A Solution To The Montauk Project, Project Phoenix, Haarp Phase Conjigate Time Travel, and Extraterrestrial Time Control

You can change the future in December 1998. By alligning the time and space then, with "free will" to the Unity of Unity's, to be accessable by those in 2009 and 2010 with the same intentsions. Sound incredible! Let your coherence prevail.

In 1996 several thousand persons joined together in unison and meditated in 8 hz brain waves. This was nothing new. 500 million had done the same in August 1987 - what was different, was that this was an experiment in INTERNAL TIME TRAVEL.

The time and space was dedicated to the Unity of Unity's so that the snake of time and space was peirced open to the Perfection. 1996 resonated precisely to 2010 (see Time Gate links).

During the Time Gate period:

Numerous individuals, including the persistent Unity Units of the Christ Grail, underwent Deja Vu contact with their future selves, communicating back from 2010. New solutions were made from the future, which has enabled the Sons and Daughers of All-Oneness to affect the covert secret government time travelling distortions.

The Unity Units, utilised electrogravity Light Body Star Ship Field Propulsion techniques, of induction, ecstasis, and field unification, together with the Soma superconduting resonating crystals taken as elexier or sacrement, and induced to superconduct with Sound Harmonics of the Word.

In December 1998, another such Time Gate and resonance link in time is at hearts hands. Also touching 2010, but not being able to penetrate the Time Gate loop, through Unity, already made. This Time Gate within the Time Gate, we invite you to dedicate your time and space to the Abslute Unity of Unity's, with full heart will emotion, so that any individual in the future, who is in the same intention of Unity, can download the solutions which are required to change the future to be. Be receptive and translate Deja Vu into practickle Unity Thinking Integrated thought procedures.

Gates are on the 15th of December 1998. Then on the 18th of December, which has many Mini Time Gates, as children between the WINTER SOLSTICE 98 and December 18th. The MAJOR TIME GATE TOUCHING THE RESONANCE FABRIC OF 2010, IS CHRISTMAS EVE, DECEMBER 24, 1998.

Ananda will once again be personally passing on the Light Body Star Ship Field Propulsion secret induction techniques, utilising the Egyptian Hallway Of Records (HOR), in TG-98