80 Global Collective Christ Grail Star Ship's - The Darmakaja BoddhissatvaSHIP

[Note: In The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel, we present the precise methods and means a minimum of 6,080 individuals should be absolutely trained in, for Collective Star Ship Christ-Shamanism, by which all 80 gravity grid points could be made to warp (gravity anomaly), by Sonic and Bio-Superconductivity - turning the planet into a Time Machine Mothership, dislodged from the graviton and gluon glu, into the superluminal and endless Time-Space Continuum and Beyond, as the One Body of Christ of All-Oneness in action the Darmakaja BoddhissatvaSHIP Collectivity [this is theorised in detail, and there are some who are determined, in Unity Heart Will, to do their best towards that Unity Future attractor, 2010-2012]


ANANDA, JANUARY 1996: During the 28th and again during te 29th, we in the Norweigian mountains, gateways to the land of the gods the Christed Asgard-Valhalla, will be joining into a Christ Grail Family collective star ship vehicle.

Utilising the harmonics of light to mass, that the Tibetans used in spacing their instruments in a quarter pie piece, to levitate a rock, the Christ Grail and Asgard unity units will be utilising these mathematical spatial harmonics, in 4 pie(s) in a circle.

Where instead of the instrument sound, the Grail family will resound their superconducting DNA-core sound, via Pinoline metabolism, by the sound guides of trinitised sound harmonics to include the key notes A-440 (correlating to violet, and in-phase to ultra violet overtones, which not only bursts cancer cells, but causes the cells to release their own light), and the note C-261 (correlating to red, with overtone harmonics to infrared).

During the period of the 20th-28th, we will be transmitting the Holy Grail Light Body Star Ship techniques in the Norweigian mountains. To conclude on the 28th and followed by the 29th, by the spinning gravity field ecstatics of dynamic breathe harmonics, brought into unison for a collective Grail vehicle formation.

All ecstatic individuals spaced at harmonics of light, and spread into a 4 pie piece circle, will have the amplified sound waves meeting in the centre and competing, causing an electromagnetic nullification, or zero-point, to ensue, whereby, a doughnut affect is instigated into activity, so that all sound waves, generated by the ecstatic heart coherence, and Christ Word breath enriched group, become recursive. So as to form a vacuum, whereby levitation could become plausible, and reprogramming of the cells by these harmonics inevitable, along with the Deja Vu waves coming in through the backwash from ourselves in the future, 2010, sending back into 1996 our Unity Self instigated love solutions.


We invite you, and all Light Body Star Ship Field Propulsion Initiates to join us, or to join with others in forming further Christ family vehicles, using the same harmonics of light that the ancient Tibetans still retain from Manu and the Taki's.

The potential of such an affect opening the Time Gate, allowing internal technological time travel to occur via DEJA VU, is more than likely, when such activities are performed in holographic nodal, or grid, points of the Earth (magnetic and gravitational anomalies).

But furthermore, the potential lies herein, to open up a "wormhole" in time and space, in these ancient dimensional gates. To be "knock, knock, knocking on Heavens door," with the magnetic hands of compassionate love, caused by the hearts cardia-rhythmic coherent pulsation through love (as demonstrated by the HeartMath institute, USA). That physical TimeGate Door Awaits for the Key Is Surrender, as All Is God.



In other words the more of you out there on the 28th and 29th [21st 24th 1998], group into circles of power in ancient sacred sites, mountains, and forests, and join in ecstatic breath into sounding your inner sound, endogenous or exogenous Soma Agape, to surrendering to the Unity of: "All Is God" (thus establishing the realisation of the true All-Oneness), the more we will amplify each other.

This principle is much like music. For when 6 amplifiers are spaced at a given distance, in the form of a hexagon, where the sound waves meet, if a person were to stand in two of these sound nodes (even if they were separated by a great distance), each could hear the other whisper. Whereas, if each party were to stand on anti-nodal sound points, one could barely hear oneself scream.

Thereby, by acting in unison we tune into the REAL internet or television, which we could call CHRIST-VISION, or the Somanetics Internal Net. By hearing, touching the magnetic fields of the long-wave ecstasis, that our sisters and brothers elsewhere in holographic Earth meridian nodal points may be playing out during that time. Remember, harmonic magnetic fields pulse around the planet several time in a second, and travel via the "Shuman resonance" of the Earths very heart beat and nervous system. Thus many doors in the 12 gated (12 pentagon faced gravity grid) New Jerusalem, the Asgartha City of the Revelation of Christ as Us in Unity, come to meet us half-way from the non-localized, through the vacuum hyperspace, into manifest electron creation, through the magnetic hand wave forms of compassionate love from our heart in ecstasis, and 8 hz "shuman" brain waves in this ecstasis, as the heart harmonics inspire alpha in the brain. BINGO.

For this reason we include the following dodecahedron, and icosahedron, Earth grid gravity anomaly points (whose research background has been covered in issue 4 & 5, by intensive efforts of soviet and US scientists).



The following chart is the complete coordinates for both the Dodecahedron base, and Icosahedron interchange grid system. The cubeoctahedron which is the grid of harmonics of light, interchanges with the icosahedron, which is clearly demonstrable in Buck Minster Fuller's Vector Flexor: where the cubeoctahedron, when counterotating and pressing in two opposite triangle faces, jitterbugs down to the icosahedron, and then to the octahedron (or pyramid base). It also goes down to a core of a tetrahedron. Thus the gravity grid of the dodecahedron interchanges with the harmonic of light grid of the cubeoctahedron, through the icosahedron magnetic field grid.

(CHART: Becker-Hagens Planetary Grid System Coordinates)


A Simplified Outline By Ananda, See Complete Lising Below, Compare to the Dodecahedron Gravity Geometry Points Above


1 31.72 N 31.20 E On the Egyptian continental shelf, in the

Mediterranean Sea, at approximately the

midpoint between the two outlets of the

Nile at Masabb Rashid and Masabb Dumyat


2 52.62 N 31.20 E On the Sozh River east of Gomel, at the

boundary junction of three Soviet republics

- Ukraine, Bellorussia, and Russia


3 58.28 N 67.20 E In the marshy lowlands just west of



4 52.62 N 103.20 E In the lowlands north of the southern tip of

lake Bayal, at the edge of highlands


5 58.28 N 139.20 E In the highlands along the coast of the Sea

of Okhotsk


6 52.62 N 175.20 E Slightly east of Attu at the western tip of

the Aleutian Islands


7 58.28 N 148.80 W Edge of continental shelf in the Gulf of



8 52.62 N 112.8O W Buffalo, Alberta, at the edge of highlands

in lowlands


9 58.28 N 76.80 W Just east of Port Harrison on Hudson's Bay


10 52.62 N 40.80 W Gibbs Fracture Zone


11 58.28 N 4.80 W Loch More on the west coast of Scotland


12 26.57 N 67.20 E On the edge of the Kirthar Range bordering

the Indus River Valley, directly north of



13 31.72 N 103.20 E At the east edge of the Himalayas in

Szechuan Province, just West of the

Jiuding Shan summit


14 26.57 N 139.20 E At the intersection of Kydshu Palau Ridge,

the West Mariana Ridge, and the Iwo Jima



15 31.72 N 175.20 E At the intersection of Hess Plateau, the

Hawaiian Ridge, and the Emperior



16 26.57 N 148.80 W North East of Hawaii, midway between

the Murau Fracture Zone and the Molokai

Fracture Zone


17 31.72 N 112.80 W Cerro Cubabi, a highpoint just south of the

US/Mexico border near Sonotia and lava



18 26.57 N 76.80 W Edge of continental shelf near Great Abaco

Island in the Bahams


19 31.72 N 40.80 W Atlantis Fracture Zone


20 26.57 N 4.80 W In El Eglab, a highland peninsula at the

edge of the Sahara Desert sand dunes


21 10.81 N 31.20 E Sudan Highlands, at the edge of White Nile



22 0 49.20 E Somali Abyssal Plain


23 10.81 S 67.20 E Vema Trench (in the Indian Ozean) at the

intersection of the Mascarene Ridge, the

Carlsberg Ridge and Maldive Ridge into

the Mid-Indian Ridge


24 0 85.20 E Ceylon Abyssal Plain


25 10.81 N 103.20 E Kompong Som, a natural bay on the

southern coast of Cambodia southwest

of Phnom Penh


26 0 121.20E At the midpoint of Teluk, Tomini, a bay in

the northern area of Sulawesi


27 10.81 S 139.20 E Midpoint of the mouth of the Gulf of



28 0 157.20 E Center of Solomon Plateau


29 10.81 N 175.20 E Midpoint of abyssal plain between

Marshall Islands, Mid Pazific Mountains

and the Magellan Plateau


30 0 166.80 W Nova Canton Trough


31 10.81 N 148.80 W Society Islands


32 0 130.80 W Galapagos Fracture Zone


33 10.81 S 112.80 W East end of the Clipperton Fracture Zone


34 0 94.80 W Junction of the Cocos Ridge and the

Carnegie Ridge, just west of the

Galapgos Islands


35 10.81 S 76.80 W Lake Punrrun in Peruvian coastal



36 0 58.80 W State of Amazonas, at tip of minor

watershed highlands


37 10.81 N 40.80 W Vema Fracture Zone


38 0 22.80 W Romanche Fracture Zone


39 10.81 4.80 W Edge of Mid-Atlantic Ridge in Angola

Basin just southeast of Ascension

Fracture Zone


40 0 13.20 E Gabon highlands, at the intersection of

three borders


41 26.57 S 103.20 E L'uyengo on the Usutu River in Swaziland


42 31.72 S 67.20 E Intersection of the Mid-Indian Ridge

with the Southwest Indian Ridge


43 26.57 S 103.20 E Tip of the Wallabi Plateau


44 31.72 S 139.20 E In a lowland area just east of St. Mary

Peak (highest point in the area) and north

east of Rio de Janeiro


45 26.57 S 175.20 E At the edge of the Hebrides Trench, just

southwestof the Fiji Islands


46 36.72 S 148.80 W Undifferentited South Pazific Ozean (!)


47 26.75 S 112.80 W Easter Island Fracture Zone


48 31.72 S 76.80 W Nazca Plate


49 26.57 S 40.80 W In deep ocean, at edge of continental

shelf, southeast of Rio de Janeiro


50 31.72 S 4.80 W Walvis Ridge


51 58.28 S 31.20 E Enderby Abyssal Plain


52 52.62 S 67.20 E Kerguelen Plateau


53 58.28 S 103.20 E Ozean floor, midway between Kerguelen

Abyssal Plain and Wilkes Abyssal Plain


54 52.62 S 148.80 W Kangaroo Fracture Zone


55 58.28 S 175.20 W Edge of Scott Fracture Zone


56 52.62 S 148.80 W Udintsev Fracture Zone


57 58.28 S 112.80 W Eltanin Fracture Zone


58 52.62 S 76.80 W South American tip, at the edge of the

Haeckel Deep


59 58.28 S 40.80 W South Sandwich Fracture Zone


60 53.62 S 4.80 W Boivet Fracture Zone


61 North Pole


62 South Pole