By Ananda, 12, 12, 2001


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1. Main Story.

2. Michael Rupert's US Re-Revolution

3. Time Gate UFOs

4. The Montauk, Phoenix, Philadelphia and Orion Tech files (book size)

5. Time Travel Science, and Time Gate Anti-Gravity.

On the maximum novelty days of Time Gate 2001, some astounding events took place. Organised more discretely, a quite group of the Grail Ring engaged in the Time Gate protocols in Deja Va style timereverse wave activations. Where "time travelling to the future, makes time travelling to the past possible" AKA "the grandpa loop".

Grail co-researcher Randalf noted that the Time Wave One graph cresedence, plunged in its vertical novelty wave as the war on Afganistan was aannounced. In fact all of the WTC events and those preceeding them in the stock market were accurately chartered.

It was also noted, clearly, that the maximum novelty in termporal resonance was on the date of the Pearl Harbour bombing. In fact a 60th anniversary. A mean tetrahedron angle in time, whose 4 faces are 60-60-60-60 degrees to oneanother.

In this page we show some astounding anomolies that resulted on that precise date.

The Grail Ring team had various results, and some received a Deja Vu Virtual Reality (VR) Remote View (RV) of a future now changed. This included some distressing events in 2004, and less so in 2006... One pilot, I reminded of going through via the Unity Self first, for acurate bio-phasing coherence...

As another dedicated Grail brother and fellow Grail Somanaut put it:


"..It came up that with the correct consciousness prismatics the everexisting omnidirectional and omnitemporal microtimegates can and should be used to the same effect."


In the tradition since Time Gate 1996-2010, where the first mapping of the human genome was announced, and the first nano-technological assemblers released, to be furthered in the Time Gate 2000 announcements, this time the first official announcement of human clonning was added to the sequence of novelty (perhaps initially here to the negative, it is how the compassion of humanity at large alchemicalises this which will govern the final outcome)...

For the Foundation of Time Gate Pages see: http://www.akasha.de/~aton/TGMN.html



We have been mentioning Midway Island for sometime now, due to our interactions with Knight "Redpin" of the Order of the Golden Fleece, whose "Black Ace" was Queen Juliania of Orange. Redpin is of a long lineage of bard's who are keepers of the arkane language of the "computer of language".

After our dialogues together, the he and some others of the reality "gameboard" players have been attempting to work out the meaning of the Midway Path within their paradigms of the game, via the Love Of Power (LOP) and Power Of Love (POL).

Midway Island was the result, and is a signal for POLe shifting game signals to the LOP side.

Hence, on this Time Gate 2001, heralding the edge of the Dawn of the, so called, End Game, a series of anomolous radar signals, that appear to be like a hologram in their ripples, appeared emanating from Midway Island, and towards Hawaii, where Pearl Harbour is located, and which is on the circumscribed tetrahedron in a sphere Earth latitude of 19.5 degrees, a tetrahedral 60 years after Pearl Harbour.

Knowing that nuclear resonance, harmoneous and disharmoneous have a scallar ripple in the hologramme of time effect, the appearence of this holographic signature, is not without significance.

It also leands further awareness to the knowledge of Time Travel via the German project PHI-SUMmum, as a kind of Sumgate signal that was established in 1923, via sponsorship of several secret societies who had an interest in controlling such ventures.

We also note here, however, that those chosen to do the work, were aligned to the codes of Agent 007, or Dr. John Dee, Earl Kelly, Sir Francis Bacon, Lord Vere and others, who in their attempts did not successfully establish the same "Andromeda Contact's" of alchemist Roger Bacon, or SION's and the (1st uninfiltrated) Templar's Bertrand de Blanchefort, whose Chateua de Blanchefort in the Rhadai region of the Pyrrenes, Southern France, is directly overlooked by this constellation, with Capricorn (of alchemy) and Pegassus (the Extra-Temporal PHIlosophers Stone Vehicle, Lapis Stellis Excellis), who assembled the Emerald Tablet texts of Djehuti, through the Persian Masti/Magi and SAFA alchemists, with the Egyptian and Hellenistic cipher, in Sumerian base. And made his own Dark Room technology, and caves of alchemy for the Grail Ark Temporal Star Gate Operations. The same Andromedian's who link with Merlin Ambrosius of Powy's and Aureilius Ambrosius.

It was these "contacts" that lead to the Flammel and Fulcanelli successful alchemical completion, just before de MON infilitration, of the hidden MONad god of the MONarchy, the A-MON of Egypt...

Agent 007 and opened another door, and Flammel's recordings of opening the Star Gates, via the books of the SAFA alchemist Kyot, were not successfully deciphered for the Andromedian Omega.

December 6th was 4,032 days from Maximum Novelty or Time Wave ZERO date, December 21st 2012, when the sun and solar system conjuncts galactic centre.

In this time signature began a series of holographic impulses, to continue into the last of the Time Gate 2001, on December 7th, 2001...

At 8:54:05 PM Pacific Standard Time and 1900 Hrs UTC - 7pm London time, hence a perfect TIME GATE 8am in Hawaii time, are demonstrated in the Navel Radar anomoly singals that were recorded at 8:00am (Hawaii time) exactly sixty years to the second of Pearl Harbour. Just as Navel Intelligence was trying to link into the same Star and Time Gate with the Philadelphia Experiment, in 1943...

These 8 rings, emanating in holographic resonance with the Midway signal, look identicle to a holographic plate, where each part contains the information of the whole.

Crediting Kent Steadmen for first noting the scaller connectiont to the above phenomenon:


"A so-called Moiré pattern occurs when two similar repeating patterns are almost but not quite superimposed. The Moiré pattern is a kind of interference pattern. In this case, the basic pattern consists of lines radiating out from a common center. One copy of this pattern is fixed, and the other drifts about, creating a changing interference pattern [intersecting waves, SCALAR PHYSICS!]"


Scalar and soliton physics is part of the clandestine Temporal project's technology, as a kind of technological Vortexijah or Diamond Body Protocol. Herein, tuned electromagnetic waves intersect and at critical phases appear to cancel out. As Dr Whitaker and Major Thomas Bearden have demonstrated, and in labs Dr. Hutchingson has filmed, a super potential scalar energy created, created therein.

With such a pressure waves being controlled and directed through a parellel quantum universe, some astounding results on the holographic matrix of the implicate ordered universe can be obtained... As ex-military personal have testified to have been rehearsed for many years in covert operations and projects? As Kent Steadment questioned: "Do rogue groups on and off planet wield strange new weapons? Do directed waves go beyond machine technology and actually reside within human potential?"

Certainly in Time Gate 2000 we certainly witnessed an interesting intervention in terms of detectable signals, precisely switched on during that period, as recorded by the ELF RADAR Group...

From Time Gate 1996-2010, we certainly experienced some major scalar anomolies and temporal changes in our research... And the Vortexijah Coherent Scalar Soliton technique, known as the Diamond Body is what all Grail and Somanet Pilots practiced therein in conjunction with Extra-Temporal Intelligence that may be meeting such efforts Midway, from the Omega Point.

As ELFRAD's Charlie Plyler comments in Superpotential Theory and Scalar:

"Speaking of scalar potentials residing within  the human potential Bearden pointed out that the real functioning of mind, thought, memory, and personality occurs in the infolded Whittaker bi-directional EM wave structures of the overall body's scalar potential-called bio-potential. Scientists have already pointed out that mind and memory are not precise functions of physical locations in the brain.

Take Shoo for instance, during an experiment on Christmas this year, he concentrated energy towards Dr. Levengood who resides in Michigan. Dr. Levengood received the signal through a device which he designed for the purpose. The experiment was very positive. Interestingly, the Elfrad detectors also recorded this test. Our results were a  mirror image of Dr. Levengoods'. I suspect a scalar potential was generated mentally by Shoo, and our devices were able to record them.

I will experiment with converting the .9 hertz data to audio. Will send you a file if it pans out."

Superpotential Theory and Scalar

"Kent, the gif file EDD1225, shows the recorded result of the experiment with Shoo.

"The next photo, edspect, is a spectrogram of the detected scalar potential corresponding to the same time frame.

"The audio file was taken from the scalar data. The recorded frequency was 1.618 hertz and the rise in pitch of the audio indicates the relative amplitude.


"Hope this helps.


cplyler@elfrad.com (Charlie Plyler) "

Hence, we see a Golden Ration "Phoenix and Dove" Vortex Pyramidal signature of the Vortexijah Scalar Vehicle occurring here. The 8 hz Phase-conjugate bio-feedback technique vehicle we utilise in the Time Gate Virtual (VR-8) Time Travel Experimental work of the Somanet and Internal Net of the Grail...

Interestingly, just on the US zones where some of these apparent scalar rings were occurring, the next day was followed by Earthquake-like phenomenon. Almost as if there were a form of Dr. Chiao quantum tunnelling negative speed time tunnelling affect to such apparent undergroun clandestine bases... And mirrored at the other side of the planet...


YUMA/ARIZONA quake info from http://www.emsc-csem.org here:

2001/12/08 23:36:34.0 34.0N 112.0W Mb5.6 A LED WESTERNb ARIZONA

2001/12/08 23:36:31.9 36.2N 114.0W 10 Mb5.6 A SED SOUTHERN NEVADA

2001/12/08 23:36:27.1 34.8N 114.4W 33 Mb5.6 A LDG CALIFORNIA-ARIZONA BORDER REGIO

2001/12/08 23:36:15.0 32.4N 114.5W 10 Mb5.6 A SED WESTERN ARIZONA-SONORA BORDER R

2001/12/08 23:36:07.7 30.0N 114.4W 33 Mb5.5 A NOR GULF OF CALIFORNIA, MEXICO

2001/12/08 23:35:56.0 29.2N 116.9W Mb5.2 A RNS OFF W. COAST OF BAJA CALIFORNIA

A magnitude 4.8 earthquake OFF THE COAST OF OREGON has occurred at: 43.75N 127.97W Depth 10km Sat Dec 8 18:08:37 2001 UTC

A magnitude 5.7 earthquake in the RYUKYU ISLANDS, JAPAN has occurred at: 28.91N 130.10E Depth 33km Sat Dec 8 20:29:38 2001 UTC

An intriguing line signature in HOT spaces on December 4th. Scalar quakes and MK (Mind Kontrol) "Soul Harvesting"!?

Another major event in terms of Individual and Human Sovereignty occurred (as we predicted in our Grail News Now Logoidal/Editorial of October 4th, 2001 on the WTC Events and exposures and their hidden meaning in the events to unfold up ahead), was the astounding impact made by the public testimony of former Narcotics Chief of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), Michael Rupert, speaking on December 5th to 1000' of American's in a momentous presentation. Chief Rupert has testified in congress (1999) on the Bush and Chaney Heroin and Opium trade, with documents signed by former CIA Director testifying to this, speaking on to a 1000 influential American's on the Bin Laden and Bush connection in Drugs, Oil, and the CIA design behind such world affairs.

This was a tremendously liberating event in terms of INFROMATION AND SOVEREIGN JUSTICE TO THE PEOPLE. And should that maximum Novelty Time Gate presentation now become the Foundation Stone for the years ahead, then the message we relay in that GNN Editorial and implore to be utilised in the forthcoming trials (by mankinds united effort) on the apparent possible criminal activity of the Bush family to humanity, BECOME ALL THE MORE VALID, and the practical Compassionate Protocol suggested therein, even more URgent to be utilised in such an event on the horizen.

THE GNN WTC PAGES, includes over 200 pages of Michael Rupert's Bush Chaney heroin trade connections, as well as other evidence of preplanning...


When you come to the Montauk, Philadelphia and Phoenix Time Travel pages ahead, herein some first shady steps of Emmanuel's 1990 data on the "Kale-Aran Orion Empire" are beginning to possibly be traced from amidst the covert intelligence community...


GNN: Grail News Now

1,000 In Oregon To Hear LAPD Narc Chief Mike Ruppert

Expose Government Complicity in the WTC Pentagon Attacks

We advise you to do your own research and independent enquiry before reaching any conclussions as to material posted in GNN. A combination of fully integrated honest logic, coherent intuition, and compassion may be useful tools in Sovereign Empowering Enquiry


1,000 Turn Out In Oregon To Hear Mike Ruppert Expose

Government Complicity in the WTC, Pentagon Attacks

­­­­­December 5th, 2001­­­­


(FTW) - On November 28th an estimated 1,000 people came from as far away as

Seattle and San Francisco to Portland State University to see FTW

Publisher/Editor Mike Ruppert give a 2 hour lecture and documentary

presentation on the events surrounding the September 11th attacks and their

aftermath. Starting with an offer of $1,000 to anyone who could show that

any of the sources he cited were not authentic or misrepresented, Ruppert

launched into an display of more than 40 visual exhibits showing government

complicity in and foreknowledge of the attacks.

The event was organized by the campus newspaper The Rear Guard and its

editor Dimitris Desyllas. I never expected that we would have this kind of

turnout, Desyllas said. But it is obvious that the public has very deep

concerns about what we are being told and what the government is doing. We

eventually brought in 860 chairs and there were people all around the walls

and on the floor. One of the volunteer videographers at the event was a

Native American spiritual teacher of the Dakota Sioux nation, Skip Mahawk.

Mahawk, then with the 101st Airborne Division, won the Congressional Medal

of Honor at the legendary 1969 Vietnam War battle known as Hamburger Hill.

Mahawk refused to accept the decoration.

Ruppert's lecture was full of documentary evidence. After pointing out -

among other things - that the Chief of Pakistani intelligence (approved for

his position by the CIA) ordered a $100,000 wire transfer to lead hijacker

Mohammed Atta; that the Bush family had business dealings with the bin Laden

family through the Carlyle Group, that the U.S. and British governments had

extensive military deployments already in the area before the attacks, and

that the Bush administration had ordered the FBI to stop investigating two

relatives of Osama bin Laden living near CIA headquarters this January,

Ruppert launched into the centerpiece of the lecture which was a visual

presentation of his timeline of events around September 11th - which left

some members of the audience in tears. See:




Special attention was also paid to a newly resurrected Unocal pipeline to

transport oil and natural gas from the Central Asian republics to the

Pakistani coast for sale to China and Japan. Henry Kissinger is on both ends

of that deal.

Audience reaction and anger was strongest as Ruppert presented selected

quotes from The Grand Chessboard, a 1997 book by former Carter National

Security Advisor and member of the Trilateral Commission, Zbigniew

Brzezinski. Those quotes - along with maps of Central Asia - indicated

clearly that the current war had been in the planning stages for at least

four years. Two particular quotes from Brzezinski indicating the need for a

Pearl Harbor-like attack evoked boos and hisses for the intelligence expert

and professor who also served in the Reagan Administration.

Ruppert closed the lecture with an analysis of the assault on American civil

liberties since September 11th in the form of the so-called PATRIOT Act and

several unilateral decisions made by President Bush and Attorney General

John Ashcroft which have effectively nullified three amendments to the Bill

of Rights and taken away part of another. He also showed documentary

evidence from Congress supporting his claim that the Bush administration was

going to loot the Social Security Trust Fund.

The audience responded to the lecture with a two minute standing ovation.


The full story with photographs is available online at

http://www.copvcia.com/st ories/dec_2001/portland.html

-- Mike Ruppert s website and information on his subscriber-based newsletter

>From The Wilderness is located at

arranging a 2002 lecture appearance can obtain additional information by

contacting Andrea Shepherd at 818-788-8791 or by emailing

Mike Ruppert "From The Wilderness" www.copvcia.com




Bin Laden Met with the CIA in July and Walked Away

by Michael C. Ruppert


[© COPYRIGHT 2001, All Rights Reserved, Michael C. Ruppert and From The

Wilderness Publications, www.copvcia.com. May be copied and distributed for

non-profit purposes only.]


FTW, November 2, 2001 ­ 1200 PST [Revised, Nov 27, 2001] -- On October 31,

the French daily Le Figaro dropped a bombshell. While in a Dubai hospital

receiving treatment for a chronic kidney infection last July, Osama bin

Laden met with a top CIA official - presumably the Chief of Station. The

meeting, held in bin Laden's private suite, took place at the American

hospital in Dubai at a time when he was a wanted fugitive for the bombings

of two U.S. embassies and this year's attack on the U.S.S. Cole. Bin Laden

was eligible for execution according to a 2000 intelligence finding issued

by President Bill Clinton before leaving office in January. Yet on July 14th

he was allowed to leave Dubai on a private jet and there were no Navy

fighters waiting to force him down.


In 1985 Oliver North ­ the only member of the Reagan-Bush years who doesn't

appear to have a hand in the current war - sent the Navy and commandos after

terrorists on the cruise ship Achille Lauro. In his 1991 autobiography

"Under Fire," while describing terrorist Abu Abbas, North wrote, "I used to

wonder: how many dead Americans will it take before we do something?" One

could look at the number of Americans Osama bin Laden is alleged to have

killed before September 11 and ask the same question.


It gets worse, much worse. A more complete timeline listing crucial events

both before and after the September 11th suicide attacks, which have been

blamed on bin Laden, establishes CIA foreknowledge of them and strongly

suggests that there was criminal complicity on the part of the U.S.

government in their execution. It also makes clear that the events which

have taken place since September 11th are based upon an agenda that has

little to do with the attacks.


One wonders how these events could have been ignored by the major media or

treated as isolated incidents. Failing that, how could skilled news agencies

avoid being outraged, or at least even just a little suspicious?


1998 and 2000 - Former President George H.W. Bush travels to Saudi Arabia on

behalf of the privately owned Carlyle Group, the 11th largest defense

contractor in the U.S. While there he meets privately with the Saudi royal

family and the bin Laden family. [Source: Wall Street Journal, Sept. 27,

2001. See also FTW, Vol. IV, No 7 ­ "The Best Enemies Money Can Buy," -

http://www.copvcia.com/members/carlyle.html. ]

January, 2001 ­ The Bush Administration orders the FBI and intelligence

agencies to "back off" investigations involving the bin Laden family,

including two of Osama bin Laden's relatives (Abdullah and Omar) who were

living in Falls Church, VA ­ right next to CIA headquarters. This followed

previous orders dating back to 1996, frustrating efforts to investigate the

bin Laden family. [Source: BBC Newsnight, Correspondent Gregg Palast ­ Nov

7, 2001].

Feb 13, 2001 ­ UPI Terrorism Correspondent Richard Sale ­ while covering a

trial of bin Laden's Al Q'aeda followers - reports that the National

Security Agency has broken bin Laden's encrypted communications. Even if

this indicates that bin Laden changed systems in February it does not mesh

with the fact that the government insists that the attacks had been planned

for years.

May 2001 ­ Secretary of State Colin Powell gives $43 million in aid to the

Taliban regime, purportedly to assist hungry farmers who are starving since

the destruction of their opium crop in January on orders of the Taliban

regime. [Source: The Los Angeles Times, May 22, 2001].

May, 2001 ­ Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage, a career covert

operative and former Navy Seal, travels to India on a publicized tour while

CIA Director George Tenet makes a quiet visit to Pakistan to meet with

Pakistani leader General Pervez Musharraf. Armitage has long and deep

Pakistani intelligence connections and he is the recipient of the highest

civil decoration awarded by Pakistan. It would be reasonable to assume that

while in Islamabad, Tenet, in what was described as "an unusually long

meeting," also met with his Pakistani counterpart, Lt. General Mahmud Ahmad,

head of the ISI. [Source The Indian SAPRA news agency, May 22, 2001.]

June 2001 ­ German intelligence, the BND, warns the CIA and Israel that

Middle Eastern terrorists are "planning to hijack commercial aircraft to use

as weapons to attack important symbols of American and Israeli culture."

[Source: Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, September 14, 2001.]

July, 2001 ­ Three American officials: Tom Simmons (former U.S. Ambassador

to Pakistan), Karl Inderfurth (former Assistant Secretary of State for South

Asian affairs) and Lee Coldren (former State Department expert on South

Asia), meet with Pakistani and Russian intelligence officers in Berlin and

tell them that the U.S. is planning military strikes against Afghanistan in

October. A French book released in November, "Bin Laden - La Verite´

Interdite," discloses that Taliban representatives often sat in on the

meetings. British papers confirm that the Pakistani ISI relayed the threats

to the Taliban. [Source: The Guardian, September 22, 2001; the BBC,

September 18, 2001.The Inter Press Service, Nov 16, 2001]

Summer 2001 - According to a Sept. 26 story in Britain's The Guardian,

correspondent David Leigh reported that, "U.S. department of defense

official, Dr. Jeffrey Starr, visited Tajikistan in January. The Guardian's

Felicity Lawrence established that US Rangers were also training special

troops in Kyrgyzstan. There were unconfirmed reports that Tajik and Uzbek

special troops were training in Alaska and Montana."

Summer 2001 (est.) ­ Pakistani ISI Chief General Mahmud (see above) orders

an aide to wire transfer $100,000 to Mohammed Atta, who was according to the

FBI, the lead terrorist in the suicide hijackings. Mahmud recently resigned

after the transfer was disclosed in India and confirmed by the FBI. [Source:

The Times of India, October 11, 2001.]

Summer 2001 ­ An Iranian man phones U.S. law enforcement to warn of an

imminent attack on the World Trade Center in the week of September 9th.

German police confirm the calls but state that the U.S. Secret Service would

not reveal any further information. [Source: German news agency "online.ie",

September 14, 2001.]

August 2001 ­ The FBI arrests an Islamic militant linked to bin Laden in

Boston. French intelligence sources confirm that the man is a key member of

bin Laden's network and the FBI learns that he has been taking flying

lessons. At the time of his arrest the man is in possession of technical

information on Boeing aircraft and flight manuals. [Source: Reuters,

September 13.]

Summer 2001 ­ Russian intelligence notifies the CIA that 25 terrorist pilots

have been specifically training for suicide missions. This is reported in

the Russian press and news stories are translated for FTW by a retired CIA


July 4-14, 2001 ­ Osama bin Laden receives treatments for kidney disease at

the American hospital in Dubai and meets with a CIA official who returns to

CIA headquarters on July 15th. [Source: Le Figaro, October 31st, 2001.]

August 2001 ­ Russian President Vladimir Putin orders Russian intelligence

to warn the U.S. government "in the strongest possible terms" of imminent

attacks on airports and government buildings. [Source: MS-NBC interview with

Putin, September 15.]

August/September, 2001 ­ The Dow Jones Industrial Average drops nearly 900

points in the three weeks prior to the attack. A major stock market crash is


Sept. 3-10, 2001 ­ MS-NBC reports on September 16 that a caller to a Cayman

Islands radio talk show gave several warnings of an imminent attack on the

U.S. by bin Laden in the week prior to 9/11.

17. September 1-10, 2001 ­ In an exercise, Operation "Swift Sword" planned

for four years, 23, 000 British troops are steaming toward Oman. Although

the 9/11 attacks caused a hiccup in the deployment the massive operation was

implemented as planned. At the same time two U.S. carrier battle groups

arrive on station in the Gulf of Arabia just off the Pakistani coast. Also

at the same time, some 17,000 U.S. troops join more than 23,000 NATO troops

in Egypt for Operation "Bright Star." All of these forces are in place

before the first plane hits the World Trade Center. [Sources: The Guardian,

CNN, FOX, The Observer, International Law Professor Francis Boyle, the

University of Illinois.]


September 6-7, 2001 ­ 4,744 put options (a speculation that the stock will

go down) are purchased on United Air Lines stock as opposed to only 396 call

options (speculation that the stock will go up). This is a dramatic and

abnormal increase in sales of put options. Many of the UAL puts are

purchased through Deutschebank/AB Brown, a firm managed until 1998 by the

current Executive Director of the CIA, A.B. "Buzzy" Krongard. [Source: The

Herzliyya International Policy Institute for Counterterrorism,

http://www.ict.org.il/, September 21; The New York Times; The Wall Street


September 10, 2001 - 4,516 put options are purchased on American Airlines as

compared to 748 call options. [Source: ICT ­ above]

September 6-11, 2001 - No other airlines show any similar trading patterns

to those experienced by UAL and American. The put option purchases on both

airlines were 600% above normal. This at a time when Reuters (September 10)

issues a business report stating, "Airline stocks may be poised to take


September 6-10, 2001 ­ Highly abnormal levels of put options are purchased

in Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, AXA Re(insurance) which owns 25% of

American Airlines, and Munich Re. All of these companies are directly

impacted by the September 11 attacks. [Source: ICT, above; FTW, Vol. IV,

No.7, October 18, 2001, http://www.copvcia.com/members/oct152001.html. ]

It has been documented that the CIA, the Israeli Mossad and many other

intelligence agencies monitor stock trading in real time using highly

advanced programs reported to be descended from Promis software. This is to

alert national intelligence services of just such kinds of attacks. Promis

was reported, as recently as June, 2001 to be in Osama bin Laden's

possession and, as a result of recent stories by FOX, both the FBI and the

Justice Department have confirmed its use for U.S. intelligence gathering

through at least this summer. This would confirm that CIA had additional

advance warning of imminent attacks. [Sources: The Washington Times, June

15, 2001; FOX News, October 16, 2001; FTW, October 26, 2001, -

http://www.copvcia.com/members/magic_carpet.html; FTW, Vol. IV, No.6, Sept.

18, 2001 - http://www.copvcia.com/members/sept1801.html; FTW, Vol. 3, No 7,

9/30/00 - www.copvcia.com/stories/may_2001/052401_promis.html.

September 11, 2001 ­ Gen Mahmud of the ISI (see above), friend of Mohammed

Atta, is visiting Washington on behalf of the Taliban. [Source: MS-NBC, Oct.


September 11, 2001, For 35 minutes, from 8:15 AM until 9:05 AM, with it

widely known within the FAA and the military that four planes have been

simultaneously hijacked and taken off course, no one notifies the President

of the United States. It is not until 9:30 that any Air Force planes are

scrambled to intercept, but by then it is too late. This means that the

National Command Authority waited for 75 minutes before scrambling aircraft,

even though it was known that four simultaneous hijackings had occurred ­ an

event that has never happened in history. [Sources: CNN, ABC, MS-NBC, The

Los Angeles Times, The New York Times.]

September 13, 2001 ­ China is admitted to the World Trade Organization

quickly, after 15 years of unsuccessful attempts. [Source: The New York

Times, Sept. 30, 2001.]

September 15, 2001 ­ The New York Times reports that Mayo Shattuck III has

resigned, effective immediately, as head of the Alex (A.B) Brown unit of


September 29, 2001 ­ The San Francisco Chronicle reports that $2.5 million

in put options on American Airlines and United Airlines are unclaimed. This

is likely the result of the suspension in trading on the NYSE after the

attacks which gave the Securities and Exchange Commission time to be waiting

when the owners showed up to redeem their put options.

October 10, 2001 ­ The Pakistani newspaper The Frontier Post reports that

U.S. Ambassador Wendy Chamberlain has paid a call on the Pakistani oil

minister. A previously abandoned Unocal pipeline from Turkmenistan, across

Afghanistan, to the Pakistani coast, for the purpose of selling oil and gas

to China, is now back on the table "in view of recent geopolitical


Mid October, 2001 ­ The Dow Jones Industrial Average, after having suffered

a precipitous drop has recovered most of its pre-attack losses. Although

still weak, and vulnerable to negative earnings reports, a crash has been

averted by a massive infusion of government spending on defense programs,

subsidies for "affected" industries and planned tax cuts for corporations.

Now, let's go back to the October 31 story by Le Figaro ­ the one that has

Osama bin Laden meeting with a CIA officer in Dubai this June.


The story says that, "Throughout his stay in the hospital, Osama Bin Laden

received visits from many family members [There goes the story that he's a

black sheep!] and Saudi Arabian Emirate personalities of status. During this

time the local representative of the CIA was seen by many people taking the

elevator and going to bin Laden's room.


"Several days later the CIA officer bragged to his friends about having

visited the Saudi millionaire. From authoritative sources, this CIA agent

visited CIA headquarters on July 15tth, the day after bin Laden's departure

for Quetta


"According to various Arab diplomatic sources and French intelligence

itself, precise information was communicated to the CIA concerning terrorist

attacks aimed at American interests in the world, including its own



"Extremely bothered, they [American intelligence officers in a meeting with

French intelligence officers] requested from their French peers exact

details about the Algerian activists [connected to bin Laden through Dubai

banking institutions], without explaining the exact nature of their inquiry.

When asked the question, "What do you fear in the coming days?' the

Americans responded with incomprehensible silence."


"On further investigation, the FBI discovered certain plans that had been

put together between the CIA and its "Islamic friends" over the years. The

meeting in Dubai is, so it would seem, consistent with 'a certain American



Even though Le Figaro reported that it had confirmed with hospital staff

that bin Laden had been there as reported, stories printed on November 1

contained quotes from hospital staff that these reports were untrue. On

November 1, as reported by the Ananova press agency, the CIA flatly denied

that any meeting between any CIA personnel and Osama bin Laden at any time.


In the most ironic twist of all, FTW has learned that Le Figaro is owned by

the Carlyle Group, the American defense contractor which employs George Bush

Sr., and which had as investors ­ until they sold their stake on October 26

- the bin Laden family.


Who do you believe? In coming stories FTW will prove to you that this war,

which according to @#%$ Cheney, may not end in out lifetimes, has been in

the works for at least four years.


Peter R. Farley

P.O. Box 8231

Roswell, NM 88202


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UFOs have been reported in New Jersey, Maryland, Georgia, Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, Oregon, United Kingdom, Spain, Norway, and Italy. Large areas of the Midwest and Europe report seeing slow moving bright streaks in the sky. Satellites continue to pick up uncorrelated targets each day that may include UFOs.



Astronomers observed flashes and explosions on the Moon during the 2001 Leonid meteor storm, indicating meteoroids were hitting the lunar surface. Like Earth, the Moon plowed through comet Tempel-Tuttle's debris field on November 18th," says Bill Cooke of the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center. But, unlike Earth, the Moon doesn't have an atmosphere where meteoroids harmlessly disintegrate." Instead, lunar Leonids hit the ground and explode. Using 8-inch telescopes equipped with video cameras, David Dunham in Maryland and Tony Cook in Virginia independently recorded the flash -- a double confirmation. "We estimate it was as least as bright as a 4th magnitude star." Flashes and lights on the Moon have been recorded for centuries. At least 6 Leonids hitting the Moon in 1999 caused explosions bright enough to be seen from Earth.


Reports of bright lunar Leonids two years ago puzzled many scientists. Their calculations suggested that a Leonid hitting the Moon would need to mass hundreds of kilograms to produce an explosion visible through backyard telescopes. Yet there was little evidence for such massive fragments in the Leonid debris stream. Hundred-kilogram meteoroids hitting Earth's atmosphere would produce sensational fireballs, brighter than any sky watchers actually saw. Jay Melosh, a planetary scientist at the University of Arizona's Lunar and Planetary Lab teamed up with Ivan Nemtchinov, a Russian physicist skilled in computer simulations of thermonuclear explosions. "Leonid impacts aren't as potent as a nuclear warhead, but they are powerful. They hit the Moon traveling 72 km/s or 160,000 mph. The energy per unit mass in a Leonid strike is 10,000 times greater than a blast of TNT." Using computer programs designed to study bomb blasts, Melosh and Nemtchinov discovered that Leonids didn't have to be so massive to produce flashes. Impactors massing only 1 to 10 kg could do the job. because much of the ground within a few meters of the impact point would be vaporized, and a cloud of molten rock would billow out of a growing crater. "At first the cloud would be opaque and very hot, between 50,000 K and 100,000 K," explains Melosh. Milliseconds after the initial blast, the cloud would expand to a few meters in diameter and cool to 13,000 K. That's the critical moment," he says, "when the vapor becomes optically thin (transparent); then, all the photons rush out and we can see a flash of light from Earth." Thanks to Space Weather at http://www .spaceweather.com/meteors/gallery_18nov01_page2.html




NEW BRUNSWICK -- The witness reports that, "While watching the Leonids meteor shower on November 18, 2001, I noticed a boomerang shaped object flying directly above me at 5:05 AM." It made no sound and had no lights. The surface appeared smooth, with no visible engine or tailfin. I couldn't make out the color, but it appeared flat or matte, possibly gray. The altitude of the object is difficult to gauge but based on the size, speed, and wingspan, from my perspective, it was larger than a 747, traveling 300 to 600 mph at under 10,000 feet. It looked like a giant boomerang, flat with a narrow fuselage/wings.




ANNAPOLIS -- The witness set his alarm for 4:30 AM on November 18, 2001, to meet some friends to watch the Leonid meteor shower. Going out on the balcony, I saw three meteoroids almost immediately. I excitedly phoned my friends and when I looked outside again, I saw two large luminous Flying Triangles over the houses and trees. Flying in formation they headed south. At first I related the illumination to the meteor shower, but when I looked directly at the objects an instinct kicked in that these were NOT shooting stars, and I was witnessing something incredible. I live a block and a half away from the Naval Academy and I am used to Navy flyovers, Blue Angels, etc. THIS WAS DIFFERENT. The Flying Triangles did not project light to the ground; they themselves were yellowish, white light. Their edges were not sharp; they were slightly rounded with the glow of the light. They appeared to be flying in formation - points facing down, close together, on a diagonal. Together, they were about the size of a half moon. Their movement was fluid and quick and they were SILENT. I was only able to watch the objects for 7 seconds and soon after they disappeared, I heard a boat horn sound twice quickly indicating they may have seen the same thing. I met my friends and told them I was sure I had seen UFOs. They reacted with friendly skepticism, but I saw the triangles again in the southeast corner of the sky. I sat up, pointed, and said, "Look!!! There they are!!!" One friend was able to see them much farther away. Just before they disappeared, one triangle broke out of formation and darted ahead. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director of the National Reporting Center www.ufocenter.com.





STATESBORO -- On November 17, 2001, three witnesses were outside to see if the reported meteor shower had begun. While looking off into the southern horizon, I noticed a green light at about 10:00 PM. At first it was a white light that slowly changed to a light green color. There were no Flashing lights or red lights, as associated with aircraft. In addition, the light stayed on a straight path, and was seen for miles. The light also was moving at a speed, which seemed out of the norm for local jet fighters. There was no sound with the object which made me think it might have been an "early meteor," but as the object continued into the distance, I noticed there was no dust trail as seen with meteor's. In addition, the object did not appear to be "Burning" or a "Fireball." The light continued into the distance until it became to small to see.


AUGUSTA -- On November 19, 2001, the witness reports seeing a chevron shaped object move from the north to south at 5:30 AM. Its movement caught my eye. It had a 'V' shaped bank of white lights the same color as the stars. The rear lights seemed to be offset a little. It had no aircraft type of lighting on it and made no sound. The lights were perfectly round, like domes. Could not see any shape but the v shape pattern of the lights. I have seen this type of object on many of the UFO shows. Thanks to NUFORC www.ufocenter.com




SOUTH WEBSTER -- On November 15, 2001, the witness and a coworker saw burnt orange objects in the northeastern sky at 6:29 PM. Virtually the same object was also spotted on May 31. We first saw a single burnt orange light in the northern sky. It was there only about 20 seconds or so then went out. Then in about a minute it was visible slightly left of its first location. After about three minutes, we saw one, then two, and then three objects in the northwest. They had the same shape, color, and brightness. We were shocked because we thought we would never see this again. The sky was crystal clear and no moon was visible. Objects were about at 45 degree's from horizon. There were jets in the area but at a much higher altitude. Alternatively, so they seemed. No sounds were heard. I have been watching the sky since I was a small boy and I have never saw anything like this. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC




RIBOLT -- On November 15, 2001, at 5:55 PM a MUFON member reports seeing a very bright orange light with what appeared to be four refraction lines radiating from it, similar to the headlight of an airliner. A second, identical, light appeared to the left and slightly up from the first. It appeared as if two planes were in extreme proximity to each other. We stopped the truck (expecting to see a plane crash) and I opened the truck door and looked right at the two lights and then saw four to six more identical lights appear in succession to the left and below the second light, almost evenly spaced and forming a semi circle as the last one or two lights appeared heading back to the right. The light positions remained static, with no change or movement, and the lights remained steady with no flickering. As I grabbed my camera, all of the lights disappeared. The lights were much bigger and brighter than any star and we saw several airplanes as we continued our trip and none of the plane lights remotely resembled what we saw. A friend said she saw similar lights at her farm in the far southeastern part of this county about a month ago and she was relieved that we saw what we did. There was no sound. RINGGOLD ((NUFORC Note: Please see report from Ringgold, OH, for same date, and same approximate time.




OTTER LAKE, FOSTORIA -- Heather Power's reported to Skywatch International that she was in her living room on December 3, 2001, when her daughter ran out of her room and said. "Mom its back." I went to the bay window at 6:45 PM, and I spotted it almost immediately. It was a bright light hovering high in the sky, but different from a star. I grabbed my binoculars and was astounded, because it was brighter than all the stars that were out. This is the second sighting of this kind. My daughter and I saw something similar about a month ago, so we decided to keep watching, hoping to see it again. Our house is on a bare hill on 4 acres, with a large bay window facing south. There is open field around our house, and few trees, it is ideal to view the night sky. I viewed this object hovering for about 3 minutes. It appeared to be cross shaped, with the center being the brightest. As I was watching it taking mental notes, it appeared, and at that instant, other duller (not as bright) objects began to appear and disappear all around the area the first one had been. My daughter is 13 years old, and she is somewhat afraid when we see these lights. Thanks to Bill Hamilton of Skywatch International skywatch_discussion@yahoogroups.com.





MAPLEWOOD -- The witness reports he saw five figures in a formation soar on November 19, 2001. They were bronze in color, and elliptical in shape. Their sides came to a point, rather than just rounded. All looked to be the same size. The formation they were flying was similar to a Less Than sign (<). They were traveling towards the southeast at 11:45 PM and being a pilot myself, I would guestemate around 40,000 feet. The sky was clear. I watched them from about a 60-degree sky position from my right side, to about a 30-degree sky position on my left side. They flew virtually overhead. I saw no other lights, nothing flashing, just the steady bronze color. I heard no sounds from them, but at that altitude you probably wouldn't. There were no trailing streams of light coming from them. I know the Leonid Meteor shower has been going on, but with meteor showers, the light goes extremely fast, has a trail of light, and is generally really bright. These lights could not be meteors. There is not a great amount of military aircraft around here. The objects I saw were traveling three times as fast as an airliner in cruise. I'm not sure how fast our military aircraft can go, but it was impressive whatever it was. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC www.ufocenter.com




On Saturday night, December 1st, around 10:15 PM CST, a sensational fireball glided over at least seven states in the US Midwest. Airline pilots and passengers had a terrific view, while automobile traffic stopped. Emergency phone lines were jammed. There were about eight slow-moving fiery yellow objects moving across the night sky. Police and television stations from Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, reported seeing the streaks in the sky.


Sam Sherman the President of Independent International Pictures saw the CNN broadcast video of the streaks of brilliant light moving across the sky from Nebraska to Texas. He and several people who observed the video felt their was more than debris breaking up and there was also a slow moving craft of some sort visible among the 30 balls of light. NORAD announced that moving from the southwest to northeast pieces of a Proton rocket had disintegrated in Earth's atmosphere. NORAD has had a sudden increase in the number of uncorrelated targets reaching one hundred a day. Correlated targets are those contained in NORAD Computer Data Banks. Uncorrelated are essentially unknown objects in space. Video of the objects shown on CNN seemed to move too slowly to be pieces of a Soviet SL-12 Proton Rocket. If UFOs are entering our airspace it is obvious that they might try to time their entry with that of legitimate space debris. There have been numerous sightings of green streaking objects entering our atmosphere since 1947. The Russian Sputnik, the first satellite in space did not go into orbit until ten years later. Kansas and Oklahoma witnesses reported seeing four long streaks of light moving across the sky creating sparks as they entered the atmosphere. UFOs frequently observed from the Space Shuttle do not create sparks like the space debris that creates tremendous heat and pressures.


EDINBURGH -- The United Kingdom's Astronomy Technology Centre says a Proton Rocket was launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakstan at 18:04 UT on December 1st. An 800 kg metal casing from the fourth stage of the rocket was on its third orbit around Earth when it burned up in the atmosphere over southern England and France at about 22:35 UT." The National Space Development Agency of Japan has announced, the Fuyo No. 1, satellite could fall onto any part of the planet. The 340 kg satellite will most likely enter the Earths atmosphere on December 4, 2001. Thanks to Sam Sherman of Independent International Pictures. Look for their label on DVDs/




PORTLAND -- The witness was driving home when he saw two objects just after sunset on November 19, 2001. At first, they appeared to be airplanes, although they seemed to be joined together and form one large hovering craft. The witness estimated they were flying at 2000 feet altitude as they passed at 5:15 PM. Then, after about ten minutes, they split again. One advanced northward, and the other remained in a hover mode, perhaps advancing slightly northward. The witness state, "I then saw a very small light leave the remaining craft, and it fluttered downward erratically, kind of like a spark. As I arrived home, this second craft advanced forward again, and I noticed it was shaped somewhat like a plane, but all the lighting was white and steady. There were no blinking red and greens that are normally seen on the wing and tail sections of a plane." As I watched it slowly move northward, it appeared not to have a body or shape. It was as if lights were arrayed on an invisible craft. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC www.ufocenter.com




BEDHAMPTON -- Hello Jeff, Saturday, November 24, 2001, was a special day when the residents received a daylight visit from a UFO and the event was fortunately videotaped by Anthony Woods, local resident and sky watcher. Mr. Woods has been involved in UFO sightings for a long time, experiencing what seems to be an exciting, personal interaction with these unknown objects. On November 24, 2001, the sun suddenly broke through the clouds, and local resident Anthony Woods was waiting for after several days of rain and bad weather. But he was not preparing himself to work in his garden. Instead, he grabbed his video camera and went outside to await the possible appearance of a UFO...like so many times before, when he had followed his unique ability to sense the coming presence of an enigmatic visitor. I met Anthony Woods some weeks before as a result of several fortunate circumstances. He contacted me, interested in the UFO from the Mexican UFO Wave. He wanted to make some comparisons between two strange-shaped UFOs videotaped by himself on August 9 and September 22, 2001, in Bedhampton. He showed me the videos and asked if I knew of similar UFOs from Mexico. When I saw both videos I was quite impressed at the strange shapes, especially the one from August 9 - something truly unprecedented, which I have never seen before. This unknown object exhibited amazing polymorphic shape changes during its behavior... which permits one to instantly discard the possibility of misidentifying this craft as any known aircraft, bird, or balloon.


Anthony recorded superb daylight footage with his video camera, clearly capturing the structural details of the UFO's body. The footage is almost 6 minutes long and during this period the UFO remained almost static in the sky, rotating on its axis in a vertical manner, at low altitude. Definitely, the most intriguing feature of this craft is its polymorphism - changing its shape - continuously while doing maneuvers that defy the known physics laws. Anthony videotaped this UFO above his parents' home. After several minutes the object flew away at a steady speed. The September 22 footage presents a barrel-shaped UFO, also rotating and reflecting the sunlight on its left side. That morning, Anthony was in his home when he "felt" that sensation and went outside and encountered the visitor directly above his garden. An interesting feature of the footage is the presence of a large bird (possibly a crow) that appeared to circle the hovering object to take a closer look before retreating. Reviewing the video, Anthony pointed out to me another interesting detail on both videos (August 9 and September 22). He noticed that both objects appear to show, in some of the frames, 'spikes', or 'hairs' sticking out. He thought that maybe it was just some type of distortion but I replied that maybe those were the so-called "Angel Hair" filaments of thin, spider web-like transparent fibers discovered after some UFO sightings - a phenomenon well-known in Ufology. Thanks to Santiago Yturria Photos and complete story at http://www.rense.com/general1 7/EXBEDUFO.HTM




CANTILLANA, SEVILLE PROVINCE -- On December 4, 2001, Jose B.S. was driving his vehicle on Highway 116, past kilometer 12 heading toward Mairena del Alcor at 10:58 AM, when he noticed of an oval-shaped object. He says, it was similar to a lipstick, and white in color. The object followed a westerly trajectory and plummeted in mid-flight before flying horizontally again, stopping, ascending and disappearing toward the West at high speed. The distance was about ten kilometers away. The witness places the object over a town called Cantillana and was almost able to cover it with his thumb. We can therefore estimate a relative size similar to that of the full moon or larger.


As an anecdotal note, the witness points out that toward 10:30 a.m., jet airplanes flew low over Seville Airport. Logically, all this data is being analyzed, but given the urgency of the subject, the SIB calls upon the international UFO community to aid in determining any concomittant sighting. On the other hand, we welcome any information from friends in the province of Seville. Thanks to Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology. Translation (C) 2001. Special thanks to Antonio Salinas, Director, Dept. of Ufology/Exobiology, S.I.B.




The Italian Center for UFO Studies (CISU) reports that there were numerous UFO sightings this summer in Italy. Giuseppe Stilo has disseminated a preliminary list of reports of the Italian wave of sightings.More than 67 sightings were recorded by August 1st and many others had been observed. Meanwhile, the number of incidents reported by the mass media has been diminishing (55 newspaper clippings gathered by Eco della Stampa during the month of July, compared with 86 in June). The sightings were widespread throughout the Italian Peninsula; with a slight lead in the northern regions. Nocturnal lights prevail; but in July, there occurred 11 daylight objects, 8 close encounters, and 3 cases captured on videotape. There were 62 sightings in June.


PADUA -- The Monselice Case occurred on the evening of August 3, 2001, at about 11:15 PM, two women sitting on a bench in a square observed an enormous four-sided object descend from the sky. It made no noise and stopped a few meters above the ground directly over the witnesses. The object, measuring side-on approximately 10 meters in length, had rounded edges and many lights. At the structure's center, there was a ring of intense light, with a little red light in the middle. One of the women fled in terror, hid behind a small statue of the Madonna, while the other remained paralyzed on the bench. Suddenly, she rose and took a few steps forward, until she was directly beneath the object: She gestured strangely with her arms and made some noises. Her friend continued to call to her screaming and finally convinced her friend to join her behind the statue. After a few seconds, the strange metallic platform, with a kind of "muffled noise," eventually split up into three parts which then shot away at an incredible speed. Two luminous discs in one direction, one multicolored one in the other. Their screams caught the attention of another woman who caught sight only of the two frightened witnesses. A third witness, who was 500 meters away, saw a "stupendous and intensely colored" square-shaped object, which she stopped to watch for its "extremely beautiful colors: white, red, yellow and green." The two protagonists of the story remained greatly unsettled from their experience: one of them didn't manage to sleep at night for a week or more, remained in a state of shock and speechless. An inquest was conducted by the Carabinieri, and the case was picked up by various Ufologists who issued varied and contrasting statements. The Pordenonese Antonio Chiumiento affirmed that it had to do with an extraterrestrial object which was going to attempt to abduct one of the two women. Instead, The International UFO Center maintained that the cause likely was a top-secret American airplane. The Venice contingent of the National UFO Center finally reported its detection of a slight trace of radioactivity at the spot, leading to alarm among the population and the intervention of the Regional Environmental Protection Agency, which alternately refuted the presence of any radioactivity. Il Gazzettino, Padua edition and Il Mattino di Padova, 17-30 August; UfoItalia, 23-30 August; collaboration by Roberto Labanti, Matteo Leone, Alessandro Luè, Dario Paganini and Gildo Personè.]




HESSDALEN -- The Italian Mission Returns Home After four weeks, the Italian mission came to an end on 22 August in the Hessdalen Valley of Norway, where sightings of strange lights in the sky have occurred repeatedly for twenty years. The expedition, conducted in collaboration with the National Council of Research Activities, had the goal of acquiring optical and electromagnetic data on the phenomenon. CNR was led by the astrophysicist Massimo Teodorani; and was organized and financed (for the second consecutive year) by the Italian Committee for Project Hessdalen, a group created in Bologna last year for this specific aim and coordinated by Renzo Cabassi. The unfavorable atmospheric conditions notwithstanding, various video and photographic captures of the phenomenon were acquired this year. Photometric and spectroscopic techniques were put to the test. The data gathered will be analyzed and interpreted and finally summarized in a preliminary technical article to be published in the future on the CIPH Website (http://www.itacomm.net/PH/).




The UFO world has been reverberating for weeks after the September airing on National TV Channel 2 documentary, "OVNIs, le secret American,", the work of the French journalist French Vincent Gielly, who during two years of investigating has interviewed numerous experts, viewed archives and consulted documents around the globe. The clamor also derives from the fact that the documentary was preview-broadcast exclusively to the French Senate last 24 April, arousing a certain interest in the objective and historic piece. The documentary is actually modeled after the life of the astronomer/Ufologist Dr. Joseph Allen Hynek. Among the Ufologists interviewed (Americans, overall), there are some of the most notable names on the American scene. Already arousing particular interest is news of the inclusion of a French counter-espionage official who is actively involved with the subject of UFOs. The program has already garnered positive reviews from numerous newspapers on the other side of the Alps, and followers hope that this signals a turnabout in the way that television handles the subject in their country. Thanks to Edoardo Russo and the Italian Center for UFO Studies at http://www.arpnet.it/ufo/ultime.htm 10121 Turin, Italy and ufoupdates@home.com




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Regards, George Filer

When you come to the Montauk, Philadelphia and Phoenix Time Travel pages ahead, herein some first shady steps of Emmanuel's 1990 data on the "Kale-Aran Orion Empire" are beginning to possibly be traced from amidst the covert intelligence community...

-Ananda, 12/12/2001


"...There was such a group of civilizations that evolved within Orion, that were also becoming extremely enthusiastic with the exploration of physical mass and the using of technology.

"They became very enthused with utilizing the energy, or power, of the universe that was based on the chaos principal. This chaos principal gave them a drive in their mentality. They began to venture into this solar system...

"...We could go on for hours speaking about what has occurred in the form of, outrageously enough, wars, that took place deep into space utilizing light, laser and psychic technology and which involved some of the other bases on the other planets of the solar system of the Empire...

"...We are only offering suggestions here, but in the future, there will be points that will verify further. What we have suggested you do not have to believe. But what we are to suggest, you can verify with in-depth research and it will sound even more outrageous...

"...the Intergalactic Empire had been given permission by some individuals and scientists... to have vast bases inside the Earth...

"These also had become multi-dimensional, because of the genetic research the Empire had done upon individuals of the solar system. For you carry physically within your genes the blueprints to multi-dimensionality. And, indeed, with some of the genetic experiments that were done... they had gained some of these keys, but had not gained the keys to the Paradise Universes, which were also higher dimensional forms very close to the Source...

"...Because of this, there were some individuals with tremendous power who had secret meetings with those of the Empire. And they created many equivalent secret societies that were disguised in the teaching of the lamb... It was only in the initiations within these false groups, when you reach 33 degrees or above, that you realized you were within a society of the wolf, so to speak.

"These Brotherhoods also carried some of the technological secrets of the Empire, as well as the past civilizations. However, many of these civilizations became lost in belief systems, and the cast systems...

­EMMANUEL, ATON-RA III, Geneva, August 1990, Audience of 90 People


Philadelphia Experiment Debunkers Debunked

The Big Picture



Professional liars who work for the U.S. Navy/New World Order have in recent years REALLY helped prove that what's come to be known as the Philadelphia Experiment definitely DID occur in 1943 at the Philly Naval Yard.


The experiments were originally commenced with the stated intention of finding a way to make U.S. ships invisible to Nazi radar. Many, many accounts have attested that such radar invisibility experiments DID occur; but that something POSSIBLY unexpected and absolutely astounding took place on at least one occasion: the ship used in the experiments, the USS Eldridge, completely DISAPPEARED FROM SIGHT.


Whenever the Navy has been confronted with questions or information about the unqalifiedly-DISASTROUS experiments over the past intervening 58 years, they have repeatedly lied through their collective teeth and completely denied that such experiments ever took place.


But one by one, their disingenuous lies have been shot down and buried by determined investigators.


Then in 1994, Navy spooks trotted out to the world some lame-brained loser of a fake supposedly named Edward Dudgeon, who -- along with well-known intel asset/mouthpiece/disinfo artist (and "UFO" "investigator") Jacques Vallee -- tried to shut down inquiries about the Philly Experiment once and for all.


Jacques Vallee, who has had substantial and verifiable links to intelligence/military agencies in the U.S. going back 30 or more years (in other words he was a high-level spook and disinfo agent recruited from France who worked for Air Force Intelligence and similar groups with J. Allen Hynek and other spook/scientists, initially at the Batelle Institute near Wright-Patterson AFB in Ohio), published a report in 1994 which purported to totally debunk the Philadelphia Experiment and show that it was a hoax.


The problem is, Vallee's own article itself was complete and utter GARBAGE, utilizing as it's primary source the statements of one "Edward Dudgeon" -- some phony with absolutely no credibility AND no credentials, who has been conclusively proved a liar; and thus by extension so has Vallee been proved a liar as well.


One of the BIGGEST whoppers the HIGHLY-questionable Dudgeon reportedly told Vallee was that there would have been NO NEED for the Navy to conduct such research and experimentation in 1943, because (GET THIS!!) the Nazis did NOT have RADAR in 1943!! "Your book Revelations was wrong about making the ship invisible to radar: the Germans hadn't deployed radar at the time...," Dudgeon babbled to Vallee as recorded in Vallee's report.


Without ANY QUESTION WHATSOEVER the German Navy had radar on their ships, even BEFORE WW II.


There is information posted on a website at: http://www.cnd.net/ ~kais/ navy/ raiders.htm which provides hard factual data regarding the Nazi's development of radar. By scrolling down to the third and fourth paragraphs under the heading: /The pocket battleship Admiral Scheer', one can find information on how these same radar systems were used to devastating and deadly effect against Allied ships and crew.


The so-called Dudgeon's comments on this point, as on so many others, are laid bare as utterly worthless drivel.


This INCREDIBLY bald-faced LIE, that the Nazis didn't have radar in 1943, can be -- and HAS been -- so EASILY and MASSIVELY DISPROVED that for the government/Navy to even TRY floating it can only mean ONE THING: The series of clandestine experimental activities which have come to be known as the "Philadelphia Experiment" did MOST POSITIVELY OCCUR at the Philly Naval Yard in 1943.


The person who busted these clowns is named Marshall Barnes, an independent researcher who has heavily and thoroughly investigated the Philadelphia Experiment and has found SOLID evidence to support many of the major claims made about it, as well as scientific data and so forth which proves many of the claims are thoroughly possible.


Vallee and Bernhard Haisch, Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Scientific Exploration which published Vallee's article and has refused to disclaim or otherwise back off it, have become the target of an ongoing private investigation by Barnes focusing on them having promoted research fraud.


Proof which shows Jacques Vallee's article to be an outright fraud has been made public by Barnes, leaving no room for doubt that the world famous UFO researcher was an active, witting participant in an official coverup effort.


Barnes shows irrefutably that there was on the part of the Navy and other government agencies in 1943: 1.) a strong agenda to make a ship both radar and sight invisible; 2.) knowledge of the physics by which this can be done; and 3.) possession of the technology by which this physics could be applied in the field.


Apparently the broader dissemination of this heavily-verified information is so disturbing to the "powers that be" that in desperation they engaged or coerced two well-known scientists into perpetrating a bizarre act of deliberate scientific debauchery; putting their names, reputations and those of any organizations they may belong to at risk.


One of the main points which Dudgeon (or whomever) and Vallee (or whomever) make, which they say debunks claims about the Philadelphia Experiment has to do with the dates of the shakedown cruise for a number of vessels. Dudgeon claims that The Eldridge accompanied his ship, the DE 50, the USS Engstrom and two other ships on shakedown together during the FIRST WEEK of July and thus was not even in Philly Harbor at the time experiments were said to gave occurred.


But GUESS WHAT! Surprise! The Navy's OWN RECORDS utterly disproved THAT pathetic lie.


The Navy's official records for the Eldridge show that the ship wasn't even launched until July 25, didn't receive its commissioned crew until August 27 and then didn't go on its shakedown cruise until September.


It was within the period of time between July 25 and August 27 that a skeleton crew could and would have been used in the clandestine experiments, as they would NOT be listed as the official commissioned crew and thus any tracing of them would be pretty much impossible.


Barnes says: "I assure you that these dates are accurate because they reflect information I got from three different published official Navy ship record sources, as well as other books that have quoted the same records."


Let's face it: Vallee's article and the "testimony" which make up the bulk of it are shown clearly and unarguably to be the complete garbage that they truly are.


Why then, and at whose direction, have editor Bernard Haisch and his Journal of Scientific Exploration refused to issue a disclaimer regarding this work of outrageous fraud and in fact continue to publish it on their website and doubtless elsewhere also?


Very good questions; but most likely also rhetorical ones. Undoubtedly relevant with regard to this is the fact that Vallee for one reason or another deemed it desirable his report "reviewed" and obviously censored or "cleared" by one "Vice-Admiral William D. Houser".




What's so much MORE important to realize is that despite the tremendous devastation wrought on human beings by the Philly Experiment, and despite the fact that the experiments were called off after the Eldridge disappeared and any similar experiments were totally shelved for several years, the Navy/U.S. government were EXTREMELY interested in what REALLY DID happen to the Eldridge when it disappeared form radar AND from sight, and WANTED to do further experiments in this area.


This entire Pandora's Box of interdimensional experimentation was reopened in the early 1950s, with an eye towards perfecting and making CONTROLLABLE both radar invisibility or "stealth" as WELL as literal sight invisibility, and the interdimensional "shifting" upon which such sight invisibility is predicated.


Control of these extraordinarily-advanced technologies was achieved during the 1970s at various locations, including Long Island's Brookhaven Nat'l Labs and nearby Montauk Air Force Station.


When all was said and done, SEVERAL different operational technologies had emerged from the SERIOUSLY-covert research and experimentation conducted by various sectors the U.S. government, based upon the initial activities in Philadelphia in 1943. These include but are not limited to: teleportation; invisibility (of people AND objects); time/dimensional "travel"; as well as what can only be called "reality"-control via extensive and overwhelmingly MALEVOLENT manipulations of aspects of our time/space continuum, along with associated mass mind/consciouness-"control".


And THAT'S why the Navy/U.S. government has lied so extensively and for so long about the existence of the Philadelphia Experiment: because such things as occurred in 1943 are not only REAL but have since been developed into fully-operational technologies which the U.S. government and certain associates utilize REGULARLY.


Which brings us full circle, to the post-9.11 global meltdown the human race finds itself in today.


For one thing, just THINK about how such technologies could have been utilized to pull off key elements of the entire 9.11 scenario, such AS: getting those alleged 19 hijackers onto those four jets, whose passenger manifests bore NO Middle-Eastern or Islamic names WHATSOEVER nor any possible credible aliases under which OBVIOUSLY Middle-Eastern people COULD have traveled, going by security procedures IN PLACE on September 11, 2001.


Just IMAGINE how useful such as technology as sight invisibility could have been in getting those who (apparently at least) actually carried out the airborne attacks.









From Sam Weikel




I have been surfing your site for four years or so now. And honestly, I can't make up my mind about it. I understand that there are many things that happen in this world that are suspicious, and seem nefarious, and in some cases are nefarious.


I am a borne skeptic. I question everyone, even those I agree with. And for that, I do enjoy many of your postings. You give an outlet to the less than mainstream viewpoint. This is good.


But sometimes you post stuff that goes so over the top of credibility, it makes me wonder why I should bother.


Case in point: "Philadelphia Debunkers Debunked"


Okay, first off, let me point out, the majority of knowledge I have about the Philadelphia Experiment is what I learned from the movie starring Michael Pare.


However, I understand logic. And the posting debunking the debunkers lacks logic. Even in the most basic, first grade concept of it.


The assumtions that are being made are crude extrapolations of evidence. His basic theory is that if one is false, every thing must be false.


Additionally, the poster begins to lose all credibility with an overly emotional flair. It becomes evident within the first paragraph that he is not searching for the truth evidence. He is searching to prove a point that he believes, and is interpreting such evidence so that it fits the conclusions that he has already achieved.


Finally, the breaking point. This above all else places the poster in the ever growing pile of crackpots and freaks that are out there.


His closing paragraph. "The government has this technology and used it to put the hijackers on the 9/11 planes."


I love Star Trek as much as the next person and probably know a hell of a lot more about it than I should. But at least I understand the concept of fiction and reality.


"Boy I bet the government could do a bunch of mean stuff to us with the transporters that they have. They can put all sorts of meanies in places and blame the meanie du jour. Then you have to consider the use of anti-matter weapons. No one knows how to look for anti-matter signatures. They can blow any plane out of the sky they want and cover it up. And of course the cloaking technology." a gentle pause as he takes a sip of water, "No no no, you have it all wrong. That technology is real. Don't you know anything? Gene Roddenberry was a high level CIA asset in the late 50's. He didn't die of natural causes in '91. The CIA finally caught up with him and killed him with an exotic poison given to use by the Vulcans."


Standards and censorship are two completely different concepts. Failure to understand this will simply put you in the inevitable category of "just another a whacko".


Just an observation from a borne skeptic

Sam Weikel


Montauk Air Force Station Active or Not?

by John A. Quinn


All material copyright (C) 1997 John A. Quinn East Hampton, N.Y. 11937

All rights reserved Email: J9Aq9@aol.com


  1. Introduction
  2. No Picnics at Camp Hero State Park
  3. Strange Science Fact
  4. Pandora's Box
  5. Paradoxes Abound
  6. Supporting Information
  7. Turtle Cove
  8. Systematic Destruction of a Tribe
  9. (Secret) (World) Government Involvement
  10. Obviously "Top-Secret"
  11. Illegal Funding
  12. Particle Beam Technology
  13. Digging For the Truth
  14. The John Ford Case
  15. Closing


To get things started on the right note (and put the reader in the proper frame

of mind) this question should be answered forthwith, as simply and directly

as possible; the answer is yes... and no: and here is the story.


Within the past two years, several incidents of a deeply disturbing and highly

irregular nature have occurred at or near Camp Hero/Montauk Air Force

Station, an ostensibly derelict facility at the extreme eastern end of Long

Island's south fork and adjacent to Montauk Point's historic lighthouse. This

area is currently administered by the New York State Parks system and is in

fact a designated state park, on paper at least. Two of these incidents

involved women, one of whom was accompanied by her children, being

accosted, harassed and threatened at gunpoint by unidentified government/

military personnel while in the vicinity. They were told that they had violated

top-secret and restricted areas and were subject to arrest; however no

arrests were made. Another such incident involving weapons happened within

the past year when a young man was walking in the so-called state park. A

similar event sans automatic weapons took place in mid-April of 1995 when

a family walking there encountered a security agent, also unidentified, who

abusively harassed the family and threatened to have them arrested for the

same alleged violation; again no arrests were made. In April 1996, in an

effort to bring themselves up-to-date on the status of the area, this family

again entered the restricted portion of Camp Hero State Park, and they were

once more approached by a non-uniformed guard who "advised" them that they

were intruding into an area designated off-limits to the public, and were to

leave immediately. This follows upon an inexplicably large number of similar

events within recent years. There is much well-substantiated testimony

extending back at least twenty-five years of bizarre, unconstitutional and

horrific activities secretly conducted by shadowy government and military

agencies at this location.


In addition to the known military bases (U.S. Army) Camp Hero and Montauk

Air Force Station, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers plans and records establish

conclusive proof of the existence of at least four levels of subterranean

facilities beneath Camp Hero, and according to informed sources up to three

additional levels have been added as recently as the early 1990s. Montauk is

actually geologically distinct from the rest of Long Island and is the top of an

undersea mountain, so there is plenty of bedrock to go down into. Camp Hero

was a U.S. Army installation established prior to WW2, and Montauk Air Force

Station was established within its perimeter as the Army phased out of the

location in the 1950s. The Air Force Station was officially active only until

1969, and federal records do show that no legitimate source of funding

existed past that time to keep the base in operation as it's SAGE radar system

had by then become obsolete, yet recovered Air Force documents and

numerous witnesses verify indisputably that the Air Force Station was still

active long after then.


Recently much evidence has surfaced indicating that the base and the

subterranean facilities were and still are used for a tremendous amount of

top-secret, ultra-classified research and experimentation (much of which

falls under the umbrella of the code-named Phoenix Project) in quantum and

particle physics (black hole simulation), super-powerful electrical fields,

weather control, psychotronics (interfacing mind and machine), genetics, and

electronic and drug-based mind control. The preponderance of this evidence

strongly suggests that a great many of these activities have been thoroughly

malevolent as to both their desired ends and the means used to achieve those

ends, and have utilized unwitting and even helpless subjects - including at

times, youngsters abducted from surrounding communities. Certain of these

experiments in controlled warping of our time-space continuum had such

devastating results and almost inconceivably awesome potential

consequences that several project insiders conspired to sabotage the

proceedings in August 1983, forcing the base's total, but as it turns out only

temporary, abandonment.



No Picnics at Camp Hero State Park

It is a matter of public record that the federal government turned the Camp

Hero/Montauk A.F. Station property over to New York State for use as public

park land in 1984, yet according to the terms of the deed on record at the

Suffolk County offices in Riverhead, N.Y., the federal government retains all

rights to all property beneath the surface of the land - only the surface of

this area was actually donated to N.Y. State. The deed also holds that the

federal government can reclaim the surface of the land as well for reasons of

national security, if necessary.


Thirteen years after this transfer, at least 2/3 of this so-called park remain

completely off-limits to the public! This itself is in fact a violation of the

N.Y. State Parks' charter, and the restriction is enforced severely by a host of

various authorities - sometimes at gunpoint. Electronics technicians have

monitored and recorded extremely unusual and unorthodox radio-frequency

and other electromagnetic transmissions emanating directly from this

supposedly restricted and/or derelict property at the present time, which

indicate activities very much like those alleged to have occurred there. New

telephone lines and new high-capacity power lines with a gigawatt meter

have been installed in this allegedly derelict and off-limits area fairly

recently, and witnesses observed a highly advanced Cardion Corp. particle

beam radar unit being operated on the bluffs at Camp Hero for a period of at

least five months in 1994. Investigators were given several different

explanations as to the reason for this from various Cardion (Siemens)

officials, and one witness was told point-blank by a security guard there that

the unit had been malfunctioning in the underground and was thus brought to

the surface for testing, and I have personally seen and heard with my own

eyes and ears these bizarre and complex EM/RF signal transmissions

monitored and traced by direction-finding receivers and other equipment.


The electrical meter with gigawatt capability is on a structure claimed as an

equipment maintenance building by State Parks officials: one the few

functional buildings within the restricted area. Gigawatts of electrical power

is a tremendous amount of power - enough to run a large city, but where is

the city at Montauk Point? Underground, apparently. Investigators of

clandestine activities there assert that if gigawatts watts of electricity

were discharged (utilized) within that single building it would be completely

demolished by fire in record time. They point to the existence of the power

line and gigawatt meter as clear evidence of secret, and by extrapolation

unconstitutional, illicit operations at the A.F. Station. In June 1996 this

assertion was confirmed as fact by a serviceman for LILCO, the electric

utility company for the Montauk area (and virtually all Long Island). A

linesman and meter reader for the Camp Hero vicinity, he has stated that he

and his supervisors are indeed aware that a tremendous amount of electricity

is utilized by this power line and recorded by the meter. He also noted that it

is absolutely not possible for the one maintenance building to use that much

power for equipment maintenance operations or any other conceivable and

legitimate State Parks activities.



Strange Science Fact

The research and experimentation alleged to have occurred in the

subterranean facility beneath Camp Hero, which include interdimensional and

time manipulations and travel, may no doubt strike some readers as sheer

science-fiction; however, a careful perusal of the more recent concepts and

developments in quantum physics shows very widespread support for theories

which provide for the possibility, even likelihood, of the development of

methods to accomplish travel in both time and in other dimensions. For

example, in March 1994 Scientific American published a paper by David

Deutsch and Michael Lockwood which concluded flatly that nothing in the

currently known laws of physics, prohibits such excursions. In fact, the

burden of proof is now far and away upon the doubters of time and

dimensional travel to make their case that such are impossible. A number of

the great minds in contemporary physics - including but not limited to Nick

Herbert, Kip Thorne, Frank Tipler, Fred Allen Wolf, Michio Kaku, Steven

Hawking, and Paul Halpern - postulate that time travel can in fact be

achieved. It can be said conclusively, proven beyond any doubt within the

framework of contemporary science, that parallel dimensions exist -

probable realities, apparently infinite in number; our familiar 3D time/space

continuum is but one manifestation.


Fundamentally, it is our consciousness which in some way literally brings

into being the dimension or reality we experience, manifesting it from what

are to us realms of infinite potentials. This was demonstrated in a

mathematical form known as Von Neumann's Proof, developed by

Hungarian-born physicist Janus Eric Von Neumann and published in the 1930's

in his book "The Mathematical Foundations of Quantum Physics", known even

today as "the bible" among quantum physicists. (More about Von Neumann

later.) Other developments have demonstrated that time as it is commonly

conceived of, a linear progression from past to present to future, does not

ultimately exist. Experiments conducted at Columbia University in the early

1970s proved that a decision made by an observer/researcher which

determines whether or not a photon has traveled as a wave or a particle (by

either causing or not causing wave interference), and which is made after the

photon is emitted into a multi-mirrored device (which considerably delays its

journey), will also determine the state of that photon at the time it is

emitted - showing that the present does affect the past and thus the future

can affect the present. Therefore, all time is in actuality simultaneous; what

we call past and future exist "now". The past isn't gone and the future isn't

yet to come. Then where are they? In another dimension. Similar alterations

to traditional concepts about space, in particular vast distances, must ensue

from such scientifically accepted facts.


Another body of research used extensively in top secret projects involving

ultra-advanced technologies is that of Nikola Tesla, a towering scientific

genius and the true father of our present-day AC electrical system, who as

far back as the turn of the century and reportedly developed such technologies

as particle beam and antigravity devices, wireless power transmission,

psychotronics, and "free" energy, to name a few. Much of his work remains

only dimly comprehended by many scientists even today. Tesla and his

inventions figured prominently in the legendary "Philadelphia Experiment"

which was in fact part of the Phoenix Project research.


It must be pointed out to those revisionists who discount the reality of the

Philadelphia Experiment and also to those whose minds boggle at the

contemplation of such subjects, that there is ample evidence in the public

record alone, (newspapers, magazines, periodicals, etc.), showing that in the

later 1930s and early 1940s Naval Intelligence and other agencies were

indeed wholeheartedly researching radar cloaking technology with the top

minds in physics, including John Hutchenson, Emil Kurtenhour, Albert

Einstein, Von Neumann and Tesla. Although not often discussed then or now,

literal sight invisibility was also a subject of considerable interest in this

work. Sites for this research were first the University of Chicago and then

later The Institute for Advanced Studies, a front organization for groups

connected to the one-world government conclave -- the Council of Rhodes.


It's certainly noteworthy that Tesla, who maintained research facilities at

Shoreham, Long Island, spoke often of his contacts with and inspiration from

extraterrestrial sources.


This leads us to what is perhaps for many the most incredible assertion

regarding such top-secret endeavors as the Phoenix Project, including the

Philadelphia Experiment and later the Montauk activities -- the involvement

of secret government and international ("world" government) agencies with

various alien species in a number of these undertakings, even long before the

well-documented Roswell, New Mexico UFO crash in July 1947. Nevertheless,

no rational, intelligent person can any longer ignore the massive and

overwhelming evidence for the existence of exceptionally advanced

aerospace-craft, apparently non-terrestrial in origin for the most part, as

well as a great deal of testimony from millions of normal, sane people about

their personal contact(s) to some degree with the often humanoid but

non-earthly beings operating such craft: to ignore these facts is to be in

denial. Certainly such a condition of denial on the part of so many has been

deliberately and unilaterally instigated and fostered by the U.S. government

and other governments as well, in particular by the intelligence services

thereof, for a number of reasons. The most oft-cited and acceptable reason is

the claim that there was great concern about the effect the news of the

existence of extraterrestrial beings (and the associated advanced

technologies and abilities) could have on the social, political and economic

underpinnings of human civilization. Translation: those in control were afraid

they might not remain so. A more compelling reason was to hide the fact that

many of the above-mentioned agencies have engaged in collaborative

activities and assorted treaties with some of these extraterrestrial groups.

A percentage of the technology used in the Phoenix Project and also in the

Stealth aircraft is said to derive from alien sources, and charges have been

made by people like John Lear, son of the Lear Jet inventor and holder of more

aviation records than any other living pilot (who has flown many missions for

the CIA and would know), that in return for such technology the government

gave certain of these aliens "permission" to abduct and experiment upon its

citizens. While the occurrence or abductions is undeniable at this point, a

surprising amount of evidence shows that in fact very human people

associated with certain government/military agencies are responsible for

much, perhaps most of the so-called abduction phenome-non. Preston Nichols

says that his information indicates that roughly 2/3 of all "alien abductions"

are actually being done by government agencies -- with no "alien"

involvement at all.


The totality of evidence at this juncture indicates that at least a few

extraterrestrial races are presently zipping around the general environs of

Earth. Buena Vista (Disney) president Michael Eisner personally appears in a

1996 Disney promotional video for a completely redesigned and interactive

"Tomorrowland" exhibit featuring extraterrestrials and alien abduction

scenarios, during which he directly and clearly charges the U.S. government

with misleading and lying to the public regarding the existence of

extra-terrestrials and their presence here, for many years. His statement

continues with a call for people accept the unavoidable truth and learn to deal

with it on our own, as no help or guidance from any official or governmental

sources can be expected. (What else is new?')


Whitley Strieber, best selling author of the nonfiction books Communio n and

Breakthrough made this point recently while speaking on Art Bell's Dreamland

radio program -- that aliens of whatever species which are connected with

secret military or government agencies are usually bad news, and those which

are not so connected may be OK, or can at least be given the benefit of the

doubt. It does seem likely that specific agencies of what is actually an

international shadow or hidden government have been deep into all kinds of

interactions with various aliens for at least most of this century.



Pandora's Box

Some of the most startling information now available regarding such highly

classified research and experimentation in ultra-advanced physics, the

resultant technologies, and the uses to which such were put can be found in

the Montauk Project series of books by Preston Nichols and Peter Moon, which

provide extensive details on recent activities of the Phoenix Project.

Following the Philadelphia Experiment in 1943, an early attempt at "Stealth"

(radar invisibility) and according to some sources literal invisibility as well,

which by most accounts ended in uncontrollable and nightmarish failure, such

interdimensional research was put on hold while the A-bomb was developed

and WW2 was fought and won, certainly against Japan. (In regard to the war

against Nazi Germany, however, the outcome was not as clear-cut and

decisive as the history books might have one believe - certainly no atomic

bombs were dropped - and we shall find out more about this further on.) In

the late 1940s, realizing that the Phoenix Project lines of research, if

properly harnessed, controlled and developed, had astonishing and

un-dreamed-of possibilities, clandestine government agencies reopened

Pandora's Box.


The worst problems encountered during the Philadelphia Experiment were the

extraordinarily destructive and bizarre effects on the human beings who were

aboard the battleship that was used in the experiment. The ship and crew

allegedly disappeared from sight for some time: devastating psychological

damage as well as horrifying physical results such as sailors being embedded

in the metal of the ship when it did reappear (rematerialize) were reportedly

some of these effects. Janus Von Neumann, who was the director of the

Philadelphia Experiment, (staying on after Tesla had quit in disgust over his

concern about just such effects upon people) was called upon to find out more

regarding how human beings were impacted by entering other time-space

dimensions and to develop technology which could allow people to do so

without severe damage. Von Neumann, who unlike Tesla had little use for

metaphysics or parapsychology, soon found himself unable to avoid coming to

terms with both the psychic and spiritual aspects of human beings in addition

to the material or physical level. Suffice it to say that some element of a

person, often called a spirit or soul, must remain in sync with his/her

original time-space lock which begins at the time of physical conception

(incarnation) while transferring to or returning from other dimensions, if

such wide scale destructive results are to be avoided. Von Neumann,

exercising once again his prodigious mental abilities, came up with the

world's first electronic computer, which had the capability to calculate

certain time-space referencing factors with absolute precision - a necessity

for what was to be accomplished; in addition, psychotronic equipment was

created which could receive, reconfigure and transmit radio-type frequencies

generated by thoughts from the human mind (frequencies which do exist and

can be picked up by what are commonly called "psychics" (no, they're not all

phony); and by extension, devices which could externally and artificially alter

or "control" people's minds.


Among the early objectives of the Phoenix Project have been (and are still!

[see info on Project HAARP further on]) achieving weather control

capabilities. Secret agencies of the U.S. government and groups associated

with such received a big boost in this area, and in development of

psychotronic technologies in general, from the research and work of Wilhelm

Reich, a veritable genius in a variety of fields; scientific, medical,

psychological and metaphysical. Reich demonstrated by extensive

experimentation that a form of radio-frequency energy he termed "orgone"

energy was responsible for psychological states of mind as well as for things

like weather conditions. Regarding the latter, Reich donated his

"cloud-busting" technology to the U.S. government for no financial

compensation, as he himself was pursuing other implications of his

discoveries. (Partly due to pressure from the A.M.A., Reich was mercilessly

hounded and harassed by federal agents and his laboratory and research

destroyed; he was in fact imprisoned for, among other charges, practicing

medicine without a license.) Reich's weather control technology was utilized

and further developed by the government, and integrated with other aspects

of the Phoenix Project.


A number of researchers including Preston Nichols assert that the Phoenix

Project technologies were developed and perfected to a high degree, for the

most part on Long Island at Brookhaven National Labs and other facilities.

Much of this was legitimately funded until the late 1960s when Congress,

upon being informed by Brookhaven Labs, Siemens/ITT, A.I.L. and other

contractors of the advanced developmental state of, and great effectiveness

of, the psychotronic and mind-control aspects of the project, prudently

decided to end such research at once and for good lest such technology fall

into the wrong hands and be used in unacceptable ways. This may have been

one of the few recent Congressional actions displaying any real backbone, but

unfortunately, the technology was already in the "wrong" hands. Dismayed by

the action of Congress, project directors approached certain members of the

intelligence and military hierarchies in secret and unconstitutionally

conspired to continue this experimentation, again in secret, at the recently

closed down Montauk Air Force Station. Janus Von Neumann was once more

made senior scientific director as the Phoenix Project avenues of research

were taken to extraordinary new heights. This, the so-called "Montauk

Project" specifically, dealt for the most part with psychotronic and

interdimensional areas of experimentation. Electromagnetic mind-control

experiments using high-powered radio-frequency transmissions were

conducted continually upon visiting servicemen and women "invited" to the

base for R&R; upon the population at large in surrounding communities; and

most incredibly, upon numerous abducted children. Furthermore, by the late

1970s very advanced experimentation was undertaken in the controlled

"warping" of space and time, utilizing some of Tesla's (long since dead), Von

Neumann's and others' ideas and inventions. Tremendously powerful electrical

currents flowing in specific configurations generated electromagnetic fields

which created in effect a working "Tipler cylinder". To simplify once more,

psychics were again utilized to visualize and stabilize a target "destination"

in a different time/space dimension which the "vortex" would then be focused

upon. The Tipler cylinder, a concept formulated by the aforementioned

physicist Frank Tipler, is presently one of the most widely accepted

theoretical models in quantum physics of how to create an artificial,

controllable "black hole", thereby achieving time-space and dimensional

shifting and even the ability to effect alterations and manipulations of our

time-space continuum.


There are definite indications and testimony that the Montauk Point military

facilities were the site of psychological and mind (control) research even

before 1969; according to researchers Camp Hero had been known as a "psych"

base ever since its inception not long after the federal government acquired

the land in 1910 through outright trickery, fraud and deception practiced

against its rightful owners -- the Montauk Indian tribe. Substantial evidence

from numerous sources shows that our federal government's intelligence

agencies are responsible for an astonishing assortment of mind control

experiments and projects, dating back at least 50 years. The Napa (CA)

Sentinel ran a lengthy series in 1991 which provided a fairly comprehensive

overview of the general "state-of-the-art" in mind control activities in the

U.S.; the Washington Post has run some good coverage on the CIA's and NSA's

hellacious abuses in this field. The Church (Senate) Committee hearings

during the 1970s into the practices of the CIA, NSA and the like in such

matters really only scratched the surface of a sordid , brutal and

little-known aspect of the U.S. intelligence services' record in this type of

experimentation -- almost always involving complete abject abuse of and

disregard for constitutional, civil and human rights. In 1994 the Senate

Committee on Veteran's Affairs (chaired by John D. Rockefeller) held hearings

into the practices of military and intelligence groups regarding their use of

unwitting, unsuspecting "subjects" in a substantial portion of the so-called

research done into fields such as testing the effects of chemical/biological

weapons and the uses of drugs and configured EM/RF transmissions in mind

(and body) control.


At Montauk, to simplify considerably, the basic "research" agenda was as

follows. Extremely gifted and rigorously trained psychics were hooked up via

psychotronic equipment to computers which converted the waveforms of their

thoughts to (digital) computer code, and also relayed the waveforms to

exceptionally high-powered EM/RF transmitters which broadcast thought,

mind and consciousness-altering signals. According to accounts, certain

experiments achieved materialization, at varying levels of stability and

solidity, of objects visualized by the psychics whose thoughts were then

broadcast, as well as teleportation effects. (IBM's Web site is currently

[5/97] displaying a blurb about their research and intended development of

teleportation technology.)


Some of this sounds quite exciting, amazing, even wonderful, and certainly in

some ways it probably is. However, to a great extent such activities were and

are done with absolutely no regard for the effects on the people experimented

upon; furthermore, this work is done with the full intention of using the

knowledge and capabilities gained to more thoroughly and completely

subjugate humanity with ever-more-powerful and pervasive control of our

consciousness: in fact, and literally if we remember Von Neumann's Proof,

"reality engineering". According to Nichols, an unquestionably brilliant

radio-electronics engineer who worked often in the Montauk Project in an

altered state of mind while simultaneously employed by Brookhaven National

Labs (such alternate awareness can be achieved with variations of

psychotronic technologies) - and also according to other first-hand

participants in certain of these experiments - some of the youngsters

abducted and so viciously abused in these activities died as a result and were

buried en masse on site! The human tragedy attested to here begins to rival

such indelible atrocities as the Pol-Pot massacres or Auschwitz and

Bergen-Belsen in its horror and brutality. The fact that this was done to

American children on American soil by agencies connected, however

tenuously, to our government is virtually unimaginable; yet as we have

discovered, many of the assertions made by Phoenix/ Montauk investigators

have been checked out and verified.


As mentioned, the Montauk Project crashed and burned in August 1983,

sabotaged from within by certain key participants who could no longer

tolerate what was going on. A time tunnel type link-up with the Philadelphia

Experiment exactly forty years previously (August 12, 1943) was allegedly

achieved then - apparently an attempt by project operators to repair or undo

damage they felt had been done to the time-space continuum during the 1943

experiment; thereafter, the project ended temporarily, as described, with the

surface of the property being then donated to N.Y. State.



Paradoxes Abound

Even a brief inspection of this location will reveal massive inconsistencies

and glaring anomalies in the current administration of the area by N.Y. State

Parks: a series of investigations of the nearly 400 acre facility show that its

designation and administration is very irregular and quite suspicious.

Although it's a supposedly hazardous, toxic, derelict installation, off-limits

to the public until cleaned up, virtually no "clean-up" has been done after

thirteen years. The vehicle entrance has a new high-security gate and fencing

with card and combination lock, and is heavily posted with restricted entry

and no trespassing signs, yet the signs and fencing which identify and

delineate the restricted area are spotty or non-existent along thousands of

feet of the boundary (ironically, especially in residential areas). At the same

time, numerous authorities patrol the base continuously, but in a peculiar

"off-duty" sort of mode. They usually wear no identifying badges or uniforms

and are thus in an unofficial capacity - not required to identify themselves or

the source of their authority: warnings to keep out of the area and threats of

arrest (and more) are delivered "unofficially" but very forcefully. New York

State Police, State Park Police, and East Hampton Town Police also patrol the

area and enforce the off-limits restriction as well. It seems obvious that the

perimeter of this restricted area is so unevenly and irregularly identified and

patrolled in order to avoid calling undue attention to this location.


N.Y. State Parks officials, including Park Supervisor George Larsen, are

extremely evasive and deceptive when questioned about these points and

about the actual status of the area, as well as their administration of it.

Backyards in the neighborhoods directly adjacent to Montauk A.F. Station have

paths that lead right into the supposedly restricted, or hazardous property, of

which videotaped evidence exists. Also, there is a major exception to the

enforcement of the off-limits restriction, and considering the charges made

concerning some of the activities here, it's a rather sinister exception.

Children and teenagers have been spotted quite frequently inside the

perimeter and are not thrown out or even approached when observed by

security personnel. Videotaped evidence exists of this, and also of children

riding bikes and climbing structures in this so-called hazardous, toxic,

restricted area, which is apparently not off-limits to them. National Guard

and other military units do conduct what seem to be legitimate training

exercises on the property. Are these service people being deliberately put in

an unsafe, unhealthy and dangerous environment? It wouldn't seem likely, but

if so, would be yet another bizarre, scandalous and distressing abuse to add

to the long list of such reported to occur so regularly at this location. There

is as well a substantial amount of testimony from nearby residents and

others describing what appears to be on-going, often nocturnal,

non-legitimate activity involving unidentified government/ military

personnel at the base.



Supporting Information

Certain incidents have come to light over the past few years which lend

further support to some of the allegations about Montauk Project activities.

Branches of the CIA, NSA and other agencies have acknowledged conducting

numerous and extensive mind-control experiments at quite a few locations

throughout the 1960s and into the 1970s, including the infamous research

done at Allen Memorial Institute and McGill University in Montreal, Canada. Dr.

Euen Cameron was head honcho and master of ceremonies there, in another

scenario eerily reminiscent of Nazi Germany at its worst - and not without

reason, as we will discover.


For the unenlightened, there is a substantial amount of information and

evidence on the literally countless projects and sub-projects conducted by

federal intelligence agencies researching and experimenting with all

conceivable forms of mind control -- using everything from overt control of

basic information available to society at large from fundamental sources

such as books, magazines, TV, radio, newspapers, etc., to drugs and

electromagnetics, and on to highly structured cult like "belief-system"

control groups.. (The Jonestown, Guyana massacre [approximately 700 of the

900+ victims were homicides, not suicides] in 1979 was a prime example of a

CIA drug/cult mind control project run amok -- [which perhaps was the idea!]

-- a fact studiously avoided in most mainstream media coverage of the

tragedy.) Using EM/RF signals (and drugs), workable technologies have been

developed which can: manipulate basic psychological states; interfere with

coherent mental functioning and motor reflexes; control the autonomic

nervous system; transmit "audible" words directly to the brain via pulsed

microwaves; create (psychotronic) mind to computer links (utilized by the Air

Force with fighter pilots and flight computers and demonstrated on TV);

directly interface with both conscious and subconscious thought processes;

plant subliminal messages -- especially while targets are in REM sleep ... all

this in addition to other capabilities activities previously noted.


Of particular interest are the NSA's massive and extremely advanced nanotech

computer arrays which, using satellite links, can locate, catalog, track and

scan literally anyone in the United States, by reading (and recording or

correlating/ matching) the unique bio-electromagnetic "signature" possessed

by any and all living beings, and by monitoring mental, physical and emotional

states through subtle "evoked" EEG readings picked up by extremely sensitive

scanning. Targeted individuals can then be "interfaced" with by means of the

electromagnetic/radio frequency tech-nologies noted. The list just does not

end, and as this report is not solely concerned with the mind control aspects

of Montauk, we must move on. I refer the reader to the public libraries and

especially the Internet and World Wide Web for some further information on

government mind control projects.


Montauk Project researchers assert that the youngsters abducted for use in

the experiments first had their spirits, psyches, personalities, sense of self

and mental integrity completely demolished by severe, intensive carefully

orchestrated psychosexual abuse until they were suitable to be "reas

sembled" and reprogrammed via supercomputers using psychotronic, EM/RF,

virtual reality and "techno-psychic" technologies into the desired

psychological profile, to perform as needed; for use in interdimensional

experimentation, as ginuea pigs in the unending mind control and

psycho-tronics work, as sleeper agents who could be activated by a variety of

means -- including through use of implanted transceivers, and as a "secret

army" which can be called upon by the secret government in times of unusual

or severe crises; if they in fact survived the ordeal. Their is major

confirmation that this is actually an established and often used method (in

other documented mind control projects) of the intelligence services to

create mind controlled, often totally unwitting agents to be used in

espionage, assassinations and the like. Bogus child care facilities and phony,

cult like quasi-"religious" groups have been strongly implicated as methods

used by intelligence agencies like the CIA to get access to suitable

young-sters in situations with the required parameters of control.


In 1978, virtually the entire state of Oregon was subjected to very unusual

electromagnetic transmissions which had unsettling and negative effects on

the mood and state of mind of a large percentage of the population. These

were monitored and duly reported by a number of groups such as police, fire

and emergency services, radio and TV stations, etcetera. The situation

received widespread coverage in the press at the time, and the signals were

eventually traced to a U.S. Navy transmitter in California!


Regarding the use of "psychic" abilities by government agencies, The San

Francisco Examiner on Sunday, December 24, 1995 ran a first-section article

on a CIA-run program at the Stanford Research Institute and other facilities

which trained and developed the psychic abilities of persons in the program

so that they could be used as psychic "spies". Called Stargate, the program

flourished in the 1980s and was especially successful in such activities as

remote viewing and other ESP-related phenomenon. Other experiments

included psychokinesis, where random processes were influenced by the mind,

and also mind-control by psychic interference. Sensing where a target

subject was and what they were doing were some more of the abilities

researched in this program. A great amount of information on remote viewing

and other controlled , directed psychic operations, often conducted by

intelligence and military agencies, has been made public in the past year or



The August 1995 issue of Popular Science carried a piece which provided

much information about a recent government project called HAARP

(High-frequency Active Aural Research Program); information which again

bolsters certain assertions made by Montauk/ Phoenix investigators. In

addition to the esoteric but somewhat more mundane capabilities and

functions made public regarding this technology, the entire ionosphere of

Earth can be configured to perform as an incredibly powerful, global,

ultra-wide-spectrum frequency transceiver by beaming high-frequency radio

energy into it.


Project HAARP is being operated by the Navy and Air Force, along with

Phillips Labs and additional parties. HAARP technology causes tremendous

energy changes in specified ionospheric regions, allowing it to be configured

as a virtual lens, virtual mirror, a transmitter, and other ways. The

innocuous-sounding publicized goals for HAARP activities are belied by

evidence produced by authors of the recent book "Angels Don't Play This

HAARP". According to documents uncovered by Dr. Nick Begich and Jeann

Manning in the course of their research, some of the objectives of this

project detailed in official (internal) Air Force documents include, among

other horrors, utilizing various electromagnetic (RF) signals to cause

deleterious, injurious, even lethal physical and mental effects upon targeted

population groups, not excluding so-called domestic enemies (the latter

defined plainly therein as "people who don't agree with us"). Also directly

indicated in certain documents is the use of transmissions to interact with

and "interrogate" the MINDS of targeted groups. This means electromagnetic

mind control. Such activities can be implemented anywhere on the face of the

Earth. Other potential applications for HAARP technology include:


1.Enhancement of or interference with communications - as well as

development of new types of radio transmissions.


2.Manipulation of weather patterns.


3.Weapons-related and mind-control uses, as indicated above.


4.Earth-penetrating tomography - an X-ray like function which can

reveal, for example, the existence of underground installations (like

Montauk!), as well as oil or mineral deposits.


5."Pushing the envelope" in terms of pumping electromagnetic energy into

the ionosphere, just to see what happens.


According to the vast majority of scientists (independent of any

governmental affiliation) interviewed by the authors, the potential for

catastrophic, snowballing damage to our ionosphere and indeed the entire

electromagnetically interrelated web of life on this planet as a result of this

particular project is extreme. This is a horrifying activity which has

unimaginable global environmental risks, as well as certain completely

unconstitutional objectives. Read "Angels Don't Play This HAARP" by Dr.

Nicholas Begich and Jeann Manning to get the whole story.


HAARP technology could be capable of many or all of the effects and

processes of the Phoenix/ Montauk Projects, as well as genetic modification,

"brain police", and other similar frightening functions. Nick Begich and Jeann

Manning have reported on 435 megahertz transmissions which have been

monitored in association with HAARP activity; signals which Mr. Nichols has

determined are directly in the mind-interface range and have been used

extensively in the mind-control and psychotronic experimentation I've

reported herein. The implications of this are staggering and horrifying, as the

potential now obviously exists to implement such functions on a worldwide




Turtle Cove

Investigators of the Montauk Project state that the Montauk Point location

was chosen not by chance, but because it is a very important "power spot" on

the Earth, due to geomagnetic factors of great scientific significance.


It is common knowledge and accepted fact in geophysics and related sciences

that certain areas of the Earth's surface are geomagnetic "hot spots" where

gravitational, magnetic and electromagnetic anomalies occur, including

effects on certain EM/RF activities, and this is in fact one of the primary

reasons cited by HAARP proponents for situating the main (as far as we

know!) HAARP facility in Gakona, Alaska.


Richard Hoagland, an ex-NASA scientist who assembled a team which a great

deal of intensive research into what appear to be a Sphinx-like "face",

pyramids and other structures on the Martian surface, has deciphered a

mathematical formula encoded in the angles and relationships of the

structures making up the Martian complex (known as Cydonia) which he calls

tetrahedral geometry or tetrahedral physics. The basic elements of the

formula are, (and I simplify considerably), as a sphere such as a planet is

rotated on an axis, specific points on the surface of the sphere become the

focus or portal for upwellings of energy originating in other dimensions. The

most notable of these coincide with where the points of a tetrahedron

inscribed within the sphere would intersect the surface of the sphere. Other

than at the poles, these points would be at 19.5 degrees north and south

latitude. On Earth it's the Hawaiian Islands, on Jupiter it's the Great Red Spot,

and so on. According to the tetrahedral formula other locations are also

"power" spots, including that of Cydonia itself. On Earth some additional

points are said to include Giza (and the famous pyramids) in Egypt, Machu

Piccu (on the same longitude as Montauk, and Stonehenge.


When English and other European settlers reached eastern Long Island's shores

in the early 1600s, the Montauk Indians and other closely connected tribes

lived in the region. The Montauks are an Algonquin tribe, recognized in fact by

many Algonquins to be the primary or leading tribe. A great many Native

American Indians, including Montauks and most Algonquins, believe that

Turtle Cove, immediately adjacent to and between both Montauk Point and

Camp Hero, is indeed a major power point - a "stargate" or interdimensional

vortex and the source of our reality or creation. The Montauk Indians are

considered the guardians of this spot. (The created world, which as far as

many tribes knew was just North America, was called Turtle Island.)


A noteworthy point is that the chiefs or sachems of the Montauks have held

the name of Pharaoh throughout their history, long before any white people

had arrived to impart such a name to them, and the name Pharaoh appears

nowhere else on Earth except for Egypt. Archaeological evidence indicates

that the Montauk Indians inhabited this region contin-uously for at least

8,000 years. As Montauk is geologically distinct from Long Island and North

America, it could theoretically be a remnant of the Atlantean continent, and

the name Pharaoh could have been derived from Atlantis both in Egypt and

Montauk. Historical accounts from previous centuries attest that pyramidal

structures did exist at one time at or near Turtle Cove, and various elders of

the tribe recall hearing about them; however these were reported to be in a

linear formation -- not the circular one which would be much more likely if

they were of Native American construction. Preston Nichols and Peter Moon

theorize in their Montauk Project book series that the pyramids at Montauk

may have been con-structed by an extraterrestrial society, and the Montauk

Indians are a remnant of a very ancient Atlantean civilization, as was Ancient

Egypt. Their research brings up numerous connections to Mars, and also to the

pyramids and Sphinx-like "face" which are the focus of Hoagland's work.


This location, both in ancient times and currently, and the activities that

secret government agencies (with their extensive ties to Masonic type

"brotherhoods" and ET overlords behind them -- as described in William

Bramley's Gods of Eden) are allegedly conducting there are vitally important

to the human race and its future on earth.


Another curiosity is the name "Camp Hero". The word hero is derived from the

Greek word for the Egyptian god Horus, among whose attributes are the

ability to see into other realities as well as backwards and forwards in time.

Although this name was given to the region relatively recently by the federal

government (read: Theodore Roosevelt -- a Master Mason who owned a large

tract of tribal land very close to Turtle Cove) it certainly correlates

perfectly with what the Montauk Indians and other tribes believed about this

location. As noted, Camp Hero was known for being a "psych base" since its

inception as a government military facility.


It seems that members of certain organizations or agencies either knew that

this was a very significant spot on Earth or soon found it out, and over

several hundred years systematically and deliberately manipulated the

Montauk Indians into leaving their tribal lands and burial grounds east of

what is now the hamlet of Montauk. Thomas Jefferson made a substantial

effort in the early 1800s to personally go to Montauk and record as much of

the Montauk's history, language and culture as he possibly could. (Although the

language of the Montauk Indians has now almost completely vanished, there

are substantial indications that it was in fact Vril, a so-called Enochian

language of extreme antiquity.) Obviously Jefferson, another Master Mason,

considered the material to be rather important. Jefferson later claimed to

have lost much of the material in a boating mishap, but it seems odd that he

wouldn't have returned to Montauk to redo the missing work if it was so

important in the first place, and could indicate that his story was untrue and

that instead the information was hidden away.


It seems that members of certain organizations or agencies either knew some

of this information or soon found it out, and over several hundred years

systematically and deliberately manipulated the Montauk Indians into leaving

their tribal lands and burial grounds east of what is now the hamlet of

Montauk. Thomas Jefferson made a substantial effort in the early 1800s to

personally go to Montauk and record as much of the Montauk's history,

language and culture as he possibly could. Obviously Jefferson, another Master

Mason, considered the material to be rather important. Although Jefferson

later claimed to have lost much of the material in a boating mishap, it's odd

that he wouldn't have returned to Montauk to redo the missing work if it was

so important in the first place, and could indicate that his story was untrue

and that instead the information was hidden away.



Systematic Destruction of a Tribe

The machinations against the tribe and the unceasing attempts to get the

Montauk Indians away from the land at Montauk Point and vice versa

culminated in an outrageous, vicious and indefensible1910 N.Y. court decision

which declared the Montauk Indians to be "extinct" even as some sat there in

the courtroom; a particular tactic used against no other tribe in North

America. Significantly, construction of military facilities at Turtle Cove

began almost immediately after this court decision. In fact, hundreds of

Montauks are still alive today, and this is a definite factor in the federal

government's decision to turn Camp Hero/Montauk A.F. Station over to N.Y.

State after their purported abandonment of the surface facilities. There is an

existing federal law called the Non-Intercourse Act which says that the

ownership of any land once inhabited by American Indians which is occupied

and then relinquished by the U.S. government, must revert to those original

inhabitants; in this case that would be the Montauk Indians, except that they

are conveniently "extinct" by court order. However that was a N.Y. State court

decision not necessarily binding upon the federal government. Obviously the

federal government did not want the Indians to have the property as that

would seriously interfere with clandestine operations there. If the Montauks

can, as they are attempting to do, achieve full legal recognition as an existing

tribe, the federal government would be forced to abide by the terms of the

Non-Intercourse Act and return the Camp Hero property to them, whom it

obviously belongs to - with no funny business about retaining rights to

subterranean facilities.



(Secret) (World) Government Involvement

According to many of those who have investigated the numerous projects,

programs and such which have been discussed in this article, there does exist

some sort of international worldwide supergovernment hidden behind the

scenes of the great world stage, so to speak; pulling the strings which have a

substantial impact on the outcome of many world events - events often

instigated and manipulated by these very same groups. Very little, if anything

which might have any significant effect on the human race socially,

politically, economically or even spiritually just happens unless this hidden

control group intends it to happen, or at least allows it to. Such a phenomenon

as the Third Reich would most definitely fall within this category. Not only

did many prominent persons openly support Hitler and some of the stated

objectives of the Nazi movement before the onset of WW2 in Europe, but after

the war untold thousands of high-level Nazi Party members, top scientists

and intelligence officers came to the U.S. and worked for the U.S. government,

and not just in the aerospace fields as is commonly thought. Indeed, our

intelligence services received the biggest infusion of all, incorporating a

great number of former Nazi agents, many of the Nazis' intelligence methods

and techniques as well as a vast amount of "research" and data resulting from

one of the most hideous "projects" of all time - the Nazi death camps. Many

allegations and rumors continue to persist that numerous other high-ranking

Nazis escaped to various South American countries assisted again by

American intelligence and military agencies, where they continue to foment

events conducive to their unwavering political and philosophical intentions.


Coupled with the fact that there was no full and unconditional surrender on

the part of the Third Reich, only a cease-fire agreement, one must allow for

the possibility that there is more to the story than was publicly disclosed -

that perhaps the Nazis were not really defeated but were to some extent

incorporated into our government, and that activities such as the Phoenix and

Montauk Projects really got off the ground after this. There are undeniably

strong indications of a substantial Nazi/Aryan element in many of these

endeavors, which to some extent could perhaps have filtered into our

government following the end of WW2.



Obviously "Top-Secret"

A conclusion can reasonably be drawn at this point from this wealth of

evidence which is really blazingly obvious: certain clandestine groups or

agencies have conducted and continue to conduct extremely sensitive,

classified top-secret activities in subterranean facilities beneath Camp

Hero/Montauk A.F. Station with the tacit cooperation and at times, assistance

of the N.Y. State Parks system as well as various other governmental bodies.


Hard evidence as to exactly what activities have been and are being conducted

in the Phoenix/ Montauk Project, (and other such), which agencies are

responsible, and who the victims of this research are will likely be difficult

to come by and will take a sustained and intensive investigation by dedicated

people; certainly one must expect the agencies and groups involved to be less

than forthcoming and honest regarding any of this. However, incidents of

threats, intimidation, abuse and gun-pointing directed against our citizens

such as those described at the beginning of this report are quite verifiable:

they are an absolute and unacceptable outrage and strongly indicate that

something very nasty and extremely under-handed and secretive is still going

on certainly at Montauk A.F. Station's subterranean laboratories, and

undoubtedly at other locations worldwide. Such incidents represent an

obvious violation of every implicit and explicit contract between any

legitimate government and its people; the time is long overdue for the local

and national citizenry to take a deep and serious look into the real situation

at such locations and the major ramifications thereof, assisted, one hopes, by

a concerned and unfettered free press and legitimate, responsive

governmental organizations. We must demand a full public accounting for

these atrocious activities from those found responsible, in addition to

restitution to those injured parties in whatever way possible.


If secret agencies of government operating without the knowledge or consent

of any duly-elected constitutional authority are intent on continuing their

clandestine, illegal, unconstitutional and malevolent endeavors at this

location, at the very least the areas must be clearly and unequivocally

designated, fenced, posted and patrolled as such. This is what is being done

outside the perimeter of the Area 51 section of Nellis Air Force Base in

Nevada, where in May of 1996 the Air Force seized over 4,000 acres from the

federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM) adjacent to Area 51 and top-secret

S4 at Nellis. This action was taken to prevent the public from getting too

close to the very highly classified research being conducted there involving

either terrestrial or non-terrestrial aerospace craft displaying anti-gravity

characteristics, witnessed by many thousands of people previously.


Of course, experiments conducted upon unknowing and helpless subjects and

most definitely the use of kidnapped children in any such experiments must

cease immediately and those responsible brought to justice. The totally

sneaky and underhanded way that Camp Hero/Montauk A.F. Station is being

administered currently is enough to indicate that very unpleasant and

malicious things are still occurring: unlike the situation at Nellis, at Montauk

they don't even want you to know that there is something you are not

supposed to know!


The family mentioned at the beginning of this report which was subjected to

hostile, threatening, abusive, inappropriate and completely unprofessional

behavior by a purported N.Y. State Parks employee in April 1995 is pursuing

legal action as a result of the incident. Preliminary investigations have so far

failed to turn up any valid N.Y. State Parks employment records for this

individual. Furthermore, he identified himself three separate times in

subsequent phone conversations with an investigator as at present an

employee of the Montauk A.F. Station - a federal designation for a supposedly

long derelict facility! These conversations were recorded.


In the same vein, on a recent sortie to the vicinity of the main entrance of the

base to do some further "snooping", I was momentarily surprised when a N.Y.

State Parks maintenance vehicle exited through the gate and the driver

stopped to ask me what I was doing there. (The new restricted area signs

marking the "old" inner perimeter of base property are about 300 yards back

up the entrance road, right past a turnoff into the small nearby neighborhood.)

I made up an excuse that I was looking for Washington Avenue, one of the

streets in the adjacent housing area, and he replied, "I think that's back up the

road to the right. This here is the Air Force Base!" Okay... indeed, so it is!



Illegal Funding

A number of other serious side issues have been raised by investigators of

the Montauk Project. One of the most notable is that funding for these secret,

unconstitutional operations comes largely from the importation and sale of

tremendous quantities of illegal hard drugs. East Hampton Town Police and

other regional law enforcement agencies have been charged by some with a

consistent policy of "looking the other way" as drug smugglers' boats unload

their cargo onto Eastern Long Island's numerous and often remote beaches at

night, signaled by bonfires lit by pick-up crews on shore. Ordinances

prohibiting nighttime fires on beaches in this area are notoriously

unenforced, much to the consternation of a great many East Hampton Town

residents and officials: and, just a quick car or plane ride away is the

biggest, most densely populated marketplace in the country - New York City.

According to an informed source with the U.S. Justice Dept., the Long Island,

N.Y. area has literally no (zero) federal drug smuggling cases pending, and

there have been very few, if any such cases for a number of years now in the

Long Island area. This is, of course, in stark contrast to much of the United

States' borders and coastline, and must be viewed with some suspicion.

Organized crime elements (Mafia) working in conjunction with clandestine

NSA and CIA units, are alleged to have been connected to these aspects of the

Montauk Project, and also to be responsible for a percentage of the victims

procured for experimentation, which as noted usually involve teenage

Caucasian males.



Particle Beam Technology

On the scientific front there is strong evidence, detailed by Nichols in his

most recent book, which indicates particle accelerators are in use at Montauk

Air Force Station and at nearby facilities - such as Brookhaven Labs - for

powering interdimensional experiments, particle beam weapons, HAARP

transmissions (see above), and exotic particle beam radar systems.


The peculiarities and lack of any credible answers in the crash of TWA flight

800 have led many investigators of clandestine activities on Long Island to

suspect the involvement of Montauk Project operations in the crash; in

particular, the use of particle beam weapons, powered by these subterranean

particle accelerators. According to information from a former federal agent

connected to the Montauk Project, it is a certainty that particle beam

operations caused the crash. This aspect of the Montauk Project has not been

researched very deeply in this report; in Pyramids of Montauk, Preston

Nichols does provide some information on the general subject. And what or

whom are these weapons being used against? Mr. Nichols told me that in

August 1995 he was informed directly by an Air Force colonel stationed at

Montauk named Ciel Roth that the particle beam technology was being

developed for use as a weapon in a massive struggle against malevolent

extraterrestrials -- apparently the grays. (Who is more malevolent, the grays

or the secret government, is certainly open to question.) Investigators point

to an unusually high number of UFO crashes on Long Island as an indication

that this is in fact true. (See the appendix to Richard Hoagland's U.N.

presentation video -- footage taken from a space shuttle of what is

apparently a particle beam weapon being fired at a UFO.) Suspicions are that

TWA flight 800 may have been hit during particle beam operations. (Some

investigators aren't so sure it was accidental, as certain intelligence agents

were apparently on board. It's also possible a less exotic weapon was

responsible for the crash.) The area of Long Island where the jet went down,

Westhampton, has been identified by Nichols and others as having particle

accelerator and particle beam technology operating in underground facilities,

and is in close proximity to Brookhaven National Labs, cited as without any

doubt a major player in clandestine operations in this region.


The severe and extensive brushfires in this area of Long Island in August

1995 were allegedly caused by certain particle accelerator/particle beam

operations (or malfunctions), and in fact the fires were the primary reason

that Mr. Nichols was asked to meet with the above-mentioned Col. Roth. This

was apparently an attempt on the part of the Air Force to ascertain whether

or not Nichols could shed some light on what was going wrong with their

interlinked series of sub-terranean accelerators between Brookhaven Labs

and Montauk Point.



Digging For the Truth


Several Congressional investigative groups have begun looking into the

charges made concerning Camp Hero/Montauk A.F. Station, due in large part to

the information in the books by Preston Nichols and Peter Moon and accounts

offered by numerous witnesses. Mr. Nichols and others do have first-hand

knowledge of what did and does transpire there, and they continue their

efforts to bring to light the clandestine use of the well-documented and vast

underground installation there. Charges have been made that Congressional

investigators are currently being duped, misled and just plain lied to in their

attempts to determine how the base remained in operative status after being

closed in 1969, and in their attempts to discover what kinds of activities

have been and are being conducted there after legitimate funding for any

operations on federal property had ceased.


People responsible for or involved with disseminating information about the

Montauk Project, such as scientist Alfred Bielek, Preston Nichols, and certain

journalists, have been subjected to a variety of disturbing and even harmful

retaliations. Mr. Bielek, who has been employed by government agencies and

private organizations as a research scientist and who has done a great

amount of investigation into the entire Phoenix Project, has had his residence

bombarded by extraordinarily complex and abnormal electromagnetic and RF

transmissions, monitored and recorded by electronics technicians, which have

had severe, detrimental physical and psychological effects on him. Mr. Nichols

has survived all kinds of slings and arrows; unfortunately not all of them

metaphorical, by any means. In early September 1995 and again in May 1996,

attempts were made against his life: the former by means of a staged,

contrived auto "accident" which left Nichols seriously injured (he's since

completely recovered) and the latter by means of a poison nerve gas attack,

carried out by the driver of a car who cut Nichols off as he was driving -

forcing him to stop, at which point the gas was released.


A local Montauk area resident active in publicizing Montauk Project

information was threatened and intimidated at a private residence and

bizarre messages left on the property, after he somehow had been identified

as the person responsible for the posting of flyers and public notices

detailing major aspects of the Project. Due to a number of extreme protective

measures this individual had taken to keep his identity secret, he and his

attorney feel certain that there had to be some degree of official involvement

at some governmental level, (most likely federal intelligence), for him to

have been traced to the residence, where he was in fact only a guest at the



A number of buildings and facilities in the general Montauk area are said by

investigators to be connected via underground tunnels to the central

subterranean complex, among them a 7-story WW2 Naval Intelligence building

downtown, which ostensibly at present is private condominium residences.

This was in fact the building where Preston Nichols met with Air Force

personnel regarding the August, 1995 L.I. wildfires. There is irrefutable

documentation proving such tunnels do exist end extend far from the Camp

Hero/Air Force Station property. My own investigations proved to me that

there are indeed maj or inconsistencies and peculiarities surrounding certain

of these buildings and their supposed functions -- however, in the interests

of brevity I won't elaborate further on that point. The entire village area of

Montauk, which is about 5 miles west of the Air Force Station and the

lighthouse, was basically a military camp (Camp Wykoff) earlier in the

century; about a mile north of town on the bay shore was a naval base which

became the site of extensive submarine operations during WW2. All these

facilities and others were and are connected by means of the tunnel network

underlying the entire area.


Local newspapers ran several articles about the situation at Montauk AF

Station last year; after the East Hampton Independent's first article was

published late last summer they received a call from a woman -- afraid to

identify herself, who told them that she was so glad that some informa-tion

was finally coming out; also that her husband was currently, at that very

time, working in the subterranean facility; she said she knew for a fact that

there were nine levels underground and that some of these levels were vast in





The John Ford Case


Nearly a year ago, on Long Island, N.Y., a nationally recognized (although

admittedly somewhat controversial) UFO researcher named John Ford was

arrested for, ostensibly, initiating a conspiracy to commit murder --

supposedly the murders of several Suffolk County (L.I.) officials. Although Mr.

Ford has perhaps ruffled a few feathers even within the UFO "commu-nity"

because of his steadfast refusal to do anything but call the shots as he sees

them, (in particular regarding certain realities of the UFO phenomenon such

as the massive and far-reaching government coverup of and involvement with

the entire spectrum of UFO activity), to say that this man is a potential

murderer is completely contradictory to everything known about the man by

everyone who has had any contact whatsoever with him either professionally

or personally.


Mr. Ford has in fact distinguished himself by his thorough, methodical,

scientific, determined and dedicated pursuit of the real truth about the UFO

situation, and his research had led him down a number of avenues which

proved that various levels of government have been and are inextricably

intertwined with the agenda of the UFO entities themselves, and the coverup

and lies promulgated upon the American people (and all people) regarding the

entire situation. It is not only the (secret) federal government which I am

referring to here. To keep their far reaching "Big Lie" in place, the

intelligence, military and other groups responsible for the coverups of

activities with ET involvement and others like the Montauk Project, "Area

51", etc., must in many instances rely on State and local governmental

agencies as well.


Mr. Ford did a certain amount of investigation into the causes of the

"wildfires" in August, 1995 on eastern Long Island mentioned above. In the

course of his investigation of that situation, Mr. Ford came upon information

which strongly implicated certain county officials as being connected to both

the coverup of clandestine operations on Long Island and to certain organ-ized

crime contingents and their CIA/NSA spook bosses. More specifically, to my

understanding from close friends of John Ford's, he came into possession of

information indicating that certain of these county officials were in fact

former of the CIA/NSA's numerous underworld associates and accomplices

who were given new identities and installed in government positions where

they could assist said agencies in maintaining secrecy regarding the

extensive clandestine operations on Long Island; also that these county

officials were involved in some thoroughly illegal and undoubtedly highly

lucrative real estate hanky panky. (Whether or not these real estate activities

were connected to or participated in by federal government agencies is

unknown to me at this time. I would say it's very possible.)


Another example of such clandestine government operations within Suffolk

County jurisdiction would be the genetic and biological research and

experimentation leading to the development of the AIDS virus, the "Gulf War

Syndrome", Lyme disease, biological & chemical weapons, etc., at facilities

like Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories and Plum Island Animal Disease Research

Facility (totally restricted -- even the airspace above).


For nearly one year now, Mr. Ford has been sitting in jail on Long Island

without any prospect of resolution to the grievous, monumental injustice

done to him. There were substantial and very suspicious irregular-ities in the

circumstances of his arrest -- for example, the search warrant for his

residence was dated two days later than the actual date of the search and



The details of this so-called conspiracy itself and how it was supposed-ly

going to be carried out, as I indicated, are so absurd and stupid as to be

inconceivable, laughable -- except that it's no joke for John Ford.


No hard evidence of any murder conspiracy was ever produced, no formal

charges have been filed, no date for trial has been indicated, and yet this

man's freedom has been unlawfully taken from him, his reputation has been

viciously trampled, his life and career have been devastated, he has been

bankrupted, has lost his house, and there is no end in sight. He cannot at this

point afford to pay for his own legal defense, and he just recently filed a

motion to have his case dismissed and himself released from jail; the motion

was, so predictably, denied.


And to top it all off, the press on Long Island, in the N.Y. area and throughout

the U.S. have almost universally neglected to look into the case in any depth

at all; they have now buried the story and literally refuse to follow up on the

initial misinformational slop and hash spewed out by various and sundry

governmental agents regarding the case in any way, or publicize any of the

true facts of John Ford's plight: again, so very predictably.


The secret government and those intelligence and military agencies which

comprise and/or maintain it have apparently very nearly completed their

mission of thorough domination and control of the more overt means of

influencing and molding society through the media and communications. (The

Clinton Administration seems determined to introduce major monitoring [not

that there isn't any already] and censorship of the Internet.)


These groups stand ready to use highly developed, perfected, and fully

operational electromagnetic/RF technologies like HAARP, the Montauk/Phoe

nix Project and others which result from an unending list of experimental

programs and research projects, to implement operations on a

domestic/national scale and a global scale which can have exert very

substantial --- near total -- control over moods, emotions, health and

physiology, the subconscious, thoughts, and general level of ethical, psychic

and even spiritual awareness and development of the human race.


As well, due to their possession of and willingness to use weapons of mass

death and destruction -- nuclear, chemical and biological, apparently even (in

an experimental mode) against men and women in uniform serving their

country in the Gulf War, as mounting evidence is showing -- and due to the

levels of subliminal fear and intimidation this engenders not only within

people of other nations but within Americans too; and in addition by controlli

ng the information we the people are actually given, the circle is completed

and the takeover can be accomplished.Nearly a year ago, on Long Island, N.Y., a

nationally recognized (although admittedly somewhat controversial) UFO

researcher named John Ford was arrested for, ostensibly, initiating a

conspiracy to commit murder -- supposedly the murders of several Suffolk

County (L.I.) officials. Although Mr. Ford has perhaps ruffled a few feathers

even within the UFO "commu-nity" because of his steadfast refusal to do

anything but call the shots as he sees them, (in particular regarding certain

realities of the UFO phenomenon such as the massive and far-reaching

government coverup of and involvement with the entire spectrum of UFO

activity), to say that this man is a potential murderer is completely

contradictory to everything known about the man by everyone who has had any

contact whatsoever with him either professionally or personally.


Mr. Ford has in fact distinguished himself by his thorough, methodical,

scientific, determined and dedicated pursuit of the real truth about the UFO

situation, and his research had led him down a number of avenues which

proved that various levels of government have been and are inextricably

intertwined with the agenda of the UFO entities themselves, and the coverup

and lies promulgated upon the American people (and all people) regarding the

entire situation. It is not only the (secret) federal government which I am

referring to here. To keep their far reaching "Big Lie" in place, the

intelligence, military and other groups responsible for the coverups of

activities with ET involvement and others like the Montauk Project, "Area

51", etc., must in many instances rely on State and local governmental

agencies as well.


Mr. Ford did a certain amount of investigation into the causes of the

"wildfires" in August, 1995 on eastern Long Island mentioned above. In the

course of his investigation of that situation, Mr. Ford came upon information

which strongly implicated certain county officials as being connected to both

the coverup of clandestine operations on Long Island and to certain organ-ized

crime contingents and their CIA/NSA spook bosses. More specifically, to my

understanding from close friends of John Ford's, he came into possession of

information indicating that certain of these county officials were in fact

former of the CIA/NSA's numerous underworld associates and accomplices

who were given new identities and installed in government positions where

they could assist said agencies in maintaining secrecy regarding the

extensive clandestine operations on Long Island; also that these county

officials were involved in some thoroughly illegal and undoubtedly highly

lucrative real estate hanky panky. (Whether or not these real estate activities

were connected to or participated in by federal government agencies is

unknown to me at this time. I would say it's very possible.)


Another example of such clandestine government operations within Suffolk

County jurisdiction would be the genetic and biological research and

experimentation leading to the development of the AIDS virus, the "Gulf War

Syndrome", Lyme disease, biological & chemical weapons, etc., at facilities

like Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories and Plum Island Animal Disease Research

Facility (totally restricted -- even the airspace above).


For nearly one year now, Mr. Ford has been sitting in jail on Long Island

without any prospect of resolution to the grievous, monumental injustice

done to him. There were substantial and very suspicious irregular-ities in the

circumstances of his arrest -- for example, the search warrant for his

residence was dated two days later than the actual date of the search and



The details of this so-called conspiracy itself and how it was supposed-ly

going to be carried out, as I indicated, are so absurd and stupid as to be

inconceivable, laughable -- except that it's no joke for John Ford.


No hard evidence of any murder conspiracy was ever produced, no formal

charges have been filed, no date for trial has been indicated, and yet this

man's freedom has been unlawfully taken from him, his reputation has been

viciously trampled, his life and career have been devastated, he has been

bankrupted, has lost his house, and there is no end in sight. He cannot at this

point afford to pay for his own legal defense, and he just recently filed a

motion to have his case dismissed and himself released from jail; the motion

was, so predictably, denied.


And to top it all off, the press on Long Island, in the N.Y. area and throughout

the U.S. have almost universally neglected to look into the case in any depth

at all; they have now buried the story and literally refuse to follow up on the

initial misinformational slop and hash spewed out by various and sundry

governmental agents regarding the case in any way, or publicize any of the

true facts of John Ford's plight: again, so very predictably.


The secret government and those intelligence and military agencies which

comprise and/or maintain it have apparently very nearly completed their

mission of thorough domination and control of the more overt means of

influencing and molding society through the media and communications. (The

Clinton Administration seems determined to introduce major monitoring [not

that there isn't any already] and censorship of the Internet.)


These groups stand ready to use highly developed, perfected, and fully

operational electromagnetic/RF technologies like HAARP, the Montauk/Phoe

nix Project and others which result from an unending list of experimental

programs and research projects, to implement operations on a

domestic/national scale and a global scale which can have exert very

substantial --- near total -- control over moods, emotions, health and

physiology, the subconscious, thoughts, and general level of ethical, psychic

and even spiritual awareness and development of the human race.


As well, due to their possession of and willingness to use weapons of mass

death and destruction -- nuclear, chemical and biological, apparently even (in

an experimental mode) against men and women in uniform serving their

country in the Gulf War, as mounting evidence is showing -- and due to the

levels of subliminal fear and intimidation this engenders not only within

people of other nations but within Americans too; and in addition by controlli

ng the information we the people are actually given, the circle is completed

and the takeover can be accomplished.



It should be clearly stated in closing that none of this information is meant

to imply that all members of the U.S. military high command and intelligence

services directors and operatives are responsible for or involved in the

projects described herein, nor is it meant to imply that the U.S. government

has no right to conduct legitimate, defense-related research and

experimentation in a great many different fields. The activities with which

this report is concerned fall far outside any such legitimate bounds and are

operated by agencies unaccountable in any way to duly-elected legislative or

executive authorities, in blatant and wholesale disregard for the U.S.

Constitution and the rights and protections it affords its people.


It is undoubtedly high time to wake up and, as they say, smell the garbage.




February 9, 1998


By Louise Lowry


ALL RIGHTS RESERVED: (permission is granted to reproduce or redistribute

this edition provided that attribution is made to the Author or Authors noted)




#1 The Montauk Files: Unearthing the Phoenix Conspiracy/by K.B. Wells Jr.

#2 The Sands of Time/ Excerpt by Michelle Guerin (also note that the

Louise spoken of in this article is me) Sands Of Time


#3 Northeast Philadelphia Sighting

#4 Something Wicked This Way Comes/Encoding Not To Far Away!

#5 UFO And Shuttle In Near Collision?

#6 Upcoming Issues of "THE STRANGE" BRIGHT SKIES - Part 1 (NEXUS

Magazine April - May 1997) By Harry Mason Copyright (c) February 1997

"All Rights Reserved"




#1 The Montauk Files: Unearthing the Phoenix Conspiracy


(c) copyrighted material by K.B. Wells Jr. Available Spring 1998 from New

Falcon Publications WWW.NEWFALCON.COM The price of the book is $14.95

through regular channels (it will also be in bookstores as well as on the web).

To order through New Falcon, hit there website for details or contact them at:

Telephone (Voice Mail and Fax): (602) 708-1409 Postal address for orders and

other correspondence (but not returns): New Falcon Publications 1739 East

Broadway Road Suite 1-277 Tempe, AZ 85282 U.S.A. Autographed copies can be

bought directly through K.B. Wells (contact through email) for same price +

$3.50 S&H. K.B. Wells Jr Author, The Montauk Files (KBWellsjr@aol.com)


The year was 1979. Ayatollah Khomeini had taken power in Iran, capturing over

100 American Hostages. Three Mile Island almost exposed its nuclear

underwear, introducing Americans to the China Syndrome. An engine fell from a

DC-10 on takeoff from Chicago, killing 273 people. Mother Teresa won the Nobel

Peace Prize for her life-long work helping the poor. In that same year, I

graduated from high school and William Moore changed the world by exposing us

all to the Philadelphia Experiment. Perhaps it is grandiose to say that The

Philadelphia Experiment changed the world. Certainly, it added a new dimension

to the ongoing debate about UFOs and government conspiracies. Moore's book

indicated that our government was experimenting with some pretty far-out

stuff, 'tinkering' with the fundamentals of space-time itself. His book also

highlighted a disregard for the human element in these endeavors. In the words

of JEMI, from Part IV of the annotated (Varo) edition of The Case For the UFO by

M.K. Jessup, "Thus now you see (the) over-all wisdom of Einstiens retraction of

his Unified Field Theory. In U.S. Navy's ship invisibility experiments, 1943,

results of such uninformed tinkering seemed to show the correctness of his

'reason' for retraction." Regardless of the validity of the facts and people

surrounding the story, I believe The Philadelphia Experiment holds a great

power. It has the ability, much like Alternative 3, to change the way people

think. It can alter basic perceptions about the state of the world, as well as

personal perceptions about individual importance and disposability. Anything

that has the capacity to alter such core belief structures also has the capability

to change the individual. To change how that individual may view and act within

the world. This, indeed, is a great power. For instance, I read the book a year

later, in 1980. With each page my life was changed. It shattered my views of

what was possible and what was not. It showed me that our government was

experimenting with things more of science fiction than of fact. They were

dabbling (and obviously believed in) technologies I had been taught were purely

fantasy. It appeared that I, as well every other child in America, had been taught

nothing but lies throughout our term in the educational system. The real kicker,

though, was that this happened in 1943 - at a time when we were supposed to

be in our technological infancy. If experiments of this nature were occurring in

1943, what the hell went on in 1953? What other secrets were out there,

secrets they thought the world didn't have a right to know? The Philadelphia

Experiment fueled within me a deep distrust of the status quo. I began to take

an investigative interest in things I had previously relegated to the realm of

science fiction. I placed my foot upon a path that would be littered with ancient

secrets, hidden technologies, psychic powers, and UFOs. Thirteen years later, I

had all but forgotten Moore and this first step. I was attending a UFO convention

with a friend in San Mateo, viewing the latest assemblage of crop circle data

and UFO material. This friend wanted to speak with one of the presenters he had

seen before, so we took a short detour. Although I was not interested at first,

my attention soon changed. That presenter turned out to be Al Bielek - a

Philadelphia Experiment survivor. All the energy in that first step, taken

thirteen years earlier, came rushing back. The bulk of my investigations and

interests along that thirteen-year road were boiling. It seemed as if I had been

preparing and simmering some kind of a paranormal brew for consumption,

waiting for the day it was ready to drink. As I stood in that small room in San

Mateo that day, I heard the kettle begin to rattle. It had become soup. Looking

back now, this course appears quite rational. The body of information that was

to surround my life for the next several years was a logical second step after

Philadelphia. This second step was onto a deserted Air Force Station on the tip

of Long Island - into the area of Montauk. Although there were thirteen years

between footfalls, it felt like a natural, almost predestined pace for the series

of events that were to unfold. Nearly every piece of information I had gained

throughout my thirteen-year journey benefited me during this time. Even the

various side roads, such as Alternative 3 ,Wilhelm Reich, and free-energy

devices, transformed into mandatory detours whose importance I was only

beginning to understand. I discovered it was there, within the realm of

coincidence and synchronicity, that the secret of Montauk, alias the Phoenix

Project, alias Project Rainbow, was to be found. You see, the issue of Montauk is

not black and white. Quite the contrary, in fact. It is many different shades and

colors, textures and shapes. You may see a detail as white one time and

checkered the next. It may feel smooth in the beginning, but is found to be

fraught with contour later. Once you comprehend its true nature, the startling

realization strikes: It is alive. The further I journeyed into The Montauk Files,

the more alive the beast became. In my mind it transformed into a Hydra, a

multi-headed creature with thousands of poignant, shifting tentacles. The beast

moved as I moved. It reacted before I even realized that I would do the same.

The deeper I journeyed, the more profound these interactions became. What

started out as a simple investigative subject quickly transmuted into complex

interchange that seemed to defy the laws of common sense. The creature

migrated into dimensions of the story, into facts and details and my own life, in

ways that are almost impossible to believe. Data points that appeared

meaningless in the beginning held shinning realizations with the passage of

time. A quick and simple diversion, meant only to fill a small gap, became an

entirely new path - intricately connected to all others. Information surfaced in

places it should not have been. Books collected years earlier proved to be needed

keys for opening necessary doors. By the time the manuscript was at a close,

one thing was certain in my mind: Montauk knew me, my thoughts, and fears -

even my heredity - better than I knew these things myself. I was not the first to

experience this synchronicity after beginning my journey into Montauk. Preston

Nichols, in his works regarding Montauk, states that he, as well as others, have

experienced this phenomenon. Indeed, even as I put that last period to the final

sentence, hoping many issues had been closed, the Hydra came within my view

again. It became clear that I should put that last period on paper, but the issue

was not at an end. In fact, before me loomed an entirely new beginning. The

Hydra, first given birth on that deserted Air Force Station, had calmly picked me

up and placed me at the bottom of another hill. Perhaps not a hill, really. More on

the scale of volcano. The Hydra then whispered, I dare you to climb. I dare you to

look inside. Of course I took the challenge, and climbed to the top of the secret

Volcano. I looked down into the fiery core. The pit so hot that even ash, the

birthing cloth of the mythical Phoenix, burns red. The Montauk Files is that first

step to the secret volcano, a paving stone for a larger road of deceit,

conspiracy, and manipulation. It is a road that must be chosen freely, a path that

once taken will bend and straighten before your very eyes. It will tailor itself

for you and only you, recognize your fears and place them as obstacles for your

determination and soul to overcome. For those that take the path, the price is

not what it appears. The obligation of the journey is what you least expect it to

be. It may be merely a small surcharge, levied against your views of reality. It

may be at the cost of your entire ideology. I equate this Montauk tax to

horoscopes. If you read or sometimes follow horoscopes, it is a small step into

other realms such as reincarnation, karma, and coincidence. The next step will

not be a leap of faith, but a logical extension of a path you have already

acknowledged. In this case, the tax will be small - it might even be a refund.

However, if you have never read a horoscope, a step into other realms is costly.

It truly becomes a leap of faith. As you stand on the edge of that precipice,

inventory the baggage you carry. You will not return with the same luggage. The

very structure of your belief system could be at stake. For those that decide not

to take the journey, from the safety of your chair I hope you enjoy the view. K.B.

Wells Jr. Author, The Montauk Files c copyrighted (You may reach the author at



#2 The Sands of Time/ Excerpt by Michelle Guerin.


....also note that yes the Louise that is in this article is me. Michelle

Guerin/e-mail ZDNF48C@prodigy.com Visit her web site Sands Of Time



Louise, a friend, and I were planning to attend a UFO conference in CT in

October,1995. I suggested that since she was driving up to NY to pick me up for

the conference, why not come a few days early and we would explore at Montauk.

She immediately agreed. Upon arriving in Montauk, we checked in to our hotel

room, and set off for Camp Hero. We tried different entrance points but all had

security gates and signs posted stating no trespassing. We finally found access

on a side road just before the Lighthouse. It was an area just south of the base,

on the beach. The road we walked on ended at a parking area on a cliff

overlooking the ocean. The radar dish was visible from this point, but was too

far to hike to. *** Michelle and I before we set off to the Base first went to a

Pub on the Main Street of Montauk to grab a bite to eat. As we entered we

noticed a few seats opened at the end of the bar, we proceeded to sit down and

ordered a few burgers. As I have NEVER been one to hold back on a conversation I

turned to the gentlemen beside me, and proceeded to ask him if all the stories

were true about the Montauk Base. At that point I thought I lost my right leg,

with a good swift kick from Michelle set me in my place...but the guy turned and

looked at me and just said nothing. He then said NOTHING at all is going on...it

was about another 15 minutes and while we were eating our burgers this guy

turned and started to ask us questions about what we were doing and why we

wanted to know about Montauk. He then told us of the one back access road. He

then told us that he really didn't know much about the Base and the going

ons/but he did enter that the Plum Island had some strange going ons.....***

Louise felt very sick and uneasy there. For some reason, I was drawn to the

cliff. I stood out there by the edge, just looking out over the beach and the ocean

for about 10 minutes. I felt so drawn to this spot...why?...what possible reason

could there be? I had never been there before. Why did I feel rooted to the spot?

It was getting late and Louise and I wanted to try one more road before we

called it a day. Driving back toward the town, we turned in at Old Montauk

Highway. According to the map we had, this road should go into Camp Hero. There

was also notations on the map of areas where someone had "felt a void" and very

ominous feelings. While driving down the road, Louise and I both felt this "void".

It was one of the strangest feelings I've ever felt. The only way I can describe it

is the absence of feeling life, as if nothing lived in this space. I wish I could be

more specific. Once past this void, the terrible, ominous feeling hit us very

strongly. The road ended abruptly at a dead end. Louise wanted to go back to the

hotel, but I insisted that I knew we were close to the radar dish and wanted to

check around just a little. I climbed over a pile of wood chips and went through

some small brush. About a hundred feet into the brush the asphalt road

continued. I followed it to a clearing and there it was, right in front of me...the

radar dish. I went back to the car, where Louise was waiting and grabbed the

video camera. I returned the same way, taping as I went along. After shooting

the radar dish, I suddenly got an eerie feeling that I was being watched. The

feeling was very strong and very frightening. I wanted to run back to the car,

but I was afraid I would fall. I left as quickly as I could. Louise and I returned to

the hotel.


Before going to bed that night, Michelle and I got a very strange phone call, the

female caller said "I know where you are and we have pictures of you" "You are

to stay off the Montauk Base" at this point we got upset till we started asking

questions to this person, then we heard some laughing in the back ground and

then we found out it was a good friends wife that was making this call. This

friend I may add is an ex-military agent. He was going to meet us at the

conference the following day. After getting this call we both remembered that

we had sent our itinerary out to a few close friends, of course it took no time to

track us down since it was an out of season month at Montauk.*** We went to

bed about midnight but I stayed up until approximately 1:30 am reading.

Sometime between 3:00 - 3:30 am both of us were awakened by a loud noise. The

smoke detector in our hotel room was going off and neither of us could reach it

in order to turn it off. We finally contacted a hotel employee who advised us

that the smoke detector was not run off a battery...it was connected directly to

the room's electrical system. In order to shut it down, we should go to the fuse

box located on the side of the closet wall and throw the switches until we found

the one connected to it. We tried all of the switches to no avail. Even throwing

the main switch, which cut power off to the entire room, did not shut down the

smoke detector. A maintenance employee of the hotel came to our room and

tried shutting down the electricity...the detector still continued. He finally had

to pull the smoke detector from the wall and cut the wires in order to turn it

off. The next day, we agreed that neither of us wanted to return to the base. We

were both too frightened. ~~This is just an excerpt from Michelle's memories

and there is a whole lot more of other times that she had visited Montauk,

please go to her web site and read them "The Sands of Time" Michelle

Guerin/e-mail ZDNF48C@prodigy.com Visit my web site Sands Of Time



When you come to the Montauk, Philadelphia and Phoenix Time Travel pages ahead, herein some first shady steps of Emmanuel's 1990 data on the "Kale-Aran Orion Empire" are beginning to possibly be traced from amidst the covert intelligence community...

-Ananda, 12/12/2001


"...then there will be that, by the Empire superimposing through technology another individual identity, which can be seen as a walk-in phenomena, where a soul or another soul, or computerise soul has been placed back into a body. There are many within those of the Empire who have felt that their form stopped functioning adequately, who had to be stored, as a consciousness, within an electromagnetic computer system that would contain their electromagnetic resonance, to be placed within clone forms or human forms. Therefore some of the individuals who would be taken in that sense, for Empire evacuation, both from earth man and alien man, will, before starting their bodies, so that indeed the computerised system or consciousness from another past individual can be placed within the body, sometimes the two are merged together..."

­Emmanuel, ATON-RA V: THE UNIVERSAL HARVEST, January 1991, Denmark


Conversations With Researchers on Mind Control

December 1991, Introduction


The following is an extract from a taped interview with several researchers in the general area of mind control. It has never been published before. The interview, like many others that have been done, is done in an open question and answer format to protect the identities of the parties. The Orion Technology Report in Appendix 4 contains supplementary information that relates to this report.


X: Let's move along to things that are psycho-active in nature and things that people should know about.


Y: We now have discussed the early Phoenix Project. In about 1969 they wrote the final report for Phoenix I. In that report it stated that "since we now have studied the electromagnetic effects on human beings, we believe it is now possible to influence the way people think with electromagnetics". Of course when Congress read the report, they hit the ceiling, saying essentially, "we don't want you doing this!" Congress was afraid that someone would use this technology to control them. They said, in effect, "no, don't do this". The people who wanted to continue this went to the military and said, in effect, "we can make you a nice little-weapon that will make the enemy lay down their arms." How many people believe that the military doesn't want this? The military then offered them the use of the old base at Montauk. Then came Phoenix II and the Montauk project. Let's review that. They had three steps in the project. The first step in the project was something I like to call the "microwave oven" step. They wanted to see what the output of the multi-gigawatt transmitter would have on human beings in front of it. They took a subject and sat them in where they could be focused on and threw the switch. Of course, the subjects were cooked. We don't know how many people they killed this way, but we do know there were a lot of them. Finally, someone got the idea, "hey, we don't want the burning rays, we want the non-hertzian rays". They turned the antenna around and they aimed the gain horn through the reflector at the target person. Now they were getting somewhere. They were able to direct mood control from a distance by ELF modulating the transmitter and changing the mood.


This was a great success. Someone then came to them from the US Government and told them that they would provide them with sensors that would pick up thoughts directly from a persons' mind. So, they brought the system of sensors and installed them in a chair. This is the famous Montauk chair.


What they did then is that they connected the output of the sensors to computers that would decode the sensors output into a digital code that represented the thought patterns. Those went to another computer which would store the thought patterns and to another computer which would generate the pulse modulations that went out the antenna. What they had actually built was a mind amplifier.


X: What would they do with this chair?


Y: They would take a subject, train him so that his conscious mind would be diverted to the "serpent in the Kundalini". The primitive mind would come up to the surface - they would blank that out and put in his primitive mind a concept that he would concentrate on. The concept would be picked by the sensors and transmitted out of the antenna. This was the second phase of Montauk. They were targeting whole populations and individuals. The subject could think of squelching electrical activity and all activity would stop where they focused the antenna.


X: What else where they able to do?


Y: They were able to change the way in which the animals in the area were moving. Once they programmed the animals to charge out of the woods into the town. They changed the way birds flew, fish swam and a dozen other things. They could take the crime statistics in Montauk and run it up and down like a yo-yo. They programmed crime waves for one period where they would occur,for four hours each night for a week. This drove the police crazy. There was one time, according to the Montauk police, when all the kids descended on the beach - all the kids in town. Two or three hours later, the kids all left the beach in mass unison. Another time, all the residents of the town decided to drive up to the state park. When asked, some of them said that it seemed like a "good thing to do".


X: So what they had developed was ...


Y: They developed wholly operational mind control. Based upon the effect that they had to cancel out the fields at the chair, which was located underground, they noticed that conceptual effects would happen out of synch with real time. They realized that they had the capability of bending time. At that point, conferences were held to discuss how they would modify the equipment to more effectively bend time. They developed something called a Delta-T antenna. It consisted of three loops describing a delta-function; it was referred to as the pyramid antenna. It essentially was three magnetic pickups/transmitters at right angles to each other; three orthogonal loops. Orthorotation is, of course, how you get access to hyperspace. It means you have tensor stress orthorotations. If you drive the three parts of the antenna correctly, you get what is essentially a space-time portal in the center. The antenna looks like a pyramid with an inverted pyramid on top.


X: Could you go into the operation of the chair a little more?


Y: yes. The output of the chair went into a Cray computer that would decode the digital representation of the thoughtform. That drove the IBM computer and the output from that went into the AIL computer...


X: AIL? Is that the Airborne Instrument Labs?


Y: Yes. The AIL computer generated the pulse modulation. It was a frequency-hopping signal source. It would change frequencies in a matter of nano-seconds. There were five synchro-dyne amplifier stages, cascaded. Each one had a separate pulse modulator. The final input was the amplitron, which had a big pulse modulator.


X: How did this thing work?


Y: They would take a portion of the thoughtform and put it into the first stage, and pulse the first stage on and load it into the second stage,etc. After the fifth stage it would go into the IPA's, be pulsed again and then into the amplitron, which would be pulsed and then the signal would go into the above ground antenna. Each time the signal would go from stage to stage, more complex information would be put into the thoughtform that was being cycled through. What does all this remind us of? The radiosonde. This is essentially a big radiosonde.


X: How did they figure the time aspect into all of this?


Y: They used the delta-t antenna, which was situated underground immediately under the christmas-tree antenna on top of the building. The chair was located underground between the delta-t antenna and the above-ground antenna. The delta-t generated time-stress tensors which were coupled with the electric field to generate the full time tensor control. It was great. They had a working time machine. They used twistor and spinor fields in order to form a portal. They could go anywhere in space-time, and they used it once to get access to the underground facilities on Mars.


X: To Mars? How did that work'?


Y: First, the subject projected himself psychically through space to Mars. They set the computers to solidify the vortex between Montauk and the point on Mars and the vortex would be established. They only needed to do it once, because they taped it and could then run the tape to establish the vortex. There was a project called Project Phobos, part of which was concerned with the investigation of the underground caverns. There were other project initiatives that had to do with a defense posture for the solar system. It was a directive of the people in command at Montauk to physically and psychically approach this defense mechanism, in order to find a way to turn the system off. It was done. If it were turned back on, the system would in effect become more "conscious" and able to reject outside intrusion.


X: I'm not sure I understand what you are really talking about with all this... does it have anything to do with the planetary grid?


Y: Yes, to a degree. There are planetary grid nodes on almost every military base. What we're talking about with the earth is putting the earth to sleep in order to prevent any geological changes of any great magnitude from occurring. We're pumping signals into the grid points, which you might compare to human chakras. It is mind control, in a way, that is also being done to the planetary mind of the earth.


X: What has happened since the Montauk project crashed in 1983?


Y: Well, after the Montauk project was discovered and ITT was taken apart, the government didn't leave it alone. They left ELF alone and they moved up to VLF through HF today. HF is 3-30MHz, MF is 300KHZ to 3Mhz and VLF is 3KHz to 300KHz. If you tune across these spectrums, you are going to hear all sorts of pulse modulated signals that sound like the old Montauk signals. You'll hear signals similar but not identical to the Soviet woodpecker signals; you'll hear video buzzes on these bands- they don't have synch or chromo references on them. On VLF, you can tune into 15.75KHz horizontal rate and you hear phase modulation. I have receiving equipment that has dispersive IF filters that convert phase modulation to amplitude modulation so I can hear it. All your TV networks the National Bureau of Standards (NBS) supplies free-of-charge the reference frequency to all TV stations. This is what they phase modulate. Does anyone believe the government gives anything away for nothing? I just discovered that this is part of the videodrome system. I have been tracking this for quite a while and wondered what it was. If you tune up to 31.4 KHz, which is twice the horizontal rate, and up to other multiples of the horizontal rate, you'll find other carriers which are similar to video but don't have the synch information accompanying them; they correlate to the horizontal rate and the phase modulation. In the Long Island area, these carriers are coming from the state parks. There are Tittle VLF transmitter sites in the state parks; they are all run from satellite. We had psychics check this out on their level and they came up with the information that this VLF was in effect a softening up procedure to make the public susceptible to other mind control experiments.


The "American Buzzsaw" is the US equivalent of the Russian woodpecker signal. This a psycho-active signal which is designed to interface with the mind of the human being by way of the mind-brain connection. The government has been quite active, designing systems that are carried by helicopter, systems that sit on the ground like the buzzsaw transmitters, etc. I first picked up the buzzsaw signal about 1990. I called the FCC and asked them if they knew what it was. They said it was the American version of the over-the-horizon radar. I said, "you mean like the Russian woodpecker signal?". They said 'yes". So they admitted that it had the same purpose. This signal is broadcasted on multiple carriers. The carriers hop from one frequency to another, anywhere in the range from 4MHz to 3OMHz. It is never on the ham band or the international broadcast band. It is only on the allocated frequencies that the government shares with other communication services. With the switching of these frequencies, they are creating what is known as a Levinson Transform, named after Norman Levinson, who generated the mathematics for frequency-time transformations. This is highly significant, since the human brain, body and mind work on time dependent pulsations and frequencies which are time encoded. You have this unusual pulse modulated signal hopping around from frequency to frequency to frequency. They have multiple transmitter. The signals only come in phase at a targeted site. This signal, we believe, has three modes. The first mode is the search-mode. This is where they transmit a signal and then a psychically sensitive human being picks up the signal and sends something back. They can in this way identify these people and where they are. The second mode is the general transmission of a psychic interrupt function which interrupts psychic activity. That's all it does. It has a tendency to lower the overall psychic awareness of the population. Maybe one out of three people respond to this signal. A good psychic can easily screen this mode out of their consciousness. The third mode is where they target an individual, and we have known six people who have been targeted. They can lock on to the resonance of the synthetic material in your clothing and target you from that. We have a clearing device which uses the equivalent of a white-noise magnetic field to break up the magnetic matrix in objects in order to clear any psychic signatures or stored solitons in the object.


We put this device on the clothing, and you could hear the timing of the buzz-saw changing. It got more and more distorted, and then disappeared for a while; it then came back in on the search mode. This is telling me that it is an interactive signal. Also, if I scan up and down the band, it will find my receiver and lock in on that receiver. They are looking for a changing dynamic function. This must be how they key in the search mode. As I tune the receiver from high to low, it is sending out a phase conjugate function that they are picking up.


X: How can an individual know if they are being controlled through the use of electronics?


Y: Well, if there was a process being impinged on a person that embodied a higher intelligence than the person had, at a higher power level than the person manifested, you could say that he was under control. There could be emotional or physical indication that something was "out of order ".


Typically, we all know when something is wrong. You have to be in touch with how you operate in a normal manner in order to distinguish when something abnormal is going on. You have to have a high order of awareness in order to recognize when an attempt is being made to violate your mind. Understanding how it works is probably your best defense against this, at this point. We have no shield, per se, no real way to jam it, but understanding does limit its effect by allowing you to "plug the holes" in your mentality. A technological device that would block it would have to go above the wave-order that embodies the human being. It would have to be a unified field type of.device in order to be above the orthogonal rotations in hyperspace that they are using to transmit the effect. If you can personally operate within those higher orders, in consciousness, you can control what is going on around you, barring the use of a technological device. Another aspect is that if you operate "outside of time" in consciousness, then time-dependent hyperspacial pulsed modulations would have little or no effect. The people that are perpetrating this stuff want you to be unaware - that's why they're sending out the buzz-saw signals. The awareness that it is going on is by all means a major step.


X: How about the use of subliminals in the environment?


Y: There are doors to different levels within the "subconscious' areas of the mind that are keyed in by the focus of attention and the integration of emotion. For instance, the third and forth level of the subconscious involves sexuality. Advertising and media focus on this subject should not be an area of focus. It is a "jumping off point" to get into the mind.


X: Are these "searching functions' directed toward specific areas, or do they cover the entire country... is there somewhere you could go to establish a safe reference point?


Y: Well, from the way I have heard it, there are at least five multi- megawatt transmitters propagating these buzz-saw signals. There are also many local transmitters all over the country. These large transmitters could probably reach anywhere in the world. The American buzz-saw signal is mostly hertzian, and I believe it is affecting the magnetic field relative to the person more than the psyche, so magnetic shielding modes should be a step in the right direction. If you live deep underground, you probably would not even pick the signal up.


X: How deep would that have to be?


Y: Probably a mile or so underground would be enough. If you lived in a ring of mountains, they might not find you. See, this is not a time-stress that they are playing with. They don't need special equipment to do this now.


X: What do you mean?


Y: They need no more than the UHF cellular telephone frequency, which is now being installed everywhere, to do it. The human cranium resonates within the frequencies covered by cellular telephone continuous wave transmissions. The cellular system nationwide is connected to a computer system in Boulder, Colorado. We are very suspicious about what other capabilities that system has, since it is pulse modulated. That is not a relativistic signal - it is a hertzian in-domain type signal and it affects the physical. We suspect that they may be using the cellular telephone receivers to pick up the return signal from the buzz-saw. We have heard buzz-saw like signals on the cellular telephone network that correspond in frequency-switch-timing in the same way that the buzz-saw signals do. There is a definite connection between cellular telephones and the buzz-saw signal. And this is "over-the horizon radar" that connects to cellular telephones? Come on, 'who's kidding who here.


X: How do the grid points interface with this technology?


Y: The grid vortex was initially used as an extension of the antenna structure. That's all it was used for - for the mind control part of Montauk.


X: What size grid nodes would you need for this. There are grid lines about every 1.5 feet.


Y: You have different kind of grid nodes. The Hartman lines .are every 1.5 feet. The military bases are built on the large nodes where the lines repeat about every 15 to 20 miles.


X: Other than this electromagnetic pulsing, what other technologies are you hearing about that may be in this category.


Y: Well, the so-called videodrome signals on television. There is so much going on that could be involved.


X: Would you amplify a little on what you said about the resonance of the human cranium?


Y: There is research that shows that the human cranium resonates at about 850MHz; this seems to vary from about 830MHz to 890MHz. The cellular system is designed to operate right in that range. The cellular system operates from about 840MHz to 890MHz. It is pulse amplitude modulated and pulsed angle modulated.


X: Angle. That would be phase.


Y: Right. You have regular analog modulation as well. When your portable cellular system is ON, it's in constant communication with the cell site. The set that you are carrying is telling the cell site where you are. When you get to the edge of the cell site it transfers you over to another cell site. They can also use this to track the people as well. Is that the only way to track?


Y: It is conceivable that they could track a person by the ringing within the cranial cavity. I do not know if they can do that yet. It is theoretically possible. Each persons cranium should "ring" with a different resonant signature.


X: What about the interface with this central computer for the cellular system. Could you go into more detail about that?


Y: The cellular system involves their use of a person they dubb a "roamer", which is a person who roams the country with a cellular transceiver. He has to be able to hand over from cell site to cell site as he travels. The only way a roamer can operate over the entire country is for the system to be tied into a central computer that keeps track of everything.


X: What about the so-called independent cellular companies?


Y: They are tied in. They have to be able to go on to long distance lines.


X: Do you think that these independent companies are also in bed with AT&T involved with mind control?


Y: Of course. They have to be. They are part of the network and they are all linked electronically.


X: Is this all controlled by the military?


Y: Sure. From what I understand, the master computer for the cellular system is in Boulder, Colorado. I don't think I have to tell you what else is in Boulder.


X: The center of the buzz-saw.


Y: Yes. That gives you the government connection. In fact, I believe that the central cellular computer is in the same building with the National Bureau of Standards.


X: Oh, my God. What more can you tell me about this videodrome signal?


Y: Well, about 6 cycles away from the signal is the harmonic of the power lines. I think that is your reference.


X: Is it pulse or phase modulated?


Y: It appears to be phase modulated.


X: Have you been able to de-modulate this videodrome signal?


Y: Yes. It's coming right over the television at people.


X: Most of the instrumentation in electronics is constructed to measure a charge couple to mass - the "real" component of the signal. How do you go about measuring the complex conjugate component of the signal which is psychoactive - the relativisticportion of the signal.


Y: That's not an easy task to do. The only way I know to measure such a signal is by measuring through the zero-point potential using an old-style regenerative receiver as a detector, because then you have the positron-electron pairs coupling through thevacuum and your relativistic functions will affect the coupling between the positron-electron pairs.


X: Is there a practical test that someone without access to a lot of instrumentation can use?


Y: Essentially, you can use any detector system. But all the detectors other than the regenerative type require a correlated hertzian function in order to pump the detector for it to detect the non-hertzian component or function. This is what makes a vacuum tube short wave receiver not fade the way others do. Its detecting the non-hertzian function, but not directly. If you move the hertzian part of the signal completely, your receiver just drops out to complete distortion because all you're getting is the delta pulses that come through the Dirac sea into the receiver. A regenerative detector can integrate those Dirac pulses into a usable function. If you had a white noise source pump a diode, you could hear the modulations in the white noise source. The problem is, how are you going to hear a delta pulse on the speaker in the audio amp? You have to somehow cross-feed the delta pulse to give you something that is usable.


Interview with Duncan Cameron and Preston Nichols


DC = Duncan Cameron

PN = Preston Nichols

SS = Sovereign Scribe


SS: Regarding the Montauk experiments, you said the tunnel was large enough to drive a truck through; where did they drive the truck?


DC: Where did they drive the truck? Well it's a figure of speech that you can drive a truck through. There are all sorts of associated phenomena that pass through whether it be information or people or such.


PN: But first of all, get the truck underground.


DC: ... Something that wasn't ground level. It was underground. it was underground. All the time-space stuff was underground.


PN: It was at the summit with the Delta T structure.


SS: How far down was it?


PN: 1/4 of a mile, maybe somewhere between a thousand feet and 1/4 of a mile. It was way underground. This is according to our recollection. We have no proof of it of course.


SS: Could there be a reason for it being underground?


PN: The reason was essentially they built, see the Montauk time and space portal was essentially an artifact that came out of what we call a Delta T antenna. You have a picture of a big thing made out of wood with wires shaped like this. That's what we call the Delta-T antenna. The portal actually appears in the center of that. If you pump this thing right. They had trouble building this above ground because when they started to test above ground the fields from the transmitting equipment were so strong that they had to locate it low enough below ground that there would be a neutral point between the fields of the equipment and the building above ground and the fields from the antenna way below ground because at that neutral point sat the chair that he [Duncan] sat in.


So I have to point out also that they did not want any of the raw pulse. See this antenna took the raw pulse from the pulse modulators of the radar transmitter and essentially put it into Del Cross F Cross E Cross B Cross G function. Which means they were essentially generating gravitational waves that would enfold into space-time waves in itself. And you could make a time-space portal; only one end of it was controllable, such, in '83 you could make an extension of it anywhere in the past, present or future you wished. If I took this antenna here and added in pulses from a pulse modulator in a radar transmitter it would probably wipe out every TV set within about 50 miles of it. But they had to keep this thing far enough under ground so that the EMR electromagnetic interference would not be radiated. Also they wanted to make it big enough, I think it was 250 feet, this one was 10 foot. I think the one we had at Montauk was 250 feet to 300 feet - something like that. This one, the actual portal might be that big (a few inches) but if you've got one that's 10 times the size and is like that you could literally have a portal... I believe the portal size was 10 to 20 feet that they were actually able to create. I could make a portal maybe 2 inches here cause the antenna's small.


Of course above ground there would have been certain construction problems. With making the thing below ground where they have the undergrounders making holes in the floor and pass the pipe and the wires through the floor and the thing up and you don't have to worry the wind's going to blow it down and this sort of thing. There's a number of reasons that it was underground.


SS: And also you said it would be harder to detect?


PN: Yeah, who's going to see it from the air?


SS: Wouldn't they'd pick it up?


PN: Also the Hertizan leakage would be way down if it's underground. It wouldn't wipe out TV in Montauk. Montauk is so far out they have huge power and rotary beams that they can look at Boston or they can look at Rhode Island or Connecticut or New York with. And the signal strength at Montauk is very weak so it lakes nothing to interfere with the TV in Montauk. They don't want to get the Town up in arms.


SS: Did they use that to build the legendary city on Mars?


PN: This is the information we have. We have not been able to back it up. It is only memories of Mr. Cameron and Mr. Bialek. I was not involved with that part of it myself. It wasn't that they built the big city. They found an ancient earlier civilization that was abandoned. They first got to Mars and realized that yes, there had been a civilization there at one time and the above ground of it was crumbled back into dust. But they did detect huge underground installations which were still making magnetic fields and this sort of thing that they could detect and they realized that there was still machinery running underground and of course they first went all around Mars and they couldn't figure out how to get down underground without bringing boring equipment and cutting a tunnel right down in. When Montauk had the working capability it would be nothing to target the other end of the vortex from '83 through to whatever time they wanted to inside Mars itself and this is what they did. And Duncan himself can talk of stuff he saw on Mars.


SS: What did you we?


DC: Something that has recently come up -- both Preston and myself were in a private meeting in Long Island with a man who was known in the UFO field. He spoke; he was giving some pictures regarding UFO's. He came up with some photographs having to do with the moon Phobos. I reacted to that strongly. When I recall physically, there is a physical reaction and I'm startled. After spending a little bit of time with that -- investigating it, it now seems from my own investigating and outside reading per se. When I say I am reading, I am basically sensitive to electro-magnetics and can access information zones whether they be on a local scale, the Akashic which is in domain systems or out of domain, higher evolved and such.


Information that I got from the outside information zone is that there is a system which still is on Mars. It originally was an electronic crystal type system which was part of the defense structure for the solar system that has been turned off. Defense meaning to keep for ones self. In that sense we all have energy fields about us and there is a defense posture to keep outside influences away. If you think on a planetary scale in a solar system, if such defenses were set down, if that were one of the stations per se, to keep out nasties or to keep the intelligence within the solarsystem alive and dynamically moving, if that were to be shut off there would be all sorts of obtrusions that would not ordinarily come through.


Whether that was one of the directives involved in the Mars project or if that was one of their aims as such or by products, the defense system on Mars is down and there are all sorts of associated troubles and disturbances because of that. It's a linked system that we haven't quite figured out the other aspects of. I could go on, it's just a quick brief thing. Both myself and Al, according to recall, have been there mostly on a directed mission, per se. Sort of like a 'seeing eye'. Part of my duties at Montauk were to basically to be in sort of a trance-type system and have something pass through me which would be -- how do I say -- for information's sake going places or something. It was one directive system so I can only tell you on very linear function what happened. Basically I was there just to see about. Basically it would be 300 or 400 feet underground plus the cavern type systems. There are all sorts of symbolical references there. Tonal frequencies. It wasn't necessarily a generator per se, but all sorts of frequencies that were very much alive -almost as though some kind of intelligence, per se. It was part of my duty to go and investigate and see what occurred. So that was more or less the two things that I saw.


SS: Did you see traveling back in time, did you see a civilization on Mars?


DC: No, not I. Not myself. Possibly with Al. I only had 5 or 6 specific missions that I was involved in, as part of my recall. Having to do with Al I don't know. Until recently I have been denying any associations having to do with the Philadelphia Experiment or Montauk or associated problems because of a denial system within myself so now I am moving ahead and trying to learn and reeducate myself so I am looking out for more information even as we speak.


SS: Did the face on Mars have a function beyond decoration?


DC: That's a good question. I've never looked at that. In that sense I could only be speculating.


Montauk was responsible for conditioning and influencing the consciousness of the earth. That was one of the priorities, possibly, tools to work with to condition and control people.


PN: The information source from what I remember your reading said that it was essentially a defense for our whole solar system. The Mars system would be protecting us well. That's the first thing they would do was to shut that off so they could get in.


DC: That would make sense.


SS: So if they had it on before Montauk then Montauk went up and shut it off...


PN: Somebody went from Montauk through the portal that was from space point A to space point B probably in real time. The first thing they would do was shut that switch off. They had to somehow sneak into the defenses and turn the switch off. Maybe they had the key to shut it off. I don't know. I wasn't part of that project. I was the guy that did the electronics on the project. I was not involved with who went where. I don't believe I went anywhere particular place in time.


SS: Do you know who is using that kind of equipment now?


PN: Undoubtedly the secret government still has some more equipment. I can't believe that they're leaving it alone. I don't think the monster in '83 scared them off completely. They slowed it down some but I'm sure it's back on line running full force right now somewhere.


SS: Is there any way to detect that?


PN: I pick up signals from similar projects all the time. But signals that Montauk sent out sounded very much like the Buzzsaw that was sawing the microphone in half that you talk about in your magazine in your first article (Vol. 1 #131). The Montauk function sounds very similar, in fact it's been speculated that they're playing Montauk tapes in these other transmitters and that's what we hear as the Buzzsaw. Because the function is the same. It's the same kind of function. It's just a different emulation of the system. Montauk ran at 450 to 470 megahertz. What we're talking of today is 3 to 30 megahertz. But the modulations are the same as far as I can see.


SS: And that includes the tunneling effect?


PN; No, I'm talking about the mind control aspect of Montauk.


SS: How about the tunneling?


PN: Tunneling -- that would work the same because it is all thought forms. But you would have to go in to an actual time warping function such as the Delta T antenna.


DC: We somehow by chance or design ran into some girl in Long Island who I had some association with. She was troubled for a number of reasons and I followed her information basis back on a psychic read type system. and it seems like she was hooked up to something called 'Freedom Riders'. She had some degree of clairvoyance.


How the thing works: when the DOR sensor is connected it sends out a reverse of the DOR patternings and since you have an exact reverse oscillation being built by the transmitter, it cancels the real DOR oscillation. It cancels it right out. Then they transmit the orgone function in phase so it replaces the DOR function with the orgone function that's picked up by the orgone sensor. That is simply in a nutshell how this thing works.


In the '40's, '50's, and '60's, they sent up thousands of these things. There were 200 to 300 of these in the air each day. Now the interesting point to notice here is, if we look at all these different devices, they all have a bottle shape on the bottom-- that's the transmitter. And you notice they have roughly the same shape up at the top. This says that there is something estoteric here in the upper part of the unit, which we don't understand to this day.


Now if you look here, you'll see this is the modulator coil as outlayed in the diagram. It's got the same modulator coil inside this housing her.


SS: What's the power source?


PN: In this case, it's batteries. In the Biosonde it's AC.


SS: How long could they stay up there?


PN: A couple of days maybe. They'll float around until the balloon bursts and they had a parachute that slowly carried them back to earth. They can only transmit for about 3 to 4 hours. You could pressurize the balloon so that it rises to a point and breaks and comes down. Or you could pressurize it where it would float for days.


SS: Is that an actual orgone detector instrument?


PN: Well the thing is, the orgone and DOR output of these things is in the subtle energy realm. I don't know of any receiver that can detect the actual energetic function that is coming out of here, the actual modulation. You listen to this, you only hear a group of impulses. The DOR and orgone is inside those impulses and how to detect what's inside the impulses. I admit I don't know how to do it. I haven't had a chance to analyze it but I got a Radiosonde Receptor which is a receiver built to receive these things. It's a very strange circuit. The answer may be there, how to detect what this is sending, but I don't understand it at this point.


SS: But it's detecting what's there.


PN: You're talking about the actual detector itself.


SS: Yes. It [orgone] exists. The government hasn't said that it exists.


PN: No, they haven't. In Radiosonde circles this flat plate with the black stuff on it, they call a humidity detector. This is what detects the orgone. This little white rod here, this is a temperature sensing resistor, it detects the DOR. But also, this will detect humidity changes. The problem with this is as you dampen the thing, dry it, dampen ii, it goes out of calibration. After about 10 minutes of flight these things are useless. These things will hold their calibration for maybe weeks at a time.


But still it was lucky that they sent this up so someone picked up one of these things came down on the ground. They would see the white thermistor between these two thing-a-ma-bobs here and this plate down here. Now the plates sits between these two clips and these aluminum covers go over it. If you follow Reichian technology, aluminum lends to have a focuser for orgone. So they have the orgone sensor here with the aluminum plate over it, the aluminum plate will help pull the orgone to the orgone sensor. Copper focuses DOR. This is why Reich made the original orgone boxes out of steel or aluminum foil, but not copper.


Now this device here is a transmitter. After Duncan did his readings on these things, I realized what I had was a radionics transmitter. Whatever I put in would be sent out. Any of you people sensitive? All you do is take this and hold it. You'll feel your energies build up in it. It might get warm or it might get cool to you. That's essentially a resonator of hyperspacial energies, the psychic energy. And that design can be traced right to Wilhelm Reich through Brookhaven National Laboratories.


See, after Reich developed this package, he called up the government and told them that he had a device that could knock the violence out of thunderstorms and asked if they were interested. The government said, "Yes. We're interested!" They requested Mr. Reich to mail a prototype to Brookhaven on Long Island.


So they waited for a thunderstorm to approach and they sent it up into the clouds. As it approached, the thunderhead broke up and went around Brookhaven. Al Brookhaven there was a nice gentle sunlit shower while the area around was having a thunderstorm. So of course they were very interested. They worked with Mr. Reich to replicate the thing.


Now this transmitter, the silver box here, is a nice packaged AC device. We had to have a device that would sense; that's the input well. The first mode we played with was we took the orgone sensor from the Radiosonde and just plugged it directly into the transmitter. And now you can transduce your orgone. You hold this [sensor], you plug it in and turn it on. It's like sitting in an orgone box. This is picking up your orgone and building it up. We wanted to have a fancy witness coil so Mr. Cameron turned on his psychic sense, talked to someone in one of the higher domains, and he said we wanted to build a witness well. [A "witness" is anything that would carry the vibrations of the thing or place you want to sense or contact, such as, clothing or a possession would be witness to a person.] How do we go about doing it? And he channeled the whole design of this device including the well receiver, the circuit board and we made this input well. This input well turns out to be vastly superior to the input well of the Kelly box or an Heironymous box or any of those devices.


Now what this will do for you simply: you plug the wire into the transmitter. Whatever you dump in here [input well] this array of coils and receiver will pick up the electromagnetic component just as the chair picks up Duncan's electromagnetic component, and will transduce it to be broadcasted by the transmitter. This is essentially a miniature Montauk. Not of the power that they had. And if you put your hand in the well, turn the device on, it would start building up your energies.


How you use Radionics equipment, them am three ways. You can do a diagnosis with a radionics tuner where you get the rates, that where you put the witness in the witness well, you rub the rub plate and you tune the tuner until you get a maximum stick. (As you turn a tuner knob with one hand, you are rubbing a small 'plate' with the other hand; when you get a feeling of stickiness on the plate the tuner is at the right setting.) All that's telling you is whatever you're conceptualizing in your mind scans from low to high on the dial is in resonance when you get the "stick". You get several rate number systems you're using, you get the rates [from the position of the tuner knob], you go to the phone book of rates, took it up and see [what the diagnosis is.]


Now over on another column they'll be reversing rates the antirates. So you set the device to those rates, you throw the switch that says 'broadcast', and what it does it feeds the thing back so it oscillates and transmits to the person the reverse rates.


Now what is actually happening here? All the device is doing, it' a concentration point that's connecting you the operator to the mind of the subject. As you're scanning through, you're interrogating the subject's mind as to what's wrong with the body. Then when you do the treatment, you're actually instructing the person's subconscious mind what to do. As we all know, the subconscious mind is what directly controls the physical body, and if our conscious mind and subconscious mind stays in touch with each other, our subconscious mind has a foothold in the reality that can regulate the body correctly. As we get more paranoic and more upset and more bent out of shape and more crazy, the subconscious mind looses touch with the conscious mind. It means now the subconscious mind loose its foothold into reality. It doesn't know how to direct the body anymore. That's when we get sick. This is one of the major theories.


Now, if someone comes over and hits your leg with a sledge hammer it's going to break your leg. That's not caused by the subconscious mind loosing touch with reality. But disease that develop from outside influences such as germs and such, can be traced, it's believed by this group of people, to the subconscious mind not running the immune system properly to eliminate that irritant, and you get sick.


So what they try to do is find out, be interrogating the subconscious mind, what is wrong and telling the subconscious mind how to heal the body. The device itself doesn't heal. This is not a healing machine, this is just a broadcaster, what ever you put in the well for the primary witness, you can put any agent, thought form or whatever in the well just as you would with the radionics device. The energetic component of that stuff that you put in will tag along with the witness to the person and you can actually talk to the person's subconscious mind through this.


How you treat people -- there are three means essentially. The most common means is the reversing rate, which works psychically, by the people who designed the equipment. That's why you get the large book with all the rates and reverse rates in it.


Another way is through reagents such as homeopathic remedies, herbs, etc. which work on the subconscious mind and the subtle body. If the herb or reagent is purely an energetic effect, this will transmit the energetic effect to the person without using up the reagent.


Another mode they use was designed by Malcolm Ray in Britain. He made a box with two wells -- the reagent goes in one and distilled water in the other. He had cards that had geometric patterns or messages on them. The cards would contain thought forms. And as energy flowed from one well to the other well, it would impress the thought forms on the target well. The well does nothing with the writing or the ink on the paper, but it picks up and senses the thought that you put on the paper and transmits the thought to the subconscious mind.




SS: You mentioned in your talk about Montauk and the old universe


DC: There were a number of survivors, if my information is correct, of the old universe. If Montauk was as good and as manipulating as we believe, the concept was, those people who had a connection into an old Earth function -- we call it the old universe -- if they were coming from a system that was highly chaotic and had come into here into this framework, if those people had a connection with such a system that was basically going to the more chaotic side and if Montauk was trying to bring in a great chaotic system, and somehow the control group got wind of this, there could be and what we have information on was an attempt to try to bring in this high disruptive value. There's all sorts of associated other rumors in regards to this. It hasn't been factual; we don't have a lot of information per se. But there is some evidence to support some of what appeared in Star Wars, indeed is a fairly good account of an old system that was basically failing apart and is growing more and more chaotic.


SS: Old in terms of time and space, or are we talking about a parallel universe?


PN: It seems like to me it's a parallel universe thing. The legend base essentially that a long time ago there was a parallel universe. Probably most of mankind was in that old universe. it evolved into a totally despotic form of government that took hold and held for millenniums, which is essentially what the One World Government has here. They will be starling up a despotic form of government and through their technology base they're able to hold the population pretty much the way the mind control here is heading. And what happened was a small rebel group that were fighting this, and the right continued. It went on and on and on just as in Star Wars.


But somewhere along the line another group of beings entered the old universe. They came in and did something terrible. The legend has it that they were a life form, essentially ape-mind energies of sentient beings, but they would suck the life energy out of you. They came in and there was nothing they could do to stop them. At that point a small group of what was left put all of the technology that they had into breaking the dimensional barrier and broke into this universe, but sealed the hole up enough so that this other life form could not come into this universe. There have been suggestions at Montauk that they were trying to bring this other life form in. We have very little data to back that up at all. This is pure legend at this point.


SS: There's a lot of science fiction like that.


PN: Yes. That probably is based on almost like a racial memory from a long long time ago.


SS: What were you referring to when you spoke of the Montauk chairs?


PN: There were two generations of the Montauk chair. The original generation was built in a site know as ITT World-Wide Communications / Makay [sp?] Marine in Southampton Long Island. That one looked almost like a multi-pyramid structure with three coils. With that one they were able to use a more standard receiver structure. They use the ITT Makay Radio. what they call an ISB receiver which was based on a 1950 Hamilin [sp?] short wave receiver, the same receiver I used to listen to the "Buzzsaw". They made a very special carrier synchronizer system in what we call ISB detectors which is upper and lower side band. So it means you have two outputs and one input for your receiver. What the outputs would look like would be an imaginary carrier and then an upper and lower information band. They would tune the to three of the hyperspacial window frequency channels. So you would have an upper part of the window and a lower part of the window. So they actually had six outputs from the three receivers, two for each receiver.


Now the carrier processing --they would take-- lets say you were detecting the X coil, they would take the Y and Z coil summon and then use that to modulate the X coil and do the same thing for the Y and the same thing for the Z. And the synchronizing system that they'd come up with on the suppressed carrier ISB reception was such that it was what we call a phantom-phase-lock-loop system where you don't even need a carrier to lock. The thing locked on white noise. So that means the thing would lock itself on the Delta white noise in the window frequency.


That's how the first chair was built. That had to be a distances away because that was subject to the incoming fields. They had to locate that far enough away so the transmitter didn't interfere with it. It was microwave length from Southampton to Montauk.


Now they had problems with it because if the information was being sent and the reality glitch or a reality shift happened it was a glitch in the information. You've got to remember the Cray-Computer at Montauk. was working on timing functions so the timing of the six data streams was very critical. For some reason they did not want to move the Cray-I to the Southampton installation then send the two channels of digital information on the microwave length. May be there was configurations in the Cray-I that were much more secret than the chair was at that point. The Southampton's installation of course wasn't as high a security installation as Montauk was.


They went with RCA for the second chair. RCA built the second chair. RCA had receivers which were already designed on the Delta T function. So it means instead of having the Delta T and the coil structure. the Delta T function was now in the receivers. So now they're able to use standard XYZ Helmholz [sp?] coils.. Then the new chair was underground at Montauk and sat in a small room where the coils were close to the chair. In other words, let's say Duncan was sitting in the chair. There would be coils on both sides of him, around the head and around the feet, then more coils on the top and the bottom. They were hooked to three very specialized receivers designed in the 30's by Nikola Tesla which had Delta coil structures in the receiver stages. Then they used the same type of IF detection with the synchronized oscillation. They used the ITT Makay-phantom-lock design on the RCA receivers. In other words, RCA combined the lockup system of the ITT with their Delta T receivers, so the receiver looked almost identical in design. It had the same six channels of output, had the same upper and lower side bands.


SS: But much better design.


PN: The front end was a Delta T design. They didn't need Delta T in the coil. Now the Helmholz coil structure can be... the coils can be phased where they're insensitive to outside influences. So that means they're able to operate at Montauk directly and they didn't have the data problem of going over a 20 mile microwave length and getting timing glitches every so often that would throw the whole thought for in transmission helter skelter.


There also is believed that there is a third chair set up in Britain on the on the Thames River. We call that the Thames Chair we don't know exactly where on t he Thames River it is. That comes up in readings. The other two chain I have direct memories of 'cause I was involved in designing the RF equipment that was used with both chairs. So I did see and I do recall both coil structures and both receiver setups at this point.


SS: You said you could tell somebody who had been through Montauk by their aura?


DC: Yes I do.


SS: How? What do you see?


DC: Basically there's a color attachment to it. It's a yellow-green nauseous attachment, if I could use the word. That's the only thing that comes to mind directly. It's the fading as though someone had that aura of leprosy, so to speak. He was an outcast, that had this strange queerness about them which was as though they were, let's say, buried underground for years alive, having that sense of strangeness or queerness about them. It's very distinct. If you've been exposed to it and had the sensitivity to see it it's really around them.


SS: When you say attachment, does that mean it's just on one area?


DC: It's within the auric structure and there's also attachments that go outside. It's also associated strings attached to the people, as the psychic type energy function that are in association with a person and outside. All sorts of tag-along are associated to it.


SS: And these attachments are still attached to something on the other end?


DC: Oh sure. It's not a healthy energetic structure of the body which, if the system is working correctly, it does clean itself back to its original process. It's an indicate of things that am askew, for sure.


SS: We've heard of putting magnets on your body to increase the energy. Are there ways to do this by magnetics besides by using electronic devices?


PN: Well the thing you can say about magnetic fields is that a magnetic field is the portal or window into the shell function or the anti-matter world. So a magnet definitely is a multidimensional window. Magnetic fields are pure potential energy, they're a pure potential structure. Unless you move them. they don't do any work. if you move them they do work. This of course is normal physics at this point.


So the body is needing the magnetic potentials that are good and vitalize you. I've also seen people I hat magnets have a tendency to drag down instead of build up.


SS: Someone we know experienced that. He was unknowingly sleeping beside some heavy magnets and woke up drained of energy. Perhaps the magnets were facing the wrong way, if there's a difference.


PN: Yes, there is a difference. There's also another kind of ray that comes off the sides of the magnet between the north and south pole. It's almost like a ray emanating into a black hole, is the only way I can think to express it.


DC: It's something that we've recently been exposed to by a fellow named Jerry in Staton Island, New York.


PN: He's a psychic that sees magnetic fields. Those plates we put in the Biosonde yesterday were from Jerry. There is a coating of, in black point, of magnetic powders that somehow he's witnessing to the Earth through the telluric field of the earth. And all it's doing was transducing the orgone field of the earth into the room. That's why you got the cool breeze going through the room. And that's tied directly into magnetism.


SS: At the lecture you mentioned "entrainment"....


PN: The esoteric database that we subscribe to believes you can entrain 10% of a system you can entrain the other 90% of the system. Which means if you can raise the consciousness of 10% of the population the other 90% will fall into the pattern sooner or later. They'll fall in just on the fact that 10% are there. This can be backed up... we have what we call the museum, which is a whole stack of radio receivers. We found that if you can tune up 10% of them, the other 90% of them will fall into the pattern, no matter where they're tuned. The level seems to be 10%. If you're like at 8% there's partial entrainment. 10% is full entrainment. So the plateau seems to be 10% from the viewpoint of physics. Why that is we can't explain. it has something to do with frequency transformed and this sort of thing and we can't express it at this point.


SS: Does the frequency make a difference?


DC: What is the prerequisite is the intent into the tuning. To have intent and follow that intent as you go along. And when you start resonating with that intent you get a vibratory pattern which is gracious to it and falls into it. Then you follow that along and get 10% then the rest fall along behind it. But it's the intent for sure.


This interview provided courtesy of QUANTUM COMMUNICATIONS.




by Valdamar Valerian (c) 1992



This report was constructed from over 9 hours of video interviews, personal interviews and individual commentary. It is structured in an open question-answer format, without regard to who is asking the question and who is answering; this format also allows insertion of other data in the later part of the report in the same open Q&A format. The data is not proven or verified, but is reported as received. This report contains information on the following: The Philadelphia Project, or Project Rainbow, Phoenix Projects 1-3, origins of the Radiosonde and connections with the work of Wilhelm Reich, government weather control programs and hidden agenda, the Montauk Hind Control projects, the deliberate murder of thousands of American children in mind control research and time tunnel experiments, government time-tunnel projects and operational procedures, how Nickola Tesla and Von Neumann contributed to these projects, the "martyrdom clause", mind control by individual signature, technical ways to produce planetary holograms and Matreiya effects, the explanation behind closed time loops, government rationale and plans for the confinement camps and slave labor, Project Dreamscan, Project Moonscan, the Airborne Instrument Labs, Project Mindwrecker, the alien groups known as the Kondrashkin and their interaction with US Government mind control programs, the Kamogol II and Giza Groups, the negative Sirians, Soviet scalar weaponry, Orion Group manipulations, 6th root race incarnations, telepathy producing drugs and their use and suppression, the FAA and zero-time generators, technical spin-offs from the Philadelphia project, the International Aerospace Alliance, cross-section of implant device, Wilhelm Reich and mind control, Reichian Orgastic-type programming and its use by the US Government and Sirians, the Psi-Corps, Alien soul-trading, Montauk and the aliens from the Antares system, the Leverons, the Elohim Group, the US Navy and time-tunnel projects, the US Government and the Greys, electronic life support,systems of the Reptilian Humanoids, new life form masses over the poles and their relation to yearly outbreaks of flu-like disease, AIDS and Fort Dietrick (NSA), Maglev trains and the US underground tunnel network, the missing human genes, buried spacecraft and alien technical archives under the Giza pyramid, the coming new money, the "Black Nobility", Nordic and human copper based blood systems and physiology, the technology of cloning and the development of synthetic humans and political replacement programs, the Middle East situation, Congressional awareness of drug and alien agenda, the MIB, the US Army and the black helicopter forces, government mobile mind disruption technology, nature and purposes and the Orion Group, fourth density transmutation of the human race, geological changes, Sirian Mind Control technology, and more, along with illustrations gleaned from witnesses with photographic memory and a lot of courage. This information is supplementary to that in Chapter 7 (Matrix III).


The Interviews


Where do you want to start?


Let's start with the Phoenix Project.


It was a project that evolved out of the Philadelphia Project. it was a project that the Navy did in the 1930's and 1940's in an attempt to make ships invisible. They threw the switch one eventful day and the ship went into hyperspace. They had all sorts of problems with the people on the boat. It was a huge success as well as a huge failure - then they shelved it. Around 1947 it was decided to re-activate the project and it was moved to Brookhaven National Laboratories with Dr. John Von Neumann and his associates. Out of Phoenix I came Stealth technology, which I cannot talk about because of my job. It also produced all sorts of energetic little toys like the radiosonde.


What is a radiosonde?


Well, in all appearances it was a little white box that they attached to a balloon and sent up into the atmosphere. The government told people that it involved gathering weather data. It used a very unusual type of pulse modulation. In most cases they used a CW (continuous wave) oscillator and pulsed the signal. This turned out to be a very efficient conversion of electrical energy to etheric energy. I very recently started collecting radiosondes. I never saw a receiver. I found out that they were designed up at Brookhaven National Labs. I started to talk to people at Brookhaven and ran into a retired gentleman who used to work there. He told me that the design was originally done by Wilhelm Reich. That peaked my interest. The story goes that in about 1947 Wilhelm Reich handed the US Government a weather control device, a device that would do DOR-busting. Reich thought that if he could decrease the amount of DOR that storms would not be so violent. (DOR is the result of orgone energy coming into contact with an enclosed radioactive source. This produces a Deadly Orgone Energy - DOR - which threatens life. It is also produced in the atmosphere through other processes. The government sent the device up there into a storm and it did reduce the intensity of the storm. The government liked it, and they started another phase of the Phoenix project where they designed these "radiosondes" and started launching them in large numbers, maybe 200 to 500 per day. The radio in these things had a range of about 1oo miles. If they used so many of them, one would think that receivers for them would be common-place. I used to be a collector of radio receivers. I have over 100 in my personal collection. I have never seen a radiosonde receiver. I have heard of them but I have never seen them.


What are the frequencies used?


The frequencies used are 403 MHz and 1680 MHz. They used two different frequencies.


They are both on at the same time?


No. One or the other was used at any one time. The earlier ones used 403 MHz plus or minus 2 MHz. The later ones used 1680 MHZ, plus or minus 6 MHz. The "thermistor" in them had gold, silver, platinum and iridium in it. Reich used sensors that had gold and silver in them. The humidity element is a plastic plate with silver around the rim and conductive lines going across the plate. They put a very unusual mixture of chemicals on this plate. Unlike most humistors, the resistance went up as it got damp.


What we're theorizing at this point is that the "thermistor" (temperature sensing) rod acts like a DOR antenna out-of-phase. The "humidity sensor" acts as an antenna for the orgone; The pressure sensor is essentially what they call a barrel switch, which is a pressure sensitive cycling switch. The device would destroy DOR and build up the orgone. The transmitter consisted of two oscillators, one of which would run at the carrier frequency (403 or 1680) and a second one which was a 7 MHz oscillator hooked into the grid of the carrier oscillator. The result was that the 7 MHZ oscillator would pulse on and off.


How does all this relate to what was going on with these other projects?


The government could not tell the public these were weather control devices. What we are seeing here is actually the genesis of what became the Montauk project, which was a combination of Wilhelm Reich's work and the Philadelphia Experiment. There were two separate projects going on in Phoenix One. You had the invisibility aspect and you had the development of Wilhelm Reich's weather control. Toward the end of the Phoenix project, by using some of Wilhelm Reich's concepts and some of the transmission schemes used from the "radiosonde" project, they found that you could combine the two -factors and use them for MIND CONTROL. Government circles would have me say "mood alteration", but mind control is what these idiots were doing.


That's what the Montauk project was?


No. Phoenix One. After political circles found out about it they wanted it shut down. The people that were running it went to the military and proposed that they could use it to "influence the minds of the enemy". The military loved the idea, and let them use the old Montauk Air Force Base. Among the equipment requested was an old SAGE radar unit, which was on the base. The base was shut down and everything was auctioned off. The group then moved in from the Brookhaven Labs. That began what we call Phoenix Two. They spent the first ten years, from about 1969 to about 1979, researching pure mind control. They started out by taking the output of the SAGE radar, modulating the special wave that Reich had showed them from the weather control process, and combined that with something noticed from the Philadelphia Experiment work. They transmitted about 406 MHz. It would hop around frequencies and change in phase. They used the amplidine concept where you have many stages pulse-modulated. BRF was from 10 cycles to 750 cycles. The pulse width could be varied anywhere from 10 to 75ms. The center frequency was 406MHz generated from a stay-low type function which was referenced from a zero-time function.


Was there any other modulation on this?


There was frequency hopping on it.


So Phoenix Two started in 1969?


Yes, in the period from 1969 to 1971. Phoenix One went from 1948 to 1968. The first part of the mind control project was to take an individual and stand them about 250 feet away from the antenna. The SAGE radar had a peak pulse power of .5 MW. The antenna had a gain of 30db. That means an effective radiated power of at least a gigawatt. It was nominally a gigawatt. Can you imagine what that would do to people? I think its amazing these people are still here. It does things like burn out brain functions, create neurological damage, scar lungs from heat, etc. They tried this with a number of people and there were few survivors.


Where did they get the volunteers for this?


They were just grabbing indigent people off the street and throwing them in front of the radar beam. That's the sort of nonsense that the government loves to do.


Who was in charge of the project at this time?


Dr. John Von Neumann and Jack Pruett.


Any particular agency?


I'm not sure what the agency was. Now, somebody got the brilliant idea to put the subjects directly in line with the gain horn of the antenna. Lo and behold they got their result without burning the people up. They found out that by varying the phase modulation and the frequency hopping and the pulsing of the multiple phases that they could have profound effects on a persons mind.


How many people worked at this installation?


About 30.


Who authorized them use of the base?


The Air Force and the Navy. It was a joint project. There were both Navy and Air Force personnel involved. We have copies of the orders for the Air Force personnel.


What was the cover story for the base?


They had none. It was a derelict base.


It was abandoned. It was turned over to GSA as surplus around 1969 or 1970 when they shut down all the SAGE radar systems.


It was a "non-existent" operation. it was a perfect cover.


Where did they get the funding?


It was totally private.




It didn't originally come from corporations, although it did in later phases. The original money came from the Nazi government.


This is Phoenix One?


No, this is Phoenix Two and Three. In 1944 there was an American troop train that went through a French railroad tunnel carrying $10 billion in Nazi gold which they had found. it was $10 billion at the 1944 price of $20 per ounce. The train was blown up in the tunnel. It killed 51 American soldiers. The gold turned up ten years later at Montauk. This has been verified. That money was used to finance the project for many years as the value of gold went uo. They spent all of it and ran out of money. That's when they tapped on ITT, who funded it. ITT was owned by Krupp in Germany. In terms of personnel, many of the civilians and scientists there were all ex-Nazi's who came from Germany both before and after the war ended. The project was under US Government surveillance. The intelligence community knew what was going on and the CIA monitored everything, as did other government intelligence agencies. The field of players who actually operated on the base was small, between 30 and 50. The funding was entirely private. After 1983, Senator Goldwater found out about it and started an investigation. He couldn't find any trace of government funding. Pruett was the metaphysical director of the project. He was Air Force. After he left Dr. Herman C. Untermann took over. They had an electronics expert, Dr. Mathew E. Zerrett, who came over from Germany in 1946 with Werhner von Braun. Probably the reason that they ran out of money is that they had a total of 25 bases around the United States to support. The last of the bases shut down August 12, 1983. The base at Montauk, where all the stations got their zero-time reference from, shut down and the other two remaining bases went down with it.


What about some of the mind effects?


From what I recall of the program, as I was part of it, I was subjected to the mind control field not as I initially went into the program (because they wanted me initially for my sensitive abilities) but later. I was assigned to the indoctrination of the younger recruits. The first indoctrination turned out to be a disaster. I told them I didn't want anything to do with the program, and they put me in front of this mind beam, and it did do damage to me. Finally, someone said, "shut it off, he isn't going to give in to it" and they shut it off. Others were affected much more seriously than I was. The effects were generally really bad. It could burn your brains out. They would go out and pick kids between the ages of 12 and 16 off the street...


That's where a lot of disappearing American kids went?


We estimate they took 10,000 American children off the street and brought them to Montauk, New Jersey. The total number of people that they pulled off the streets for the 25 stations was about 250,000. What the actual thrust of the program was in terms of all these kids is still a mystery. We still don't know the answers. We know they were fully programmed for something. They were subjected to programming which eventually became more "humane" using advanced electronic techniques. The original programming was Reichian in nature and was more physical. Later they worked out techniques that used computers and electronic programming with the Reichian techniques that took very fast and had little side effects.


Are you aware of any people presently who have been through this?


I've run into people over the years. There is a very specific field identity pattern you can detect if you are sensitive enough. You can spot a person who has been through the Montauk program "five miles away". it's vary distinctive in the way that it's been altered. I've spotted more than a dozen people in the Long Island, New York area.


What about Von Neumann?


He was still alive up until 1989. He has run into a problem with the government as well as other problems, such as a personality split in 1977, when he resigned as director and became a consultant. The government told everyone he died in 1956. The government is still interacting with him.


Were any of the Montauk subjects given psycho tropic drugs?


I don't think so...


They used one drug which was used in connection with the Reich programming to make them more receptive. I don't remember the name of it. The effect of the drug was that it would make you "horny as hell".


Also euphoric at the same time?


Also euphoric, yes.


Did they get this mind-altering chair from the aliens?


The prototype came from the aliens. Beyond that we are uncertain. This chair was essentially a mind amplifier. The government would have specially trained individuals sit in the chair and generate thoughtforms, which would be amplified and transmitted. They could transmit the signal and put people in a pre-orgasmic state where they would be receptive to programming. It worked very well and they found other capabilities. They found that it could work in time. They had a psychically trained individual sit in the chair and generate a thoughtform of a vortex that connected 1947 and 1981. That's exactly what they got - a time tunnel they could walk through. There was a series on television at one time that portrayed this concept fairly accurately. These were some of the earlier capabilities. They started going forward and backward in time. That was the last phase of the Phoenix project.


When did this time machine get going?


Around 1979 or 1980 it was fully operational. This transmitter had enough power to warp space and time. The individual in the chair would have to synthesize the vortex function because they didn't have the technical capability to do that. It can now be mechanically synthesized. They did other things. They had the subject in the chair think of some creature, and the creature would materialize. They had the individual in the chair think of all the animals at Montauk point charging into town, and that's exactly what happened. They almost had the power to create a being. The problem they had was that what they created only stayed as long as the mind amplifier was on. The power was somewhere between gigawatts and terrawatts. Tremendous power. The vortex could have a diameter of about five miles.


Can you describe what this looked like?


Its like looking into a peculiar spiral tunnel which was lit up down its entire length. You would start to walk into this thing and then suddenly you'd be pulled down it. You didn't walk through it as such. You were more or less propelled through it. You could go anywhere in space and time.


Could you bring things back?




Have you ever brought anything back?




Could you continue your description of the tunnel?


Yes. The walls were solid but fluted. The tunnel was not straight but was a sort of corkscrew shape.


If someone turned off the power, would you be stuck in the destination time and space?


Yes. You'd be stuck there.


Did they send a lot of kids down the tunnel'?


Yes, but we don't know what their goals were. They lost a lot of kids.


Since there is a time loop between however far you went back in the past through however far into the future, is everything fixed?




One of the first things they did was send recruits forward to around 6030 AD. It was always to the same point. Somewhere in an abandoned city where there was a statue of solid gold. When they came back they were asked what they saw. Whether they were expecting to find a different answer from person to person is unknown. They would look into the vortex and make sure the environment would support life before they sent people. They took samples.


Are there potential futures that people could be sent to?


No. once you make the connection with the future the line becomes fixed to that point.


Can you change the present by sending someone to the past?


Yes. You can also change the present by sending someone into the future. Under certain conditions. The government is using existing time machines to go forward in the Montauk time line.


Are you saying that now the present can't be changed because we have established a time-loop through the future and the past?


Yes. That means whatever everyone is doing between the most extreme past point and the future they will be doing forever.


What is the furthest anyone has traveled in the future?


10,000 AD.


So everything is locked in until 10.000AD?


Yes. It's a dreamlike reality. No one has picked up a tangible future beyond 2012 AD. There is a very abrupt wall there with nothing on the other side.


Prophecies speak of earth changes around then.


Curious, isn't it?


Can you project yourself two hours into the future and meet yourself?


Yes, but its very dangerous. The person who walked into the tunnel is out of phase with the person who comes out the other end. This did happen. The result is that the person just incinerates.


Did they ever give you a weapon in case you ran into anything negative?


They didn't have to do that. The vortex could be arranged to follow the person, so that they could bring them back in if anything went wrong. They could see them on a viewer.


So they achieved a working time portal. At one point they had a situation where they had a "monster from the ID" type creature come through and everyone went into a panic. They shut the transmitter off. The creature ate people and equipment. They had to go back and shut down the unit in Philadelphia in order to shut off the unit in the future so they could stop this creature in 1983. This was on August 12,1983. The vortex locked on to the 12 August 1943 test and formed a loop. All this occurred because someone planted the thought in the mind of the operator in the chair to generate this creature. It was an effort to sabotage the project. A lot of people thought the project had gone too far. When I worked for them between 1971 and 1983 1 was so tired when I would get home from work. What they would do is that when I my mission was over they would return me to a point milliseconds before I left. It would appear from one perspective that I never left. Of course, after I stopped working there, all that stopped. Is there a reason that all these things happened?


If you go back into the Philadelphia experiment end of it, which was the beginning of the whole business, one can see from the way that thing was maneuvered that there was a higher force of some kind involved in setting the whole thing up .... because it never would have happened the way it did unless two obscure dates 40 years apart coincided between the two experiments: the project known as the Philadelphia experiment, or Project Rainbow, in 1943 and the Montauk project in 1983.


If I may interject something here. There is a point about two thirds of the way down the time tunnel where the person who is going through the tunnel perceives a large "thump". The person's consciousness leaves their body. There is a tendency to see things on a broader basis. I am sure there was some intelligence there. Looking back on my experiences, I'm sure there was some intelligence there. I would have trouble with the recognition of it. What they were trying to do at Montauk was to stabilize the perception process that would occur upon exteriorization from the body. They were trying to manifest that for some reason. We don't know what their purpose was.


What was the role of the aliens in this whole thing, other than the prototype of the mental amplifier chair?


That would be the another part of this that we haven't got into yet.


Let's look at what the Philadelphia experiment got into in a technical sense. It was what started all this happening. It originally began back in the 1930's in Chicago with three people. Dr. John Hutchinson Sr., who was the Dean of the University of Chicago, Nickola Tesla, and Dr. Kurtenaur, who was an Austrian physicist who was on staff at the University.


They decided to do something with the speculation regarding the concept of things and people being invisible. This subject had been discussed for several year. They got together and did some research at the University of Chicago around 1931 or 1932. In 1933 the Institute of Advanced Studies at Princeton was formed and the project was transferred there in 1934. One of the people on staff at the Institute was Dr. John Erich Von Neumann, who was from Budapest Hungary. He got his degree in chemistry in 1925 and his Ph.D. in mathematics in 1926. He taught in Europe for about four years and transferred to the United States. He taught at the graduate level for three years and was invited to join the Institute.


Other people at the Institute included Albert Einstein, who left Germany in 1930. He went to the California Institute of Technology for three years and taught there and then went to the Institute upon their invitation and acceptance. A lot of other people showed up there as time went on. The project expanded about 1936. In the meantime, Tesla was named director of the project. He was a friend of president Franklin Roosevelt, whom Tesla met in 1917 when FDR was secretary of the Navy. Tesla was asked at that time to do some work for the government for the war effort, which he did. He accepted and became director of the invisibility project until he resigned in 1942. In 1936, after intensive study, they decided to have an initial test of their work. They achieved some partial invisibility. The Navy and everyone else was encouraged to continue the work, and the Navy supplied money for research.


Scientists were coming to the United States from Germany until 1939, when the war with Germany was started.


In 1940, after research using Tesla's approach, they decided they were ready for a full test at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. They had a small ship and a tender ship at each side. One ship provided the power and the other supplied the drive for the coils. They were tendered to the test ship by cables. The idea was that if anything went wrong they could cut the cables or sink the test ship. Everything worked and the project was declared a success.


The important point about the 1940 test is that there was no one on board the test vehicle. It was strictly a dry run with no people. This is important because of what happened later.


Other people came on board. Thomas T. Brown joined the project because of his expertise in electrogravity effects. He had the task of solving the problem of the German magnetic mines that were affecting allied shipping and Naval efforts. This led into a parallel project which involved the use of degaussing coils and cables to explode the mines at a distance from the ship.


The Navy wanted several people to keep an eye on the tests. That is how I got involved. Keeping technical commentaries. Let's look at Nickola Tesla.


In 1879 his father died and his first year at college ended. He came to the United States in 1884. He had enormously intuitive insight. He had a perfect track record. Before coming to the US he had known Robert Oppenheimer, who later worked with the development of the atomic bomb, and Dr. David Hilbert, the mathematician who devised equations for Hilbert Space, which described multiple space or multiple realities mathematically. These equations for multiple space became very important in the project. Dr. von Neumann met Hilbert in 1927 and retained a lot of what he had learned. With that, Von Neumann developed other new systems of mathematics. Von Neumann was considered to be one of the most outstanding mathematicians in this century. Some think he was better than Einstein. Another mathematician involved was Dr. John Levinson, who was born in 1912. He died in 1976. He published three books on mathematics. There is no other history of Levinson himself anywhere that I can find. Levinson developed the so-called Levinson Time Equations. with all this behind them, the group had all they needed to proceed with the project.


After the successful 1940 test, the Navy decided to give the project unlimited funds and to classify the project. On December 5, 1941 I was in San Francisco and the government came and told me that a war with Japan would start within 72 hours and that they needed me to assist them. In January 1942 I ended up at the Institute of Advanced Studies. Tesla was given a ship and a crew for a full sized test. Tesla got a battleship. Tesla and Von Neumann didn't agree on some things. Tesla insisted that they were going to have a very severe problem with personnel. Tesla wanted more time but the NAVY wouldn't agree. Tesla made periodic announcements in the late 1930's and early 1940's about his contact with off planet species. He was in contact with the outside, who agreed that there was a problem with the people. He decided to sabotage the 1942 test in an attempt to stop the project. He de-tuned the equipment so nothing would work. The test failed. Tesla then turned the project over to Von Neumann in March 1942 and left the project.


Von Neumann went to the Navy and requested time to study the problem to determine what had gone wrong. Von Neumann decided to make changes in some of the equipment. He decided he would need a special ship that was designed from the ground up. The Eldridge was selected. The equipment was built into the ship. They put all the equipment on the ship. October 1942 arrived. They selected 33 volunteers for the crew, who arrived after graduation in December 1942. We still have a picture of the class.


After the ship was out of drydock work began. In May of 1943 von Neumann installed a third generator. It would never synchronize with the other two. It went out of control one day and zapped one of the men. Von Neumann pulled out the third generator (installed because Tesla had convinced Von Neumann of the potential problem with people) and went back to the original design. In mid June, the ship had sea trials. On July 22, 1943, they had the test. The ship between radar and optically invisible. They discovered people very disoriented. The Navy pulled the crew off and consulted Von Neumann, who requested more time again from the Navy. The Navy, after consultation with higher-ups, announced that the drop dead date was on the 12th of August, 1943. Von Neumann voiced his concern that it wasn't enough time.


The Navy decided that it just wanted radar invisibility and not optical invisibility. The equipment was again modified by Von Neumann. August 12th arrived. We knew things were not right. The test began, and for about a minute everything was all right. The ships outline could be seen in the water. There was suddenly a blue flash and the ship disappeared entirely. No radio communication was possible. It was gone. In about three hours it came back. One of the masts was broken. Some personnel were partially embedded in the steel deck. Others were fading in and out. Some disappeared entirely. Many were insane. The Navy extracted the crew and proceeded with four days of meetings to decided what to do about the problem. They decided there would be one more test with another dry run without personnel. They conducted the dry run using about 1000 feet of cable attached to another ship. In late October 1943 the test occurred. The ship disappeared for about 20 minutes. When it returned, they found equipment missing. Two transmitter cabinets and one generator was missing. The cabinet with the zero-time reference generator was intact. At that point, the Navy stripped the ship and stopped the project. The Eldridge served in the war and was turned over to Greece at the end of the war.


The important thing is that there were two tests that were exactly 40 years apart to the day. It was a 40 year separation in hyperspace. Now, the Earth itself has a biorhythm that peaks on a 20 year cycle on August 12th. It "just happened" to peak and provided the connecting link through the fields of the Earth for the two experiments to lock up in hyperspace. Walk-in efforts are aided if they occur during this peak.


The ship was pulled into hyperspace. We were inside the ship and knew something was drastically wrong with the test. We tried to shut it off but it wouldn't shut off. We ran out on deck and jumped over the side of the ship. We jumped overboard but ended up in a time tunnel which ended at Montauk, Long Island on August 12th, 1983. At night. We were found very quickly and taken down stairs, where Von Neumann greeted us. He expected us. It was a bit of a shock. We had just been in 1943 and now we were in 1983 looking at Von Neumann as an old man. He said that there was a hyperspace lockup and that we had to go back and shut off the generators on the ship or the hyperspace rift would keep increasing and possibly engulf the planet. He had been waiting 40 years for us to arrive.


Montauk sent us back and we smashed the equipment with axes. The ship returned to its original point in space and about three hours later in time. From 1943 on, Von Neumann didn't know what happened. He had modified earlier equipment in 1943 to where he had a full blown time machine. The Germans also were working on time travel, and had it working in 1945 just before the end of the war. This is all a matter of record.


After the Navy decided to shut down the project in 1943, Von Neumann was sent to work on the atomic bomb project at Los Alamos until that was over. In 1947 there were major changes in the Department of Defense. Someone in the new structure decided to dig up the Philadelphia project to see if they could find out what went wrong. They asked Von Neumann to "take another look" at the project. He agreed.


There is another matter. Starting about August 6th, 1943, UFOs appeared over the Eldridge for about six days. They were there during the test. One of the UFOs was sucked up into hyperspace with the Eldridge and it ended up in an underground facility in Montauk in 1983. It contained a charging device which some aliens made us go back and get for them, as they didn't want humans to have it. We don't know who they were. Pruett was concerned about an alien invasion.


Also, Von Neumann was called by the government to come and assist in the examination of a crashed UFO in 1947 at Aztec. Another crash occurred at Aztec about a year later. The first crash had greys on it and none survived. At least one occupant survived the second crash. The radar systems unintentionally brought down the craft. Radar was used intentionally after that until the aliens got wise to it. The occupant of the second crash was not a grey, and Von Neumann got to talk with it. Von Neumann asked it what the answer to the invisibility problems could be. He learned that he had to go back and do his homework in metaphysics. The nature of the problem was that the personnel on the ship were not locked to the zerotime reference of the ship. Humans are normally locked to the point of conception as a time reference, not a zero-time reference. The time stream lock allows the person to flow in synch with the system so interaction is possible.


Time locks are fragile. All the power of the project disrupted the time-locks of the people on the deck on the ship. When the ship came back in time, the people didn't come back to the same reference.


Von Neumann realized that he needed a computer, as well as some knowledge of metaphysics in order to be able to lock the time reference of the people to the time reference of the ship. He built a computer in 1950 for the purpose. It was ready to be installed in 1952 and a test was performed in 1953 that was successful. They didn't go floating off into space when it was over. At this point, the Navy canceled Project Rainbow and changed the name to project Phoenix.


Alot came out of the negative effects of the Rainbow project. Some of it led to mind control research programs in the Phoenix project. The invisibility research produced some Stealth technology as well as other highly classified projects.


In 1983, they decided to apply mind control to all participants in these projects in an effort to cover them up. They had also been working on another project: age regression. Now, Tesla had sought back in the 1940's to develop equipment that could help the members of the crew after they lost time-lock . The government developed it into the age regression program. It was physical age regression. A person retained the memory they had from the older age.


Tesla's theory was that if you took the individual's time-lock and moved it forward in time than you would remove aging. That's what happened. It took between 30 and 60 days for the body to complete the change to the new time reference.


Now, some of this turned up in the movie called the Philadelphia Experiment, which was released in 1984. The government got an injunction which banned showing in the US for two years. It was overturned in 1986 and it was out on tape. I saw the film in 1988, and it helped bring back some of my memory about this.


Any initial comments about electromagnetics?


Well, are a lot of interesting aspects. There is a explained by most theories. It is not magnetic field only propagates at 0.4 of the electromagnetic field propagates at the speed electric field (according to Maxwells equations) propagates at the rate of c-infinity, which means that it propagates throughout the universe instantaneously. If you understand those basic relationships and how they interlock with higher order energies and fields, like soliton and tensor fields, then you can understand how an antigravity drive will work. It is a fact that the unified field theory was completed by Einstein and given to the US Government. They have it and they don't want anybody to know they have it. It was never released publicly in any books. This kind of knowledge is used as a method of control between and for governments. It's unfortunate. The government is supposed to be "for the people and by the people". That is what it says in the Constitution. I wonder when the last time the president read the Constitution?


It seems like there are more people involved in secrecy than there are scientists. Where are all these people?


There are government agents and agencies everywhere that are concerned with keeping things secret. These days, the secrecy is applied more to the applications of hardware than the hardware itself. It's not like it was in the 1950's. As an example, the guidance package for the new Minuteman X missle that was developed for the Air Force by Northrop is unclassified. There was no classification on the circuitry and It was so accurate that it could take a missle and drop it down a chimney stack. The applications was capable of was classified.


Isn't a lot of this left out in the open to distract what is really going on?


Of course.


What is the capacity of the gravity craft fleet of the United States?


I don't know. I know that they have built quite a number of them.


What are the capabilities of these craft?


Well, when our astronauts first landed on the moon in 1969 they were greeted by a fleet of disks sitting on the rim of a crater. The astronauts asked their superiors if they knew about these disks. They were told "yes", that they were American disks. The astronauts were angry at being used as public relations men by the government.


Why spend so much money on the Stealth bomber when they have had this gravity technology for so many years?


Well, the aircraft combines two aspects for invisibility. One of the aspects relates to the construction and coating applied to the surface. The other aspect relates to an electronic type of invisibility package which is a result of work done on the Philadelphia experiment years ago. Also, the stealth has a secondary drive system which is very advanced and allows it to fly in space. The assistant director of NASA admitted that this came straight out of alien technology. He admitted this to the public.


He did?




That's interesting in view of the government's apparent position with respect to covert technology.


There are breaks in the government secrecy programs that are starting to show up. More and more people are getting totally disgusted with government activities and attitudes and they are beginning to talk.


Maybe it's a deliberate leak.


It could be deliberate. Even MJ-12 in 1984 was about to break some information to the public about ET's and UFOs. They decided not to release it at that time. John Kennedy demanded that they release it within one year. He also demanded that the CIA get out of the drug business. They assassinated him.


Have you found any resistance to what you have been coming out with?


No. The Navy keeps quiet, but I hear rumblings underground that they are definitely not pleased about it. The so-called .. martyrdom clause" works in my favor. They know that I know why they can't touch me. If they do, they know that there will be real problems in time and space because of it. There are two of us that are holding certain factors in stability. If anything is done to either of us, there could be a rip in hyperspace. The whole reality system will shift. I will give you one guess as to what it will most likely shift to: We won the second world war by a slim margin. German technology was way ahead of us. If the war had gone on another 30 days the Germans would have won it. They had super weapons in production which they were ready to use. They were so close to winning the war that Churchill and FDR were really worried about it. If the system shifts, it could shift to a parallel reality where the Germans won the war.


That's why the government doesn't dare kill either of you?


Right. Because of what we were involved in, it might jeopardize our entire reality system.


Could you explain how a closed time loop works?


Well, one of the problems that has developed is that when you travel through time you cannot come back to the exact point of origin. It has to be later than when you left. If you were to come back to the exact point at which you took off you would be at the same point twice in your lifetime and there would be a very serious problem.


Would you refresh my memory about some of the dates involved with the development of electronic mind control in the US?


The mind control experiments were moved to Montauk about 1969. The hardware phase of some of the later experiments began about 1975; equipment to modify the SAGE transmitter was ordered about 1973.


ITT was the main contractor and sub-contracted portions of the contract out. Most of the contracts were awarded to firms on Long Island.


So what did they actually prove that they could do when the experiments were over?


What they essentially proved they could do was that they could control a person that they had the "signature" for. This pattern that was unique to an individual could be put into the computer program for the transmitter. A second order wavelength would be transmitted that has a lower attenuation and affects that persons mind directly. There could be a command to do anything focused at the person. Once a device was constructed that illustrated this principle on a wide scale. A mental message was put out that if anybody heard the message they were to call a certain phone number. Over 600 calls came from all over the East coast all the way down to Florida. It works.


That's interesting. There's a fellow who calls himself Lord Mattreya who says that he is the Christ returned to the planet; that when he links up with the international press he will send a telepathic message to the entire planet in their own language and they will hear it. They also are supposed to receive a visual image. So.. they have that technology?


Yes. There is not only an indivdual signature. There's a racial signature and also a universal signal for the human race. The government has used all three to target specific individuals. They have also done group messages targeted on a specific racial or ethnic group. That's common. In Boston and New York they were doing experiments on "mood control" on the cities. Transmitters used no longer exist, but the technology does.


Do targeted individuals perceive what they are receiving as their own thought?




Is there any defense against that?


Yes and no. Theoretically no. This is what the government depends on. Practically speaking, they can't get everyone, because some people are naturally resistant, depending on their level of mental and psychic development. Perhaps 5% of the population do not respond to these signals. If they get 95% coverage, they don't care about that 5%. That's what they have the riot squads and the concentration camps for. There is no defense unless you can interfere with that signal. Some people just don't react.


So they transmit a thought signal?


Not exactly. If you were put on an EEG, you would exhibit a certain pattern of electrical responses. These can be recorded and they are unique to you. It can be recorded and stored and replicated on a computer. If they can replicate your RNA/DNA pattern they've got you too - for life.


You mentioned about concentration camps?


Yes. They are all over the United States. There are three in Arizona alone.


So they can control us to the point where we'll just hand over our guns?


That's what they hope. It depends on how effective this equipment becomes, how thoroughly installed it is everywhere, and whether or not people can ferret this stuff out and render it inoperative before that time arrives.


How about the idea of a conflict between moral conscience and what the mental command tells you do to?


You don't have the option not to act as it says the way that equipment is set up - if you are not aware enough to make a connection that it is not your thought. It does not negate choice, it just puts in a strong impluse or command. Those people who responded by calling that number had no idea what went through their heads. Some of this does require preconditioning to a response pattern.


Could they be doing this over the media, like television and radio?


Of course.


You're suggesting a state of absoulte corruption.


Absolutely correct. Planned corruption.


With this kind of technology, why do they need concentration camps?


Because there are always people that are resistant.


I would think that they would annihilate them, not lock them up. The first step is the camps, where you can handle them easier, then you can eliminate them en masse. You don't go down the streets shooting everybody down. Once you're in the camps, they break you down mentally. They're experts at that.


We think they're shipping guillotines in there for the people that don't comply. They're looking for a slave labor force. That is what H.R. 4079 is about that's in Congress now. It creates a slave labor force in the prison system, which will be privately owned. States will pay the private prison a fee in order to put their prisoner in there.




What are some of the other projects that relate to the capacity of factions operating within the United States Government and corporations to manipulate and control the population?


Well between 1977 and 1978 a project called Dreamscan came on line. It ceased in 1979. The goal of the project was to gain the technical ability to enter into an individuals mind in the dream state and cause his death. There was a movie called Dreamscape which showed what they discovered they could do. The project was run by the Secret Government and managed by the NSA. The purpose of the project was to provide for a means of covert assassination. President Carter found out about it and had it stopped. The hardware is still intact and in storage. There have been attempts to put it back on line by various intelligence operations, some of which are said to involve AT&T operatives.


What else?


Around 1987, a project called Moonscan started. It lasted into 1989 and involved positioning mind control equipment on the moon for use on the population of earth. It, like the others, has clear connections to negative alien activity.


Who ran that one?


It was managed by an organization called Airborne Instrument Laboratories (AIL), who have had other covert projects under their wing. At the time, AIL was run by Eaton Corporation. It is now managed by the Department of Defense as of 1988. There are three branches of AIL: Covert, Commercial, and Defense.


Any other mind control programs that you can mention?


There was a project called Mindwreaker that would allow paralysis of the mind. The aliens were heavily involved with that project. it produced several neurological weapons, some of which are used on the B-1 bomber, which also contains a lot of alien technology. At time, various alien species came and went out of AIL. There was one group called the K-Group, which was short for the Kondrashkin. They had pale skin that had a slight greenish tint and almost no hair. They looked human, and had to bleach their skin and wear wigs. They have been periodically involved with covert projects since the 1940's.


Where has AIL been located?


In New York Stare, at Farmingdale, Deer Park and Long Island.


What is the current status of AIL?


Well.. there were eight projects ongoing at AIL that also had to do with the development of weaponry against aliens. In 1989 the Orion group discovered this and destroyed the projects. It can only be assumed that AIL still functions in other areas.


What other research goes on at Long Island?


Research on scalar weaponry, like the one that destroyed the Challenger.


I thought the Challenger was destroyed by the Soviets using scalar weapons?


No. The Soviets didn't do that. The oddity with the incidents as far as the Soviets were concerned was that they pulled their ships about 150 miles out to sea before it happened. They were not the direct cause, which was a scalar weapon that they were trying to put into orbit and test. It accumulated a charge while the Challenger was going up through the atmosphere and turned itself on. That is what destroyed the Challenger. It might have been deliberate.


What was the ultimate power behind the Phoenix projects?


Ultimately, the whole thing is manipulated by the Orion group. The expectation was that they could use mind control to take over the populace in the 1990's - no later than 1994 or 1995. They have also been doing genetic work in which they alter a human sperm and ovum to the extent that all offspring will produce hybrids with new characteristics. Humans will mate and create children with alien genetics. That's one step beyond the average abduction scenario. There are other things happening with the human race.


Like what?


Since 1947, there have been components of the 6th race incarnating on the planet. The 5th race was the Aryans. The 6th race humans are 100% telepathic - the secret government and the Orion group sees them as a threat. They've been aware of it since 1942.


Wasn't there a movie about something like that years ago?


Yes. I don't remember the name, but it came out in 1982. In that film, there was a drug that made babies that were 100% telepathic. This kind of thing has actually happened. There was a Canadian company that was producing a drug which turned out to do just that. This was between 1946 and 1947. It was removed from the market immediately, although its use continues privately. In the movie, the government had a way of using electromagnetics to explode a persons head to get rid of them.


Sounds like something they mught have developed at Montauk.


It does, doesn't it?


What is the current situation with aliens?


Somewhat mixed and confused. There has been a lot going on all around the planet. In September and October 1990 there was an alien group from some other dimension that was attempting to invade the planet. They took down all the zero-time generators all over the country. The FAA was especially affected. The rogue group was stopped by another species. For many years, some factions of the Orion group depended on a ring of alien satellites that would sustain life functions. Those were wiped out in November 1990 by the same group.


So there are positive light forces out there that are seeking to balance these negative activities by the Orion group?


Yes. I am not at liberty to tell you their identity.


Do you think that this group is related to those who flew over military nuclear silos and rendered the warheads inoperative?


I don't know if they were involved, although I could ask. The nuclear charade is another thing on a cultural level. The idea of nuclear war was eliminated a long long time ago by all major powers on Earth. The threat of a nuclear winter and the fact that you can't detonate two nuclear devices too close together in time stops them from doing it. I think a lot of people are aware that the same forces that control the United States today are the same forces that supported the buildup of Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union and arranged for WWII and Vietnam. The public has been lied to in so many areas since the early 1930's that they don't know what's going on. Most people still think that the Congress and the President run the country and that they have Constitutional rights.


How about some interesting technology spin-offs from the Philadelphia experiment?


Well, there are a lot of them in use by the CIA and the NSA, as well as other corporate and government agencies. There is a portable unit that can render an individual invisible. The NSA is known to use those on a fairly regular basis. There is also a UFO research based covert organization that is believed to have them?


And what would that be?


Well, its a super secret international organization that is funded by all major governments. It performs research on aliens and alien technology, coverup operations, and also does espionage. The group is negatively oriented and is considered to have no positive attributes in relation to other humans. It is called the International Aerospace Alliance.


How does it fit into the hierarchy of command and control?


It's connected to MJ-12, which is believed to be headed by Kissinger at this time. It is also connected to the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the President. AIL type units are also connected to the MJ group.


I have heard a tape of Robert Lazar, the EG & G scientist, and others who indicate that the highest clearance level is ULTRA. Is that it?


There is also BLACK LEVEL clearance.


What is involved with those little implants that are spheres?


Those devices are about 3mm in size. They are called SBMCD's, or Spherical Biological Monitoring and Control Devices. They represent an organically enhanced synaptid processor powered by a micro-positron flow that controls or mimics the functions within the human nervous system with micro relays that duplicate brain operation or engram patterns.


What is the real story behind Wilhelm Reich?


Most people are familiar with Reichs brilliant work with bions, weather modification, cancer biopathy and other devices. Reichs work has been of interest to the National security Agency for some time, and it involves the fact that when a person is electronically maintained in a pre-orgastic state in their nervous system, gateways unto the mind open up for mind control to take hold. It is his most secret work as far as applications are involved. Reichs contact with alien species, his discoveries about life energy and cancer, and the mind control applications are some of the reasons why he was killed. This knowledge was combined with other knowledge, some of it alien in nature, and integrated into the work at Montauk and subsequent covert projects to subvert the people of the United States and the world under an Orion based system.


What are some of the ways they put people into this state?


Well, there are these devices. Every psychiatric facility has them. For a male, they attach electrodes to five points on the body (you can guess what one of those points are) and turn the device on. It makes programming an individual really easy. It is devious, but a lot more humane than the old electroshock therapy. The thing is, the device is being used for control instead of in a way that might benefit the individual.


What about the Philadelphia Experiment as related to aliens?


The Philadelphia Experiment was not an alien operation, as such, but what was the set-up was the date, August 12, 1943, because it had to be locked to the Phoenix project on August 12, 1983. The date was set by alien influence in order to cause a 40-year hole in hyperspace through which large numbers of alien craft could enter this dimension. It worked, but it didn't last long enough to give the aliens the maximum benefit of the scenario. The order for the date came from a man in the White House who was directing certain aspects of the project.


This man was one of the K-group and headed what was called the Psi-corp. It was an alien intervention. This was scheduled to be a main invasion from a different universe.


How about other types of aliens that were involved?


Most of the other alien groups around, including the ones that had their shipped sucked into hyperspace, were observers of what was going on, not participants. Beyond the obvious fact that they were observing for themselves, there is insufficient data to determine whether they were observing for anyone else.


What about the alien ship, again, that was trapped underground at Montauk?


I was part of the group that dismantled it. What is involved is that you have to find out how everything goes together. You have to read their manuals... there were seven occupants of that ship; four of them would not talk to us. Eventually, three of them did, and we learned their language and deciphered their manuals about the construction and maintenance of the ship...


They weren't Greys?


No. They were about 6 foot 5 inches tall. They were essentially human in appearance. They had dark leathery skin. They had no hair. Where they came from we were not sure. We don't even know why they were there, except perhaps to observe the test on August 12, 1943. When the ship appeared in 1983 underground, we were initially concerned as to whether this ship represented some sort of "point man" for an invasion of some kind.


Was there any weaponry aboard that craft?


Not that I remember. The ship had a lot of strange devices on it. We took a lot of stuff apart. We took off part of the control panels, and communications equipment. We decided not to touch the main power plant because we thought it might blow up if we fooled with it. We left the food processing units intact. The ships drive systems were removed. A lot of the ship was stripped down right to the shell. It was left that way.


Why would they suspect an invasion?


Idon't know, except that there have been so many groups over the years trying to invade this planet. One wonders why they want to bother with this mud ball and its backward technology.


John Lear suggests that the human race represents a gene pool.


That is one good possibility. Another one, and I get this from sources I can't reveal at this moment, is that they are seeking certain rare earth elements they apparently can't find elsewhere.


Robert Lazar mentioned a book that contained the history of earth and that it said that humans were referred to as ..containers for souls" and that souls could be traded in something like a barter system.


The aliens are doing it all the time.


They're trading in souls?


Yes. They were shuffling us around like we were cattle to them.


Property. What do you think of that concept as applied to humans?


Well, it is mentioned that several races consider humans in some ways similar to that. Whether it is the bodies or the souls that are considered property, I don't know. It appears that they are concerned more with the bodies, the genetics, and the capabilities of the human mind. The capabilities of the human mind are virtually unlimited. That fascinates some species.


Those aliens that were on that ship. What became of them?


Out of the seven, four did not talk and three did talk to us. One of the group that did not talk to us was evidently the captain of the ship. He eventually killed the three that did talk to us. The four remaining aliens were put into "deep freeze" by the people who were running the underground at Montauk. I have no idea what they did with the other three bodies.


What happened to the craft?


it's still there, as far as I know. It was a gold colored saucer about sixty feet in diameter. It had a bulge on both the top and bottom.


In one of Linda Moulton Howe's books they had pictures of types of alien writing. Were you ever able to determine the language they used?


The language they were using was apparently that of the Greys. The symbol that the Greys use a lot is the same symbol that the Trilateral Commission uses.


How big is the underground at Montauk?


It's very large. It extends for miles, especially the 5th and 6th levels. Almost all of it was constructed in the late 1920's or early 1930's. We talked to one of the men who was one of the contractors who built it. It was built on government orders right after the depression started. It was built in six levels. They covered the top over with earth. It's known locally as "the hill". Its a huge base. There may still be some use of it. Most of it is shut down. The power has been on for two years now, single phase 220 volt. The elevator used ran on three-phase 440 volts, and that has not been turned on, probably because they plugged all main openings and the elevator shaft with concrete.


How many different species of aliens are you aware of?


Well, the Greys were not part of Montauk. By agreement they never went there. There were groups that were part of it, like a group who called themselves the Leverons. There were those there from Antares that were only observers. They looked like humans. There were members of the Orion group there occasionally. The K-group had some connection with the place, but I personally never saw any of them there. Lastly, there were the inhabitants of that ship that was captured. The Orion Confederation includes a lot of groups, including the Leverons.


The Orion group is supposedly at war with a group called the Elohim. Would you say that is accurate?


Yes. This is happening. The Elohim group is a very old race, perhaps the oldest in the universe. At least its the oldest we know of.


Is there any particular species that has the greatest control over humans?


The Orion group. They're the weasels in the background that manipulate everybody, including the Greys. The Orion group includes the various reptilian species.


Was the zero-time generator from alien sources?


No. Tesla created the zero-time generator in the 1920's. It provided a very basic time reference which is actually locked to the center of our galaxy. That's why they call it a zero time generator. Locking equipment to that is the only way you can get some of these higher function generators to work.


The aliens use crystals quite a bit.


Yes. Crystals can store and modulate enormous amounts of energy. There was a crystal in the alien ship that ended up at Montauk that was about 18 inches long. Other factions of the alien group appeared in one of the side tunnels off the main time tunnel and captured several of us, and wouldn't let us go unless one of us went back and got that crystal for them. We did. The problem was is that we were in the time tunnel too long, because the time references the man I was with dissolved, and he began to age at the rate of about a day per hour. Within three days he was dead.


What are some of the ways the government became involved in time travel?


The Navy had the ability to use the time travel technology from about 1970 and developed full operational capability in 1973. They did do an experiment where they tried to go back and kill the father of the man destined to be the head of the new One-World government. They did kill his father, but it made no difference. They didn't understand why it didn't work. Robert Lazar was voicing the concept that time is quantitized or compartmentalized and that you can't change what has already happened in terms of the past.


Is the Navy tied in with the secret government?


Small elements in the Navy are, but the Navy in general is not.


So in the 1970's they were against what was going on and tried ways to stop it?


Yes. At Montauk we did succeed in changing the past, so I know it can be done, but it takes enormous amounts of power and more than just a time machine, but I won't get into that.


So the person who will be the head of the One World government is walking around and has no father?


Theoretically that is true.


How could this guy have come into existence?


That's a very good question. That's another one of the paradoxes of time.


Was this person already in existence before they went back and killed his father?


Yes. They assumed that he would disappear and cease to exist.


Do you know who this individual is?


No. Not by name.


Is the One World government interested in longevity? It seems like all these plans are on a long term basis. It would also seem like it would take too long before those in control could really reap the benefits.


When you get to the level of the warped mentality of the world leaders that are controlled by the Orion group, you don't really know what their goals are. They are totally dependent on a specific technology, including time machines which are anchored in the 40 years time rift plus the extensions in the time matrix which goes another 20 years. Time machines are based in the technology that had its origin here within that time period, and from what I understand as of 2003 they will suddenly find that their time machines no longer function.




Because they were created on the basis of something which was basically artificial - the rift in time. The function is based on the rift. Then its back to the drawing boards.


Have they constructed any concrete plans based on the rift that might disappear when the rift does?


I don't know. I can't speak for the whole government.


Are any Orion based timetables involved in this?


Well, the Orions have their own ways of doing things.


Would they be dependent on this rift?


No, but the Greys are somewhat dependent on it, having used it to get here in large numbers. The Orion group itself is not here in a large number.


They let others do the dirty work for them?




Do you get any particular feeling what things are like within the secret government with respect to the groups of aliens?


Well, they were panic stricken to get rid of the Greys. I don't know if they're that panic stricken any more, because I understand that the Orions are essentially gone, except for the mop-up squad, which have their own life support systems.


The general life support for the others was destroyed by another alien group in November 1990. They could not exist here without electronic support from the ring of satellites they put up there ages ago. Almost all of them packed up and left.


What is the nature of the electronic support?


They cannot stand the vibrations of this planet. The Greys like it because this planet is very much like their own home planet.


How would all this relate to the idea that their is a planetoid coming into this system with a bunch of reptilians on it. Would they bring their own electronic life support systems?


Yes. They can replace the satellites. They may well be back before long.


How do you view that scenario, where the planetoid full of Orion reptilians, or Draco, is coming here?


Well, we monitored the signals coming from the planetoid. They were coming in at around 25MHZ with twelve carriers spaced 50KHz apart. The Orion group reptilians have twelve chakras, maybe that has something to do with it.


Then this could be the part of the electronic signal that might even be representative of their electronic life sustenance matrix?




It might well be necessary to set up transmitters of our own that would interfere with that kind of electromagnetic emanation.




How about the Orion genetics?


It's very similar to that of humans. For a long time they were hoping to crossbreed. It didn't work properly. That was one of the side issues of the Montauk-Phoenix project, to find ways of crossbreeding. They never did fully solve the problems.


So this is where the concept of twelfth density would come in?


Yes. Probably. What they were hoping to do if they succeeded in crossbreeding humans and Orions was a silent invasion where they would take over humanity by crossbreeding and eliminate the humans they didn't want. At that point, Orion souls would move into the crossbred bodies and it would be complete. They would not need electronic support systems to survive here, which consists of 12 satellites.


So how does this affect the world government plans, now that the Orion group is temporarily gone?


It changes the context of the system that backed up the One-World government. They were backed up by and expected support from the Orion group. With the Orions out of the picture, they are on their own.


How about the Greys?


They're running around in circles. They are probably continuing with the genetic work and the abductions but they are lacking all direction except that which they already had established.


There was a recent abduction of woman in Seattle on December 3, 1990 where there were beings that looked human. They told them, however, that they weren't really human and allowed them to see their true form. It was a variant reptilian species they had never seen before. They asked the abductees questions about their experiences with the Greys. The woman got the impression that the reptilian humanoids thought that the Greys were going to far in their interactions with humans and that they were looking into it. Any comment?


No data on that one.


Well, since they were looking into Grey excesses in behavior, they probably were an offshoot group and not anything to do with the Draco.


They probably were an offshoot group. I have gotten the impression that not all the Orion Confederation is evil. There is a group within the Orion Confederation that function as sort of overseers and they are apparently quite upset about what these Greys are doing, but apparently there is not much they have been able to do about it. The basic heart of the Orion Confederation that we have become familiar with is totally evil and self-centered.


They basically want to take over the Earth?


Yes. They want to take Earth because of their desire for the planet as a staging base. They also desire the water and the minerals. There have only been partial success of their cross breeding program. A few hybrids have survived. They essentially look human but have Orion genetics within them.


What's going on in Washington right now?


They are up to their eyeballs in problems. They consider the thing with Hussein in the Middle East as the least of their concerns.


What are they concerned with?


They are concerned with AIDS and other, disease problems which are coming to earth from space. There are currently two huge clouds of amoeba-like creatures over the polar regions of the earth. These have shown up periodically over the last ten years. NASA is working on this. Every time they've been detected, all kinds of strange illnesses break out. They don't how they can stay alive and be in outer space. They're very concerned about that. The AIDS situation is so far advanced that it is considered to be a disaster.


How do you bounce that against the fact that AIDS was created at Fort Detrick, Maryland? Are the aliens ultimately behind that as well?


I don't know. It's very possible. It originated on the orders of the World Health Organization. I suppose you have to go back and see who was responsible for this diabolical plan within WHO to create a virus that would destroy the human immune system. They found out that once it was released that it mutated like crazy and there is no way to produce a vaccine for it. The government does have a way to cure it, but they do that on a pretty selective basis. The cure involves electromagnetics. There are also other means that have been discovered, but the government doesn't want the outside world to have it. Its part of the population reduction program.


Which is whose idea?


Apparently it was a decision reached by the secret government. The final decision was made in the White House in 1972 on the basis of a meeting of world leaders under Nixon. A friend of mine got the notes from that. He's now in prison, and he talked about it publicly in 1974. He said that they had the meeting and agreed that the planet was overpopulated and that it had to be reduced. The decision was to reduce the population from 5 billion, which it was at that time, to 1 billion by the year 2000. They were to use any and all means to do this. They believed that the earth could only handle 1 billion inhabitants. Their problem was how to exterminate 80% of the world population in 30 years. They modified the figure to be 2 billion by 2000, but the AIDS thing is going to take care of a good part of that for them. The latest figures coming out of Washington indicate that Africa is now as good as doomed. In another ten years, 75% of Africa will be dead.


There have been recent figures to suggest that 92% of all babies born in Africa today have the virus.


Yes. in India, the rate is 51%.


It seems extremely irresponsible for a government to create something that can take people and do that to them.


Well, it was the "undesirables" that were given the virus first.


They should have known that this thing was going to get out of hand.


They didn't know that was going to happen. It was also figured that it would affect the young set, those in their prime, most.


if they travel in time and know that geophysical changes will take care of a large part of the world's population, why would they bother to do it? Especially because you have a bunch of 50 year old men having to wait 30 years.


I don't know. Obviously they didn't think.


Or it wasn't them who were ultimately responsible. The only ones who would have a long term anything to gain would be aliens, so it further indicates that ultimately there are negative off-planet forces that are responsible. The aliens know about the changes.


How did they spread the virus initially?


Through World Health Organization inoculations that were contaminated with the virus. The first program was in black Africa in 1974 with the smallpox inoculations. They then went to Brazil and other Hispanic countries and did it there. In 1978, they laced the gamma globulin for the Hepititus B vaccine because the homosexual population was the greatest consumer. That's why it showed up first in the United States in the homosexual population and why it was claimed to be a homosexual disease. Nothing could be further from the truth, but it was something the Evangelists took up quickly, saying that AIDS was "Gods curse on the homosexual". People didn't worry about it who weren't gay. The people who planned this didn't figure on the ability of the virus to mutate.


It must taken someone with a really stupid mentality to do this.


What kind of disturbances have appeared with each appearance of these amoeba-like clouds?


Respiratory disturbances. It's been detected in the New York area and on the west coast. Details are scant, but they consider it a major problem. It affects the human system directly. It is also the mechanism behind the influenza attacks in 1916 and 1917 that killed so many people.


It is possible that the ozone layer was deliberately affected in order to allow this influence to come through?


I don't know. The greenhouse affect is taking hold because of it.


Is there any particular alien species whom it would benefit if the earth dried up and became desert?


Yes. The reptilians species might be good candidates.


Where do the Greys come from originally?


From outside our time/space continuum. The government does not fully understand where that is, since they don't trust a lot of their information about them.


Do the Pleiadians use the gravity amplifier to fold time and space?


No. They have a hyperspacial drive system. They don't do it in the same way. They use velocity rather than folding.


Aren't they beneficial to humans?


They have not been invited to help. They are also sensitive to earth politics, galactic directives, and their own policies. It comes down to the fact where you don't interfere when you're not asked. Even when you are asked, there are limits to what you can do.


Can they be asked?


Well, in the case where you would have interference on a mass basis, like in response to the Orion incursion, you're getting involved with the history of all humanity. We'll have to see.


I would think that the only hope would be to collectively raise the consciousness of the entire planet.


Right. There are also other problems. The government worked out a deal with the Greys some time ago and has some of their technology. Weapons have been developed. They now have a missle that has a minimum operational range of I light year. We can hit any spacecraft well beyond the solar system.


I saw a brief on the news where the Star Wars technology is being turned around in space to hit down asteroids. Will they in fact be used primarily as a planetary defense against alien incursion?


Yes. The directives out of Washington seem to point to the fact that the secret government wants no aliens here at all interfering with their plans. They have not solved the problem with the Greys.


How do aliens refer to religious concepts?


As far as I know, none of them have any religion as such. They acknowledge a divine source in the universe. The Greys refer to the universe as a mind.


What is your prognosis for the future of the human species?


It will survive.


Why was it mentioned at one time that 2011 was the last year that they could see anything tangible?


It was mentioned in the Mayan calendar that 2011-2013 was a barrier of some kind. Psychics have said that there is a 'barrier around 2013 that they can't go through.


That doesn't mean there is nothing beyond that.


No. It's just blocked from view. Even to the time machines. There are a lot of people wondering whether they are going to retain control over humanity beyond 2013.


There seems to be a quickening of consciousness right now as we are beginning to go into fourth density.


Right. There seems to be some evidence of this.


Do you know where the current entrances to Montauk are?


No, but I know they're there. The last time two people went out there to look they were abducted. They were knocked out electronically and taken underground to another facility where mental adjustments were made on them. They were returned to the spot, but one of them was not returned exactly at the same time as the other. There was about a 2 second gap and the one that was already there saw it. They knew immediately that something was wrong. They were given a warning. The underground system is still in operation. There are three entrances near AIL. They have three plants in the Farmingdale area. Brookhaven National Laboratories have an entrance to the system. There is also a connection to the Newark ITT Corporation building. From there a spur that goes to the ITT facility at Nutley. There is also a tunnel that goes from Newark to Wright Patterson AFB.


Do they use Maglev trains in this tunnels?


Yes. There is a very extensive tunnel network under the United States. The interesting things is that once you get past the coding system at the entrance elevators and get into the underground, nobody asks any questions. They assume you are supposed to be there, unless you make it obvious that you are not by your actions or appearance.


Why do humans age?


There are two genes missing from the human chromosome. One of them controls the aging process, so humans age. Because of this, when cells are duplicated in the body they are compared to the parent cell, not a master pattern that would exist in the genes, so the duplicate is not exactly the same is time. So humans age gradually.


There has been some discussion of the biorhythm cycles of the planet. Could you explain that again?


The cycles of humans are well known. It was not known until after 1983 after Montauk went down that the earth has cycles. It was discovered by accident. After an analysis, it came out that there were four basic cycles involved. These four cycles reach their maximum peak every 20 years. It's always on the 12th of August.


So the next peak will be in 2003?




Do the biorhythm cycles of humans and those of the planet interlock'?


It is not known to interlock.


Have you seen the movie Milleneum? What can you say about the concepts portrayed there?


Yes. It was well done. It was an attempt to explain some disappearances. It's an intriguing idea. Strangely enough, they didn't cover something that really happend in Denver around 1965. A jet was coming in on final approach in daylight with no bad weather and vanished entirely from the radar screen. It was never found. No trace. Years later, in Tucson, I met the son of a man who was vice president of United Airlines. I asked him about it. He said, "how did you hear about that?". I said I read it in the newspapers and then it was hushed up. He said, .. you better believe it was". I asked him if anyone knew what happened to it, and he said that they had no idea. There was no wreckage, nothing. There is no way it could have happened like that.- but it did. The ideas in Millenium were more along the line of something they would have developed in the Phoenix project.


Are there any tunnels under the Pyramids?


There is a tunnel under Giza. No one knows when it was constructed or how.


How about spacecraft or anything else like that?


An expedition was mounted as a result of data gathered back in the 1920's and 1930's about a secret chamber under the pyramid. They built equipment in later years and went in down into the pyramid and found this metal door 500 feet below the base of the pyramid. They found other doors. The doors used a sonic code. They found a room with over 30,000 recording disks and alien equipment. They made photos of the disks with IR film. The Egyptian government wouldn't allow them to take any out. The disks were deciphered. They described the rise and fall of civilizations in outer space going back more than 100,000 years. This group built this record room and then built the pyramid over it. There was no UFO, but a lot of equipment was stored on three levels. They photographed over 2,700 record disks. According to an Air Force contact, these disks are sitting in a safe at Kirtland AFB in New Mexico. They don't want the public to know the information.


How is the government involved in cattle mutilations?


Human scientists are involved with longevity studies using adrenalyn. They have developed altered adrenlyn, and drugs called cordrazine, cortropinex, formazine, and hyronalix. All of them have an adrenalyn base. The only way to get the large quantitites of adrenalyn is to get them from cattle. Some of the substances they develop affect psychic development. Other drugs have physical restoration properties. Aliens use cattle for the biological materials as well. They use the materials in their breeding program and for the construction of cloned individuals.


Do you know when the Federal Reserve is going to issue the new money?


I don't know. There have been several dates that have come and gone. When they do all the current cash will be worthless.


The plan is to give a short notice date by which people will have to turn in their old money for new. Of course, you will have to account for it, especially since it is now illegal for you to have $3,000 or more on your person. It's coming.


Would you consider the secret government the Fourth Reich?


It's hard to say. My understanding of it is that the secret government is not connected with the Nazis but with world bankers, old money and what's called the "black nobility". These were the blue-bloods of Europe. They actually did have blue blood, and it was not hemoglobin based but copper based. They were semi-human. There are still to this day, some animal species in South America that have copper based blood systems. There was a problem with hemophilia, and not because of intermarrying. The problem was that they started to marry outside of the copper based blood system. Hemoglobin and copper systems don't mix. That's where the laws against marrying commoners originated.


What about these synthetic humans?


Human cloning was developed at the University of Utah at Salt Lake City in 1977. They first aired this on TV as part of a series. They had an alleged human clone on TV that they were interviewing. It didn't talk very well. They showed the original human and the clone. The clone was not all that successful. It took 14 months to generate a fully adult human clone in a tank. It was a two part series. The second part of the series never aired, for obvious reasons. CIA sources have confirmed that it started at the University of Utah. The government has a facility for clones. The first one was built in the Mount Hood area, about sixty miles east of Portland, Oregon. They have other facilities in other locations. Locations must have stable geomagnetic fields and other special characteristics or the cloning process does not work properly. They can replicate them faster now. They have clones of all the major government figures. This is partly for security reasons. it also creates the situation that when someone falls out of favor, they clone the person and kill the original. This kind of thing apparently happens with some frequency.


There have been allegations by some that Carter and Reagan were replaced.


Yes. I've heard that, but I have no information that says that it happened. Reagan looked a bit funny after his assassination attempt, particularly after he came out of the hospital.


It's curious about the cloning facility in Portland. Were there not reports in the 1960's or 70's about people seeing a spitting image of Hitler there?


Yes. it is curious. There isn't any connection that we can establish, but anything is possible. Hitler could have died as late as 1984. I have heard rumors that he was the top director of the Phoenix project, but those rumors were not considered to have any merit by most people. Eichmann was apparently involved at one point until the Israelis got him. A lot of top level Nazi scientists were involved. There was a man called Huntermann who was the associate director of the project. We wondered if there was anybody above him. There was - a complete collection of pure Nazis at the top. The Germans were also involved in work with the Greys and cloning processes.


Are they Nazis still running things?


Idon't know what interconnections they may have today. I have two friends who say opposite things. one says that the Nazis are in charge and the other says that Jewish scientists are in charge. Other people say its MJ-12. Take your pick. I think that they're all involved.


That's very interesting about the duality of the Germans and the Jews. Recently, we received information that these two groups of entities are originally from one source out there somewhere, and that they were banned to this planet to work out their differences. They have apparently always sought to destroy each other ... and they are still doing it on many levels. Everyone else just has to stand by and put up with it, I guess. it just adds to the mess. Orientation of both groups appears to be negatively oriented toward service to self instead of others. There have been things recently said by abductees that indicate that they were taken to joint Nazi-Alien bases were they had swastikas on the walls. This was within the last two years.


Do you remember the Reinhold-Schmidt story? He was a businessman who lived in New Jersey in the 1950's. I finally got a copy of his book. He insisted that one time when he was driving home from work, something went wrong with his car. He was approached by someone and was taken aboard a saucer. All the occupants were dressed in black clothing and talked in German. To him it appeared like they might be Nazis. He wasn't sure but he thought they were. They picked him up by agreement several times thereafter. He began talking about it and he had a visit from government agents who told him to shut up. He insisted. He was picked up and put into treatment in a mental hospital for about four months. When he came out he was a changed man. He died sometime later. Up until he went into the mental hospital, he was insistent on his story. This was approximately 1956. I'm not sure. He was a prominent businessman. It was a sensational story at the time.


It's interesting that you should mention copper based blood before. Aren't the Nordics involved with that?


Yes. Although Nordics are humanoid and externally almost identical to humans. There are subtle differences in the Nordic alien physiology, and most of them are based on the living conditions that they have grown up in. Their planets are extremely hot and dry, and have a low oxygen content in the atmosphere. They have a larger lung capacity than humans and have a copper based blood in order to carry oxygen more efficiently. The eyes are protected by inner lids and can allow them to see into the ultraviolet range of the spectrum. They have only 28 teeth, as they lack a back pair of molars. Their heads are longer than humans. The brain case is about .2 mm thicker and the bone is harder. The brain is the same as the human brain as far as structure and size is concerned, except for the midbrain area, where there are functions that allow telepathic and telekinetic skills. It explains the psionic powers of the Nordics. They average about 2 meters in height. Females about 1.7 meters. They have no sweat glands. The skin allows moisture to be drawn from the air as well as moisture to penetrate. The heart beats at around 242 beats per minute, and the average blood pressure is 80 systolic and 40 diastolic. They have extremely dilated blood vessels. The heart is located where the human liver would be. The cartilage that would protect a human heart extends down 3.5cm further in the Nordic in order to protect this structure. Blood cells are biconvex in contrast to the concave cells of humans. Kidney type functions only allow about half the liquid consumed to be excreted. The rest is evidently put back into the system. Urine is thick with minerals and appears in color and texture to freshly pumped crude oil. Feces are dry pellets with all moisture removed. The adult Nordic can regulate the amount of adrenalyn in their body. They have no pineal gland. Nordic females are capable of being impregnated at any time, but the males are capable of impregnation about once a year. The period of incubation is three to five months.


What about the Sirians?


Well, we are finding out that they are seemingly involved in the Dark Side activities with abductees along with the Greys and elements of the US military and intelligence forces. we are finding out that Reich programming is currently being used as of December 1990 on abductees. This is a direct outgrowth of work at Montauk. The Sirians are usually described as about 6 12 feet tall, blond hair cut very short, and blue eyes that have a cat's eye vertical pupil. They're negatively oriented. I have been working on a case where this 21 year old woman has had contact with them, the last time being in December 1990. The beings present were the short little helpers that the Greys use; the ones that wear hooded cloaks. There were Grey clones, tall Greys, Sirians and US military personnel of some description. The woman had her breasts and other body parts hooked up to some machine that maintained her in a pre-orgastic state while they used inculcation bars with red and blue lights to aid in the programming. When she does something they don't like, they take her out of her body and stick her in this black box, where there is terrible loneliness and isolation. She really broke down when she was describing that, saying that she didn't want them to put her back in the box. They evidently told her that if she talked too much they were going to do that. On the lighter side, she has also had contact with positive groups. There has been some discussion as to whether these negative Sirians are part of the Kamagol II group that built the records chamber under Gizeh, but that has not been established. The negative Sirians are considered part of the Orion group that is playing the domination/control game.


Is there some significance to the red and blue lights in the inculcation bar?


The lights on the bar are of special frequencies. Pulsing of these lights is often combined with sonic patterns to virtually reprogram the mind of the individual. This kind of activity has been going on for tens of thousands of years. Why do you think that the Orion based groups that control todays society use red and blue on police car lights? Its very restimulative and many people have buried memories of programming sessions that have occurred through their various lives. The result is fear and negative emotional response. It appears that during the last 40 years there have been a lot of people that have been incarnating that were on one side or the other in Nazi Germany, and we are finding a lot of abductees that have memories of the Greys during that period. Sometimes they find that they are dealing with the same exact beings they dealt with in another lifetime. Of course, we know that abductions also follow multi-generational patterns. It all ties together.


There have been some that have said that Hitler was connected into things in terms of the Aryan race and ET's. What is the story behind that?


Well, Hitler spend a lot of time in libraries before his mother died, and he was convinced that the white race was going to be squeezed out of existence in anoth&r 75 years. He decided that he was going to be the defender of the Aryan race. This was back before World War One. He was also relating this to the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, where in the 24th protocol it says that the white race will be destroyed by genetic inter-marriage. He wanted to stop the trend. He became interested in metaphysics. The Dark Side involvement began after a bout with peyote before World War One and his involvement with the Thule Society, which was connected to Aleister Crowley and the Order of the Golden Dawn in England. Hitler also adopted the idea of fighting the communists, because the communists were just about ready to take over Germany. There were not Greys around in large numbers but they were there. The Germans were involved with alien technology. They had one version with electromagnetic drive. They had jet aircraft in 1943. They had nuclear weapons but Hitler did not use them. Mind control research was ongoing.


Getting back to present day, what do you think about the idea that the Saudi government is being bankrupted by the US?


Well, the Rockefeller group sold the Saudis 30 year notes back in the 1960's. They are coming due. The Saudis want to get out of the paperwork nightmare so they won't lose all their money. The Rockefeller banks were going to declare bankruptcy, so the Saudis said they would pull all their investments out of the United States and collapse the economy totally. The United States backed down and that is the reason why there is all that forgiveness of debt business going on. It was done with Bushes authority. The Saudis were satisfied. Now the problem with Iraq arises. The Israelis have refused to carry out the deals they have made about leaving the west bank area. Hussein is saying that if the United States can convince Israel to do that for the Palestinians, then he will walk out of Kuwait. That will defuse the entire Middle East situation. January 15th is the apparent deadline date. There are people in government that are crazier than Hussein. As of early December 1990, a contract already exists with Flora Construction company to rebuild Kuwait, so its going to happen anyway.


Does Iraq have nuclear devices?


I'm not sure. They were stealing trigger devices for quite a while before the government found out about it and started substituting non-functional ones. It's believed that they do. The Iraqis are also said to have devices that had their origin in Nazi Germany, such as the air-fuel bomb, which will "turn the air to fire" and suffocate American troops. There is a concern that he will also use chemical weapons. The United States used chemical weapons in Korea and Vietnam. If Iraq uses them, the United States will respond with devastating force. It would be a good time for the secret government to bring out their disks and impersonate alien species in an attempt to pacify the planet. When the United States wins the conflict, it will produce potential problems for years.


It is seen as the only option. They could impose this in a pseudo-religious way in an attempt to unify religious groups that are on "holy war" campaigns. Either way, presence of .. an apparently benevolent technology" would cause a peaceful unification. Presence of "an apparent malevolent technology" would achieve the same thing, but with a negative unification based on fear. There are again another aspects to the middle east scenarios. One aspect is that the middle east represents an annoying delay to the secret government that has been caused by Iraq. This delay could affect certain types of agenda. Another aspect is that since the US basically controls the planet, all this is a sham for the public - to keep humans up tight, in fear, and at each others' throats it could be reflective of what is ultimately an Orion based agenda. It is a matter of record that flying disks have been seen in all wars and conflicts.


How about the Congress? Are they aware of the alien and drug things that are going on?


Some of them are, but they are turning their heads because they want to collect their retirement. They're just hoping the government will be solvent when they get to that point. There is no question that as we enter 1991, many agendas will accelerate and many hands will be forced.


Are the men in black residents of Earth?


The group is an off-world one. They monitor conditions on the planet. They are not physical beings, but they can become solid.


Do the black helicopters have anything to do with the MIB?


No. They are managed by the Army. It is a super secret group that have bases all over the United States. They have one near Sedona. They have one in Connecticutt and in Newark, New Jersey. The helicopters have no markings and are used for operations involving drug smuggling, mutilations and security for alien related operations and projects. Obviously, it's all illegal as hell, and they have been getting away with it for 40 years.


What about the subliminal programming that happens with television?


The FCC "ruled" years ago that it was illegal, but it never stopped. You find it more common on cable tv. There are using subliminal conditioning on all cable networks. They use it to emphasize different elements of what you are seeing around you. People end up being brainwashed and stay ignorant.


What are some of the capabilities they have?


The government has vans that drive around that are capable of complete mind disruption. They have used it before to kill a man in his house in fifteen minutes. All it takes is four helicopters flying in tandem to completely mentally wreck a city if they have those pods on them. The pods are an outgrowth of the Phoenix project. They, can produce heavy mood control over a city. They are going into areas beyond the electromagnetic. They are trying to increase the,stress level in the population. It is no secret that Bechtel was laying cables under major metropolitan areas several years-ago,claiming that it was being laid for others" whom they wouldn't reveal. It had nothing to do with electric, telephone or cable TV.


What is another possibility as to why the death of the father of the One World government failed to produce the dematerialization of the future leader of the One World government?


This seeming paradox can be better explained this way: The people who went back and tried to kill the father were successful but the son still lived. This is all related to the Grandfather Paradox. The truth of the matter is that they prevented the birth of the leader of the One World government not in the time stream where the existing person was born but in a parallel one where he never existed in the first place. It existed before and after the effort to kill the father; the parallel time stream also exists where the Germans overtly won the second world war. There are differing but parallel interrelated worlds and universes, each having an endless number of streams relating to individual entities. These streams are ultimately expressed as different patterns and outcomes for the same entity depending on the level of expression for the entity at any one time. All divergent entities are part of the one reality which is the all embracing unity. The varied potential tracks all exist as one unified central force. The parallel tracks that exist in our universe, depending upon which one of them is taken, will determine the ultimate outcome for the individual entity, and this can change.


What is the actual nature and purpose of the Orion group?


Basically, the purpose of the Orion group is enslavement and conquest. Their objective is to locate certain individuals who vibrate in resonance with their own vibrational complex and manipulate them. There is a concept called spiritual entropy which apparently causes them to experience constant disintegration of their social memory complexes. They do follow the Law of One but observe free will according to service to self. Those on the enslaved planet then disseminate the attitudes and philosophy which is service to self. These individuals become the "elite". Through the elite, the attempt begins to create a condition whereby the remainder of the planetary entities are enslaved by their free will.


That seems like what is happening on the planet right now, especially in the United States.




Why don't they just come down in force instead of using the back door, as it were?


Well, they could. A mass landing would create a loss of polarization due to the infringement on the free will of the planet. If the planet were then conquered and became part of the Empire, the free will would then be reestablished. The way they are doing it is characteristic of the Orion group - to have others do their dirty work for them, including humans. That way, the abridgement of free will is not so obvious. It didn't help the situation when agreements were made with different alien species. It didn't matter that the agreements were made with groupings of humans that did not represent the wishes of the mass consciousness. The technical fact of the agreement allowed a lot of action that was negatively polarized. The Orion group specifically targets civilizations before they become a social memory complex.


What does it mean to have a society with a social memory?


Well, a social complex consisting of individual entities becomes a social memory complex when it adopts one orientation or seeking in a specific direction. When this happens, the group memory that was not available to individuals becomes known. The advantage of a social memory complex is the relative lack of distortion.


What does polarization mean for an individual entity?


Generally, entities can have little or no polarization, positive polarization or negative polarization. A positively polarized entity will select a path embodying service to others. An entity choosing negative polarization would focus on service to self. A negative polarization involves the elements of control and repression. For example, a negatively polarized entity would seek separation from and control over others by sexual means and have the idea of power as an end. The negatively oriented entity will program for maximum separation from and control over all entities which it perceives as being other than itself.


Are not all humans, for example, expressions of each other?


Well, yes. Entities will eventually realize that their actions on other selves are actually being done to themselves, since the consciousness present in each entity is a variation on the same thing. The individuation is present to allow maximum differentiation of potentiality and creation.


Many people have been discussing the idea that we are going into fourth density. What does that mean?


Basically another general vibratory rate. It also relates to the realization that one is not separate from the creator. It is that kind of spectrum which has been called by the Christians as the "second coming". The second coming is a state of being, not an individual arriving and establishing a power hierarchy.


When will this be completed?


Well, entities on this planet should make the attempt to polarize in terms of what excites them no later than 1993, or it will be harder to do so. Polarization can be positive or negative. Generally, the fourth density is much more full of life. Entities must still care for their physical vehicles. It is also a density where compassion, understanding and love are more predominant. Full conversion to fourth density will occur between 2003 and 2013.


Its interesting that according to the mathematics behind the I Ching, everything goes jackpot around 2012.


Yes. Nothing will be the same on Earth. It is changing right now. What we are seeing is basically the death of the third density way of life.


Does density level refer to polarization?


An entity can be negatively polarized and in fourth density, but it is an intense struggle because of the development of telepathic functions. If there is a place in which fourth density negative entities have established a power structure, then there is more use of the concept of mind control in order to keep the negative structure from conversion to positive orientation.


What about the upcoming geological changes? How does that relate to all of this?


The fourth density is a vibrational spectrum. The time/space continuum has put Earth and that star system into that type of vibration. This causes electromagnetic realignments within the body of the planet. The energies and collective thoughtforms of the population also disturb the energy patterns of the planet. Geological changes accompany transition between densities. At this point we are in the last 20 years at the end of a cycle which has lasted 75,000 years.


Anything more about fourth density?


The majority of the Orion group are of fourth density. Some are positively oriented toward service to others, but most that are concerned with the current situation are negatively polarized and playing the domination game. Entities on Earth following any religion or no religion at all will move into fourth density if they are that vibration. Entities not at fourth density vibration will remain at third density vibration and will move to other locations to continue third density life until their vibrational level increases and polarizes in time with a cycle of density movement. The polarization can be positive or negative.


How does the idea of a higher self relate to densities?


In terms of an entity perceiving through as linear time structure, the higher self exists in sixth density and functions in the entites "future". One interesting aspect of it is that the entity who is perceiving the higher self manifestation is actually a thoughtform materialized by the "higher self" itself. Entities in these terms are actually a complex composed of what they perceive to be mind", "body", and "spirit". These complexes can occur within single entities or groups, depending on the specific space/time conditions. The higher self is that self which exists with full understanding of the accumulation of experiences of that entity. At one point, the entity perceives a lower self and a higher self. They are not actually there "simultaneously"; functions of the higher self interact from a position in development which equates to the linear "future" of the entity, as perceived by an entity in this state. Obviously, cultural conditioning encourages development of impotent states of mind where the "lower self" is in control and the "higher self" is reached very little or totally ignored. There is no synthesis that will permit the energy of the intelligent matrix to flow correctly.


How are the cultural states of mind organized? How do they fill the needs of the Orion group and the Brotherhood?


Well, start with the prime factor of body identification. The society promotes the concept of "you are your body", which results in fear, especially fear of "death", which is tied in with the idea of physical pain. Combine this with religious doctrine and various cultural ideologies, and you have a very fertile ground for manipulation. There is also promotion of identification with the personality and ego. The ego is culturally conditioned to a reactionary state which is encouraged by media and literature to focus on the elements of security, sensation and power. Under these circumstances, individuals are basically disempowered and blind. In terms of cultural activity, individuals are put in a position where they spend most of their time dealing with "self preservation", "self-gratification", and "self-definition". These functions are basically left hemisphere related. The ego structure often becomes fragmented into "partial selves", making the problem even worse. What is missing is the love of truth, life, and the creator that we are all a part of. The idea is to transform "self-preservation" into right action, .. self-gratification" into right feeling, and "self-definition" into right thought. This is not probable in the Orion based culture in which we reside if the missing elements are not introduced. What will help to introduce it is the quickening of the vibrational resonance as we move into the fourth density, and what we are seeing around us is the desperation of the negative forces as they grapple for position and control. The alien agendas are beyond secret government manipulation, and at this time they are very worried. That is why the mind control technology has been developed and implemented - to make sure that they can try and preserve control over the population.


Thanks to the publication "The Sovereign Scribe", we are following this section with some interviews with Al Bielek and Preston Nichols; the material relates very well to the data that you have just read. It features some interesting data about the alleged United States ventures on Mars and more data about the Delta-T antennas. Enjoy!

Transfer of Energy Through Time and Coupling of Parallel Universes


V: Would you explain your theories about time and energy?


H: When I was in France, I was part of a group looking into theories of entropy states and the general thermodynamics of plasmas. The natural rate of entropy increase in a closed system defines the flow of what is perceived as time. We were trying to develop a better insight into the process of synchronization between apparently uncoupled systems, in other words to explain how time manages to flow at the same rate in different parts of the universe. We ended up deriving a set of mathematical expressions that interrelated entropy functions, quantum energy states, and spacetime coordinates of quantum events. In particular, certain variables that could be interpreted as time and energy turned out to be covariant.


V: Do you mean there was some kind of equivalence relationship?


H: Not quite. But you could almost think of it in that way. It meant that the universe could be represented by an ensemble of "events', each characterized by a set of energy states and spacetime numbers; nothing more. In such a representation of the universe, the idea of conservation of mass-energy did not hold; it was replaced by a conservation of the product of that quantity with spacetime. By means of math transforms, it was possible to transform one universe into another in which the quantity varied inversely with the other. If you made all the spatial variables constant, the spacetime functions reduced to pure time; you could transform energy to time and vice versa. We had no idea at that time what that meant.


V: What did it eventually mean?


H: What it seemed to say was that energy could be extracted from the universe, which is where ordinary conservation breaks down, and injected into another version of that universe in which the time coordinates of all the 'events" were shifted by some amount. The more energy you transformed, the greater the time shift would be. If that was interpreted as taking place within the same universe, it seemed to suggest that-energy could be transferred through time. We must conclude that all versions of the universe in which we exist, interpreted linearly as "Past", "future" etc. are equally real. Thus we have a continuum. The only model I can think of is a complex serial one in which altering the events in a past universe affects not only the future of that particular universe as it evolves in time, but also the "presents" of all the other universes that lie ahead of it. In other words, there is a mechanism of casual connection through the continuum that the simple serial model does not address.


V: Could you expand on that concept?


H: Everything we have discovered so far seems to add up to two things. First, the universe that we see around us and which forms part of us is simply one of many, equally real universes that appear to be strung sequentially along a single timeline. Second, events that happen in this universe affect not only its "future", but the situations in all the other universes that lie ahead of it. That,-of course, suggests a continuity throughout the system; the "future" universes ahead of us form a progression of states that are evolving from the present state. We need to ask ourselves what the mechanism is that provides that continuity. That same mechanism will enable an event in one universe to alter events in another universe. The continuity follows from the fact that objects, being mass, don't vanish; they endure in time.


V: Unless, of course, they are deliberately withdrawn from the coordinates they occupy.


H: Yes. Mass arranges itself into different patterns to produce the changes we associate with the passage of time, but in doing so it provides the connection and continuity that enables one universe to evolve from another. For example, if a candle has burned down, in the universe "behind" us it is still intact; in the universe ahead it probably does not exist at all in that form. The whole candle is the sum of all of them. I have a drawing here that will assist in an explanation. Try thinking of a two-dimensional analogy. Imagine that the universe is flat and everything it contains is flat. Now form a solid continuum by stacking an infinite number of zerothickness planes like that together, like the pages of an infinitely thick book. Every page is one universe. Mass continues through these pages in a thread-like manner. Anybody inside one of those universes will see mass patterns change sequentially.


Look at the diagram I drew. Each universe consists of a space containing objects and inhabitants that are all made up of particles, or at least that is what it looks like if you happen to live inside one of them.


We, in our privelaged position as superobservers looking in from the outside, can see that every particle of mass is really an infinitesimally thin slice of a thread that passes through all the universes. As the universe moves along the threads in some kind of supertime, the particles or slices appear to move through space. That gives a visible rate of change that is observed as .. normal time" within the universe. From our position we can see that all the universes are equally real, only the one that you happen to be part of and moving with gives the illusion of appearing more real to you then the rest of them.


V: So you would be able to send signals or transport mass from one universe to the other.


H: Exactly.


V: If you send a signal from one universe to another which changes an event pattern, I assume that the memory of having a reason to change that event is erased as soon as the event is changed?


H: Yes, because our memories consist of electrochemical and DNA pattern changes. Everything that formed any record of the original pattern was reset. Hence, our memories are consistent with the new pattern that now exists. In actuality, causes and effects exist not on a series on a unidirectional time line, but the system is dynamic in that time loops exist, and these loops make it possible, in effect, for effects to be detected before the cause of the effect exists.


V: I think the holographic model of the universe would explain it, because of the interconnectedness of everything through hyperspacial formats. The superobserver that you are talking about is in fact consciousness itself - all wave and particle interchanges are, in actuality, consciousness as viewed from different perspectives. Access to what are perceived as different "spacetime" coordinates can ultimately be accomplished through the manipulations of consciousness, so any devices that are devised to accomplish this purpose simply mimic the mental operations in consciousness of more evolved beings. There are many transitionary instances where alien equipment is tuned to the specific patterns of a particular being, and the equipment functions as a modulator or transductor of consciousness. Time flow, as you mention it, applies within certain boundaries, and everything hyperspacial to those boundaries functions in terms of that which makes up the conceptual loops that you speak of. All in all, it makes for an interesting discussion.

Inverse Transform

The Lorentz transformation is powerful; it brings the technical ability to transform coordinates from frame to frame.  It helps us understand relatavistic time and predict how to add velocities.


No object travels faster than light.  But what happens you say if I leave my space station in my ship moving away at a speed of 0.8c.  From the front of my spaceship I fire a bullet that moves away from me in the same direction at a speed of 0.8c. 


So, the speed of the bullet relative to the space station is:


0.8c + 0.8c = 1.6c    FASTER THAN THE SPEED OF LIGHT?


NO!  The speed is less than 1.0c!  The correct answer is revealed by what is called the Lorentz Transformation.


The equations for this transformation, known as the Lorentz transformation equations, were adopted by Einstein, but he gave them an entirely new interpretation. The speed of light is invariant in any such transformation. 


According to this relativistic transformation, not only would lengths in the line of a moving object be altered but also time and mass. A clock in motion relative to an observer would seem to be slowed down, and any material object would seem to increase in mass.


The pages below present a step-by-step derivation of the Lorentz Transformation and also the Inverse Lorentz Transformation.

Would you like to know more?

Learn more about this Lorentz transformation and the exciting world of Spacetime Physics in one of the best books on the subject.  Available on-line or in your better local bookstores.  Click on the book to learn more.


Spacetime Physics : Introduction to Special Relativity 

 by Edwin F. Taylor and John Archibald Wheeler.

Study the Lorentz Transformation at www.time-travel.com




The Transdimensional's Lifter1 Experiment

By Jean-Louis Naudin

created on October 10th, 2001 - JLN Labs - Last update October 17th, 2001

All informations in this page are published free and are intended for private/educational purposes and not for commercial applications



On June 2001, Transdimensional Technologies has presented the Lifter1 and Lifter2 devices. The Lifter1 device was built with three capacitors joined so as to form a triangle assembly and the Lifter2 is three time heavier and three time bigger than the Lifter1. These devices are able to lift their own weight and they are a "modern version" of the Townsend Brown Electrokinetic Apparatus. The Lifters are using the Biefeld-Brown Effect to generate the main thrust to self levitate. I have already built some similar devices in April 1999, see "The EHD Flying Saucer v1.0 ".


In the Townsend Brown Electrokinetic Apparatus described in the US Patent N°2949550 filed on Aug 16, 1960 and titled "Elektrokinetic Apparatus" you will find the full description of the main principle used in the Lifter devices :

<< It is therefore an object of my invention to provide an apparatus for converting the energy of an electrical potential directly into a mechanical force suitable for causing relative motion between a structure and the surrounding medium. It is another object of this invention to provide a novel apparatus for converting and electrical potential directly to usable kinetic energy.

It is another object of this invention to provide a novel apparatus for converting electrostatic energy directly into kinetic energy.

It is another object of this invention to provide a vehicle motivated by electrostatic energy without the use of moving parts.

It is still another object of this invention to provide a self- propelled vehicle without moving parts. It is a feature of my invention to provide an apparatus for producing relative motion between a structure and the surrounding medium which apparatus includes a pair of electrodes of appropriate form held in fixed spaced relation to each other and immersed in a dielectric medium and oppositely charged. It is another feature of my invention to provide apparatus which includes a body defining one electrode, another separate electrode supported in fixed spaced relation by said body, and a source of high electrical potential connected between the body and the separate electrode. >> ( Extract from US Patent N°2949550 filed on Aug 16, 1960 titled "Elektrokinetic Apparatus" )




Today, I have replicated successfully the Transdimensional Power3 Lifter1 and Lifter2. You will find below the full details of the Lifter1 replication that I have conducted. You will also find at the end of this page the full explanations to build yourself your own Lifter1.






The Lifter1 is maintained on the ground base with 3 thin nylon threads to avoid that it escapes to the ceiling...



The Lifter1 specifications


The Lifter1 is an asymmetrical capacitor with one electrode made with a thin corona wire placed at 30 mm from the main rectangular electrode constructed "ala" Townsend Brown.




Weight : 2.3 g




Triangle size : Equilateral with each side 200 mm wide and 40 mm high, made with a thin aluminum sheet.




Mounting legs : 30 mm length.




Main frame : balsa wood 15/10 mm thick and 2 mm wide.




Power required to compensate the weight : 18 Watts ( 40 KV @ 450 uA )




Power required for a stable flight above the ground with a payload of 1 g : 23.9 Watts ( 41.9 KV @ 570uA )







The Lifter1 works very well with a simple 30KV power supply ( see the details and diagram )


See the videos of Lifter1 experiments


To see the videos, the free downloadable RealPlayer is required


The Basic Lifter1 Test




Click on the picture above to see the video ( 834 Kb )


The Acceleration and manoeuvrability Test




Click on the picture above to see the video ( 1 Mb )


Lifter1 Test Results : Today I have reproduced successfully the Lifter1 device presented by Transdimensional Technologies and I can confirm fully all their claims. The Lifter1 is a fascinating device, the resulting lift Vs its weight is strong ( 150% ) and it is able to accelerate upwards very quickly and silently. The Lifter1 has a weight of 2.3 g and it is able to carry a payload of 1 g with 23.8 Watts.


Steve Burns has conducted a theorical analysis and some calculations about the Lifter1 tests and the video, and the results :




The Lifter Calculations proposal by Steve Burns ( 10-18-2001 )




See Also :




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The Lifter2 Experiment




Documents references :




The Transdimensional Technologies web site




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Electrokinetics brown by Paul E. Potter




US Patent N°2949550 filed on Aug 16, 1960 "Elektrokinetic Apparatus" from Thomas Townsend Brown




The Thomas Townsend Brown dedicated web site




Experimenters feed-back and others Lifter replications




Transdimensional's Lifter Experiments by Steven Dufresne ( 10-10-01 )





Email : JNaudin509@aol.com