make the Vortexijah teachable, so that others may decode their own Unity Light Body.

The work of Stan Tenen and the Meru foundation, further aided Ananda in anchoring the experience into the language of hyperdimensional geometry linguistics, in June 1993.


Although Emmanuel had passed on some of these techniques back in 1989 and 1990, to the European public domain, and Ananda had further passed on these and other elements from 1992, Light Body Star Ship Field Propulsion was first released in integrated synthesized form in October 1994, over 10 days intensive training, as part one: Trinitization. Other advanced parts followed.


The Vortexijah is not to be confused with the popularized Merkabba. This is an intergeometrical form that is truely comprised beyond a unified field of Thotons, "composed" of electrogravity and magneto gravity, this is actual Virtual Reality particles of pure Consciousness, beyond the graviton cube. It is remarkable related, however, to the secret Tibetan Buddhist teachings of the Vajra Chakra: the diamond body, as the computer animation's demonstrate.

In January 1994, Ananda was introduced to Daniel Winter, a sacred geometry scientist, and together they gave two seminars in Sweden and Holland. Dan provided Ananda with the based computer software and other relevant materials, which lead Ananda to complete the first set of computer animation's which demonstrated graphically the Vortexijah Star Ship vehicle, as he experienced it. After weeks of programming, these animation's were completed by Ananda, in December 1994.


Ananda developed the Vortexijah Light Body Star Ship Field propulsion Techniques, independently to the popularized Flower of Life Merkaba techniques, or other Merkabba techniques around, such as the Tili Tehuti Bey Merkabbah, or the general Masonic Merkabbah Mysteries, which are generally all geometric, electromagnetic models. He chose not to expose himself to the flower of life materials, in order to not contaminate his own experience from Emmanuel. He first heard of Drunvalo from Daniel Winter, after Ananda had explained the Vortexijah to Daniel. Very little was relayed, except to say that others had developed similar principles. Some years later facilitators of the Flower Of Life joined Ananda, and explained some of the merkaba techniques - Ananda pointed out that they did not open the cube, and become intercubic, and were electromagnetic models, and hence not interdimensional models.

Today, it appears that Dr. James Hurtak, has at least worked on models that are interdimensional Merkabbah's. The Merkabbah Mysteries of Free Masonry are very ancient, and are very dear to the inner mysteries of the Masonic traditions. The Gnostics and Alchemists all had their versions.

Emmanuel's teachings are related to the Manu and Christ Grail Ship traditions. And thus can be linked to the Alchemists and apostles rendering of the Grail.


Ananda, is a unique teacher in the west. In June 1996, two years after having made the first computer animation's of the Vortexijah Star Ship, Ananda presented them to some of his colleagues, who were experts in Sanskrit and Tibetan Secret Buddhism. They astonishingly, pointed to the absolute identical nature of the Chakra Vajra, MeruSheba, and Sat Kona Vehicles, with the same proportions as the Vortexijah.

Ananda is one of the very few to present the Midway Path in the west. Here is the Pan Ultimate vehicle, based on an entirely New Physics, which Ananda has developed in The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel. This new paradigm, presents humanity as a Thoton, particle of Thot = Thotickle transducer, and the lens is the Vortexijah Grail Ship.

Ananda was presenting the Vortexijah for 4 year, as an electrogravidic vehicle and physics, before finally science has admitted to the reality and breakthrough of electrogravity, in August 1998. As well as two years before the Finnish superconducting ring experiments, whereby, anti-gravity was created, Ananda had presented the Vortexijah at 10,000 RPM and onwards, in 1994, as a superconducting ring current. The Finnish scientists spun the rings at 5,000 RPM in 1996, and obtained levitation, for the first time officially - this was a milestone to demonstrating the Vortexijah.