Another Set Of Wordings To Overview The Time Gates. Articulated and braught sucinctly to The Point.

(Unfortunately we do not have the complete article).

References have been made to a 7 billion year cycle by various hyperdimensional sources, one of them being Ananda/Emmanuel.

It showes the unfolding of and the cycles of this Universe (including Sun, Earth, and mankind).

Right now we have reached a point in this time-cycle where we have the opportunity to connect with the year 2010, just before the 7 billion year cycle ends in 2012.

In so doing it is possible to create a time loop between 1996 and 2010 through which we can travel back and forth.

Thus we might be able to influence the last fases of growth of this universe, bringing ourselves and the whole of creation to ever higher levels of consciousness, until we will reunite with the All-Oneness.

The following is a summary of all articles about this time-cycle that appeared in Ananda´s magazine Vortexijah.

The before mentioned 7 billion year cycle is also refered to by Ananda/Emmanuel as the "DNA gameboard of the Universe" and perfectly matches a graph extracted from the 64 hexagrams of the I-Ging. The graph, developed by Terence Mc Kenna, also showes a correlation to the 64codons of DNA and when superimposed over history, correlates to major world changes. When the graph showes a high value it indicates a period of relative stability, a low level indicates a period of turmoil and change of the collective consciousness. The correlation between unstable periods in history and low levels in the graph is about 90%.



According to Ananda/Emmanuel we are holographic projections in the 3rd dimension, i.e. manifested energy, flowing in a time forward wave with a lenght of 7 billion years, which ends in 2012. At the same time there exists a time reverse wave, starting in 2012 and flowing backwards.