Another Opportunity For Consciousness Time Travel In Unity

These are the next Paving Stones Within The TIME GATE 96-2010, which can be Mini Time Loops, which establish the Quickening and widening of Humanity's FREE WILL and Conscious Quantum Interaction, via the Unity Self and Superconductive Sound Currents.

THIS PAGE WILL BE UPDATED WITH DETAILS. We Are Seeing You In Unity In The NOW Time Gate. All Is God Be You




(Study The TIME GATE artickles, Vortexijah Breathe for Techniques, Somanetics for Superconductive Sound Crystals, Awakened in the Pineal Gland, or from the sacred Alchemy produced by the Soma Plant and Acacia Tree, which contain the same Pineal gland hormone crystals [as within so without], and Hyperborea TWZ section, To Be Prepared).