As you will have worked out already it is a Time Gate NOW... No this is not Stanley Kubric or Arthur C. Clark, although a Moon monolith has been discovered on the Moon this year. And Arthur C. Clark has boldly announced new life of a more sophisticated kind, on Mars... This is a time when the temporal resonance, and time geometry is parallel and on exactly the same level at future points, where time is also descending to increased novelty (newness, neo-ness).

Time is the metabolism of amino acids within the DNA, and all permutations of the DNA cover the entire fractal body of time, that is to say a landscape of time with mountains which have peaks and valleys. And we are descending to the valley of valleys. Every valley is made from miniature mountain ranges of the same similitude as the larger mountain peaks, the more one goes down the valleys, the greater the amount of mountains within mountains, within mountains, like Russian roulettes.

Now in our age we are on a curving valley down from a stable mountain, descending into a valley of ever greater fractal miniature mountains, which represent the image of all of the universe not in aeons, or years, but now in months,, and by 2012 in seconds or less. The complexity increases so that the entire universe can be embodied in the whole of that complexity.


Every meditation you have, every prayer, every day and hour dedicate the time and space to the Unity of Unity's, and in the Unique touch that you bestow it in, you know our own suggestions of such dedication, WHICH ARE SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT THAN THOSE ON THE WEB at http://www.akasha.de/~aton/TGMN.html (why: we explain in a moment)...


In this piece we are going to release some information, perhaps not such objectively startling information, but information we have not released before... So you may want to read on...


We will also suggest that we all link up concurrently on the evening-night of December 6th on the Soma-Net or Internal Net of Unity, and dedicate the Time and Space of the planet collectively in compassion for all of humanity, and be on-line receptive to ourselves in the future deja vu sending back to this time, through the Unity of Unity. Remember time travel to the future makes time travel to the past possible, as you can read in the GRAND PA LOOP on the Time Gate main pages http://www.akasha.de/~aton/TGMN.html

Grand Pa Loop on: http://www.akasha.de/~aton/GrandPa.html

In the islands due to computer disturbance, we had our complete Autumn data eliminated, including the Grail Mailing list, as well as some important Grail Zines on the Time Gate we had prepared for you...

This included Emmanuel's 1990 comments of the Time Gates, the role of lake Geneva in these affairs and why it had been used by the secret societies for so long. A little of this material is included herein, but we now are focussed on other things of vital importance, so many areas are not recoverable here. This included a piece of research by Grail brother Jovinda that demonstrates that the html code goes through the CERN computers in Geneva, which is to say linked through the 666 shaped cyclotron projects, such as ALICE (A Large Ionic Collider Experiment) in wonderland, and Cern's LHC division BEAST. Linked to ALICE Springs Pine(al) Gap, Australia, headed by JASON MAGI Dr. Teller, for temporal &laqno;New Universe» projects. Hence, we are a little illusive on this time gate, since all e-communications are coded through therein. We therein suggest originality and uniqueness of your own unique All Is Godship, to Be You, in what you do within this Time Gate 0-port-Unity of Coherence. I Time Gate within the Macro Time Gate 1996-2010.


A great deal of objective data and context will thus be missing from this missive unfortunately. It was several days of work that had gone into that material, which put the recent events of WTC, the Millenium, and other areas in context to the present Time Gate, and all that is ahead in the Fulcanelli Code and Beyond...


A first attempted Time Gate was made in the Geneva catacombs by Mary Shelley the author of Frankenstein (Stein/stone of the Franks/Meruvingians), but she used the wrong sacremental fuel, opium, which only somnifies the dragons court, and does not allow one to go beyond the paws of the dragon in which the sleeping beauty of man as All Is God, appears to be caught.

This was followed in 1923 by Project PHI-SUMum. A Time Gate like project overseen by the Black Sun society and Vrill Order, as well as Thule Society, as sponsors, but desgined by Crowley and the like. Crowley believed himself to be the reincarnation of Earl Kelly who channelled archangle Uriel for Dr. John Dee or 007 the cryptographer for Queen Elisbaeth, in order to protect the documents from the Monarky Empire, coded in Kabala.


Project Phisummum was to connect to the future time travel projects, to Orion and the ancient ones, accordingto the obscure alchemical text left behind by Flammel, edited by the Arabian Sufi alchemist Kyot.

Phisummum was also to go back to the time of Merlin and Nimue to link to his time travel Shamanic Somajetic superconducting natural nanotechnology, and Ambrosius Grail Cauldrion tradition descended from Joseph of Arimathea, Merlin's great ancestor. His father Aureilius's work in the underground Star Gate Dark Room grail cut harmonic tunnel systems with the Alchemical cauldrion, was surpassed. Phisummum was as ambitions as to attempt to link to the Holy Grail itself.


Whilst Bertrand de Blanchefort, a great great etc grandfather on my side, inherited by lineage this alchemical Shamanic technology, and encorporated all other alchemical traces of Tehuti's Emerald Tablets, whilst assembling the Hellenistic code cipher as well as the Sufi-Safa cipher, established under the sign of Capricorn the underground tunnels of fools gold, in the mountain of the Chateau de Blanchefort. That is Capricorn-Andormeda in the Rennes les Cahteau zodiac.

Herein, the Grail technology was assembled, and a Dark Room alchemy with superconducting bio-elxixir for E.T. contact could be re-established. Naturally it was alligned to Andromeda above, and the head of the Rearing (KHAM Cipher) HOReS of Perga-SUs as a Unicorn touches this mount.

That is why there are numerous depictions, including archaic French village coat of arms of the Unicorn as the Goat with a Signle horn, the single Eye-Ayin of Gold-Nebu, which has Grailed beyond Chronos or Time. The Sabat or Sabara/Abba-ra-ka-da-ba-ra Goat of Saturn and Alchemy, turning lead into gold, the sacred SU, or SUMA, of the PI-KANON, yes the Nebw, the Pega, the Pega-Anum.


This Star Gate opened contact with the Omega Andromeda, and enabled such ones as as the immortal Vajra Buddhess as Yeshe to appear therein.

This effort enabled Fulcanelli to achieve the next RERE or RARE or should we say REAR (in Fulkanelli's own hilarious, tongue-in-cheek, j-argo-n or argot, ergo his own kant or Horse's Mouth [the Horses mouth speaks Soma in the Rg Veda. What is in the horses mouth? Some rare inquirey will soon lucid some a-stone-ishing answers] Syble/Cybelle or Kabelle/Kaballa), step of alchemy: the Red Lion of Leo Horakhti. But the Stone of Aquarius is what is now in precipitation, the resi-due of Maya Moon Milk of Assena Hathor is in formation, indeed.

Nicholas Flammel who followed from Blanchefort several hundred years later as a SOMA or in Egyptian ASNA alchemist Grand Master of SION (Greek for ASNA), and he and his wife Pernilla achieved the stone and superconductively warped into apparent mystery, yet their dew of immortality remains as a Star Gate.

So as not to make AN AS of myself I should pass on this RARE peice of information herein, the Friar Roger Bacon had before established contact with the Andromedians, and the Andomeda Nebulai is shown in his books, which is also invisible by the naked eye (this is a long other story that I had covered in the above mentioned Grail Zine for the Grail Ring, but now will have to await its appearence in the TIME GATE book, to be joined by the expanded chapter on the Meruvingian Sirius connection and the Blanchefords, as well as the expanded Tonsberg Glastonbury connection chapters).


Here are a few excerpts, non-the-less, from Emmanuel, although many of the parts in the previous created zine will not be herein. These and the complete texts from which those that follow are part, are whole chapters in the 11 years overdue book EMMANUEL EMANATES: Explorations Into Oneness II:


'...As the Earth moves fully into a 4th dimension, in consciousness, in the consciousness time zone of 2000 years, which is not as you count time, but is a level of consciuosness - it begins to merge with the other planetary systems and the consciousness's that are exploring the other planetary systems. They begin to collapse into a harmonic resonance, where they indeed meet the future, and meet the past: the past and the future converge into the present, and thus turn into Son Light.

This has an affect with the unification with the particular star systems that are connected to the Oversoul that this sun came out of, which Sirius came out off, and which the Plaiedes came out of. Therefore this direct Oversoul is connected to those local star systems, and any transformations that take place within this star system and within this planet, naturally affects those star systems, affects those planets. And therefore, those consciousness's are naturally aware of the interchange, are bringing in their quality to interchange. Just as many individuals, so called from the Earth planet and plane, are projecting themselves to the Pleiades, so that there is this interchange.

The Key note that is being resounding within this planet and plane, and indeed within this solar system, is the key note that is going to resound the awareness of the total universe to move into one unification. That unification comes through the bleeding together of all colour spectrum dimensions. The common dinomnitaor to bleed together all colour spectrum dimensions, is the consciousness that is being born in Earth, the consciousness of love. That is why it has such an important influene on all other colour spectrum dimensions, whether they are in past time frame, or future time frames. You see there is going to be a converging of all "evolutions", so to speak, in the past, present, and future, in other time spectrum dimensions, in other time frames. This is all happening through Earth.'

-EMMANUEL, 6th March 1990, Geneva Public 90 Person Audience Transmission. Foundation Soliel


Remember, during December 5th, 6th, and early monring 7th, 2001, the Time Gate Wave of our DNA and atomic time will be resonating with the temporal mandala of 2004, 2006 and 2009. December 6th will be 4,032 days from the zero-point date of maximum novelty, the galactic center conjunction of December 21st 2012. That is a harmonic 0f 432 hz, which is 25,920 beats per minute, the complete SU.D-IA-C...




­Ananda, December 5th, 2001