SOMAJETICS: Soma Molecules in natures garden, that mirror the Pineal gland's Somagenics, and like Thermojetics like Ephedra, enable the same fat burning actions as the body's nore-ephedrine, so Soma-Jetics enable our Somagenics to activate and enable the same Somagenesis.

These are an absolute distinct form of molecule from enthno-botanical Entheogens which contain pschoactive molecules NOT produced by the brain. Somajetics follow the Hermetic Axiom: "As within so without."

Instead of becoming addicted, they awaken the brains own capacity to synthesise the Somagenics, and in the meantime, enhance the brain's efficiencey as the latest scientifica studies have shown.

Somajetics like Harmine and exogenous Pinoline are also anti-parasitical, anti-microbial, anti-fungial, and their alkaline nature, draws toxins out of the organs, with their 8 Hz beat, and enable these to be eliminiated. They anesthize parasites and worms, and enable mitosis.

In addition to the Somagenics listed before, Somajetics also include the Pinoline relative:



I personally feel, along with numerous of my coleagues, that the Somajetic equation should be made as a distinction to entheogens that cannot be produced by any organ of the body. And that this distinction can aid in the scientific and public understanding of the importance of these molecules.

With Somagenics engendered somatically in the brain, and the Somajetics like thermojetics, engaging the same changes. And Somajetics activate Somagenics.

I have to very often point out to the more new age in my audiences, that "People always speak about opening the third eye. This is it. These are the actual third eye crystals, the door openers to the Akashic records and the Spirit. Here are the actual agents that can make that practically real. The question is: Do you dare to Open the Third Eye and really see. These are the molcules that affect the mechanisms on all of the other organs through the Pituitry and Thyroid gland. They are the crown of the bodies crystals that regulate and switch on all of the other chakra's."

The anti-aging, anti-leukemia, anti-depression, anti-fungoidal, anti-parasite, anti-microbal, and anti-oxident nature of the beta-carbolines are another such absolutly objective criteria of facts, which are used as a tool to affect public awareness.