Institute of

Synergised Herbology for Energy Stability Healing Etno-medicine Therapy & Alignment

This Institute under F·R·E·Y·A Department will be preserving, and preparing, and researching the etno-botanical use of herbs, with a research data base from ancient Greece, Egypt, and Mesopotamia, the roots of modern medicine. For the express purpose of:



SHESHETA links with other alternative and ortho-medicinal institutes, networks and Think Tanks, who Synergise mainstream medicine, with alternative and ortho-medicine, such as Paragnost and Eutropa, in Europe.


The archaic etno cultures practiced the profound knowledge and medical wisdom with a impressive assortium of herbs and plants. Treating some major diseases.

Some of this etno-botanical wisdom still remains to be reassembled into the lime light of its significance, and research endeavours at protecting these ancient native indigenous plants is required to procure.


Also numerous native plants are now widely recognized for their medical benefits and SHESHETA will establish a department to make these more accessible, and will encourage an independent network of growing these preserved and rare etno-plants.


The SHESHETA data base will be a research effort to gather all available intelligence and to categorize and archive its contents into the most user definable and user friendly format available, electronically, and on paper as well as microfilm.

This invaluable knowledge bank will be rentable by all interested mirror research parties, and for the benefit of the sovereignty of the individual.