Since public demand on NASA to release more photographs which it was holding on Mars, due to the effect ofthe film Mission To Mars and the Enterprise Mission reminder of their 14 years of research into the Cydonia region of Mars depicted in the film, the NASA Malin Space Centre released several million new photographs out of its hidden draw. This release coincided with the Novelty Temporal Wave of the Time Wave Zero that now has reached the plataue of maximum resonance.
What these photographs reveal is extraordinary (courtesy of NASA and the Enterprise Mission). During this Time Gate 2000, Mars is being unveiled.
-Ananda, July 3, 2000 (Update at end)

 Thor's Mjolnir, a Tau on Mars

As incredible as it looks, this is one of the sharpest anomolies to ever have emerged the Mars photography. This "object is parked over a "canal" and is kilometres in size. The object in full size at the end of this file. "It must be a trick" click on the picture below and view it at NASA themselves.

14 years after our projected state experience of Mars by Emmanuel and the ExtraTemporals (ETs), at the Time Gate 2000 some critical analysis must now be considered by everyone with these latest astonishing 'surprises' on Mars.
Although water on Mars had been announced by some of NASA's own scientists as far back as 1980, a photographed water spout discovered by Dr. Leonard Martin of Lowell Observatory published in 1980 in the NASA Activities (Dec. 1980, vol. 11, number 12) is one example, they covered this fact over, deliberately, until now. A useful distraction from these photographs as bones for the masses.



Millions of years of weathering, dust storms and this symmetrical object is still standing, when the Great Pyramid of Egypt would be invisible under the sands. This Tetrahedron is in remarkable clear definition and quality.

Note that this enormous tetrahedron which has the Great Pyramid of Egypt under the dust at its base, dwarfing it, has been protected from the millions of years of dust storms due to its enormity. The dust dunes are visible piled up against its base, but its top section remains perfectly exposed. Hyperdimensional architecture within the Virtual Reality Dream Game of creation, as explained in avid and unique detail in the Millenium breaking book The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel.
"When I was flying over Mars, I witnessed apparent structures in parts of the landscapes below. I was shown the structures of ancient civilisations and of the present civilisations stationed there as a base. I was also guided under the surface of the planet where I witnessed some remarkable things."
-THE LIGHT OF EMMANUEL: Explorations Into Oneness, The Emmanuel Story. Ananda, July 1990, Geneva.


In 1986, when Emmanuel and company took me in projected form to Mars, as a 16 year old, they showed me a vast underground series of tunnel systems and tube transportation as well as hyperspatial tunnel translay transportation systems. But these were largely deep inside the planet. Now these astounding new photographs from the NASA Mars Surveyor show that deep under the previous oceans such tunnel systems with ribbing did exist, although these appear different to what I was shown deep underground, and may be for transporting the limited water that was left at an ancient time and to a specific "edin" area. I have mentioned the underground tunnel system son Mars publically for 10 years, so this is a real Time Gate celebration.


Note that they are here co-joining from 3 separate directions, all with the same ribbing consistenly throughout, even when covered with sand

Reflectivity from the tube-like tunnels with regular ribbing.



The last of the 3 discovered and labelled by Richard C. Hoagland


The next distraction from the major Mars evidence, yet fuelling public imagination for the extraterrestrial.

from CNN:


Scientists: South Pole microbes hold implications

for life on other planets


July 10, 2000

Web posted at: 12:39 p.m. EDT (1639 GMT)

WASHINGTON (Reuters) -- In a finding that could have an impact on the search for life on Mars and other planets, scientists say they have detected hardy microbes that seem to thrive in the radiation, cold and darkness at the South Pole.

"If the team's conclusions prove true, the discovery not only has important implications for the search for life in other extreme environments on Earth, but also for the possibility that life -- at least at the microscopic level -- may exist elsewhere in the solar system," the National Science Foundation (NSF) said Thursday in a statement.

The research on the South Pole microbes, which was supported by NSF, was published in the journal Applied and Environmental Microbiology.

Evidence of the tough little organisms shows them to be active even in the extreme conditions of the South Pole. A similar species lives elsewhere in Antarctica, but the microbes at the pole seem to have managed to adapt themselves to the scarcity of liquid water and ultraviolet radiation from the sun there.

"While we expected to find some bacteria in the South Pole snow, we were surprised that they were metabolically active and synthesizing DNA and protein at local ambient temperatures of 10.4 degrees to 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit ," Edward Carpenter of the State University of New York at Stony Brook said in the statement.

This may be significant in light of a report last month that there was evidence that liquid water may have flowed recently on Mars. Liquid water has generally been seen as a prerequisite for Earth-type life, but astronomers have theorized that Mars, Earth's next-door neighbor, once was warm and wet but now is extremely cold and dry, and therefore inhospitable to life.

But the South Pole microbes may have enzymes and membranes that help them cope with their arid, frigid environment, NSF said.