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"Most inspiring lectures with a richful basket of fascinating thoughts and insights. By using modern and advanced technology Ananda presents the collective wisdom of all the great traditions. I would like to call Ananda 'The Compassionate and Lucid Gate-Master to all Existing Cosmologies."

-Dr. Roland R. Ropers, Ph.D, Etymologist & Linguist, Director of the heritage of the Centre of Cross Cultural Studies, USA, Institute International de Philosopie, Paris, Member of the Jury on International Classical Music, Project Work with world famous musician Yehudi Menuhin, Merchant Banker, Expert in Comparative religion and linguistics, and founder of the Natural Life Force 2000 Network. A colleague of the Dalai Lama.

"Ananda's multiple density, Vortexijah Model, and hyperdimensional model is a revolutionary breakthrough in the making. An extraordinary visionary scientist, we have been waiting for one like him for some time."

­Dr. Klaudeous Kern, Ph.d. Director of the Institute for Morpho-Energetics, Stuttgart, Germany, 1996, video interview.

"Ananda really does go into his research. A remarkable young man."

Dr. Manfred Kage, Ph.d, renowned for his unique patents in bio-Microscopology, kinetic crystal projection, Crystallography, Kaleidoscope Projection, and Lens fractaling. Founder of the Schloss Weissenstein Institute. Published globally, even in the obscure Norwegian 'Vitenskapens Verden: Mennesket". January 1996.

"This is an Important Venture."

-Sir George Travelyan, 1988 on Ananda's work then. Knighted by Queen Elisabeth for ecellence in poetry. Founder of the Wrekin Trust.

"I was delighted. The ideas you gave me have been so important for me, and my task now is to present this in a very simple, humane manner, through lectures and writings."

-Dr. Elise Aasen Ph.d in physics, Alesund, Norway. elise.aasen@mimer.no

"Ananda's application of methods in Projective Geometry to modeling certain aspects of the "descent" from the implicate order into 3D space-time will form a new aspect in my studies. I have been following up many of the "links" Ananda has mentioned and can state in all honesty that the teachings have to this day a great impact on my life."

-Dr. Martin Huebner Ph.d, Computer Software Design Consultant. Fallmerayerstr 30 D-80796 Muenchen E-MAIL: martin_huebner@yahoo.de

"Ananda was first to suggest the Pineal gland's Pinoline resonates to 8 Hz ELF, and will be a remedy for cancer. I witnessed this several years before this was confirmed, and have since demonstrated this in actuality, in my Mega Wave research. A truely inspirational man."

-Dr. Dieter Broers Ph.d, inventor of the Mega Wave device, Lubeck Medical Hospital, Clinical Experimental Department; Free University Berlin, Institute for Experimental Physics; Humboldt University, Berlin, Institute for Biophysics.

"Thank you so much for your most inspiring message."

­Dr. Christiane Ropers MD, Author of the best selling "Never Again Acid", and Chief Medical Doctor of Holistic Medicine Clinic, Kreuth Germany.



Ananda is an international lecturer, teacher and researcher, who is growing in the reputation of being a Visionary Scientist. Co-founder, with Sir George Travelyan and Nigel Blair MA, of the Schools and Universities Network (SUN), in England, and co-founder of the ATON Institute for Alternative Technology, Orthogeometry, and Neurocybernetics, Norway, as well as the Grail Media news service.

He is an expert on:


Since 1986 having given over 144 seminars lectures and retreats, on:


· Sacred Pythagorean geometry and the Vortexijah protocol;

· Non-localised quantum models of intelligence';

· Superconscious neurochemistry and sound harmonics;

· nano-technology, gene technology, and DNA reprogramming;

· Unified Field Objects, plasma Vortex's, and the government cover-up;

· Geomagnetic field geometry, and cartography,

· Biofeedback technologies and sentics,

· Nutrition, Etno-medicine and Nootropic Herbs,

· Pioneering astrophysical research in the new model of the Multiverse (Scientific American, Jan 99) in relation to the changes occurring to our sun (heliophysics), local interstellar region, galactic cycles, and planetary cyclical and environmental changes,

· Mathematical, Ethnographic, and cultural links between the East, Mesapotamia, and the ancient Egyptians. As well as numerous other areas.


He is working with numerous scientists in pioneering consciousness research fields, and is part of both a formal and informal network of research associates.

As well as completing a video series of his computer animation models on the sacred geometry of the fields of the body and creation [first animation's of the Vortexijah field of the body, were completed winter 1994 and released in March 1995].

Ananda, in 1987, when compiling his first booklets and editing "Channelling" magazine.



Ananda was born in the artist village Laren, in Holland. Of Swiss Dutch and Norwegian blood, rooting from the Merovingians of Southern France, and Norway. His mother Auna Willie Mary Schrikker, was a renowned visionary artist and colour therapist in Europe. She herself the daughter of Kes Schrikker, the famous Dutch sculptor recognized by Queen Juliana of Orange.

His uncle Andre Schrikker was a scientists at the Utrecht University, where his research into gas exchange, made some new discoveries (Gas Exchange In The Lung: Dependency On The Physical Properties Of Gases, 1994).

Ananda's early life was in Holland, Switzerland, and Denmark. He was raised and educated in the United Kingdom from the age of 7 onwards.


In 1985 Ananda had an accident that changed his life, which triggered a visionary state that resulted in practical applications implemented over the years.

In 1985 Ananda was part of a three-man team with Sir George Travelyan (Knighted for poetry, by Queen Elisabeth), and historian Nigel Blair MA, in establishing the SUN (Schools & Universities Network): a forum of Britain's top holistic, alternative health, New Science, Pythagorean Thought, and forefront speakers.

Which included branches in Oxford and Cambridge University, and upper school forums such as Sherbourne Collage's Pythagoreans. Whereby he travelled to major universities all over Britain in founding new branches, until 1988.

He also worked with the Wessex Research Group Network, an adult forum similar to SUN, also founded by Nigel Blair MA, with Sir George and the Wrekin Trust. Based in Sherbourne, Dorset, England.


During this time, Ananda, learnt the overview of Platonic, Pythagorean, Egyptian, Holistic, Ecumenical, Historical, and Poetic thought, as well as cross cultural comparative studies, and more exotic studies.

He also travelled with Dr. David Ashe (physicist author of The Vortex Of Life, with Peter Hueit), in 1985 where he and Sir George Travelyan accompanied his seminar schedule. Sir George Travelyan is a renowned poet and visionary, and author of 5 books including Heralds To A High Crusade.



During this time of the mid 1980's, Ananda developed his Visionary faculties, to integrate what he had assimilated, and from exposure to the hundreds of unique and leading pioneering thinkers who were contributors to the Network, - learnt to synthesize this into a creative Fluid Intelligence.

Whereby he gained unique insights into:

  1. The universal laws of life (Philosophically, in Physics, and Theologically);
  2. The modelling of other hyperspatial N-Space dimensions and Multiverse's (the new paradigm in revised astrophysics);
  3. Integrated Cosmological paradigms which overview our local historical changes occurring to the planet and heliocosm;
  4. As well as developing geometrical models for interstellar electromagnetic and gravitational grid systems, now dubbed Unified Field Cartography, a field in which Ananda has done extensive research work.

This lead to theorems on the translation of localized particles back into their vacuum hyperspatial Virtual Particle Prima form - today this has developed into a sacred geometry model which utilizes unified field equations, and a pioneering quasi-scientific paradigm of neurochemicle and biological transformation, which is to be tested in numerous mirror study institutes, in Europe.

The majority of all of this was developed in the creative fluid intelligence of the visionary state that was opened to Ananda in his mid-teens.



In 1987 Ananda began editing a magazine entitled Channelling, which collated forefront thoughts from poetry to intelligent creativity, which channelled through as fluid intelligence, through a collage of pioneer thinkers, which he continued to publish as a journal until 1989. This venture was supported by Sir George Travelyan.

In early 1987 Ananda transmitted thousands of pages of completely new revolutionary visionary information, which was to become the foundation of his future work.

Later in 1987 he studied, freelance, computer science, desk top publishing (DTP), and typography (being aided by his bursts of visionary fluid intelligence).

In 1988 Ananda had became the typographer and layout editor for South West Connection magazine, the leading Human Potential Movement media for the south-west of the United Kingdom, assisting in the production of this human potential resource guide in wide circulation in south-west England.

He also co-founded with Jeff Sedgwick and Willie Marie-Schrikker Sedgwick, In-Key Art Publications, a small publishing company, which fused their joint magazine and book ventures. Here he was also the layout director of The Holistic Mailshot, for the Holistic Medicine movement.

"Ananda" is the writing name which stuck to him from his teens onwards, to include his family. The name inherited, probably, because of his continually smiling nature, since it means Joy. Not considering a rebaptism necessary, since its public icon writer stance, became a baptism unto itself.


During the late 1980s Ananda also did considerable research into nutrition, special diets, fasting for health, and harnessed research data on brain wave optimization through biofeedback technologies and techniques (which proved to aid in enhancing fluid intelligence), and various isolation work studies, as well as studying the basic art of sacred geometry (Pythagorean geometry, the Golden Mean Ratio, with Platonic solids).


Although Ananda published his first booklets in 1987 and 88, with the company he had co-founded, In-Key Art Publications, it was during the summer 1989 through to summer 1990 that Ananda completed the majority of his first 200 A4 page book, of his then Philosophical idea's, which was entitled: Explorations Into Oneness, and delved into the domains of the interconnectedness of the relativity of the universe, a philosophical exploration and search for the unified field.



After a series of bursts of visionary insights on our history, prehistoric civilizations, and universal cosmologies, Ananda began conducting extensive and meticulous research into clandestine intelligence agencies and documenting the unrightful cover-ups of information, and "Phenomenon" that should be shared with humanity.

This included delving through and assorting hundreds of declassified Freedom Of Information Act request documents on such exotic phenomenon as Unidentified Flying Objects, and the immense covert interest that the military was taking into this area.

In this manner he came to meet numerous ex-military officers, who had concern for humanities democracy, and were relaying their credible testimony, including NATO Shape Major Robert O Dean.

This he was able to compile, catalogue, and objectively document. These discoveries were so startling that Ananda embarked on a full time research endeavour, which lead him to develop the Vortexijah Protocol for what he coined Unified Field Objects (UFOs), which explores the plasma vortex's and superconducting ring currents within our ionosphere (a complex phenomenon that occurs globally, similar, but not exclusive to the Norwegian Hessdalen phenomenon). Some exciting models have emerged from this research.

Herein, he made full use of all the information banks, libraries, and contacts he had been through at SUN and the Wessex Research Group Network, and other specialized libraries, which were quite extensive in their rare archives.

During this time, Ananda also collated a wealth of material on many other important subjects of interest, such as the field of Alternative, Vacuum Field, and Ortho, energy, as well as 'N'-Space mathematics.

After 3 years of exhaustive investigation, interviews with key military and government personnel, synthesized with fluid intelligence brain "detective work", and intense daily research, this led to the publication in 1993 of his 600 A4 paged book THE "ALIEN" PRESENCE: The Evidence, a documentary book filled with ex-military testimony, CIA, FBI, NSA declassified memorandum, and sworn statements by eye-witnesses and Navel officers etc. Which all attested to a bizarre phenomenon, which has now lead to a new physics, called post-quantum mechanics (today developed and pioneered by Dr. Jack Sarfetti and Dr. Saul Paul Sirag, sponsored by the Philanthropist Lawrence Rockefeller, although the later name raises the suspitions of some).


Due to the visionary spout of 1990, Ananda sought to find documentary confirmation for the information, ideas, and hypothesis' gained. And is the foundation for the resulting mountain of research material and documentation Ananda has uncovered during these years on:

New cultural discoveries in the Bahama's (where he did field investigations in November 1994, and discovered artifacts uncovered, of an unknown civilization);

Intensive Egyptological studies, whereby Ananda has made some new discoveries, and made contributions to this field;

Also studying the literature of the medieval Alchemists and its near-eastern roots;

He made Comparative Religion Philosophy and Cultural studies;

As well as making mathematical and geometrical discoveries in cross-cultural comparisons, such as the same processional mathematics and geometry shared by the Egyptians and the ancient builders of Angkor Wat, Cambodia, or the Mayan temples, and clear set, and repeated evidential mathematical code.

With ethnographic and ethnological comparisons as well, some new breakthroughs are emerging in Ananda's research work and a building ontological momentum, which has already sparked excitement from the audiences he has shared this research work with throughout Europe, and further afield.


During 1990 Ananda began lecturing and presenting his research findings and documentation to groups in Denmark, France, Holland, and Switzerland.

In March 1991 Ananda founded Aton Publishing, in Denmark, under which he organized and held press conference's revealing the findings, which were held in Copenhagen.

This naturally led to appearances on several television channels including Danish Kanal Two News, interviews in magazines, newspapers, and radio stations.

He was then invited to share his findings to a large panel of energy research scientists and physicists, called Difot, in Copenhagen.

Aton Publishing did extensive research during this time, accumulated video evidence, and Ananda was joined by research colleagues of their own expertise (including linguistic experts in Sanskrit and Tibetan), as an informal research team network. And came to meet important very underground researchers who had large libraries of books and archives of documents, through which he could peruse - some of these findings were published in his book 1993 book Sovereignty.

In November 1990, Ananda released an astonishing amount of underground evidence in 8, 1 hour, radio broadcasts, on the Nye Tider channel, Copenhagen. These broadcasts were repeated in Switzerland and Sweden.


In April 1992 Ananda appeared on Danish radio for 20 multi-houred broadcasts, revealing the influence of secret societies in the New World Order, as well as presenting the hyper-dimensional vacuum hyperspace physics and geometry of the planets, and new astrophysical phenomenon - this he documented, was something known in classified military projects.

While in February 1992, in Denmark, Ananda began editing a magazine entitled NEW DIMENSIONS: The Journal Of Realities, by Aton Publishing, which released the sacred geometry hyperdimensional equations of the pyramids, and those embedded in the celestial sphere harmonics on unique geometrical positions of the solar system planets. Some of this data initially aided Ananda in grounding his Visionary Insight experiences into the science of sacred geometry expression, especially through Tetrahedron Physics.



Due to a major Visionary Experience that Ananda had in Denmark in 1989, he pursued its contents over several years of development (in combination with his previous research experience, and exposure to pioneering minds), into a series of stress management, and integrative techniques called Uni-tegrity and Vortexijah technique.

These techniques comprise and incorporate:

These techniques have been taught all over the world, and Ananda has trained others in their dissemination.

Ananda dialoguing with world reknowned Taoist self cultivation teacher Mantak Chia

These techniques have been recognized by the internationally renowned Taoist teacher, Mantak Chia, the first eastern teacher and doctor, to release the entirety of the Taoist, and Martial Art secrets to the west, a life-time's work, compiled in many volumes of books, and who is the Founder of the International Healing Tao.

Ananda and Chia's research were complementary and synergetic. Chia recognized the validity of the techniques developed by Ananda, which were sprung from Visionary Science, but which Chia felt confirmed the ancient Taoist art and science of geometrical focus and bio-energetic cultivation et al.

Ananda is also preparing a Collage Course Scheduling for students, which will relay in-depth dissemination of these breakthrough techniques for mind management, stress reduction, creative integrative thought, and optimilised health and reflex's. He has sought to integrate his own science research endeavours to be incorporated and to enhance these techniques.



Ananda has developed a new paradigm science, with colleagues, whereby the field form geometrical languages are combined into a new model for quantum gravity and N space intergeometry, which is proving to be revolutionary in its insight.

This theorem also has a revolutionary hypothesis on evolution, new neuroscience paradigms of consciousness, biochemical re-spatialisation and virtual particle fluctuation translation. Amidst a plethora of other intricate lattices of themes that comprise a large universal unified view.

This new paradigm is laid out in Ananda's Magnus Opus book (7 years in the writing), a new Unified Cosmology, which explains the theorem in bio-anatomical, and neurological detail, entitled: THE UNITY KEYS: The Interuniversal Perspective For The Unity Of Diversity.


In 1991, Ananda embarked into extensive research into neurochemistry, and especially focused on the field of Pineal Gland neuro-science (in which the neuro-hormone Melatonin is produced). These intensive research directives, were instigated for formulating a revolutionary hypothesis that Ananda had envisioned, on brain function, consciousness and health.

After studying the available science papers, and in cooperation with science colleagues, Ananda aided in the instigation of a neurochemicle research project to determine the affect of darkness on the release of beta carbolines and brain tryptamins, endogenously produced from pineal gland tissue, as potential key neurotransmitters involved in creative insight, and cellular regeneration.

Starting in the winter of 1993, Ananda initiated 4 research sessions, with colleagues, who voluntarily chose to test pilot the hypothesis. Ananda has now brought through some 72 test pilot studies through this research endeavour, and has been assembling a database of commonalties, which lends support to the pineal gland activation model, that Ananda had initially sought to demonstrate. He is receiving international interest on this research endeavour, which is but one facet of the Unity Keys paradigm.

Ananda's calculated predictions (feb 96) that these Pineal gland neurotransmitters would be a cancer remedy and would respond to the most significant bio-waves for life replication signaling, 8 Hz, were then confirmed in later studies, where Pinoline was found to be the bodies best anti-oxidant, and his colleague, Dr. Dieter Bruers, who heard Ananda's initial predicted statement, went on further to demonstrate that the Pineal gland is the prime receptacle to 8 Hz waves.


(Ananda cooperates in this venture with: Dr. Dieter Bruers, the developer of the revolutionary Mega Wave machine, who has done Deutch Telecom studies on ELF waves and the pineal gland; Dr. Rudi and Dr. Almud Turpner, founders of the Paragnost and Eutropa Ortho-medicine centres, and nowmay be further extending his work with Dr. Korotkov, of professor of Moscow University, and inventor of inumerous patents).



In March 1994 Ananda also started an irregular newsletter entitled "Star Village News," in order to release essential informations that may aid the sovereign instigation of small, self sufficient, ecological village communities, which incorporate alternative technology, ecological designs, and new forms of housing, and techniques that are environmentally friendly.

Hereby, Ananda assembled a large information bank on practical solutions for Sovereign Ecological Living: A Prototype of the Lifestyle of the Future. In this respect, Ananda is completing the compilation of a book entitled Star Village Technology, which contains active alternative technology for practical action.


In August and September 1994, Ananda held a joint Trialogue venture, in seminar form, with Dr. Anders B. Johanson Ph.d, of Sweden, and revolutionary scientist Daniel Winter. Daniel Winter formally being a Systems Analyst at IBM, who at the University of Detroit's Pschophysiology department worked with world famous Dr. Albert Ax, and then later with the acclaimed R. Buckminster Fuller, and furthermore did graphic modeling at MIT, and developed feedback algorithms to teach Air Force Pilots to control flight surfaces with their controlled thoughts (EEG biofeedback training), at Wright Patterson Air Force Base. Their joint work on geometry, the sentic waveform signature of emotion, and N-space mapping, was very inspirational for the Swedish and Dutch audiences.

Today Ananda and Daniel Winter continue to cooperate in their research field efforts. Daniel Winter will be a consultant of the Board of the ATON VASE project, science department.


Ananda has made numerous other television appearances, radio appearances, magazine interviews, and apart from completing the above books, is working on computer animation's for the VORTEXIJAH PROTOCOL, which will be part of a video series he is working on, to include his astonishing integrated Egyptian discoveries, and research synthesis.

Ananda is working with different scientists in measuring the Vortexijah field of the body; the affect of sound on the cells and neurotransmitters; to alternative technology for ecological purposes, as well as biofeedback analysis utilizing ECG to measure magnet coherence in heart electricity in relationship to Vortexijah techniques.

As well as DNA, and the brain. 3D sound virtual field analysis, and sensitized oscilloscope analysis along with other pioneering technology.

This is now being brought into research evidence at the A*T*O*N and O*D*I*N Institutes in Norway, which combines the forefront technology of numerous scientists, to measure the evidence for human bio-superconductivity, and the electrogravity virtual particle field (Vortexijah), and which, in turn, will develop new technologies.

During the early 1990's, Ananda has especially focused some of these scientists into the Operation Tree Light ecological endeavours, a project that works with the healing of tree's by paramagnetic science.

Operation Stone Light, works with paramagnetically prepared rock, inculcated with an ELF magnetic fields, to enhance plant growth, and pH neutrality. This project has revolutionary implications in agriculture.

Operation Tree Light utilizes the EKG and an specially prepared oscilloscope which acts as an ELF (extremely low frequency) antenna, in order to measure the forests waveforms which exhibit sickness, and to demonstrate the dramatic affect of coherent heart electricity or ecstatic love, on the forest (tree's are ELF antenna's and amplifiers, this work has conclusively been documented), as well as other ecological rescue tools, initial field work was done with Daniel Winter in Sweden, and with Jan Arne Oddegarden in Nessoden, Norway. These Operations involve many elements too complex to list here.


Ananda is an international speaker. Having spoken to audiences that exceptionally may start at 12 persons, but that average 100-300 persons, at times 1000's of persons, from Switzerland to Denmark, France to Norway, Germany to Sweden, Belgium to England, Austria to Holland, Slovenia to Italy, Thailand to Egypt. As well as having engaged in joint seminar adventures with sacred geometry scientist Daniel Winter.


In September 1995, Ananda joined NATO SHAPE Major Robert O' Dean in addressing over 500 doctors in Italy, to include the UN and Club Of Rome's Dr. Lasslo. Whilst Major Dean highlighted his security access to NATO secret documents dealing with the UFO evidence, Ananda presented his Vortexijah Protocol with laser projected computer animations.


Ananda has spent more than 2 months of field investigation time in Egypt, studying temple geometry, alignment, and hieroglyphics. Then in December 1997 he guided a group of 33 students through an intensive Nile temple tour, relaying some of his findings and synthesis. Together with his Angkor Wat research in Cambodia, Ananda has gathered some astounding cross-cultural mathematical links.


In 1994 Ananda embarked on research into Nootropic herbs and medicines, which he integrated with his nutritional, vitamin, mineral, research, and his knowledge is sought by many practitioners.

A recent example was a presentation to 40 doctors and practitioners, in June 1999 at the Eutropa Holistic Institute in Munich, which is to be followed by a presentation for doctors in Milano, Italy in October 1999. Famous nootropic herbs and nutrients are Ginko Biloba, and St Johns Wort, and high choline yielding Lecithin, or the amino acids dimethaminoethanol and pyraglutamic acid. Nootropic nutrition and medicine has made great strides in life extension, enhanced health, and optimised brain function.



Ananda cooperates with the Eutropa and Paragnost Institute and network, in Germany; the HeartMath Institute and EarthHeart Institute in the United States, as well as the Centre for Morpho Energetics. He is in the process of preparing new forefront scientist compossiums, which will transpire on the M-arken property facilities, as well as elsewhere.

The latest research by Dr Glen Rein and associates at the HearthMath Institute which proves that the heart at the moment of coherence (love), actually recoils damaged DNA into its proper double helix arrangement of chromosome communication, is profound.

For these findings illustrate that if we all were taught from childhood onwards to be able to maintain coherent heart electricity, or love, than things like pain and burns would be closer akin to fairy tails. Today heart cardio-rhythm coherence, or "love", can be taught to the young via biofeedback EKG technology, which demonstrates the hearts sonic lasers in prolonged coherence: ecstasis - this is precisely what was established for several years, by a our colleague Elisabeth Freund, who trained children in Germany.


Ananda has also been constructing what he calls a Unified Geneology Cartography, which compiles the lineage of Europian man, through to Egypt and ancient Mesapotamia.

Ananda put his nutritional wisdom into practical use in May 1997, when he published the book: Operation Rescue: Essential Solutions For Immunity From The Silent War, where he documented extensive research results that aid in reducing cancer, as well as highlighting the carcinogenic sources in our habitual food intake, and medicine.

This book compiles the astounding information started by 2 Nobel Laurate Dr. Linnus Pauling, discoverer of the single helix of DNA, who demonstrated high dosage levels (70 grams) of vitamin C, in extending the lives of chronic cancer patients, sometimes in years.

Since this time Ortho-medicine has made even more revolutionary discoveries, which are highly documented, but the information is not reaching the doctors who need it. This 200 page book was compiled and written during a time when a family member was affected, in order to make this essential information universally available.


At the ATON VASE Institute, Ananda will be joined by his colleague, Randall Barolet, who is the international published reference on Chinese Herbology, and who has further studied and pioneered in homeopathy and acupuncture, aiding in establishing quantum jumps in the Holistic movement, within the United States during the 1970s, and having studied oriental medicine in China. His consultancy and wisdom will be invaluable to the project.

In cooperation with professor Korotkov, director of the St. Petersberg University, Russia, who has developed some advances in Bio-electrophotography, the ATON-VASE project will be cooperating with him via the Paragnost network of centres in Germany.

This cooperation with Dr. Rudi and Dr. Almud Terpner, will enable the latest Holistic medicine data gathering technologies to become introdocued into Norway, by our work and distribution efforts. This should add some revolutionary touches to alternative medicine in Norway, rendering greater quality of results, and eliminating the imitators, since the Paragnost Package includes too numerous devices which gathers the actual evidence of the Holistic therapies, in Bio-photography and dark field microscopy, which gives a better quality and reliability for life. Randi Barolet, and a team now being selected, will guiding this section of the ATON VASE Health Farm.



Dr Rudi and Dr. Almud Terpner,

Founders of the Paragnost Network of Centres, and Eutropa Clinic, Munich. Medical doctors, and pioneers in homeopathy, acupuncture, cancer remedies, and other alternative treatments for over 30 years. They are also medical information brokers.

E-Mail: informed@compuserve.com


Dr. Roland and Dr. Christiana Ropers

Ph.D, M.D, Etymologist & Linguist, Director of the heritage of Centre of Cross Cultural Studies, USA, Institute International de Philosopie, Paris, Member of the Jury on International Classical Music, Project Work with world famous musician Yehudi Menuhin, Merchent Banker, Expert in Comparitive relgion and linguistics, and founder of the Natural Life Force 2000 Network. A colleague of the Dalai Lama, Major German publisher. Author of the best selling "Never Again Acid", and Chief Medical Doctor of Holistic Medicine Clinic, thomas Baumgartner Weg 12, D-83708, Kreuth Germany. E-mail: ROPARADISE@AOL.COM


Dr. Dieter Bruers,

Inventor of the pioneering Mega Wave device, which combines microwave and ELF magnetic fields for therapeutic results. Mega Wave in Lubeck Medical Hospital, Clinical Experimental Department; J v G University, Frankfurt, Institute for Zoology; Free University Berlin, Institute for Experimental Physics; Humboldt University, Berlin, Institute for Biophysics. Dr. Bruers has written numerous papers on the above, and has been inspired by Ananda's Pinoline work, and continues this line, in testing the beta carbolines in the pineal gland, in receptivity to 8 Hz ELF waves and microwaves.

E-Mail: yuree@compuserve.com


Daniel Winter,

Systems Analyst at IBM, worked with world famous Dr. Albert Ax, at the Psychophysiology department of University of Detroit, worked with the acclaimed R. Buckminster Fuller. Did graphic modelling at MIT, and developed feedback algorithms to teach Air Force Pilots to control flight surfaces with their thought, at Wright Patterson Air Force Base. Founder of the EarthHeart biofeedback cardiorhythm, computer interface, which is making history in Sentic emotional wave form analysis. Instigator of the HeartMath Institutes history making ECG and brain wave connection work. Pioneer in sacred geometry work, and co-founder of the San Graal School of Sacred Geometry. Has made geometry computer animation tools for children, dozens of video's, several books on the above and related subjects, and runs an electronic production firm. Another visionary scientist.

Web Site www.danwinter.com

E-Mail: winter@primeline.com


Dr. Randalph Barolet:

barolet@hotbot.com. CV enclosed in appendix.


Nigel Blair MA, and Sir George Travelyan (deceased),

Wessex Research Group Network, 79 Acreman Street, Sherborne, Dorset, DT9 6LG, United Kingdom.


Professor Korotkov,

Contact via Eutropa,

E-Mail: informed@compuserve.com



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The Anchor Of Consciousness, SUN (Schoolds & Universities Network) Journal 1985.

CHANNELLING, Journal 1-6, August 1987-89.

EMANATES: The Universal Call, booklet, July 1988.

EXPLORATIONS INTO ONENESS: The Dream Of Creation, booklet, June 1989.

EXPLORATIONS INTO ONENESS, Book 1990, 1991, and 1992.

THE MAJESTY REPORT: AN INTRODUCTION TO THE "ALIEN" PRESENCE, 1991 and 1993 worldwide circulated report.

NEW DIMENSIONS: The Journal Of Realities, April 1992-Sept 1993.

THE "ALIEN" PRESENCE: The Evidence, 600 A4 page documentary book, 1993.

SOVEREIGNTY: The Emergency For Independence From The European Slave Machine (why Norway should say "No" to the E.U), 200 A4 page documentary book. 1993 and 1994.

STAR VILLAGE NEWS, newsletter, March 1994-June 1995, 4 issues.

VORTEXIJAH: Hyperdimensional Gravity Alphabets (3 hour video), dozens of computer animated models of hyperspace. For the Belgium exhibition of fine arts, July 1995.

VORTEXIJAH: New Essential World Solutions NEWS (magazine), issue 1-8. Released a whealth of hard to obtain information on a wide variety of subjects, as solutions.

NARCOLEPSY: Simple Solutions In Amino Acid Revolutions, many steps in offering relief to the sleeping disease. Article writen in June 1997.

OPERATION RESCUE: Essential Solutions For Immunity From The Silent War, A documentary book for essential solutions to most illnesses and the corporate silent war machine. May 1997. Publish release at end of 1998, or on demand request.

THE UNITY KEYS: The Interuniversal Perspective For The Unity Of Diversity, Ananda's Magnus Opus, 1994 (several chapters released), eventually made more widely available, after a very long demand and 6 year wait for many, released in Summer 1999.

SOMANETICS: SOMAJETIC SOMASYNTHESIS FOR SOMAGENIC SOMAGENESIS, An Amazing Compendium To The Unity Keys, which deals with the history of the alchemical elexier the Green Lion Eucharist Agape sacrement of the Soma. You will be astonished, or a-stoned in Agape with your mouth Agape at this secret history of the search for the Pangæa of immortality and metamorphasis, when are the roots of modern chemestry, ooked at with new eyes, with the latest breakthrough's in science. Majority written in 1997, release Autumn 1999, (SOMANETICS 2: The Future Science Of Life Extension & Beyond). 500 A 4 pages.

UNITEGRITY: A UNITY KEYS COMPENDIUM ABDENDUM, 500 A4 pages, many additional science discoveries that support the theorums of the Unity Keys. Latest holographic paradigms, super symmetry etc. Although partly written this will be released at some future date which will be heralded by the reinstigation of ATON Publishing.

STAR VILLAGE TECHNOLOGY: Essential Machines For Sovereign Self Sufficiency In Changing Times. As the ATON Publishing team assembles here in Norway at the A*T*O*N Institute, finally this book and book series will be made available to the public, offering patents for essential new technologies.